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  1. It's two years for Europe. (which is a little annoying when you sign some promising youngsters don't register them as they aren't needed yet, but then have one or two meaningless group games that they then cannot play in). I tend to avoid the problem of having too many players by selling players when they turn 22 if they aren't my first or second choice, which means most seasons I don't even end up using the full quota as most of my second string will be under 21.
  2. I haven't tested but you might be able to do it one of two ways, first try editing the above file and add a line like show_player_rating="true" to the pitch widget - you might need to mess around with the wording until you find something the game likes (or if you can find somewhere else in the game it is shown on the tactics pitch take the code from there, should also be some threads on here with some of the commands you can add, but not sure if there is a thread with all of them though). If that doesn't work then you'd need to find which of the tactics icon files from the tactics folder controls the best XI screen and then add the average rating code to which you should be able to take from the 'tactics icon info panel overview' file.
  3. For the sidebar have a look at this thread from this post onwards: You can basically cheat by adding a new background over the top that can be recoloured. Though if you are only wanting to recolour the sidebar for the team you are managing the easier option is D_LO_'s method where you just need to locate the colour line for the colour your team plays in and adjust it to match the real colour rather than the tweaked colour.
  4. Who are you playing as, what's your clubs rep and who is after him? - If you aren't one of the elite teams and he is the best player in the world he may feel he has outgrown your club and wants a move to one of the elite teams. Did you try increasing the value he wanted or did you just accept the first value he stated - you generally get three rounds of talks, you can also stand your ground and let him storm out of talks which would be equivalent to saying this is the amount I want, and whilst the player will become unhappy, though if no bids are forthcoming I find they tend to forget about it when transfer window closes provided they have plenty of time left on their contract. And to be fair £71m is still an astonishing fee for a player, whilst I don't think the game really takes into account purchasing fee when selling a player (well apart from those news items that tell you how much a player cost per game when selling a flop) with the problem worse due to your vastly overpaying for the player compared to his value. If you have a save game from before the talk with the player you can always upload it to the bugs forum and someone from SI can have a look at it to see if something has gone wrong.
  5. Mine do some times, though at the moment I can generally get players who cost under £30m to accept a reasonable bid is over £40m. Though I haven't found it much of a problem because regardless of which option you select if a team doesn't bid for the player then the player will generally cancel the promise after the transfer window closes and teams don't seem all that willing to pay up for my players who want out.
  6. When in windowed mode you can grab the corners of the window and resize it that way, if the window is maximised you'll first need to click the double square icon in the top right hand corner of the screen then you should be able to resize it. Though this will only likely stop the fans kicking in on the match screens, as outside of that the game is processor intensive and processor load isn't likely to be affected by screen size.
  7. That should be one of the options in the conversation panel when he asks for a move. (I think it is also sometimes an option in press conferences). What's the players current value as that is likely influencing the amount he wants to go for?
  8. I've had a look and I don't think you can remove it, it looks like it just uses the generic file and the text is generated by the game depending on what news item is generated, which means there is no way to remove that text.
