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  1. When you buy players, they will resist all transfer moves for a while. So signing players on a free and then selling them on doesn't always work as sometimes they are prepared to wait for over a season before agreeing to leave again.
  2. To be fair, Football Manager has always provided plenty of information and options and never been great at clarifying what is important. This is not limited to this issue but has been a criticism for years. My understanding of all the personal interactions is that it will give slight temporary boosts but the effect is pretty negligible in the scheme of things. Useful for tweaking things and gaining a player's loyalty or for people who want to make use of every single advantage but if you don't make much use of it, you're not really going to be penalised.
  3. Might just be a run of bad luck? It's become a thing with a friend of mine that we can't both do well at the same time. One of us will be challenging for the title while the other is mid-table and trying to avoid being sacked. And then it will completely reverse the next season/half a season where one of us will break their losing streak and go on a 5 game winning streak while the undefeated team suddenly can't buy a win. Most of my sackings have been online. Mind you, this is FMT which tends to be a bit streakier and reliant on form/morale.
  4. Hi looking for some feedback on the UI of the Switch and suggestions on which system the game runs better on? I own a S2 8" which I played FMT17 on but it felt a bit small and accessing drop down menus is frustrating. I also own a Switch but I'm not convinced that the game would suit the system as such. Does it make it easier to navigate around? Can you cross-save on the Switch as well?
  5. Not seen a test but it's been stated before that from 18+ a player's development prioritises match experience over training (though both are still important). However this is playing at an appropriate level. Players will still develop on the youth team but the poorer quality of the matches (at youth/reserve level) they are playing will see a slower development than if they play in the first team or go out on loan (which has it's own problems with lack of control).
  6. I'm Australia. Was a struggle finding somewhere that sold here, and when they listed it as global I got excited, more fool me.
  7. I preordered with them before they changed/update the page to EU only. Obviously didn't work and they gave me a refund and communicated with me so good from that perspective. Negative was that it took just over a week and a few emails before they actually did something (instead of the 48 hours advised).
  8. Can we talk about the fact that he's only rated 2nd in your team for AM?
  9. Bit late to the party but I've finally resolved my purchasing problems and finally played a few games. Reading this thread I was feeling quite pessimistic and worried booting up the game, coming into FM19 with such high hopes and wondering if I needed to wait for a patch to play. It may be early days but I'm enjoying the game so far. Some of the smaller UI and match changes like the curling ball (and I'm seeing more variation in things like the ball off the inside of the post and keeper following up the 2nd ball) are fantastic and make it feel like an improvement on FM18. Not to ignore some of the valid ME criticisms but I'm still able to enjoy it at the moment and not feeling any urgent need to revert to FM18.
  10. Interested to hear people's thoughts on the new tactical styles? Seems a bit of a shift from what a lot of people had been saying in regards to tactics. Previously the common view was in favour of a minimalist approach to team instructions, only changing a couple of things here and there but keeping it standard. New tactical styles seem to apply lots of team instructions to govern each phase and impose the style. Have tried recreating some on FM18 but been a little hesitant having so many TI!
  11. I'm not 100% sure but I believe that it operates by player/league reputation so that the bigger the database size, the further it increases the threshold to include lesser known players. Here's an example (though from FMT18 so it might be slightly different) Starting a career as Liverpool with only English leagues loaded. Small - 6.15k. Medium - 8.95k. Large - 11.95k. Looking at FC Lorient in the French 2nd division... Small has an empty roster Medium we start to see some players Large they've got practically the full team
  12. I wish you could filter by squad status though. I feel like there's a lot of noise to the average values with all the backup players included (from AI teams as well). But it's my go to for working out what Pos and OTB I want on my first team by comparing them to the highest league value.
  13. Teams that are normally filled with grey players on small databases will now have real players as well.
  14. I imagine for the same reason that people want to remove Brexit and other such things. You might like a team or a place and want to play a save there but not enjoy the restrictions as much as elsewhere. Or maybe play as a club that is lower down but by giving MLS promotion/relegation then you can build your favourite teams up like other parts of the world. I mean, it's not just a game with varying numbers and rules. It can be fun to immerse yourself in the world and the club, and different people have different preferences.
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