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  1. Been trying to get this 5212 to work with spurs had some okay results, alot of draws and some low scoring wins and a spanking at home to Liverpool 4-0, Im trying to play a pressing style and keep a lot of possession. If anyone a has any suggestions that would be appreciated.
  2. Firstly thanks for your advice, i have taken it on board and made some tweaks, my reasoning for not using counter in transition is I want my players not to counter all the time and instead assess the situation of whether they should counter or keep the shape.
  3. In my first season as Leicester i finished remarkably in 4th, and after a summer window where i had a bit of a reshuffle we are currently underperforming just wondering if anyone has any advice on what they'd change with my tactic, thanks. Looking to play a 4231 with a pressing style like spurs.
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