  9. In this version my team seem to have become cup experts, though the other English sides all being poor in Europe this season helped
  10. Met Police - Premier League 2030/31 - Season 14 So after securing Champions League football again, the board were now Expecting it again but at least only wanted us to get past the UCL group stage. With the Bookies giving us the chance of a title challenge whilst the Media Predicted another fourth place finish. Reputation - We finally become a Worldwide side but are still behind the big boys and Leicester. In Europe we make the top page sandwich between those well known German giants Hoffenheim and Mainz. Rich List - We actually drop a place behind Bayern, whilst Wolfsburg are an interesting entry considering they got relegated to the Germany second tier this season. Euro Rankings - We just about make it onto the top page of the rankings as we climb up 18 places. Transfers - It was a slow but eventually an expense season, as I said at the end of my last update attempts to bring in a World Class Striker or Midfielder proved rather frustrating, though in the end I did snatch World-Class Greek Midfielder Papadedes from Leicester for a reasonable £45m, then with nothing looking likely City transfer listed Striker Diallo on deadline day (seems he only noticed after the group stage drawing that City weren't in the Champions League) and with not much time left I spent what could be a club record £88m on him, I also had to pretty much max out every bonus clause I could to get him to sign as I couldn't match the silly wages he was on at City. Then in Jan I splashed some more cash on a couple of Wonderkids who I may have over paid for a bit but the problem we have is we are up against the FFP wage cap so whilst the board are giving me a massive transfer budget they give me a negative wage budget which really limits our options. Saleswise I moved on several youngsters who weren't likely to get in my team for good money, whilst Keeper Mokhele was sold after refusing to sign a new contract, Rashford was let go to free up some wages, then Madrid pinch my Wonderkid Diallo who complained when I rejected their initial bid and was forced to accept their improved offer worth upto £50m, though of course when he left he then wondered if he'd made a mistake - which was his own fault for pushing through a move. In January I cashed in on Midfielder Jefferson who again wasn't impressing. FA Cup - the less said about this the better my kids did me proud beating Burnley before my first team let me down with a poor performance against Newcastle where our finishing again let us down. It was no real surprise as Utd retained the FA Cup beating Chelsea in Extra Time. EFL Cup - Some more good performances from my youngsters as we easily made it back to the Final, where we faced City for the fourth time in a final, and whilst we'd beaten them in the previous three finals we hadn't beat them since the EFL Cup win last season and had suffered a record 7-0 hammering to them in the League this season, however the final was sandwich between two important Europa League games for City so they played a weakened side (whilst my former player Akbulut couldn't even get into their weak side) whilst I had Striker Diallo out injured and Right Back Quinhones suspended. Despite controlling the Final we just couldn't score and the game went to extra-time where forgotten man Pinau-Beauvue came off the bench to grab an assist and then scored what may have been an offside goal late on to kill the game as we finally won something for a second time Champions League - We were forced to start off in the playoff round where we drew Turkish side Besiktas who'd never made it past the group stage and we thumped them 4-0 in the First Leg in our newly Expanded Ground as Striker Rodriquez scored half of his seasons goals in just his second game, the Second Leg wasn't a great game as we needed Grande to rescue a draw with a late goal but we were never in any danger of going out. Having made it to the group stage the Bookies didn't give much chance and with no City this season they pretty much expected Utd to win it again. In the draw we were again third seeds but got some luck as Belguim Champions Anderlecht were drawn as our first seeds, who'd only made it past the group stage once, though they had made it to the Europa Semi's back in 18/19. The second team out were Spanish side Bilbao who'd made it to the Knockout Stage in three of their previous six appearances, whilst they won the Europa League in the first season, completing the group were German side Mainz who despite their Worldwide Rep were making their Champions League debut (and had only been in the Europa League in the first season) after finishing fourth last season, though Germany did cheat having five sides after Schalke won the Europa League but failed FFP which let HSV in, though it seems Germany have been underperforming and will only get three sides next season. Group Stage - Our Opening Game didn't start well as Mainz scored a free-kick within a minute, however Diallo took advantage of a defensive error to