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  1. You might be on to something there, I have considered myself also. Will try to consider it more carefully in the next career.
  2. Thanks. I will probably get back to FM but I'd wish I had more time to play. Real life, huh?
  3. Could not finally avoid the drop and got fired. Guess with another fail I am the worst player of FMT 20 on these forums haha Will return to my native Romanian league where I've been (just barely) more successful this iteration of the game. Best of luck to everyone!
  4. We did manage to pick up some points, and it was all against relegation threatened teams like us. The wins against Cremonese and Reggiana and the draw at Reggina keeps us in the race for the playout spaces. Decided against bringing new players in January, and only concentrated on those already at the club trying to increase their performance. Hopefully that strategy pays off by keeping us in Serie B.
  5. I guess I am officially the worst player out here in the SI forums. It's already like a deja-vu of my previous careers on FM20, easily gain promotion in first season and then crash and burn in the higher league. Maybe we can pull a miracle out of the hat and survive.
  6. On September 12 following our win at Reggiana we were sitting top of the league. We then continued to have decent performances in September, as we won against Cosenza and draw with Reggina, but also had our first defeat of the season against Spezia. I actually do not know what happened in October, but we only managed a bore draw with Juve Stabia, after which we were simply thrashed in the four matches, including a record breaking 7-1 defeat at Cittadella. We are now sitting in mid-table mediocrity but our performances need to step up fast if we want to survive in Serie B.
  7. Still expecting for the others thread on "Can't lose against player controlled team!"
  8. Seems like we did enough to convince the board in offering a new contract, which I gladly accepted.
  9. Unfortunately not. I had to manually make a filter with Place of Birth is.. (inserted name), or Place of Birth is.. and so on until large proportions of Tuscany cities and communes. That's cause I am playing on Touch, on Full version you can use the Editor to add (Tuscany) to their name and then search by just that. So yeah, not simple at all.
  10. We don't have to worry about the Cup anymore, as we are out of the 3rd qualifying round after we were drawn against Atalanta away and we could not resist them. A good start in the league though, as we thrashed @noikeee's Cremonese 3-0 away and won at home to Virtus Entalla in front of a huuuge crowd of over 2000 people.
  11. Went a bit ahead and played some official matches before it occurred to me I should probably make a brief presentation of our squad this season. I don't think we are much more improved that last season, as the search for eligible players really made us chose from a much smaller pool of players. But we are pretty balanced in the squad with decent options on each positions, so probably we are going to at least put up a good fight for staying in the league. In the goalkeepers area is where we took the most gambles and might be the weakest link in our squad, as our current options are 21, 19 and 17. But I figured if one of them at least emerges as a viable option that is years of having the position covered. In the middle of the defense we are going with more seasoned veterans which played for us last season also. You will notice on the left-back the only player left at the club not born in Tuscany, which is the Spaniard Llamas. How much we struggled to fill that position is proved by the fact that his backup is a loan player (something I definitely do not enjoy doing much). Some pretty young options in the midfielders department also, as except veteran Seretta they are all under 23. Think we might be either big winning or big losing by this squad selection but we do like to gamble a bit. You will also notice that I have kept 3 players produced in the academy this season in the first team, and while the central defender is merely there for the numbers, the DM Motti and ST Bettini will be given game time this season when possible. Might not be a good indication of our transfer activity that after selling almost all non-Tuscan players their potential increased a little but hopefully is just the result of better assessment from the staff currently at the club (which by the way is at most mediocre but no viable options of replacement yet).
  12. Pretty intense transfer activity this summer in Pistoia. Of course, we only brought in players born in Tuscany and in return we shipped away pretty much everyone not eligible under those conditions. Financially we actually made a profit out of the transfer window and that is mainly due to us selling our best wide options for not much money. We are in the middle of pre-season friendlies and trying to find the perfect balance in integrating all these new arrivals in the club.
  13. Our intake this summer was as expected unspectacular. I did signed all of them just for backup purposes and considering we don't know how much we are going to be able to construct a squad of entirely Tuscany players. A couple of them look like they could become rotational options for us in the future, and maybe will be given a chance in the season ahead.
  14. Yes, we had a pretty good season and our players performed well above expectation, reflected by 7 of them being selected in the team of the season.
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