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    FM enthusiast and Rams fan, I am the FM Researcher for Derby County. I provide updates on my save(s) regularly in the Career Updates section on here - my FM21 save is titled Stuniverse’s FM21 Adventure, my FM20 save is called Stuniverse’s FM20 Adventure. My FM19 save was a Derby County - Director of Football Challenge, with Rams legend Igor Stimac in the starring role as DoF. Derby County season ticket holder.

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  1. I'm managing Salford in season two 2021/22, after winning promotion from League Two to League One in 2020/21, and what happens here? Let's say I achieve the mid-table League One target for this season, but don't get promoted, do I then get fired for failing to remain in the Championship??????
  2. I’ve probably posted all of these previously at some point but here is my wish list for FM: Not necessarily in any order of priority, I would like to see: To have an agent to help me with my career plan, to advise which job vacancies I might be considered for, plus the ability to hire and fire my agent To be able to manage U18 and U23 teams to give a different perspective to career development, but also just to be able to manage youth teams An improved and more immersive experience as an International manager. Currently there’s significant differences between what you ca
  3. During the Recruitment Meeting, when I want my scouts to look for players, Potential Ability always defaults to 2.5 stars and I have to change it manually to my preference of 4 stars. Is there a way to change the default Potential Ability here so that it always comes up with 4 stars for me? Many thanks.
  4. Have you verified the SI Gibraltar League database in the pre-game Editor for the version of FM you wish to use? Note: I’m not sure if you’re referring to the Gibraltar League database (this thread is about) or another database, but the following should work with any database that is compatible with the later versions of FM21 Open pre-game Editor Choose Database (will default to 21.4.0 Update, as the most recent, but you can select others) Go File > Load Editor Data > Select Gibraltar League SI Games Click the Load button The database should then
  5. Good luck 🍀. Happy summer transfer window recruiting 🐏⚽️
  6. Hi @Luke6 I’d suggest asking this question on the Football Manager General Discussion Section where more people will see it and you should get a better reply: https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/25-football-manager-general-discussion/ On the release version of FM21, managers of Derby County were reporting that a takeover usually happened early into the second (2021/22 season). My experience of takeovers on FM generally is that there’s no fixed timescale - some are just speculative rumours, some collapse before completion, some go through quickly and some take longer.
  7. Thank you, @samboing. If you’d told me in November, when we were 17th, that we’d end the season with promotion to the EPL, I wouldn’t have believed you. Yes, I still don’t know what happened there as he was definitely on international duty the week before the Final, just like Marshall and Jozwiak. I can only assume Tom was that determined to play for us in the Playoff Final that he smuggled his way back to play, before smuggling his way back to the Wales camp to play against Serbia. It will be interesting, but I think it will be a very big ask. We finished 6th, won only two of
  8. Winter Update 21.3.0 - continued Championship Playoff Final You'd expect I'd be looking forward to a Championship Playoff Final against Cardiff City... I was, of course, but there was a lot of trepidation - not only were we the underdogs but, as I mentioned in my previous update, we were without a host of key players. In then end, after much deliberation, I ended up selecting this team and matchday squad. The big surprise for me, a really pleasant surprise, was that Tom Lawrence was available for selection - he wasn't meant to be, he had been unavailable f
  9. Winter Update 21.3.0 - continued To quote Victor Meldrew, "I don't believe it!" We did it... we made the playoffs. Just... but that's not what I don't believe. Our form over the final eight games, since my previous update, was mixed but it was enough to get us over the line. Just. Although the result against Sheffield Wednesday looks comfortable, it was anything but. We went into that final game of the Championship in 6th place on 75 points, level with Blackburn Rovers and ahead of them based on our greater goal difference of four. At 0-1 and 1
  10. Winter Update 21.3.0 - continued I'm pleased to say that after my last update, when we were 17th after 11 games, our campaign has improved and with eight games to go we are very much in the playoff discussion. Results started to improve once Tom Lawrence, Martyn Waghorn and Krystian Bielik (all injured at the start of the season / save) were fit and available and I was able to pick team without chopping and changing all the time and, sadly, as I wanted to develop the younger players, results improved when I picked a team of mainly senior players with only one or two youngsters
  11. The data was locked last week so it’s too late for 21.4 I’m afraid.
  12. Winter Update 21.3.0 Has anybody given Derby County a go yet following the Winter Update? My own attempt has been something of a mixed bag up to 20th November 2020. In pre-season, I gave plenty of opportunities to young players, but probably used too many in each of the so-called easier games because results were particularly disappointing. Once I concentrated on picking the senior players our pre-season performances and results improved. Our Carabao Cup campaign has been very impressive... ... but this has been in stark contrast to our Championship form.
  13. Saturday 12th February 2022 POST-MATCH: FC Suduroy v Undrid Fotboltsfelag (Friendly)
  14. Saturday 12th February 2022 FC Suduroy v Undrid Fotboltsfelag (Friendly)
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