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  1. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Taking a break from this at the moment. Still have a big euro challenge with Lokomotive Leipzig going on, but even that is not working out great.
  2. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Seems that the challenge ended for me. At least with Dnipro. It was a combination of providing success (as we qualified for CL group stages) then arguing with some of the best players which were not in a good mood as we lost all games and wanted to move to bigger clubs. Took a risky decision to cash on them in the winter, sold Jose to Monaco and Shevchenko to Sevilla and it went down hill from there.
  3. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Season 2023 - 2024 Competitions The season review shows a pretty solid year for Dnipr. For a while we have hoped to battle with Shakhtar for the League title, but in the end they were to strong for us and we finished in 2nd miles ahead of Dynamo, which is still pretty good as it means CL qualifications next season. The same team kicked us out of the Cup and are proving to be a pretty tough nut to crack for us. In the Europa League we went straight into the groups, but only managed to beat Slovan home and away which wasn't enough and we ended up in 3rd. Team and awards Only 5 original players left in the Team of the Season, but youth prospects were the best this year, as can be seen from the getting all the awards. Also, Jose 22a was the best scorer in the league and I have extended his contract just the next day and our rock of the back Palyuch (although he is rated low has proven to be valuable for us) was selected in the team of the season together with 9 Shakhtar players. Here are the players arranged by game time given to them this season, we really need an AMR. Transfer and youth intake Our transfer show 4 players leaving on a free and a transfer for so good money. I have agreed to sell Basthanenko to Dynamo Kiev, the main reason being that we already have three promising youth prospects in AML and I want to give them game time. Plus, the money going are always good for the club. A decent youth intake although it has no less than 3 strikers which probably won't get much playing time with Jose getting to be so good. I have begun retraining one of them to AMR to fill that gap we have there. Facilities Our facilities somehow have downgraded this season and no option for another upgrade is in sight right now, but we did get a message about our youth development budget. Finances looking great and we are way below our salary cap. Considering that our stadium is pretty big and doesn't need much improvement I am hoping all that extra profit will go into facilities to be maxed out in the coming years. Next seasons expectations are pretty decent, and I think we are growing with babysteps which is good. And on a personal note, 200 games in management, not bad at all.
  4. FM18 Sugardaddies

    @Mr_Demus Have a look here http://www.footballmanagerblog.org/2017/11/football-manager-2018-sugar-daddy-clubs.html?m=1
  5. That moment when the second team is higher in the table...
  6. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    So you won CL in just 6 years, with 4 players still in the team coming from the 4th league and the rest a bunch of youngsters all under 21? That really is unbelievable!!!
  7. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Mid season 2023-2024 This is not a season update, just a notification that the situation at our club changed: we have been trough a Board Takeover after numerous failed attempts, and the new owners already started pumping money into the administration and transfer budget. Not sure what to make of this, as I never had a takeover in my previous youth careers. Hope just that the new owner is patient because it will still take a while for us to battle with Shaktar and Dynamo and reach Champions League football.
  8. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    Sorry guys, as interesting as the challenges are, just don't have the time to play this, real life got the best of me. And the little free time I get late at night I use it on another save I got terrible immersed in. But I will continue being an active reader of the topic. Best of luck to all of you joining in!
