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  1. Cal585

    General help questions for FM18

    You could always try offering the player to clubs for an undetermined amount and unselecting add to transfer list. That's probably your best bet to see if anyone is interested in buying him because it tells clubs you would sell, but only for the right amount. Otherwise you just have to set an Asking Price and see if anyone bids on him.
  2. Yeah, I'm guilty of ignoring consistency or important match warnings if the rest of their attributes are good. Almost like I convince myself that it won't matter and I will be able to get the best out of the player. And then suddenly I'm buying Balotelli at Liverpool
  3. Interested to hear what attributes people look at first when assessing players and what you might look at for a tiebreaker? There are a lot of attributes that are all important, but everyone has their own particular preferences. When I started playing the game I was all about technicals. Now that I'm more experienced it's always mentals. First thing I will check is Off The Ball/Positioning. As more of a tiebreaker (stat I'd prefer to be high but can manage lower) I look to Determination.
  4. It should apply to all new saves. At least it does on my PC.
  5. Cal585

    Difference in worth

    While I mostly agree, it does seem to affect wage demands. In my Schalke save, I played for a few years before winning the Bundesliga a 2nd time and going deep into Champions League. This must have raised my reputation above a threshold because suddenly the majority of my squad leapt up in value (becoming closer to England) and what had been a relatively modest budget for a big team suddenly shot up as every contract negotiation for the now increased value players wanted higher wages. For example, off the top of my head I think Embolo doubled his value and wanted a 50% increase in wages.
  6. Thanks. I'll give your suggestion a try next time I play with my mate. I normally make subs without pausing, while he always pauses first which might explain why it normally impacts him.
  7. It's happened to me a few times. Not every time or we'd just make the house rule of "no subs". But it really sucks and is fairly common
  8. Cal585

    What's your manager name?

    If I'm managing in an English speaking country I will use either my real name or middle name + maternal name or some combination thereof, with Australian nationality. If I'm managing in a foreign country then I will usually just go on a random name generator until I come across a combination that I like. Only other alternative is when I'm trying to roleplay a bit more like my Savoy game where I named myself after one of the historical dukes.
  9. How quickly do you go through the days? I play FMT online with a mate and even that gets frustrating at times if one of us is doing some heavy scouting or match preparation.
  10. Cal585

    FM18: FC Schalke 04 - Closing the Loop

    Well I managed to see out the season undefeated and even sneak a 1-0 win against Bayern in the Cup to win a domestic treble. Lots of draws at the end though as I was more concerned with not losing than I was with winning. Embolo has been killing it up top for me (and I'm now one of his favourite people). Interestingly, I really struggled against English teams. I barely scraped a win in extra time of the 2nd leg in the CL against Man Utd and got smashed by Man City next round. Despite Embolo breaking records for highest average CL rating. With back to back titles and CL semis, my reputation has also increased and suddenly all my player values have shot up (often way more than release clause). It's really good to see them properly rated like they would be if I sold them to a PL club, but surprised that club reputation makes such a drastic difference.
  11. Also look at the mentality bar of roles. For example, a BBM should theoretically be the same as a CM(s) with Roam From Position but you will notice the bar is different meaning there's extra weighting given to roles beyond PI.
  12. Normally one short term save with a reasonably established team (top flight or Championship) and a project save, depending on what style of game I feel like playing. Except I usually start another save on my laptop so I can play while doing other things... I get too invested in the idea of clubs/projects and can't resist adding a new one, which is why I mostly play Touch for the sake of my sanity!
  13. Thanks, that makes sense. So I assume it's a good training system to use in pre-season (or around transfer windows) and then faze it out for other training types? Any chance it will it help improve Squad Harmony (visible in confidence tab)?
  14. I've been looking into taking more control of my training sessions (having previously left it to my Ass. Man.). I've noticed that he's spent quite a bit of time on "Team Cohesion". What does this mean in a Touch context given that there is no familiarity and such? Is there something else it's helping with or is it just wasted time?
  15. Cal585

    FM18: FC Schalke 04 - Closing the Loop

    So I've had another look at the Winter squad. Seems I had forgotten about Riether who might be passable. Caliguiri is also better defensively than I remembered. However, I would still feel concerned playing 4 at the back without bringing in entirely new players at both positions. Riether at 34 doesn't have much left in him. Caliguiri and Oczipka make better WBs than FBs. Oczipka particularly is great going forward but looks like he will struggle against good teams. Nastasic is the opposite and offers nothing going forward and feels wasted not playing at CB. Kehrer has potential but needs work on his Off the Ball and probably his crossing. Rahman would be great if he wasn't injured and on massive wages. I suppose Caliguiri and Riether are ok on the right for the first season. And Oczipka needs help regardless of whether you're playing him at WB or FB. So yes, I suppose it's doable. But it looks like it would require a bit of work.