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  1. I've really enjoyed picking up international sides as a sub-plot or sorts in my main saves in previous FMs. Especially when international sides are influenced by regions into the second tournament cycles and beyond. With the current England side I'd say with our attacking talent we have to play a front three and even then some would be left out. Our best creative midfielders are best in a midfield three in my opinion, and such Dele Alli would not start - or necessarily be guaranteed in the squad. So this really leaves a 4-3-3 or a 3-4-3/5-2-3 as the options. In terms of holding midfielders I would consider Declan Rice as our only real option, particularly in bigger games where more makeshift options of Jordan Henderson and Harry Winks wouldn't be trusted. A slightly more unconventional option could be one of our more technical centre backs, such as John Stones. However, until he plays there at club level its something I'd be wary of in real life. This may not be the case in FM though where I'd be more likely to try it. I'd lean towards a 4-3-3 still in all probability though as I'm not sure we have three centre backs good enough for a back three/five, although in games we'd likely transition between the two. TIs would be similar in both. Out of possession we wouldn't press too high or hold too high of a line in order to give or pacey forwards space to attack into and because of (mainly) Harry Maguire. We'd probably press more urgently or alternatively implement a front five split block. We'd definitely counter in transition, with other TIs on a situational basis. In possession we'd likely pass shorter but at a higher tempo in order to create space effectively, pass into space and run at defence would be adding situationally too. We'd probably play out of defence too, although this isn't certain; its between PooD, the transitional TIs of distribute to CBs and FBs or take short kicks. In terms of roles and player selection we'd probably look like this: 4-3-3: In goal Nick Pope pushes Dean Henderson all the way. At centre half, Joe Gomez plays a covering role to compensate for Maguire's pace. Trent Alexander-Arnold's role varies according to who plays at AMR and their role. The right hand side is heavily Liverpool inspired when Raheem Sterling plays as a RMD. When Sancho plays he'd likely play as a W-S and Trent would be encouraged to come inside more as an IWB-S, or possibly IWB-A. The left has one of our more creative midfielders playing as more of a "free 8" as they do for the their clubs, with the same applied to whoever plays at AML. Kane would play a more supportive role as per the Spain game in the Nations League. 3-4-3: In defence, Maguire would play centrally in order to allow pacier players to help out the wing backs. Mings and Tomori potentially edge out Dunk due to their capabilities as full backs, which would help when defending the wings. In midfield, Henderson would likely play a more disciplined role and his partner is up for debate. I'm not convinced Maddison, Mount or Foden are responsible enough defensively to play in a two man midfield, so maybe a more responsible James Ward-Prowse type player may be useful. Although one of the three creative options I've mentioned could play as a more stationary AP-S to good effect. Up top, Sancho would be first choice at AMR as a W-S so that Trent could come inside more as an IWB and help control games. The AML role stays the same as in the 4-3-3. Harry Kane becomes more attacking due to the fact that fewer players will be running past him than in the 4-3-3.
  2. Yeah I remember reading about it on your blog. Interestingly I'm looking at moving a player out wide to a WP-A from the left. He's only 29 and still has capable physicals despite never being a star in that respect anyway, if I get a couple of seasons out of him there then I'll be happy
  3. Being as in real life the only player who joined us in the January window was Wayne Rooney, much of the same signings are still good options depending on their own availability. I don't believe we had too many attribute changes as we hit form and introduced the youth after the update was released, but I could be wrong. So I see no reason why Batista Meier and Isaac Success wouldn't be viable signings provided they're available to you
  4. Cheers Seb How big of an influencing factor would you say age is out of curiosity? And at what age is a player likely to become virtually impossible to retrain? Obviously other factors as I mentioned in the OP are relevant, but at what point does age become dominant, if ever?
  5. So for context, I'm looking at retraining my AMC as either a left midfielder or a striker as I'm looking to change my 4411 tactic to a 442. The player in question is one of my best players, hence why I want to retrain him as I have other more prefered options to be my midfield two and he has the attributes to play either up front or on the left. I'm aware several factors influence the likelihood of retraining being successful, e.g. hidden attributes such as versitility and adaptability (which I believe is hinted at in the number of positions a player can play already), training facilities and playing time in the new position. However, the player in question is 29 years of age so having never retrained a player of that age so I was wondering if age impacts the likelihood of retraining new positions being successful. I see no reason why it shouldn't be other than the possibility that the player is "set in his ways" and won't respond ideally to a new position - I believe similar occurs with PPMs, staff say something along the lines of "I wouldn't change anything so late in the players career" or words to that effect. However, its also something that I see often in real life where an older player adapts to a new position to allow them to continue playing, e.g. Wayne Rooney playing deeper in midfield. So basically, I was wondering if age has any impacts on the successes of retraining a player into a new position that they have no or limited knowledge of?
