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  1. Igor can't lose Wisdom, he's struggling to bring in 1 CB, I can't imagine how hard it will be for him to bring in 2.
  2. So a small winter window update, I lost Xadas to Man City for 66 mil, and add ones that could bring the deal up to 99 mil. Xadas was having his best season at Derby having 8 goals and 8 assists in 2 games, but he's 28 and I'm not going to get a better deal for him, plus it's his last big deal. I also sold Ajer to AC Milan for 33 mil. Selling those 2 plus the money I had left over this summer allowed me to buy this 20 year old wonder kid from Bayer Leverkusan for 117 mil. Safe to say he's going to be a Derby legend by the time he leaves Pride Park.
  3. So after going back and forth I decided on signing 19 year old Dave Oliver for 93 mil from Everton to replace Zoran Vulosevic on the right wing. It basically came down to him and a Brazilian winger from FCP. The FCP winger has a lot cheaper but he also didn't like big matches so I went with Oliver. As you can tell he's got speed to burn plus the ability to beat his man. While he's off to a slow start I'm not worried, he had no preseason with the team and he doesn't need to score. Most of my scoring this year is from Fabio Silva, Vinicius Junior, Renato Sanches, and Kiren Wiring ( a striker my DoF bought a few years back as a prospect). He's only 19 so he's going to develop into a British monster. Because of his price tag he was the only deal he made this summer, but I think I'll have some players leaving in the winter so I'll probably make more deals then.
  4. @stuniverse The choice is clear, you need me cracking some skulls in the backroom.
  5. I'd like to see the save keep going, maybe take a look to see if Frank Lampard has a job somewhere in the summer.
  6. Well Igor tried atleast. Good news is you sold Rodrigues, Brogan looks like he could develop into a 1st 11 player, your in the top 10, still in the FA Cup even though it's in Anfield, and youth intake day is about a month away.
  7. @Stuniverse As everyone including you already said I'd add more to your wages. I'd leave your transfer budget around 10 mil, it's enough to still get in a quality starting CB and enough wages to sign him. Also that's a nice run of form you've found yourself on.
  8. @Irobinson69 This is the LB I brought in during the winter. Also Congrats on the Premier League!!! I think it's safe to say you have the better Derby team.
  9. Thank you! Yeah we beat Liverpool in the 1st leg at home 4-3 but lost at Anfield 2-0. Because I took a gamble in the winter window I only have 150 mil to play with in my transfer budget, but I do have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to wages. I'm also looking to sell Poulsen and Maffeo this summer. I honestly only NEED a AMR, but I want to upgrade RB and CB. There's a chance I could sign Eder Militao from Man Utd for under 70 mil and that would solve the RB and CB upgrades but it's going to put the hurt on my wages, so whatever I do I need to get my AMR position settled first before I move on to something else.
  10. Well this update comes with good and bad news. The good is, DERBY ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE PREMIER LEAGUE!!! And on a slightly smaller note we also won the Community Shield. Along the way we broke Derby's club record for most points (90) in a season, lowest amount of losses (4), and Fabio Silva won the Premier League Golden Boot, along with top Champions League Forward. Other signings played as well as I expected, Ajer was solid every where he played, Vinicius Jr despite being hurt he still had 10 goals and 11 assists. The midfield played like their normal top tier self even though only one is really world class. The defense is solid and I made a risky transfer at the deadline to bring in probably the top LB in the game for 71 mil. But all the spending is coming at a cost back up striker Casper Bengtssen leaves for Liverpool and PSG hit the 150 mil release clause for my best player and Derby home grown talent AMR Zoran Vulosevic who is probably a top 10 player in the game. But we are back with superb fiances, 150 mil to spend, and one last mountain to climb. I definitely need a new starting AMR, and I would also like to upgrade the RB, and CB, positions.
  11. @Irobinson69 It's been a back and forth battle between us and Arsenal. Arsenal overtook us for 1st place after we got blown out by Man Utd on March 15th, after neither team had lost until 4/19 when Liverpool beat Arsenal 1-0 at Anfield giving us a two point lead and set the stage for this. We now have a point lead over 2nd place Arsenal, and 7 point lead over 3rd place Man Utd with 3 games left. Also we beat Real Madrid, overturning a 2-0 deficit by winning 4-0 at Pride Park. Now we play Liverpool in the Champions League Semi Finals.
  12. @Chevie Incredible season!!! 4/5 competitions won, including the 2 big ones. Also that's a great transfer window you managed to pull off.
  13. @Irobinson69 He cost me 32 mil Currently he's got 29 goals and 5 assists in 25 starts.
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