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  1. We have rejected the current offer from Inter, but don't know how much longer we can keep a hold of him. He currently has a release clause of 35M and someone might come close to it during the summer, therefore I am considering seriously that next season he won't be here with us anymore.
  2. More losses than wins, but it was a bit bound to happen for a newly promoted teams. Bad aspect is that we scored only in to matches, and struggled a bit on it. We are out of the Cup after losing at bottom placed Sampdoria, and only won two matches against Cagliari and Sampdoria. We slipped down in the table but we are still not really threated by relegation.
  3. We have the preview of the new youth intake in the summer, things are looking again pretty good, although that message about the golden generation have become redundant.
  4. Surprisingly well positioned in the list, with no less than 11 players currently playing in Serie A being produced by Brescia. It is true that most of them are now at our club, but still, being 5th in Serie A in that statistics is not something meaningless for the quality of the youth we are producing.
  5. Of course we could not keep up with the solid start and we started losing matches (not easy when you met Inter, Juventus, Napoli or even Fiorentina). We did manage to win games against teams of our level (Cittadella, Spezia and Parma), and after 10 games in Serie A we are lingering in mid-table. It is to early to tell anything of the way the season will go, but hopefully we can at least keep up with this pace and not slip down to the relegation battle.
  6. We are not sitting well compared to the rest of the league when comparing statistically the attributes of our players. That refers to both our attaching and defending potential, but we hope to compensate that difference with the passion and grit specific to Bresciani.
  7. Our finances are looking rather healthy since our ascent to Serie A, and hoping we can continue exactly in this direction.
  8. Been playing FM Touch for some years now, and still not sure how the mentoring works in it. I've asked the assistant to assign players to groups and this is his suggestion. To be fair does not look that impressive to me...
  9. Our debut of the season was not all that bad. If we ignore the friendlies, where we rotated a lot and tried to build up some play connections between all the new players at the club, we won in Copa Italia third round, won away at Pescara in a meeting between newly promoted sides and managed to steal a draw at home to Roma. Lets keep it up.
  10. Full squad for our first season back in Serie A. In goal we have kept Turati on loan, but despite his greater potential he probably won't start for us. Going to start the season with Di Gregorio, but this is definitely a position I am not all that satisfied with. In defense we have a superb pair of central backs in Papetti and Cistana, and having added the experience of Goldaniga to them I guess we are covered there. Not the same can be said about the RB and LB position, where though we are pretty good in numbers, we have no standout players. Going to start with Dickmann on the rigt and Lunett
  11. Here you have the full list of players who joined and left the club in this summer, with the promise that I will do a complete presentation of the current squad next (hopefully over the weekend). Almost all of the strangers left (for good money). The only player I wanted to keep at the club was Tonali (somehow MIlan did not activate their buy clause and he returned). He was only 1 year left on the contract and wouldnt want to hear anything about a new one, so decided I would not risk losing him on a free next summer, and cashed in on an offer from Hertha Berlin (not sure that is really the Big
  12. We have a huge financial step up following our promotion to Serie A, and we received no less than 41M from the TV rights for this season. Talk about money baby, sure it's good having that financial safety. Not the same can be said about the safety of our schedule, as after the debut away at Pescara we have 3 huge games with Roma, Inter and Juve. That is going to be a hell of a debut for me in Serie A, but I ain't gonna park the bus Italian style, and rather will attack like savage medieval Lombards
  13. Wow. That's pretty impressive, you are pretty Loco Motivating your words
  14. Five of our players have made it into the Serie B team of the season, and it is not a surprise that most of them come from the defensive compartment. Will be a shame to see Pajac and Labojko leaving this summer the club, but well, a challenge is a challenge...
  15. We had the board meeting for setting up the club vision. We continue with playing possession football, but they also added to it defensively solid and high-tempo pressing, which might be a difficult task considering our stature in the league as a newly promoted team. For our league performance the expectation is minimum - Fight bravely against relegation. Hoping we can achieve that while still overhauling the squad to remove most of the foreigners at the club.
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