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  1. Doesn't look like the file names have changed for FM21 so most likely they'd work.
  2. Should be instructions in the thread - you need to replace the selector panel code with the default notable events code as the events won't populate inside a selector panel.
  3. You can adjust the height by editing the tactics icon info panel overview xml file, for the width not easily as the game resizes them to fit, that tactics pitch is controlled by the pitch with tactics container xml file and you can try playing around with some of that code. Both those files are located in the panels\tactics folder extracted from the panels fmf file.
  4. On the Scouting - Player Search Screens select the Homegrown Condition Option and you can change it to show players who are HG for your nation or club.
  5. If it happens regularly then worth raising the issue in the bugs forum (with a save game if you can) so someone from SI can see what is going on,
  6. @keysi Mod shouldn't have affected the players bar, should still be showing like it is in my screenshot above. match console quick tactics panel controls that bit so if you have a custom file from elsewhere you might need to check or remove it. If that file isn't present for your skin you may need to manually delete your cache files as something has gone wrong somewhere.
  7. They need to be extracted from the game files: (though changing these settings won't update the colour of your kits that can only be done via one of the editors).
  8. Hmm looks like it's hard-coded for some reason, so you'll need to change it via the gradient trick. Add a font="X" bit to the above widget line. Then in the fonts folder for your skin create a new fontxml file with the name you used above and in that file paste in the following lines: <record> <string id="file_name" value="text"/> <integer id="gradient_upper_margin" value="20"/> <integer id="gradient_lower_margin" value="0"/> <integer id="gradient_curve" value="0"/> <integer id="gradient_upper_colour_red" value="255"/> <integer id=
  9. That code doesn't seem to play nice when you change it from a label to link_text (It looks like the link_text class has some hard-coded alignment/layout code that seems to override the settings from the file. quite possibly why it was changed for FM21). If you don't care about the positioning you can get the link and knowledge by moving the knowledge code into the top container above the last scouted by [X] bit like so: <container id="lll"> <attachment_group class="horizontal_arrange_autosize_all_centre" horizontal_alignment="left" horizontal_offset="0" horizontal_ga
  10. Mod has now been updated to v1.1 link in OP Changes: Added Heat Map/Average Positions panel. Switched HT Review screen to use Adaptive panels so the right side panel disappears at lower resolutions. (below 1360 width you'll now get two panels instead of three but you can select the Analyst data from the left side selector panels). FT Review Screen, removed Action Zones, Focus of Attacks and Report options as could cause the game to crash. (Can still access through Analytic Data pop-up button, code is sill in the files just commented out so you can re-enable it at your ow
  11. Scoreboard Mods Author: michaeltmurrayuk Game Mode: BOTH Description: These are a collection of Mods that switch the short (six letter) team name in the scoreboard to the normal team name as shown on the tables and enable the team logos as well. There are four versions of the mod, one that changes the team names, adds the logos but doesn't use the team colours, and three that change the team names and use the team colours with one of these only enabling logos, the second enabling both kits and logos and the third enabling kits and logos overlaid. Install Info: If us
  12. How To Display the Team Kit Instead Of The Logo NOTE: These instructions only apply to the versions of the mod that have enabled the Team Colours as well. If you want to show the kit instead of the logo then you just need to make two changes; Locate this bit of code in the match score left/right files: match_team_logo_picture and replace it with kit_picture then locate the TeLo id and change it to read teKP. So the widget line for the Logo would now look like this for the Kit: <widget class="kit_picture" id="teKP" image_alignment="right" scale_picture="true" keep_aspect
  13. How To Create The Mod - Team Colours Versions NOTE: These instructions are mainly for skin makers, users who want to understand how the mod works or need to modify it to work with a custom skin, most users should just need to download the version of the mod they want from the link in the opening post. Due to the way the Match Screens work the game won't read the team colours correctly from the scoreboard file, however we can trick the game into reading the team colours by moving the team details into a sub file that the game will read the team colours from. This mod does this by
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