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  1. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    Not sure what the current state is (from posts by people from SI work has gone into over the last few years) but a few years back one of the problems was the Transfer and Squad AI were disconnected - so the transfer system would find a player with potential and sign him but when the Squad AI took over for picking the team it would see his CA wasn't good enough and the player would end up rotting away (or in some cases get sold among the big teams without ever really playing as the Transfer AI would rate him but the Squad one didn't).
  2. [FM18][SKIN] Football Manager 2018 Base Skins

    Not through skinning, if you have a problem with the font display then it is worth raising the issue in the bugs forum.
  3. That looks like a bug so best raising in the bugs forum. @yonko had a look at it doesn't look like there is an easy way to remove it from the picked column as it seems to be hardcoded into that column - best thing you can do is using the custom views to remove that column and replace it with the 'Position Selected' one though you will lose the role/duty text and I don't think there is another column that has just that info, nor will you be able to change roles from that column.
  4. [FM18][MOD] Match In-Between Highlights Mod

    @pilif25 No idea what has happened there have you edited any of the files or downloaded any other files? Does it happen on all the formation panels or just that one when they are set horizontally?
  5. 2d Ball Location in FM18

    2D Ball is found in the \simatchviewer-pc\textures\match_icons\ folder which is extracted from the simatchviewer-pc fmf file. However to replace it you just need to place your new ball files in the \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\textures\match_icons\ folder. Though it is possible that 2D balls from previous versions won't work as in this version they are dds files and it is generated from three files called 'ball_1', 'ball_2' and 'ball_3' so older balls may need to be recreated.
  6. [FM18][MOD] How To Add A Manager Picture

    Installation Instructions Full Mode - After extracting the zip file if you are using the default skins you can place the panels folder directly into your User Data Location (My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\ folder by default) Next load up the game and if the skin cache is on turn it off and reload your skin, then follow the above steps to add your picture. (Once you have confirmed the Add Picture box has appeared you can turn the skin cache back on).
  7. Edit pitch Textures and balls for 3D

    The game is successfully reading modified patterns from the My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\textures\pitch\patterns\ folder and from a quick test it looks like it is using the various detail_grass files though I expect it will use the pitches in the sub-folders when the need arises. So depending on how the old pitch packs are arranged you might need to move and re-name the files so they match the default files, but the game should read them from the textures\pitch folder once created in your User Data Location. (Which should safe having to mess around redoing the files when the game is patched).
  8. Edit pitch Textures and balls for 3D

    Yes for the most part you shouldn't be putting user content in the steam folder as the patches will overwrite the data and sometimes the game doesn't like you messing around with the fmf files. You shouldn't need to touch the extracted fmf files (and if you are extracting them extract them somewhere outside of the game and documents folder so they don't interfere) you only need the extracted files to find the folder path and what filenames the files need to be called. There is no need to copy over the extracted files to the My Documents folder as the game will read them from the fmf files (if you are placing them in the steam folder then the game might need all the files extracted). @cdiak If I get chance I'll try and see what files the game actually uses. @pedrosantos Instructions on how to extract files are here: Whilst the details of what is in the new fmf files are here: Though if you don't know how to extract the game files then I'd wait for someone to produce an updated pitch pack as this isn't really stuff for novices.
  9. [FM18][SKIN] Football Manager 2018 Base Skins

    The sidebar is slightly transparent so that is likely causing the mismatch, also if the shading of the two graphics isn't the same it will affect the colour when the game changes it - if you make both graphics solid red they should match.
  10. Manager Home Page

    If nothing is populating then it likely means it won't work, unless you can find some different ids to plug into the file.
  11. Edit pitch Textures and balls for 3D

    Looks like 3D balls will work if you create a mesh/balls folder inside your User Data Location (My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2018 Folder). Looks like it should be called 'white_ball_[al]_[ao]' though the game recolours it so ones from previous versions might not work correctly. I've haven't tested but pitches might work if placed in the textures\pitch\ folder. Hopefully all 3D stuff will work if placed in the same path as they come from in your User Data Location, you just ignore the simatchviewer bit - so balls are extracted from \data\simatchviewer-pc\mesh\ball and you place them in the mesh\ball\ folder to work.
  12. You can still complain about a ref if you get a dubious decision in a match, though I think it is part of the press conference instead of a separate action.
  13. Finally found it, it's controlled by the 'inbox content with scouting centre panel' file found in the panels\news_item_panels\ folder this line controls it: <container class="bordered_box" background_colour="dark_box_background"> Removing the background colour bit and changing the class or adding an appearance bit should allow you to make it transparent.
  14. It's not a graphic the game just recolours the entire container, it is controlled by the various scouting centre xml files found in the panels\widgets folder, this line controls it: <container> <record id="object_property" get_property="tbcl" set_property="bkcl" /> </container> If you want to change the graphic add a class and/or appearance bit to the first container line so it looks something like: <container class="plain_box" appearance=""> Though you'll be limited to using a rectangle shape as areas not covered by the graphic go black. @yonko I've no idea as it seems to be outside of the scouting panel file, which means it is likely controlled by one of the files found in the news_item_panels folder but as most of the content is generated by the game instead of the files it's a pain finding the correct file.