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  1. Not a suggestion for a bad player, but I tried a while ago with Todibo at Schalke - he was decent (23 goals 8 assists in 34 games) without having a great team around him. In hindsight I think he would have been a lot better as part of a front 2, with wingbacks (in the DM line) as I think they tend to be more willing to cross. He was a natural at STC by the end of the first season - it was a little dull as it was more like having a pretty good striker with frustratingly bad finishing, rather than a CB playing up top.
  2. Yes, it was because he was on the hat trick. There is a tick box on the penalty takers screen to disable/enable this.
  3. Probably in itself them being teen-agers for whom the worst case scenario is being solid top flight players is pretty telling! Also leaving young players in the hands of the AI is the best way to see the worst of them.
  4. Real shame you couldn't keep hold of him (it's doable with early contract offers), but Ugarte in for £1.7m is a great bit of business to cover that loss.
  5. Coniah Boyce-Clarke from Reading did very well for me.
  6. Ah I did wonder, would have been a few editions ago that! Oh no I see Inter was a loan for him. He was a cracking signing then though, shame.
  7. Maybe Kevin Cannavò or Antonino Gallo?
  8. Well, if the new stadium is built in Wales he's not wrong I guess.
  9. Does the player you can't make an approach for have a note to the effect of "provisionally agreed to sign a professional contract" on his contract information page?
  10. Thanks man, sorry if that was a bother I probably shouldn't be browsing forums with a headache! Really solid development there, are you managing Germany too or has he done that well for the AI? Also funny thing, I've never actually noticed real players gaining weight over time before.
  11. The OP was about comparing FM to real life, calling for realism while describing specific results as - "unbelievable"; "ridiculous"; "statistically impossible" and of course - the jewel in the crown of any thread moaning about FM, "nothing to do with tactics". It's natural that posters would point out that this is silly.
  12. Is there a way to pause this? Finding it pretty hard to look at tbh.
  13. No idea what quality of side you have or tactics etc but given that from the numbers you've posted you conceded half as many goals per game as the best defence in the EPL from open play I think this is a more than fair assumption.
  14. Now I'm confused, are you saying there are too many set piece goals? Because that info just makes it look like you concede too few from open play and the AI needs to be improved to be more creative in open play to level that ratio out.
  15. @dido53 the Derby squad is pretty versatile, if you look through the thread you'll see people have approached it with success in a whole load of different ways which reflects this versatility - you can't really go wrong as long as you commit to a sensible strategy and build on it. Your 4141 gegenpress should certainly be doable with this squad. Main things I'd say: Find a way to make use of your favourites among the youngsters early on and you'll be rewarded for it fairly quickly. Find a role you're happy with for Rooney first season (I would suggest something that involves mo
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