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  1. Was it just me sat furiously refreshing the page rather than watching the end of the England game, with occasionanal sharp intakes of breath as Rooney failed to score?
  2. Totally agree. Bit like us and Mount. Pretty sure we've got some more rejects to join Freeman and Coutts if your interested? 😂😂 nobody seems to want George Thorne or Jacob Butterfield for some reason... But on a serious note I genuinely enjoy watching you and even though I should want you to lose, I just can't cause your too easy on the eye. And about the final ball comment your right. If youd got it youdve been out of sight at half time, to an extent you could argue that you almost have too many players forward on occasion and end up smothering yourself. We have the opposite problem: seemingly a refusal from many players to get forward with intent or at all, then we bit and bob until the chance is gone. Never known a more sideways team than us
  3. I suspected thatd be the case, just hoped it wouldn't be. In real life terms it offers so much to your game, without alot of side would beat you without as much difficulty cause alot of your squad aren't typical top 6 players (McGoldrick, Freeman, etc.) and have been binned off by inferior sides, but done wonders with you. It was only the other week your lot were at Pride Park and in the first half you really pegged us back and were unlucky not to take the lead, had you done I dont think wedve come back to win in the second half. An even bigger case for it is made in the fact that Basham scored your goal, if I remember correctly.
  4. Watching the Steel City Derby and Im really liking the way the Chris Wilder has his outside centre backs push on and get into to the box and provide crosses from fairly advanced positions. That then got me thinking about FM, its something Id like to apply to my save. However, I wonder how you could do this. It'd be easy if you could use the Libero in the LCB and RCB positions, but you can't. My next thought was using PIs to stay wide and get forward (the latter like a libero), but the get forward PI isnt available from memory, so that discounts that option. My last idea would be the stay wide PI again alongside the PPMs gets forward whenever possible, gets into opposition area and, least crucially, brings ball out of defence. But beyond this I am clueless, so I'd like to know if anyone has any thoughts as to if/how you'd achieve this play. Cheers
  5. Firstly I agree with your overall statement. I use a front 3 of a Raumdeuter, DLF-S, W-S in a 3-4-3 formation. My two first choice DLFs are Lisandro Lopez and Freddy Montero, who both have the PPM comes deep to get the ball and they do drop deep regularly and provide space for the raumdeuter (as well as my B2B mid and IWB-A) to run into. However, when I use a striker that doesn't have that PPM, I see exactly what you see, rare and unsatisfactory dropping deep. So from my experiences, I've only been able to get my striker to drop deep with the expected frequency with the comes deep to get the ball PPM, which I don't believe ought to be the case. So I ask you this: does your striker have the comes deep to get the ball PPM?
  6. Thats the sort of thing that can only happen in FM... Maybe you could combat the lack of options by not telling your players to counter and maybe give some of your front 3 really passive PIs, like ease off tackles, or the lowest closing down? Not sure if it'd work or not though
  7. Firstly I have to discredit you for using F*rest. Up the Rams. But on a more helpful note, I'm running a 343 with Racing Club pretty well atm, but mine is slightly more high pressing/block than yours. Not at my laptop atm, I will provide screenshots later if youd like? Its a little like this: DLF-S RDM-A W-S DLP-D B2B-S WB-S IWB-A BPD-D CD-C BPD-D SK-S I have no PIs, and look for the right underlap and left overlap, we play out of defence and (I think) pass into space. We counter, counter press and distribute to centre backs. We have much higher d-lines and lines of engagement, with the most intense pressing, offside trap, PSGD and tight marking. I have had brief success in a trial save with the far superior Derby County where we played the highest d-line, offside trap and most urgent pressing, but the deepest line of engagement and narrow d-width. It made us very compact and hard to break down, we just lacked options on the break on occasions.
  8. OJ403

    Non-league team

    Tbh I think the gates are decent, from what I know, its more the case that they dont own any training ground, or have any money (so all the staff and players etc havent been payed a penny recently at all) and also their owner has disappeared after putting the club on the market, so no one can actually buy the club.
  9. OJ403

    Non-league team

    Yeah Ive actually started following the club in real life as they are relatively local. Really hoping yhey don't go bust again, but at the minute it looks a case of when not if.
  10. Cheers mate Just to 100% clarify it in my head with the right role/duty/TI/PI combinations I could still achieve similar with a structured fluidity on FM19 to what I could with a fluid team shape on FM18. Would I be right in thinking this?
  11. Bit of a query really. So what does fluidity actually do now? Is it just a label that means nothing in relation to my tactic/the match engine or does it still have influences, as in previous FMs, and if so what?
  12. It'll definitely be devloping the club rather than a story. It'll probably be comparable to your 442 thread from a while back in terms of tactics and I will probably consider other factors in a similair manner. Think I'll be quite Southgate-esque, but all views are welcome and could well be implented somewhere down the line. At the end of the day if I don't have the players why stick rigidly to a tactic?
  13. So for FM19 I intend to refound a club that has had financial troubles many times in recent yrs (in fact so much so that they are set to go into liquidation for the second time in 10 yrs) in the Vanarama National League North. I'm not going to give away too many details about the club, but I intend to use the create a club mode to return them to their old stadium that many fans consider to be still be their home, return some recent icons to the club for its "refounding yr" and generally create a sustainable model akin to that of the Germans in the seasons previous to the 2014 World Cup. So quite simply the thread would be about: - developing the club philosophy as we rose through the divisions, ensuring we made good money whilst still developing as a squad (including u18s and u23s) - developing our tactical style in relation to the abilities of our playing squad, whilst staying true to the identity throughout - ensuring the club thrives financially The purpose of this thread is quite simply to guage if there is an interest in a thread like this. And if you aren't interested, please tell me what I'd need to include for you to be so. Cheers
  14. OJ403

    Same yet different...

    None of them. Because... Said hole will in theory make you massively open and no side will ever play with only one player operating in the cm/dm areas. Surely you'd be better off going 4-1-4-1 with two driving CMs?
  15. Personally I'm on the fence over this. Sure team shapes are/were useful and added alot to tactics, but they caused more trouble than they are/were worth, in my opinion. Plus with the inclusion of whatI believe are called either transitional or off the ball TIs could potentially allow the user to create some of the impacts of certain team shapes. For example, if I went very fluid to encourage my side to press as a unit, now I'd just raise my engagement line and pressing intensity. Also I am aware shape had other uses, this is just the first that came to mind. I'm also seeing lots of talk about the libero being available in the CB slot. Can anyone shed any light?