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  1. UFWC PREVIEW - DECEMBER 2022 (WORLD CUP - KNOCKOUT STAGES) REIGNING CHAMPIONS - POLAND After qualifying top of the group Poland have been rewarded by avoiding one of the big buys in the second round, drawing the U.S.A. instead. But if they get through that tougher challenges are almost certainly ahead, with recent UFWC champions Portugal, Germany, and Spain all on the horizon. On the other side of the bracket, the Netherlands will be desperate to redeem themselves, but will need to get to the final to do so.
  2. UFWC ROUND-UP - NOVEMBER 2022 (WORLD CUP - GROUP STAGE) REIGNING CHAMPIONS - POLAND It's here! We've finally made it to the biggest event in the footballing calendar, the World Cup! Hosted in Qatar the tournament is a lot later in the year due to the temperature, but barring a poorly timed loss in the group stages we should see a lot of UFWC action taking place over the next few weeks. Poland are on a decent run of successful defences with two wins and two draws since gaining the title, but have been drawn into an intriguing group. Frequent UFWC challengers the Netherlands look
  3. VPK-Agro Magdalynivka May 2025 Turns out that there's one more game to go this season, a champion's play-off against the Second League - Group A winners. Which just so happens to be Shakhtar-2. If they've got potential stars for the first team coming through this could be painful. Result! We raced into an early lead and although we conceded midway through the second half should have held on for a win in normal time. But a defensive mistake in injury-time allowed them a late equaliser. The penalties went into sudden death and we held our nerve to win the overall Second Leagu
  4. VPK-Agro Magdalynivka March - May 2025 If we didn't already have such a lead at the top of the table I'd have been furious at the run of form in March and April. We returned to action with a loss, conceding an injury-time goal, which ended out unbeaten league streak at 23 games. We then picked up a win, before losing 2-0 against Tavriya for a real kick in the nuts. Two goalless draws followed and I gave a harsh team meeting afterwards which didn't go down well, completely killing morale in the dressing room. Yet next time out we won against our nearest challengers Chorno-2, and
  5. VPK-Agro Magdalynivka April + May 2025 The preview was nonsense then. The supposed 'great prospect' goalkeeper (25n) Osmanov is a long way down the list, and the defensive midfielder with 'potential to go far' (25h) Stepanyuk hasn't actually been judged as having much potential, though he does have a decent personality. They were right at picking out an attacking midfielder 'to keep an eye on' though, with (25a) Yevseev top of the PA list. Not noted in the preview but there's also a striker with good PA and personality (25b) Musienko. Also, although it doesn't look like he
  6. Been an up and down journey getting there, but congrats on the World Cup win.
  7. VPK-Agro Magdalynivka December 2024 Turned down the interview. They're 12th in the league above but battling against relegation, so we could well be replacing them next season. The fella sacked was the old VKP-Agro manager, who keeps suggesting in the media that my success is down to the foundations he laid, so I will allow myself a little chuckle at his misfortune. The very next day. Turned this down too, they're one place below Cherkaschyna so even less appealing. A couple of midfielders and a goalkeeper that might be some use then. I already have a yo
  8. UFWC ROUND-UP - NOVEMBER 2022 (FRIENDLIES) REIGNING CHAMPIONS - POLAND We're so close to the World Cup now, as Qatar 2022 begins in just a few weeks. But before that we have a couple of friendlies to get through as each nation warms up for the big competition. Poland are taking on a couple of middle-Eastern opponents, with friendlies against Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. On first glance these look like two winnable matches, and while UFWC fans will be happy to see a couple of non-European nations finally getting a shot, they'll probably be hoping Poland get through them still
  9. The Netherlands have been a big letdown so far. Three title shots, three failed attempts. Only Belgium have wasted more opportunities since I started this, but at least they won once.
  10. Lost in the cup final, but won the Northern Mariana Islands M League - Division 3 for 2 points.
  11. VPK-Agro Magdalynivka September - November 2024 I was half expecting a big downturn in fortunes after making big adjustments to the tactic I was using, but I'm happy that things seem to be holding up nicely. We're averaging a goal a game less, but still racking up the wins. There was a blip at the end of September/start of October when First Division side Minaj knocked us out of the cup, as we then went on to draw three of the next four games, but since then we've got back on the winning track with a perfect November. The one disappointing result was of course the draw with Tav
  12. Started in the Northern Mariana Islands with Thundercats. Yes, I did accept their offer over the others because of the name. Failed to win promotion from Division 3 (finished second by two points) but won the Northern Mariana Cup for 4 points.
  13. UFWC ROUND-UP - OCTOBER 2022 (UEFA NATIONS LEAGUE A GROUP STAGE) REIGNING CHAMPIONS - POLAND For the first time in a year we go into a pair of UFWC fixtures with new champions. Poland played very well to win the title, but winning the gold is just half the battle. You then have to defend it. Austria are first in line, and if the title is successfully defended, the Netherlands are next. Austria (17th in the rankings) haven't won a game yet in this group (one draw and three losses), including an unsuccessful UFWC challenge against Germany back in June, so form is not on their side
  14. VPK-Agro Magdalynivka June-August 2024 A bunch of contracts were up so anyone without much potential was allowed to leave. After only a few months in charge here I'm not yet attached to anyone so none of the names really stand out. Letting so many people go should help keep the wage budget down, and as you can see with a couple of players retiring, also give the squad a younger look. No permanent deals in, just five loans. No wage contribution needed for any of them so that prevents the financial situation getting any worse. I'm not used to seeing quite so much gr
  15. Absolutely. I'd prefer their utter destruction, but I'll go with finishing above them for now.
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