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  1. This is likely more a bug than a feature request, as that screen for players already includes a clear button next to the ok button on the popup, it's just missing on the staff search screen for some reason.
  2. michaeltmurrayuk

    Loading/Calculation of the week

    From the Preferences -> Interface screen in the Processing box you can select the 'Have fewer stops...' option to reduce the amount of times the game will stop. If you only want the game to stop on a must respond item then you can turn on the Continue Game Timeout option on the same screen which will auto continue the game until you need to respond to something. (Though I think this option will skip past optional responses such as players wanting to talk to you).
  3. michaeltmurrayuk

    1v1 versus match

    I think you need to load up FM Touch to get access to that mode. (FM Touch should have been included with your purchase of FM18 it's now just a separate entry in your library).
  4. michaeltmurrayuk

    Post-match analysis gone missing

    To get Post-Match Analysis you need to assign one of your Data Analysts to carry out that assignment from the scouting screen. First check that you have someone set to 'Analyse Next Opposition' You can check your staff's assignments from the Scouting -> Assignments page. If you don't have someone assigned then you'll need to give them that assignment which can be done from the; Scouting -> Assignments -> Create New Assignment -> Team -> Ongoing Analysts Reports. (If you already have someone assigned then try cancelling the assignment and setting a new one to see if that will reset them so they work again).
  5. michaeltmurrayuk

    The injury risk update disappeared...

    My game has the same issue, I've uploaded the following save as the user cannot; michaeltmurrayuk_noinjuryriskreport.fm into the fm/save-game folder.
  6. michaeltmurrayuk

    add players to playable teams

    It will largely be based on team reputation and the level expected for a team at their level, with some randomness thrown in as well.
  7. michaeltmurrayuk

    Introducing Community Translations

    Where are you looking for the language file, the example file should be located in the following location by default (you may need to run the game first to get it generated): \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\languages
  8. michaeltmurrayuk

    [FM18] Recolour titlebar icons

    The stuff on the top line (arrows, quick flicks, team name, World, FM, Continue) should all be linked in the titlebar xml file found in the panels/generic folder (you might need to grab it from the skins\fm folder if not present for your skin) the stuff should either be directly declared or the file will point you towards the sub-file that controls the item. For the stuff on the menubar that is normally controlled by the client object browser xml file found in the panels/client_object folder (again you might need to grab it from the skins\fm folder). The help button is controlled by the various help icon button... xml files located in the panels/generic folder. The easiest way to find some of the more obscure files is to find the xml file that controls the screen the item appears on and looking through that file you should hopefully find the code that calls the item you are after (once you've spent long enough skinning you should have an idea of what code you want when your see it even if you don't actually know what most of the code actually does) most of it will either be declared in the file or will include a file line that points you to the exact location, for other stuff the game should at least give you a widget type to point you in the correct location, then a search of the extracted files should hopefully pick it up - for example the help icon is declared in the client object file but just as a 'help_icon_button' class widget, in that case just use your OS search function to search the extracted files for any files called help and then hope that one of the files found has the same name as the file you are looking for and then just follow it to it's location.
  9. michaeltmurrayuk

    How to change tab order in the left panel

    It's hard-coded the various files in the sections folder will determine what subpanels are linked on the menubar and you can move them around, but you cannot change the order of the actual sidebar.
  10. michaeltmurrayuk

    edit statistic page

    match mid match review panel for the half time panel and match full time review panel for the full time panel, both found in the panels/match folder.
  11. michaeltmurrayuk

    dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Altrincham - Premier League 2024/25 - Season 7 So after an excellent debut season in the Premier League the Board were expecting us to stay clear of relegation with a Mid-table finish, not that the Media gave us much chance predicting a 17th place finish, with the Bookies making us the best of the cannon fodder. Though Weaherall was made third favourite to be Top Goalscorer. Reputation - Still fairly rubbish as it only slightly increases leaving us miles behind everyone else again, though we are now better than most Championship sides. Takeover - We finally had to deal with the fuss of a takeover (first time in the challenge this hasn't happened in the first couple of seasons) thankfully it went through quick and easy after the window had shut and all I got out of it was the board cancelling our facilities approvements adding a years delay to them. Transfers - Not a lot of activity as we still cannot really attract quality players so instead snapped up some promising youngsters before spending a club record £22m on a Centre-Back from relegated Derby. Outgoing were youngsters and squad players who weren't good enough with Striker McAuley going for a club record £9m. League Cup - Not a great defence of our trophy as our second string went straight out to Liverpool's second string. FA Cup - An excellent run as we went one better than last season reaching the final, though we made hard work of an easy draw. Things started well with an 8-0 thrashing of Swansea thanks to their GK having a shocker as he gifted us three goals and ended the match with a 3.1 rating the lowest I've ever seen. Brushed past Spurs with easy before making a meal of beating Championship strugglers Birmingham needing three goals in the last 10 minutes to beat them. We then snuck past another Championship side Wednesday setting up a Semi-Final against relegated Palace and nearly made a mess of that needing two late goals from mistakes to beat them though then we went and gave away a pen in injury time but thankfully my Keeper saved it to set up a final against the all conquering Utd. Going into the Final Utd had already won the League Cup and Premier League and were hoping for a domestic clean sweep, though we did have an interesting record against Utd - we'd won three of the five games, however we did lose the other two 7-1 and 5-1 so the game could go either way and having several injuries was going to make things harder as Defender Englbrecht and Strikers Matheus and Andrew were all out injured, whilst Defender Pascuccio needed an injection to let him play on the plus side Dybala was out for Utd. The Final - We got off to a great start with Weatherall reacting first to the rebound opening the scoring on his birthday (not sure how Gray got this assist considering two other players touched the ball after him?) and then we made it 2-0 this time De Sanctis smashing in after Weatherall's header and whilst Utd pulled one back it seemed their Striker got injured scoring and had to go off. In the second half we restored our two goal lead when De Sanctis returned the favour setting up Weatherall for his second and whilst Utd pulled back another thanks to our inability to clear a corner we held on to win the FA Cup With our 23 goals being a new comp record. Champions League - Thanks to the new rules we made our debut straight in the group stage, but being fourth seeds we ended up with a tough group that included two of the favourites - Italian champions Juventus who have won the Italian league 14 years in a row(!) and won the Champions League back in 21 and had lost in the Semi's three times and had so far always made it past the group stage. Second seeds were Spanish giants Barcelona who'd won the Champions League the year before Juventus and then lost to them in the Final next season, other than that they hadn't made it past the Quarters but again always got out of the group. Third seeds were Scottish champions Celtic who'd also won their title 14 years in a row, but had never made it out of the group stage and hadn't won a Europa league game when dropping down. Game One - We started off with the short trip to Glasgow and things did not go well we fell behind within a minute and then had our left back sent off as we just didn't turn up and welcome to Europe Game Two - A much better performance as we matched Barcelona and were unlucky not to win with Tandy unlucky to deflect a late shot into his own goal. Game Three - This is more like it as we hammer Juventus thanks to a De Sanctis hat-trick which lifts us up to second. Game Four - A crazy game as we beat Juventus 5-4 in Italy though the first half didn't go well as we just couldn't cope with their firepower and were getting torn apart down the flanks as their FB's were almost playing as Wingers so in the second half I brought on Krasniqi and moved him out to the Left Wing purely to mark their right back out of the game and it worked as we started to take control with De Sanctis quickly pulling a goal back and then we had a crazy last five mins as we levelled the game thanks to their right back deflecting the ball into his own net, we then missed a pen before their right back was sent off and then scored the second pen for a famous win, which left us on the brink of qualification having 7 ponts to the 3 that Celtic and Juventus had. Game Five - And we blew it with another woeful performance against Celtic as we somehow made three goal mistakes whilst only conceeding twice. Game Six - A disappointing performance as we conceed at the start and end of the match to lose which combined with Celtic drawing against Juventus sends us out on head-to-head. Group Table - To be honest I would have taken third at the start, though was expecting Juventus not Celtic to beat us. In