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  1. Club Colours

    Red on Blue for example is definitely a readability issue for myself and plenty of other people. Whilst for Nantes as they are a licensed team then that is likely a licensing issue as for licensed teams the clubs generally get approval over the colours used. Also for teams such as Barcelona you can just think of the game using the shirt number/name colour as the text colour instead, as with the various kit items now separate there is no need for the text colour to be the secondary colour to set the kit colours.
  2. Youth development playing time

    For a 19yo you might be better loaning him out but ensuring he goes to a team of his level and a team that will play him, however if you want to tutor, mold (position retraining for example) or get him HG then keeping him at the club would be better. Basically there is no real right or wrong answer it depends on the circumstances and what you are wanting of the player at the time.
  3. Net colour

    You're best having a look in the editors forum as stuff like that is normally determined from the database, though I don't know if it's something that can be changed with either the Pre- or In-Game editors.
  4. It depends on the circumstances - if a team doesn't want a player or the player wants out then there is going to be more pressure to get a deal done before the end of the window, but if a deal isn't done by the time the window closes then there isn't as much of a time pressure and the club/player may change their mind before the next window. On the other side if a team needs funds then selling a player early frees up some funds for them to spend during the window. Also getting things done early can sometimes mean you beat the AI to players - if you have a budget leftover then you can get a deal done before the new budgets are announced and your competition has money to rival your bids, and if you are going for freebies then you can sometimes get a head start on snapping up players set for release - as there seems to be a sweet spot where a player is still contracted but accepts he is going to be released and will discuss terms with you before the AI gets a chance to compete.
  5. FM18 - Skinning & Graphical Changes

    It depends if it's a simple skin that hasn't really changed the colours then you might be able to just get away with changing the parent skin in the skin_config file to 'fm light' Otherwise you'd need to edit the colours from the settings and fonts files as well as making the above change - switching the graphics to use light values and text to use dark ones, how much work that will entail depends on the skin and you may also need to go hunting in the various files for some of the more obscure settings.
  6. Brexit

    Yes if you get the Squad Registration rules then players don't need a Work Permit, though as it is league based other leagues in the UK may still use Work Permits.
  7. Resource Achiever Error

    That is all the folder contains for anyone, the other stuff is now contained within the main game. To fix the problem you are best following the steps outlined in your thread in the bugs forum.
  8. Set Piece Problem

