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  1. For £13 mate, it's well worth it I don't know if any major issues/flaws in the game, it is very stable for me and probably one of the most enjoyable games for a while Brexit, there is no official way to remove it (i don't think) but there are databases that do, i believe. It adds to the game to have it there though, makes you play differently each time and can add to the experience I don't know how to answer that, the game evolves like football does, but the idea of the game doesn't. Get it, take over a decent team where you can learn the different aspects and then go from there
  2. I get what you are saying, and I think in some way it should be part of the game but it has to make sure it isn't too overpowering. I know if it was me, especially in the lower leagues, if I was earning £500 a week and had a £200 goal bonus, I'd be working until the last second to try and grab a goal knowing I'd get a few quid more, but if if I played and was earning £80,000 a week and had a £2,000 goal bonus, i'm not sure I'd be quite as motivated in the 92nd minute to make that burst into the box to score. It should be based on the personalities of the players more than anything but considering I know nothing about making a computer game, I have no idea if this is even possible to implement.
  3. Ouch! And they came from 2-0 down too! ... Heartbreaking but definitely why football is the greatest game there is! Imagine the scenes at the other teams ground
  4. Hope you don't mind me clogging up your thread with questions ... Have you written anything else on here? I will have a read if you have. Picking another challenge is always a bit harder, you have the connection with Derby so you have to think carefully and try and get yourself involved in the Club too. I'm a Man City fan, have been since my dad took me in 1989, but I struggle managing City now, I just don't enjoy it.
  5. A top half finish will be some achievement, got to hope the board don't go setting you unrealistic targets for next season though! The joy of loan signings, they will be big boots to fill as well. I'm applaud you so much for not trying to get involved in the transfers, I'm not sure I could do it at all!
  6. That's a good way of doing it, I think if I did another I would definitely make it more "live" ... although I typed my full story in a Word document and then just copy and paste that onto the website, that way I always had it and that was probably why I got so far ahead. It has been a great season, hopefully you can close it out with a couple more wins and a top 7 finish and then it's down to Igor (or the next DoF) to spend well in the summer for you to push on ...and definitely buy a couple of CBs!!
  7. Another massive win!! Could European football be on it's way to Pride Park?? Out of interest, how far are you in front of the story? I wrote a story for another site in 2013 and I was about 6 months ahead at all times.
  8. Break the bank!! I'd rather get sacked knowing I spent it all trying to improve, rather than failing and getting sacked and then wondering if I'd just spent another few million would we have been ok This exact answer is probably why I struggle to save money
  9. KBKalle is spot on all the way through, if you are playing FM for the graphics then you are probably playing the wrong game! SI said for years they wouldn't move to 3d because it didn't add to the game but in the end they did because they saw the need for it but the way it is now, I can't see it changing for a long time, i personally don't see the point. I do play with 3d but i play from the Analyst camera angle, well above the pitch (yes, I may as well play 2d) but i like the animations as they are, i dont need to see fifa/pes graphics!
  10. Impressive stuff mate, not been online all weekend so had a good catch up this morning The amount of games is madness, and to come away pretty much unbeaten is an amazing achievement
  11. Happy to see you carry on, I've never managed in South America and been playing FM for 15+ years! Good luck and hopefully you can bring the same success to Brazil!
  12. So is this the end of this save or will you move elsewhere If it is the first one, I've really enjoyed your journey and good luck with your next save If you are moving elsewhere, what kind of rules are you going to stick to?
  13. That is a lot of friendlies! Some great results though and hopefully push for another big season! Do you always tend to play a lot of friendlies? I usually go 5-6, sometimes less!
  14. Read this over the past 2 days, a great career up to now. Would you leave Dortmund before the sabbatical was hit?
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