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  1. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Sounds like fun to you, but still doesn't fit in the rules of this challenge.
  2. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    Two things I'm gonna do for sure: Youth Academy Challenge in a country outside the European top 10. A small team from the French 3rd tier (any suggestions?) to grow and battle the PSG monster (actually Lyon fan but that would be easier).
  3. Island teams

    There are a few in the 3rd tier playable too, like Angrense or Operario.
  4. Romania again for me please. Great to have this back (but please watch out for the Gk this time).
  5. Holly Molly, thats one huge transfer fee for Lacatus! Seems he's not getting much game time though.
  6. So Lacatus the first one to gain a new position in AMC. I think thats great for getting game time and versatility. And he scored enough this season too.
  7. Wow, Lacatus has really played a lot this season at Liverpool, and not a bad goal tally either. Hope he can keep it up.
  8. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    I guess it wasn't that bad of the season. After all, we were by far the weakest team in the league. And somehow in the fixtures of the second part we managed to grab another six wins and some draws. We finished in 17th but were not threatened by relegation as they were a solid margin of 17 points to Ajax B who somehow relegated. I guess they were that bad being the only team in the league we managed to beat home and away. Players performed admirable but after the last game of the season I terminated the contracts of those not getting much game time and also released those loan players. That saved us a lot of space for the wages and our finances are looking rather healthy at the moment. Not much can be taken from the youth intake, but I've already started scouting players who can join us for free next summer. Board increased the youth development budget but I don't think much to come out of it. They have rejected by requests for new training or youth facilities, and I can't say I blame them that much.
  9. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    We went completely over the transfer period, changing almost the entire team in the process. We did so many Transfers that they don't even fit in a single screen, and released as much as we could of the old players. Somehow that wasn't enough, as we didn't delivered in the games at all. In the first half of the season, we only won three (you read that right - 3 out of 19). And those were all against B teams somehow (Jong Ajax, Jong Utrecht and Jong PSV). Way to many 0-0 draws for my liking (7 of them), but I guess each points counts, right? Would be great if we could score more, but I guess one can only hope. Oh, and we got out of the Cup in the first game (true it was against Go Ahead Eagles - top flight team). This are the Players from the first part of the season. One can only notice a single average about 7.00, or that our main goalscorers are 2 players with 3 goals each, and the best passing man only has 2 assists. I guess its safe to say by now that we are bad. And that Holland really is a big challenge as the name says it. But somehow we weren't the worse of the team, as we find 3 below us in the table - but only 3 points from us and the relegation spot. If only we could hang on in the second part of the season, maybe we can build up a bit in the second season more. Fingers crossed.
  10. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    Having another go at this, and the never-won-before league of Holland. Reloaded for about 3 hours to get a different team than the usual suspects as VVSB, Spakenburg, GVVV, Katwijk. Finally managed to get a new team, in the likes of BVV Barendrecht. The club is from a city south of Rotterdam, with no real history to brag about. We also didn't had any staff at the club so my first priority was filling in those positions, so I can then have a better look of our terrible terrible squad. Time for Sem Meyer, our completely fictional Manager of Barendrecht to take over and lead this club to the Big Euro Challenge. Let's take a moment to wish him luck in this endeavor, and hope we will avoid the terrible curse of dutch sackings!
  11. Such an average season for Lacatus. Maybe next one...
  12. Combine the two of them. Pretty sure there's a team out there called Sparta Chisinau
  13. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Nope, not allowed. You can't buy or sign any players, and that includes your former players.
  14. Always loved the names of some of the teams: Speranta Nisporeni, Real Succes, Intersport-Aroma, Trachia Taraclia... and my all time favorite Saxan Ceadir-Lunga. There so much poetry there. Sometimes when I read livescore results of Moldova I feel like listening to this. I figure you won't have any problems in surviving in a rather poor league and maybe even wining it in around 3 years. But raising the quality of Moldovian (is that right spelling?) football is a pretty darn hard task.
  15. Yeah, Consolat are awful. But so are other teams from the french riviera like Breziers, Frejus or Toulon.