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  1. AD Os Limiano Season 20/21 Youth Intake It's a big class coming in and I think we'll get a lot of use from this class. There are no starters straight out of the gate but Nuno Silva will be great cover. There are 4 players that will go instantly into the first, but quite a few will be given a chance in the summer to fight for spots. Unfortunately there are only 2 CMs so I will be trying to retrain the AMCs into either CMs or Strikers. With the state of our squad any one of these players could make a big impact on the squad and it really good be a golden generation here at Limi
  2. That's quite the dilemma, obviously Italy is top country to manage and it looks like the Italian wonderkids are all grown up and producing (Cheisa, Zaniolo, Pellergrini), but managing International teams can get a little boring at times and Sampdoria will be playing in the Europa League/Euro Cup which is something to really look forward to. I say stick with Sampdoria but it's close, and based on personal preference.
  3. Dang that's very interesting, would you be running both Italy and Sampdoria or just Italy?
  4. Atletico would be very tempting but for me I would stick it out in Italy for now. You have Sampdoria going in the right direction and after selling off some player you have a decent transfer budget. Also I'm not so secretly wanting you to end up coaching at Juventus.
  5. AD Os Limianos Season 20/21 Update Portuguese Championship: Currently we are 5th in the league, we've done pretty well against most teams but against the top teams in division we have struggled pretty bad. Our biggest problem is goal scoring, our strikers go on big goal droughts, so much so that both of our wingers are the leading goal scorers with 4 goals a piece through 18 games. Another problem is that we don't have much depth besides 1 back up CM and 1 back up full back, April can't come soon enough. Portuguese Cup: We made it to the 2nd round meeting the board expec
  6. I'd go option 3 but that's a little boring. If you want to win right now go option 2, if you want to stay at the club for awhile go option 1. Personally I like shiny new things so I'd go with option 2.
  7. Decided to give this challenge a try, and I've decided to start in Portugal. A.D Os Limianos Located in Ponte de Lima, Portugal, Limianos has been around since 1953 but has never finished higher then the 3rd division in Portugal. Their home games are played at the Campo do Cruzeiro which hold up to 2.500 fans. Ponte de Lima is located close to the Spain-Portugal border in the north and is founded on the Lima river. Which hopefully means I might get lucky and have some Spanish talent spill over the border. Ponte de Lima is one of the oldest towns in Portugal and is best known f
  8. Like @coady and @Tajerio said I think counterattacking is the way to go as you won't be able to out attack the big Italian teams.
  9. Rough start to your Serie A career but you weren't given the easiest schedule to start the season. The squad has some attacking power to it but it still seems like the squad is still trying to gel together. Also I apologize for this but Forza Juventus.
  10. Even though they were signed last season they still have the tag, but they shouldn't effect registration. I'm pretty sure there's a way you can double check to see if he counts towards the new season, but I don't remember how to do it.
  11. This job search got very interesting, very fast.
  12. Wow there are/were some big time managers in Serie A
  13. @Ronaldinho Gaúcho 10 1st season I had about 27 mil or so, this season I had about 46 mil but I play with US Dollars and I'm not sure what it translates to in other currencies. But yes the boost is a pretty big one, in both transfer and wage budgets.
  14. Dang mangerless Lazio looks like a train wreck.
  15. Summer 21/22 Transfer Window In AMR Cristian Pavon - 7 mil Boca 25 years old One of my favorite players from FM19 joins the Derby set up. The 25 year old winger has big time speed and is a huge upgrade on the right wing. Pavon chose us over fellow Premier League teams Norwich, Sheffield Utd and Bournmouth. While his finishing isn't great his crossing is and I expect him to rack up the assists this season. AML Gabriel Martinelli - Loan Arsenal 20 years old I couldn't find an AML I liked enough on the transfer market so I brought in one on loan. Outside of long s
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