    Could also be that your Corner Taker isn't very good and is aiming for the pen spot but doesn't have the ability to put the ball their with it instead going towards the edge of the area. Also depending on your highlights option you might not see the corners that do go to the pen spot if they don't create anything worth showing.
  9. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Altrincham - National League 2019/20 - Season 2 So after claiming promotion in our first season I was hoping for back-to-back promotions to get us to the Football League, though the Board were happy for us to avoid relegation, but the Media Predicted an 8th place finish, with the Bookies predicting a playoff finish but at the same time they reckoned newly promoted Billericay would win the league. Reputation - Not much surprise that we have the lowest rep in the league, though Billericay's rep actually went down on promotion. Transfers - Not that busy of a season as I concentrated on quality over quantity, I also got the remaining overpaid existing players off the books, whilst the AI decided to poach most of my N/C squad players, with some of them who couldn't even get into my side going to bigger sides, whilst Wilson dropped down to take the money from York. National League Table - Another excellent season as we again stormed to the title setting new records for Most Points, Most Wins, Most Team Goals and Highest Scoring Game. Though the season got off to a slow start as my new players settled in and we got used to the slightly better quality opposition, which saw us draw three and win three of our opening six games, needing injury time winners in two of the games, but then we clicked as five straight wins pushed us to the top of the table. However our defensive frailities were a bit of an issue as we needed to come back from 3-0 down against bottom side Boreham to claim a draw, but eventually suffered our first defeat in game 15 to second place Torquay, but we responded to that by thrashing Morecambe 9-2 in the first of our two TV games this season. This was the start of a seven game winning streak which was ended as we lost to second placed Eastleigh but had opened up a 10 point lead but was cut as we draw our next two games. Going into the New Year we lost to Dagenham before winning six in a row, but then the long season started to take it's toll on my small squad as injuries started to mount up (we didn't actually suffer that many injuries this season they just all seemed to hit at the same time) and we suffered back-to-back defeats against Billericay and Guiseley, which meant with 10 games left our lead over Billericay had been cut to just four points. We at least responded with three straight wins before losing to Morecambe, which took us into April and some good news as my Star Striker was back from injury and his partner who'd given up over the last 11 games after I refused to let him go had decided to start performing again as he grabbed a brace against Wrexham to keep our five point lead with just five games left. With my Strikers back (along with pretty much everyone else) we pushed on and claimed the title with two games to spare as Billericay fell to pieces over the last few games before responding by winning the playoffs thanks to an injury time goal and thus will join us in the Football League next season. FA Cup - A solid run as we made it to the Third Round beating League One Bradford in a replay along the way, before Championship side QPR proved too strong for us. It was also a bit of a shame that the QPR tie only earned us £100K a bigger team would have been nice, considering we got ~£250K from the Bradford ties. FA Trophy - We made it to the final for the second time, this time facing Salford setting a new record Win Streak of 15 games. The Final was again a cagy affair with my Striker Lander grabbing a 90th minute winner (Salford losing the cup and promotion in injury is rather ironic considering who they are owned by :)) in what is likely to be his last appearance for the club, though their was still time for on loan Striker Comber to miss a pen in his last appearance for the club. That video pretty much sums up our main method of scoring this season - defence launches ball down field, Glatzel's pace gets him in behind the defence and he puts the ball in the box for one of my other strikers to score. Also the board didn't seem all that impressed with us retaining the FA Trophy as we won it for a record fourth time. Squad, Stat Pack and Overview In goal I brought in Irishman Conrad Logan to try and shore up my leaking defence, as whilst Brad Watkins did okay he's not really good enough for this level. In Defence was Morgan Feeney who had a solid season but went missing in a few games, playing to his right was Nathan Guru and on the left was Irishman Jimmy Dunne and both did okay but I'm going to need better defenders next season. At Right Wing-Back was Ethan Laird who had a solid season and is highly rated by my staff, on the left was George Smith who was in good form and proved to be a good deliver of my set-pieces, providing cover was Loanee Hayden Coulson who was a dependable option down either side. In the Centre Midfield playing as my Deep Lying Playmaker was Thomas Scully who had an excellent season and was a bit of a coup as he turned down Newcastle to sign for me, playing alongside him as my Box-to-Box Midfielder was Jack Thomas who after a slow start stepped up with some fine performances, though of course this meant Nigerian Tosin Kehinde dropped back to a squad role as he just struggled to get going at the start of the season but proved a solid understudy, whilst my Academy graduate Arron Bradley is developing nicely as I tried to get him more games this season. Up front on the Left of my attack was Paul Glatzel who had a fantastic season as his pace just tore apart teams that gave us any space with his average