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  1. I can't see how this would be that challenging to implement and seems like it's absolutely in the style of FMT. Even FIFA has this. Am I missing something? I know it's been mentioned several times on the wishlist thread and elsewhere.
  2. Bump. Is a False 9 in game just a more fluid DLF? Does he actually drag defenders out to make space (or receive passes in the hole if they don't follow)? Because I can't get the role to work anything like the description.
  3. FMT won't end. They just seem to view it as only a tablet game. Removing league restrictions and full match view are the only differences I know of between pc and tablet. Therefore it doesn't need to be marketed until the store release and even then it's aimed at players who want a portable version of the full game. It's also one of the main reasons we don't have an editor even for the pc, because they won't release something for pc only and they don't think it's workable on tablets yet. I still feel like the cross save feature could be utilised to allow people to use a limited (no adding leagues unfortunately) pc only version of the editor then transfer the edited save back to the tablet. Just editing the numbers shouldn't change performance too much. This year I've finally succumbed and will be trying to play the full game with assistant taking over press conferences and such. I'm skeptical about how well it will work but I can't knock it until I try it.
  4. So our only promo, the screenshots on the website, aren't even taken from the FMT game? Wow...
  5. Ouch. Up against last year's finalists and the supposed challenger to Juventus. I'm not sure that you could design a tougher group... Enjoying the GIFs btw!
  6. Are there any under-the-hood instructions for the False Nine position? I know that playmakers, target man, half back and carrilero all have special settings but I'm not aware of anything else. Been tinkering with a False Nine in a 4-1-2-3 on FM18 but it just seems to play like a DLF(s) without the holds up ball in possession. This is what the role instructions would seem to suggest but not the description. I'm having more luck playing strikerless with a SS.
  7. @Keyzer Soze Don't give up hope just yet. Tutoring seems to have been revamped as part of the new training module. So if we get some version of the new training there may very well be some form of tutoring interaction included!
  8. Would be perfect. Have it automatically assigned like training currently is, and give us the option to change things ourselves. It's not even adding something new to the game (as tutoring is already implemented), it's just giving us the ability to interact with it.
  9. I've seen a couple of posts (either here or in the GD forums) by users saying that because there is no new specific FMT content that there is no need for announcements as all the information is already covered in the existing full fat discussions. @herne79 No worries, as you can see, we are all desperate for information!
  10. Depends what you mean by full control over tutoring. As per my suggestion higher, I'm happy for it to be automatically assigned but give us the chance to change it so those of us who want to finesse it or work on a couple of specific promising youngsters can, while others can ignore it as they wish.
  11. Is that actually confirmed? I haven't seen anything to mention whether training is changing to match the full game or staying similar to try and keep it streamlined. It also looks like (from screenshots) that Tactical Familiarity is being introduced this year for the first time which seems odd as it had been intentionally left out of previous versions. Everyone who says that nothing needs to be announced because it's already been announced for the full game are clearly missing the point that only some new features get ported to Touch and we have no clue what until the game releases.
  12. Cal585

    Switching to FMT

    There were a lot more injuries introduced this year into both the Full and Touch versions. Mainly small and short injuries and still under real life levels, though it has caused a lot of criticism and complaints of it being unrealistic. The main difference between Full and Touch is that the editor allows you to mitigate injuries to your preference on full while you need to purchase unlockables on Touch (or use a non-SI editor on computer). @grade What do you mean you can't change it? I've got it set to Benfica on mine but it removes the nickname. Or do you mean that it's restricted on Apple computers/devices?
  13. Cal585

    Cheapest place to buy FM19

    Is Steam the best bet? I'm struggling to find anything cheaper...
  14. Cal585

    Cheapest place to buy FM19

    Does it matter what country you're from as long as you get the code?
  15. Cal585

    Leagues to dominate.

    Fair enough, though I notice you've thrown out both Basel and Young Boys in separate posts The good thing about the Swiss League in this case is the smaller league and the winner goes straight into CL group stage.