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  1. Give more power to your DoF such as transfers and see how you do with far less power/control
  2. Ability to turn off first transfer window. Absolutely bizarre this isn't already in the game.
  3. Ah, that's annoying. I had been hoping there might have been a toggle somewhere for the scout report stars at least. Still, thank you for your response!
  4. Sorry for the confusion. Here are some images of FMT 16 and 17 showing what I'm talking about. Not having used images on these forums before, I hope these are ok. 1) Scout report on information hover (FMT16 left, FMT17 right) As you can see, the assistant manager's stars are missing from the info tooltip in FM17. To quickly get a rough idea of the players ability on a squad screen I have to fiddle with filter/view options or click into each player's profile and back out. 2) Searching taking you to search landing page rather than profile selected as in FMT16 (FMT16 left, FMT17 right) Not normally requiring more than another selection and click to get to the profile but it is slightly confusing when a suggestion comes up in the dropbox, you go to select it and suddenly the search result is half way down the list hidden amongst many others because you only got to 'hoo' before clicking and so it is ranked below suggestions like Hoon and Hoogland. As I said, these are only QoL annoyances. But neither problem occurs on the full FM and I can't see why the functionality would be removed from FMT17. I could post further screenshots from FM17 if that's helpful. P.S. I know the skins are different but they are both just standard FM skins, one light, one dark. Swapping them around makes no difference.
  5. Something that's been bugging me is the absence of scouting stars on the player tooltip (hovering over the 'i') and being able to select search results from the dropbox rather than it taking you to a screen with all search results. These are little things but they are annoyances as they were available on FMT16 and are still there for the FM17 full version. I would hope that this is just a setting somewhere that I have to enable, can anyone offer any help?
  6. That's fair. I'm leaning more towards the latest database because at least the players are updated. I know it's simulating from the start of the season and that they could turn out a similar way if they enjoy the same first half to the campaign but it just feels more accurate. Like more data has helped narrow them down further. If it was only the transfers that changed I'd probably be more inclined to go from the start of the season. It'd probably be less of an issue if I could turn off first transfer window on Touch rather than condensing 3 into 1.
  7. Curious about which database (Summer/Winter) people play with on their games? I generally tend to play on the latest update because it's more 'correct' and players have had stats/positions updated. However I'm not sure if the updated transfers are a good thing or not, as it's weird seeing some players who have just changed club twice without playing a game (if they moved Summer and Winter) and a lot more loans seem to be locked down in 17.3 which may or may not make it harder for lower teams. At the moment I'm seesawing a bit between a more accurate player database and a better 'start of season' feel. Interested to hear what others do and why.
  8. Interesting, thanks for your insight! They do have some good potential. I'm currently persisting with a 4-1-2-3 and had some early success with it, minus TI at this point. Jedinak as DM behind Bjarnson/Hourihane as BBM and Lansbury as CM:A. Quick comment on these 2, I assume you mean RB for Bacuna? (just in case I'm missing a trick). His defensive stats look a bit poor, I've been rotating him through CM and RW/RM and using Bree as my backup RB. And how do you use Agbonlahor? He doesn't seem very useful to me because I have better forwards (he seems 4th choice and there's 2 promising youngsters) and would prefer to play Adomah on the RW/RM. But I'd be interested to give him a try from a sentimental view because he's always been someone I've associated with Villa. It's odd having Hogan on a key contract and Kodija as first team because I would have ranked them the other way.
  9. Just started a Villa save on FMT with the Winter database. I notice the team's a bit different to the original database. They no longer have a lot of their strikers and have more quality in the midfield. Also quite a few players out on loan, many with frustrating sell-on clauses. Gollini for me is 5 star potential (Johnstone is 4) and we've agreed to sell him for 4 mill. I can only hope they don't take it. Thinking 4-3-3 (with a flat midfield given Jedinak being the sole DM?) or 4-5-1 and rotating Kodija and Hogan. Lack of depth out wide is concerning though but the return of Gil, Veretout and McCormack next season might indicate an inclusion of an AM at the expense of width, so I'm not even sure if it's worth reinforcing. How have others chosen to play with this squad?
  10. I know what you mean. It's a bit of a cringe worthy combination (though the stadium itself is quite nice). Still, my save is likely to be a little way off yet so there's some time to ponder. Zurich or Servette would also make great Swiss careers from the 2nd tier.
  11. Honestly, just click on the 2016-17 Champions League Wikipedia page. It tells you all the teams that qualified and where they finished. In terms of non-champions outside the big 5 leagues you have: FK Partizani Tirana - Albania - Second Qualifying Round. Last won the league in 92-93 and only qualified due to the suspension of Skënderbeu Korçë for match fixing. PAOK FC - Greece - Third Qualifying Round. Last won the league in 84-85. BSC Young Boys - Switzerland - Third Qualifying Round. Last won in 85-86. FC Rostov - Russia - Third Qualifying Round. Never won the league. FC Porto - Portugal - Play Off Round. But they did win in 12-13. Sporting - Portugal - Group Stage. Last won in 01-02. FC Steaua București, AC Sparta Prague, Fenerbahçe S.K., R.S.C. Anderlecht, Ajax and FC Shakhtar Donetsk are all non-champions that qualified but have won the league sometime in the past 3 years. Good luck picking a team. I'm planning to do a Young Boys save myself and topple the might of Basel and bring the title back to Bern.
  12. Thanks for the help! Still, thinking it might be a good idea to tick Work Ball into Box when playing with weaker crossers. Quick question that's sort of related (to Wingers anyway). Is there much difference between playing someone at LM or LW? I'd assume that the LM would be better balanced, help more defensively but will they still push forward to help with attacks? And is there any reason not to drop players back from LW to LM when lining up more defensively, even if they're (strangely) unfamiliar with the deeper role? Is the WM the deeper equivalent of the IF?
  13. Oh that's interesting. I don't think I'd picked up on Balance before but he is quite high for it! I'll have to pay far more attention to that attribute in future. Would I be correct in thinking that with pace and low crosses set as a TI, the crossing attribute is mitigated somewhat as he'll be trying to run in behind and perform easier crosses? As opposed to Whipped or Floating which might require more skill and a higher stat?
  14. Just want some help wrapping my head around the importance of the crossing attribute for wingers. I would have thought this would be one of the most important attributes for wingers because if they're taking the ball wide, they're going to have to cross it in and if they've got bad stats then they're just going to be giving it away. However, the game often lists players as being good wingers with relatively average crossing ability and I've had these players perform quite well for me in fairly standard 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 tactics (neither maximising or diminishing crossing). Obviously their other technical attributes are making up for their shortcomings. But are these exceptions or should I be able to expect to play poorer crossers out wide normally? What attributes should I be looking at to compensate? Maybe I am just under-rating scores in the low teens, but I wouldn't have thought Embolo would do so well when rotated out wide (crossing 10/11) to use a FM17 example.