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  1. fm2017 skin

    They are controlled by these values declared in the settings file: <colour name="progress_empty" red="20" green="20" blue="20"/> <colour name="progress_full" red="53" green="178" blue="196"/> <colour name="processing_box_background" value="teal 900"/>
  2. You can check the years required for nationality in the editor, it is listed under the nations section - you can add a years to gain nationality column in the nation view and also filter by how many years you want. In game the only way to do it is to look at players in the squads of teams in the other nations to see the days needed. Looking in the editor Serbia are the only EU nation with three years (well it also shows NIreland and Gibraltar as both having three years aswell which seems wrong? - though I don't think the game uses that value anyway as I expect it uses a UK value). Also depending on your players nationality Spain might be quicker as they normally have a 2/3 year period for Latin Americans. Though loaning them out to Serbia for three years might not be that great for their development especially if you don't have the league loaded, it might be better for their development to loan them to a higher league and hope that they get enough caps for their nation to qualify for a Work Permit.
  3. Check the other options you have given him, if you have given him a large signing on fee (or agent fee - one of these comes out of the wage budget the other from the transfer budget) this also comes out of the wage budget.
  4. It should be at the top or the bottom of the screen, my game is in pre-season at the moment so I cannot check the exact location.
  5. A work around would be to tick the 'Allow Licensed Kits' box, then in one of the config files for any kits you have downloaded just add an entry for your teams away kit but don't include an actual kit graphic in the folder, the game should then read the licensed home and third kits as normal, but as it cannot find the non-existent third kit it should revert to your edited default kit instead of the licensed away kit. (If you haven't downloaded any kits then just create a config file in your graphics folder, instructions on how to do it are here:
  6. You can also try raising the issue in the bugs forum.
  7. fm2017 skin

    You cannot really recolour it as it is hardcoded to appear yellow when you get extra money from being on TV and grey when you don't get extra money. (And FM17 doesn't allow you to change shade of the default colours). You might be able to cheat by setting it back to use the TV text instead of the icon, it should be controlled by the 'competition fixtures item panel' xml file found in the panels\competition folder. In that file you first need to comment out or delete the picture widget code for the TV icon and uncomment the old label widget. Then once you have done that you should be able to use the gradient trick to recolour the text, instructions on how to do that can be found in this thread: (You just need to add the font="<FONT_NAME>" bit to the above line you uncommented instead of the one in the linked thread.)
  8. There should be a note of that screen that tells you how many appearances a player needs to appear.
  9. I don't think there has been any major changes to how it works (from my experience playing in England), however SI may have changed the chances of B teams being promoted or the league rules might have changed on promotion of B teams. I don't use the IGE so I don't know if it has a feature to either move teams directly or unlink them from being your B team so you can get them promoted. You could also try dropping the reputation of every other side to 1 whilst maxing your B team to see if that improves their chances. The other thing you could do is what we do in the challenge forum and that is save the game the day before promotion date and then just reload the game until they get promoted.
  10. If you mean on the popup that appears at the bottom of the screen, then you cannot change it easily, you have to cheat by assigning it to a new font and adding a gradient to it which overrides the game recolouring. The first file you need to edit is the 'match caption panel' xml file found in the panels\match folder (if it isn't present in your skin you will need to extract it - instructions are in the stickied threads). Locate the lines that look like this: <!--home team name--> <widget class="text" id="hmtm" alignment="right" multiline="false" auto_size="vertical" size="10" /> And change it to read: <!--home team name--> <widget class="text" id="hmtm" alignment="right" multiline="false" auto_size="vertical" size="10" font="<CUSTOM_FONT>"/> There will be another one further down for the away team, and if you want the score and other bits to also be recoloured you'll need to do the same on them aswell. Once you have done that you will need to go into the fonts folder for the skin you are using and create a new xml file giving it the same name as you put in the font location above (i.e. <CUSTOM_FONT>) then inside that file paste into it the following code: <record> <string id="file_name" value="ProximaNova-Reg.otf"/> <integer id="gradient_upper_margin" value="20"/> <integer id="gradient_lower_margin" value="0"/> <integer id="gradient_curve" value="0"/> <integer id="gradient_upper_colour_red" value="255"/> <integer id="gradient_upper_colour_green" value="255"/> <integer id="gradient_upper_colour_blue" value="255"/> <integer id="gradient_upper_colour_alpha" value="255"/> <integer id="gradient_lower_colour_red" value="255"/> <integer id="gradient_lower_colour_green" value="255"/> <integer id="gradient_lower_colour_blue" value="255"/> <integer id="gradient_lower_colour_alpha" value="255"/> </record> That will give you a white text, if you want a different colour you just need to set the upper and lower values to the same value (but leave both alpha values at 255 as that makes the gradient a solid colour). Once done if the skin cache is on you'll need to turn it off and reload the skin for your changes to be applied.
  11. First they need to be in the league below the active league that feeds into the active league (though there are reports of teams getting multiple promotions but these require several years), after that it is pretty much down to reputation and luck like in previous versions. Also for B teams it will depend on what the league rules are for them in most countries they are limited to where they can get promoted. So if Martimo C have been relegated again since 14/15 then the chances of getting them promoted into the active league is close to zero.
  12. Link has been removed from first post as requested by Dimitri, and because it links to a stupid adserver, if you are going to provide links then link directly to the download page not to a third party website. @DimitriFromParis when you are ready the easiest thing to do is to just create a new thread with the link to the download page on fmscout.
  13. A quicker option would be to get a team report on the youth team instead of all the players, and unless something has changed in FM17 this should then give you an initial star rating for the players in the team, do this for each team and then manually scout any of the better players afterwards. Also if any of your non-scouting staff have good judging attributes you can get them to manually scout some of the players which should speed up the scouting a bit.
  14. I've no idea why it is doing that, doesn't look like its an animation problem as it still does it with the animation code removed, it just doesn't seem to set the position correctly when set to the right on first going to a match. You can try raising it as a bug but as it doesn't happen when its on the left I doubt it will be fixed. I'm not sure if there are any other skins that have moved it to the right, if so you can see how they fixed the problem. A fairly messy solution is to leave it on the left but add a blank container to the left of the scoreboard in the match titlbe bar score file and set that to use up the rest of the room, so the game thinks its on the left but the images will display on the right thanks to the blank container.
  15. I don't think Belarus are a part of the EU anyway? However I think Serbia should be joining the EU within the next couple of years in your game, they normally join in the early 2020's but not sure if it is fixed or random. (should be a few posts around the forum with the exact date). Does seem a little weird that no-one wants them on loan, though it could just be a situation where they are stuck in the middle - there reputation might be above the level of the teams that would be interested in them so they would reject the loan, but their ability is below that of the clubs they would accept a loan offer from, so the teams they want to go to aren't interested in them.