open his european account for us, defender Norris then headed home a free-kick to put us ahead before Traore scored a late header to secure the win. In our Second Game we dominated play against Anderlecht but some poor finishing let us down before Pinau-Beauvue came off the bench to finally put us ahead with Anderlecht's Wonderkid Defender then scoring a late own goal to secure the points for us. In Game Three we hosted Bilbao and again despite dominating the game poor finishing cost us as Bilbao scored from their only chance after we switched off from our own free-kick, in the second half Fabricio at least rescued a point. In Game Four we went to Spain and won a crazy game 6-3 as our attackers finally turned up, whilst our defence went walkabout but we had secured qualification, which was good because in Game Five we went to Germany and got thrashed as my defence decided to take November off - we conceeded 18 goals in six games, which was bad considering we'd only conceed nine in the previous 14 games this season. My kids at least recliamed some price in the Final Game as they easily beat Anderlecht to secure first place. Elsewhere Leicester had a torrid time finishing bottom of their group as they let England down. In the Knockout Round we faced France side Lyon who's last two campaigns had been ended in the Quarters by the Manchester clubs, whilst they reached the Europa League Final back in 2027. With the First Leg in France things couldn't have gone easier as we smashed them Diallo opened the scoring early on and then things went worse for Lyon as their Midfielder Aerts was sent off for a two footed lunge, and in the second half Diallo scored twice more to secure his only hat-trick. In the Second Leg Diallo scored an early goal to kill the tie, whilst Pinau-Beauvue came off the bench to extend our lead before we switch off in the last five minutes allowing Lyon to claim a draw. In the Quarter Finals we would face Real Madrid who'd only made the Final one losing to Utd and had rather interestingly been knocked out by Barcelona five times, they'd also lost to English sides five times. Whilst they beat Spurs in the Europa League back in 2026. With my team out of form I'd recently switched back to a basic 4-4-1-1 formation (that everyone else seems to be using) and with the First Leg at Home it worked wonders as we smashed Madrid - we fell behind early on before a Grande double either side of half-time put us ahead, I then made a tactical switch moving Fabricio upfront to replace Hinshelwood who was struggling (Diallo was out injured again) and bringing Rodriguez on to play on the left and that worked as Fabricio grabbed a brace whilst Rodriguez got a goal and an assist, though Madrid did pull one back in injury time. The Second Leg was more of a cagey affair but a Fabricio goal midway through the first half all but killed the tie, and whilst Madrid levelled on the night they never looked like scoring the other three they needed. Whilst in the other Quarter Finals there were a few shocks as Benfica knocked out Paris, Juventus knocked our Arsenal and Barcelona beat Utd on pens, meaning for the first time in six years their wouldn't be an all English final as we were the last ones left and surely this was our best chance of securing the trophy. In the Semi-Final we drew Benfica who'd made it this far twice before only to lose to Arsenal (2017) and Utd (2023) so the omens were good. With the First Leg at Home we played out a nervy 0-0 draw as we missed a couple of golden chances but at least we didn't conceed an away goal however the bad news was Grande did his knee in and would be out for the season. In the Second Leg after another nerby first half we finally produced the goods in the second half as two goals in a minute from Diallo finally broke Benfica and then Papadedes scored his third goal in a week as he stepped up in Grande's absence having been moved further forward. Having booked our place at Hampden Park we would face Barcelona who were the last non-English side to reach the Final, having lost two of them to City, and whilst they did lift it back in 2020 beating Arsenal they'd been knocked out by an English side every season since so again good omens. Going into the Final we were at near full strength with Grande the only player out, though he was just about fit enough to make the bench. In the Final we got off to a great start as Fabricio scored a fine header after Barcelona failed to clear a corner and then Diallo helped repay his transfer fee just before half-time taking advantage of a mixup in defence (or a bug), which was good as Barcelona pulled one back straight from the kick-off, however after that the pressure didn't come and with the ref deciding to book nearly everyone I was dreading the red card, however instead it was Barcelona who were reduced to 10 men as Renato Sanches (who turned us down this season to join Barcelona from City) got a second yellow and allowed us to comfortably see out the game to lift the Champions League which completes one half of the challenge and actually pleased the board, whilst our 36 goals were a new