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  1. Actually looking at this you raise a very valid point. In fact I've been back through the article and I agree that I am being too rigid, especially considering some of the constraints of the match engine. I'm hoping to get some more game time in later today/tomorrow. In the meantime I will summarise my plans: • The box midfield. This is key to the build up, as per the above image ideally the two higher players will operate more within the half spaces to create more of a trapezoidal shape in all accuracy. • Width. Much like a Manchester City replication, it is key that we have two pla
  2. Well in FM it physically impossible to get a full back to operate as a third centre back. Much like Wilder's overlapping centre backs for example, it just simply cannot be achieved. Therefore, I hoped the mitigate this by using a half back as well in the thinking that two potential options meant that the third centre back was more likely to be achieved one way or another. Especially when using an IWB, as one player would occupy the holding midfield position and the other the centre back position. In actual fact thus far (I am yet to test a FB-D as per @CARRERA's post and my comments earli
  3. That stands to reason. Definitely something to bare in mind next time I get on
  4. Very much along my thinking! From a tactical perspective my first thought was a VOL but then I had the concern he may push too far forward and lose the base of the box. This isn't actually a million miles from what I've been using. Neudecker was set back and central as a HB, Dressel has been used as a DLP-S and CM-S, Lex as an attack duty on occasion off set right. So its very interesting to see such similar ideas. It is a pity you can't make a FB act as CB, in my opinion this is what an IWB-D should do (then S sits in the DM strata and A pushes higher) but this is just the wa
  5. So I've just changed the thread title. Im also having difficulties creating the back 3. I am aware this isn't perfectly doable in FM, but my hopes were an IWB-D and HB could be the best of a bad situation. Neither role does what I'm wanting though, in isolation or combination. The HB pushes too high, but alternatives such as an anchor or DM don't drop as I'd like. Similarly the IWB-D pushes into the space directly above the CB on their side. My next bet is to try a FB-D with PIs else I fear I may have to go to an asymmetric back 3 system, thus compromising the 4-2-3-1 defense. In my
  6. The additional two also sound good logically. He moves into the channels and then comes deep before running further inside then centrally to combine all four. Obviously this is very idealistic but they should work nicely. In all fairness I have a bottomless pit of options at Roma, though Im unsure of their PPMs off the top of my head. Pellegrini and the currently injured Zaniolo are probably the most suited, but Mkhitaryan could also be useful (although the sooner the likes of him and Pedro are off the wage bill in exchange for younger models the better).
  7. I'm thinking potentially cuts in from the relevant flank at a push, but otherwise definitely moves into channels. Is there anything you'd be tempted to add? This is something I've thought of. The relevant full back overlaps high and wide, as per Weiser in the image. Im also using that central midfielder in a more static, supportive role.
  8. As yet no, definitely my next bet I have tried this, without sit narrower. Will also give this a go cheers The major thing is him sitting just on the outer edge of the half space, not just in side. Ill give these things a go
  9. Hi guys So as the title suggests I'm looking to create a tactical system where one of my AML or AMR comes inside and operates in the AMC slot (or more accurately AMCL or AMCR according to their side). I've taken inspiration from this article at Spielverlagerung, this image shows the desired movements from a 4-2-3-1 shape In this system Wendell comes in from LB to play LCB (obviously impossible in FM but I intend to fudge this with a HB/IWB combination), Havertz coming in and Weiser pushing high. I'm creating all aspects as successfully as I want, except for the Havertz rol
  10. I had fairly reasonable successes on FM20 playing a similar style. I wouldn't say it was quite tiki-taka as such, instead a slightly more progressive approach with possession being a consequence of our short pass and move approach as opposed to an intention. Movement was key as has been suggested, with players taking up positions to loosely resemble a 4-4-2 diamond: I seem to recall using a W-S instead of the DW on the left, a CF-S instead of the F9 and my IWB varied between defend and support duties according to the situation. TIs were fairly basic, shorter passing and a left u
  11. Him not being there could very well rule them out unfortunately. I'm not sure what their squad looks like these days but I expect it may be lacking a bit of star quality. That would also ruin the emersion completely, definitely one for the updated update... Definitely could be Wolves. Could well depend on the state of their wide men (Podence, Jota, Traore, etc.). You've also made me think of Leicester as an option. Very interesting... sounds like a good mix of talent for the now and talent that can be around for the long term. I also fancy a bit of Spain, haven't been there in
  12. A few interesting looking options there, mainly Valencia and the Italians (also thinking maybe Bologna). Away from FM right now but I've had a quick flick through the sqauds. How do they look on FM?
  13. Ah well in that case I fear we may never get on! Although it must be said a side like Leeds that isnt Leeds is absolutely perfect for what I'm after
  14. I feared someone would say Leeds! Huge Derby fan (my icons one of our old logos), so the only team I'd rather manage less than Leeds are Forest! Although I do 100% agree on Leeds being the right sort of side, wouldn't blame you giving it a go as they are almost the perfect side for it - unfortunately...
