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  1. Muttley84

    [FM18] Red Dogs Rising - Another romanian story

    Still more likely irl than Dinamo doing the domestic double and getting in the knockout phases in Europe.
  2. Not cool stealing our best young prospect @Weiry
  3. No coincidence there... dick dastardly...
  4. Losing against Lithuania... good job guys.
  5. Finally a good move for Romania. I mean, really, on one could be worse than Chipciu (that includes Tierney who seems like a good young prospect to me).
  6. @#%& (lots of unsuited words for the forum). Our best rated player...
  7. And Romania's poor form continues...
  8. Romania's poor form continues... Will I be able to pick another player anytime soon? Wonder if the draw for the Europa Nations League is made already, hoping we can catch some form there, in my saves we always do good in the 3rd division.
  9. It seems that the boys are taking care of things by losing or tie so not much room for me to pick anything...
  10. If not to late I will pick Romania again.
  11. Muttley84

    FM18: France

    After lurking for a while around the forum, and even starting a career with Niort (getting sacked soon), now I am back and picked Red Star FC. Things are looking a lot better as in December we are second in the National and in the 10th round of the Cup. The only problem is that we are losing money fast. Even though I have kept the wage budget under the max, we are now after 6 months around 1.7 million in the red. Wonder is that is specific to the 3rd league of France or we are doing something wrong? We have the 3rd attendance in the league (around 3k).