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  1. @b4usiddhu2 the 1st season really is the hardest IMO, bad luck with the injuries, hopefully you have better luck with your next team.
  2. 1st Season with Juventus and we dominated Italy winning Serie A by 12 points and winning the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup. Not only that but we sent a new club record in goals scored in a single league season with 107. We won the the Champions League by beating Man Utd 3-2 in the round of 16, beating Barcelona 6-3 in the Quarter Finals, followed by beating Man City 7-4 including beating them 6-0 nothing at home, and finally beating Liverpool in the finals 3-2 with Juan Cuadrado scoring the game winner in the 108th minute. I didn't bring in anybody this season but sold Benatia to Man Utd in the winter window for 45 mil, he wasn't going to get much time here and getting 45 mil for him is a steal. Also Brazgali is leaving on a free to China in the summer. Ronaldo lead the team in scoring 34 goals in 39 games, he moved around from the Right wing up to the striker position after Mandzukic got hurt for awhile. He lead Serie A with 21 and was 2nd in the Champions League with 10. Started Dybala as a CAM playing as an attacking playmaker while he started red hot he started to cool off and didn't return to form until I changed his role to the attacking midfielder role, also he can not play as a solo striker. Costa, Caudrado both played very well in rotation, Bernardeschi will be special if he can stay healthy and Moise Kean had a great year for being just 19 and only getting a handful of starts. In the midfield Pjanic unsurprisingly had a great year spraying passes, while Bentacur lead the team in passing completion percentage, he and Khedira actually worked really well at keeping possession. Can had a good 1st season as he battled injuries and red cards but it was really Matuidi who shined in his box to box role along side Pjanic. Not much to say about they defense and GKs they made up a very solid defense that a 7 game shutout streak from mid January to mid February, and only conceded 22 goals in Serie A. Forza Juve
  3. @KI Heynckes don't get discouraged, I know it's easy to. My first season I finished 15th and lost in the FA Cup in the 1st round to a Championship team. Just keep on surviving and building up your team and the results will come. I didn't win anything until my 3rd year and it was because I had a kinda easy run through the FA Cup.
  4. @scarp Dang that sucks, your team was looking good. @KI Heynckes It's all good, good luck at Fulham.
  5. @b4usiddhu2 you did it right, good luck at Huddersfield. @NoNonsenseFM The 1st season is always the hardest IMO, that being said you did pretty well and next year should treat you well if you can hold onto Zaha.
  6. Well I've decided to continue my attempt at the Alex Ferguson challenge. 23/24 Season Lets start with the transfers; we sold 3 1st players back up CAM Luis Herrera, AMR Zivkovic, and CM Pierre Emily - Hojbjerg for a total of $60 mil. I didn't want to pay Herrera's new contract, and the others I wanted to get off the books. I also sold 2 youth academy players for 3 mil. I brought in 2 big time regens for a total of $33 mil one from AS Saint - Etienne in France and Lanus in Argentina. CB Christopher Walker - Deemin for $25 mil, I already have the best CB rotation in the Premier League and this guy will be leading the backline for a decade. CAM Maximillano Abraham - $8 mil, he will be waiting in the wings to replace Ross Barkley when he start to decline Not the best season I've had in the challenge but still pretty good. We got knocked out in the 3rd round by Man City, and lost in the FA Cup Semi Finals to Bournemouth. Although we did win our 5th straight Premier League Title, our 5th Community Shield, and our 2nd Champions League trophy. Yeah I played Man Utd a lot this year, as for the offseason I'll probably be looking for winger +50 23/24 Community Shield +200 23/24 Premier League +1000 23/24 Champions League +1250
  7. @scarp You can have 8 permanent signings per year with up to 3 loan signings on top of that. If you go over that limit you'd have to figure out which new players wouldn't play until your back at the limit. While I don't think it's technically against the rules to sign a lot of players and loan them out I'd say it's against the spirit of the rule, but it's your team and it's not technically against the rules so I'd say do what you want in that regard.
  8. @scarp Congrats on your 1st trophy and welcome to the leaderboard. Good luck in the Europa League next year.
  9. Player Name: Jason Platzski Date of Birth: 01/02 Position: RWB Anywhere in the World Nation to Start: Poland European Nation to Play for: Scotland
  10. @BitterBucolic Good luck with Southhampton, your youth academy should give some interesting players.
  11. Another season, means more trophies for Everton. We got embarrassed in the 3rd round of the League Cup by Crystal Palace at their place. Also we got knocked out in the Quarterfinals 5-5 on away goals by Real Madrid, but we ended up winning the Premier League and the FA Cup. Premier League: Won We won the league easy as we finished 15 points ahead of the 2nd place Man Utd. I'm kinda upset we didn't make 100 points, oh well there's always next year. Keane had a bounce back year but Zouma is by far our best CB. New additions Ben Henrichs and Marco Antonio slid right in and played their roles nicely. Nathan Redmond played well when he got his time. Disappointing season for Zivkovic but Lookman picked up most of the slack on the other reason. Winter addition CM Thiago from Brazil played ok in a half of a season, I expect more from him last season. Gave some game time to our 2 wonderkids, they played ok Brown really picked it up towards the end of the year. FA Cup: Won We scraped by some bad teams with some really bad performances, but then we did what we needed to do against Man Utd, Chelsea, then dominating Nottingham Forest in the Final Swiped this gem for $16.5 mil pretty much because I could, and he's good and was cheap. He rotates with Tom Davies at the starting DLP position, he'll see how he fits in with a preseason under his belt. Both are going to be pretty good in the future, Brown started off pretty slow but like I mentioned above really improved at the end of the season. The future is bright for prospects going out of the academy. The squad is getting a little bloated so I'm looking to sell this offseason, the main contenders to leave are Rieldewald, Pierre - Emile Hojbjerg, and Luis Herrera ( I don't feel like paying him what he wants) and I suppose we will see what others I get offers for, I got some more Regens I have my eyes on Another Manager of the Year for me Points +200 points 22/23 FA Cup +200 22/23 Premier League +500 Milestone Win Three Premier League/FA Cup doubles within Thirteen Seasons +900 Total Points
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