  15. Looking for a save that can tide me over until FM22, hopefully ending in glory before then. Ideally I'd like a side in one of the big leagues (England, Germany, Spain, France, Italy). I've already managed Stuttgart in the Bundesliga this year so the other four are preferable but not by much. At the rate I play I've probably got time for 6-7 or so more seasons in me. I'd like to be able to be competitive in the Champions League by the end of the save (think Atletico Madrid level sides who could win if things go their way but are by no means any form of favourite). Similarly I'd like t
  16. I've trailed this before in brief, random one season long saves. Simply the defensive shape is impossible - you cannot have a line of 6 in midfield. Therefore, compromises must be made. I interpreted the shape as four central players with two wide players, which I put into a few shapes: • 3-2-4-1 comprising of two DMs, two CMs, a ML and MR. This was my more aggressive shape. If I was really pushing for a goal I occasionally pushed the 4 into the AM strata. • 3-4-2-1 comprising of two DMs, two CMs, and a wing back on each side. This was slightly more defensive and was rarely
  17. Initial thoughts are that this game seems much better than FM20 in every aspect. Especially the match engine, in particular I've noticed way more central play and runs compared to last year. The new role suitability stars will definitely take some getting used to. So far Im not fully comfortable with them, but I'm sure I will be over time and once I am they'll be a vast improvement on the cirlces. However, I'm not a fan of the 2d match screen. As mentioned in the thread the lack of widgets isn't something I'd have chosen to implement. I shouldn't have to click to see in depth match s
  18. I've tried/trying something similar with a flat 4-4-2 becoming a narrow diamond in possession to varying success. I would say that such intricate positional swapping is difficult to replicate in FM without roles that are specifically created to do this (e.g. IWB defending as a FB/WB but attacking as a DM/CM). Currently I use an IWB-D on one side and a DLP-D on the opposite side of central midfield (e.g. right central midfield and LB or vice versa. This creates more of a box shaped defence in position, but it does still create a 3 man back line of sorts when we are being countered.
  19. Very welcome mate I'm glad to here the tweaks seem to be working, if anything the best advice I could give to anyone on the forums is to be a little less gung-ho with all styles of play. From my knowledge I'd agree that Doucoure and Deulofeu would suit such a partnership, but I have no knowledge of Çelik so I'll have to take your word for it. I also value mental attributes for an IWB, in particular those you'd consider for a normal full back and those you'd want from a holding midfielder.
  20. In my opinion, 4-4-2 is the most ideally balanced system for a well rounded attack, due to its general superiority over the pitch. However, in my eyes at least, your 4-4-2 is quite one dimensional in that you only look to move the ball to your big men up top at 190mph. So my greatest advice to you would be to calm down your TIs a bit in order to give your players more opportunities to express themselves on the pitch. Examples of this could be dropping pressing intensity a notch, stopping passing i to space and/or hittting early crosses all the time, only distributing quickly occasionally
  21. In my opinion no formations are either exciting nor boring. A 4-3-3 is a 4-3-3, a 4-4-2 is a 4-4-2 and so on. What makes a formations "exciting" is the roles, duties, TIs, PIs, mentality and players (and they're PPMs too). For example in my Derby County save I play a 4-4-2. Stereotypically a 4-4-2 wouldn't be considered as overly exciting, but through making specific choices in the things I've listed above I've made an exciting system. You also seem to have encountered issues with the idea of attacking full backs being necessary for exciting football - they aren't. In my 4-4-2 I play
  22. I've had good experiences with a 4-4-2 in a more pass and move style of play, which may seem counter intuitive for a 4-4-2 but its balanced shape really aided this with the right role and player selection. The key roles were an IWB-S, W-S and a CM-A or AP-A in a combination on one side with a holding midfielder on the other side. But the main thing is how you want to play and then catering your player and role selection around that...
  23. I've really enjoyed picking up international sides as a sub-plot or sorts in my main saves in previous FMs. Especially when international sides are influenced by regions into the second tournament cycles and beyond. With the current England side I'd say with our attacking talent we have to play a front three and even then some would be left out. Our best creative midfielders are best in a midfield three in my opinion, and such Dele Alli would not start - or necessarily be guaranteed in the squad. So this really leaves a 4-3-3 or a 3-4-3/5-2-3 as the options. In terms of holding midfi
  24. Yeah I remember reading about it on your blog. Interestingly I'm looking at moving a player out wide to a WP-A from the left. He's only 29 and still has capable physicals despite never being a star in that respect anyway, if I get a couple of seasons out of him there then I'll be happy
  25. Being as in real life the only player who joined us in the January window was Wayne Rooney, much of the same signings are still good options depending on their own availability. I don't believe we had too many attribute changes as we hit form and introduced the youth after the update was released, but I could be wrong. So I see no reason why Batista Meier and Isaac Success wouldn't be viable signings provided they're available to you
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