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  1. @Stuniverse Just got caught up and I'm glad you stayed with Falkirk , and from what I hear from Jack Wilson from the Falkirk Harold so are the fans.
  2. So I'm not 100% sure but BET 365 gave them a new sponsorship deal that helped bring in Rooney so it might be because of that.
  3. Falkirk Harold Sports Stuniverse is the name on every Falkirk fan's lips as he successful navigated the team to an automatic promotion in Ladbrokes League 1 Division, and won the elusive Challenge Cup. We went to the Canal Inn Pub to ask the fans what they think. "I really like that Stuniverse fella, he knows how to manage and didn't back down from that little s*** Neil Lennon. You can see that Celtic is already afraid of em. He's got Falkirk firin on all cylinders and for my money there isn't any better manager in the country. " Strong words from the faithful here in Falkirk as the fans seem to be 100% behind their manager and are excited to see what he can pull out of his hat for next season. For the Harold I'm Jack Wilson.
  4. Due to claims of the General Manager Igor Stimac and Manager Stuniverse being at odds, a group of supporters have arrived at Pride Park demanding that manager Stuniverse be given control of the incoming transfers. Fans claim Igor has brought in below par transfers more often then not and Stuniverse has made miracles out of thin air. No comment has been made from the higher ups at Derby County but this is an interesting development for the Derbyshire based team. - BBC Sports
  5. Needs to work on his dribbling but other than that Rodriguez looks like a very good signing.
  6. Even in a slight injury crisis you are managing to put together quite a solid run in the Premier League. I would chalk that Wolves loss up due to outside influence from another Wolverhampton Wolves manager from across the FM multiverse.
  7. Damn that's really the worst time for an injury to Nubel, it will be interesting to see how the back ups play. On the plus side good win over Arsenal.
  8. We finish 5th again but we were chasing 4th all season, and I think next year might be the season we get it. As for transfers I'm looking for a Box to Box CM, a RB, a GK, and if we sell Traore a replacement for him. We have 82 mil to spend and I see that Marco Asensio is transfer listed for 70 mil so thats an option I suppose.
  9. So I thought I saved the screenshots but I cant find them but Diogo Jota made the Europa League and Premier League teams of the season. He also won the Premier League Player of the Year, English Players' Player of the Year, English Players' Young Player of the Year. He some how came in 2nd place in the top goal scorer in England to Eden Hazard when they both had the same amount of goals in the same amount of games played but Jota had more assists and the better avg rating. He ended the season with 28 goals and 17 assist both are enough to lead the team. Cheers to you Diogo Jota.
  10. Thank you, it was a great Europa League run and I didn't think I would be getting past Tottenham after the 0-1 loss in London but we battled back. Then dug out of another hole against Milan to bring Continental glory to Wolverhampton.
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