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  1. Yeah, you could always go Baviara only with 1860... There are a nice bunch of players, and decent clubs producing more (Bayern, Nurnberg, Furth, Augsburg, Etc.)
  2. An undefeated month of April see us consolidating our 6th position in the table and a possible qualification for European competitions. That would be a fantastic achievement given that we are a newly promoted squad. Just have to hold on to a 2points lead in front of rivals Nantes in the last 3 league games (including Lyon away - our bogey team). Common guys, we ca do this!
  3. Unfortunately playing on FM Touch so no editor for us. I manually made up a list of all municipalities from Bretagne which are present in-game (not that many of them, around 80).
  4. A nice record for a player with bags of experience. The player records I am chasing though are the number of appearances for the club and total league goals, but we are anything near any of them.
  5. We continue the up and down run of results. We lost a lot of matches this period (four of them), but considering that we were lined up with PSG, Marseille, Monaco I cannot be to upset about it. We also played 2 Bretom derbies, losing at Nantes and winning home to Rennes. We are sitting in 6th in the league with 8 games left, and it looks like Europa Conference League could be within our reach.
  6. Thanks for the input. In the end I started with Guingamp in France and will only be using players from Bretagne. Posting updates in the FMCU section of the forum, already in 2nd season.
  7. We got to that time of the year when we got the new youth intake. This year it does not look special at all, with the pick of the crop being the M/AM C Philippe Veretout which is highly rated by our HoYD but does not look that special to me. Probably going to sign the first 5 of them as I don't think the last 2 will ever make it even as backup options. If we survive this season in Ligue 1 (and it certainly looks like we will at this point) maybe we should explore options on the staff market in the summer, to see if we can make significant improvement to our current ones.
  8. So, as noted before we are out of the French Cup at the expense of PSG. But we continue our good performances in the league, and with two wins (including one in the Breton derby against Lorient) and a draw we are sitting in 7th, just below the European places.
  9. Lightning does not strike twice but this season we were paired again with PSG in the French Cup and as it was to be expected, we lost. It was not a total trashing, as we did had the possession and even some small chances, but my God, do they have a good team. Will be hard for anyone to topple them in the league, Lyon seems to be the only ones who can keep anywhere near them. Still, their biggest dream of Champions League success failed last season.
  10. Getting a bit tired of constantly having to set fixtures for the Reserves team. They are not playing official matches, and the only teams agreeing to play with us are reserves teams of other teams and lower league opposition. I am considering seriously if we don't get the option in the next summer to have the 2nd team playing official matches to send all the players out on loans and give them game time this way. Just wondering if this might influence badly their development as for sure they can only be loaned to National level clubs.
  11. We had an easier schedule in December, but we also performed pretty good. At least in the first three matches when we won it all (Reims, Nice, Metz), before being destroyed 0-4 at home by Lyon (who in a league without PSG would probably comfortably win the title). Our good performances moved us up the league to 8th, and we still aren't the bet newly promoted side (Auxerre is sitting in 6th). Rennes kept their place in 4th, Nantes slipped behind us in 9th and Lorient took some little distance from the relegation places. Meanwhile in Ligue 2 Brest is looking good for promotion sitting 1st in the
  12. I guess we did enough to impress the boar as I get a new contract with no significant changes in Club Culture or the 5 years plan. Of course I signed it right away eager to continue my work here.
  13. Come the winter and since we had some money left in the bank we raided Rennes for players who did not feature to much in the current season and were unsatisfied with that. So we brought in two versatile players, both are suited at CB but Gelin can play in DM also and Nyamsi on the RB. A bit strange that got to sign them in December before the usual transfer window, but its either a bug of Touch or I have unlocked in the previous careers played 'unlock no transfer window achievement'. Hoping with these two we get closer to the board request of playing defensively solid football.
  14. We continue our up and down performances but can not really complain, as we are consolidating our mid-table position. We won three matches (all at home against St. Etienne, Caen and Montpellier). In October we also played two derbies with fellow Breton clubs, we managed a 0-0 at home to Nantes and lost 0-1 away at Rennes. They are pretty strong teams this season, Rennes is sitting 4th in the league and Nantes 6th, while the other Breton club Lorient is not doing so good and battling relegation at the moment.
  15. Segunda B in Spain and Serie C have plenty of 10k and smaller settlements.
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