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  1. I am playing a Derby save a have to say it has been the most frustrating but enjoyable save for a while first season was a real challenge but this second season with some inspired youth signings and loans we are 3rd and look really good. You need to rebuild the defence though and need more speed.
  2. Great going mate. Mine has gone the wrong way quickly in season 3 as not won since Nov in Prem so any tips you spot please feel free to share.
  3. I have had the weirdest and odd experience and just started season 3. Season 1: Finished 14th and just kept my job at the end of the season there was a takeover. Season 2: Finished 3rd and won playoffs so promoted (Had to play some real ugly football to do it though not my style but oh well) Season 3: I am in September sitting 15th. But beat Liverpool at Anfield 4-2 and Everton at Pride Park 5-1 But we are so inconsistent. Team is just getting younger and younger and this season I have a regen who is 17 left winger and on his debut just the hat trick at Anfield. I keep extending Mount and Wilson by far best decision I made. Also got 2 guys on loan from Bayern also helping.
  4. They are having meetings to discuss the sweepstake of how many replies this thread gets before release. It gets released when only one person has not been eliminated and the pay out happens.
  5. Cheers pr0 It is just that I started a new game and the ban is not there.
  6. Just a small thing that I noticed during the latest update. There is no ban on Suarez.
  7. Whilst on the test game with Rangers I have switched to the Quickening "a" tactic and the game I switched was my worst result in the league and a 2-2 draw. I have honestly got to say that in my honest opinion this might just be there or there about if I am honest. The comments that I have is saying that the team success is all based on defence. In 20 games I have only conceded 6. The league form has been brilliant played 14 won 13 drew 1 lost 0. Goals for 33 and against 3. Currently 20 points clear of second. The key to this is the inside forwards... The false 9 is just to quiet and I would be lost without the inside forwards. I know this is just Rangers in a weak division and this should be how it goes but the movement has been spot on and the passing and to be fair in the league when someone has got a break the defenders have done their job and got back and defended. I think you are onto something quite strong here.
  8. As I have continued the Rangers test in the league we are as you would expect a beast. So far in the league player 5 won 5 Scored 10 and conceded 0 already 7 points clear. But another cup against a team in a higher league finished 0-0 but lost on pens but again dominated but could not take chances. However loving the inside forwards. Another issue is the amount of red cards but then I sacrifice the false 9 and it still seems strong.
  9. I am running a test with Glasgow Rangers. Had some interesting developments. My preseason was 6 friendlies and 4 of these were away against top teams in Holland and it ended with Won 5 Drew 1 Scored 11 Against 3. As the season kicks off my first 5 games against league Clubs and also League Cup and challenge cup we look as I would expect from Rangers really strong Won the lot Scored 10 and none against But then.... The first real test Home to Aberdeen. Obviously we were favourites and we dominated the match from start to finish and lost 2-0. What I found of interest is most of the Rangers shots were from outside the box and both of their goals were beating my keeper at the near post. I have not made any transfers, I will let you know how it progresses but it did worry me how easy they got to the near post to score and the long shots.
  10. Season 2015 - 16 - Derby County December December Results (Premier League and Capital One Cup) Premier League Manager of the Month: David Moyes (Manchester United) Player of the Month: Johnny Russell (Derby County) Young Player of the Month: Luke Shaw (Southampton) World Awards Ballon D'Or: Lionel Messi (Barcelona) World Player of the Year: Lionel Messi (Barcelona) European Golden Boy: Lucas Ocampos (Ath. Madrid) Squad Awards: Top Scorer: Johnny Russell (11), Yassine Benzia (8) Top Assists: Josh Vela (4), Johnny Russell, Will Hughes, Billy Jones (3) Top Average Rating: Johnny Russell (7.50), Will Hughes (7.33) Manager Thoughts What a great month and some serious highlights that everyone at the club can enjoy and remember like the 4-0 win against Chelsea. Never in a million years did I think that we would win like that against such a big team like Chelsea. Also we are now in the Capital One cup Semi Final. I am however a little disappointed to have lost the last two but regardless of that we are sitting second and that is incredible. I am however ruling us out of wining the title as there is no doubt how big the gap is now that David Moyes and Manchester United will be the league champions. For the first time in my time at the club we have a bit of a injury crisis as in the December programme we have lost Will Hughes, Momo Sissoko, Marcel De Jong and Josh Vela so I am short in midfield. We have a very small squad but I can announce my transfer plans for this window and that is we will be signing no one. Maybe get some loans but the reason is that the board will not release any more cash to allow us to push on however we are in advanced talks with Yassine Benzia to agree a pre contract once his loan is done and also we are in talks with Douglas from Dinamo Moscow again this would be on a Bosman so hope to announce in the January update that they have agreed pre contracts. So in January we have a match against Huddersfield in FA Cup and both Legs of the Capital One Cup Semi vs Spurs. Also in January we have the match against Man Utd in the League so that will be a bench mark for me. This is going to be a good and interesting month that I am looking forward to.
