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  1. Jack Wilson sits down in a booth in the corner of and nervously waits for manager Stuvinerse to show. It's been around 10 months since he was barred from the Udrid facilities by then owner Arnar Lognberg, while Jack still showed up to some games he didn't dare to decided to try and interview Stuniverse incase it got him in trouble. But with the owner deciding not to run for reelection and Udrid just won promotion so Jack that it was worth the risk. Jack didn't have anything to fear as just 10 mins after he sat down Manager Stuniverse arrived. Jack: It's been a very long absence but
  2. Wow almost everything going right so far, keep up the great work!
  3. Derby is going to the Champions League! A dream season for us as we wrapped up 4th place with 2 games remaining! The defense really came out to play as we squeaked out a lot of one goal wins, got some luck to draw with Man Utd, and Liverpool decided to rest Salah, Mane, and VVD against us but we got two really good counter attacks and they didn't finish their chances. 9 times out of 10 we don't win these games against Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Tottenham but the stars really did align and I am over the moon. We finally gotten tak
  4. Sit Down With Manager Stuniverse Hello to all the viewers out there this is Jack Wilson and I'd like to say thank you for watching the first episode of what we hope will be a truly incredible series, To kick it off we couldn't think of a better wat to start then with a sit down interview with the series focus Mr. Stuniverse. Jack: After finishing 4th in the 2. deild what is your expectation for this season? Stuniverse: Not only were we 4th, we finished 10 points clear of 5th and were only four points adrift of the second promotion spot. My personal ambition fo
  5. [Manager Stuniverse has joined the call] Jack: Hello Mr. Stuniverse thank you for taking time to talk to me today. First let me congratulate you on a great season, I know by some of your media interviews that you thought you could do better but for a team tipped for relegation I'd say this season is a win for you. Stuniverse: You’re welcome, Jack. Thank you. You’re right, looking back now we had a very successful season and the players deserve a lot of credit. It was frustrating though during the run-in because we put ourselves in a great position, reaching 2nd at one point, but we w
  6. Quick Midseason Update Honestly love the way we are playing, while I don't think we will end up in the top 7 I'm very proud of the team. As you can see we had a nice little stretch from late November that stretched into late December. A lucky win against Man Utd gets canceled out by a very unlucky loss to Chelsea (they scored in the 93rd minute). Tottenham is incredible in 17th place right now and not too far from being in the relegation battle. Another unlucky loss to my now eternal rival in Newcastle. It took awhile for the defense to get settled with Bielik, Clark
  7. @karanhsingh Too bad the Derby save is on hold, you did a hell of a job in 3 years. Any hints on your next save? @AbRaiN Awesome to see you made it into the Europa League, even better that it came in the 1st year back in the Premier League. Good luck next season.
  8. [Jack Wilson has joined the Zoom call] Allen: Now that the new guy is here lets talk about some places we should focus our content one, I'm thinking some of the lesser known places in Europe. Olivia: Well Scandinavia seems to be on the up and up, lots of young players moving to big name countries. It seems like a great place to check out. What about you new guy, what do you think? Jack: Well first off I just want to say thank you from letting me be apart of the Beautiful Game YouTube channel, I'm really excited to turn this passion of mine into a job. I agree that Scand
  9. Great job to come from behind against Tofta Itrottarfelag Boltfelagid 1968 II for the draw! Loving the calls from the parents, keep up the great career/story!
  10. I mean I had a "golden generation" and I may get one or two back up players from that so who knows how those full backs turnout.
  11. Summer 21/22 Transfer Update 1. Matt Clarke CB, Brighton - Free, 1.45 mil a year My number 1 target in the offseason, I was trying to get him on loan but the game decided to give me an early Christmas present. My player of the year last season, good tackling mixed with being dominate in the air. Probably the best CB I would be able to get so I'm very glad to make his stay a permanent one. 2. Luke Woolfenden CB, Ipswich - 6.75 mil, 600k a year It seems like Woolfeden is the player to pick up for Derby teams going into the Premier League, I wasn't going to s
  12. Shooting right up the table, keep up the great work! Interesting to see what agent Stanley Baryla has in store for you.
  13. He was the only one who ended up making a bid for the team but it fizzled out, but in the news article it did say Thorpe might try again.
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