  9. Maybe so that everyone can enjoy watching WC 22 ?
  10. Season 2018-2019 I feared the first season as we had a weak team and had to rely on lots of new players coming in free loans to improve it. It seemed I was right to feel that way as we started the season poorly, with a loss and 4 draws in the first 5 matches (Fixtures 1, Fixtures 2, Fixtures 3). For some reason we were not in the Cup, and had the time to concentrate on the league. But were our performances enough? Well, they were enough for the 3. League table as finished in 2nd behind Duisburg. We sneaked in there in the final match of the season with a draw, while poor's Wurzburg defeat meant they were out of the play-off spot also. It's not such a big surprise as the season review shows us lurking around the promotion places (we spent a lot of time in 3rd) for most of the second part of the season. So promotion and next season sees us in 2. Liga where of course we are predicted to finish dead-last, so the board requests won't be over-demanding which might be a good thing. I told you about or transfer activity, which was based on not spending a single cent of players. This summer will be a busy one also, as we already managed to sign some of those loanes on continuing deals or even full contracts with us and we need to remove some of our own dead-weight. We can see from the number of matches in the squad how important those players were to us and also by their massive presence in the team of the season. At the transition to the new season, our first youth intake brought us 4 players, with 3 of them being very interesting ones but wont be able to use them due to league regulations for at least another year, Now our board decided somehow than rather improving our facilities they should concentrate on the stadium, and although Germany is an expensive country, 1.1 million for just 750 seats seems a bit odd. Side note: got so immersed in the save this weekend and reading about Leipzig football history, that I already ordered a Lokomotive jersey from their website. Hope that when it arrives it will motivate me to keep going. History 2018-2019 - 3. Liga - 2nd (promotion)
  11. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Dnipr - Season 2022-2023 We continued to build on the good performance from last season, and this one we finished the League in 3rd! We are still no match to Shaktar (who are totally bossing the league and got us out of the Cup quarter-finals) and Dynamo. Actually, they are beating us quite convincingly, but other than the two of them we can now beat anyone in the League. Finishing 3rd means that next season we gonna be in Europa League (and straight to the group stages it would seem), so a nice addition to the budget. Hopefully that won't ruin our form in the league to much. Our young players gaining lots of matches this season. The Brazilian regen is proving quite interesting, with 9 goals in 10 appearances, but he couldn't get more game time considering how good Shevchenko was. Season Awards screen a bit messed up with players in the wrong positions in the team of the season. Another good Youth Intake this season with good potential, and Yakovlev being top of the bunch. The quality of our youths is confirmed by the fact that we have 3 players called to the final stages of the Euro U-21 Championship. Transferred out just a couple of players who didn't made the cut anymore. Another good news is that the board agreed to upgrade both the training facilities and improve the youth development budget. We had three talks of takeovers this season, but neither of that finalized. We are excited for our first European season and hope we can build on that.
  12. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Dnipr - Season 2021 - 2022 Our second season in the first league and we performed much better this time - we even managed to qualify for the play-off by being one of the best 6 teams in the league - however we were battered in that section and finished dead last in 6th, thus missing out on European qualification. Maybe next season, especially as Ukraine rose in the coefficient tables. We also had a good run in the Cup, but we lost in the semi-finals against Zorya. We have used the same formation from last season, and for the first time a youth graduate had the highest average rating. Currently we have 3 youth prospects which are first team regulars, and some 3 or 4 as backups, but probably that number will increase a lot next season. Dynamo Kiev stole another player from us and is lurking around some other players also. Our transfers show just removing some dead-weight in position we had much better options in our youths. Our training facilities downgraded in the season and no sign of improvement pretty soon. On the positive side the youth development budget has increased a bit. For the first time in the Youth Intake we have a player coming from our affiliate and also a first - a foreign Brazilian player (a bit strange as we don't have any staff or players of that nationality).
  13. After multiple reloading for three days and nights and over 5 files of simulated seasons in Germany, I finally got one of the the two teams I was aiming for. Introducing: 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig - the club continuing the tradition of the respectable Vfb Leipzig which was a powerhouse of the romantic era of football in Germany. Nowadays, together with Chemie (continuating club of Saschen Leipzig) they are just small minnows in comparison to RasenBallSport Leipzig (or RedBull) in the city. Our Manager will aim to change that by taking the Club from the insecure situation currently present to adding some silverware in the Trophy Cabinet. Having just been promoted from the Regionalliga Nordost our Squad does not seam ready for the 3.Liga and having no available extra funds might mean we will have to rely on loans for the first season. Together with not so great facilities, a difficult financial situation, having just turned professional and an ageing stadium we have all the ingredients of a long-term work ahead of us. I think this can also be framed as a "Big Brother" Challenge, as although they don't have our trophies RB Leipzig are currently miles ahead of us. We will try to surpass them, but using a somehow different strategy, as I set some further rules: 1. Only bring to the club German players (and when possible from former East-Germany). 2. Promote at least one player from our Youth Academy each year (and when possible one born in Leipzig). 3. Do not loan, buy, sell or have anything to do with RedBull. Let's see how long we can get this going.
  14. Yes. And I got relegated when I got that feeling. But bounced back after that season and things are looking mucu better now. So just hang in there.