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  1. If I understand you have four levels in your secondary division. Is it working ? For me only the first level appear... Can you tell me how you did ? Also I imagine you made a promotion from secondary division to ''regular'' division, do you creat a stage for that ?
  2. Hello sporadicsmiles, Could you tell me how much level you have in your secondary division ? More than one ?
  3. It's FM19 but it's ok for FM20. But it's working for the current Season, I'm not sure for the next season...
  4. Hello, I think the best way to do what you want is to creat a fake secondary division for each région and then place the teams inside. It's just to select team but the divisions aren't working in game.
  5. Hello, In ''Basic Rules'' it's very limited. Maybe you can try : UCL : 1-3 teams from country x EUL : 4-6 teams from country x but to be sure there is no club from national cup you should creat a Cup winner's cup. CWC : last winner from cup x
  6. Sorry, it's me again I'm trying to do something like on this screen, but for the next season. Or maybe I have to creat a false competions (inactive or hidden) who select the teams I want and then (re) select them in the real one ?
  7. And you can open psd files with it, but the Fx don't work if i remember well.
  8. Hello Gross_Ballon, There is someone on Sortitoutsi (Bolid74) who works the kits (SSKit) with ''the gimp'', it is a free program. I send you a MP with link and YouTube tutorial.
  9. Thank you for the answers. I'm trying to do an European League with promotion/relegation in ''continental rules'' but it look like you can't make promotion/relegation (beacause it's cup?) So that why I'm trying to simulate that by select, for example, the first 14 in League 1 to ne qualified in League for the next season, etc. I know the way to do it for the current Season but I don't how to do for the next season. There is a picture of what I'm trying to do, maybe it will ne more easy to understand. I'm Sorry for my english. Thanks in advance. Samuel. Thanks nine_iron but nothing looks to help me yet
  10. Hello, I need some advice. 1) I'm trying to creat a cup in League format (for example 16 teams) and I would select the first 14 teams (from this competition) from 2019 to 2020 (2020 to 2021, etc.) I can manage to do that in the current Season but I don't know how to do that for the next year. If someone could help me i would really appreciate. 2) I started to draw it in ''basic rules'' but the compétition doesn't appear in game. I think it's not the most difficult thing to solve. Thanks, Have a nice day.
  11. To do what you Want yes it is in advanced rules.
  12. Is it possible for the next year ? I mean select thé first 8 from 2019 to 2020 ?
  13. Hello, I don't think it should be possible between two different countries. Or you have to use ''secondary division'' and do some tricks. Take a look at this file to see how it works. This Guy did something brillant ! https://community.sigames.com/topic/507370-fm20-mrt90s-brazilian-real-football-pyramid/ EDIT: I forget to say if you do that you have to remove A League from Australie.
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