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  1. Thanks Rams_ I will review this for the next update.
  2. I could not find this mentioned. Just head hunted from Peterborough to Crystal Palace and as part of the interview and objective set was to interact more with the media. Since I got the job I attended every interview and just after my 2nd game in charge I am called to a board meeting to explain my interactions with the press and next thing I know I am fired. I think this might be an issue but straight after this my game auto saved.
  3. That's a fair point re. Henry and Scholes. As I mentioned above it is just my natural feeling that a natural position but I can accept that.
  4. I was informed that they do not name change with any club unless that is the name that the club opens with the that name but I did ask about this. With regards to positions and this is my view on this and I am more than happy to debate this with anyone. Russell's natural position where he has played his whole career before Derby was as a striker so thats where he trained so I would say that his natural position and the wide role is something that he has learn't
  5. Somegod. We may spend in January I agree but because of financial fair play and the spend nothing is 100% confirmed on what we will do. As you will see we are looking at offloading players due to squad size but will look at it. Rams_ Thanks glad you like it. With Forsyth as I remember he developed into a LB and never started that way. I looked at Forsyth's overall game but will review for next update. Bent is a difficult because in my opinion I don't agree I don't think it needs to be improved but lets see what he does over coming months. Minigod Apologies I missed Joe McClaren
  6. Hi Simosupersub, All of the stories about the players we are looking at in January are just that stories and nothing is confirmed by the club. Both Mel Morris and Sam Rush have said that we are taking financial fair play seriously and we do not want to run up debts to the club. Also in the summer we did break our transfer record twice in two days. This was taken into account and we do have one of the biggest squads in the league.
  7. Hi RamKebab I think what you have said is fair. Speaking with Norwich fans / season ticket holders that I know and looking at interviews he has done in the past he has been a holding midfielder who was defensive minded but in the last few weeks he is playing something different and I accept that however Johnson was bought in to work with Thorne's injuries but I will look into this with the chance of tweaking his positions in future data updates. If there is anything else that you wish to raise that you want me to look at please let me know.