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  1. Wanted to do something similar last year, but only using Catalan players, I was torn between Girona and Sabadell. In the end I abandoned that idea but will follow yours... fingers crossed!
  2. Not sure this is really a bug, I've seen it before it previous FM, in some cases only one of the club sees the other as rivals... even in real life I dont think it's always 100% reciprocal.
  3. Not an expert in Italian - English translations, put I know Torino are Granata, which will probably better be equivalent as Maroons... Not that it matters much but my OCD had to signal it. Best of luck though in bringing back Grande Torino!
  4. Could use a sparkle of a lighter color on the shirt and shoes haha...
  5. Congrats on your comitment and the nice readings you provided to us. Looking forward for your FM22 career!
  6. Gutted we won't have FMT on PC this year. Unless I want to subscribe to Game Pass to play FMXbox on PC (and I dont), guess this will be the first time in 15 yrs I dont buy a new FM. Well, it was nice meeting you guys...
  7. Well, I guess after 15 years or so this will be the first one withouth me buying a new FM product. Good luck to you SI, hope the decision pays off on the long run. My family certainly will apreciate this.
  8. Pretty sure Angrense, Praiense or Operario are more nicer challenges than a club in European competitions already. Heck I have not checked the leagues but you might even have a couple of clubs from the smaller islands of the arhipelago, that would be dope.
  9. Damn, you still going strong at this. And to think you were playing this when I was at Brescia which is like months ago in real life... keep up the good work, (mostly) silent reader here.
  10. Maybe when you are the last survivor of playing in the UK (call it the "Highlander"), I can finally set it down with accurate google maps coordinates position 😁 Untill then I make them purely for fun and only based on my geography knowledge, no harm intended if I do something wrong
  11. We can clearly observe a reduce in the frequency of updates and new career emerging on the FMCU forum. I guess pretty much everyone is already expecting FM22 or got a bit jagged with playing FM21. As one could observe in play sight UK is not that fashionable anymore, and in September France is the place to be. Ok guys, let us make just another quick effort in FM21 for the October map Play well!
  12. Had another season of lower mid-table mediocrity in Bundesliga 2 (which I haven't updated on here) and then another one where we got relegated and I got sacked! Guess this is the end for now.
  13. Well this is highly dependent on the scouts at the club and their judgement of the players. Easier and more precise way would be to just check with editor the CA of your players...
  14. So we have a new chairman at the club. He decided he would not invest in the club or provide me money to spend, but wanted to sign two new players for us. Got a bit scared when I saw I could not cancel the deals in the Transfer Centre, but lucky for us one of them refused to join us and the other I had the final say and rejected the transfer. Hope that the new chairman is not to picky about our performances are we look set for lower mid table in the new season also.
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