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  1. It would make sense that clubs with the best academies will be the best... which is pretty much still the clubs which are now the best. Probably would take around 10+ for portuguese, dutch or belgium clubs to raise a bit.
  2. Nikita Kolesovs for Romania. Although he will probably never get a single game for us. Just need a GK and a ST to make for an all round foreign team. We have them in the rooster just not good enough. It would seem Dubravka cant play before Radu and De Joong before Man.
  3. So what you're saying is that FM is to close to reality in this aspect? Oh, the irony...
  4. If you had picked Ivan you wouldn't have felt so sorry now... go figure, Harry Kane playing for Moldova
  5. Charlton and Coventry both appear with insecure finances in League 1, maybe they could be a good challenge? Though it seems Charlton is doing good irl.
  6. Not really, if the games come in pairings (two in a week in October it seems to be) then the call-ups are made before the first game usually, so probably Hysaj will feature in the next window of international matches.
  7. Just a couple more players untill Romania will have an all foreign team. Haha.
  8. Nice one but 36 points is a bit to much for me, will look into it though. Having recently played there with Catanzaro I can confirm that to be true, not sure I feel like going back to Italy...
  9. Sounds like an interesting ideea but for sure needs a lot of coordination,dedication and time. Unfortunately no time for me but I would be interested in reading about it if you document it. Best of luck and power to the people!
  10. Looking for an European team in administration or with insecure finances. If possible in the 2nd or 3rd division. Points deduction would be a bonus. I want it to be really messy guys :)) Financially speaking.
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