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  1. Didn't win but I'm very happy with swapping Besler for Lovren.
  2. Chelsea have been top 4 since I've been in the Premier League. They've brought in some huge names like Bentacur, Jose Gimenez, Romagonli, Suso, Gnarby, Zaha, Icardi, Guedes, Kimpembe, Richarlson, and ironic enough even Will Hughes. Sarri is still the manager and they actually sold Eden Hazard to Arsenal in the 2nd season. Also I let Harry Wilson go back to Liverpool and he immediately got put on the transfer list for around 15 mil. I don't understand this game sometimes, both players have killed it every year for me but there's no interest at all for them, before I signed Mount. Edit: I'm at the end of September and Marriott, and Maffeo have been disappointing so far. Cunha is thriving on the right wing, Sanches has played well but is a yellow card magnet.
  3. @Chevie Hell of a season! I can't wait to see how you deal with the Champions League, keep up the excellent work. Also you score has been updated to the leader board.
  4. @Chevie those are some solid transfers, good luck in the Premier League and the Europa League. @Almighty Thermos welcome to the challenge, Wolves are loaded with talent but need the right manager hopefully you'll be able to turn the squad into a powerhouse.
  5. Well if you thought last summer's transfer window was impressive this one might just take the cake. 1. (Regen) Casper Bengtsson 21 year old Striker from Brondby IF - 6 mil With Marriott and Cunha I really didn't need another striker but yet here we are. This Danish striker is incredible 17 dribbling, 17 finishing, 16 heading, 16 Technique, 17 Strength, and 15 agility and acceleration. He's a crazy good Complete Forward who convinced me to sign him over Fiete Arp. Cunha can slide into rotation on the Left Wing or move back to striker if Marriott or Bengtsson go cold. Considering what Marriott has done in his 3 seasons in the Premier League I can't wait to see what Bengtsson is going to unleash on this league. 2. Renato Sanches 24 year old CM from Bayern - 36 mil Another player I didn't really need but I could afford him and haven't been able to pry him off Bayern since FM 16. He's going to start at the box to box role as I move Schlager over to the Deep Lying Playmaker spot. While his attacking attributes aren't the best in the world his physicals are very close to be. 19 balance, 16 agility, 16 strength, 17 natural fitness, 15 strength and acceleration. He's going to be part of our midfield for years and I can't to see how he preforms. 3. Pablo Maffeo 24 year old RB Bayern - 32 mil My biggest need was RB and he got one of the better in the world and he was available very cheaply for his quality. He's incredible quick; 16 acceleration, 18 agility, 15 pace. While he's not the greatest attacking forward he's very good defensively 14 marking, and 16 tackling. He's the perfect RB to pair with the more offensive minded Poulson. Bogle moves to the back up option but he will still get his chances. My defense is starting to tighten and tighten and we are starting to compare with the big 6. 4. Mason Mount 23 year old CM - Free He's already spent 4 years here at Derby so seeing that his contract was up I decided to sign him. He's coming off an amazing year, he fits my my scheme very well as the main attacking midfielder. 21 goals and 31 assists all time here at Derby. While his physical attributes aren't amazing, his technical attributes are quite good and well rounded. I'm very happy to be able to bring Mount on a permanent deal here as we will continue to leads us to great heights. 5. (Regen) Sergio Casaprima 22 year old CAM - Free The young Argentinian is much more of a playermaker then a goal scoring threat. Very good all around stats, his finishing could be better then a 9 but we'll live as he slices open defenses in the final 3rd getting the ball to our talented attackers. Not sure if he kept rejecting contract extensions or not but I'm glad he's here. He'll be rotating with Ruben Loftus Cheek at the CAM position but he might have to go on loan if we can't get the work permit. We are now very deep all over the board, another Europa League challenge and a big battle in the Premier League. Our expectations from the board is pretty high but I now I have the team to take on the challenge.
  6. Another season done and dusted, and it sees Derby moving up the table once again. We ended up placing 5th so another year in the Europa League, and we did it by out placing Tottenham and Man City by a point. Our success started in the summer as additions Ruben Lotus Cheek, Andreas Poulsen, Xavier Schlager, Matheus Cunha, and Zakaria Bakkali all played key roles in our League and Continental campaigns. Last year we had 2 guys with over 10 goals (Marroitt and Lawrence) this year we have 6 (Marriott, Cunha, Bakkali, Wilson, Cheek, Vujosevic). We also had 5 players with more then 6 assists (Mount, Wilson, Bakkali, Poulsen, Vujosevic). As I mentioned the attack was vastly improved this season with Marriott scoring 34 (19) goals in 38 games, Cunha 19 (6) in 22 games, and Cheek 12 (10) goals. The wingers Tom Lawrence, Zakaria Bakkali, Harry Wilson, and Zoran Vujosevic all played outstanding, it was a slow start to the season for Bakkali who didn't score his 1st goal until October 16th but really turned it on after. Lawrence had atleast 2 or 3 goals coming of the bench late in the game to tie or win the game. Mount was incredible this season leading the team with 16 assists and also adding 4 goals. New comers Schlager and DM Douglas Luiz settled in and good 1st years in the team, and Barrios continues to be excellent at his Ball Winning Midfielder spot at the back of the midfield triangle. Defensively the CBs seemed to play worse then last year but still played with quality, from an offensive stand point Poulsen and Bogle did a great job offensively but were a little spotty a defense. Max Lowe played well when we wanted to go more defensive and Andre Wisdom was not good with either facets of the game. Rajkovic was solid like always in net and was even offered by Chelsea (but their offer was crap so it got turned down. In the Europe League we made it to the Quarter Finals losing 2-1 on aggregate to Chelsea. We went undefeated in our group that consisted of Wolfsburg, Young Boys, and AA Gent. Then knocked out Galatasaray, and Lazio fairly easy. I would call our 1st test in European Competition a overwhelming success. We got knocked out in the FA Cup Semi Final by Man Utd, and knocked out in the 4th round of the Carabao Cup in the 4th Round by Arsenal. As mentioned above we made it to 5th in the Premier League, the team I declared last year that would turn the major 6 into the major 7 got relegated (Everton) and one of the 2 managers in the Premier League that I had never beaten before (Zidine Zadane) got fired after a comeback loss to us at home. We have a really good summer ahead of us, we have about 95 mil to spend I am great at spending transfer budgets. Most glaring needs are RB, and possibly a playmaking CM, along with more depth at CM, and CAM. And I'll probably find something shiny on the market that will improve the team (possibly Richarlison, Arp, Declan Rice, or maybe a certain Brazilan winger from Real Madrid). My youth intakes have been super weak and I have to fight tooth and nail to get anything improved at the club, but a CM from my 1st intake will be making the 1st team next year. Lets see how high I can get this team to soar.
  7. @Stuniverse That's a tough 3 game stretch, and that Leeds game has to be tough to take. Sometimes it feels like FM goes out of it's way to screw over human managers. The Man Utd game should install some hope atleast. I feel like Man City and Liverpool are the 2 best teams at beating the gegenpress or atleast their managers are, so I'm not too surprised at the result. The season is still new and I'm sure you'll get the team turned around very soon.
  8. @Stuniverse I would try to rotate Wisdom in as a CB as for Aarons and Bogle that is quite the dilemma, just try to ride the hot hand would be my guess.
  9. I'd say it's a mixed bag for Igor so far this offseason, he resigned Bogle and brought back Mount and Wilson but while his transfers have plenty of potential, that money could have been better spent else where. Although the preseason looks somewhat promising and @Stuniverse has proven to be a top manager so I'll go out on a limb and say Derby stays up this year.
