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    That's more of a resolution than a skin issue, at small resolutions there likely just isn't enough room to display all the information.
  2. [FM18][SKIN] Football Manager 2018 Base Skins

    They're not controlled by xml files the game displays the image files called 'dressing room' for the team talk screens, 'tunnel' for the tunnel and 'default' for the preview backgrounds - if you want to replace them you just need to place image files with those names in the graphics\backgrounds folder for the skin you are using.
  3. You will likely need to reinstall the mod as it will have been overwritten by the patch.
  4. Return to a better past

    @Dave1990 There are a couple of things you can do to replicate the FM17 look; For the tactics screen those columns will be missing due to your screen resolution but you can free up some room by clicking the reduce option on the pitch panel this will shrink the pitch giving you more space in the list, and from the preferences menu you can also turn the sidebar into the icons only version to free up some more space, you should also be able to shrink the position and name column widths clicking on the header area you can also remove the PI column. For the Match Stats you can actually get these back - if on the pitch panel you select the Match Stats widget, you can then drag and drop this onto the right of the screen to create a dock and if you pin it and enlarge it it will replicate the split view (though you won't get the overview screen in the left when no highlights) and you can customize it to add in the other stuff.
  5. Swap positions FM2018

    Goto the Tactics Screen from the sidebar then in the top menu select the 'Player' option as shown in the screenshot in the first post. Then the option to switch positions should be at the bottom of the middle instructions panel.
  6. The best thing to do is to raise the issue in the bugs forum.
  7. From the Preferences -> Interface -> Skin colours menu you can change the ball colours. (Though you may need to restart the game for the changes to take affect). Though if the ball is bright red then that sounds like a bug and is worth raising in the bugs forum.
  8. During a match select the cog icon to get to the match options and unticking the 'show player condition during match' option will display just the players name above the player.
  9. [FM18][MOD] Match In-Between Highlights Mod

    Just drag the divider between the middle and right panels to the right until the right panels disappear, then drag the divider on the left to even out the panels if need be. @halil85 It's a debug option that was enabled in the beta however it is disabled in the full game and not something you can turn back on.
  10. What's the players nationality? as I think non-domestic U21's now need registering and the special status for EU players ends when they sign a new contract - what is likely to have happened is that before signing the new contract he had a pre-Brexit contract so was classed as Domestic and didn't need registering, but upon signing the new contract he loses his domestic status and thus now needs registering to play.
  11. Can you turn off the 3D at half time?

    You can try this mod it will turn the 3D stadium off when not on the pitch view (though not sure if actually turns it off or just hides it so might not help with performance issues):
  12. Have you tried offering them a new contract as that should be under the new rules so they should get a Work Permit.
  13. Who can help make these jerseys?

    You don't need that layer as the game adds that stuff in game.
  14. Editing the pre-match lineup screen.

    @D_LO_ Try using the gradient trick to recolour the text as when I was playing around with the caption box it seems the person_button widget doesn't seem to read the colour commands.
  15. Who can help make these jerseys?

    Have a look at this guide it will guide you through creating the kits yourself: