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  1. Kits and other stuff that goes into your Documents folder should be fine, for database stuff the full version might be able to load in editor files created by other users but I don't think you can make any edits as it doesn't normally include either of the editors. Skins should work fine on the full version, for the Xbox Edition even if using a PC then you are unlikely to get any skins as it cannot just use skins made for the full version instead needing it's own skins (similarly to how Touch had to have it's own custom skins) but for various reasons that isn't likely. (Might be some minor issues if patches are deployed later to the Gamepass version).
  2. Yes as it isn't part of the default game appearance you will need to edit the file. For the code you need you'll need to check posts from the older versions as it has come up several times and you should be able to use the old code as a base to add it to FM22, otherwise you take take the code/file from a FM22 skin that has done what you want.
  3. @lembergman Do you know what the button says in English?
  4. @statomatic7 Check that you didn't make a typo in the file - not closing the tags or missing a " is a common mistake. If your not sure past the contents of the file into a post and someone will be able to double check your code for you.
  5. Is that 6.5m they want on first talking or after negotiating? If it is their first response and they don't want to sell the player it is a reasonable response and in my experience you should be able to easily knock them down to something in the range suggested. However if you feel it isn't working correctly then the best thing to do is to raise the issue in the bugs forum with a save game and examples so it can be looked into and tweaked if need be.
  6. What's your screen resolution, if your resolution is too small the tactics page will show over the top, however you can get to the players list by clicking on the right (or by clicking the << on the left) to shrink the tactics area, you can also try zooming out to see if that frees up enough room to see both at the same time.
  7. If the regional leagues are set up correctly then yes increasing the reputation of a team should increase it's chances of being promoted. So if you go to the Nation -> Club List screen and the club(s) are listed in a division then they should be able to get promoted into the next one up, assuming the leagues allow promotion/relegation. However if they are in a generic Lower Division I don't think those teams get promoted. Whilst teams can only go up one league each season if you play long enough they can actually climb through those divisions over the years.
  8. There have been some changes to how the sidebar works in FM22. It is now transparent so it uses the colour of your background (there is also a separate purple or yellow pattern to the background). To change the background you just need to re-enable the actual sidebar graphic, to this the file you need to edit is the sidebar menu table xml file found in the panels\generic folder that you'll need to extract from the panels fmf file. In that file locate this file near the top (line #9): <container> And change it to something like this: <container class="main_box" appearance="boxes/custom/interface/sidebar/paper" red_replacement="XXX"> That will now make the sidebar use the graphic from the above appearance line (same graphic as FM21) and you can add a colour in the red_replacement bit to recolour the sidebar. The rest of the stuff should be changeable like normal so the older guides should still apply.
  9. Also as the MLS is a licensed league it will depend upon on the terms of the license on whether (or which) expansion teams are able to be added and when.
  10. The licensing issue likely comes from when they were licensed the license required them to use Holland (if you check the splash screens for the older games with the licensing details you'll see the Dutch NT licensing agency is called Team Holland) but after the loss of the license SI didn't get around to (or decided against) changing the name.
  11. As always when it's done, though hopefully quicker than last year
  12. @milenec11 Try following the Troubleshooting steps here: Main thing is to make sure you exited and restarted FM after updating the location, that the location matches where you are putting the files (you need to point to the Football Manager 2022 folder for example not the Graphics subfolder) and you have reloaded the skin. @jessejesster Please don't randomly advertise your patreon or off site links.
  13. A new version for FM22 will be released sometime after the full release of the game.
  14. Transfer Value seems to be the price (you) set when transfer listing a player, so it's basically the old asking price value.
  15. Competition Specific Match Balls Not new, but worth repeating for anyone who missed FM21, but we can now have competition specific match balls. I'll throw up a proper guide when I get a chance but for now the config xml entry looks like this: <record from="<FILE_NAME>" to="graphics/pictures/balls/<COMP_ID>/default"/> <record from="<FILE_NAME>" to="graphics/pictures/balls/<COMP_ID>/winter"/> Graphics look to be just a plain png with 1024x1024 resolution. The default licensed ball graphics can be found in the graphics\pictures\balls folder after you have extracted the graphics fmf file so you can use them as a reference point for creating new balls.
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