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  1. I'll take in the offer, so the 2 for 1 dopelganger would be: Michel Petit MC France I wont cast another vote for Gibraltar as it is pretty clear its gonna be Bahamas. Just though would have been interesting to be in Europe with the Nations League and all...
  2. Michael Klein MC Austria Gibraltar Good luck with thid, will be following.
  3. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Season 4 - 2021-2022 League & Cup - The best season for us as we finished as high as 5th in the Superleague and reached the final of the Cup for the second consecutive year. We started up in force (fixtures1, fixtures2), but in the end it was a hard fought battle with Asteras Tripoli and Atromitos, but we cliched the last European spot, so will be competing next year in Europa League. We were not so lucky in the Cup final, losing again against AEK, with a scoreline which doesn't reflect just how bad we really were. Squad & Transfers - A shift of generation in the squad this season as our youngsters are beginning to get more and more game time. We also have three young players in the team of the season, including this season's top goalscorer. Two players leaving us on free transfers. Facilities - Finally we got the board to upgrade youth facilities, something we wanted to do for some time. Not a very cheap upgrade though, but we are pretty sound financially and it goes well together with the youth development budget upgrade. The annual upgrade of our stadium happens again this season, which is kinda annoying. Hopefully we reach the max 5k soon and it will be all over for some years, until we have enough for a completely new one. An interesting partnership in Hungary with a team with high youth facilities could bring some interesting results in the future. Youth Intake - Solid intake this season as I think that all five players we got have what it takes to get some game time in the future for us: Moritz 22a (dual German nationality), Lysandros 22b, Partheniou 22c, Kountouris 22d, Amarildo 22e. Next season - Reach Europe again.
  4. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Wow, title at the first go. Now thats something we dont see often. Maybe with some luck you can get into EL groups, as CL qualifiers will be a nightmare for a team from Hungary.
  5. Bournemouth challenge

    Getting 100sh points with Bournemouth and winning PL in the first season. I can totally see that happening.
  6. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    That being the key issue, in general I haven't been able to keep the best ones past 18, but good luck with that.
  7. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Season 3 - 2020-2021 League & Cup - Another season of mid-table mediocrity starting with six straight defeats (fixtures 1, fixtures 2) as we finished the season in 11th. At least things got back to normal in the league, as Olimpiacos won it. But the best part is that we had a long run, and the season review shows us reaching the final of the Cup, where we unfortunately were destroyed by AEK. We were lucky to reach it anyway and it did brought us some valuable cash so won't complain to much, we were never prepared for Europe anyhow, Squad & Transfers - Still not a lot our young players good enough to make it playing a lot of games for the squad, though i tried forcing Tsouris 19a and he has been average at best. So our statistics are being dominated but the same players, which are beginning to fade a bit. Three of them were actually quite useless and had to leave on free transfers. Facilities - Still no upgrade to our youth facilities which is pretty unfortunate, but another upgrade to our training, costing around 850 k and taking around 5 months to complete. Our board seem to be rather poor at doing business as for the second year they are investing over a million for a small 1k upgrade to our stadium, following which it will have the impressive (not) capacity of 3100. Seems like a bit of waste for money here. Another change in the youth development budget, now aiming for an average youth recruitment network, which is always nice. An unnecessary upgrade to the scouting network too, allowing us to travel the world. Despite all these constructions going on, our finances are pretty good. Youth Intake - Four players in this year intake, none of them from Piraeus, but overall decent first team prospects in AMR - Karakasidis 21a, AMC (will be retrained possibly to MC) - Samaris 21b and AML - Stathas 21c. We also got a pretty rubbish striker (though we need young blood in that compartment, our options being pretty old), but not a single defensive oriented player which is kinda strange and might put us at trouble at some point in the future. Next season - Predicted last again, so do better than 11th and really put young players to game time!
  8. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Season 2 - 2019-2020 League & Cup - We were pretty much inconsistent thought the season (fixtures 1, fixtures 2), but somehow we did enough in beating the small teams like us to finish the Superleague in 11th. No miracles from our part other then that as we got out of the groups of the Cup but lost to AEK afterwards. A miracle did happened in the league, as Atromitos stunned Greece to win their first title ever. We lost pretty heavy to the big boys of the league, some of the defeats so hard they embarrassed even the players. To conclude, a pretty much satisfactory season for everyone at the club. Squad & Transfers - Played more with a DMC this season and a defensive tactics as much of the teams were superior to us. Not a lot of ground breaking players in the season awards, but notable is that the young LB Skordos 19b has played the most games for us this season. Three players who left us on free transfers or retired, although I think might be some sort of bug here, as selecting the All transfers tab doesn't show them at all. Of course, no players joined us. Facilities - The board said no to the youth, but agreed on the Training facilities upgrade (much needed as they were still at a basic level). We got also the news of an upgrade on our stadium, but that isn't really good as we spent over 1 million for reaching just a little over 2000 seats. There's no way we can compete with the big boys of the league in that. Our Finances are looking much healthier since we are playing in the first division and just hoping they improve further with the savings we are making on the transfer and wage budgets. Youth Intake - Just four players joining our ranks in this season's Intake, but three of them look quite promising: Felekis 20a gonna jump into rotation at DC this season, Andrikos 20b might not get that many chances as we are pretty packed in the middle at the moment, while we are nurturing Alkis 20c to be our long term keeper, though I doubt it he would get much chances this season. All of the four players are born in Piraeus, that might bring some extra local-pride and loyalty to the club. Also, decided to change our HOYD from a balanced one to a fairly professional, but still searching for the right person to fill that very important role for us. Next season - Consolidate on our position in the first league (as we are predicted last even behind the newly promoted sides) & Give more game time to young players.
