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  1. Hello, Can you give me the link of this topic, I didn't find it. Thanks you and have a nice evening. Edit: I found this one :
  2. Hello, If I understood correctly you have to creat a mother compétion (with three groups) and then in the mother compétition you creat two playoff stage, one for relegation and one for champion. But do that with group (not cup format). You can do that in Basic rules. Sorry for my english.
  3. Maybe you can add a secondary division for each team by region and then select teams by this way.
  4. Hello, I think you can add a ''nationality'' to UCL (England for example) and then you open this nation in advenced rules. Here you can make some modification, After that you remove the ''nationility'', save and it should be OK.
  5. If I remember well there is the option in advenced rules to do it it. But I thinks the matter is where they will go. I'm looking for to. Maybe you can register the team for the League (like nation) but you should to find a way to send in the right division the teams who are relegated. Or want you make some parallel compétition? Sorry for my english.
  6. Hello Luke, Same for me, that's why I try to do it in different way. To do what you want maybe you should creat all cups on the same file (respect the order: 1 UCL, 2 EUL, 3 CWC), I think in this way it should be OK (above three cups it look impossible). Take a look on Revival UEFA made by Carlito, they talk about that. Also open the Carlito files to see how he did. He did a great work!
  7. Ok I fond it, if some one is interersted
  8. I will try to explain what I'm trying to do. Make a European League and keep a national League for each participant. To do that I reduced the number of national League matches (16 teams, 1 turn+playoff champion/relegation) I already did the Leagues (Germany, Italy, France, England, Spain, Holland, Portugal) I tried to do European League but I'm not happy with it because i would keep the standard european cup (UCL, EUL) and creat a paralel european. In my test I tried to do this on national cup section and it was ok (you can do an Italia cup who include PL's club) but I'm not able to select the right club. I looked on the forum and I found something to select team from national League to Cup but I would select team from cup. If I can do that the clubs who are not in Super League continu to play them national League and the clubs who play in Super League continu to play UCL/EUL and national League with a decent number of matches. I hope I’m clear. Thanks un advance and sorry for my english. Edit: it's almost that but from the cup section Also I tried to look how did @Carlito85 in this Revival Db (CL to EUL) but I'm not understood how it's works...
  9. Hello every one, I need some help. I'm trying to creat a cup and I want to select some specific teams. For exemple I would select the third and fourth team from the last stage of Serie A and the third and fourth team from Série B. I found only how to select "the best team of division" or "specific team" (name by name) or ''last winner of division"... If some one can help me it will be great ! Thanks again ans sorry for my english.
  10. Hello to you, I'm trying to create a super league really simple and I have an error message regarding the number of teams ... I do not understand. Can someone help me? I really do not understand... There are 16 teams competing against each other, there are still 8 who join 12 who make 2 groups of 10 ... Where is my mistake, someone will have an idea? Here is the file and screenshot. Thank you in advance. Edit: Solved REVOLUTION REVIVAL A.fmf
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