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    Player Name: Jason Platzski Date of Birth: 01/02 Position: RWB Anywhere in the World Nation to Start: Poland European Nation to Play for: Scotland
  2. @BitterBucolic Good luck with Southhampton, your youth academy should give some interesting players.
  3. What a season @themonk9223!!! Your team is incredible.
  4. Another season, means more trophies for Everton. We got embarrassed in the 3rd round of the League Cup by Crystal Palace at their place. Also we got knocked out in the Quarterfinals 5-5 on away goals by Real Madrid, but we ended up winning the Premier League and the FA Cup. Premier League: Won We won the league easy as we finished 15 points ahead of the 2nd place Man Utd. I'm kinda upset we didn't make 100 points, oh well there's always next year. Keane had a bounce back year but Zouma is by far our best CB. New additions Ben Henrichs and Marco Antonio slid right in and played their roles nicely. Nathan Redmond played well when he got his time. Disappointing season for Zivkovic but Lookman picked up most of the slack on the other reason. Winter addition CM Thiago from Brazil played ok in a half of a season, I expect more from him last season. Gave some game time to our 2 wonderkids, they played ok Brown really picked it up towards the end of the year. FA Cup: Won We scraped by some bad teams with some really bad performances, but then we did what we needed to do against Man Utd, Chelsea, then dominating Nottingham Forest in the Final Swiped this gem for $16.5 mil pretty much because I could, and he's good and was cheap. He rotates with Tom Davies at the starting DLP position, he'll see how he fits in with a preseason under his belt. Both are going to be pretty good in the future, Brown started off pretty slow but like I mentioned above really improved at the end of the season. The future is bright for prospects going out of the academy. The squad is getting a little bloated so I'm looking to sell this offseason, the main contenders to leave are Rieldewald, Pierre - Emile Hojbjerg, and Luis Herrera ( I don't feel like paying him what he wants) and I suppose we will see what others I get offers for, I got some more Regens I have my eyes on Another Manager of the Year for me Points +200 points 22/23 FA Cup +200 22/23 Premier League +500 Milestone Win Three Premier League/FA Cup doubles within Thirteen Seasons +900 Total Points
  5. Well since I'm not sure if @jaysdailydose is ever coming back I'm going to try and keep the Leader board up to date, also to make it easy for @jaysdailydose to update if he comes back. Overall 3rd Place Active, 4th All Time @Beric Dondarrion Stoke City: 11 trophies 4 Milestone 6,450 points 18/19, 19/20, 20/21 Champions League (3), 18/19, 19/20, 20/21 Premier League (3), 19/20, 20/21 Super Cup (2), 20/21 FIFA World Championship (1), 20/21 Community Shield (1), 20/21 FA Cup (1) Challenge Milestone: Win Premier League within 7 seasons, Win the FA Cup within Four Seasons, Win a Premier League/FA Cup double within Eight Seasons, Win a Premier League/FA Cup/Champions League Treble within Thirteen Seasons 2nd Place Active, 3rd All Time @JaytheGreat Everton: 20 trophies 5 Milestones (Completed) 6,500 points 18/19 Europa League (1) 17/18,18/19, 20/21, 21/22, 22/23 FA Cup (5) 18/19, 19/20, 20/21, 22/23 Community Shield (4), 19/20, 21/22 League Cup (2) 19/20, 20/21, 21/22, 22/23 Premier League (4) 21/22 Champions League (1) 22/23 Super Cup (1) 22/23 FIFA Club World Championship (1) Challenge Milestone: Won FA Cup within Four Seasons, Won Premier League within Seven Seasons, Win a Premier League/FA Cup within Eight Seasons, Win a Premier League/FA Cup/Champions League Treble within Thirteen Seasons, Win Three Premier League/FA Cup doubles within Thirteen Seasons 3rd Place Active, 5th All Time @fabreth West Ham: 5 trophies 2 Milestone 3,000 points 19/20 FA Cup (1), 19/20 Europa League (1), 20/21 Premier League (1), 20/21 Champions League (1), 20/21 Super Cup (1) Challenge Milestone: Win the FA Cup within Four Seasons, Win the Premier League within Seven Seasons 4th Place Active, 15th All Time @Jamie Cortez Swansea: 2 trophies 500 points 18/19 League Cup (1), 19/20 Europa League (1) 1st Active, 2nd All Time @themonk9223 Liverpool: 13 trophies 4 Milestones 6,650 18/19, 19/20 Premier League (2), 18/19,19/20 FA Cup (2), 18/19,19/20 League Cup (2), 19/20 Community Shield (1), 17/18, 18/19,19/20 Champions League (3), 18/19, 19/20 UEFA Super Cup (2), 19/20 UEFA Club World Cup (1) Challenge Milestones: Win FA Cup within Four Seasons, Win Premier League within Seven Seasons, Win Premier League/FA Cup double within Seven Seasons, Win Premier League/FA Cup/Champions League Triple within Thirteen Seasons Ok guys this should be the current active leader board. If I made a mistake let me know and I will fix it.