the End Real Madrid went on to beat City in the Final, with Real also knocking out Chelsea (SF) and Utd (QF) along the way. Europa League - In the First Knockout Round we faced Turkish side Besiktas who'd also finished 3rd in their group and had only made it past this stage once in the first season when they lost in the Semi to Liverpool, and with the First Leg in Turkey we made no mistakes thrashing them 6-1 thanks to a Weatherall hat-trick with all goals coming in the first half. In the Second Leg I rest players but we still dominated scoring three second half goals. Second Knockout Round drew us against A.Madrid another team that finished third in their group and that won the Champions League in the first season but this was their first time in the Europa League. Again we dominated the First Leg with De Sanctis giving us an early lead before two late goals gave us a commanding lead. In the Second Leg I was again able to rest players as a solid defensive performance gave us a 1-0 win. We also lost a couple of English sides as this point with Spurs losing to AC Milan and Stoke going out on away goals to Valencia after spending most of the game with just nine men. Quarter Final we faced Italians Fiorentina who'd made it this far twice previously and the First Leg was another crazy 5-4 win we were looking comfortable with a 3-1 lead going into the last 10 mins, but found ourselves 4-3 down by the 91st minute but then scored in the 92nd and 94th minutes to claim a weird win - the issue was Fiorentina were playing an insanely high line as they threw everyone but their DCs forward we kept on picking them off and really should have been out of sight before the end but their tactic of throwing everyone forward nearly worked as we couldn't cope defensively. The Second Leg was a much better performance as our defenders easily dealt with everything they threw at us and my attackers took their chances. Semi Final we faced our third Spanish side Valencia who'd actually won this back in 22 and had made the Semi's on two other occasions. An excellent First Leg put us in a commanding position as we again surperbly and took our chances as Academy Prospect Gray grabbed a hat-trick. In the Second Leg an early Gray goal broke Valencia as we easily saw out a poor game to book our place in the Final. In the Final of course we'd face another English side as last seasons winners Everton had follow the same route as ourselves though they'd been beaten by Leverkusen and Rangers in the Champions League. We also had an even record against Everton both having won two of the five games we'd played, though we had won both our league games this season. But we still had the same injury problems from the FA Cup that was just a couple of days ago though Defender Englbrecht was just about fit enough to start, whilst Glatzel had to be given an injection to be fir for the bench with Pascuccio getting another injection. The Final got off to a bad start as we gave their MR Romero all the space to score from the edge of the area, then things got worse as Gray saw his penalty saved but he made amends minutes later setting up De Sanctis to draw us level, but midway through the second half our good work was undone as we switched off and let sub Bernard ghost in at the far post to restore Everton's lead, but it wasn't long before Wonderkid Hamilton drew us level again bringing the ball down beautifully then smashing the ball into the net from the edge of the area and minutes later he did the same to put us in the lead for the first time and that broke Everton as we held on to win the Europa League and re-secure Champions League football Also rather harshly the Everton manager got sacked after the game. Striker Weatherall was named Player of the Comp with De Sanctis second with both of them being named in the Dream Team along with defenders Badea and Pascuccio with the rest of my side largely missing out due to not playing enough games, with De Sanctis and Weatherall both also making the All-Time Team. Premier League - Another excellent season as we finish fifth but with more points than last season, we Started off well with another crazty 5-4 win this time over Everton and we put up a good fight but ran out of steam in the second half of the season as I put the effort into the cups and europe and couldn't keep pace with Stoke (who seem fairly strong for a team that came up with us) as we don't have the squad depth to compete on several fronts as nine of our defeats came before/after cup games, though we did come close to snatching Stokes place as on the last day a last minute Tandy goal gave our badly weakened side a draw at Villa which left us three points behind Stoke but whilst everyone else had finished we still had to play Chelsea as their wasn't any place to fit the game in before the end of the season, but now a badly weakened and tired team claim a solid draw against Chelsea though it wasn't enough to pass Stoke. Squad, Home and Stat-Pack. In Goal Colombian Wonderkid Hugo Perez had a good season cementing his place as first choice and is developing nicely though for some reason the fans seem to dislike him, providing cover was Pole Kamil Grabara who was a bit unlucky to lose his place. In the Centre of Defence was Romanian Bogdan Badea who arrived for a record £22m and had a mixed season as he struggled in the league but showed his worth in Europe, playing to his Left was German Robin Englbrecht who had a poor season and also seems to have hit his limit, and on the Right was Italian Gaetano Pascuccio who also struggled but can still improve. Providing cover was Academy prospect Lamar Best who had a poor season but to be honest is no where near ready, whilst Michael Tandy had his best season so far, whilst Colombian Victor Batalla stepped up at the end of the season with