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  1. I only play fmtouch 16 and no ffp from what I have seen if that helps.
  2. Yep, done all that. No worries. Wenger leaving Arsenal always runs them...every cloud has a silver lining!
  3. Manager. And it kept happening. So I gave him a good contract and increased his rep but still happens. Did the same with bayern-pep and Mihailovic always get the job, very strange.
  4. Afternoon, Just a quick one. I am still on fm2012. I have edited a few manager changes, ie Vilanova at Barcelona. Set him as manager etc but Barca always replace him with Arsene Wenger at the start of the season. This has happened with Inter as well? Any clue as to what I need to do? Many thanks.
  5. I play this way with Chelsea, works very well. I set FB's to attack at home and support away, my two widemen are either IF or AP, depends on who out of Mata, Hazard and Sturridge I pick. Works defensively pretty well, concede from set-pieces and **** ups mainly.
  6. In Oct, first season, on my save - a lot of players, including Lampard, are apparently 'not motivated' to play with JT as captain! And Torres, who has got 12 in 11 starts, does not seem to like any praise at all. Ramires injured a lot.
  7. Started with Chelsea. Sold Malouda, bought Srna for RB. Mata on left, Hazard on right, Torres down the middle. He's scored 7 in 8, unbeaten in 8 games, now got United at Old Trafford....
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