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  1. FM18: FC Schalke 04 - Closing the Loop

    Halfway through my 3rd season. After just sneaking the title last season, we've really pushed on and are smashing it. Not quite sure how, I think it's some good players and a morale run. I think Bayern's inconsistency in this save (they've gone through several managers) has really helped. Also 4-2-3-1 is really working for me. Chance to even go undefeated! Everyone is doing really well, averaging around 7.5. Front 3 particularly (Embolo, Correa and Vazquez). Embolo leading the CL scoring and Correa 2nd place in the Bundesliga. The Segundo Volante is the key player which is why I'm using AM rather than AP. Bayern again had a really slow start but are now kicking into gear and back into 2nd. Leipzig have been poor again.
  2. FM18: FC Schalke 04 - Closing the Loop

    Wow, lucky. I had to sit and watch him go for 11 mill with a 25 mill value. Fans weren't happy with me
  3. FM18: FC Schalke 04 - Closing the Loop

    How did you hold onto Howedes?
  4. FM18: FC Schalke 04 - Closing the Loop

    If anyone is interested, the Bundesliga channel (by Tifo Football) made a nice analysis a little while back on Tedesco's tactics this season. Seems to be a lot more long ball orientated than I thought (I haven't seen a full game in a while). According to the video their tactics would probably look something like: Tactic 1 - Drop Much Deeper, More Direct, Normal/Higher Tempo and maybe Close Down Less and Pass Into Space? Tactic 2 - More Direct, Close Down More (or maybe it's just the midfield closing down?), Lower/Normal Tempo and Pass Into Space Quite interesting that he bypasses the midfield so much when there are some really good midfielders at the club (Goretzka, Meyer, Harit, McKennie).
  5. Pass into space

    My understanding is that Pass Into Space is essentially just "play more through balls". Same as the more risky passes PI. Useful if you've got quick players with space to run into but will also give the ball away more because you're playing 50/50 balls rather than to your own players. Hence why it's more risky. On a side note, I'm no longer as sure about playing with BPD as I prefer through balls coming from midfield rather than defence.
  6. Well if it's a bug that the PPA takes into consideration the actual PA, then it doesn't seem like something worth fixing. It's already quite a subjective guess, with the PA being the ceiling and no guarantee they'll get anywhere near that and the potential stars based around the team's current ability. And then you factor in that players with lower stars/CA can often be better than those higher who have a weird spread of attributes. It was interesting looking in the editor once to find that one of my best youngsters (with good potential stars) actually had very little growth remaining. Though that seemed to be the exception rather than the rule but it was nice seeing that it's still just a guess. As for loaning players, I tend to loan most of my promising youngsters once they reach 18 and loan them to competitions based on their current ability (trying to at least get the same league or one higher). I'll bring them into the first team once they get close to my current division level or a level below for the ones with really high potential stars. Of course that depends on my team and where I am in the table and how much I can afford to weaken my team. Also I mainly play Touch which only has a Reserve team and so I don't know how useful the U23 team is for developing players.
  7. FM18: FC Schalke 04 - Closing the Loop