rating being a new league record and we really missed him during his six week injury, in the Centre was Garry Lander who was having a great season until his head was turned in Jan after several Championship and League One sides tried to snatch him on the cheap however his goals were more important than the £500K they were offering, though I'll have to decide whether to cash him on him next season or keep him and let him go on a free, unless I get lucky and he withdraws his request and signs a new contract. On the Right of my attack was Jordan Greenidge who moved over from the left and ended up being the only player from last season to finish the season as a starter, and weirdly all three of my Strikers somehow ended the season with exactly the same amount of goals. Academy - I got two highly rated players this season Striker Arran Weatherall who looks like he could be a quick replacement for Lander and Centre-Back Alex Cox which is just the position I need a player for, though his lack of aerial ability and pace is going to be an issue unless he can improve them so I'll see how he develops and I might convert him into a Wing Back instead. Best XI - I'd agree with that though I'd swap Watkins for Logan and Kehinde for Thomas. Overall XI - Poole and Levingston are pretty much the only un-used players to keep their places, though Kehinde is in defence despite barely being able to play there. Finances - We again made plently of money, though most of that comes from our cup runs, whilst we actually had a lower wage bill this season. Facilites - Looking good as I got the board to increase our Youth Recruitment three times this season which means it's the same level as Utd and City whilst our Junior Coaching becomes Excellent (which I think is it's max), I also got our Youth facilities increased with another improvement on the way, though training improvement fell through as future ones will cost ~£1m each so will need to stagger them. We also got our Youth Level on the board which I'm hoping will give us a chance to actually enter our U23 and U18 teams in the league as I didn't get that option this season. The board also decided to Expand our ground (well convert standing to seating to meet the league rules) rather than build a new one which is good, though they still seem to be planning to build a new staduim hopefully that will drag on so we can get a decent sized one instead of being stuck with a small one in the Prem. Profile - My attributes continue to increase as I grab my National C and B Licences, with my reputation nearly reaching two stars, I also claimed Manager of the Year again. Whilst I started to get linked with jobs, first the press linked me with the Chester (who are in the league below) job, then the Bolton one (League One), whilst Forest (Championship) were the first and so far only side to offer me an interview. Plans For Next Season So with having made it to the Football League the club have turned pro (though I was worried for a bit as the initial news item said it would take affect in a year but looks like it the game forces it on promotion anyway) so first off I need to get my better players onto full time contracts, as well as try to keep hold of them as they are started to attract attention. On the plus side Lander has signed a new contract - he went on trial to Derby for a week and when he came back he asked to be taken off the transfer list so I promptly offered him a new contract whilst he was happy for me to reject bids, and whilst he was considering that one offered him a new full time one on update day as we went Pro. Transferwise top of my list are a couple of new Centre-Backs, whilst some squad depth would be nice otherwise it depends on what we can find and how my existing players fair. Short-term there isn't much hurry to get out of League 2 especially if we continue to make money, as it's a safe league to sit in to build up the club, though long-term I'd like to be as high up as possible before the new stadium goes through. State of The World Premier League - City become the third side to claim the title, with 106 goal Utd second, holders Arsenal finish in 5th, as Chelsea and Spurs make up the top four. At the bottom Bournemouth, Derby and Swansea all go down Championship - Leeds go straight back up, with Wolves and Sunderland following them. League One - Former Prem sides Ipswich, Wigan and Sheff Utd all get promoted, though Portsmouth and Swindo will be joining us next season. FA Cup - City claim the double thrashing Bournemouth in the final. League Cup - Though in fact City make it a clean sweep coming from 2-0 down to beat Arsenal. Champions League - Barcelona beat Arsenal to retain it for Spain for the 7th season in a row. With Arsenal knocking out Spurs (SF) and Utd (QF) along the way, whilst City lost to Barcelona in the Knockout Round and Liverpool lost to Napoli. Europa League - Paris hammer Bayern with both sides having dropped out of the UCL. Burnley made it to the Quarters before losing to Inter, who also beat Leicester in the previous round, with Chelsea going out to Sevilla. Euro2020 - England lose the Final to Ukraine in Extra Time. With England knocking out Spain, Germany and Holland along the way. Wales and Scotland both went out in the Groups along with Kosovo(!) Leaderboard points (FM Mode)(My Steam Username is same as here if anyone wants to add me) (points / position) Single Game: 1,958,787 (150,718) Single Season: 1,090,552 (161,460) Single Season England: 1,090,552 (82.173) Single Season National League: 1,090,552 (153) Single Season National North: 868,235 (94 :cool:) Career Overview Season League League Finish Achievements Leaderboard Points Av. Attendance 18/19 National North 1st Promoted & FA Trophy Winners!!! 868,235 1,927 (31%) 19/20 National League 1st Promoted & FA Trophy Winners!!! 1,090,552 / 1,958,787 3,022 (49%)
  10. [FM18][MOD] Match In-Between Highlights Mod

