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  1. You got robbed :)). Even of it was 30% of the profit from next sale and you'd still should receive some pennies.
  2. Are you sure you are playing in a league with VAR cause not all of them have it?
  3. Been playing only the "easier" version for 3 years now, and I can tell u its still rewarding and challenging. Plus I can play most at work and traveling, and my wife really likes that.
  4. I'm sure that will help with the sales, I mean pretty much everyone wants to play games in which they dont win. Or was it the other way around?
  5. First save as always with a team from the lowest playable league in my native Romania. Probably something like Metaloglobus or CSM Resita, definately no promotion contenders. After I fail with that a team in the 3rd division of Spain (Recreativo Huelva, Racing Ferrol), Italy (Catania, Olbia) or Germany (Rostock or Jena). Think I have like 5-6 editions since I last started with a team in the first division of the big leagues, that just doesnt do it for me anymore.
  6. Think it's safe to say a fairly large amount of people have started or played games in lower leagues. Either in journeymen paths or just picking a club with a nice story. I myself played in various editions of the game in lower leagues of England, Scotland, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Turkey. And the challenges were always diverse, in Germany you had big stadiums and filling them would boost finances, in Turkey finances were awfull, in France you could concentrate of youth, Spain has some limitations on squad while in Italy you could exploit the loan system. My idea is that there are so many challenges and situations that your question is to broad for a straight answer. Lower league football is beautiful though and sometimes is more rewarding to avoid relegation with a minnow that winning the CL.
  7. But you can do it in FMTouch, you can give custom numbers to your players. I think you are just not compelled for registering them with a specific no.
  8. To my knowledge there's no way for you to alter the FM Touch database.
  9. Lausanne in Switzerland 2nd division has a foreground sugardaddy, could be fun to try and tople Basel and Young Boys with the money and then bring the first European trophy to Switxerland. ASU Poli in the Romanian 2nd division is a fan owned team and a phoenix one, you are in the same league (in the default database) with ACS Poli which is the team of the authorities. Can you do better with less money? Iraklis Salonik are one of the oldest team in Greece but now found in the 2nd division (in real life this summer relegated to 3rd due to not getting their license). Can you first become the best team in the city overpassing Aris and PAOK and then fight with the big clubs from Athens? Tabor Sezana from the Slovenia second division is as little as a team can get and from a city of 5000 people. Can you lead them to glory?
  10. By the looks of it he didnt got released by St Johnstone (they wouldnt do it to a youngster playing 40 games that season) but let his contract run out in order to move to a bigger club. Then he couldnt handle it and was sold to a medium tier club. Seems legit to me.
  11. It's funny how we seem to forget that data correlation even with statistical tests doesnt mean always causality between them. I'll just leave this here:
  12. There's a thread especially for this like 50 pixels lower than your post
  13. Melilla in Spain 3rd are from the continent of Africa. Can you bring an European trophy to Africa? ASU Poli in Romania 2nd are a fan owned team, and for the first time in the same league with ACS Poli which is the team of the city hall in Timisoara. Can you fight against the authorities and win? Luch in Russia 2nd are from Vladivostock which is like at the edge of the world. Can you cope with hours of flights for each game?
  14. Check this out or post some of ypur requirements there
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