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  1. FM documentary

    FM and other games that are obviously nowhere near as good, do lead to you having a liking for teams you never would ... i have a soft spot for Cambridge thanks to Premier Manager 98, had an amazing save with them! And I also like to see Norwich doing well after an FM11 save that went on for years, in that save I also had Jose Maria Callejon, who became Norwich's leading goal scorer, so i do like to think he got a move to Real Madrid thanks to my save
  2. FM documentary

    Yeah thats an old Jason Manford joke, its quite a good few minutes of him talking about FM on stage, well worth a watch!
  3. Bogey Team

    Currently got an Arsenal save, in my 4th season and I have not once beat Norwich!! And I played them yesterday at Carrow Rd and they beat me 4-0, I was unbeaten after 10 games until this one ... not a clue what it is about them
  4. I want to see what Vardy does next year before even considering him being mentioned as a "top premier league player", this is the first season in Championship or Prem he's average a goal every 2 games ... he scored 4 last season, 4!! Hes just found some form but is nowhere near a top class player, he works hard and confidence has grown so much hes scoring 30 yard half volleys against Liverpool! Some of these stories to me, aren't players from lower leagues doing it in the Premier League. Joe Hart is mentioned, I don't consider him a lower league player who has made him, he spent most of his vital years at City (and I'm a City fan) and yes he played for Shrewsbury but i wouldn't say he was considered a lower league player. And anyone who signs someone at 15-16 and they make it big, thats not a lower league player doing it, you've altered his development at a young age so its different. For me, this thread is more for those guys who have only come to the Premier League in there late 20s after years in the lower leagues and scored goals or played well ... Ricky Lambert is the best example in my opinion, he's done a lot more to prove himself than a one-season wonder like Vardy ... if he bags 20 next season, you can all crucify me for that!
  5. Are the people in this thread and play as City, actual City fans? I am and I find it really difficult to have any drive to be City manager any more ... I also find it hard to read when people tear apart the current City team, does anyone have any experience with keeping us similar to how we are now? I'm not saying dont sign anyone, we need replacements for some just like real life, but looking at it, most have about 2-3 actual City players and the rest are bought. Season ticket holder and my dad took me to my first game when I was 2 in 1989 lol FM used to be great being City, trying to get us to where we wanted to be but now I can't even get past about October lol
  6. Unbelievable signing, I signed him on FM15 as Liverpool, took him probably 6 months to settle ... had a lot of poor performances, to the stage where he'd scored 2 goals in 15 games and I was considering dropping him, but once he settled, it was a goal a game, he won the Balon D'or and he ran games with ease! It will be a great signing in the end but he might struggle first off.
  7. FM16: Mauro Icardi

    Thanks, makes no difference now, I've got the Arsenal job so I'm now trying to sign him instead!
  8. Unexpected losses

    Its just complacency surely? But i dont get why people complain about these things, its the Premier League, it happens! If you won every week and only lost to big teams, the complaints would be that the game is too easy, you have to just bounce back from shock results.
  9. FM16: Mauro Icardi

    Cheers, i'll take that advise and try my hardest to keep hold of him! I want to push for CL so he is my best hope I guess.
  10. FM16: Mauro Icardi

    What price should I be asking for after the 1st season? I took over Inter half way the 1st season (started unemployed) and I've got a lot of interest. I've turned down bids of about 22 up front and 10-15 in add ons ... will someone come and bid big big money for him? or would you advise me to keep hold?
  11. Stop New Stadium Build

    The manager of a club would have absolutely no say on whether to move stadium or not, so I don't feel it should be a feature. There has to be good reasons behind that stadium move really
  12. [FM15] Malone Again, Naturally

    Another great win! And another great update! I think you might get a call from the real Bolton board at this rate ... actually it seems like real life Bolton didnt take too kindly to their manager having "relations" with another member of staff, unlike this story!
  13. Share your biggest transfer coups

    In FM12, I managed Chester and somehow got Michael Owen to sign for me in the Conference. He spent a fair bit of time injured but when he played, he scored! Went on to become my assistant for a couple of years after retiring as well.
  14. Sheffield FC

    Can you not just go into the editor and search his name? That way it will show you if he is there and what team he plays for
  15. Yeah I get you mate, that board meeting should have when you were struggling not when your season began to pick up! I struggle to manage City now on FM, don't enjoy it as much as I did when we had no money lol i love it for real life but Sheikh Mansour ruined FM for me haha!