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  1. all works for me: stadium page - stadium bckg u18 page - u18 bckg u23 page - u23 bckg first team and all other related pages - club bckg but i don't understand... you use one folder and one xml for all graghics? why not use standart way - one folder - one graphics type - one config?
  2. bug in original xml? <!--odds--> <widget class="label" id="FOtl" auto_size="all" font="title"/> <widget id="cot" class="fixture_odds_text" alignment="centre,centre_y" style="bold" colour="accent"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="FxOd" /> </record> </widget>
  3. simple use right path to folder
  4. It's not scary. In my opinion, 50% of the panels are redundant, uninformative, or duplicate other panels.
  5. to change color you need change "squad_outside" parametre in settings.xml
  6. for my own skin i do mass-edit all person_button in all xml. as result skin is excessively changed but no white text
  7. match penalty shootout display panel.xml
  8. I also think it's too pastel and not contrasting. For myself, I left the color blocks unchanged and changed the color of the text.
  9. backgrounds unusable with light skins. because the 99% backgrounds is dark
  10. @michaeltmurrayuk how to change the colour of the text if player unavailable? thanks.
  11. I think it is very necessary to change the proportions of the elements in this window. At original proportions the right part is uninformative. I tried to do it, but without success.
  12. The transfer system perfect if you compare it with loan system
  13. guys, i don't understand why colours in style/mentality side is different for senior and reserve squads
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