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  1. Ive been using this 433 on my Leciester save and now my Ajax save. Ive had some disappointing results in both saves against decent opposition but definitely teams we should be beating if we wanna win Trophies. As Ajax ive lost to both FC Utrecht and PSV away and have dropped points elsewhere. Here are my recent results with Leicester. This is the tactic, im trying to play quickly and have my front 3 and Mez be the center of my attacks. They front 4 are set to close down more and mark tighter as i want them to be pressing the opposition defense, also hence the prevent short distribution (this could be overkill) Any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  2. Firstly thanks for your advice, i have taken it on board and made some tweaks, my reasoning for not using counter in transition is I want my players not to counter all the time and instead assess the situation of whether they should counter or keep the shape.
  3. In my first season as Leicester i finished remarkably in 4th, and after a summer window where i had a bit of a reshuffle we are currently underperforming just wondering if anyone has any advice on what they'd change with my tactic, thanks. Looking to play a 4231 with a pressing style like spurs.
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