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  1. I understand the schedule is congested this season because of COVID but I'm playing 4 Europa league games in a row for 3 weeks without any other games in between.
  2. Thanks, I've taken your advice on board, only played 3 games but have won them all. So thanks!
  3. I am currently managing spurs in the 3rd season and finished 2nd and 1st in my first 2 using a 433 system. After a few sales and wanting to try something new I've thought about creating a 523 system, as I have 3 really good CB's and good front 3. But having rarely used a 5 back system I'm having some difficulties deciding on the player roles. I have played 3 games with this formation and my record is 1W 1D 1L, and have switched back to my 433 to avoid dropping points. My back 3 have good pace, so I want to take advantage of the offside trap. In midfield I also have Alii, Lo celso, Winks a
  4. I'm managing spurs atm and sing English players is a vision by the board but its not compulsory that you fit to all the visions. As long as you are perform well they wont be too unhappy.
  5. I have made a few tweaks as you can see here but, results have been extremely inconsistent. I am not familiar in playing a 442 or 424 so its a bit of a learning experience for me. I removed the lower LOE as i felt that conflicted with the prevent short GK which pairs with the formation as it is top heavy. And removed counter press like you suggested. I made my DL higher as i want them closer to the midfield to reduce space. I have also changed my right winger to an IW and swapped the TM and AF. Here are my results, a lot of the time I am conceding late goals for e
  6. I wanted to make it so my team was more compact as defending is a real issue with LLM sides, but after thinking about it it does counter the idea of pressing and being top heavy. Having played around I have also switched the winger on the left side to an IW(s).
  7. Ive decided to give LLM a go this year and decided to go with hereford, i had a look at the team and brought a few faces in and the best formation I could see that suited the positions i had available at the club was a 424. I know its quite a top heavy formation but the team are predicted to finish 2nd. And to go with the formation, i thought pressing from the front would suit the amount of attacking players utilized , however the results have been far from ideal. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  8. @maundojako @Experienced Defender Before reading you guys post I tested a few tweaks of my own and results improved amazingly, i went on to win serie A, 1 point over Juve and Beat AC milan in the EL final. I am currently in the pre-season and made quite a few changes and signings. This is what the tactic know looks like : The AM is set to move into channels and roam, and my two forwards, close down more, tackle harder and mark tighter as I want them to bother the back line.
  9. I have recently taken the Inter Job in the 4th season, Does anyone have any advice on how to improve my 41212, I had a decent start to the season but recent results have been poor including a 0-0 against 9 men Lazio. I like to press the opposition and build my attacks from the back. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Been trying to get this 5212 to work with spurs had some okay results, alot of draws and some low scoring wins and a spanking at home to Liverpool 4-0, Im trying to play a pressing style and keep a lot of possession. If anyone a has any suggestions that would be appreciated.
  11. Firstly thanks for your advice, i have taken it on board and made some tweaks, my reasoning for not using counter in transition is I want my players not to counter all the time and instead assess the situation of whether they should counter or keep the shape.
  12. In my first season as Leicester i finished remarkably in 4th, and after a summer window where i had a bit of a reshuffle we are currently underperforming just wondering if anyone has any advice on what they'd change with my tactic, thanks. Looking to play a 4231 with a pressing style like spurs.
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