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  1. Tbh lads I think we're above arguing over the internet. My response may have been sarcastic and flippant, but it wasn't rude. Rude would've been being abusive - that I was not, I just pointed out that you'd misinterpreted what I'm after, which I also said I wasn't surprised about. So if anything we're now clear (I think) on the purpose of the discussion, and it was nobody's fault we weren't. If we aren't please ask
  2. Swore quite alot opening this. Knew that people would struggle to understand. This is not is "please help me my tactics bad" post. I can work it out for myself. I do no need nor want people telling me what they think I should do with regards to my tactic. I'm interested in how people have used wide men to success in their own personal experience. If I asked you about a day out youd had at the zoo cause I was trying to decide whether to go or not and you went "the lions were really nice", then I interrupted you and spoke about a time I saw a wild lion in my garden I'd be being abit of a tit as I'm not finding out relevant information about your experience of said zoo.
  3. First things first, I don't want to share my tactic yet (if at all) as this is not what I want advice/opinions on, I simply want to discuss how people have got the best out of their wide players (either in the midfield or AM stratas). For context I am managing Napoli in my second season with the club in season six overall in the save. We came 5th last season having been one point clear at the top with 6 games to go. Quite the bottlejob. Over the course of the season we played a 5-3-2 (with a libero) and on occasion a 5-2-3 (with wide players and a lone striker). After the initial "its a libero!" excitement died down and after watching Ajax and De Jong, I decided I could get more from the player in question in a midfield role and that I did not need 3 CBs. So I knew I was going to shift to a 4 at the back shape, with at least one DM. I also noticed our narrowness (even on wider width settings) so I decided we were going to play with wide players in one of the two stratas in order to stretch the play better. However I'm struggling to get much output from the wide men regardless of role or duty, etc. So I was wondering how other people have gotten success from their wingers, not necessarily by the way of goals and assists, more general contribution to the play and build up, with and without the ball. As I said at the start, I don't want to talk about my tactic just yet, as it is not what I'm here to discuss, I want to talk about wide players (role/duty/strata/etc.) Cheers
  4. Is it just me that really fancies him as an IWB-A (or support) on the left?
  5. Cheers mate. Knew youd be able to explain it. Hadnt considered the ffp at all, I'm usually pretty direct and rather take the money upfront. In fact, the only clauses I usually take are high percentage of next sale and a buy back; explains why I've broke ffp a few times. Quality advice. Cheers
  6. Alright mate. Firstly what a quality thread. Just a quick question about the deals really. I get why your selling the players, but find the fact that the upfront fee is nothing abit odd, or at least Ive not encountered it before. Any chance you could explain why? I'm sure its a really good reason, just I can't figure it out. Cheers
  7. Also a fan of the flat midfield 3, my Brighton side play it decently. We're probably an upper midtable side (11-8) on paper but we're 6th and challenging for 4th at present. Forgive me if I'm wrong but your midfield reads more as a u shape, no? In my 4-3-3 I create an n shape (DLP-S/CM-A/BWM-D). This means I can afford to be more aggressive with my full backs due to the two "holding" type outer midfielders, allowing me to get my wingers (AP-A/IF-S) close to my striker (AF-A). Also on the pitch the shape varies between a 4-2-3-1, a 4-3-3, a 2-2-3-3 in extreme cases, and mainly asymmetric varients of the 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1. The major tactical vulnerability we have is in front of our back 4 (I simply don't have the centre halfs to play an extremely high line to negate this). The other issues for me personally are down to my squad not being good enough as results suggest, rather than tactical.
  8. With my eyes. Mainly comprehensive. Full match is too long, its time I wont get back and time is non refundable. Key is too short. Traditionally I was an extended man but on FM19 extended and key are too similar for my liking. So comprehensive it is. Enough balance of good/bad productive/meaningless highlights that I feel in control most of the time. The only exception is preseason which I play on commentary only as I don't trust any Ass Man to get the players fit effectively and risk free
  9. Sounds really good. Might try it in my next cup tie or when I get desperate in the league, which being as my Osnabruck side have been hit with injuries might not be a million miles away. Yes I understand that and I feared this would be how my thread would be responded - I am not saying you are wrong because you aren't, quite the opposite in fact, just perhaps as is quite understandable we are not on the same page at present. I'm well aware of how/when to use roles and duties to make formations change "shape" in the past and have done it well-ish across all the FMs Ive played. However, the re-emergence of the 4-4-2 with sides like Atletico and 15/16 Leicester using it to success got my thinking about why it disappeared. And I feel that is due to the emergence of the 4-3-3 and other shapes with 3 in central midfield that dominated them offensively and defensively. I'm merely thinking about rotating this concept through 90° and putting the 3v2 out in the wider area from the off, in a hope to reap mainly offensive, truth be told, but also the defensive rewards.
  10. That was my only concern I dabbled with the shape I suggested in the last 20 minutes of a cup tie earlier. We didn't seem too exposed anywhere. However the wide 3 did seem very on top of eachother. Getting the roles right would/will be nigh on impossible
  11. So its common place for sides to play three centre backs to out number the oppositions two strikers. Or three central midfielders to out number the oppositions two midfielders. Even to an extent using two wide players (4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, etc) to out number the oppositions one (4-3-1-2, 3-5-2, 5-3-2, etc). Simply I've had an idea mainly regarding the 3v2, which is normally used centrally, but this time created out wide in a shape like this: or maybe a 3 at the back variant with the left attacking mid being replaced by an extra centre back. And then maybe roles like this: Again though I'm only guessing and want others thoughts on this concept.
  12. Personally I see the fact you've struggled against them away as much of a coincidence of venue. I'd say they are weaker than you so are trying to sit deep and preserve a point at all costs because your superior. They'd be likely to do this even at their home as your much better at them at football. Alternatively consider the sides you've steam rolled at home: Chelsea and Everton. They're sides that aren't a million miles away from your level so they are much more likely to go for the 3 points against you anywhere. As a result you have more space to play your football in as they are showing less discipline and being more purposeful. So in actual fact they are easier games to play and win your way than ones where a (weaker) side sits and fustrates you.
  13. Personally I don't no for one simple reason: I don't believe in it making any difference. If my players are good players they'll be good at any venue, home or away. Take a side like West Ham for example. Recently Felipe Anderson has been their best player, difference maker and top performer. He's just as likely to do this home or away. Say their playing Huddersfield or Fulham, two of the worst Prem sides, you'd back Anderson to perform brilliantly both home and away but if they were playing City or Liverpool you wouldn't necessarily back him as far. I make changes based on opponent. If I'm playing a better side I might be more cautious and take fewer risks or try and stop the opposition from playing they're game. Or if I'm playing a weaker opponent I'll either take my game to them or simply trust our superior quality will prevail.
  14. Apologies for using the wrong forum, which I was aware I was doing btw, but I had one response that largely said "don't bother" in my post in the correct forum so it was needs must. The reason I don't pick the players I want in the creation process is I don't know who and I want to be as realistic as possible. If a new club were founded they wouldnt just turn around and say to another clubs player come and play for us without any costs or anything, if you see where I'm coming from. I might try the general discussions forum if my struggles continue. Cheers
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