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  1. Also a very good option, but the names would annoy me Theres a fix on fmscout isnt there?
  2. You might well have got it first time there. That does sound like a very solid option
  3. Can I make a similar request? Maybe a French or Spanish team, preferably Ligue 1 or La Liga with a few decent young prospects and a fun side who could play attractive football early on and hopefully qualify for Europe within a few seasons. But then any other big leagues are welcome, preferably Ligue 1 or La Liga as they are they only ones Ive never managed in, but all are welcome. Cheers
  4. I think its my turn to have a bit of a tantrum. Really struggling to get a decent possession based 4-3-3 or whatever the game calls it going. We either have possession and no penetration, no possession but penetration but as a result no control over games, or none of either. Ive had a save file corrupt (incidentally where I got harshly sacked from Brighton playing possession, landed the Napoli job set up a system that I didnt like but got steadyish regularish possesion but ultimately collapsed), got sacked from Derby, gave up with Genk and got bored with Ajax. Im sure you can see a trend. The idea fails and I either get sacked or have a fit. Now Ive started with Fiorentina as there squad seems relatively well suited to this, Im currently in the late stages of preseason and, shock horror, the systems sh*t. I really can't see how to make it work, and I know its preseason but its one of them when you know it wont work you know. So some help would be appreciated. I won't be providing screen shots of my tactic just yet as there are no screen shots to provide as nothing is decided as yet, no TIs or roles or duties or anything. So theres no point just yet, there might be eventually and then Ill post away. So as for what Im after its fairly straightforward, a 4-1-2-3 DM wide that controls games, has decent amounts of possession but also penetration. I want goals, excitement and as a result possession. As for my squad, my star players are probably Simeone, Chiesa and Benassi. Simeone is a really good goalscorer. Physically hes either 13 or 14 for all attributes but natural fitness (12). Mentally hes got all the stats of an allround goalscoring striker baring probably 11 vision and flair, hes also braveish (13), a great anticipater (16), a workhorse (15 work rate) and off the ball (15). Technically hes a great goal getter (15 finishing, 17 heading and 13 dribbling and first touch), however he cant pass amazingly (12). So simply the only things he can't do is pass (12 passing, 11 vision). As a result I'm leaning towards more of a solely goalscoring striker, focusing on spearing the system and occupying centre halves in order to allow the more creative players to do the exciting stuff rather than joining in himself. But anythings an option. Chiesa is literally amazing. There's no role out wide he can't play. I know I'm not providing much information on him, but he could successfully play a winger on the right, IF on the left or a raumdeuter, trequartista or an AP on either side. Easily. Im leaning towards either a winger or AP-A on the right, but I'm open to change that, very open. Finally Benassi is a great all round midfielder. Mentally hes class, physically hes class and technically unless you ask him to dribble (10). The only roles I wouldn't use him as are a mezzala cause he can't dribble, or a BWM as it wastes his attacking qualities or as the main holding player. I'm leaning towards some kind of playmaker duty (probably AP or RPM as I want him in and around the box) or a box to box, but yet again any ideas are good ideas. Transfer wise Im signing Kevin Mbabu to play right back, he could play any role. And Im after a defensive midfielder, currently Im leaning towards Tonali to play probably DLP-D/S or a regista, but that could yet change to more of a bruiser of a player. So yeah, any advice as to how to go about building the sort of system Ive spoke about with the players I've spoke about would be more than welcome. I'm literally open to anything and I'll answer any questions anyone may have. Also, apologies I seem to have written quite alot, way more than I intended to, but it all felt relevant. Cheers in advance
  5. So as the title suggests I'd like to create my own club. Earlier in FM19, I did this on the create a club mode in England at Vanarama National North level and assigned the team no players. But cause of reputation and a limited preseason I found it basically impossible to build the 20-25 man playing squad I tend to aim for such that I got sacked. Twice. I gave up on the idea for abit, but I want to revisit it. I did some digging and apparently you can create clubs in the pregame editor and, forgive me if I'm making it up, you can "create" players abit like newgens who's attributes are randomly assigned when you start the game. Is there any chance anyone could clarify this for me and give me any tips as to how to do this as easily as possible? And also tell me if its incredibly difficult. If anyones done this themselves then a few pointers as to the general process would be greatly appreciated too Cheers
  6. Merely quoted your post as I had a question regarding its content. So to ask my question with no context wouldve been confusing. With a topic such as FM, to ask one person specifically and to take just one opinion would be stupid
  7. Was a general question All opinions are valid here, neither persons necessarily right nor wrong. After all we're mainly all part time players, so none of us are 100% correct all the time. Hence why I asked for "any logic".
  8. Don't mean to butt in, but why would you use IWBs and overlaps? Obviously it works but to me I can't see whos overlapping. Whether or not its something under the hood I don't know. Any logic would be appreciated
  9. Tbh lads I think we're above arguing over the internet. My response may have been sarcastic and flippant, but it wasn't rude. Rude would've been being abusive - that I was not, I just pointed out that you'd misinterpreted what I'm after, which I also said I wasn't surprised about. So if anything we're now clear (I think) on the purpose of the discussion, and it was nobody's fault we weren't. If we aren't please ask
  10. Swore quite alot opening this. Knew that people would struggle to understand. This is not is "please help me my tactics bad" post. I can work it out for myself. I do no need nor want people telling me what they think I should do with regards to my tactic. I'm interested in how people have used wide men to success in their own personal experience. If I asked you about a day out youd had at the zoo cause I was trying to decide whether to go or not and you went "the lions were really nice", then I interrupted you and spoke about a time I saw a wild lion in my garden I'd be being abit of a tit as I'm not finding out relevant information about your experience of said zoo.
  11. First things first, I don't want to share my tactic yet (if at all) as this is not what I want advice/opinions on, I simply want to discuss how people have got the best out of their wide players (either in the midfield or AM stratas). For context I am managing Napoli in my second season with the club in season six overall in the save. We came 5th last season having been one point clear at the top with 6 games to go. Quite the bottlejob. Over the course of the season we played a 5-3-2 (with a libero) and on occasion a 5-2-3 (with wide players and a lone striker). After the initial "its a libero!" excitement died down and after watching Ajax and De Jong, I decided I could get more from the player in question in a midfield role and that I did not need 3 CBs. So I knew I was going to shift to a 4 at the back shape, with at least one DM. I also noticed our narrowness (even on wider width settings) so I decided we were going to play with wide players in one of the two stratas in order to stretch the play better. However I'm struggling to get much output from the wide men regardless of role or duty, etc. So I was wondering how other people have gotten success from their wingers, not necessarily by the way of goals and assists, more general contribution to the play and build up, with and without the ball. As I said at the start, I don't want to talk about my tactic just yet, as it is not what I'm here to discuss, I want to talk about wide players (role/duty/strata/etc.) Cheers
  12. Is it just me that really fancies him as an IWB-A (or support) on the left?
  13. Cheers mate. Knew youd be able to explain it. Hadnt considered the ffp at all, I'm usually pretty direct and rather take the money upfront. In fact, the only clauses I usually take are high percentage of next sale and a buy back; explains why I've broke ffp a few times. Quality advice. Cheers
  14. Alright mate. Firstly what a quality thread. Just a quick question about the deals really. I get why your selling the players, but find the fact that the upfront fee is nothing abit odd, or at least Ive not encountered it before. Any chance you could explain why? I'm sure its a really good reason, just I can't figure it out. Cheers
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