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  1. Had the same issue. Reported this long time ago in the bug section. I think it's a bug triggered with combination of different circumstances (your ti, opponents formation etc.), so can't give you any solutions unfortunately.
  2. Hi. Do you know any skin with players faces in tactics menu on tactical board, but everything else is like in deafult skin?
  3. Starting new save with Crewe in League 2 and I was wondering how can I get as many coaches as possible. In the end I tried to hire non coaching staff with good coaching attributes and coach role as secondary. And they do not count against coach limit. Is it a bug? P.s. In the secondary role their coach rating is decreased by one star by my observations.
  4. I have problem my tactic. My defenders clear ball all time dispite instructions and available options nearby them. Tactic: Example In this situation #6 has short options in #16 and #11. But he decides to clear ball in no man's land. If it's due to players being League 2 level how you adjust your tactics?
  5. Can someone advice me on non-Pl club with good youth players like in Derby? My goal is minimum transfers and developing youth. Thank you in advance
  6. Another non-PL team with good youth players like in Derby. Maybe you know few (League 1 and 2 acceptable)? If I struggle to find another team, maybe I will start new save with Derby, because I fell my business is unfinished here)
  7. Little update on my save: it's over. Yesterday I pressed save button and closed laptop during saving process. And my save file corrupted. I have automatic save file, but it's before Championship playoffs and I don't like it.
  8. Hickey is two-footed FB, so he will be first-choice backup for both of them. Wisdom will be playing CD next season as backup to Bielik. Malone will get less playing time next season. Curties Davies will be our emergency back up. Thinking about playing youth and backups in the Europa League, promotion is our main goal. But I still do not know if we play in qualifying rounds or we are in the groupe stage already. 14.24 mln EUR transfer budget and 2.41 mln EUR wage budget. Ins: 1) Left CD in place of Clarke. I completely forgot Mike te Wierik is comming this summer. But he is not left-footed. I am still not sure if we need another CD. 2) GK - Ross and Carson are both League 1 level. 3) Left inside winger back-up for Lawrence. Holmes and Jozefzoon were awful there. 4) Back-up for Marriot. Outs: 1) Chris Matrin said he is leaving 2) Holmes or Jozefzoon 3) Jonathan Mitchell, Anya, George Evans- Not good enough. 4) Tom Huddlestone if he demands high wages. Hopefully I will be able to keep al my leaders.
  9. 2019/2020 Season Summary Winter transfer window 2020: Out: Craig Forsyth- sold to Colorado Rapids for 240k EUR. In: Aaron Hickey - 400k EUR with loan to Hearts untill the end of seeason. Our long term transfer target. John Lundstram - 1.4mln EUR. It was too good value to pass by and I couldn't resist myself despite stating it was not my plan to buy any established players. He finished season with 2g 4a in 16 EFL games. Not eligable for Carabao Cup. Good return for such value. Competitions: FA Cup: We were knocked out in the 4th round by Blackburn. EFL Championship: We had big dip in form beginning from Boxing Day untill end of February winning only 3 out of 12 fixtures. We were on the 5th place on the end of February. In March we turned the corner winning 8 out of 9 conceding only 2 goals and winning 6 matches in a row with 1-0 (Mourinho would be very proud ). We are on the 1st place before last two fixtures playing Leeds (2nd place) and Birmingham City. We lost to Leeds 1-0 conceding on 89 minute and 2-1 to Birmingham City. We finished on 3rd place and beat Reading 3-1 on aggregate in Playoff SF. In Playoff Final against QPR we lost on penalties 5-3 after drawing 1-1 (they equalize from "guess what?" PENALTY). I HATE PENALTIES!!! Maybe it's for the best, because we would be hammered next season in EPL. Now we have one more year to prepare and develop our young squad. Now it's time for The Miracle at Wembley! Carabao Cup: As was mentioned before we were in SF facing Crystal Palace. In the first leg we beat them 2-1 despite Louie Sibley being sent off on the 54th minute and draw 1-1 in the second leg. In the final our opponent was ManUtd. I was sure we would be hammered by Red Devils, anyway I spent 1 hour thinking about tactic to this match. Tactic: AND THEN 22nd MINUTE HAPPENED! Sibley back pass to Bird, he switches ball to Whittaker. Whittaker is 1 on 1 versus Shaw. He takes him on and smashes the ball to the near post, no chance for De Gea. GOAL MADE IN THE DERBY ACADEMY! I am sure FM's Martin Tyler lost his mind after goal. And it was final goal of the game, WE DID IT! Absolute scenes! Arguably the biggest achievement in my FM history. Unforgettable season for Derby County. We will represent England in the Europa League playing in the Championship (shout-out to Wigan).But I am kind of worried about our schedule if we will reach group stage, hope FM is ready for this mess. Personalities: *Stats only from Championship. Player of the Season: Jack Marriott- top goalscorer in the Championship with 21 goals. Few excellent goals after pressing and tackling opposition defenders. Young Player of the Season: Jayson Bogle- our leader in assists with 11 to his name. We are callinig him The Derbyshire Dani Alves. (honorable mention: Jason Knight with excellent progress and some big goals and assists) Disappointment of the season: Sidible. No considerable progress and subpar performances. Most Underrated Player: Whittaker with 11 goals in the Championship and one historical goal in Carabao Cup final! Only 19, already CLUB LEGEND! Thank you for reading my post.