    I somehow managed to win the Bundesliga in my 2nd season. Bayern had a terrible start which led to their manager being sacked and Dortmund took an extensive lead, leaving me to fight Leverkusen for 2nd place. Then at the end of the season Dortmund imploded and I snuck past with 2 games to go (they ended up finishing 3rd behind Bayern). Seems to have been the perfect storm. Played most of the season with a 4-1-2-3, though I tried the 4-2-3-1 a bit more towards the end (same basic set-up as OP). Brought in Angel Correa, Lucas Vazquez and Rodri who were all transfer listed and have given me good options. Kehrer has actually turned into a handy player for me, though it's still a shame losing Howedes for 11 mill. Geis returned to me but I finally managed to sell him. I wanted to use him, and he has great free kicks but he's on high wages and behind Meyer and Harit which is a shame. Goretzka, Correa and Embolo probably my most important players (this is obviously initial database, updated one almost forces you to play 5 at the back).
  8. I rejigged the tactic a bit. Ended up playing: GK/D CB/D CB/D CB/D WB/A WB/A BBM/S DLP/S CM/A DLF/S AF/A Team Instructions: Close Down Much More, Higher Defensive Line. Standard/Flexible Player Instructions: GK - distribute to CB, WBs - close down less Seemed to help a bit, though my morale was already shot. Main changes were having 2 Support mids and an Attack, along with removing Look for Overlap. Still seeing incredibly frustrating defending where I have 3 or 4 defenders running in a bunch together (seemed less of a problem once I increased closing down ironically) which led to teams still getting easy goals against me from unmarked crosses. Then had a couple of CBs injured, changed to a diamond and got relegated and sacked (for the first time) so I've given up for now. Might try a new save in a few days just analysing the tactic and not worrying about players or results or anything until I can find where it's going wrong.
  9. How does the halfback work? When I tried it with wingbacks my centre backs split wide but the halfback stayed up leaving a hole in the middle. I've tried using the poacher a few times but I tend to revert back to advanced forward
  10. I was about to agree that I've only seen 1 or 2 scored in my matches in 3 seasons. But then I went away and saw another one scored just then (with a free kick attribute of 12). I think it's something that SI want to have relatively low stats on, but this is one of the things I wouldn't mind if they bumped a bit from real life.
  11. @Cleon - Yeah I did. First one particularly inspired me to try the formation. I didn't think my squad suited pressing so well and doesn't have a good DLP option so I wanted to try something a bit more suited to my players. I admit I've probably overcomplicated things and tried to change too much at once in the hope of finding something that works. I will reread your thread to see what jumps out at me again.
  12. Quick update but the HB role was terrible. Defenders split wide but the HB stayed higher which just left a pocket of space for their lone striker to sit in behind. Planning to go with an AM and swap to the diamond against single strikers. Can't be worse than what I've been doing.
  13. I've got 1 set to Attack but I'll go back to having the other attacking as well. As for the DM, he's a standard CM now, though I'm not sure whether I should be playing a flat 3 or using an AM? With a flat 3 I'm more likely to control the midfield which I feel compelled to as a weak team. But using an AM might help me fashion some better chances and give my strikers some better service. I've lost too many games by a goal where I just haven't been able to create many good chances. As for the Diamond, that's something I've been considering, particularly against a 4-2-3-1. Thinking a HB role might work nicely in keeping with the team style and I've never used one before.
  14. Is there any way to offer a player on loan to a certain country? Trying to loan an Argentine to Spain to get him European status but not getting any loan offers from Spanish clubs unless I specifically offer him to the entire 2nd division which takes forever.
  15. I've reverted back to the 5-3-2 and played a few more games (I'm on Touch so no Tactical Familiarity). Have generally been failing miserably on this save regardless of formation so maybe it's just my squad/ability. Finally won a game with some long balls and more aggressive play. @juusal - Centre backs should be good in the air with decent stats. I have taken your advice though to reduce closing down on wingbacks because I am seeing them skinned every game and might consider increasing closing down of outside CBs. The problem I'm having is that I always concede goals from crosses that go to an unmarked striker in the box while my 3 CBs stand off and watch, only attempting to pressure once he gets the ball. It's like they're all arguing about whose man he is. Surely if a wide player is making a run down the wing, someone should make sure the striker isn't by himself in the box... I've selected Tighter Marking but I haven't seen enough yet to know if it helps or not. Currently using a flat 3 midfield (CM-D, CM-A and BBM) behind a P and DLF-S. Changed to Poacher to try and simplify it down to pace and finishing which I'm good at. But he's struggling to get shots away inside the box so I may change him back. The DLF (Wickham and Smith) have been my best strikers due to their aerial prowess which seems to create most of my goals. Control, Fluid, Look for Overlap, Play out of Defence, Higher Tempo and Close Down More. PIs of Close Down Less on WBs and more Direct Passing on CBs. Idea being to try and get the ball forward quickly to take advantage of other teams attacking me. I tried Retain Possession and a more patient buildup but struggled to get near the opposition's goal.