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  1. Can be a bit weird in the Winter window where you have a player who joined just before you took over and then is immediately loaned out with an option to buy which is less than your club just paid. Obviously in real life they've had a poor first half of the season or other issues but it is odd when you don't have any of that context in FM. The board is disappointed to make a loss on player x. Me too guys, me too.
  2. Football Manager Touch (then classic). Having streamlined reserves, staff, mentoring, meetings and team talks etc. really helped me understand the core of the game. Helped me get an idea of how to build a team and change tactics without having to worry about understanding the impact of the skillset of my 2nd goalkeeping coach or why combining a certain tone with a statement loses the attention of half my team. Now I'm able to focus on understanding the details with a good grasp of the basics. That said, I believe with developments in recent versions that you can get a similar effect in the full version by delegating everything.
  3. When I started the game several years back (14?) I found it incredibly complex and didn't know where to start. Ended up giving it up and putting it away until someone convinced me to try FMT. Cutting down all the options to the important stuff really helped me get my head around the game and I've just started branching back into the full game.
  4. Public Beta sounds great. It's good to see SI working with the community to optimise the game and hopefully they get some useful feedback and reports. Eagerly awaiting the chance to see the ME changes on FMT!
  5. I'm not sure how it works in practice but I'd like to see it dynamic. In that once they're past a certain age then chances of injury increase drastically and then that is what nukes the physical stats. But I do remember that older players in the DB tend to be a lot more physical able than those who age in-game. Which is something that could definitely be improved.
  6. Seems an odd one. Did you both offer the same playing time/squad status? Better squad status will allow higher wages. It's also been my main reluctance to use DoF contract renewals in the past as they promise more playing time than I intend to give. Haven't tried yet on FM20, would be good to see if they don't give out 15 first team regular contracts.
  7. Looking it up in the editor, it seems his CA = his PA and he has no room to improve.
  8. Dael Fry at Middlesbrough doesn't seem to have any potential. Seems a tad harsh
  9. I'll have to have a look at the latest patch. When I ran several hands off tests on the beta he signed for Man United every time in the 1st window (along with James Rodriguez on a free in the Summer) which together helped propel United up the table
  10. Had a chance to finally get through some games in a new FMT Strasbourg save. Playing a Diamond Gegenpress tactic (no wingers and the board wants pressing) and finding it quite easy so far, especially a 13-2 aggregate win over Luzern in the Europa League play off with a rotated squad (8-2 win away in the 1st leg). Besides that I'm really enjoying what I've seen in game. Have noticed the issues people have mentioned about the tight angle shots and 1v1s but they have not been anywhere near as bad as you might be led to believe reading some of the comments. Have seen some central through balls attempted as well, including 1 that was intercepted and left me incredibly open to their counter. Areas can be worked on but it's looking quite good!
  11. Thank you to all the researchers for your hard work! After seeing some criticism repeated around, I decided to simulate the first few seasons on full detail several times to see if I noticed it happening myself. A couple of quick points that I've seen others mention on this thread: Man United do tend to start competing for titles very quickly (premier and champions league). However, they seem to be true to form in the 1st season. I think the problem is more that in the game, they have some good players and are just missing a few key ingredients that they are more than willing to splash the cash to get (buying 200 mill and spending 50 mill). This 200 mill is on top of their tendency to sign Milik in the 1st season and James Rodriguez on a free at the end. When you add the likes of another quality striker and cb to partner Maguire on top of that, they've got a good spine. Whether United in real life will spend the money to rebuild the team is up for debate. I've seen Arsenal do well as well for a random season but they seem to be more inconsistent so no issues there. Moise Keane, while having received a large stat boost doesn't seem to run away with any scoring records. I think the issue is more that he tends to be the 1st choice striker where he has struggled to get into the team in real life. But he generally seems to score about 10-15 goals a season which doesn't feel unreasonable.
  12. Ok, some proper simulation. This is with the top leagues and the European competitions set to full detail. The rest of the world is not. EPL Bundesliga Ligue 1 La Liga Serie A Champions League Europa League Europa League 2 Interesting results in the Bundesliga and Spurs win a CL. Man United still seem quite strong.
  13. Nah, it explains why it was going so fast and, hey, at least it gives a baseline. I'm hoping to run a few simulations of the first season(s) while I'm out during the day over the next week so that I can compare some stats and trends. Hopefully my computer is good enough to actually make some progress!
  14. I tried changing things but I fear you may be right. Guess it's back to doing a simulation in Full Fat where I can control the detail levels easier. Also I somehow became manager of East Thurrock during my holidays and unlocked 6 achievements on Steam
  15. Well as much detail as FMT gets, but yes, they were all loaded as playable and holidayed through
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