    In the 'match in between highlights panel' xml file near the top locate this section of code: <!-- DUP container for left/middle and right - as can only have two panels in each split container --> <container class="vertical_split_container" starting_layout="-1, -1" save_session_state="true" save_default_state="true" min_width_left="1" min_width_right="1"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="vertical" inset="0" apply_to_children="true" /> <!-- container for left & middle --> <container class="vertical_split_container" starting_layout="-1, -1" save_session_state="true" save_default_state="true" min_width_left="1" min_width_right="1"> It's the bold red values you need to change - bottom values are for the left and middle panels, on the top line the first value is for the left and middle panels combined (for this one add the two lower values together), second value is for the right panel. Values are in pixels so you can either set values from trial and error or open your screenshot in paint and crop the image to get the widths of the panels.
  11. It depends I generally scout a player until his rating drops below the standard I require or something gets revealed that I don't like - so for some players you can discard them after the first pass others it will take more, also depends on how much money and time you have - if other teams are interested you might not have time to 100% scout someone.
  12. Too Few Home Grown players.

    If you got the Brexit that replaced Work Permits with HG limits, then just scout U18's as if you sign a player in the season they turn 19 then after three seasons they will become homegrown. If you need HG players straight away then one of the filters on the search screen should be for homegrown, though for the most part going forward you'll be limited to English players.
  13. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Note that much different from past versions (should be a guide at the start of one of years threads) - add a couple of new views to the player search screen - main ones last club (for released players) and division (for loan players). Then sort by last club and trial in anyone who is interested who was released from a prem/champ side, if CA is less than 3 stars discard, otherwise let the trial run and renew for 4 weeks until enough attributes are revealed to see if the player is worth signing. If there is a position I need then I first filter for that position. Also set the scouting inbox to daily when actively after players, otherwise weekly as I've found the game is now a lot more pro-active about offering you unattached players, so I just trial in anyone who's mentioned. For scouting I just used that to scout loan players initially as it takes a week now and costs money (though the patches have brought it down I spent £6K in first season and just spent £8K this season - I started using scouting more as the season went on as we were making money, though I don't think I ever scouted anyone to 100%). At this level I don't tend to use scouts that much as my staff tend to be better judging and having the players on trial allows me to sort them better, though in my second season I'm just finishing I used my scouts more as I wasn't in a hurry for players so could let my scouts weed out some players first, also use them to scout players who are set to be released to get a head start on the better ones before other clubs get them. For the scouting packages I haven't used them, as from a quick test the league one doesn't increase the number of unattached players shown so there was no point in getting it and couldn't afford the higher ones. Though I'm not quite sure how this will work once I've got to the Football League which is the point where you are generally able to sign non-english based players but in the past relied on you having a staff member to give you knowledge of the country to get them showing up, but if it now requires a higher package it should be fun, though the packages are charged monthly so you can take out a higher one shortlist the interesting players and get rid of it before the start of the next month. For the Wing Backs they are just standard Wing Backs on Support - but if I'm defending a lead late on I'll switch them to Defend, though if the AI is using attacking Full-Backs that look to give me problems I tell my STCR/STCL to man mark the DR/DL positions which seems to stop the fullbacks from going forward often.
  14. [FM18][MOD] Match In-Between Highlights Mod

    @1Fost It should remember the positions you set, if it's not first try deleting your preferences folder (export any custom views you've created first as this will wipe them) instructions here: https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2018/134_how-to/ If that doesn't help if you are using a custom skin or various match mods make sure the ids used in the match selector panels are different in each file as if they are the same the game may mix up the values. The other thing you can do if you just want them to stay at one size is to change the starting split values from -1 (which tells the game to use all the space) to fixed values which should force them to retain the default values if you don't manually move them.
  15. Past Meetings Head to Head

    Had a chance to have a look and if you just want to replace the Recent Match Analysis details with the old past meetings panel then it's a simple change as the old code is still included. You need to edit the 'tactics overview side panel' xml file found in the panels/tactics folder (if it's not present you'll need to extract it from the default game files instructions here) In that file locate this code near the top: <!--analysis--> <record class="tactics_recent_match_analysis_panel" entity_layout_id="it22" id="anLy" /> And change it so it reads like this: <!--analysis--> <record class="team_next_match_opponent_panel" entity_layout_id="it22" id="oppo" /> If you want to tweak its appearance then you'll need to edit the various 'team next match past meetings' xml files found in the panels/team folder. If you want both panels showing then you'd need to mess around adding the code from one file into the other.