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  1. Muttley84

    FM19 Rags To Riches - Sign Up

    Player Name: Aripioara Date of Birth: January 11 Position: AMR Anywhere in the World Nation to Start: Holland European Nation to Play for: Moldova
  2. Who ever said this was easy... didn't have a look at the Cesena first team which contains an ageing group of 13 players! However, we do have another 13 players in the reserves team, all of them 15 and 16 yrs old coming through the ranks of our club, so hopefully should be eneough to survive for the first season at least. We have no staff at the club at the moment so this will be our priority finding good enough assistant and head of youth development. Somehow we are predicted to finish 8th, despite being a newly promoted team.
  3. Due to the Fm Touch Manager Profile bug I can't still edit my manager for minimum qualifications, so I have a head start on the others by being automatically given a higher reputation. While acknowledging I am not able to qualify for the hall of fame and do not deserve any credit for my (unlikely) performances, I would still like to post here some updates about my Cesena attempt. That would perhapse give me the motivation to go on when I get stucked or hit the rough times. Would that be ok @darren1983?
  4. Muttley84

    [FM19] French Lingerie.

  5. Muttley84

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Norway would be a fresh (to be read as cold) breath of air around here, so one vote for that.
  6. You ca look up FM19 Name Fix on various FM sites and after you install it you can, among othera like stadiums and competitions, enter the .txt document with club names and using the ID of your club change its long and short name.
  7. One can only hope, but I dont see it happening soon. And it keeps me from competing in the youth academy challenge, which sucks.
  8. Hi everyone. Is it just me or you can no longer edit experience of your manager in FM TOUCH 19? I can only find the personal data, prefered teams, looks and all, but I can't seem to find anywhere selecting experience or attributes. I would like to start with a manager with the lowest qualification but how do I select that? Am I doing something wrong here?
  9. I think I finally found a team and was looking to start off the challenge after hours or searching and realoding, but playing on FM Touch I could not find at all the option of editing manager experience or level. I can only find the appearence editing, but not selecting a level... Anyone encountered this problem or willing to help a poor sool willing to suffer for seasons with low quality young regens?
  10. Considering people have tried and failed numerous times before I see no harm in you restarting in another place.
  11. Havent reach the intake yet, bu assuming its still the small intakes, however if you manage to survive the first couple of years I found no problem in the past with this. On the positive side, you now have mentoring in Touch, which will help a lot with player development.
  12. Muttley84

    FM19 Transfer budgets

    Not sure if this is trolling or just missunderstanding of the way the game works, but most people enjoy the realism of the situation and find fun in other aspects of the game. Even more, some would say where is the fun in managing a team which after spending 200 mil still has 200 more to spend? Either way, remember its just a game, and if its not fun for you to play, maybe you shouldnt. Best regards.
  13. @darren1983 - Beat me to it, I want to try this in Italy too, but waiting for the official release (and get over the neutral venues bug currently in Serie C). Will need to find another club now though as you got Bari. Forza ragazzi!
  14. Muttley84

    [Romania] (Official) League Specific Issues

    The registration rules for Liga II are broken. It should be 3 players with HG status and not raised at the club. Please fix that before the official release.
  15. Muttley84

    [Europe] (Official) League Specific Issues

    I second @Mabron's - the same for me in FMT. Something wrong with the allocation of Champions League Places, namely there's an extra 1 place in group stage showing to all countries.