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  1. [FM18] [FMT18] [Skin] - Titanium - Dark & Light versions now available!

    I expect it will be controlled by the label xml file from the fonts folder.
  2. Help Finding Coaches Player Knowledge

    Looks like it was removed in FM17, though on the contextual backroom advice popups it will list the staff members level of knowledge in those areas.
  3. MLS Fixture Congestion

    It's normal the MLS don't follow the FIFA calender so play games during the international break - it happened back in October where MLS games were played on the same day as the US National side.
  4. FA Cup ball colour?

    Changing the Winter Ball colour in the preferences menu will also change the ball colour for the FA Cup, just don't pick yellow as the game doesn't seem to read that, though you can safely set the winter ball colour to white as their aren't any frozen pitches to clash. If you have the IGE you can also recolour the FA Cup Ball through that or if you haven't started a save game you should also be able to alter it in the pre-game editor for future save games.
  5. Graphics no longer appearing in game - advice needed!

    @wbartlett You need to remove the < and > from the launch location so it should look like: --user_data_location="F:\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018"
  6. [FM18][SKIN] Football Manager 2018 Base Skins

    After a lot of messing around it is controlled by the 'player selection button tacitcs' xml file located in the panels/widgets folder, then locate this bit of code in the middle of the file: <widget class="text" id="name" alignment="can_scale,centre" info_popup_enabled="false" /> And add a font="XXX" bit to the line so it looks something like this: <widget class="text" id="name" font="XXX" alignment="can_scale,centre" info_popup_enabled="false" /> Where XXX is either the name of the font file you are using or the name of the xml file for the font settings you want to apply - if you want to recolour it you'll need to use the gradient trick above. The basics of the tactics screen is still controlled by the 'tactics icon info panel overview' xml file, the formatting has just changed and you should be able to get to the other stuff by following the links in that file.
  7. Check the power settings for the OS you are using they tend to have various options to control what does and doesn't wake the computer. Though Windows sleep mode tends to be fairly buggy and from experience it's a pain to work out what is waking it up, if it's Windows 10 you have then there is a good chance it's Windows Updating itself in the middle of the night and the only way I've really found to solve that is to set the Sleep after X mins option so it will at least go back to sleep after doing whatever woke it.
  8. GzSkin18 1.3

    Again do not upload other peoples skins without their permission. The next person who uploads the Gunzo skin without express permission of the author will find themselves being infracted.
  9. Upper Tier Adboards

    They just use the same coding as the standard none video adds - you just need the picture adds assigned as normal and ensure you have repeated them enough to fill the stands. You can also likely assign them to set positions the same way you can for the pitch side ones, though you'd need to mess around with the values to work out the positioning.
  10. Sound Pack

    Try putting the sound files into this folder: \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\sounds
  11. If he only has one position then it's likely a bug or research issue (if real player) and worth raising in the bugs forum. For the issue of should players have a full role in each natural position it's not something with an easy answer - for regens then I'd say yes they should have a full role in each natural position as the game has full control over how they are generated, but only on generation of the player as retraining and development will affect the ratings going forward - turning a ST into a DC shouldn't give them a full DCd role rating upon gaining a natural rating as a DC unless the attributes have shifted with the retraining. And as far as I am aware the game for regens anyway has largely limited players to being generated with just the one natural position, which limits the issue with regens at least. For real players it's more complicated as the game is trying to replicate the real world positions of players and the game is limited by the fact that it is a game which needs to rely on numbers and maths which real life doesn't. Take Blind for example he's a Natural DC because that is where Utd have mainly used him IRL but he is fairly poor in the air and at tackling and marking which are key attributes for the various DC roles and thus lower his ratings in the DC roles - so you have three options either reduce his DC position rating to reflect his poorer attributes for those roles but that would then upset the people who say he is a DC. Boost one of the role ratings at DC to 100% even though his attributes don't fit the role, but this would then be confusing as the game would now be saying he's just as good at Centre Back as he is as a DLP. Or option three which we have now the rating is based on the attributes which means how many 100% role ratings they get in natural positions is based purely on the attributes. Again how many Natural positions a real player should have has been debated over the years and like with many things in football isn't something with a perfect solution. Also this (and my other posts in the thread) is all based on the game at the start as remember the role ratings aren't static and will change over time as you train, mould, and develop the player - so if you have a youngish player with room to develop playing and training him in the weaker role you want him to use should increase his role rating as he develops and his attributes get more moulded to that role instead of his initial best role (depending on the attribute overlap and his general development - say you tutor someone and his determination jumps 10 points that will boost all of the roles that use that attribute).
  12. If the player only has one position then that is likely a bug with the game and worth raising in the bugs forum. If the player has more than one natural position it just means whilst he can play that position, his attributes are better suited in the roles for the other position(s) he can play - for example Daley Blind is a Natural DL, DC and DM. However none of his DC roles get a 100% rating unlike his DL and DM roles and this is because whilst he can play at DC his attributes aren't best suited for any of the DC roles. The Role Ability star rating column shows this information, though this one is based on your staff members opinion rather than an absolute ranking. For example at Man Utd as Pogba is by far Utd's best Midfielder he is pretty still the best player in each of the MC roles regardless of his role rating for the various roles.
  13. [FM18] [FMT18] [Skin] - Titanium - Dark & Light versions now available!

