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  1. Again theres no analysis or screenshots as, true to form, I've turned my laptop off before updating. From memory we are now working the ball into the box (too many unnecessary long shots), closing down more and playing with a fluid shape as oppose to structured. Also as @westy8chimp feared the VOL-A was inconsistent and as my most creative players play there that isn't ideal. As a result, I've changed that role to either a RPM-S or a regista, I'm still undecided between the two so we'll see how it goes. The players who are competing for this role are McAllister and Bos. I have also been thinking that as the 4-2-4 is somewhat attacking and aggressive by nature, is it too greater risk to play attacking mentality too? I've dropped down to control for spells during some games and haven't really noticed a drop in our attacking play, but we are more stable defensively, at least partially. So this is my question: is attacking too risky? If so control, standard our counter? The four are all options for sure. We've played 4, won 1, drawn 2 and lost 1 so far. The defeat was disappointing as was one of the draws, both games you'd look at in advance and say we'd win. Maybe there is a flaw in the tactic I'm yet too uncover, or they could just be familiarity/teething issues. I think I'll do some more perceptive analysis after 10 or so league games looking at the areas we score/concede from, average ratings and positions, heat maps, goals scored and conceded and also our results vs what I'd expect.
  2. Banging thread @westy8chimp Scanned through the thread and I can't find the answer to my question, which is as follows. What is the major difference between the regista and the RPM?
  3. Stojiljkovic isn't new. He's been decent but not spectacular for a few yrs now. But I'm backing him as he deserves that much, until January at least. He does look a bit different now as that was a few seasons ago, but not drastically. He's played a 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 4-1-4-1, 4-4-2 and 5-2-3 in the past pretty well, so all should be good.
  4. So the transfer window has shut and I still have £50 odd million in the kitty should I need it in January. We played Hull in the first game of the season and won 3-1 completely dominated them, they simply couldn't break past our front 4 and when they did the 4 were already in position to launch a devastating counter. They did get one chance and scored it though. They seemed to get more chances as the game progressed, suggesting that maybe we need a less offensive tactic for the latter stages of games. I'm training a tactic with the exact same TIs just the wingers dropped back a strata and a counter mentality for this purpose. I opted not to sign a TM type instead trusting Stojiljkovic. He played pretty well against Hull linking the play nicely. This screenshot is a season or so old but he doesn't look too different today. His only major issue is his bravery, but hes done decent enough in the past, so I'm backing him until January at least.
  5. Rate that massively. Think I'm going to start with the 4-2-4 and train a 4-2-3-1 behind it (with the only change being an AM for a ST to get McAllister further forward). But what the other alternative tactic is to be, I was undecided. Was being the operative word... Not sure if it was intentional or not on your part, but I'm probably going to start the players in the FB slots rather than WB, just for defensive security. Other than that though yes please. Great logic and reasoning. Also appreciate the explanation of your reasoning, it helped me understand you logic but also consider my players in other ways. Cheers mate, banging contribution
  6. Cheers mate He's going to be playing as a DLF-S, but I intend to tweak the role to encourage him to act in a manner similar to a target man, just without being a ball magnet. I suppose only signing strikers with high finsihing is a factor in why I've not really had one set the league alight. Should be able to get on my laptop in the next hour or so so I can have another look at him. If I'm struggling to decide I might put a screenshot of him in here so see what others think.
  7. Just had another glance. Only 12 finishing? I always get twitchy signings players with less than 15! Is 12 ok? And I've been mulling over signing a player with 10 dribbling. Seems a bit low to me, but not sure he'll be doing all that much dribbling and his other attributes seem pretty good, from memory. Do people reckon it'll be enough?
  8. Of course. Just hope the player doesn't go on to brainwash me with 10-15 goals, resulting in me not buying a player, then him not performing come the league proper.
  9. Yeah, he's pretty much England's best left sided player, so his first touch ought to be high, but I can't remember off the top of my head. Still searching for the TM type, tempted to give one of my current players a chance until January though. He's always played relatively well as a lone striker and has been scoring well in pre-season. I know you shouldn't take pre-season too seriously regarding the season proper, but it has made me feel a bit harsh dropping him out the side altogether. On the fence regarding this, so watch this space...
  10. @Experienced Defender Got an IF on your recommendations. Cheers mate. He was one of the ones who appeared very interested, even lists me in his favoured personel, but wasn't interested when it came to contract talks he wasn't playing. So I got my DoF to do it, it cost me £6 million more, but hes in. Just the target man type needed now.
  11. Cheers for the suggestions, will hopefully be useful. And just for clarity I wasn't suggesting you suggested a CF-S, I was merely stating you made me realise Neuvel could make a good IF and therefore you inspired me to sign one or the other and play Neuvel in the other role
  12. Right so I've been scouring the transfer market for the last couple of hours. Don't think I've actually hit continue yet today 😂😂. But I'm struggling to find a target man type player for the DLF slot and either a IF-A for the left or a CF-S (as @Experienced Defender inspired me to do). However, I can't seem to find anyone who really excites me and is willing to talk. There are a couple of interesting players who are "very interested" in a transfer according to the game, but won't negotiate terms with me. Not sure if this is a bug or anything, but they seem to be off the list. I've scouted in every way I can think of (national teams, clubs, leagues, recent national tournaments, European and South American continental competitions, etc) and I'm running out of ideas. So could anyone advise me on the key attributes to filter my search and also advise me how to broaden my search should it not return any results (e.g. do I remove a key attribute, lower the attributes, ask it to look for players who meet 5 out of 6 terms, and so on so forth?). I'm looking for a target man type (I'm thinking finishing, strength, bravery, aggression, passing and at least 6ft tall), a CF-S who ought to be more technical and creative (probably comparable to the role Aguero/Benzema types play) (I'm thinking passing, finishing, off the ball, vision, technique) and a IF-A (finishing, passing, dribbling, technique, acceleration, pace, off the ball, flair and right footed). Cheers
  13. Rate the AP logic, something for consider myself. However, there may be an issue regarding the IWB. According to the in game descriptions, an IWB will not come inside when there are two DMs present, which both of our 4-2-4s featured. Not sure if the in game descriptions is wholey accurate or not as I've never tried an IWB and two DMs.
  14. @Experienced Defender sound logic But why roles like AP-S out wide? Why not a winger, or IF or another role? Why an IWB-S? Surely he won't play "right" as there are two DMs in play?