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  1. Thanks man, sorry if that was a bother I probably shouldn't be browsing forums with a headache! Really solid development there, are you managing Germany too or has he done that well for the AI? Also funny thing, I've never actually noticed real players gaining weight over time before.
  2. The OP was about comparing FM to real life, calling for realism while describing specific results as - "unbelievable"; "ridiculous"; "statistically impossible" and of course - the jewel in the crown of any thread moaning about FM, "nothing to do with tactics". It's natural that posters would point out that this is silly.
  3. Is there a way to pause this? Finding it pretty hard to look at tbh.
  4. No idea what quality of side you have or tactics etc but given that from the numbers you've posted you conceded half as many goals per game as the best defence in the EPL from open play I think this is a more than fair assumption.
  5. Now I'm confused, are you saying there are too many set piece goals? Because that info just makes it look like you concede too few from open play and the AI needs to be improved to be more creative in open play to level that ratio out.
  6. @dido53 the Derby squad is pretty versatile, if you look through the thread you'll see people have approached it with success in a whole load of different ways which reflects this versatility - you can't really go wrong as long as you commit to a sensible strategy and build on it. Your 4141 gegenpress should certainly be doable with this squad. Main things I'd say: Find a way to make use of your favourites among the youngsters early on and you'll be rewarded for it fairly quickly. Find a role you're happy with for Rooney first season (I would suggest something that involves more passing than running) and he will repay you. Marriott is capable of really good performances, particularly if you can find a role that allows him to drift around looking for space while the team around him provide structure. I know that's all quite vague but I think finding your own way is probably where the fun is found, especially given the variety seen in people's saves here.
  7. 3 pages in there was a brief mention of far post defending of free kicks. Can't find anything more, or relevant to corners though. Was imagining there would be a sticky from a Dev or something, with it being such a big issue and all.
  8. Trying to find this as I'm interested to read what's been said, not having any luck - I don't suppose you have a link or know where this was posted?
  9. FC Zürich have a lot going for them imo. Highlights: Some decent players for their league, but definitely worse than Basel or Young boys so you have something to do. Promising youngsters including the excellent Bećir Omeragić and the Haile-Selassie brothers, who play on opposing wings with different good feet (which really appealed to me). The league is a smaller one but you still have decent pulling power if you want to bring players in. Haven't won the league in over 10 years. Twice European semi-finalists (can you go further?). The only thing that would give me pause is perhaps they're a similar proposition to your last save, just at a lower level. Anyway just a suggestion.
  10. Gonna go out on a limb and say it's the arcade game style crazy goal scoring.
  11. This is true in isolated matches, both in game and IRL. Like you say, you average 7-10 corners a game with a set piece specialist in your (presumably very good) team. If you were scoring 1-2 goals from every 8-10 corners JWP would have better stats. He is a specialist and I would hope that this can be rewarded in the game - especially in situations like yours where there is a risk vs. reward (I assume you could have had a far better player for open play). I've been curious about this having seen quite a few posts about corners being too powerful and so on, but having checked my saves I've found that in my saves with the most goals from corners I'm still only averaging around a 3.5% conversion rate, which is pretty reasonable according to anything I've been able to dig out on real life corners. I agree with this and think it's a part of the perceived issue with corners - the combination of very powerful dribbling/wide positioning and poor decision making (relentless near post shots) in the final third by wide players leading to too many corners in games, which gives a high number of corner goals - even where the conversion rate is acceptable. I also think this is compounded by a lack of differentiation between good and average/poor players in these situations, especially when playing as a lone wide player. Maybe it's just me, and my corner routine isn't that good - but from what I've seen the conversion rate seems fine while the number of corners is possibly bloated, leading to an abundance of goals from corners. Would be interested to see context provided in terms of conversion rates or just numbers of corners in more of the posts referencing this issue.
  12. If he doesn't bag at least a couple assists I'll feel FM lied.
  13. Around how many fk/corners are you averaging per game, if you don't mind my asking?
  14. Cheers - he's really progressed well. Fair, in mine they had a Bernardo/De Jong/Camavinga midfield and they'd bought in Mane and Mbappe for the wings, so pretty grim.
  15. Cool, mind posting a pic of his development? Well done on the trophies. Especially beating Barce, if they're anything like they were in my save that's no joke.
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