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  1. Tricky start and you seem to be lacking a bit of consistency, hopefully not the second half of last season carry on to this one. The Watford defeat is a bad one though, that is definitely not what you would have expected following the previous game. Always a big blow when you lose a player to injury during the international break too, massive blow to your squad
  2. Apologies for not commenting, had a few things going on.... You did think the World Cup may affect your season and it really has done, post World Cup form hasn't been great and from potentially "doing a Leicester" you now are in a fight to make it into Europe at all. How is the job confidence? You are still over-achieving so I don't expect it to be bad but just wondering how it is. Shame about Ilkay, the game has probably gone a bit far in making him so injury-prone but he is hardly ever fit.
  3. Glad to see you back Signing "Silky Ilkay" would be good, but what is his injury record like? I've always struggled to keep him fit and at that age I can't imagine it gets much better for him. The huge win against Leeds is a great result for everyone
  4. Just had a massive catch up ... where to even begin! End of last season, you must have been a bit gutted to lose on the last day and miss Europe ... to then find out you made it because of Chelsea!! Nearly as good as a last minute winner (well unless VAR rules it out but we won't go there!) .. .wait a minute, whats happened to you being in Europa? have i missed something as to why you aren't? Then an unbelievable spending spree in the summer, finally got your man in Kenedy and even better you signed Wilson on a permanent deal, and how those signings have helped! I couldn't help but sing "you're gona win the league" whilst reading shame the World Cup could get in the way! just in case you haven't been here before, a few things, FA Cup is no replays and European competitions are only 1 leg when usually 2 (although i did just realise I've not seen a european game yet!) And finally, the takeover! Happened at a great time that didn't disrupted any transfer business and given you a few quid to spend as well, although FFP might not look too clever! I'm not sure I've ever seen a new board come in and retain the confidence of the previous board, usually you pretty much have to start again but it can only be a positive
  5. He's doing really well then, he fits the role so well and the long shots of 16 must definitely help! And you are top of the league too!
  6. He is class, he rarely stays at Wolves in any of my saves. What role are you playing him to get so many goals though? Got to question your "challenge" aspect ... so you decided a challenge was to leave the 2nd best team in England for the 7th? lol a challenge would have been Fulham or a Championship side!
  7. Everton fans must have been crying at the end of their game with United! They would never live this down. Things like this are why football is the greatest sport there is, and this game replicates it so well
  8. I like what you are saying about tactics and working it out yourself but some of the guys on the tactics forum post some really good stuff. They don't tell you how to create a tactic but you can get ideas as to what each role actual does and that helps you build one, it helped me just to understand more what I was asking my players to do rather than copying tactics from somewhere. It may be worth a read but at that level, some of it will be meaningless anyway because asking a guy in the 6th/7th tier of English football to play some of the roles available won't work anyway.
  9. Have I read correctly that PSG have completed 2 unbeaten seasons on the run? how are you supposed to win the league!
  10. After being so unlucky to be knocked out of both Cups, what a run you are on!! The Arsenal result being probably one of your best of the whole save, especially given your early form against the top sides. Does Europe beckon again? Are you worried about Quina's injury record? Every game he seems to pick up a knock or an injury.
  11. I love saves like this, nothing worse than seeing those people who go 4 promotions in 4 years with some obscure team, having downloaded some tactics and signed all the top free agents they can from a list on some fm website and then bragged they are the best! The hours you've put it and the enjoyment you must get from this save shows a true level of dedication.... although you must get frustrated at times. This has more realism for me than those people I've mentioned in the first line of my post.
  12. Yeah I tried everything with 05, I even downloaded the patches because it said you had to and installed them ... i got quite excited when it installed ok and then when I tried to open the game ... nothing I expected 09 to work too, even from the disc but it didn't
  13. How did you do it? This thread made me want a retro save and I've tried FM05, 07, 08 and 09 on my PC and none of them will install properly! I think 05 installed but then wouldn't open when I tried to play it!
  14. I've had the same issue mate and just ended up organising them myself!
  15. Just had a massive catch up Transfer window - to sell Lopez for only £13.5m must be a little disappointing? I know you've got rid of someone who could damage the dressing room atmosphere but to "lose" 7.5m in 6 months on a player is a bit of a let down....although I suppose very realistic as you were more willing to get him out of the Club. A couple of decent CBs coming in the summer is a big boost too, Senesi looks like a great player. Premier League - a bit of a mixed bag, but I am loving the more defensive formation against the bigger teams and it is clearly paying off, some big points picked up there although the disappointing lose to Watford shows the league is not easy at all. FA Cup - At first, I didn't read the part about penalties in the score, I was expecting a replay! Massive chance to go to Wembley for a semi-final too, just get passed Chelsea Euro Cup - Really well done getting past Young Boys, nothing too fancy but it was never in doubt either, but then to draw Liverpool must have hurt a bit. However, a great result at Anfield, how are you going to approach the second leg? Stick defensively or go to your normal formation? Another top half finish looks likely and you must be proud!
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