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  1. Cheers lads. Looks like Cyrus Cafu could be making a return to the club, even if it is just on a 6 month/season loan! I've got a soft spot for him cause of the fact he played for us quite well in my opinion and he started in two (I think) of my Europa League wins with us on FM17. Interesting about Longstaff, I'll definitely think hard between him and Saviet, who admittedly does have slightly more appeal due to the option of a permanent (around £3 million I think I recall). Obviously I'm still on day one, so scouting is very much underway still. And yeah goalkeepers would be greatly appreciated, I could only find Lovre Kalinic on loan from Villa last night and he doesn't seem to be too big of an upgrade on Roos, who definitely needs upgrading. Although I don't know about anyone elses experiences but I typically struggle to find quality loans in the first season as most of the good available players have already gone out on loan in real life before the save starts. Thanks for the feedback guys, any more would be appreciated from anyone (even non-ELF-ers) I'll update as the save progresses into the season Cheers
  2. Hi all, Just started a save with Derby (my team in real life), yet to press continue past day one as I've been busy with the "admin". The major issue I've had is identifying signings. The system I'm looking to run is as follows: AF/A PF/S BBM/S RPM/S MEZ/A HB/D (centrally, just for clarity) FB/A CD/D CD/D WB/S SK/S TIs and PIs are yet to be determined, but the first versions simple with room to build. It's inspired by FM Grasshopper's recent Gallardo system and @ManUtd1's latest system from his thread in the career updates, plus incredibly loosely from the way we played the diamond at the back end of last season and my own ideas too. Obviously all could change, but thats is the general direction. Player wise the idea is to have two players per position, as follows: Back up right backs sorted, I'm yet to decide between Christie (Fulham) or Foulquier (Watford) both in loan, 20 grand each. They're much the same really, I'll gut instinct it. I've got an idea for the centre back. I've found a decent Swedish guy on a free -- Milosevic. However there's an issue, he played for Forest until last season. Petty but sh*t happens. I could still go for him in all fairness. There's also Jordan Storey and Ben Davies (both Preston) as options, but if I'm paying money for someone I want them to be able to step up to play in the Premier League and I'm yet to decide if those two would be capable. Im looking for one player to play back up to both Rooney and Holmes either Saviet or Matty Longstaff (both Newcastle) on loans, Saviet with a £3 million option but Longstaff's loan is £750. Again, its either either or. The plan is Max Bird and Louie Sibley minutes as I can. My goalkeeper is completely up for debate. Loans, a free transfer or a permanent actual money player who could play in the Premier League for abit at least are the options. Any advice (particularly for the centre back and goalkeeper) are incredibly appreciated. We've got about 6 million and 60 grand in wages (I've adjusted budgets) plus I'm looking to sell Jozefzoon, Lawrence and Forsyth, whilst cancelling Dowell and Hamer's loans as soon as I can. I'm also loaning out Bennett for game time. So we'll have a healthy budget, hopefully around £15-20 million and plenty in wages. I'm aware I've waffled so apologies for that, but any signing advice would be great or tips on how you've all got out the Championship (sacked by Derby very early on and also failing with Catania in Serie C). I'll keep you posted Cheers
  3. Well I've failed with us a few times so we're most definitely not an easy side as we have been in recent years. I'd say our sides not really set up to play in any particular way more than another so I'd say recruit and sell to try and play your way. Knight, Bird, Bogle and Lowe have potential to be squad players and help with home grown regulations as you go along. Although I've got an incredible amount of time for you selling Lawrence, can't stand him personally. So basically I'd say we're pretty well shaped to mold into any style of football (perhaps baring an intense pressing game - that might be a bit more difficult to build for) so sign and sell accordingly. Good luck!