some strong performances but some better quality defenders will be on my list again next season. At Right Wing Back was Jacob Blake who was in good form, but is likely to be pushed hard next season by Promising Turk Ilhami Gizlen who finally arrived in Jan after turning 18. Down the Left was Spanaird Sergio Santamaria who was in excellent form, providing cover was German Till Leipertz who was a bit unlucky as he'd broken his leg before joining in Jan and had to be slowly nursed back to fitness. In the Centre of Midfield as my Deep Lying Playmaker was Czech Wonderkid Marek Kovarik who made a slow start but improved as the season went on helped by the switching of the duty from Defend back to Support, partnering him as my Advanced Playmaker was Scottish Wonderkid Jim Hamilton who had his best season yet and no longer seems to want out. Providing cover was Scot Taylor King who had a poor season and will likely be moved on as he doesn't count as homegrown and I'll likely need his squad place, whilst German Vangelis Gerardis was in good form. Up Front leading the line was Academy graduate Arran Weatherall who had a storming season grabbing an impressive 43 goals from 44 games (which just fell short of the record 49 goals scored by McAuley a couple of seasons back) and became only the second player to retain the European Golden Boy Award, playing to his right was Italian Manuel De Sanctis who was also on fire and showed why I spent £17m on him last season. On the Left was another Academy graduate Olly Gray who stepped up with some excellent performances and is developing nicely and is still only 18. Providing cover was my Captain Paul Glatzel who randomly decided he was German midway through the season and whilst he started the season well he just couldn't get back into the team after losing his place to Gray and his time is likely up, especially as I signed Liam Andrew from Liverpool to add some more squad depth, whilst Brazilian Matheus was brought in to add a bit of experience and did surprisingly well when called upon. Best XI - Pretty much spot on. Overall XI - This just gets more messed up each season, though at least Hamilton and Grabara make the team, but for some reason Midfielder Thomas moves to Left Back and Kehinde moves into Defence - which probarbly sums up our defensive issues as the game reckons my best defenders were a Midfielder, Full-Back and a guy I had on loan, as it seems the game uses a places current position ratings instead of historical ones. Academy - Only one player with Potential this season Striker Jim Pinch who seems to have insane physical attributes for that age. Facilities - Only improvement is to our Data Analysis Facilities as the takeover cancelled the other improvements, whilst we should finally move into our new Staduim next season though will be losing 10,000 capacity. Finances - We again make crazy money, with the main income increases being the £25m European prize money and £15m TV Money, we also got £14m sponsorship money which was a massive increase on the previous £1m deals we had. On expenses the biggest increase was the £34m we paid out in tax. With our Net Transfer spending being £37m. Commerical Summary - Bit of a surprise to see Gray topping the sales, whilst the game seems to have finally solved the long standing Sponsorship issue as our sponsorship for next season will double to over £30m! Profile - Only real change is in my Tactical rating, whilst my Reputation reaches four stars and I become the first in-game Manager to win Manager of the Year twice in a row. I was also offered the Belgium and Italy jobs. Nationalities 18 ENG 5 GER 2 COL, ITA, MEX, IRL, SCO, TUR, WAL 1 AUS, BRA, CRO. CZE, POL, ROU, KOR, ESP, URU Squad Rules Currently I have 14 registered FGN players, with a further 4 unregistered. For Homegrown rules we have 21 Club Grown and 4 Nation Grown with a further 16 due to become Homegrown 5 of which are due at the end of this season, and just 5 not counting at all. Plans For Next Season I'll likely concentrate on the Champions League next season (hopefully we'll have a better seeding) as we don't have the squad depth to match Utd in the league. Transfer targets will again be some Defenders and it looks like we are finally at the point where we can attract Prem quality players the only issue now is being able to afford them. I may also need to have a clear out of some of my squad players as we are at the squad rule limit. And one thing that is a bit silly is that the board keep on setting our pre-season training camps for the week before pre-season starts which makes them pointless but their doesn't seem to be anyway to opt out of them? Leaderboard points (FM Mode)(My Steam Username is same as here if anyone wants to add me) (points / position) Single Game: 6,143,550 (57,930) Single Season: 1,659,357 (104,698) Single Season England: 1,659,357 (58,049) Single Season Premiership: 1,659,357 (57,304) Single Season Championship: 177,858 (31,475) Single Season League One: 709,941 (9,933) Single Season League Two: 749,065 (1,360) Single Season National League: 1,090,552 (153) Single Season National North: 868,235 (94 :cool:) Career Overview Season League League Finish Achievements Leaderboard Points Av. Attendance 18/19 National North 1st Promoted & FA Trophy Winners 868,235 1,927 (31%) 19/20 National League 1st Promoted & FA Trophy Winners 1,090,552 / 1,958,787 3,022 (49%) 20/21 League Two 1st Promoted 749,065 / 2,707,852 3,920 (87%) 21/22 League One 4th Promoted - Playoffs & Checkatrade Trophy Winners 709,941 / 3,417,793 4,198 (98%) 22/23 Championship 2nd Promoted 177,858 / 3,595,651 5,000 (100%) 23/24 Premier League 4th League Cup Winners 888.542 / 4,484,193 25,146 (87%) 24/25 Premier League 5th FA Cup & Europa League Winners 1,659,357 / 6,143,550 25,721 (88%)
  12. michaeltmurrayuk

