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  1. This is probably the last thing that causes me to impulsively move towards reloading. I've learnt to take bad and crucial losses in stride, but the fear of crippling the development (or just ability) of one of my favourite players is intense. And I guess that just comes back to how lenient to make the game so as not to avoid sucking out the fun for more casual players. The other factor I feel allows players to perform much better than their actual clubs (besides being able to accurately rate every single players entire strengths and weaknesses) is the fact that the player as manager has complete control over everything about the club with no real accountability except for sacking. Being able to get players to easily move location to join your team seems like a valid concern, but I haven't played in those type of countries to comment.
  2. Ah well, it's a shame as I normally have more time on the PC version and prefer to watch and control the game myself, even if only on limited highlights. Still, thanks for the response!
  3. Bump @Lucas Weatherby. Should creating a Match Plan be available on tablet? Also, thanks very much for your help understanding it.
  4. I can only see the option to create Match Plans on the PC version, not the tablet? Which doesn't make much sense to me because it's when I'm playing on the tablet that I'm more inclined to sim games (whereas PC I'll control the games on key at least). Bug or limitation?
  5. That's odd. I just simulated with no match plan on tablet and all 3 subs were made (around the 70th minute). Or am I misunderstanding you? As it is, it would seem the 'no match plan' is the best way to go if you've got a more specialised tactic that requires specific team structures while specific match plans are good if your tactic is more flexible. I'm trying to play a save during work lunch breaks which is why I'm looking at alternates to playing the match myself.
  6. Oh ok so match plan simulation makes subs but no match plan simulation has no subs except for injuries?
  7. Just want to clarify I understand how these work as what I've managed to find online has been a little nebulous. Also hoping it will be useful for someone else trying to understand it. Instant result: Assistant Manager will take complete control of your team, from team instructions to who plays and where. Match plan (simulate): Your squad will line up with your team instructions in their assigned positions. Assistant Manager will change mentality and team shape based on match plan situation and manage subs within the predefined roles (including shifting people between positions). Do not use match plan (simulate): Same as above but with your mentality and team shape? Not sure about the last one...
  8. Some interesting comments! It seems decisions are a bit nebulous, but it's generally not worth it for a deep midfielder but could be worth the risk for an advanced. I did try Adam as a rotation option for a season with my Villa save in a BBM/CM(a) role and he was ok but didn't do a heap. Will probably discard him before the PL campaign. So I suppose my experience with him was that the lack of decision making balanced out his good stats to make an ok player.
  9. I know in lower quality teams that you often have to take players with weaknesses and make the best of them. Something that I've been thinking about a lot recently are those players who have quite good technical stats but are let down by a poor mental, often decisions, which would seem a fairly major issue. My question is, can these players be useful or are they too flawed? Great example: Charlie Adam, a player listed at the start of the game and a viable option for Championship sides. He's got good passing, technique and vision, along with playmaking PPMs but poor decisions. What do you do with him? He can see good passes and pull them off well, but you don't really want the focal point of your team being a bad decision maker. I can only assume that would result in missing some good passing options and playing risky balls that aren't on. Are decisions less important for a DLP (who might be primarily rotating the ball around than creating chances) v a AP (who needs to create)? Is playing a different CM role viable (CM or BBM) even with playmaking PPMs or will it just cause the same problems as he tries to be a pseudo-playmaker with his attributes and PPMS? I'm interested to know what others think as I'm going around in circles in my head. I'm not sure if the technical ability mitigates the negative impact of the poor decisions or if it's unfixable. I have tried watching the ME but I'm not very good at reading it and pinpointing a cause.
  10. I used to be solely Key but have recently gone to Extended because it's more enjoyable to watch. With key, it feels like most of the highlights are goals or a last ditch intervention, so I already know roughly what happens once the highlight starts and I see which team has possession. With extended I'm genuinely interested in the highlight as I don't know if it's going to result in a score or not.
