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  1. Looking at your save game it looks like something in Germany broke in 2018/19 (possibly to do with the custom database you added as Cougar2010 stated) - the season summary won't load that year and the years after the European stats are all messed up it looks like they are lagging a year behind (compare them to Poland and the eliminated dates are from one season back) so you might find yourself in Europe the season after regardless of what you do this year, though I have no idea if it will fix itself over time, get worse or just always stay one year behind.
  2. Might be best raising it in the bugs forum then.
  3. Looks like it has been disabled in touch mode for some reason, you should be able to get it back by editing the 'person properties' xml file found in the sections folder, which you will need to extract from the default touch game files and copy into the sections folder for your skin (instructions are in the stickied threads). Then in that file you'll need to search for each item you want to display, for example if you search for appearance fee you'll find this section of code: <record> <integer id="id" value="Pcap" /> <flags id="mode" value="invalid_for_fmc,invalid_for_versus_mode" /> <integer id="width" value="85" /> <translation id="name" translation_id="414635" type="use" value="Appearance Fee[COMMENT: players appearances fee string]" /> <flags id="customisation_context" value="play" /> <translation id="category" translation_id="230163" type="use" value="Contract" /> <record id="widget_info"> <symbol id="class" value="cash_cell" /> <integer id="ccrs" value="8" /> </record> You then need to delete the bit in bold red, then repeat for each item you want showing (If you want everything enabled then a find and replace all, replacing invalid_for_fmc, with nothing should remove all instances of that command). Once done save the file and load up the game (the changes won't be read by reloading the skin you need to exit and re-run the game if it is already running, if the skin cache is on you'll need to turn it off then exit and restart FM). If done right the option(s) should now appear in the dropdown lists like in the fullmode, though some things still might not show as Touch mode doesn't have some of the features from the full mode.
  4. Is it the player or the club that is turning down the deal? If it's the player there isn't much you can do as whilst an affiliate link will make them more likely to join it won't force them to, try having a scout of the player to see if the report shows he is interested or not.
  5. Whilst you are playing the match the game is calculating your match and all the other matches going on at the time (well technically it calculates your match before you start, but if you make any changes it will recalculate) so your computer will be being taxed. However after the match has finished if you go back and view the highlights you want to record your computer should only be doing the work to show the highlights rather than calculate the rest of the stuff. If you are running in windowed mode you can turn on windows task manager and you can use the performance tab to see how taxed your computer is whilst playing FM. Also depending on the settings of your capture software you can try changing the output codec as some are more resource intense than others, I think loseless/uncompressed should have a low CPU impact but will take up a lot of harddrive space and would need re-encoding before uploading. For recording FM videos I use the game DVR feature built into Windows 10 as I only make simple vids without me talking or anything like that (and before that the raptr software included with my AMD graphics card) though neither are likely to be any help for you as you are on windows 7.
  6. The fair play award no longer awards European places.
  7. The only disadvantage of using the built in record function is that it only records the pitch, and not the commentary, caption or scoreboard. However recording the matches with third party software is fairly resource heavy especially if you are recording whilst the game is processing the match. You can recording the highlights after the match has been played when your computer shouldn't be doing any other processing, you could also try turning down some of the graphical settings to get a better framerate when recording. Also depending on what graphics card you have in your laptop you might get a better recording using the capture software included with your graphics card drivers (both nvidia and amd drivers include optional capture software, not sure if intel do aswell).
  8. If they have the 'U21' sign then you don't need to register them to play them. If you can post up a screenshot and we can see exactly what is going on in your game.
  9. There should be an option in the news item you get about them being sent off, buttons should be in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. (If its not there and you are using a custom skin, switch to the default skin in case the buttons are missing in the skin).
  10. AI players can become unsettled and sign new contracts with low release clauses - over the versions I've signed a few players who have been unhappy about a bid being rejected, they have then signed a new contract with a release clause lower than what I offered and I've snapped them up in the next transfer window
  11. Also if you have one related to signing players the scout report will mention that the player fulfills your philosophy. (not sure if it does the same on a coach report?)
  12. Looks like Wolves signed a new kit sponsor this season that will last for three seasons, which is why your club hasn't signed a new kit sponsor, also outside of the top five the kit sponsorship in the Premier League is fairly low - the bottom half all earn less than £5m, with the bottom teams on £1m only the top teams get more than £20m, pretty much all of the Premier League money comes from the TV deal unless you are one of the top four. I'm also sure there was some news at the start of the season (or last season) about one of the newly promoted clubs struggling to find a sponsor. Though as dafuge has said as long as you stay in the Premier League your board will slowly start to increase the sponsorship amount (depending on the ability of your board), and if you feel the starting amount is wrong then the data forum is the best to raise the issue.
  13. No the AI still bid for your players below their release clause (or with addons so the clause won't be activated, though if you ask for more than their release clause the AI will just activate the clause if they can afford the full fee upfront), one of my players has a £500K release clause to teams in higher divisions, he is worth £300K and I keep on offers upto £475K for him, with no one wanting him enough to activate the clause, on the plus side I have now been promoted to the Championship so only Premier League sides can activate the clause but he isn't good for them, instead I get the bigger League One sides trying to sign him. Yes there is an option in the player talk screen to say you will only sell him if someone activates the clause, though not sure if the game means actually activate the clause or just recieve an offer worth the same - in the above situation I could tell the player when Rangers made a bid for him they'd need to activate his release fee (which Rangers cannot do as it doesn't apply to them), but no-one so far has made an offer meeting his release clause regardless of whether it applies to them or not.
  14. Alright I didn't try a gif - My method is are rather roundabout one - first create png file with photoshop for each different one I want like I'd do with the static ones, I then load them into Windows Movie Maker as it has a decent amount of transitions to pick from and save as an mp4 file, then load that into xmedia and crop it and re-encode as an ivf file, but I haven't quite got the dimensions right yet as they get cut off in the matches (the default ones seem to come with various different dimensions), but I have only done one or two as the team I play as has only just got promoted into a league where the other sides use the LED adboards. I've also noticed that is actually now possible to get the static adboards to rotate if the club has LED boards (in previous versions they would just rotate back to the same image), however I'm not quite sure what controls it as best as I can work out it only works for ads you have set to show in a certain position which doesn't make it all that practical as you'd need to give each board it's own id.
  15. Well it's taken 338 games, 2,320 days and 508 goals but one of my players has finally won Goal of the Month