  4. Been struggling to get a proper save going due to laptop issues and a general lack of continued interest in any saves I've started but I think its time to properly get into one for me with said problems resolved. Only issue is I have no idea who to go for. I'm thinking of preferably a second division side in one Europes top 5 leagues (England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy) that could potentially challenge for promotion in season one, ideally with stable finances and one or two promising youngsters would be nice but these last two points aren't that critical. Alternatively I could try a completely new league/nation outside of "the big 5". Although not much outside, possibly Holland, Portugal or Belgium spring to mind. In this instance I'd probably be after a top half side in the top flight, with youth prospects more important than if I went with a second tier "big 5". Clubs from any other leagues that fit into this category are also welcome suggestions, I just said the three that immediately sprung to mind. Any suggestions appreciated, Cheers
  5. I have seen something on twitter relatively recently although I can't remember where. I think I saw Guido from Strikerless talking about it. Can't say say I've tried myself but there was a video and a centre back definitely overlapped. Thats probably not much help but I've seen it recently
  6. That's the Bielsa in you talking 😂 Hernandez is good dont get me wrong but hes not Rooney
  7. @crusadertsar He was pencilled in for my shadow striker, in the mean time I've got a few more technical and pacey options so all bases are covered. Tbh he probably won't play loads cause he's old but you can't escape the fact that hes the best player in the division and probably arguably the best ever to play in it. I don't know what your knowledge of our squads like, but I'm quite confident in saying we could play him in any position and hed be an improvement
  8. Haha, deadly in a good way or a bad way? 😂 My one concern was the left being too attacking and overexposed out of possession, and to be fair swapping probably suits us better as a squad. Really appreciate the guidance, I'll comment in more detail when its actually up and running. There's also the Rooney factor in January (he should play for us on Thursday in real life! Its all very exciting!). So hed be one to factor in, even with his declining physicals to not build the side round a player of that quality would be suicidal
  9. @crusadertsar, cheers for the response mate, greatly appreciated Interesting thing with Maguire, as I said its something I've considered before but never actually done. Might actually try it one day now Well I'll be starting up a new save with my team Derby in the next few days and rough planning/thinking has led me to this as a rough start point:I'm not 100% convinced it'd work but it's worth a go and with some tweaking it could be a success. TI wise I'm probably thinking incredibly minimal and simple so far, probably play out of defence (maybe shorter passes and possible be more expressive although I have doubts about our quality in the regard), probably counter (maybe counter press depending on the work rates and that sort of stuff of the players - which if its anything like real life we don't have one) and probably a slightly more urgent press and a slightly higher defensivd line. Obviously all as a start point Any views would be greatly appreciated
  10. Started up a Derby save tonight (if you can say started being as I've not pressed continue yet) after a few weeks away after my laptop went bust but I've got it back up and running now. As a massive real life supporter I tend to get too passionate and let my real life views on certain individuals (definitely not Tom Lawrence) cloud my judgement, as I'm sure @Stuniverse can relate to. In real life I don't rate Marriott, Lawrence, Roos, Hamer, Waghorn (as a lone striker), Jozefzoon and Bennett and thus this influences how I'd like to set up. In my head I've got this as a rough plan based off ideas I've had while I've been away, whilst I've been watching us over the last few seasons and also from other threads on the forum.Although it is worth noting that in some early scouting I've struggled to find a few signing options so Ive toyed with the idea of moving Bielik back to my middle centre back (as a Connor Coady-esque role) and signing a tough tackling player to play in midfield or moving Shinnie over and signing a more attacking dynamic midfielder in the Bryson mould. Its still early days and ideas are much appreciated. So basically I want to ask how people have got on with us and who you've rated and you have had less positive views on, who you've sold and signed (particular recommendations for a mobile strong physical hold up striker and some mobile centre backs would be appreciated, although general advice is most definitely needed) and also how you've got something/anything out of Rooney. Also side note the fact that on Thursday Ill probably get to see factually the best ever player to play for England play for my club is unreal, like its still all abit surreal. Wayne Rooney at Derby. Wow. Anyway good luck with us guys and any tips and pointers you've all got are very much appreciated. Cheers Up the Rams
  11. Great article mate. Really enjoying this series as a whole and I hope to take many of the principles into my save once I get my laptop back up and running in the next few days. Just a quick question about the 11 in the image above really. You've got Maguire as your DM, is that where you play him generally? Is he your first choice there? If so how come? I'm definitely intrigued by this as the idea of having a technically sound, physically imposing centre back in front of a back four and it's something I've considered implementing in the past. Also on your overloaded and unlocked flanks. Do you think they could work in a 3 at the back shape with wingbacks? Or would that leave you too exposed defensively? In your opinion Cheers mate
  12. That is incredibly annoying. Maybe for what your after style of play wise youll have to compromise somewhere with the DM or play style as frustrating as that is maybe its just not meant to be. Out of interest what role has been the closest to what your after? Another suggestion too, probably utter rubbish but its just popped into my head. It sounds incredibly counter productive I know but everything logical has totally failed so it might take something stupid to make it work. Or alternatively its as daft as it looks. How about trying him as a CM-D in the midfield strata? It sounds daft and it doesn't really have any logic behind it but it can't be much further away from what your after. If nothing else it'd be interesting to see how much different it plays compared to an actual defensive midfield role.
  13. Another suggestion, How about a straight up DM on defend? They've worked relatively well in the past for me in being incredibly dull and boring, which isn't a bad thing in this case I also echo what your saying about the half back and anchorman. The half back is kind of playmakerish without being a ball magnet or anything like that, fully get where your coming from. And I've never actually managed to get an anchorman to actually "anchor" my midfield to my defence, they seem to more hover about trying to cut out potential danger (which is great when you want it, not that I ever have) as opposed to actually being an anchor.
  14. Disagree with this, although its nothing personal. In my opinion its the biggest misconception in football second to none. Playing away from home is no different to playing at home (baring in places like Italy and South America where some wollys have square/abnormally long pitches, making this the only difference). Grass is grass, football is football. You don't go away to Liverpool and lose cause they play on concrete, you lose cause theyre really good. You dont go away to Accrington Stanley and batter them cause theyre pitch suits you, its cause theyre awful. What matters is the opponent. If I'm playing Liverpool away or at home Ill probably play the same team, tactic, instructions, the lot. Similarly if I'm playing Accrington Stanley either home or away Ill probably play a different system to against Liverpool (due to the difference in quality of opposition), but it wouldn't vary home or away. Football is football at the end of the day.
  15. Also a very good option, but the names would annoy me Theres a fix on fmscout isnt there?
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