  11. Been playing a Villa game as a secondary save on my laptop. Won the Championship smoothly but now I'm expected to finish top half of the Premier League with only 2 players rated 'decent' for the level by my ass. man. I've been given 15 mill and hopefully I can offload some extra deadwood but still... 2 transfers I brought in were great for me. Tim Sparv (850k) was solid in DM rotating with Jedinak. Can also play CB as well which is handy, though just be aware of his terrible acceleration. The other was Richie Towell (700k) from Brighton, who though recommended as a DLP, was great for me as a CM(a) rotating with Lansbury meaning I had 2 good ball players attacking from deep. Other observations about Villa: Kodjia was more effective for me up top than Hogan, despite Hogan being a 'key player'. It might be worth looking at his squad status to prevent unhappiness if you're using him on the bench. Hourihane, Bjarnson and Lansbury are all great CMs for the championship. Agbhonlahor, Hutton and Richards are all on massive wages and are unlikely to be first team players. Unfortunately they are hard to shift and I ended up resorting to wage-paying loans to free up my wage budget. You will need a goalkeeper plan. Sam Johnstone is only on loan for a season, while Gollini is out for 2 seasons. Jed Steer is ok but not high enough quality for the PL.
  12. Not much in the way of PPMs besides running down left and getting forward when possible that he starts with, trying to teach him long flat throws at the minute. Knocks ball past opponent could be good, though dribbling 12 is not the worst. Good call on Kolasinac as a holding midfielder though. Good stats for the position compared to Stambouli/Romero I've been playing there. I was also half interested in a new LW player, so the idea of Rodriguez helping there is also useful!
  13. Training roles

    1. As far as I am aware there is no difference between Touch and full in this case. They will have different levels of comfort in different positions. However, the roles and how many segments are filled is merely the assistant manager's interpretation of how well he can fulfil the given role. This is worked out by averaging the highlighted traits for the role and so is a basic guide to what he's good at but not a be all and end all. For example, players are often rated as playmakers due to good passing but can often be better in a CM role. 2. When you select the role training, it highlights which attributes are being trained for that role on the training screen. These are the ones likely to improve. More specialised roles with fewer attributes will increase faster than more general ones spread over a lot.
  14. Thanks for the replies! Good to know that if I do go down that route I'm not setting myself up for massive squad problems. @enigmatic - no wage match clauses in the squad thankfully. I hate that clause and avoid it wherever possible. Kolasinac has been good for me, however his strengths are in great marking/tackling while his crossing etc. is poor. Playing behind an IF on the left (Konoplyanka/Tello), I was looking to bring in a full/wing back able to play wide and overlap the IF. Not sure if I would be able to keep them both happy, ironically I think I'd use Kolasinac against the better teams to be more defensively solid.
  15. So I'm in my 3rd pre-season as Schalke and I need a new LB as Kolasinac is the only one on my books and he's quite defensive. Pushing towards Bundesliga title but not at the same quality as Bayern yet, though getting some decent quality in depth. I have 2 sussed options for a LB, Ricardo Rodgriguez who looks great except for dribbling (only 14.75 mill pounds) or Zeca from Santos (~10 mill) who is pretty well rounded and a better attacker. They're 25 and 24 respectively. The main difference is the wage demands. So Zeca is happy to take a First Team or Rotation option for a bit over 30k a week. On the other hand, Rodriguez is complicated as he wants more than my board will allow me to pay, so it's trying to squeeze him in at 125k a week, with a max 5.5 signing on fee and lots of big clauses. Part of my hesitation is that only 2 of my players earn over 67k a week (93k and 99k) and appearance fees are around 15-20k but Rodriguez wants double that... Anyway, that's my context. My question is, if I do bring Rodriguez in on ridiculously high wages, will that unsettle the rest of the squad? Will they then kick up a fuss and want pay rises and such as well, either now or when their contracts come up for renewal? I think I'm doing pretty well with wages but I can't afford for them all to blow out. Also I'm playing on FMT, not sure if that impacts the situation... I've got the money to spend and nowhere else pressing to spend it, so part of me wants to nail down the position for the next 5 years. But not if it causes further problems...