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  1. Definitely, if nothing else he's too injury prone to justify keeping when given an offer like that. In terms of replacements it depends on how you used him and what preferences you have in players, but there are plenty of options that make that money seem good for Strootman. Off the top of my head: Arthur from Gremio costs about 1/3 of that, Torreira from Samp (though I'm not sure if they have dodgy relations with Roma) similarly priced, Locatelli if you want an Italian maybe.
  2. Sure, it's basically just everybody set to shorter passing (except AM, who has more direct) and less shooting (except striker), and all attacking players set up to mark tighter/tackle harder/close down often. DLP is set to close down much less. Goalkeeper distributes to centre back. Striker is set to roaming from position. No OI's used so far at all. I would also like to warn you that it is by no means a great formation, it ships a lot of goals (although also scores a lot to be fair, 37 conceded and 114 scored league season 1). I'm sure a lot could be done to improve it - I just wanted to make something possession based that felt a bit "Ajaxey" to me.
  3. Playing an Ajax save just to try a possession based game for a change, not sure how faithfully this replicates the old Ajax formation but it's been good fun - and given a CL win second season.
  4. Dembele from Celtic in January really helped, chipped in about 20 goals in half a season. Think he was the only big signing first season.
  5. Bournemouth are a tidy side, I had no issue with the left wing as I elected not to play wingers. They have an abundance of pace up top, and not a great deal of creativity in behind, with this in mind I played fairly direct and on the counter, to great effect. Screenshots - formation, season 1 table, example result/stats.
  6. Finances aren't so bad, you can get the board to agree to 100% of transfer income being available to spend, then get ~70m for pretty average players in the squad. Right back - Florenzi is amazing as WB(a) or CWB(a) in my experience, though I guess if you have a need for a defensive right back he isn't so hot (one of the reasons I like 5-3-2). Centre back - Rugani can be picked up for a deal worth ~30m early in the game, which is a good fee simply because he's brilliant. Cheap prospects in Italy, Pellegri will run you to about 15m - which is cheap for him as he's amazing. Resigning Marchizza set me back about 8m. D'Amico is always worth stealing in Italy, he's on a youth contract at the start.
  7. I like a 5-3-2 with Roma this year. Sell off some old players, use the cash to buy Belotti (to partner Schick) and take your pick of whichever outrageously rated young Italian CBs you want.
  8. Agree with this, had the same experience with Atalanta, Torino, Genoa and Lazio. Under AI control Juventus and the Milans don't do well enough with the players they have.
  9. Thanks, he was a deal rising to £17.5m, I think it was about £10m upfront. Well worth it, perfect strike partner for Belotti imo.
  10. Torino are decent, closest title race ever and I learned the league is decided on head to heads, heh.
  11. The only potential downside (in terms of his personal development) I can think of to throwing him right in is you will likely be able to fit less tutoring into his development as he'll become a valuable first team player. Assuming you get him a decent tutor and it works out that shouldn't be a big issue though.
  12. Not as good I'm afraid, he's pretty much a squad player. I did try to field him first pick like Pellegri at the start of the save, but it quickly became clear I was going to have to play 1 up top and he couldn't get in the team ahead of Ricci/Centurión on the wings.
  13. Picked up my Genoa save again, Pellegri has become imo the greatest striker of all time, Genoa solidify their position as the best team in the world and announce the building of a new £200m stadium named after me.
  14. Andrea Petagna - wanted a strike partner for Belotti in my Torino save, this guy fit the bill perfectly. Goals, assists, hold up play he's got it all. Pietro Pellegri - in my Genoa save, he's a club legend, all time top scorer, captain, fans player of the year three years running and he's only 20. Oh and his dad is the club chairman. What a guy.
  15. Fairly sure Alcacer gets stuck on the transfer list around December in most saves, but yeh he's amazing for the price. Gumny and the other Polish guy Szymanski you get crazy quotes for the first window then they come right down.
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