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  1. Just started a save in France with Grenoble. Pretty mediocre team to start with in Ligue 2 with no really standout players. To make things fun I added the challenge of only signing players from Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes. Not a lot of them available as I play on FMT with a small database so around 200 of them, but the best potential 11 (see below) is cracking due to players produced by St. Etienne and Lyon. Doubt it we can ever sign any of them but hoping for an entertaining career. If i dont get the sack early I will post some updates.
  2. Could always try Bundealiga - Leverkusen and Leipzing are exactly molded into your request, with both good facilities and a nice bunch of young exciting players.
  3. I am assuming from your wording you would want first tier clubs, so here are my suggestions and reasons for: France - Marseille (the only french club to win Champions League, at least until tomorrow that is, can you repeat the performance and beat PSG to it?) Italy - Cagliari (the only team in the Italian islands to win Serie A and one of the two from south to do it. bonus challenge: find the next Gigi Riva). Germany - Hertha (the biggest german city, huge stadium, decent money but failed to deliver for so long).
  4. Still got 3 months to chose. Season hasnt even started, squads are being reshaped and transfers still being made. Finances will be a tricky aspect this season. Points deductions are possible. So my advice would be for you two to wait on the release of the game and then pick with better data available.
  5. This is so Inter :)) Always blaming failures on external factors (especially referees). P.S. Inter fan here so no hate.
  6. Interesting experiment, keep going. Funny how the Best Player CA has been steadily decreasing since the begining. Its now almost par with the best regen PA P.S. Those excel prtscreens are pretty hard to follow on phone without zooming in a lot.
  7. Why dont you 2 just get a room 😀🤡
  8. Might be that many in real world but for sure they are a lot fewer settlements in-game. Your best move would be to use the pre-game editor and add (Arctic) or something similar behind the name of each of that settlement. Afterwards in-game you will only search place names containing that so a single filter will do it. If you are not using the editor the best way is to create manual filters for each region. Hint - I noticed you can check which places are actually in game when u select the birth place of the manager you are adding, that should trim it down for you a lot. As example, although they are around 400 settlements in Galicia (Spain) I have only found around 80 in games so made a manual filter like that. Hope this helps at least a bit, if you have more questions ask, I have been playing regional based careers for 3 editions now.
  9. when setting up your game, is the box for "Prevent control of teams with managers in place" ticked? If it is, untick the box, and you should be able to manage any team of your choosing
  10. Your best options would probably be Dynamo Moscow, Genk or Salzburg who all shoul have around 20m Euro. Or Benfica a lot more around 60 but that might be to big of a club for your liking. P.S. There's always China if you care for the league, 3-4 clubs with generous budgets.
  11. Suits them well doing so poor after keeping that awfull Ilie Stan for almost 5 years. He's so poor even by Romania Liga 1 standards, dunno how he ended up at them.
  12. Just found out that FM has sounds... crazy isn't it! 😀😂
  13. That depends. Maybe quality wise you are right, but I for one consider other aspects when making new signings, like how much do I have to pay or how easily is he going to be distracted with interest from other clubs. Sometimes I would prefer signing the other guy just cause I pay less and he is quiet and growing at a steady pace in my team, albeit he doesnt have a higher ceiling like the other one.
  14. Feel free to play FM for a married man with a newborn does not apply I am still thinking between Deportivo and Racing so at some point hopefully sooner than later I will start it.
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