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  1. Yeah, definitely sounds like you want the big, in depth simulation, which is fair enough! Haven't played full FM18 yet, so unfortunately I can't really help there.
  2. As stated previously, Touch removes most social interactions like press conferences, team talks and dynamics. This can make it harder to arrest a bad run as you're restricted in how you can increase morale. Otherwise Touch condenses a lot of things. Scouting goes straight to 100% overnight, youth teams are combined into a reserve team, tutoring is auto-assigned, staff are limited to one per area and are presumed to keep their own teams beneath them, there are no home grown rules or FFP, and there is no tactical familiarity which means you can freely change things up over the season (and lots of people use Touch to test tactics for full). Otherwise it's the same I believe. I play it on tablet sometimes as well, but I prefer the PC version with extra leagues and bigger screen (and mouse). I wouldn't necessarily call it easier, just quicker and more streamlined. Full FM is a far more detailed simulator and the editor allows lots more possibilities. FM Touch takes a step back for improved playability. It's still a great game, it just nitpicks less. I keep finding myself going back to it, just because I can play the game more and get further into a save instead of getting caught up in juggling everything around the club. I tend to do 1 save on full and a couple of different ones on Touch. IMO FMT is definitely the best option for online/network play.
  3. [Germany] (Official) Data Issues

    I have 2 concerns about Schalke player attributes. How come Ralf Fahrmann only has a leadership of 9? He's been part of the leadership group for a while and is now the permanent team captain after he and Goretzka (Ld: 14) were asked to step up. I can understand him not being the best captain in the league but he's ranked 13th (!) in the team. Secondly I feel like a concentration of 8 is a little harsh on Thilo Kehrer. I know he's young and makes some mistakes, but as a first team regular he's not that bad. It also makes him really difficult to develop like real life, particularly on FMT where you have no control over tutoring. In both these cases, the players don't seem to have been changed at all since FM17 despite big differences to their circumstances in the meantime (captain promotion and regular playing time).
  4. So you mainly limit their use to the midfield where they have hard working players around them to offset their limitations? Since creating this thread I've played several games with Parma on FMT, a team with a lot of players over 30 (and a couple over 35), who are all leading players or good for the division above. I've found that I didn't have as much problem with the defensive line as I feared, mostly leaving it on normal, as their reading and positioning mostly cut out the threat. Biggest problem I had was when I tried pushing the opposition's defence as this encouraged a long ball clearance over the top and it was just plain depressing watching their striker run past my defenders for a 1v1. Also tried to play some pace in the fullback slots, though this also had problems with 1 of my younger fullbacks having poor marking and consistently getting beaten down his side and late runs into the box killed my defenders. I struggled more getting use out of my main striker (Calaio), as he was sometimes isolated up top in a 4-3-3. Good finishing and passing, but slow and poor dribbling. Retraining him to play AM but I don't know how to include that position without going strikerless as I don't want to go too top heavy and force the opposition to play over my defenders (4-4-1-1 I suppose if I retrain the wide players). Played him as a DLF trying to get others working off him but it meant he was inconsistent. He ended up 8th on the goal scoring list, despite being the best striker in the league, and going through some lengthy droughts that shot his confidence. But that might be more down to me struggling to get a grip on the tactics. It didn't help that both young (faster) strikers I had were AF with poor creativity so trying to balance the tactic was a pain. In the end, I mostly restricted the TI to shorter passing and work ball into box. Shorter passing helped cut out some of the risky crossfield passes which were exposing my slow defenders when they got picked off in the middle and I was committed forward, work ball into box was needed because I was trying to discourage long shots past the organised opposition defenders by the time I got forward. Tried lower tempo, retain possession, early crosses, roam from position and more closing down at various times but none really worked. So slower defenders were alright, though I'm looking to bring in a quicker partner. Slow striker caused me more problems, as it meant attacks had to be more patient and I needed players running past him from deeper.
  5. Good point on adjusting based on their direct opponent for the upcoming game @Draakon. It's not something I do enough of. Not sure I agree. Managers set their teams up lots of different ways, trying to emphasise their strengths and diminish their weaknesses, or just playing to a certain philosophy. Some teams will press high up the pitch and try and play in their opponent's half, while others will be more disciplined and drop deeper into their own half to set up their defence instead of chasing the ball. Some managers look to release their attackers quickly, while others get annoyed if their team ever plays long from defence. It's not just the best team that wins. And I definitely disagree with listening to Assistant Manager. They report on statistical trends, not necessarily something specific to the tactic. Just because my CBs are winning headers does not mean I want to play high balls to my strikers. Nor do I want to follow his advice to go from direct passing to retain possession to shoot on site.
  6. Most likely I am overcomplicating things. That's why I was after something simple like "if the spine is slow, then you'll need to use the flanks more". Trying to build something, not just win. However, I don't understand this: Isn't that only useful if you're sitting deep and have quick attackers you want to play in behind before the other team sets up?
  7. I want to ask how people make good use of older players, particularly in lower leagues where you’re working with what you’ve got. Often, some of my best players will have good technical and mentals but poor physicals. When this includes both the striker(s) and the centre backs I’m not sure how to set them up. With poor pace for strikers, I would plan to push high, so they’re relying more on their movement and finishing than chasing through balls. However, I don’t want to push slow centre backs up either, lest they get exposed with long balls. But I can’t really sit too deep with them either or I isolate the striker. I’ve tried possession style tactics to work it up towards the forward with players around him, but I’ve struggled to implement it properly in lower leagues where my team might be technically good for the level but still unreliable. My team can tend to struggle to break down a settled opponent, mishit a pass and then get opened up on the counter. I've tried just leaving things generic with no TI but this tends to be very inconsistent. I'm up to the point now where I'm just overthinking everything. Would really appreciate some general advice on what approach others have taken when the team spine is fairly slow.
  8. Oh ok, that's interesting. Didn't know that!
  9. Ok, thanks. So it would seem like a good idea to consider subbing off low concentration players, everything else being equal.
  10. What does Concentration do exactly? I have seen it suggested that lower concentration causes the player to make more mistakes (they zone in and out a bit). I've also seen it suggested that low concentration causes more mistakes once they're tired (struggle to maintain focus over time). In the first situation, you know that putting the player in your team will cause the odd slip up during the game. In the second situation, this can be mitigated by subbing the player off once tired or just using him as a sub in the first place. Meaning that when managing substitutions you would be looking at Concentration along with Decisions when deciding who to withdraw.
  11. Cheers. Looks like nationalities participating outside their league is the closest thing then! (Like Lichtenstein, New Zealand, Wales...)
  12. Nobody has any suggestions for anything close to the Basque situation?
  13. First FM Team

    Middlesbrough on FM14 (I think). I knew a little about them as they had a few Aussies and I liked to follow their results. First team I tried that I didn't know anything about was RC Strasbourg Alsace. Went looking for a non-English "fallen giant". Now that they've finally made it back to Ligue 1 I can see some of their games on tv
  14. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    I'm actually of the opposite mind, considering one last save with them before they drop below playable leagues in FM18
  15. Just curious whether there are any other 2nd nationalities in the game similar to Basque? As in a culture on a regional level rather than a country. Nothing jumped out at me searching through the (lengthy) player search lists, nor with internet searching. Cultures like Catalan or Breton don't seem to be in the game and I assume Basque wouldn't be either without Athletic Bilbao. You could potentially sift by location of birth, but I can't see an easy way to do that long term. Have I missed or overlooked anything? The closest I can think of would be someone like Wellington Phoenix or Vaduz, teams playing in a foreign country.