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  1. For the second one you need to edit the 'match title bar' xml file found in the panels\match folder, locate this line near the top: <container class="bordered_box" appearance="boxes/custom/interface/tab bar/paper" height="50" red_replacement="primary" green_replacement="primary"> And change it to read: <container class="bordered_box" appearance="boxes/custom/match/action bar/paper" height="50" > It should then take on the same style and colour as the gray bar. To change the text colours in that file locate the text 'secondary' and replace it with the colour of your choice. Then to change the colour of the actionbar text (the black text in your screenshot) have a search for threads on actionbar or menubar as there should be some around that discuss how to recolour it, though it might be a bit of work depending on how linked to the non-match actionbar it is.
  2. Yes change the colour name to the colour of your choice (you may also need to edit the graphic depending on how transparent the default image is). The files go in the same place inside the folder for the skin you are using; \graphics\tables\standard\row\selected\ you'll need to create the folders if they don't exist.
  3. If faces aren't showing on any skins then the problem is with your config files, you need to check the files you have downloaded.
  4. It may work on FM16 as that is the one that switched to using the json file type, previous versions had the same information but stored in xml files so the same kind of thing should work but the actual coding will be slightly different.
  5. It likely just uses the generic row selected graphic which is controlled by the files located here, with the colour set in the xml file: \skins\fm-widgets\graphics\tables\standard\row\selected
  6. For the subs bench the kit type is likely taken from game code and as such isn't user changeable. For the date widget it is controlled by the 'current game date widget' xml file located in the \skins\fm\panels\widgets folder, just change the colour values for the two text widgets one controls the date line the other the time line.
  7. From the linked thread it looks like the 'pTKN' id isn't working on the squad screen when it possibly should be (its in the list of custom items for the squad view), if that should work then when that bug is fixed it might also enable the viewing of the full panel on other screens (though you could add to that bug that when you try to act the familarity panel to other screens it doesn't work, to see if SI can fix the full panel not appearing on other screens).
  8. If you arrange a friendly competition the fees paid to other sides isn't paid out until after the competition is finished (the £200K in the other column in your last screenshot), however the income shown when arranging the friendlies is only an estimated value (or possibly the max you could get if the stadium sold out - what were the attendance percentages?) - from your last screenshot you only brought in ~£225K when the game thought you might bring in £275K. I don't think as a team with a small stadium it is ever possible to make money from friendlies as the fees you pay out near always equal the income you get, the best way is to try and find teams with the biggest gap between the income and fee, or pick teams with a smaller fee, it might be possible to make money from away friendlies but I'm not sure how the fee/income works for them as in previous version it would flip the values so you'd get the £70K fee if Swansea invited you with them hoping they'd get £90K out of the match, but FM17 doesn't seem to change the figures, so not sure if you pay them £70K and hope to earn £90K.
  9. I don't really play the Touch Mode but I don't think it includes the Homegrown rules? So it might not keep track of homegrown status hence their being no option to search by it.
  10. Best guess is it is controlled by the 'inbox content with player overview panel' xml file however there are two of them one located in \panels\news_item_panels\inbox\ and the other located in \panels\news_item_panels\ and as I don't have any agent offers in my inbox I cannot test to see which of them the game actually uses.
  11. As far as I am aware it is a bug in the game that is generally fixed by deleting your cache and preferences files instructions are here (but export any custom views you have set first): If that doesn't work then the best bet is to change the bugs forum.
  12. Looks like from the above code it is just using a generic 'fami' id so it looks like it is one of those things that isn't moveable, though there are a couple of things you can try first is to remove the "fami" and "mFLV" ids from the code and see if that works (just change the id bits to read id=""), there is also a 'pTKN' id listed in the person properties file which you might be able to experiment with.
  13. It's controlled by the 'inbox headline panel' xml file located in the \panels\news_item_panels\ folder.
  14. It depends where have you moved it to, you might need to change some of the ids so they match the same format as those displayed on the screen you have moved the panel to, or it might be one of the items you cannot move as the other panels won't read the ids used to display the information.
  15. You need to extract it from the skins.fmf file, It's then found in the \skins\fm-widgets\fonts\ folder. Or if you are using the default skins, then just download the relevant base skin and its already included in the fonts folder for them.