competition record. (couldn't be bothered doing vids of all the games this time, as it takes too long to upload them). Premier League - Another frustrating season as we just cannot seem to push past fourth place. We started the season well enough winning five and losing just two of our first 10 games, which left us fourth but already six-eight points behind the top three who were flying. We then fell apart getting hammered 7-0 by City for a record defeat as we just gifted them goal after goal and conceeded as many goals in that game as we had done so far this season, next up we got beat by Utd but only 2-1 as we didn't bother to defend corners so I switched from 4-2-3-1 back to a flat 4-3-3 and that brought a narrow 2-1 win over Arsenal before we smashed Cardiff 6-0 with Pinau-Beauvue grabbing all of his league goals for the season in one game and hammered Burnley 5-0, winning both games with just 10 men each, we then beat West Ham and put three past Everton for only their second defeat of the season, but then over Christmas we drew to Norwich and lost to Newcastle. So at the half-way point we were fourth, nine points behind City (who had a game in hand), five points behind Utd (who had four games in hand!), five behind Everton, but only ahead of Liverpool on goal difference and two points clear of MBoro, whilst Newcastle who'd just beaten us were six points behind but had two games in hand. Thankfully our form returned in the New Year as we claimed four wins in our next six games, beating a struggling Chelsea and drawing to Liverpool and Spurs. Going into February everyone's games in hand had been played, so with 24 games gone we were still fourth, now 19 points behind Utd, 13 behind City, seven behind Everton, but six ahead of Arsenal so no-one was going anywhere for a while. However with the Champions League back our league form died as we lost to Leicester and Palace, drew to MBoro before being beaten 3-1 by City after missing a pen and we then got hammered 5-1 by Utd, which saw us drop down to sixth below Arsenal and Palace though they both had played an extra game. So with us out of form I switch from 4-3-3 to an old 4-4-1-1 formation and that seemed to change things as we beat Stoke and beat Arsenal 3-2 to reclaim fourth with six games left - we were now three points clear of Arsenal, but were nine points behind Everton, 14 behind City (who had two games in hand), whilst Utd were an unreachable 25 points ahead. In between the Madrid games my kids did me proud beating Cardiff and Burnley before losing to West Ham. With just three games left Everton were just about catchable being seven points ahead, but Palace were only one point behind us in fifth, whilst Arsenal were five back. Next up we went to Newcastle and whilst it was between the Benfica games I had to field my strongest side and Greek Midfielder Papadedes stepped up scoring his first two goals for the club after moving forward to replace the injured Grande and with Palace blowing a 2-0 lead to draw at Watford we had the advantage, though of course we then blew that drawing 0-0 against Norwich as Palace beat Spurs leaving us just one point clear with one game left which was against an Everton side with nothing to play for, however my players clearly had an eye on the Champions League Final and we didn't play well going behind early on before Hinshelwood came off the bench to at least claim a draw, though it didn't really matter as Palace conceeded an injury time goal against Liverpool to lose. Whilst down at the bottom Leicester had a poor season not help by ourselves and Utd poaching their two best players Manager Movements - Derby went through three managers this season and still finish rock bottom. A poor season for Arsenal cost Gallardo his job and he was replaced by Edgar Barreto who'd impressed at Leipzig after they lured him from Juventus. Chelsea fired Hubschman after less than a year in the job replacing him with former Dortmund boss Tuchel who'd been fired by Bayern 10 months ago. Leicester harshly fired Lennon after nearly seven years replacing him with Markus Babbel who'd done well with Mainz. Spurs fired Sedgwick who then took the Bilbao job which seems a weird choice, but replaced him with Gibraltarian Jansen Moreno who was their U18 Data Analyst! Stat-Pack - Our most common result was a 1-1 draw, followed by 2-0 win and a 2-1 win. We had the fourth highest goals this season, but conceded the joint sixth most - though 17 of our 41 goals conceded did come against City and Utd. Squad, Home & Review In Goal I gave Argentine Wonderkid Aldo Perez the nod but he didn't really impress as he had an error prone season, providing cover was Russian Valery Yefimov who had an even worse season and looks like a new keeper is top of my wishlist next season. At Right Back Brazilian Renato Quinhones was in good form and even scored a rare goal, provding cover was Suadi Waleed Zoulan who proved to be a solid backup. On the Left was Explosive Irishman Alan O'Shea who had a solid season, covering for him was Spanish Wonderkid Juan Pedro who was also in good form and my fullback positions at