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  1. December 2022 Very similar youth preview to last year. A good group of players apparently, with nothing to back that claim up and a wall of yellow instead. Might be time to look for a new HoYD. --------------------------------- I set up a couple of friendlies in December so the players would be ready for returning to competitive action. It didn't work, they were ****ing awful. It was amateur stuff against Newcastle, like they'd never even met each other before. Unbelievably bad. Rotation was always on the cards for the cup game, but as a punishment every single player
  2. November 2022 We've added a fifth affiliate club as League Two Salford join the ranks. A little underwhelmed by this, was hoping for another foreign club. --------------------------------- The work being done on our youth facilities was completed and they are now classed as excellent. So I immediately requested a further upgrade, for just over £5 million. --------------------------------- Just the one game and it was against Arsenal, so obviously we lost (five games, five losses). Two second-half goals made the scoreline look a little better, but in reality t
  3. October 2022 I've requested for our training facilities to be upgraded. This will take a year, and cost nearly £5 million. --------------------------------- Utterly inept against Liverpool. Crap in every way possible. Lucky not to lose by more. After a tough run of fixtures a home game against bottom-of-the-table, managerless Bournemouth made for a pleasant change. We scored early but then made life difficult for ourselves, not pushing on and allowing Bournemouth to equalise. The game-changing moment came when Ronaldo Camara was summoned from the bench, and we went to
  4. September 2022 Chris Jericho (20a) had only been getting a few substitute appearances this year, so when our Polish affiliate asked to take him on loan it made sense to let him go. Jagiellonia Bialystok are top of the Ekstraklasa so it might be tough for him to get gametime there too, but if they can keep it up a winner's medal would be a good experience for him. --------------------------------- We were 2-0 down against West Ham before a change of formation and personnel at half-time. Ronaldo Camara came off the bench to score his first goals for the club and draw us level
  5. August 2022 We continued our slow start to the season with a bore draw against Watford, so I hoped the EFL Cup game against Birmingham would be a good chance to get on track. Things looked good in the first-half as both of our new strikers got off the mark for the club, but we fell apart in the second-half and allowed the struggling Championship club to draw level. The game went to penalties, Joe Bryan missed the decisive spotkick, and that was the end of our participation in the competition. Disappointing, not just to go out to a side we should have beaten easily, but also to miss out on
  6. July 2022 Our bank balance is looking very healthy, and our facilities are either at the highest level possible or well on their way to reaching that point. Although our reputation or stature hasn't reached the next increment, it must have improved a bit as we are now the 14th most reputable club in the country. --------------------------------- Our success so far is reflected in the increased expectations around the club, as the board now want a mid-table finish, and the media think we'll finish 13th. The bookies have us at 250-1 to win the league, I'd suggest going for Li
  7. Ahh, that's a bittersweet ending to the season. Congratulations for the promotion, commiserations for missing out on the trophy. Hope your scouts find some good loan options to tide you over for the first Serie A season, then after a year at this level you'll have plenty of cash to splash next summer. Also (cheap pun alert)... Italeave.
  8. Congrats, great job finishing so high. Making the Champs League already is impressive. Reading through the last season is making me realise how few Romanian clubs I've actually heard of.
  9. June 2022 We got a bit of cash for a couple of academy graduates who left to try and find first-team opportunities elsewhere, but by far the biggest name to leave this month was Aleksandar Mitrovic. The fans were unsure about the decision to get rid of him, but I'd just had enough. It was time for him to go. Selling him to another Premier League side isn't ideal, but we've got a lot of money for him which was swiftly re-invested in replacements. His Premier League record under me was 15 goals in 55 games, which isn't terrible, but was frustratingly inconsistent. ----------------
  10. Thanks! That second line is spot on - I know things are going well with the upward trend, but the individual results and performances at times makes it easy to forget that.
  11. May 2022 I must have done something to upset to upset the FM Gods. Immediately after I praise Lyanco he broke his leg in training. At least it's the end of the season and most of the time he misses will be over the summer. --------------------------------- Ugh. The loss to Arsenal was hard fought, but the performance against Newcastle was disgustingly poor. --------------------------------- We were overtaken by Bournemouth in the final month, but still managed to finish in 12th place, a climb of three places from last season. We ended up with four more points
  12. April 2022 The youth facilities are being upgraded again, they'll take six months but (I think) once completed they'll be at the top level. We're picked up another affiliate club, CD Feirense in the Portuguese second tier. This is to get players from their youth set up potentially coming through for us instead, so that's something to look out for. --------------------------------- We continued to have a decent little run in the league as we made it five games unbeaten. Three consecutive clean sheets was also nice. We then lost convincingly to two of the heavy-hitt
  13. Thanks, appreciate it. Me too, I've had enough of Mitrovic and transfer-listed him, he's never playing for me again.
  14. March 2022 There was definitely a lot of exaggerating going on from the HoYD when they suggested this was going to be a good group of players. The top two hit only 3.5 stars of PA, and there's no strength in depth either. In the trial game this squad lost 1-0 to the Under 18s. I've been renaming the graduate who comes through top of the class, as well as anyone else with 4.0 star potential when they arrive. So this year it's just the one player with a new name and face. Christian Cage (22a) is tall but slow, so I've put him on quickness training. -------------------------
  15. March 2022 Our FA Cup run went on a bit longer and we made it to the quarter-finals, but inevitably that was where it ended. That's now five games against Manchester City, and zero wins. In the league we played two games against sides in the relegation area. We beat Brighton fairly easily, but our task against Leicester was made a lot harder when Igor Diveev got himself sent off for a second yellow after 37 minutes. We were already trailing 1-0 at that point, but once we went down to ten men we hit back almost immediately, and if anything were unlucky not to go on and get the win.
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