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  1. Your club and the player both need to be in an EU country rather than just in Europe to be able to sign players under the age of 18. For example you cannot sign U18's from Russia, and after Brexit parts of the UK that leave will lose the ability to sign U18's.
  2. If you set a filter then the game will only show the players who match that filter, though in your case if you are saying he is 17 and that is the only filter you have on then he should be showing so it sounds like it is a bug and best raising in the bugs forum with a save game if possible.
  3. The Spanish league isn't licensed either so you won't have any player pictures for that league, try checking the USA MLS, Scottish and Dutch top leagues and the English Football League (though only Everton and Watford from the Premier League will be licensed) and you should find some player faces. If no faces are still showing then follow the instructions here (its a different problem but the solutions are the same, but you can ignore the anti-virus bit): If that doesn't work then your best bet is to raise the issue in the bugs forum.
  4. Make sure you haven't ticked any of the options under the filter options box, one of them might be hiding him, is he also still under 18 as none of your screenshots show his age? If none of that is the problem then yes its likely a bug and worth posting in the bugs forum.
  5. The known players list only shows high profile players and players in countries you have a certain amount of knowledge of, so if your knowledge of Portugal is low then he might not show up. Though he should show up on the other screens. (this also assumes you don't have any filters on that may hide him).
  6. What happens at the moment; If this was a home fixture YOU v CS Constantine, the fee would be paid to CS S (out of the other column) and the income would be an estimate of the ticket sales you get from hosting the match, however the income you get always seems lower than the figure declared here, this figure doesn't take into account the costs of hosting a match and as best as I could work out assumes you'd sell out the ground, you also seem to lose some of the gates to the away team. If this was an Away fixture CS Constantine v YOU (which is what is shown in the above image), then the fee is the amount you are paid to attend the friendly (which again goes in the other column), I'm not sure what the income should represent here it always seems to equal the fee figure on away fixtures, however you seem to get a cut of the gates on an away friendly so you actually end up with more money than stated. (not sure if there are travel expenses with an away friendly which would help explain the high fee?). (The fee goes to the Away team regardless of whether it is an AI or human club nor does it depend on who set up the friendly i.e. if you are invited or you ask for a friendly). Basically at the moment for home friendlies the income shown is the max you might get, but pretty much always with a small team and small stadium the actual income is less than the fee paid out so you will lose money. For away friendlies in country you have no costs and the income figure is the min. you'll get for attending the game as you get that guaranteed but then also get a cut of the gates.
  7. I don't have access to a tablet so have no idea what the instructions are or if it is even possible to modify the skins on that version, you are best checking in the Touch forum.
  8. Yes you'd need to remove (or rename) the config file from the old flags to stop them showing up ahead of the new logos. For the cache you need to turn it off to get the game to load the new logos, (I'm guessing its just a typo in the instructions) once the logos are showing you can turn it back on. For the other config files with different names are they still xml files, if not then the game won't read them (I think if packs are created on macs the process of zipping the files seems to create some extra files that don't normally cause any problems), if they are then you can open them and just check the contents are the same as the normal config file, or if the readme doesn't tell you what to do with them you can just delete them.
  9. SI don't have the license to Brazilian clubs any longer so it cannot be discussed here.
  10. The nation logos and flags both use the same config code, so if you want the logos you'll need to make sure the pack you downloaded only includes the logos and not the flags. (If it is a megapack you downloaded then read the instructions or change the page you downloaded it from as it might have special instructions on how to enable/disable alternatives).
  11. Easiest thing to do is to download the relevant base skin from the stickied thread, then inside the graphics folder for the skin create a folder called 'backgrounds' and inside that folder place the custom background you want to use and rename it so it is called 'default'. Then load up the base skin in game and turn off the skin cache if needed and reload the skin and your custom background should show.
  12. If you fail the wage FFP then you should just get a fine, its failing the other bits that will result in a points deduction (or you not being entered into europe). The wage limit should be linked to your clubs turnover (or increase in turnover - the full rules should be listed in the rules tab of the league screen or on the FFP page on the finance screen), from what I remember from previous versions the FFP calculation is updated towards the end of the season, so at the end of the season you might find everything is okay after you have been awarded your prize money.
  13. For the most part it is random, however for some nations some of the takeover types are disabled in an edit file (valid_takeovers_only file you should be able to disable when setting up the database of a new game, or if that doesn't work you can edit the actual file found in \steamapps\common\Football Manager 2017\data\db\1730\edt\permanent), For Germany it seems all the takeover types are actually disabled, so it looks like you'll only ever get the promotion from within option.
  14. FFP rules might also be coming into play - it works on a rolling (3 year?) period, so if you made any big sales more than three years ago that income is no longer counted for FFP rules, and as Cougar2010 has said you only have £65m in the bank which means without the player sales you club is actually losing money.
  15. fm2017 skin

    The Manager Picture was disabled by SI in patch 17.3 and at the moment there is no way (and not likely to be) any way to get it back.