    [FM18] Position instructions box

    Looks like its controlled by the graphics in the following location, you'll just need to edit/replace the graphic with a different one: graphics\boxes\custom\tactics\comparison\background If it's not present in your skin you'll need to extract it from the sitoolkit fmf file and it's then found in the sitoolkit\skins\fm-widgets\graphics\boxes\custom\tactics\comparison\background folder of where you extracted the files. If you don't want to edit the graphic then you can edit the tactics player instructions panel overview and tactics player instructions panel overview match xml files found in the panels/tactics folder, in those files locate this line: <container class="bordered_box" appearance="boxes/custom/tactics/comparison/background/paper"> And change the appearance bit to point to a different graphic you may also need to add a red/green/blue_replacement="XXX" bit to the end of the line depending on the graphic you redirect to to recolour your new graphic.
  13. michaeltmurrayuk

    Match Titlebar Timeline

    It should just fill in the space left between the stuff on the left (teams, score) and continue button on the right, to increase it's size you'll need to reduce the width of the other stuff in the titlebar. (Though if its a custom skin then it will depend on what the skinner has changed, so you might need to check with them).
  14. michaeltmurrayuk

    Steel 18 Logos Megapack & Updates - Over 45,000 Logos

    If the graphics folder (and any subfolders) doesn't exist then you just need to create one inside your User Data Location which is located here by default;
  15. michaeltmurrayuk

    Balance Graph Colours

    It's controlled by this line found in the settings xml file in the settings folder, just change the value to a different colour (the other finance screen graphs will be controlled by other graph lines you'll just need to use a bit of trial and error to find the right ones); <colour name="graph line 6" value="pink 300"/>