  6. I've been quiet on here lately, the return of football has cut into my game time significantly. I did get a session in yesterday but not enough for meaningful updates. Lets just say its not all good news anymore... Firstly I'd like to congratulate everyone on good progress. @Boca1973, congratulations on the title! Invest well and you should be able to stay up with ease. I find it interesting how you got success in Brewster. I've had him as a super sub on loan twice and he scored about 3 goals in two seasons @Ronaldinho Gaúcho 10, seems like you gave promotion a good go and were unlucky to fall short at the end. Ultimately its probably a fair reflection of the squad in the early seasons. Fingers crossed you'll make it next year! I'm intrigued by Roos doing well for you, he's always been a liability for me (both in game and real life) making costly mistakes in big moments. Did you encounter such issues? And how are you playing Rooney? I for one have enjoyed him receiving the ball deep and floating around in free-er role (e.g. AP-A for me and the various DM strata playmakers for others). Its also worth pointing out that his full wage is paid by sponsors, so in terms of your wage budget he's essentially free. Finally, I see in your season review screenshot you played a 442. Was this your main system, if so how did you set up? I'm only asking as I also played a 442 for the most part of the save so it'd be interesting to see how we set up differently and similarly. Firstly good choice not going for Leeds... who even likes Leeds? 😂 I think @Stackalee has hit the nail on the head really with everything he's said. I'm not entirely sure we're suited to a full on gegenpress, I'm not sure the midfield are mobile and youthful enough, unless of course you play the kids like many others have. I'd say the stand out youngsters throughout the saves in here have been Jason Knight, Louis Sibley, Jayden Bogle, Max Lowe, Morgan Whittaker and Archie Brown. They've not all excelled for all of us so its important that you use your own judgement of ability and potential and stick with it. Signings wise, I'd recommend going through the thread as a whole and reading people's early season posts. I believe at some point @Stuniverse summarised some key signings that people have made early on so it could be worth finding that post. A lot of it comes down to your opinion, for example I didn't rate Bielik as a centre back due to his mobility, so I signed some instead and played him in midfield; others have done the opposite so it really comes down to your opinion of the squad. Good luck and keep us posted, if you have any further questions then ask away
  7. Honestly that doesn't surprise me. We're quite a hard to please set of fans, all these years of disappointment will do that to you... Although I'd say thats a good result so you've got the backing of at least one fan!
  8. Hi mate We've all used him in a variety of roles and positions, the most common of which I'd say has been the DLP or even a regista in a "quarterback" style role in a 433 (4141 DM Wide or whatever the game calls it these days) or 4231. I've also seen him used as a MEZ, which surprised me but the logic made sense when explained. There was a brief discussion a page or two back if you want full details. I mainly used him as an AP-A in a 442. It was quite a "funky" system with IWBs and essentially the formation of a midfield diamond. However he was very effective when forming the tip of this "false diamond". He also had stints up front as a DLF-S in his final season too. So all in he's been used in a variety of ways, mainly successfully, but most of all make sure it suits your system and the rest of your squad. If your winning games I wouldn't worry too much
  9. Thats a huge shame mate and I hope everythings ok in real life too, after all thats what really matters. I've really enjoyed your updates and fingers crossed you next save goes as well! And if you ever do reload the save you know where to find us.
  10. Its really refreshing actually to see a thread on the AMC that isn't all doom and gloom. I feel like the fact he didn't do that is my major complaint with AMCs generally. They feel very static with the ball, except for in counters its quite rare I see mine dribbling despite me asking him to dribble more. I'm not sure thats what I'd do - if only I had the mobility 😂😂
  11. Really enjoying this thread mate. In my save I've recently switched from a 442 to a 4411 to get more control over the game. However my AMC, like many people's, is inconsistent at best. You've given many ideas that will hopefully improve his output. Cheers! When exactly did you expect him to play that through (killer) ball (in which second of the video)? You said you'd have expected the through ball at 0:40, however as rightly pointed out he was offside. Could he not have either: • turned on it, took a couple of steps towards the goal and slipped through the right striker, assuming he made a run of course, • or spun it out wide to the left back for him to square into the middle, similarly to how the goal ended up being scored?
  12. That should be achievable with the squad you've got Are you likely to take it do you think?
  13. Some good deals there. Interesting you sold Holmes, he's been a surprise package for many people - not to mention one of my favourite players in real life. How come you sold him? And what are you plans for the season?
  14. Nevermind mate don't worry about it. Just thought it was worth an ask. I'll have a play next time I'm on steam Thanks anyway!
  15. Looks like you've made some good signings, and they're performing well too! Well done Out of interest how have the young players performed for you? Particularly Bogle, Lowe, Knight and Bird? And also Whittaker as he's in your 11 in your screenshots and Archie Brown as he's a player I have interests in based off my save? Now I'm going to ask a rookie question too... Does this work from phones? As I've mentioned in my updates I tend to post after turning off FM as reflection of how we're performing. Do you post your updates that include screenshots via your phone or the computer/laptop you play FM on? If you do update through your phone with screenshots, how do you ensure screenshots taken in steam are accessible on the mobile device? This is probably a really daft question, but whenever I've posted screenshots in other topics I've took them one by one and emailed them to myself to get them on mobile, which is quite the faff unsurprisingly...
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