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  1. Unexpectedly good debut of the season. First we passed the two stages in the Cup, albeit in front of lower league opposition (including fellow and rivals club Reggina). And then we stormed the league by drawing 1-1 away at recently relegated Parma and winning the home matches with Lecce and Salernitana (both in Italian style with 1-0 wins, the last in the 92 minute). Surprised a bit as I expected us to have a slightly weaker squad than last season, but can't really complain. Will just have to wait and see how much consistency do we have.
  2. The final squad going into our second season in Serie B. Only 4 players left which are non-Calabrian from the total final squad of 27 players. Hopefully next season we can shift them completely and achieve the objective of a fully regional squad. No change in goal with Furlan and Russo rotating in the games and Favasuli providing much needed cover as a third choice. Could not buy Russo as Genoa wanted millions for him and could not sell Furlan as there is nothing Calabrian better on the market in goal. In defense, on the right we have a new face in Maesano, but probably Micelli 19c going to be the starting option (unless the board decides to sell him, already rejected around 500k from various Serie A teams). On the left side Nicoletti and new boy Liotti gonna rotate also. We have a lot of depth in the middle of the defense, with Figliomeni and Germinio starting the season as main mans, but three other solid options in Gallo, Riggio (although he is moaning about not enough game time) and Geraci. Maita gonna be the starting Dm and Foresta and Fornito playing in the two MC positions. We have enough cover here also in the new comer Minardi as first choice, but also Ielo and Pasquale 19b. On the right wing we still have veteran Casoli who is just to good to be let out, but with Porcino and Gatto as solid options also we will need to rotate a bit. After one year of training Stramaccioni 19a is still not ready to play on the left wing, but Puntotiere can cover there and Tripicchio on the right. This season we are going to go with Gliozzi as main striker, with backup a bit far behind at quality in youngsters Guerrisi and Lombardi 19d. If needed Puntotiere can also play here.
  3. Not sure what to make of our finances, who despite the tight control on the wages for both players and staff are still looking awful. We are bleeding money hard each month.
  4. Pretty intense transfer activity this summer in Catanzaro. We payed some significant money (at least for our standards), the most off them going for Porcini from Livorno, who can play on both wings but will probably start on the left one. We also signed Gliozzi on a free transfer at the end of his contract. From the loan players we only kept Russo in goal (Genoa wanted 5 million to buy him) and added a 17 years old defender in Geraci (we actually wanted to buy him from Perugia, but he chose Torino instead). At the other end we pretty much got rid of a lot of non-Calabrian players (although some of them were still first choices to us, at the list of out's we can add Favalli whose contract runed out). Despite our good performance last season there is not much expectation from us, it's still just Avoid relegation. I feel we have a weaker squad after leaving a lot of players leave, so might not reach the play-offs as last season. It's interesting who do the media predicts as being the favorite, a Juventus Reserves recently promoted from Serie C - is it based on the reputation of the first team or on players values? After them come the recently relegated teams. We are going to have Calabrian derbies in Serie B this season, as both Crotone (wining Serie C-C) and Cosenza (after the playoffs) got promoted straight back.
  5. I know youth intakes on FM Touch are supposed to be smaller, but this is embarrassing ! Not much to build on that! Which is so curios as one week before the intake we had an announcement about us investing more on youth development. The only player from this year's intake is also terrible bad!
  6. The only surprise in Serie A was that Juve did not win it this season. They were pretty close though as there wasnt much difference between the top 4: Juve, Napoli, Milan and Inter, but its the nerazzuri who came on top in the end. A huge gap between this four clubs and the rest of the pack, especially the two teams from the capital Roma and Lazio falling behind to Europa League joined by Sassuolo (cause Juve won the Cup after a final with Milan). Joining us in the next season Serie B are Perugia, Spal and Parma.
  7. The team of the season and again our defensive players being the ones with the higher ratings. I guess we are pretty much a typical Italian team in that respect. Our goalscorer had only 11 goals in his book. so we'll need to improve there if possible. Gonna force some of the best players out this summer (like Favalli or Fischnailler) just because they are not Calabrian. It's a risky move, but need some further motivation to grind into the career after losing promotion.
  8. Oh, well, I guess it wasn't meant to be. We played some friendlies to stay in shape for the playoff matches, and it looked good as we met first Spezia. Won 1-0 away and draw at home 0-0 to reach for the final. In the final we met Chievo Verona and they beat us at home 0-1. In the following match we won away with the same score and I was just making my plans for the over-time when the game finished! It seems that it is true, the playoff matches if the score is equal are won by the higher seeded team. Not sure what to make of the rule, but we now have to prepare for another season of Serie B. A bit frustrating being so close to promotion and losing it.
  9. We got 4 points out of the last two games, but that wasn't enough cause Frosinone got 6 in the same stages and join Hellas Verona in Promotion to Serie A. We have finished in 4th place, and therefore wait together with Chievo to see our pairing in the next round. Ours will be chosen from the Pescara - Spezia tie, and we will hold the home advantage in the second game. A funny thing is that out of the five teams promoted last season to Serie B we are the only one surviving without problems, the other being relegated or playing the play-out games.
  10. If we did not lose the game at Carpi we would have been tied with the second place, but really cant complain when we won four out of six games. We are now sitting in 4th with just two games to go till the league finish and its going to be a nerve-wracking tight race till the end.
  11. Our reserves only contain players U21 which we are nurturing for future seasons. The exception is D'Ursi but we want to ship him out, could only loan him cause nobody wanted to buy. Some of the players show good potential but not sure how they will cope in matches of the senior team, guess its a question of slowly integrating them into the squad. At the reserves level they seem to be pretty competitive, 3rd in the League of Serie B reserves is not bad at all, considering most of the other Reserve teams have also older and higher caliber players.
  12. An undefeated March sees us climbing to 5th in the league, which is pretty good considering we played 3 out of the 4 matches away from home. We had a pretty Italian catenaccio style as we only scored once in each of the games, but that was enough to get 8 points. Still eight games to go in the league and we are in the playoff spots, 5 points away from the direct promotion 2nd position and 6 points away from being outside the playoff 9th position. The table is dominated by the Verona clubs which look favorite to promoting together back to Serie A.
  13. It depends a lot of where we end up. Higher seeded teams have home advantage in the decisive match and also go through directly when the tie is a draw. We have our chances, so lets hope for the best.
  14. Seems like we already achieved safety cause we already had to pay the bonuses to our players. Now we are under no pressure for the rest of the season.
  15. We continue the same pattern in our matches in January and February losing only one game away at league leaders Hellas Verona. We did draw a bit to much games, but also won against Virtus Entella and Frosinone. Therefore we are sitting in 7th now. We are the team with the most draws in the league, if only we could have converted some of them into wins the promotion race would have looked much better for us. With just 12 games to go we are over the 40 points mark and therefore almost sure saved from relegation. I think the places 3-8 qualify for promotion playoff so we have a good change a being there - where anything can happen.
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