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  1. I've seen people make some really good replication tactics. The day that the AI managers in FM can produce a good approximation of their own tactics is the day that the game reaches another level for me. But I'm not expecting that soon.
  2. My uncharitable opinion is that SI being kind and trying to keep the game playable on old computers for their specific customer group is holding them back and limiting their progress. And now this is their established practice, they have to follow it because such a large portion of their customer base expects their computer to be able to run it and they risk alienating them if it significantly changes. I think it's great the game is so accessible to people, I just wish I could see what the game might look like if they pushed the boat out on specs.
  3. If I remember the fuss a few years back, wasn't that a completely separate 2D graphics engine that they discontinued because they were finding it tricky to maintain 2 versions of it? So they won't bring it back. But it would be good if they could spruce up the existing 2D one that does indeed look a bit drab. Edit: Apparently FM18 changed from primarily 2D converted to 3D to being mostly 3D with a 2D skin. So they had to scrap the nice looking 2D view for the sake of progressing the rest of the game. Reference as to why it was done:
  4. Not sure if this is the place to post this or if it's just going to get lost. But SciSports have announced a partnership with Football Manager and posted a couple of new xG screenshots on their website. Same type of thing from the trailer, just more of the screen. Screen 1: "We didn't put out a good performance according to xG, as our total xG was noticeably lower than our opponent's. We had a similar number of chances to Sheff Utd; however, disappointingly we converted them at a worse rate than our opponent. We had fewer individual high quality chances than our opposition, which is
  5. I've been playing some FM17 recently because it was one of the last times Schalke had a good side (I miss Huntelaar) and wanted to play an A League save with Tim Cahill. I've really struggled to get into it though and actually get my team playing how I want, conversely to what others say. Maybe because I'm not going for possession based systems? I definitely think different versions lend themselves to certain playstyles more than others, so guess people will always favour a version where their playstyle was king. That said, I do really enjoy the stadiums for the 2D mode and I do miss that
  6. I don't necessarily mind the shift to visual instead of hard figures, I just hope they consider the colour blind among us with whatever they implement if we're supposed to judge based on glancing at a coloured meter.
  7. What bloated features? They haven't introduced any new features in the teaser, just implied refining features such as analysis (xG) and interactions. If they're refining features instead of adding brand new ones, why the pessimism that the match engine will be left out? In fact the fact that they are not leading with new headline features suggests that they have been working on the core of the game, which is what everyone seems to have been asking for in these threads. I fully expect this to be the new metric that everybody defines tactics by now. Particularly if they have xG ag
  8. How is the fitness these days? Haven't played Internationally this edition but I remember in past having problems where you'd have 2 games close together and all your key players would be too exhausted for the 2nd one.
  9. Cheers, I might give that try and see how it works. I've just left the GK distribution unchanged at the moment
  10. Attacking Target Men! Who knew right? Thanks for this post, it has been of great help for me as I've been trying to get York into the Premier League playing a 442 with a TM the entire time but have stagnated in the Championship. Tweaked my tactic to match yours and it's breathed some new life into my side. I'd still been getting decent results with the TM(s) but the TM(a) seems to have lifted their game. I'd also been hedging on both higher tempo and slightly more direct but dropping the tempo and going full direct actually seems to work better for me. I'm still experimenting whether I ha
  11. Yeah to an extent. Attributes receive different weighting depending on their position (IIRC), so their CA as a striker is mostly based on their striker attributes. However it is still possible to have a Premier League quality advanced forward who is rated as a Championship player by your scouts because his hold up and creative play bring the assessment down. If you're not asking him to hold the ball and create, but instead run in behind, then the scout report is misleading. The higher his passing and technique, the more likely he is to pull off the brilliant passes that he sees
  12. Depends what you want from an attacking Sweeper Keeper? If you want them to come flying out of the box to mop up loose balls and bring the ball forward themselves in a Neuer type sense then Eccentricity can help with that. If you want them to keep it simple, stay near the goals and pass it off to your defenders instead of bringing it out themselves, then go for lower. From what I understand, the higher the eccentricity, the more likely they are to act like an outfield player at times with all the brilliance and madness associated with that and the less likely anyone knows what they're goi
  13. If Anticipation doesn't grow much, that might explain why it's been left behind by other attributes like Positioning in a couple of my prospects. Thanks for the answer!
  14. How important is Anticipation for defenders? I've always thought it fairly important for reading the game but it can only be focus trained through 'Off the Ball' which indicates it might be more important for attackers. The online manual says: Anticipation How well a player can predict and react to an event. If a player has a high attribute here he can read the game well and react to situations quicker than others. It also has a significant effect on a player’s awareness and whether they identify space for themselves to play in as well as reacting to signs of danger created by the oppon
  15. True, though what better time to learn new skills like kit making :P
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