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  1. Yes. I've had players improve significantly while on loan and lots of their attributes have increased and changed colour as they reach the next colour bracket. I don't believe you can track the changes though until they're back at your club.
  2. I'm confused why everyone is so up in arms about what the game will and won't do a month before release after only one round of announcements. Some people are complaining about the lack of completely new big features, others seem to be worried that they are focusing on the big stuff and ignoring the small details like the AI. I would be quite happy with the features currently announced in addition to good improvements to things like the match engine, AI and squad building which won't be announced as a feature. Hype is all well and good, but I would much rather take a game that works well and improves upon what's come before and that's impossible to determine at this early stage.
  3. While I'm reasonably happy with what's been announced, I would love to see both the DoF (so you can choose to play purely as a manager and leaving club direction to him) and International Management improved. They're both reasonably distinct playing styles that would add something different to the game. I remain hopeful that they will both be improved this year. That and being able to change kit colours. There's no option in FMT at least due to lack of editor and being colour-blind it can be really hard with one team wearing red and the other green for example.
  4. Don't they also influence development and AI transfers (form)?
  5. So there is some weighting going on when considering managers of similar reputation? That's good to know. That's fair and I'm definitely not suggesting that every club should have a philosophy in place, or even that clubs wouldn't go for a high profile manager that is in opposition to their style. Just more wondering if clubs can have an identity above and beyond their current manager, maybe tied to a DoF or chairman. And then the second question is whether a type of player is even recognised in game, or only the position is taken into account. For example, Jorginho was brought in to Chelsea with a specific view in mind, whereas I'm unconvinced that the AI would see him as more than a DM, though hopefully it might see a DLP position in its chosen formation and adjust the ratings accordingly.
  6. How did you do that? List every city in the Calabria region as Place of Birth on the filter?
  7. Curious to know whether AI clubs have a long term philosophy? Whether they continue to play a certain way over the years and get in similar types of managers who will continue the style? It seems to be a trend that (some) clubs are starting to look for consistency and continuation. I've heard it thrown about as one of the reasons for Lampard's appointment is that he won't drastically uproot Sarri's groundwork. In the same vein, do AI managers think deeply enough to identify what type of players they want for their system? Or is it as simple as needing to bring in a RW regardless of individual strengths and weaknesses? I haven't noticed much in the way of deep strategic thinking, but I haven't particularly focused on it either, so I can't comment.
  8. I played as in a stopper/cover (or sweeper) role in amateur juniors and have seen plenty of teams play with a playmaker (skilled player who the team try and pass to whenever possible) since then. Maybe roles like Trequartista and Ramdeuter would be unheard of, though I'm amazed at the amount of FM terminology that has crept into regular use amongst self-proclaimed tactical geniuses. A lot of styles seem to be replicable at just about any level against similar opposition. I've seen amateur teams walk their league playing what seems to be convincing tiki-taka and then be completely exposed against a better team in the cup and look hopeless. It's amazing how good you can look when the other team is even worse.
  9. Don't the match ratings influence development? I've always been frustrated that there's not more separating GK performances. You can't really pick them by form but have to watch and judge them carefully in match to tell if they're doing well or not.
  10. I mostly play with Winter update due to wanting to use the updated and hopefully most accurate player ratings. But it does get a bit weird when you have a player signing for multiple clubs per season without actually playing for any of them (I currently have a player in August 2018 who has joined 4 clubs in 18/19 including a loan). Playing original squads with updated ratings would be amazing, if probably hard to implement.
  11. Interesting. I don't think I've ever willingly played an IF with poor passing
  12. Oh I give them all playing time. I just tear my hair out balancing it and lose my key players in the process because they're not getting the majority they expect
  13. That's one way of looking at it! I often look around the game world though and see countless players being marginalised or misused and want to protect my players from that fate. I think I'll start a save where I impose strict squad limits on myself. Might also force me to adapt if I don't have 2+ players in every position.
  14. I have an issue with players when I play FM. I get too attached to them. I want to be able to bring the best out of all of them and help them realise their potential. If a player is starting to become unhappy, I will bend over backwards to fix his problem. Having good youngsters sitting in my reserves causes me pain. I struggle bringing myself to sell players even when they are not good enough for the team. As a result, I frequently find myself with one of the largest squads in the league, the most used players during the season and a very delicate juggling act trying to keep multiple big names happy despite the fact that they're getting rotated with lesser players. I just can't help but see them as real people that are depending on me to make something of their careers Anyone else have this problem? Any tips for overcoming it and becoming more ruthless?
  15. When you buy players, they will resist all transfer moves for a while. So signing players on a free and then selling them on doesn't always work as sometimes they are prepared to wait for over a season before agreeing to leave again.
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