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  1. Needs to work on his dribbling but other than that Rodriguez looks like a very good signing.
  2. Even in a slight injury crisis you are managing to put together quite a solid run in the Premier League. I would chalk that Wolves loss up due to outside influence from another Wolverhampton Wolves manager from across the FM multiverse.
  3. Damn that's really the worst time for an injury to Nubel, it will be interesting to see how the back ups play. On the plus side good win over Arsenal.
  4. We finish 5th again but we were chasing 4th all season, and I think next year might be the season we get it. As for transfers I'm looking for a Box to Box CM, a RB, a GK, and if we sell Traore a replacement for him. We have 82 mil to spend and I see that Marco Asensio is transfer listed for 70 mil so thats an option I suppose.
  5. So I thought I saved the screenshots but I cant find them but Diogo Jota made the Europa League and Premier League teams of the season. He also won the Premier League Player of the Year, English Players' Player of the Year, English Players' Young Player of the Year. He some how came in 2nd place in the top goal scorer in England to Eden Hazard when they both had the same amount of goals in the same amount of games played but Jota had more assists and the better avg rating. He ended the season with 28 goals and 17 assist both are enough to lead the team. Cheers to you Diogo Jota.
  6. Thank you, it was a great Europa League run and I didn't think I would be getting past Tottenham after the 0-1 loss in London but we battled back. Then dug out of another hole against Milan to bring Continental glory to Wolverhampton.
  7. Europa League Final 1-0 (Arthur) If you asked when I stole Arthur away from Barcelona that he would go on to lead us to the Champions League, I probably wouldn't have believed it. I did buy him because I thought he could provide us with some magic in the midfield and in the biggest moment he did. As we haunt Chelsea's none Premier League dreams for the second year in a row. A long ball Boly found Costa alone with space, as Costa proceeds to take 3 defenders into the box with him only to send a wide open cross to an unmarked Arthur at the top of the box. Other then the goal not much happened, Kepa saved the rest and our defense shut down the high powered Chelsea attack.
  8. May 2021 Game 37 0-1 I don't care about the Premier League for the rest of the season. Europa League Semi Finals 2-0 (Jota, Gomez) We do the same thing to Milan as we did to Tottenham go in a 0-1 hole and then come back and win 2-0 at home. As you can see it was another total team effort as we move on to the finals. We are matched up against Chelsea in the Finals and I can't help but think about what happened last time we played the Blues with a trophy on the line. Game 38 2-2 (Gomez, Sow) Two goals in extra time by Everton Lets get ready to rumble!!!
  9. April 2021 FA Cup Semi Finals 2-2p (Traore, Gomez) We lose the back and forth battle against Arsenal to deny us a third straight FA Cup. The team played a great and I'm very proud of them we just couldn't get in dine during the PKs, Europa League Quarter Finals 0-1 We couldn't get anything going offensively as we lose to Tottenham 0-1 due to a Son Heung Min goal. Excellent goal keeping by Patricio gives us a chance on the return leg. Game 33 0-3 After the 2 close losses to Arsenal and Tottenham I think the team was a little emotional burned out as we get punked by Norwich. We had injuries and suspensions which leads to playing some players that don't normally get time. Europa League Quarter Finals 2-0 (Calaveiro, Gibbs-White) We shut them out at as we move on to the Semi's. Big goals by Cavaleiro and Gibbs-White help us reverse the first leg defeat. Nothing more to say as the team played pretty much flawless. Game 34 5-1 (Gomez x2, Traore x3) We destroy Crystal Palace at home, Gomez with a brace and Jota with what I think is his 5th hat trick of the season. Games don't get much easier then this one. Game 35 2-1 (Traore, Gomez) We take 2/3 from Tottenham this month. We were in control for most of the game, and they score a late goal to make it a little more interesting. Game 36 2-0 (Costa, Jota) The good times keep rolling as we beat Newcastle. The defense looks like it's really starting to gel and settle down as we've only allowed 2 goals in this small win streak. Europa League Semi Finals 0-1 We leave San Siro in a 0-1 hole to the team that knocked us out last year. Gunn does his best to limit the damage, and Traore gets sent off meaning we lose our 2nd best goal scorer for the return trip.
