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  1. stadium expansions

    You need to wait ~25 years between building new stadiums.
  2. multiple skin backgrounds going black

    Try manually deleting your cache files: https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2018/134_how-to/ If that doesn't work and it happens with the default skins then it's worth raising the issue in the bugs forum.
  3. Ball Match 2d in FM18

    2D Ball is found in the \simatchviewer-pc\textures\match_icons\ folder which is extracted from the simatchviewer-pc fmf file. However to replace it you just need to place your new ball files in the \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\textures\match_icons\ folder. Though it is possible that 2D balls from previous versions won't work as in this version they are dds files and it is generated from three files called 'ball_1', 'ball_2' and 'ball_3' so older balls may need to be recreated.
  4. Ball FA CUP

    You can recolour the ball from the Preference -> Interface -> Skin Colours screen. Though I'm not sure if that setting overrides any comp specific ball colours, if not you'd need to change the winter ball colour in the pre-game editor for new games or use the in-game editor to change it for existing save games. Or you can try replacing the ball graphic with a white graphic that may override the recolouring (though haven't tried that for the winter ball) to replace the ball graphic have a look at this thread:
  5. Brexit is awfully implemented

    The games over the years have implemented plenty of things before they were 100% confirmed; - CM01/02 brought in the unprotected contract mess before anyone really knew how it would work (and no-one still knows how it works). - Various FM's over the years have had the EU expand adding countries before they were 100% due to join. About the only thing that wasn't implemented was the moving of the World Cup to Winter for Qatar and that is likely due to the work needed to somehow work out all the fixture changes for two seasons.
  6. Role and Duty

    For players it is how good they are at that role compared against their other roles (basically key attributes for the roles are averaged and then the roles are ranked)
  7. Regen Faces Frame or Background

    No not really.
  8. player details panel

    Where have you added the extra code - you might have added it within the container that is used for managed teams - you may need to add the same code to the scouting container for AI teams, or move the code so it is part of its own container instead of linked to the coach report container.
  9. Player profile - average rating text change

    As far as I am aware it is hard-coded so not user editable.
  10. Removing Gameplay

    If you don't want the 3D background then select the 2D Camera view. If you wish to remove it completely then have a look at this mod:
  11. Support for 4k screens

    Yes there are options in the preferences menu to set your zoom level depending on your resolution - a 4K resolution should allow you to set a 200% zoom if you want so you'd have in affect a 1080p resolution (or you can select a lower zoom to get more screen space depending on your preference) best thing to do is if you don't have the game already is to check out the demo.
  12. Red bar on the post match highlights screen

    It's something that needs to be fixed in a patch, as it's not something that can be fixed by skinning. @Jack Deal It's definatley not a custom skin issue as I've just tried to fix it via skinning and if you make any changes to the 'match highlight frame viewer' xml file that controls these highlights the game just gets stuck on the lineups page and never loads up the highlights.
  13. Delete the big tunnel in the stands

    You'll likely need to edit the actual stadium file to remove them - have a look back at the Stadium Mods thread for FM17 as that should give you the information you need to edit the stadium files.
  14. [FM18][MOD] Match Day Backgrounds Mod

    @KennedyBakircioglu Backgrounds won't show on the IBH screen as there is no way to set it to only show when no highlights are played, however if you only ever use commentary only mode then you can enable them by reading this post - note if you do this the pitch panel will never show so no highlights, replays or trophy presentations. (Or you can turn the IBH off and turn the widgets on and dock and pin one and stretch the area to cover the screen as backgrounds show behind pinned widgets by default). @majesticeternity To change the locker-room background either just place the image you want to use in the backgrounds folder and call it 'dressing room' or you can edit the above file and locate the dressing room bit of code and change the file path to the image you want to use. Same for the tunnel interview you just need a file called 'tunnel'.
  15. Kit help

    It's not possible to assign custom kits to competition specific kits, so if they have a kit set for the champions league only the default kit will show, the only way to fix it is to use one of the editors to remove the competition specific kits.