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  1. Being sacked three times already in Fm19 guess I find it challenging enough. And I don't see SI making it harder, for the "elite tacticians" on here, but rather keeping it casual for the general public. After all its from the number of players they make money Peace.
  2. Muttley84

    Team Suggestion Thread

    @LukasZ_VCF - Anything is really possible, even winning the champions league, but the smaller the league the longer it will probably take to achieve that. You have a lot of questions which I cant respond as I havent played with those teams.
  3. Muttley84

    Team Suggestion Thread

    You could try one of the dominating teams such as Dinamo Zagreb or Bate Borisov.
  4. @b101 - so not really a youth academy challenge anymore since you are buying players now...
  5. Yet another FM is broken thread + a bonus of the forum is broken too. I played almost two thirds of the season with Volendaam in 2nd division of Holland, and due to using a counter tactic all the matches, I actually won more games away than at home!!! Go figure...
  6. Muttley84

    [FM19] Saving Dnipro and much else besides

    Not 100%, but pretty sure I read about a "phoenix" club Dnipro-1 playing in the second division who also took Dnipro Academy? Maybe thats why the real club aint doing great in 4th league and might be trouble for your career also?
  7. You both missed reading the part about all those bugs being reported in the correct forum as early as beta and still havent been fixed. And after losing a national title due to such a bug I can relate with the frustration of the OP even if you're right and this post might be useless.
  8. Muttley84

    Austrian league

    Not the case anymore, pretty sure the league has been restructured begining with this season with 12 teams (22 matches) and playoffs for top and bottom league with another 10 matches. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. @Fadedaf Fickle would be something like irregular or capricious, changing a lot, but whatever that means in game as a personality is beyond me.
  10. Definately two of our best at the moment, but Dickenson is asking for a lot of money for a new contract, a bit out of our reach now, and I've found Szmodics a bit to incosistent for my liking (and picking up some small bruises easy). That being said, they are instrumental for our promotion bid, but wont shed any tears when (hopefully after some more years as we dont have good enough replacements now) time comes to say goodbye.
  11. Our for has slipped a bit in the past months (actually December was all about draws), but somehow we are still leading the league going into the new year. 3 points ahead of Northampton and Lincoln City and a lot of points to the last play-off positions so pretty sure we got that at least this season. But direct promotion is looking really achievable right now. Using a 4-2-3-1 wide for most of the games, and Nouble is leading the league in asissts. You can notice some of the players have a little mark (*) next to their names - I tried to mark those produced by our academy in the past (not sure thats true for all of them, but in their history Colchester appear as their first club). Will need to check that out somehow, as I will tend to favor as a priority them remaining at the team.
  12. Just started a career in England after more than 5 years. The team I picked is Colchester, and I the approach would be a Youth Academy Challenge, withouth signing any players. I found a decent enough squad in Colchester, with Szmodics and Nouble leading the line upfront,and thus so far we have 28 points out of 30 in the League. Knocked in the Second Round of the League Cup by Bradford and using only rotation players in the League Trophy group against Wycombe, Portsmouth and Arsenal Reserves. Hope I can stick through the large number of games in England.
  13. This could be a fun challenge and I wish you good luck with it. Personally the club doesn't appeal to me, seeming a bit to easy domestically. Maybe if you want more people to join the challenge you could expanded beyond Celtic? Any club in Glasgow and 30 miles? Any club in any town? It's your call but I will be following your.. succes/struggles
  14. @Diego D10S Good luck at Cesena, I tried them too... and failled in the first season getting the sack, but they do have some nice facilities.
  15. Muttley84

    I broke your game

    Not sure if this fits as trolling, drama queen or missunderstanding of what can be reported on the forum. If a pinch of irony is now insulting then we can all go home. P.S. I always find the "FM is broken" threads the most hilarious ones.