least look sorted. At Centre-Back was World-Class Englishman Matthew Norris who had an excellent season as did his partner Clive Wood, providing cover was my other Englishman Simon Bennett who had a decent season but isn't ever going to challenge my first choice pairing, though all of these are only described as Good Prem players so I might need to replace them at some point with better players. In the Centre of Midfield in came World Class Greek Kyriakos Papadedes who had a solid season and in Jan I snapped up Argentine Luis Ramirez to add a bit more steel to my side and he hit the ground running. Providing cover was Brazilian Luiz Lima who again didn't really impress nor did Russian Georgy Udaly and I might move them both on to free up some funds as I now have plenty of midfielders. On the Right Wing was French Winger Ardiouma Traore who had a good season as he finally started to show what he could do, providing cover was Norwegian Sigurd Larsen who did well when called upon but isn't really good enough so I let him get his big money move to Spain, and which funded the move for Wonderkid Ross Ramsey who is already better than him and looks like he could be a great player. On the Left Wing was Brazilian Fabricio who was in excellent form as he also rediscovered his form and was named Young Player of the Year as we claimed the award for the third year in a row, providing cover was Trinidad Youngster Colin James who impressed in the cups, though of course I did have a bit of a problem when I switched to 4-4-1-1 as I don't have any proper LM players, with Spanish Striker Alain Rodriguez being the best player I had for that position and played better their aswell though he was so bad upfront it was hard for him to be worse in midfield. Playing as my Attacking Midfielder was World Class Italian Mattia Grande who had an excellent season as he pulled the strings in midfield and his 17 assists are a new club record beating the 15 set by Gori back in 2022. He also became our first player to make the World Team and was named Third Best player in Europe. Upfront big money was spent on World-Class French Striker Ladji Diallo and whilst he didn't quiet hit the heights I'd hope for (loads of niggling injuries didn't help - he picked up eight injuries over the season keeping him out for ~3 months total) though his goals in the Champions League paid back most of his fee as he came third in the race for the Golden Boot and with less matches, he also claimed a rare Goal of the Month as he scored a nice goal from distance. Providing cover was Academy Striker Chris Hinshelwood who was given a chance after impressing on loan and put in some good performances and becomes my first academy Wonderkid The other option I had upfront was Frenchman Gregory Pinau-Beauvue who again failed to impress - all his league goals came in one game against Cardiff, though he did at least win us the EFL Cup after coming off the bench, and rather bizarrely Arsenal seem to want him back. Prem Select - Wood and Grande make the team, though Norris is cruelly left out despite playing better than Wood in the same amount of games, Quinhones was also cruelly left out despite rating the same as the selected RB but with more games. Champions League Dream Team - Though half of my side at least made this award, though both Fabricio and Diallo were unlucky to miss out. Best XI - About right considering the formation changes, though Udaly was lucky to get in the side as Ramirez would have got in if he'd been here all season. Overall XI - Couple of changes this season as Norris replaces Alberg in Defence, Lima finally replaces Lessi, though Mohammed was a weird pick to replace Porter though I expect Grande should make the side next season, whilst for some reason Pejakovic randomly replaced Akbulut on the Left despite having played less games with a worse rating he also retired five years ago, I can only assume a players current position rating affects this, which may explain why Fabricio is only on the bench as well. Academy - No good players through this season as we are still only Level 2, though I did get Jack Stubbs who can play anywhere down the middle. Finances - Despite the crazy transfer spending things are still good, whilst the game stated we'd fail the FFP wage rules until we got the prize money. Shirtsales - Bit of a surprise as Diallo doesn't seem that popular with the fans. Expansion - The board approve another expansion of our ground, boosting it to 30K which means we should no longer have the smallest ground next season, though it needs to be much bigger to compete with the top sides. Profile - I made it to 700 games this season, I was also offered the England job again, whilst my reputation increases slightly. Hall of Fame - I become the third best English Manager, though there seems to be a real lack of good English Managers as only myself and Hodgson have won anything this century. Nationalities 28 ENG 4 BRA, ESP 3 FRA 2 ARG, RUS, KSA, SCO, WAL 1 BEL, CRO, GRE, NED, IRN, ITA, NGA, NOR, IRL, SRB, TRI Squad Rules Currently I have 9 FGN players, with a further 13 U21's, with a max of 17 Over 