  11. Season 2015 - 16 - Derby County November November Results (Premier League) Premier League Manager of the Month: David Moyes (Manchester United) Player of the Month: Benedikt Howedes (Manchester City) Young Player of the Month: Karim Rekik (Everton) Squad Records Top Scorer: Yassine Benzia, Will Hughes, Billy McKay (4), Johnny Russell, Billy Jones (3) Top Assists: Josh Vela, Daniel Ayala, Billy Jones (2), 10 Players (1) Top Average Ratings: Joe Bennett (7.30), Billy Jones (7.26), Will Hughes (7.25) Manager Thoughts Well I set my team the challenge of 4 points for the month of November and they exceeded that with picking up 6 points and yes we lost to Man City but better teams than us will lose there and we only lost 1-0 so something to be very proud of and a exceptional result in the overall scheme. Also a huge 1-0 against high flying West Brom was also something to impress. December sees a battle with high flying Chelsea and the return of the capital one cup. December is a very important month that could leave you there or there about's and give you a idea what the second half of the season will be like. No points total just make sure you pick up points this is a hard and important / significant month.
  12. Season 2015 - 16 - Derby County October October Results (Premier League and Capital One Cup) Premier League Manager of the Month: David Moyes (Man Utd) Player of the Month: Javier Pastore (Man Utd) Young Player of the Month: Yassine Benzia (Derby) Squad Records: Top Scorer: Yassine Benzia, Will Hughes, Billy McKay (4), Billy Jones (3) Top Assists: Josh Vela, Daniel Ayala (2), 9 Players (2) Top Rating: Will Hughes (7.35), Daniel Ayala (7.32) Manager Thoughts: All in all a great solid month inc the 5-1 v Swansea and to good Away wins against Cardiff and Arsenal but it is clear that Arsenal are on a slide. I am pleased that goals are coming all around and also assists and we now look like a decent controlled unit which I can be very proud of. We are still on a roll in the Capital One Cup. We are sitting nice in 9th and that is something pleasing and now I need to keep that rolling on in the next month. November we see matches against West Brom, Manchester City and Crystal Palace this is a challenge of a month and I would be pleased and be very proud to pick up 4 points yes not very ambitious but that keeps us rolling. I just want us to carry on the fine form and lets see what happens. Also I will be surprised that unless Arsenal turn their form around than that might be a job up for grabs. Oh By the way..... Rams 1 - Gunners 0 Sounds good to me.
  13. Season 2015 - 16 - Derby County September September Results (Premier League and Capital One Cup) Premier League Manager of the Month: David Moyes (Manchester United) Player of the Month: Nikica Jelavic (Newcastle) Young Player of the Month: Will Hughes (Derby County) Squad Addition Joe Bennett: Just picked up a few knocks and needed someone who could add to the squad on the cheap and I think that he will be a excellent addition to my squad. Squad Records Top Scorer: Billy McKay (4), Will Hughes (3) Top Assists: Josh Vela (2) Top Average Rating: Will Hughes (7.44), Mohamed Sissoko (7.29) Manager Thoughts First of all big congratulations go to Will Hughes who is now a England International winning his first cap for England. However looking at the month as a whole in the league 4 points from a potential 9 is not bad as it is clear to me that this season will be a struggle and every point will be very important to the club as it looks like the second season will be a difficult one. Also still looking at the Capital One Cup and we survived a very difficult tie at Boro that went to extra time. Sitting in 13th is more than acceptable to me as we are still in reach of the 10th spot of last season. In the Cup we get a tie in the next round against Ipswich but we need to continue to pick up points and keep ourselves away from the relegation zone.
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