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  1. I don't have the editor in front of me but it is possible to prohibit or limit the number of B team players from taking part in first team matches. That plus limiting the age of players registered in the B/U19 team can have an impact I guess. Or else apply this rule also to the B teams so that they also release their excess players.
  2. There is nothing in the file you have...
  3. I don't know, it's tests in the editor itself and not in-game. But I wonder what would happen if we delete the UCL or just create a new one with a new ID. I admit I'm fumbling, I have no lasting results on finances, the only ones that work are extreme but I can't find a balance.
  4. I noticed something interesting, in the editor I reduced the PL winnings considerably (70M for the winner) and by running a test in the editor the UCL winnings go from 120M to 100M without me touching it. It would seem that this is a mechanism where everything is linked, ideally we should find out what determines the amount of sponsors.
  5. I ran a test in the editor with England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Scotland and UCL. I haven't touched anything to see how it works. UCL: -Each year the winner earns about 123M Premier League : -In 2020 the winner earns 70M -In 2027 the winner earns 170M -Each PL participant earns about 90M TV LaLiga: -From the second year onwards the winner earns about 155M (note that it is not really the winner who earns the mos Bundesliga: -Each year the winner earns about 110M Serie A: -The winner earns about 170M
  6. It doesn't work the way I want it to, in France or Italy it's fine but the English teams and some of the other teams are getting out of hand quickly. I can't find out where their money comes from... So unfortunately I'm going to go on a case by case basis rather than a mass treatment.
  7. I'm launching a test where I've reviewed everything we've seen with 3 categories of teams (Top, Medium, Low) here are some screenshots. Everything is standardized to see where the gaps are widening.
  8. Do you mean that at 1.02 it will be ruined or that you want to lower it further?
  9. OK thanks! Since everything is based on the Pound Sterling can we lower it? I'm stuck on this, if we lower the Pound Sterling then we lower the other currencies? If so, wouldn't it be better to increase the others or even combine the two, lower the Pound Sterling and increase the others in order to balance everything out?
  10. Do you think the old currencies (Florinn Franc, etc.) have an impact?
  11. Haha! No, but I was thinking of reducing it for, say, countries that spend "too much". It might be fun to reverse the order of things
  12. I don't know if touching the currencies can influence the finances... Maybe by giving them all the same exchange rate along with everything else we've already talked about.
  13. I think your number of matches is wrong, for exemple if there are 16 teams you should have 8 matches. In red is the number of matches (2 matches for 4 teams, 4 matches for 8 teams, etc...) Green is the number of legs (Games in your version)
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