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  1. Relegated and sacked... End of story and sorry for wasting your time on this section of the forum with our pathetic performances...
  2. Holly sh... we are in deep trouble. We are sinking in the relegation spots with no real perspectives of climbing out of it. Yeah, I can feel how tough Serie B is. Good luck with Palermo, they are a much bigger club than Lecco.
  3. We are really not doing all that great, and we finished the year in really poor form, gathering just a miserable four points from the last 6 games of the year. Fortunately for us there are other teams performing as bad as we are, so we still are just 3 points from saving ourselves from direct relegation.
  4. Our youth intake looks slightly better this year, we really need some fresh blood in the team. Hopefully it proves to be a good one.
  5. We are really starting to set a pattern here, where we perform good at home and are rather poor away. That is exactly how things went in Ocober, where we had 6 games, and we got 7 points from the home games and 0 points from the away games. We are still in the relegation places but at least we are keeping close to the formations above us. It is noteworthy that we got the 7 points against the 3 formations directly above us in the current table. I am also hoping that with time these all new players at the club will gel better together and results will improve.
  6. Proof that although its great that we have mentoring in FM Touch it is still a bit tricky to find the right balance between positive and negative traits.
  7. As expected the impact of Serie B is quite large as we struggle in most of the matches. Maybe I should park the bus a bit more and that will give us better results. Silver lining is that we actually won a game and we are no longer last in the league. Going to be a very hard season ahead...
  8. We are not having the best start in our Serie B adventure, losing the first 3 games without scoring, including a Lombardy derby against Monza, We are also already out of the cup after taking Hellas Verona all the way to the penalties.
  9. As expected we are not rated to high at the beginning of the season, we are battling against former league colleagues Pro Vercelli for the worst team in Serie B. Hoping to prove them wrong and finish at least in mid-table safety if not more.
  10. These are the players which will try to keep us in Serie B this season. Of the total squad of 25 players I have kept in the first team (there are some more youngsters and players we want to get rid of in the reserves) no less than 10 are loaned in from other clubs. Although I don't like the situation and is really not my style, I guess it is not surprising at all for Italian football. We are a pretty young squad, with only two players over 30 and some in their late 20s. I feel like we are lacking some firepower in the attacking department, but really could not recruit better options up there.
  11. Just a quick preview of how active we are being on the transfer market in trying to bring players good enough for Serie B. Thing is there were a series of superb players on the loan list of Inter, Milan and Atalanta, and either of them would have been starts in our team, but most of them refused to join us cause we are not big enough. So had to settle then to loaning in players from the second tier of available ones.. Not sure all these youthfulness is going to help on the long run, but I guess beggars cant be choosers. Oh well...
  12. Its all the work of Wanda influencing him mate! You should just sell him.as soon as possible
  13. Two Italian style wins (1-0) were enough for us to win the overall Serie C against the likes of Bari and Perugia. Serie B, here come the champions!
  14. Not sure 3M in wages and practically no transfer budget is enough for us to be competitive in Serie B. Will probably have to again rely massively on loans, which I dont like at all.
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