  10. Max Bird (6 apps at RB). His role was WB(d) or FB(S) because he is too slow for this position and sometimes he was really tortured by fast wingers of my opponents. 6.83 was his avarage rating. Duane Holmes (4 apps at RB). Defensivle he is not good, but he is faster than Max Bird and offered me a little bit more in attack for RB position due to his pace and dribbiling. Though 6.80 rating. Festy Ebosele - Was thinking about him, but his 3 in Composure, 4 in Positioning, 2 in Balance was too much to play him in 4 man defence. He was like a bad version of Duane Holmes Not really. 2 yellow cards in 22 Championship starts. Our leaders in bookings are Max Bird with 6 in 21(2) and Jayden Bogle with 5 in 11(3). But that's due to our tactics. Jayden Bogle is on attack duty and most attacking RB role, so after interception or good clearance by opposition he has a lot work to do. Max Bird sometimes has to cover areas of our attacking FBs and stop counter attacks of opponents. Only 3 apps in Carabao Cup. But he has no problems with me and his morale is extremly good rn. He is proud of our league position and is good leader in our dressing room. What a guy! I was thinking about playing possesion footbal. But plan was to play Morgan Whittaker, Louie Sibley and Jack Marriott in our starting line up and they are not good in passing and not suited to this style. We are 9th in possesion with 51% (so we are really balanced as was planned). But we still have some elements of possession football: 1) FB on attack and IW support creates natural overlaps and overloads on flanks 2) Low crosses encourages our flank players to play more cutbacks rathher than cross into crowded penalty area. Maybe cutbacks has nothing to do with low crosses instruction and I am wrong, but thats my observations.
  11. Currently on 21st of December 2019, so we have already played half of Championship games (23). My choice was Derby, because they have a lot of excellent young players, so I can play without overhauling whole squad in 2 seasons At the beginning extended contracts of our young stars such as Knight, Bogle, Sibley, Bird, Whittaker, Buchanan, Lowe with club options for 3 years extension. Overpaying in 2019, but as I said goal is to develop my current squad. Our results: Despite starting with two consecutive losses to Huddersfield and Swansea (due to my poor tactical choice to play some kind of gegenpress) we have turned the corner with 3 wins with my vision of tiki-taka. But I did not like our chance creation. So after 0-2 defeat to Brentfod I have changed tactic to more simple and balanced (tactic will be posted below). Currently we are 1st in Championship with best defence (14 conceded, that's our biggest achievement in my opinion) and best attack (40 goals, but I think that's luck, because we are not best in chance creation and have 5/5 from penalties). We are also in the semi-final of Carabao Cup against Crystal Palace (Man Utd vs Leeds in other SF). But we had very easy road with 1 team from League Two, 3 from League One and Huddersfield in QF. So do not consider it as success right now. Tactic with most used players on each position: PI: Both IW(s)- sit narrower. Some times Lawrence with Take More risk. BBM(s)- Take more risk. But it depends who is playing on this position. Left WB(a)- Stay Wider. When drawing or loosing: Increasing mentality and LOE with DL Commmon substitues: 1) Martyn Waghorn for Morgan Whittaker 2) Wayne Rooney for Louie Sibley along with moving Bird to BBM and Knight to CM(A). I know that benching Rooney does not look like a smart choice, but in my opinion he is most effective when comming on 60th minute when we are not winning. And as was mentioned goal is to develop my current squad. Personalities: Jack Marriott- 11g 2a. Our best goalscorer and excellent Championship striker. Jayden Bogle and Max Lowe- heart of our team, Bogle our leader with 5 assists and one magnificent winning solo goal, when he dribbled past 2 opponents. Jason Knight- developing and playing very well, our best young talent. Max Bird- playing very well, but not developing as fast as Knight. And biggest disappointment: Louie Sibley- despite playing a lot, only three goals (two in one game) and a lot of missed chances. Also bad development and I dont know why but he is getting worse. Our plans for winter transfer window 2020: Out: Craig Forsyth- curretnly under 240K EUR transfer bid from Colorado Rapids. Does not have any chance to play with Lowe, Malone, Buchanan in team. Ikechi Anya- not good enough and rapidly regressing. Chris Martin- too slow for our style of play. May keep him till the end of season. Florian Jozefzoon- 5th wide player in the pecking order. May keep him till the end of season. In: Do not plan to buy or loan any players during winter window. But may try to buy some young talanted youngsters for the future (for example, Aaron Hickey from Hearts, two-footed fullback capable playing on both flanks, shall be excelent backup for my main fullbacks). Was considering CB, but decided to give Buchanan every chance till the end of season. Longterm transfer plans for summer 2020: -Left-footed CB as Matthew Clarke is only on loan and having big doubts Buchanan can be our main Left CB next season. -Aaron Hickey- can play as backup for both Lowe and Bogle and takes only one bench spot -IW on the left, we have only Lawrence as natural chioce on this position. -ST. Back up for Jack Marriott (currently Martyn Waghorn and Morgan Whittaker are his backups). Looking forward for second half of the season. Maybe will post some updates in the future.
  12. So you want to say me that my two fullbacks as leaders in offsides are real football stats? And a ton of offsides after cleared corner and pass back to set piece taker. And also players waiting for defender to block their cross with cross more often andd dribble less instruction? I was always your big fan and advocate, but really this year ME is bad.
  13. In my opinion it shall be targeted for a quick fix, because whats the reason to play when your wide forwards are in cm strata (with bad tackling and aerial presence) and cms in aml/r strata and aftrer they run to their designated position creating one more transition when you are completly vanurable and they are in half-positions.
  14. Not gonna lie, but this year I am very disspointed by FM and SI. After last patch there is a bug during distribution from opponent's GK posted by me in the Bug thread. After february update ME shall be polished.
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