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  1. Is there a manual online somewhere. I have no idea what some of this stuff even does.
  2. Is there a way to put the Competition holder in a continental cup without changing the number of teams? For example, if I put the top 4 teams in each league qualifying and a team finished 5th but won that years continental cup, then they would get in over the 4th place finisher. That's what I'm trying to do and can't figure it out because when I add the winner of the competition it says I have too many teams.
  3. how do I set the teams for the next year in the Club World Cup? It always puts some random teams in the first year.
  4. is it possible to increase the coefficient to earn a place in the CL?
  5. I'd like to see attribute changes become more volatile and performance based. I think if a guy outperforms how good his attributes say he is then he should get higher upgrades. I think each player should have a normal base level for each attribute but depending on form, it could go up or down either way. ex. If a striker in league 2 has finishing at 10 but goes on a good run of 5 goals in 5 games then maybe it goes up to 12 or 13 depending on performance plus level of competition but if he loses form it goes back down to the base level. But if he sustains his good form for a season or a number of months then his base level attribute moves up to that permanently. But now he's expected to play at that level. So he'll have to do even better to increase it. If he was in the EPL and was able to score 15 goals with a 10 finishing then maybe the base level would increase to 14 or 15. So the following year he will be expected to keep up that level or it will decrease again to 12 or 13 or lower depending on performance. Also, this would make youth more unpredictable, if a young guy on the U18 that doesn't look very special suddenly comes in to his own and does well then his attributes will sharply increase. And if you start him on the senior team and he does well then it increases further. Also in the reverse, if a guy on U18 has high potential but struggles then he will drop like so many irl. I don't really know if this is a good idea…Maybe it could tie into age and potential. Like, if a guy has high potential and is young then there is more room for improvement where as an old guy that goes on a good run doesn't get the same boost in attributes. Obviously, players would still get the same out of training, tutoring, etc. I just think think increases/decreases should be more for games and occur more often. idk
  6. I have a goalie who has played 3 matches and conceded no goals yet is only credited with 1 clean sheet...is this a bug?
  7. In my past saves on FM15, I noticed this happen and found out it was because the crowd setting for some clubs was at 10,000 minimum so they were taking in way more money than others in their league and go undefeated for like 3 or 4 straight seasons. When I adjusted it they went back to being a normal team.
  8. No. I mean custom leagues. Using the claassen database and the level 11 English database. If you have, for example, Albania. The top Albanian league will work perfectly but the league below, which is also playable, doesn't hire any manager. It auto-fills a Head of Youth and Assistant Manager before the game and never hires a manager. Also, it will not let you take a job with a club from that league unless you start with them in the beginning.
  9. Lower league teams don't have any staff. They start out with a Head of Youth development coach and Assistant Manager but they don't hire new managers at all. It stays that way unless they get promoted. Anyone have this problem? Is there a way to fix this?
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