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  1. I have had this same issue and again that was with Derby.
  2. I am playing a Derby save a have to say it has been the most frustrating but enjoyable save for a while first season was a real challenge but this second season with some inspired youth signings and loans we are 3rd and look really good. You need to rebuild the defence though and need more speed.
  3. Great going mate. Mine has gone the wrong way quickly in season 3 as not won since Nov in Prem so any tips you spot please feel free to share.
  4. I have had the weirdest and odd experience and just started season 3. Season 1: Finished 14th and just kept my job at the end of the season there was a takeover. Season 2: Finished 3rd and won playoffs so promoted (Had to play some real ugly football to do it though not my style but oh well) Season 3: I am in September sitting 15th. But beat Liverpool at Anfield 4-2 and Everton at Pride Park 5-1 But we are so inconsistent. Team is just getting younger and younger and this season I have a regen who is 17 left winger and on his debut just the hat trick at Anfield. I keep
  5. They are having meetings to discuss the sweepstake of how many replies this thread gets before release. It gets released when only one person has not been eliminated and the pay out happens.
  6. Well Hi to you all I just really stumbled upon what goes on over here when I was looking at the Journeyman career thread. Took time to have a look and I am hooked and have even started a career thread to show my first ever Journeyman career. So to you all thanks for all your efforts and I am going to spread the word of this forum to the members of a Clan game I jointly run and I might post a career thread showing what goes on with our managers over there but that might be alot of work so we will see.
  7. Knap, Firstly this is still a amazing set of tactics but can you explain when you use which eg which would be the starting one because now I think I am losing it. Thanks for the help
  8. These are a fantastic tactics however the only real issue that I am having is dominating games home and away and not being able to score and then I know it will end with me losing 1 - 0 I am using the new look CB one at home and the counter attack away if the home side are favs. Any tips would be helpful
  9. Knap can you please put another link up to the Creative Freedom one as it will not download please.
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