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  1. Muttley84

    [FM18] Palermo

    Good fun with Palermo. D'Amico and Lo Faso brought me Champions League around 7 years later in a youth only career with them. And who doesnt like a pink jersey?
  2. Better practically just to have the save already in an online sharing system. I put mines on Dropbox (so I can play both at home and work) and if you all have Dropbox accounts you can access the save at anytimes (and forget about passing the save around via email on online transfer). Of course, you all should have the game installed. Works both on FM and FMT pc version.
  3. Muttley84

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    Wonder what they'll do with so much vacation time
  4. Brazil and Argentina are a little easy even beggining with smaller clubs due to the high number of places for qualification and the general quality of the league.Furthermore, you will have to cope with the extra large number of games played in Brasil, and with the autumn-spring season in Argentine which will make your team unfit in the first knockout rounds i guess. I have tried (and failed) to do it with Danubio and Defensor Sporting (youth only atempt) from Uruguay. On the other hand, I aint that good. Interesting will be to do it with a country which never won it before (like Real Garcilaso or Sporting Cristal from Peru or any Bolivia, Venezuela teams if you use custom database).
  5. Muttley84

    "Proper" careers

    That's not the way it seems in the comments you leave in other people's threads (I've seen at least a couple of them). I can understand you are not into the 3 striker or exploits, but why would someone say ''another useless thread" to someone? It's a game, and therefore we are all free to play as we like it, so for me all the careers are "proper" cause they all played in Football Manager. So relax and play it your way, but don't disrepect others for playing it their way also. Cheers!
  6. Muttley84

    Youth "supersquad" of choice.

    Won CL with Palermo having D'Amico and Lo Faso on the wings. Absolute beasts and surprisingly loyal to the club despite numerous offers. Admitted, I did stayed a while at the club (enough to put MangiaAlleniatori to retirement).
  7. Muttley84

    Turkish heroes - Altinordu

    Haha. I probably will, cant keep away from FM to much, and I already have two saves in offline (not stories). It is a fun team to play with and a nice philosophy. I suggest you start with them too and prove me where I was wrong
  8. Muttley84

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Surely, having 11 players away on international duty should mean a postpone of the game? I'm in 2017, Serie B.
  9. Muttley84

    Turkish heroes - Altinordu

    One of the worst period in my 10 years of playing FM. Nothing worked. Changed tactics. Changed players. Changed instructions. Got back to original tactics. Put the original players in the first eleven. We only got 2 points out of the last 8 games. Somehow we did not relegate, but the board has lost its patience with me. Sacked. End of story. Need a break from FM now, Reading all those successful stories starting from the n-th league and winning the Champions Cup and I couldn't manage surviving at a good enough club. Oh well, more time for vacation then.
  10. Muttley84

    Turkish heroes - Altinordu

    After the loss against Fener we had for a brief moment in time the impression we recovered a bit with wins against Antalyaspor and Konyaspor followed by a draw in the Izmir derby against Goztepe. After Napoli destroyed us in both legs (even though we kept the scoreline pretty tight at home) followed a awful period without a single win. We are still in 11th but board begging to lose confidence in our capability (the objective at the season start was to finish in the first half of the table). We are also out of the Cup against a second division team and for the first time in this career I am worried about my job. We can still achieve top half table classification at the end of the season, but it's almost 100% sure that next season we won't be in the European Cups again.
  11. Muttley84

    Turkish heroes - Altinordu

    Not sure if I should count this as if we recovered or not. We somehow sneaked through in Europa League after finishing 2nd on direct results with Bremen. We also gone through the Cup. But in the same time we are still 11th in the League, which is way to low for us. Board beginning a bit to lose confidence, but nothing to be worried yet.
  12. Muttley84

    Turkish heroes - Altinordu

    It's FM Touch I am playing on with one of the default skins.
  13. Muttley84

    Turkish heroes - Altinordu

    One of the worst periods in our history, where we managed to win a single league game and lost three straight of them, dropping all the way to 12th in the league. We were also poor in the Europa League, being destroyed by Inter, beaten by Bremen and only won against Qarabag, Part of this is due to some injuries to key players but I think the main reason is the unrest in the team as almost half of the key players have offers and want to leave and I did not want to let them leave. Now they are unhappy and I was unhappy for some matches and decided to replace them with younger players, but they are not prepared enough for this level. Hopefully we can all cool down and get things back on track.
  14. Muttley84

    Turkish heroes - Altinordu

    Thx. Great dissapointment in not making the CL groups, but probably we weren't ready anyway.
  15. Muttley84

    Turkish heroes - Altinordu

    For a moment we hoped that we will qualify for the Champions League group stages after double wins against Alkmaar and Anderlecht, but Zenit proved to be to strong for us and destroyed us in both legs. We have to settle for Europa League, where except Inter I think we can fight with Bremen for the second position. We sacrificed the internal competitions for Europe, and we lost both the Supercup to Galata and the first match in the league to Fener. We spent fewer money for players in, and we also got a nice input of money from the transfer of Soyuncu from Freiburg to Hoffenheim.