  10. @Stuniverse Ouch both Manchester teams away from home in your first 3 games. I really hope Igor can get a deal done with Bogle, I wouldn't sweat Forsyth as Malone and Lowe can definitely pick up the slack if Forsyth gets sold. I really hope you don't get stranded without a new GK considering Derby's defense isn't great to begin with having to throw Roos or Mitchell out there would be disastrous. Quina is an interesting signing, 18.5 mil for a position that isn't really struggling and only having 3 Premier League starts. On the other is attributes are very good for a 19 year old.
  11. Looks like the summer is starting off right for Igor locking down both Marriott and Lawrence as both of them will definitely play a big role in your battle to stay up next season.
  12. So normally I wait until the end of the season to do the transfer write up but I'm doing it now instead. So Watford has made an enemy for life as they swooped in and signed Hojbjerg ( no big deal he was just my best CM) by activating his 22 mil release clause, so that got me fuming. Watford is kinda like my team fighting to solidify themselves as a top 10 team in the Premier League and also are in the Europa League because they won the FA Cup. But that meant I had a cool 100 mil to shape the team, and shape it I did. 1st signing Ruben Loftus Cheek CAM - Free Basically I saw the 25 year old available and I decided to pounce. I have yet to run a 4-2-3-1 with Derby but I'm installing it and possibly use it against lower competition. He's got pretty solid all around stats and can fill in at striker if needed. 2nd signing Andreas Poulsen LB from Borussia M'Gladbach - 12.5 mil The 21 year old LB is an instant upgrade who brings a lot of pace and crossing. He's not as good defensively as Lowe or Robinson but he's only 21 so there's definitely a chance to improve. He also has a 19 in long throws which hopefully means I don't have to watch another highlight of Bogle throwing the ball straight to the other team. 12 mil well spent IMO, although I'm not sure what to do with Robinson and Lowe now. 3rd signing Xavier Schlager CM from RB Salzburg - 22 mil The CM I brought in to replace Hojbjerg for the box to box role. The 23 year old Austrian is all around very good, he's better offensively then he is defensively. He's got some terrific attributes; 17 passing, 14 dribbling, 14 long shots, 17 work rate, 16 teamwork, and 16 strength. I'm very excited to bring in Schlager, he's probably the best box to box midfielder I could bring in at Derby's current level, we'll slide in perfect with the midfield triangle along side Mount and Barrios. Another plus is that his release clause only applies for Champions League teams and it's at 72 mil, so he's going to be staying here for a very long time. 4th signing Matheus Cunha Striker from RB Leipzig - 25 mil I needed to improve the attack and this was the first step. The Brazilian 22 year old has great technical stats combined with a high level of flair. He also has top stats of acceleration and agility but the pace is nothing to write home about. He's 2 footed and is also very well suited to play as an inside forward on the right wing. He'll be splitting time with Marriott up top, and he's already better then Marriot in the air, and creating, and also shows up in big games. I didn't need a striker but when I found Cunha I had to try and snap him up, the sky is the limit with Cunha. 5th signing Zakaria Bakkali AMR from Anderlecht - 13 mil Bakkali is a complete Inside Forward, great dribbling, first touch, technique, flair, along with top level physicals. Sevilla had some interest but backed off after they signed another winger. He's probably above my current standard but I'm not complaining, we really is a total package and enjoys playing in big games. He could easily turn out to be the best signing of the bunch. I'm going to try ease him in squad as he still have Tom Lawrence coming off a career year. All in all I'm extremely happy with how the summer transfer market went. I think we are very well suited to play in the Europa League and not only make some cup runs but even stealing a top spot from the big 7. I'm really excited for the season to start.
  13. @Stuniverse Congrats on a hell of a season! You may have stumbled across the finish line but it's not how get there it's the fact that you got there. Can't wait to to see what magic Igor has in store for the summer transfer market.
  14. I'm not sure if I can go back and look and see for sure but best guess would be around 40 mil for the wage budget and around 30 mil for the transfer budget.
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