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  1. This is the main thing from my reading of this thread and experiences. It's not so much the amount or conversion ratio that bugs me, just the exaggeration of the misses. Watching games and highlights, you see most long shots miss but a lot of them tend to be fairly close. You can see what the player was trying and if it'd just curled a bit more or been slightly lower (etc.) then it may have caused real problems. They're usually close enough that you feel like it may have been half a chance and that one of them might go in and you're happy enough for them to keep trying. In FM, too many of them go way off target, which IRL would cause the manager to explode if they kept wasting the attack without getting anywhere near the target (and the players would start trying to get closer to the goal before shooting to make sure they at least hit the target). All SI need to do is reduce the margin of the miss, which I'm sure they're looking at.
  2. Yeah I thought it was around 25 minutes and have been trying to make subs on 55, 60 and 65 to make sure they all get a rating. If they're not on long enough to gain a rating, does that mean they don't gain any notable experience (for either development or happiness)?
  3. Good read. Looking forward to trying out the role when I have a more suitable system. Just the one question though, I swear I read a post from one of the developer's here (and a quick search shows moderators referencing it) that game time matters once they reach 18, not 17?
  4. Selling players

    Trouble selling players always seems to be a topic where players worry about how tricky it is. I find the thing that annoys me most is the low board/fan confidence for selling players below value. The fans may think they were a good squad rotation option, but they were 5th choice, never going to be picked and in the top half of my wage structure. And the board wants to earn back more than they payed 5 seasons ago when he was a star player.
  5. Nice, I've been doing something quite similar to that Forged in Steel tactic except with a CM (D) instead of CM (S) and WB instead of CWB. Brought in Craig Forsyth for 950k who is great but may have been unneeded with Williams and Hart... Rotating Bennett with Caddis at RWB, though I would have preferred Bennett further forward and not sure how Conway fits in on his return. Trying to retrain Chapman as a CM (A). He doesn't really fit in to the formation but his wages aren't too high. I am slightly nervous of the fact that the majority of the team has been listed as First Team players. Means I've got a quality bench I suppose but they all want game time!
  6. What formation did you go with? Any key players?
  7. Fluid will make them more compact and more of a whole team, total football approach. Structured will have more space between players so that your defenders are always in a good defensive position and your strikers are always ready to attack. But they won't support each other as much. Having said that, I always struggle settling on shape and mentality. Flexible tends to work fine most of the time though.
  8. Started a multiplayer game with Blackburn last night. Not far into it but have struggled deciding on a tactic due to key players starting injured and a lack of depth out wide (RB, LM/LW). Currently going with a 5-3-2 but also considering 4-4-2, 4-3-1-2 or 4-2-3-1.
  9. Always been interested in trying a Hearts save. What style of play do they lend to?
  10. Sorry for the lack of reply! I appreciate the response I was trying to find a way between alternating between a right-footed and left-footed player on the same side without changing how my team plays every other game but I've since stuck to switching between the 2 roles and haven't had any problems.
  11. What happens when you play someone wide on the wrong foot? Will they naturally look to come inside despite role instructions? I've been trying to test (FM17) wrong-footed wingers to see if they're playing like wingers or a hybrid winger-IF (coming inside sometimes but not as often as an IF). Players with cut inside PPM seem to act more like a hybrid, while normal players just seem less effective. Just trying to make sense of what I'm seeing and wondering if anyone has a simple answer.
  12. Who To Manage?

    Some random points of interest about the teams: Accrington - Longest time spent in the division Barnet - London team Carlisle - Up near the Scottish border, one of the most successful teams in the EFL Trophy Chesterfield - Previous League 1 side. Hold the record for League 2/Fourth Division wins (4) Exeter - From Devon, a chance to make the corner of England your own. Grimsby - Managed by Bill Shankly Mansfield - Main team in Mansfield (~100,000 people)? Will have to vie with Nottingham Forest for bragging rights. Notts County - Oldest professional club in the world Port Vale - Previous League 1 side. One of the few clubs not named after a geographical location. Hold the record for longest time spent in the football league without reaching the top tier. Have had a strong rivalry with Stoke which could be fun to rekindle. Yeovil - Have fallen from the Championship only recently and have potential to return.
  13. Yeah, definitely sounds like you want the big, in depth simulation, which is fair enough! Haven't played full FM18 yet, so unfortunately I can't really help there.
  14. As stated previously, Touch removes most social interactions like press conferences, team talks and dynamics. This can make it harder to arrest a bad run as you're restricted in how you can increase morale. Otherwise Touch condenses a lot of things. Scouting goes straight to 100% overnight, youth teams are combined into a reserve team, tutoring is auto-assigned, staff are limited to one per area and are presumed to keep their own teams beneath them, there are no home grown rules or FFP, and there is no tactical familiarity which means you can freely change things up over the season (and lots of people use Touch to test tactics for full). Otherwise it's the same I believe. I play it on tablet sometimes as well, but I prefer the PC version with extra leagues and bigger screen (and mouse). I wouldn't necessarily call it easier, just quicker and more streamlined. Full FM is a far more detailed simulator and the editor allows lots more possibilities. FM Touch takes a step back for improved playability. It's still a great game, it just nitpicks less. I keep finding myself going back to it, just because I can play the game more and get further into a save instead of getting caught up in juggling everything around the club. I tend to do 1 save on full and a couple of different ones on Touch. IMO FMT is definitely the best option for online/network play.