21's allowed. For Homegrown rules we have 23 Club Grown and 13 Nation Grown with a further 24 due to become Homegrown. Plans For Next Season So with the Champions League secured the only priority from now on is the league, though I have no idea how we'll get past Man Utd best bet is to wait for Mourinho to retire or take an International job. Transferwise the priority is a World-Class Keeper and possibly a World-Class Centre-Back ability wise rather than rep wise. State of The World National League - Dulwich nearly get promoted to the Football League losing the Playoff Final to my Feeder Club Boston. Stourbridge are also embarking on the challenge winning the North League Europa League - Of course Man City win this beating Mainz in the Final. Chelsea lost in the Semi's to City, whilst Everton made it to the Second Knockout Round losing to Inter. France - Paris retain the title again, with Monaco just behind them, whilst 30 odd points back are Saint-Etienee and Caen who are both surprise UCL qualifers. Germany - Dortmund make it seven in a row, whilst Europa League side Hoffenheim finish rock bottom. Italy - Inter claim their first title since the first season, just about beating AC and Juventus Portugal - Benfica reclaim their title beating Sporting by one point. Scotland - Celtic reclaim their title, with Hamilton second, whilst holders Hearts struggle to 6th and would have finished ninth if not for the split. Spain - Barcelona reclaim the title with Real struggling to finish fourth. World Cup 2030 - Quite a few shocks this year as hosts Spain fail to get out of the Group Stage losing to Colombia and Albania, Holland failed to get out of a group containing Iran and Switzerland, England finished bottom of their group though they did have France and Argentina. In the end Italy beat Holders Portugal in the Final thanks to an extra-time winner from my player Grande Leaderboard points (FM Mode) (My Steam Username is same as here if anyone wants to add me) (points / position) Single Game: 8,159,908 (49,864) Single Season: 1,489,941 (159,959) Single Season England: 1,489,941 (92,558) Single Season Premier League: 1,489,941 (91,011) Single Season Championship: 961,478 (6,593) Single Season League One: 683,801 (9,907) Single Season League Two: 733,684 (1,204) Single Season National League: 1,099,379 (100 :cool:) Single Season National South: 436,272 (175) Career Overview Season League League Finish Achievements Leaderboard Points Av. Attendance 17/18 National South 11th - 10,825 246 (8%) 18/19 National South 1st Promoted - Champions!!! 436,272 / 447,097 270 (9%) 19/20 National League 1st Promoted - Champions!!! FA Trophy Winners 1,099,379 / 1,546,476 571 (16%) 20/21 League Two 16th - 42,187 / 1,588,663 1,095 (21%) 21/22 League Two 1st Promoted - Champions!!! 733,684 / 2,322,347 1,671 (30%) 22/23 League One 6th Promoted - Playoff Winners!!! Checkatrade Trophy Winners 683,801 / 3,006,148 2,902 (52%) 23/24 Championship 5th Playoff Finalists 153,622 / 3,159,770 5,530 (100%) 24/25 Championship 1st Promoted - Champions!!! 961,478 / 4,121,248 5,530 (100%) 25/26 Premier League 12th - 168,015 / 4,289,263 20,146 (100%) 26/27 Premier League 10th - 176,865 / 4,466,128 20,102 (99%) 27/28 Premier League 5th Europa League Qualification 189,720 / 4,655,848 15,055 (100%) 28/29 Premier League 4th FA Cup Winners, Europa League Winners 1,489,941 / 6,145,789 15,055 (100%) 29/30 Premier League 4th EFL Cup, Super Cup, Comm Shield Winners. UCL QF 910,175 / 7,055,964 22,261 (62%) 30/31 Premier League 4th Champions League Winners. EFL Cup Winners 1,103,944 / 8,159,908 22, 478 (99%)
  11. I'm not sure that underlined bit is actually in the game, I've never seen clauses being activated from loans - just checked my game and I have a player who was poached by Palace as an Academy player and he has made 140 apps on loan, but the clauses screen only shows him having made three apps towards the fee's I'm due. The OP's issue is likely a bug, that I thought was fixed in one of the patches?, as it came up a bit in the dafuge's challenge thread pre-patch. Though if no money has left your club that it isn't likely to cause any issues.
  12. Try deleting the 'person search list' xml file from the panels folder for the skin, if that doesn't work you'd be best contacting whoever made the skin.
  13. It might just use the generic 'inbox content with player report panel' xml file (I cannot test as I don't have that item in my inbox and my game is at the end of the season so it might take a while for it to appear). This bit of code should control the top bits of text (grey on white bit): <widget class="inbox_body_text" id="bdtx"/> Deleting that should hopefully remove the text. The other widget should control the green box stuff. If that doesn't work try editing the same file found in the inbox subfolder, as there doesn't seem to be any method as to which version the game is actually using.
  14. Manager Reputation can also play a part, in the previous news item the one where he accepts Spurs offer the game normally includes a line which explains why he choose that side, what did it say in that item?