  10. March 2021 Now that's more like it. Taylor, Morgan, and Nichols look like they have 1st team potentials, Taylor and Morgan come from our home of Wolverhampton and we managed to steal Nichols out of Manchester. Europa League 2nd Knockout Round 0-0 10 shots on target and nothing can find its way to the back of the net, while defensively we don't give up a single shot on target. This really is a game we should be winning. Game 30 1-2 (Gomez) Another disappointing game, as we lose at home to Liverpool. It really was a back and forth game, but in the end it was my top target last summer Gedson Fernandes scoring a brace in the 91st minute to break our hearts. As disheartening as that was we have to move forward as a trip to Moscow awaits. Europa League 2nd Knockout Round 5-0 (Gibbs - White, Traore, Calaveiro x2, Sow) That's much better as we dominate the Russians in Russia. This game was decided by our a speed as Moscow's defense just couldn't keep up. Are run to the finals continues as we wait for our next match up. FA Cup 6th Round 4-2 ( Moutinho, Costa, Gomez x2) We win the first game out of 2 against Brighton, except this is a FA Cup game while the next on is a league game. They could handle Gomez's size has he scores 2 goals off headers in the box. We move on knowing that no matter who we play in this competition we know we can win. Game 31 3-2 (Gomez, Traore x2) Brighton brings more of a fight when we travel to their stadium fir a Premier League clash. Gomez once again scores against them and Traore drops a brace on them. Like most games we play, we had the upper hand for most of the game and they tried to mount a comeback that fizzled out at the end. Game 32 2-0 ( O.G Balbeuna, Jota) We close out the month at home against West Ham. The Hammers fall victim to an own goal and a extra time strike by Jota. All in all I was pretty pleased with month as the only hiccup has a close loss to Liverpool. Things pick up quick next month as we have the FA Cup Semi Final against Arsenal and the Europa League Semi Finals against Tottenham.
  11. February 2021 Game 26 5-2 (Jota x3, Arthur, Gomez) We start off the month right by spanking Stoke on their home field. The whole team played well but it was once again Diogo Jota scoring a hat trick that proves to be the difference. Europa League 1st Knockout Round 3-1 (Sow, Costa, Moutinho) We start the knockout round off to a good start as our midfield over ran their midfield. Sow and Moutinho score outside the box with some rockets and Costa adds one from a run from inside the wing. Leverkusan's isn't out as their attack can dig them out of any hole. FA Cup 5th Round 0p-0 We almost blow it against the worst team in the Premier League as we needed penalties to advance in the FA Cup. Both defenses played aggressive and compact and as neither team could crack the other. Europa League 1st Knockout Round 1-0 (Gomez) We completely shut down the young attack of Leverkusan at home. Once again the back line plays a great game and Patricio only had to make 2 saves. As we march on in our quest to make the Champions League and pick up another trophy. Game 27 2-1 (Costa, Calaveiro) Patricio and the defense allowed one while my wingers score a goal apiece. Arthur was a nightmare in the final third has he picked out Costa and Calaveiro in just the right places to get them great chances on goal. Game 28 2-1 (Moutinho, Doherty) Doherty goal to win was a worldy which was more of a cross that found its way in. But we don''t apologize for goals or three points, so we celebrate a robbery at home. Game 29 1-1 (Gomez) Gomez grabs a goal as we draw with Liecester in a somewhat boring game. Patricio was on top of his game to only allow one past. We end this month undefeated which is great for momentum, which we need as we start next with a visit to Moscow as we play CSKA Moscow in the next round of the Europa League.
  12. January 2021 FA Cup 3rd Round 1-0 (Ivan Calaveiro) Damn it was a close game, why does my like team to play down to the other teams level? It's really annoying but the Wolves keep marching. Game 21 1-2 (Gibbs-White) Disappointed not to grab a draw as I think we deserved it. Arsenal scored the winner then there defense shut the door on us and that was that. Game 22 2-2 (Costa, Dendoncker) We were more fortunate against Man Utd has we squeaked out a draw at home. Costa and Dendoncker cancel out a Lozano brace. Man Utd still outclasses me in every area and position so it's good that are players came to play. Game 23 0-1 Damn it FA Cup 4th Round 1-0 (Gomez) Gomez keeps us fighting on as we survive Arthur getting sent off. Game 24 0-0 Another really frustrating game as we couldn't find a way to get passed Blackburn. We held them to one shot and we couldn't find away to score. Game 25 3-3 (Jota x2, Boly) Jota shows up in a big way as we got draw Chelsea at home. Chelsea came came back from 3-1 down with just under a half hour left. We let this game slip from a hands but a points a point. This month has killed my chances to make it to the Champions League by getting top 4, we would have to play perfect and that won't happen. So we have to win Europa League if we want the Champions League. Speaking of Europa League our Knockout round game is against Leverkausan.
  13. December 2020 Game 16 2-1 (Costa, Gomez) We beat bottom dwellers Crystal Palace 2-1. Costa and Gomez combine to put away the home team and avoid an embarrassing defeat. Europa League Group Stage 1-2 (Dendoncker) We lose are first game in the Europa League to an AJax team that straight up played a lot better then us. Our only consolation was a Dendoncker floater from outside the box. Game 17 1-1 (Arthur) Our most expensive signing of the summer buries a PK past Lloris after being behind from Son Heung - Min strike. The teams were pretty evenly matched and the result was probably fair. Game 18 1-4 (Traore) Not as bad as that Man Utd game but not too much better. Game 19 2-1 (Calaviero, Burda) We get back on track against a good Everton side as both of my best players go down to injuries. Summer signing Burda gets his first goal as a member of the Wolves for the win. Game 20 (Skov Olsen) Skov Olsen brings some of his European magic to the Premier League. The defense preserves the lead and that's all she wrote from an always dangerous Watford side. We go knocked on the chin, took it and punched back. However January provides an even tougher test with games against Arsenal, Man Utd, and Chelsea. Following the loss to Man City and draw to Tottenham has dropped us down to 5th.
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