    You can get it to show in the full version by removing this line from the skin_config file: <boolean id="fmc_skin" value="true" /> However Touch mode uses slightly different files so you may lose some full mode features/screens depending on the changes that have been made to the skin.
  14. How were you choosing without the suitability rating? All that does is sum up the attributes for the role, so without it you'd look at the players attributes and see he was a perfect BWM and a good CM so how were you picking what role to use then - were you putting players into their best roles or the one to suit your tactic. All the role suitability rating does is add up the attributes for the roles and then rank them so at a quick glance you can see what roles his attributes are best suited for - it is no different from what people have had to do in their heads in the past. If the BWM attributes were 15 and the CM ones were 12 what role would you put the player in? Or would you pick the role based on what suits your tactics and then field the best player you had for that role? The consequences of playing the player as a CM is that his attributes are worse for that role than the BWM role, which is the reason why he is only rated 70% as the rating is based on the attributes - look at the attributes instead of the role rating and you have exactly the same decision to make, again how were you making decisions with just the attributes as the decision and consequences now are exactly the same as they were in older versions you now just have an extra visual representation to help you out instead of you having to manually do it. As for which role to use this depends on what you are wanting the player to do as the purpose of the roles are fairly different, also depends on what role you are using alongside them. Again this is a decision you as the manager need to make, there is no right or wrong decision as it depends on the circumstances and context. (Look at Man Utd - Mourinho wants to play 4-2-3-1 so Pogba is forced to play as a two when he's better in a three, and with the arrival of Sanchez Martial has been pushed out to the Right when he's better on the Left, with the likes of Valencia and Young playing Full-Back - all players forced to fit the tactics rather than play in their best role). I really don't understand how you are failing to understand this. For performance of Pirlo v Robben this will likely depend on various factors, though I'd say playing Pirlo as B2B would likely be worse than playing Robben as a LM largely due to the fact that the B2B tends to be the heartbeat of most peoples formations. Though you cannot really compare the consequences as they depend on the circumstances and the rest of your tactic - if your tactic depends on a B2B then playing Pirlo there might be better than playing him as a DLP which breaks your tactic, and whilst Pirlo might not excel as a B2B what happens if he is your best B2B? Alternatively with Robben if your tactic relies on your LM getting to the byline and crossing whilst tracking back it might fall apart if he fails to trackback and wants to cut inside, on the other hand you are Bayern so having a slight ineffective Robben may make no difference as the rest of your side makes up the slack. Though position rating is an entirely different topic one that has been discussed at length over the years, and largely comes down to what I remember the position rating being the game trying to show a players experience at a certain position as performance in a position isn't just related to your attributes but your knowledge of the position - RB and LB have same attribute requirements but someone who has played only at RB won't necessarily perform the same at LB. So playing a RB at LB if they have low positional rating at LB will take a hit to their attributes until they have developed in that position. (As to whether players should be free to develop as many positions as they like is also an entirely different discussion). There has also been plenty of discussions over the years about the differences between MR and AMR players (for example Giggs who was a M/AML compared to Martial, Henry or Rooney who are AML,ST players). As for which one is right I doubt you'd ever get a system that everyone agreed upon. For the last bit only having one or two natural roles this is how it was on release before it was changed I guess due to feedback, also weren't you against this method earlier in the thread?
  15. Need Transfer Offers

    If you're only at the end of Feb then most teams won't have much money left for transfers nor know what they want next season, your best bet is to wait until the end of the season when the new transfer budgets are announced, then offer the players out or get the players to talk to clubs if they don't want to move. Though how easy they are to shift will depend on the price you are asking, their wages, and what level they want to play at.