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  1. Blank manager picture

    There is a workaround, but it is fairly limited as it can only be added when creating the profile:
  2. Save choices

    After Matches should be the last option in the drop down menu:
  3. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    They do have their own store it's linked in the opening post, however like with Steam (and the majority of digital stores) the prices are controlled by the publisher (in this case Sega) so I expect you'd be paying the same price anyway, unless they let you purchase in pounds rather than euros.
  4. Save choices

    There is already an option to save after each match - it's listed in the autosave options, which should save you from having to re-play matches if the game crashes.
  5. Mystery

    Check the Landmarks tab on the Club History Screen, it is possible they failed FFP and that should be listed.
  6. Installing FM saves, graphics etc to d: drive

    Have a read of this thread: If you want to move where FM is installed this can be done within Steam when installing the game.
  7. Controversial Suggestion

    You seem to be underestimating the time and effort required to patch and update the game. The game is far too complicated and interconnected to release weekly or monthly updates, even the tiniest change will often affect some other part of the game, even pure data updates for the database are time consuming and when are these changes going to get tested? The game systems also tend to get worked on at the same time one person will be redoing the transfer logic whilst someone else will deal with the squad logic it takes time to code these it's not like SI spend April working on the Transfer System and with it done they then 'withhold' the improvements until November and then spend May working on the Squad Logic before moving onto the next area, the systems are co-dependent and are worked on at the same time, and once they are working they need to be tested to make sure they actually work and also play nice with the rest of the game - even if the transfer system was overhauled in April they just cannot dump that into the existing game in May as changes made would affect other parts of the game or it would be dependent on changes made elsewhere so we have to wait for June for the Squad Logic to be updated, but that then depends on the new league rules and finance model that isn't ready yet so we are now into Sept and the data update is ready and the updates are being tested and look we are now into October when the game is due to be released anyway. You also have the problem if the game is constantly updated the code base will be quickly fractured especially if people are expecting their purchase to get support over three years or more - Person One starts his game on day one and plays it for three years meaning every update over that period needs to be checked to make sure it doesn't break anything in that version, Person Two starts their game in Month Three after a major update that introduced game features not supported by games started on Day One, this person plays that game for three years meaning all future updates need to ensure they don't break something in this version - after one year you have 12 to 52 different versions of the game that all need supporting and they will all need their own databases. You also have the problem of how do you implement major new features - take the 3D match engine - if FM08, FM09 and FM10 were running under this system and update FM09 introduced 3D how would that be backported to FM08? Same with System Requirements what happens if someone's spec falls below a future versions spec are they cut off from a game they have paid for? What about people who prefer to play the game in March after the last patch, if the game is always updated when are they going to start playing?
  8. Players requiring work permits FM 2017

    My game got rid of Work Permits so not sure which of the two systems he'd come under, in the rules tab their will be an appeal and renewal section, if you game hasn't changed the rules then an appeal would come down to his wages mainly, whilst a renewal would require him to be playing for his national side. For the Appeal not sure how the game re-evaluates the player, he needs four points which means you need him to be the in top 25% wage bracket for your side - which you might be able to do by selling high earning players or if he has a wage rise clause wait for it to be activated. The other option is to wait for him to have played enough national team games and offer him a new contract, though if neither option is likely then you'd have to sell him or continue loaning him out. When signing a player needing a work permit it is always best to check the rules tab of the league as it tells you the exact transfer fee required to get one on appeal.
  9. It should be, it's there in my game: At the top it says you are limited to 17 FGN players in your 25 man squad, and at the bottom it states who is domestic (as you can see Scotland broke away in my game). If it just lists Work Permit information then any non-Brits would need a Work Permit, and if the nation info isn't listed for some reason you can get it from the World -> Nations -> Agreements screen - if some parts of the UK are still listed as part of the EU then they will have broken away and will require a Work Permit.
  10. First you need to extract the graphics.fmf file found in the data folder of where FM is installed, you then need to extract the graphics.fmf file found in the latest updates folder and let that extraction overwrite the initial extraction. (If you don't know how to extract the folders read this: Once you have done that copy the contents of the \graphics\pictures\players\normal\ folder you have extracted to the same place in your User Data Location. (If you want to remove the kits and logos then copy their folders over aswell, if you don't want to edit anything else you can safely delete whats left of the extracted graphics file to save disk space). Now in the copied over folders first delete the default folder, next you'll have to delete the individual pics from each of the subfolders BUT leave the config files, so when done each club subfolder should just contain a config file. (Then do the same for kits/logos etc if you want them gone). Now load the game and turn the skin cache off if it is on and reload your skin and all faces should now show the default blank face.
  11. The rules tab on the League Screen for the English leagues will tell you what the new rules are (work permits and squad restrictions, and which countries still count as domestic), which is the main thing which Brexit changes, however I don't think you can get access to the news message you get on leaving again.
  12. Some questions part II

    1.3-1.6 Player Search Screens should all be controlled by the same file - 'panels/person/person search list.xml' 2. For the priority icons the colours should be controlled by these lines in the settings file: <!--scout assignment priority--> <colour name="very urgent" red="189" green="0" blue="0" /> <colour name="ongoing" red="0" green="0" blue="189" /> For the actual graphics it's controlled by the circle file found in the \graphics\icons\16px\ folder. 3. I don't think their is any way to display just the logo, the game tends to cheat when doing it by reducing the width of the column so only the team logo shows.
  13. Players requiring work permits FM 2017

    The Transfer fee and wages offered now factor into whether a work permit appeal is successful or not rather than Potential - The exact rules that apply to your game are listed in the rules tab for the league. I'm guessing the game doesn't take into account the value of the exchanged player and so see's it as a free transfer for the work permit rules.
  14. No Logos Loading

    - First move the added graphics out of the graphics folder, and then load the game and see if the default logos are back. - If they are then check from where you downloaded the logos from to see what instructions were provided, if it was a megapack or one in parts then it may need installing in a certain order to work. - If they are no special instructions then copy back one league/nation at a time and check that they work, then repeat until the logos disappear or until everything is working. - If they aren't working after adding just one league, then if you are running windows 10 and don't use it try turning onedrive off, otherwise you can follow the instructions in this thread to try moving your User Data Location and try putting it in a simpler location such as D:\fm17 and then copy your logos into the graphics folder inside that location.
  15. FM17 2d classic match my background to dark and Blurry

    For the background you need to change the opacity of the files located in this folder: \skins\fm-widgets\graphics\boxes\custom\match\background\ if you don't know how to edit the files then read this thread: https://community.sigames.com/topic/331581-fm15-guide-how-to-increase-transparency-of-screens/ For the titlebar you need to edit the 'match title bar' xml file found in the \panels\match\ folder for you skin at the top of the file locate this code: red_replacement="primary" green_replacement="primary" And replace the highlighted primary text to the colour you want to display. Next you then need to change the text colours (as whilst they are currently white they will change with different comps so might be unreadable sometimes) to do this locate each place in the same file that has this code: colour="secondary" And change the highlighted secondary text to the colour you want to use. If you don't know how to find the default files then read this: