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    FM enthusiast and Rams fan, I am the FM Researcher for Derby County. I provide updates on my save(s) regularly in the Career Updates section on here - my FM20 save is called Stuniverse’s FM20 Adventure. My FM19 save was a Derby County - Director of Football Challenge, with Rams legend Igor Stimac in the starring role as DoF. Derby County season ticket holder and member of the Derby Telegraph's Rams Fans Panel.

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    Live in Derbyshire.

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  1. 30 May 2029 PREVIEW: England v France (N) European Nations League semi-final
  3. LOL, @karanhsingh 🤣. Here’s another one for you - #39, who’s been on fire for the U23s, made his first ever first-team appearance against Wycombe yesterday. He was introduced as a substitute on the stroke of 90 minutes so was only on the pitch in added on time.
  4. Thank you, @karanhsingh. Geographically Scotland would be a very logical addition to the Nations / Leagues playable at the start of my save. I started my FM20 Adventure in Scotland with Falkirk in the third tier, before managing Hibs, and then winning everything domestically in Scotland with Celtic. I feel I’ve done Scotland now, for a while at least, and for that reason it’s unlikely I’ll be loading up the Scottish leagues during this save. The honest answer is I don’t know. I will be starting off as an unemployed, Sunday League footballer, with no coaching badges so it will be a case
  5. Thank you, @Bigpole, I have sent the creator a message.
  6. Thanks for your comments @Lodi Lemmer @karanhsingh @fairsy @SRL88 @oche balboa and @Tee2, much appreciated. You've all convinced me, thank you very much, so... ... Stuniverse will be beginning his FM21 Adventure in Scandinavia... I am definitely going to be loading up the following Nations / Leagues: Denmark - 3F Superliga only - NordicBt Liga - 2. division England - Premier League - Championship - League One - League Two Finland - Veikkausliiga - Ykknonen Iceland - Pepsi-deildin - Inkass0-deild karla
  7. Hi, I’ve looked on the Steam > Workshop for a Faroe Islands database and there’s at least three. I’m interested in one of these two: Faroe Islands Complete Pyramid (4 Levels Fully Activated) by Weiry Faroe Islands (3 divisions) by agamennone999 Has anybody used either of these databases and would you recommend them? Many thanks.
  8. Transfer Targets Spoiler Alert: These are some of the players I'm aware FM21 managers of Derby County have been able to sign in the first season either permanently or on loan. Who have you been able to sign for Derby County on FM21? [Note: you can post as a hidden spoiler by using the eye icon in the formatting bar above the post free-text box].
  9. Thank you, @karanhsingh. That's very kind of you to say. Are you tempted to manage Derby County on FM21? As a Manchester United fan, we do have Wayne Rooney! Yes, it is, although as a life-long Rams fan I'd use stronger words than 'sad'. In early September, I certainly didn't expect to find Derby County bottom of the Championship after 13 games, facing two early relegation six-pointers against Wycombe and Coventry. Generally, they are struggling a bit, I'd say, which in a side that is losing a lot, finding it difficult to create chances, let alone score goals is understandable.
  10. THANK YOU! I just wanted to say a great, big thank you, to everybody who participated on this FM20 Derby County thread. It was great fun and really got going at times with lots of people posting and responding to each other's saves and sharing advice and tips. I'm sorry I became less active on here around May time - sadly my dad and my 26 year-old godson passed away, both with covid-19 on their death certificates, so my mind was elsewhere. A sincere thank you to all of you who offered your condolences and best wishes on here or via a message, I really did appreciate it. Any way
  11. *** Managing a Super Star *** And, as if the above isn't enough to whet your appetite, in January 2020 Wayne Rooney, England's all-time record goal scorer, joined Derby County as player-coach. If you decide to manage Derby County on FM21, I hope you have an enjoyble, fun save. Please do let us know how you get on. Good luck 🍀 !
  12. *** Youth challenge *** For those of you who love a Youth Challenge, Derby County have some very good young players breaking through, and the U23s are currently second in the top-flight U23 league, one of only two Championship sides at that level competing against Premier League teams. At U18 level, Derby County were crowned National Champions in the 2018/19 season, after winning the U18 Division 1 North and then going on to defeat the U18 Division 1 South Champions Arsenal in the final, qualifying as England's domestic league representatives in the UEFA Youth League for the 2019/20
  13. *** Bringing the glory days back *** Even as a life-long Rams fan, I'll admit Derby County aren't the biggest of sleeping giants out there, but I still think they fall into the category of bringing the glory days back. One of the 12 founder members of the Football League in 1888, Derby County were twice crowned Football League Champions by winning the old First Division in 1971/72 (managed by Brian Clough) and 1975/76 (Dave Mackay). During the 1970s, the Rams competed in major European competitions in four separate seasons, reaching the European Cup semi-finals in 1972/73 (Brian Clou
  14. *** A fun, challenging save – Can you do better? *** Derby County play in the Championship (Tier 2) of English Football and the 2020/21 season will be the 13th outside the Premier League for the Rams. In recent seasons, Derby County have gone close to a return to the promised land, finishing in the playoff places four times in the last seven seasons, ultimately losing in the Playoff Final twice during that time in 2018/19 and also in 2013/14. Last season, 2019/20, Derby County finished 10th, six points off the play-offs. Can you be the manager to lead Derby County back to the Pr
  15. [FM21] Derby County - Why manage the Rams? As a headline, Derby County will make an interesting save for any FM manager interested in: * A fun, challenging save – Can you do better? * Bringing the glory days back * Youth challenge * Managing a Super Star Let's take each one in turn.
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