  6. @fabreth I know it wasn't an ideal start to the preseason, but you had a good transfer period and your squad looks strong.
  7. Just a summer update. 1st the transfers My 1st transfer in is Benjamin Henrichs, I've been eyeing for 2-3 years now and I finally pulled the triggers, 60 mil isn't too steep considering he's a top player at a shallow position. Next is Nathan Redmond who I picked up on a free from Tottenham, I brought him in to rotate with Lookman on the left wing. My last transfer was Brazilian regen CB Marco Antonio, I bought him because I was going to let Rieldewald go to Real Madrid, but they low balled me using the stupid add on crap and I couldn't adjust the offer so Rieldewald stays here. Antonio has crazy good defensive stats ( 15 marking, and tackling, 17 heading and 15 jumping reach, his physicals are probably the best I have ever seen in a 22 year old CB). As for the outs nothing too major Schniderlin and Coleman were both north of 31 and the rest are youth players who wouldn't make the team. Fun fact only Lukaku, Tom Davies, Ross Barkley, Ademola Lookman, and Mason Holgate are left from the original team I took over. Super Cup We beat OL, Lacazette scored one for them Belotti scored 3 for me, a lot more entertaining then the Community Shield was. This is my 1st Super CUp win after losing to Tottenham the year I won the Europa League. Also OL was the last save I played before starting this challenge so it's good to see that Lacazette stayed. Community Shield I hate playing Tottenham more than any other team in the league. Every game is a fight and they never go away. They still have all their main guys and added players like FIrmino, Alexander-Arnold, and Carrasco. This game was as sloppy as it comes, the game went to PKs, they missed one, we made them all. + 200 22/23 Super Cup +50 22/23 Community Shield = +250 points Edit: I just looked and I'm finally a Legend at Everton
  8. @Jamie Cortez that would be one nasty front 3.
  9. @fabreth What a season!!! Great job on the Premier League, Champions League, and Super Cup victories. That Champions League run is crazy, having to beat Bayern, Juve, Man City, and PSG. Your squad is coming together very nicely. I really wish there was a way to import teams because I would love to have my Everton squad play against the teams you, @Jamie Cortez, and @Beric Dondarrion have put together.
  10. @fabreth @Jamie Cortez Thanks guys I appreciate it. @Jamie Cortez I would kill for your wingers, and I also had the same problem for a long time, I figured out that if you talk to the player and get an agreed value to sell teams rarely match it. Also congrats on 3rd place after a rough start. @fabreth It sucks losing a talented player for free, I lost 4 star striker Lucas Alario to Real Madrid on a free in my 4th season, he got transfer listed due to playing time right after his 1st season there. And yeah I feel your pain I have players asking for new deals every week as well.