  9. St Cecilia: A Caribbean Odyssey

    Well, good luck with this. I appreciate the time and work you put into this. Their flag is awfull though, you shoul go with something a bit more... caribbean, and reflect that on the national team kits too.
  10. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Season 1 - 2018-2019 League and Cup - Our first season in the Greek second league and we performed better than we expected (fixtures 1, fixtures 2), including a superb run following the winter break where we only lost one game. After a hard fought battle with OFI (which collapsed in the end) and Levadeiakos (which join us in promotion) we have won the Football league! The fans were so happy after this. So next year, its Top-division football for us, in a SuperLeague which for the second consecutive season was won by AEK (what are the chances of that happening in real life?). Olympiacos, Panathinaikos and PAOK are all up there, proving their continued dominance in the league (as a fun fact, in real life, except for an accidental Larisa win the 80s, the league has been only won by teams from Athens Metropolitan or Salonika). We got out of the cup at the first entrance (the group stage). Squad and transfers - We had to rely a lot on the first 11, as we didn't had much depth in the squad. But our players performed pretty good. On the worrying note, from the first 11 players used around 7 are over 28 years old, which might require us to push the younger players in sooner that we would want to. No players leaving the squad as we had such a small number i decided to keep them all in for rotation and tutoring. The transfer in was arranged before my arrival at the club. Facilities - Not much happening here, just a small upgrade of our youth development budget. Youth and training facilities upgrades have been turned down by the board. Will be interesting to see how we fare in the league with our tiny stadium (or if we play in another place). Hopefully the SuperLeague will mean we get some money in the coffers as we been actually losing them in the second league. Youth intake - The moment we've all waiting for, and in Touch it comes at the end of the season. We got seven players in the Youth Intake and I've decided to tag them all for following purposes (the * is for players born in Piraeus). To be realistic, two of them will be given first team chances this season, with Tsouris 19a in attacking midfielder and Skordos 19b on the left back, while Nikos 19c can maybe provide some rotation if needed. They are not superstars in the making for sure, but they are the best that we got at the moment. Next season - Realistically just survive. And maybe improve finances a bit so we can have an upgrade in the third season if we pile enough.
  11. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Time to get back in the challenge. After a lot of looking around I decided the best option was to go back to the beloved Greece where I had such much fun last year. Presenting Ethnikos Piraeus (a club with a rich history but unfortunately fallen out of favor in the last years). Our trophy cabinet isn't entirely empty with a Cup the most notable. Introducing the manager - Athanasios Gavrilidis (that should be a good enough Greek name, sorry for forgetting the profile page in the first day). The difference from last year is that Ethnikos don't have good facilities or stadium. We should be looking to improve the facilities ASAP, while regarding the stadium, theoretically in real life if we get back to Superleague we have the option of joining Olimpiacos at Karaiskakis, but hardly doubted this is implemented in the game. One of the first tasks is to fill in the staff of the club, as at the moment it's only me here. A small squad (part 1, part 2) with another confirmed transfer of a goalkeeper when I arrived. On the positive side, we are not predicted to finish last, but actually on 13th, best team of the newly promoted, and if my knowledge of the Greek second league is true, anything can happen, although relegated Larisa and Levadaiakos, as well as OFI Crete might be pretty hard to crack.
  12. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    I assure you it's all due go my psychic abilites and not just a weird coincidence ☺. Will be probably joining later today after putting on hours in deciding a country and club.
  13. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    @Ice Ice Gravy - Is your OFK save still going? Been thinking about returning to the challenge and wanted to play in a new league. Was thinking something eastern with few European places and Serbia is a big candidate. Was also considering Croatia but see now @CJ'43 already started there, how is that working?
  14. Good luck with them, had some fun in FM17, and now with the foreground sugar daddy they should be even more easy.
  15. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Thinking about getting back to the challenge, but with playing in FMT, i searched for a couple of clubs in a specific country and they all have like 16-17 players. Dunno if one can make it through the season like this. Anyone managed to do it with under 17 players?