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  1. Combine the two of them. Pretty sure there's a team out there called Sparta Chisinau
  2. Nope, not allowed. You can't buy or sign any players, and that includes your former players.
  3. Somehow we manage to continue our good run of form. Although we lost a game at home against ADO that was bound to happen at some point. Otherwise wins against Herenveen and Twente and a draw away at Vitesse are very good results. Especially if we consider that the last two teams are ranked 2nd and 4rd in the league. But we are also a good team, ranked 3rd and with a game in hand against those two.
  4. Another almost perfect month for us, as we won 4 games and only draw 1. It is true, that they weren't the toughest of opponents from the league (Go Ahead, Zwolle, FC Eindhoven and NEC NIjmegen) - none of them from the first part of the table. We also progressed another round in the Cup by defeating another lower-opposition team - Spakenburg. We somehow climbed to 3rd in the league, but we must consider that PSV and Feyenoord are in the European cups and therefore their form might suffer a bit in this period.
  5. It was a real nail-bitter, but glad we got through, it would have been shameful to loose to a team in the 3rd division.
  6. Wow. That's all I can say for our first undefeated month with the big boys. Started with two away draws at Utrecht and Alkmaar, formations which usually are in the upper part of the table and fighting for European cups, and finished with two home wins against the 2nd and 3rd team in Rotterdam (Excelsior and Sparta) in which we scored no less than 9 goals. We are this year also one of the teams whose matches produce a lot of goals, both ways. In between these, we progressed in the cup after a scrappy win against a lower team (whose name I won't bother pronounce) decided in a 15 legs penalty shutout. We are in 7th in the league, with a game in hand, and I couldn't be happier.
  7. Our debut in Eredivisie was pretty hard, due to the fixtures mainly. We somehow managed a win away at Hague in the debut match, but afterwards fell as we should have against giants Ajax and PSV. We recovered against fellow promoted team Cambuur with a conclusive win, before losing again at Groningen. I guess one could say we lost against the teams we were supposed to.
  8. Always loved the names of some of the teams: Speranta Nisporeni, Real Succes, Intersport-Aroma, Trachia Taraclia... and my all time favorite Saxan Ceadir-Lunga. There so much poetry there. Sometimes when I read livescore results of Moldova I feel like listening to this. I figure you won't have any problems in surviving in a rather poor league and maybe even wining it in around 3 years. But raising the quality of Moldovian (is that right spelling?) football is a pretty darn hard task.
  9. Mixed result in the pre-season as we somehow manage to lose both games at home against Austria Wien and Eupen. Not much going on transferwise this summer, as only 4 departures of players who were either aging or not good enough to get game time this coming season. We are predicted to finish last in the league, but 4 other teams have our odds of 1000 to 1 so I'm confident we can avoid relegation this season. As expected, Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord dominated the league again. Our facilities are the worst in the first division at the moment, and no sign there's gonna be an improvement anytime soon.
  10. Our finances are looking rather healthy at this point. Admitted, not the highest of budget but we are on the positive side of things. Next season expectations are realistic, just an attempt to avoid relegation and reaching the second round of the cup.
  11. Both Cambuur and Eindhoven won promotion to the first division, meaning there will be no less than 3 new promoted teams. We are pretty satisfied with this as it increases a bit our chances of staying up. In the last European places playoff we have a surprise winner in Excelsior, but Utrecht will join them in the Europa league as Feyenoord won the Cup but already qualified for the Champions League. As expected, a pretty small youth intake with a very decent AMR prospect. Unfortunately we were covered in the that position already. Will definitely need to upgrade on youth facilities fast in order to get better results.
  12. @Sheriff7 - thanks, was a bit unexpected so hope we are up to the first league challenge. @Deisler26 - sorry man, but they kinda disserved it by being the worst team by far.
  13. We also won 2-1 against Breda in the last game of the season and promoted to Eredivisie. Its gonna be a hard fought battle for the other two place, where besides the 8 teams in our division Roda and Willem II will join. In not much surprise, Ajax won the first division, followed by Feyenoord and PSV. Noted we only have a 30s years old player in the first eleven, so if we can keep the bunch of players together I think we can still grow as a team. Rick ten Voorde took all of the personal awards in the team goalscorer, assists, man of the match, average rating. While it's nice to have such a quality player beginning to wonder if we are not to dependent of him. Awards season! Our manager Stijn Meyer won the manager of the year in the division, while Rick ten Voorde was both the highest goal-scoring man and player of the year. A nice recognition for us both.
  14. We did it after a conflicting month, in which we only managed two draws at home (against Utrecht B and De Graafschap) but we won all three games away (at struggling Venlo and Helmond, as well as already relegated Waalwijk). With one game left from the regular season we already won the league (I think because our direct results with Oss are better). Eredivies, here we come! The board hasn't been actually throwing with money following our promotion, but I wasn't planning on buying much anyway, gonna give these players who achieved this performance a shot at the first league. Actually he haven't had a single player transfer to us this season and I'm planning on following the same pattern providing the youth intake is satisfactory enough (on FM Touch they tend to be a bit... small from my previous experiences).
  15. Another good performance though we started not so good with a loss at Maastricht, but we pulled 8 points out of the next 4 matches, including a spectacular 5-5 draw with Dordrecht (to which we are competing for most goals scored in the league). Surpised to see Jong Ajax and Jong PSV so down the table, expected them to do better, and Waalwijk looks almost certain to be the ones to go down. With 6 more matches from the regular season we have unfortunately dropped to second in the league. Both Cambuur and Oss are breathing down our back so at this point anything is possible in the league.