  11. Oh boy this was my best season yet, after losing in the Community Shield to Man Utd we went on to win every other trophy available. League Cup: Won We stormed through the League Cup until we beat Man Utd on penalties. Man Utd took the early lead when their young 18 year old striker found the back of the net, it stayed that way until former Man Utd youth academy product Timothy Fosu-Mensah who we bought for a Everton record breaking $72 mil. I don't remember how the penalties went but I believe I won them by a large margin. My journey to wining the Cup included a 5-2 home win against Tottenham, a 5-1 away win vs West Ham, a 5-0 home win vs Arsenal, a 6-1 overall victory vs Brentford in the semi's. Everton also sent the League Cup goal record with 22 goals over the competition. FA Cup: Won We beat Crystal Palace 3-0 in a game that was never in doubt. My top 3 attacking players all scored goals to bring the trophy home. The road to the final was pretty much gifted to us as the 1st 3 games were all at home. We beat Swansea 5-1, Bournemouth 4-1, the always annoying Watford 2-0, and in the semi's Nottingham Forest 2-0. Champions League: Won WE FINALLY WON OUR 1ST CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!! We beat Inter Milan in the Final 2-1. We started it off with a goal by Ben Davies which was a great moment for him and the club as he's one of our youth academy players and has become one of the best English players in the world. It started by our CAM Luis Herrera finding a header into the box and passing to Davies in space who beat the GK. Inter tied it as their AML Carrillo crossed it into the box and their CAM Franco Vazquez buried it. We won it for good in the 68th minute as Belotti fired cross from a crazy angle on the right hand side all the to the left side that met our top summer signing LB Theo Hernandez. It was a great game with an unlikely hero at the end. Our Journey included winning every game in the group stage, losing to Atletico Madrid, then coming home and winning 1-0 to advance on away goals, our Quaterfinal opponent was Shakhtar winning the home leg 4-0 and losing the away leg 1-0, in the Semi's came desa vu as we played Bayern who we beat win the Semi's in our 3rd year to go on and win the Europa League. And just like last time we beat the crap out of them at home winning 6-1 and losing 2-1 away. Premier League: Won It was a three team battle most of the way between us, Tottenham, and Arsenal. Tottenham was in the lead until February, including buying 4 senior team players with a combine worth of $113.5 mil, but it is Tottenham after all and they choked their lead away to finish 8 points behind us. Our 3 summer signings all played very well; LB Theo Hernandez obliterated the Everton assist record by assisting in 23 goals, he also scored 3 goals with 2 of them coming in the Champions League after the Group stages and had a rating of 7.51. Timothy Fosu-Mensah's versatility was a blessing as he regularly played as a Box to Box CM and a Ball Winning DM, and even got some game as a Ball Winning CB. He scored 7 goals and added 2 assists and had a rating of 7.28. As for the rest of the team it's the same Lukaku, and Belotti are the best striker duo in the world, Barkley, and Herrera are big time playmakers at the CAM role but they excel at different things. Zivkovic is a monster on the wing. The midfield is deep and dominating, my CB's are rock solid but Zouma seems to be the best one defensively overall, Keane has an uncanny ability to score off set pieces, and Rieldewield is just all around solid but nothing amazing. My fullbacks are good but has little depth. At GK Alisson and Lafont are a great 1-2 combo, but Alsson seems like he's starting to slip up some times. In random news We are crazy good at scoring directly off free kicks, Barkley, Zivkovic, and Emile-Hojbjerg all scored multiple direct free kicks. Harry Kane had an amazing year with 39 League goals, but it still comes close to Dybala's record setting year of 55 League goals. My U-18 team won the U-18 Champions League against AC Milan. Where's picture of my team in the spoiler. I won my 200th game 4-0 at home against Sunderland, and I won Manager of the Year again. +100 21/22 League Cup +200 21/22 FA Cup +200 21/22 Premier League + 1000 21/22 Champions League + 500 Milestone Win the Premier League/FA Cup/Champions League Treble within 13 years + 2000 points overall
  12. @fabreth nice job on the 5th place finish and congrats on the FA Cup, and Europa League run. I'm a little jealous of your HOD. @Jamie Cortez Nice season, and congrats on your 1st trophy. Welcome to the leader board guys (whenever @jaysdailydose decides to update it ).
  13. @fabreth nice job on the 5th place finish and good luck in the Europa League.
  14. @Beric Dondarrion Holy crap what a season! Congrats on a hell of a season and that FA Cup win.
  15. @jaysdailydose How dare you play a lot of FM and enjoy it!!! @fabreth Your 1st season sounds a lot like my 1st season, I ended up finishing 15th and got knocked out early in the FA Cup against a team I should have beat. That 16 year old CB looks amazing, he's going to be a great defender.