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  1. I was looking at some of the preset tactics like the infamous Gegenpress and thinking how many maxed out instructions are included for things like closing down, DL, LoE etc. When I try creating my own tactics I tend to try and stick in the middle ground, maybe moving things up a notch, playing on Positive mentality instead of Attacking (or even Very Attacking) or more urgent pressing but rarely go all the way let alone on multiple related values. Wondering if others do tend to go a bit stronger on their TI and whether that works for them? It seems to work in the case of Gegenpress while my cus
  2. It always means more if you can utilise long serving players. They add more character to your team. Sure you can bring in a couple of generic players but it doesn't mean as much as using a long term club servant who has been there through thick and thin. And anyone investing enough time and effort to get from the bottom to the top is probably invested in their club's story. Realistically though you'd probably have to be a fallen giant with really good training facilities or buy a previously loaned player for them to be relevant for your club at the different levels.
  3. I'd guess it'd be a more specialised instruction if you're wanting to form a compact defence and not have your players pulled out of their lines. Deny the opposition space to play into. Passive defence is always risky though. Exploit the flanks is mostly what you're looking for. Wide attacking width will help in that your players will spread the play to create more space for teammates but may hinder overlaps if you are too wide and your player is already on the line and can only play it back inside. Roles will also help. A wide playmaker will attract the ball and a Mezalla will also dr
  4. On my FM20 York save I think I only have the 1 player left and he came in as a youngster after my promotion to the Vanarama National. I am impressed you have kept 3, as generally the gulf in quality is just too much for most players. Whenever I've done it before it's always been with quite specialised players who play above their ability would suggest. My CB came through as a really promising wonderkid who had great decisions and focused defensive attributes. But even he's not really up to the level I need and is struggling to make the bench
  5. I'm not sure that'd be much different in terms of conceding long shots than a higher DL+standard LoE+narrow width+more urgent pressing. Taking your example of instructions and just changing the DL I wouldn't expect to see much of a direct change to long shots. Maybe lower or much lower DL because it'd drag the LoE down but that can be compensated for by central holding roles who are prepared to close down around the box whether through TI (pressing/get stuck in) or PI or the type of role. Sure you'd indirectly see it because it'd mess up your compactness (I always try and keep DL/LoE similar t
  6. Yeah, the DL will have some impact on your LoE but the LoE itself, your pressing intensity and roles will have much more of an impact on preventing long shots than the DL
  7. DL is mostly how high your defensive unit pushes up in support when you have the ball and where they begin their defence when you lose the ball. Not how far your line drops, so don't think it'd affect long shots directly. Aggression I think would also be the most useful attribute here (along with bravery so they actually challenge), as it will impact how eager your players are to close down.
  8. To be fair to FM20, I've had a lot more success since realising that I should be focussing on the Line of Engagement and not the Defensive Line when playing defensive. I thought the DL was how far the defence dropped when out of possession rather than how high they pushed in possession and I don't think I'm the only one that made that mistake.
  9. So they won't actually grow much once they've passed their peak even if they take a step up in facilities and standard? That's a shame, I guess I will stick with the younger ones who are less likely to be past their "development age range" as Seb puts it in the thread. I understand that it can happen if you get the right type of player with a late development, but seems to random to hope for. I'm sure SI will keep refining the system though to make it more dynamic.
  10. Is that a thing that exists in game? If I'm a 2nd division team, can I take a 27 year old failed potential player from the 3rd division (playing at that level), improve him, using my superior facilities and match experience, to be a leading member of my team and sell him on to the top division? Theoretically this should be possible due to players not developing due to injuries or lack of quality match experience at younger ages, but I've never really managed a heap of growth once they've hit 24, regardless of the development opportunities I've given them. I always assumed this was because they
  11. I'm kinda the opposite of a lot of people here in that I have played purely FMT over the last several years. But I'm trying to push myself into the Full FM version this year. Bit on the fence still as I am trying to convince myself that the extra detail and immersion is worth the extra micromanagement but the experience has not yet been quite as enjoyable. I used to enjoy multiple saves in different leagues for each version but now I totally understand where people are coming from when they say they have 1 main save per edition. It's so much heavier and slower! But I'm a bit annoyed at how SI
  12. Confused about Schalke's financial status in the game. They seem to have a starting balance of €91.35 million and are listed as one of the top 10 "Rich" clubs in Germany. Surprised about this considering their well known financial turmoil at the moment. Is there something I'm missing? Unless this is a problem related to me playing the Demo instead of the full game, in which case ignore me
  13. To be fair they did say they will announce the features over the next 2 weeks which seems like it might be better than we've had previously where we've pieced it together ourselves! Looking forward to seeing what they announce
  14. Glad to hear it's working out well for you! Tactic looks a lot more balanced and you seem to have been able to tweak the areas you identified to improve upon. Not sure you'd be able to gain much more impetus with your current system without just upgrading the players.
  15. I believe there was a thread last year sometime discussing a potential editor and SI's response was that their current stance and vision for FMT was that it should be the same experience and game across all the platforms. They acknowledged that a PC tended to have higher capabilities, hence the removal of the 3 league limitation, but didn't want to make any disparity beyond that. An editor could be created for the PC version (though would require time and resources) but there isn't yet a feasible way to make it available to other platforms and they don't want to introduce feature disparity.
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