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  1. michaeltmurrayuk

    [FM18][MOD] Match In-Between Highlights Mod

    @stuart1976 Its the main match in between highlights xml file you need to edit, the code is down near the bottom of the file so it will be easier to find it if you scroll up from the bottom, then just adjust the 380 value until you are happy. (lower value will shrink that panel).
  2. @ChainsXV If you haven't edited anything then first try reloading your skin to refresh the cache files or try manually deleting your cache files, as when the cache gets corrupted the game can sometimes stop recolouring stuff as it should. If you have been editing the files (or if someone else wants to know as the location is fairly well hidden) then by default they are controlled by a couple of locations. First by default they are controlled by the xml files found with the button graphics, these are located in the \graphics\buttons\custom\tactics\pitch switch\ folder for the skin you are using, inside that will be several subfolders and inside each of them will be various xml files - these control each bit of the button and each state, inside each of these files should be the following code: <record id="primary_icon_properties" red_replacement="white" /> <record id="secondary_icon_properties" red_replacement="white"/> If the code isn't present then just paste it into the file above the </properties> code at the bottom of the file. To change the colour just change the colour name to another colour. The other place the colours might be controlled (especially if the skinner removed the colours from the above files) is in the pitch with tactics xml file found in the panels/widgets folder for your skin. In that file will be three sets of code that look like this; <widget class="radio_button" show_button_appearance="true" appearance="buttons/custom/tactics/pitch switch/left/button" icon="" icon_alignment="right" secondary_icon_enabled="true" secondary_icon="icons/custom/tactics/pitch switch/role" secondary_icon_alignment="centre" id="rldt" height="30" width="35" click_event="RLDT"> <translation id="hint" translation_id="383639" type="use" value="Show Role and Duty[COMMENT: hint for a radio button to toggle showing role and duty on the tactics pitch]" /> </widget> You should then just be able to add an extra line to recolour the icons; <widget class="radio_button" show_button_appearance="true" appearance="buttons/custom/tactics/pitch switch/left/button" icon="" icon_alignment="right" secondary_icon_enabled="true" secondary_icon="icons/custom/tactics/pitch switch/role" secondary_icon_alignment="centre" id="rldt" height="30" width="35" click_event="RLDT"> <translation id="hint" translation_id="383639" type="use" value="Show Role and Duty[COMMENT: hint for a radio button to toggle showing role and duty on the tactics pitch]" /> <record id="secondary_icon_properties" red_replacement="green a400" /> </widget> Again changing the colour to what you want also the code for each is slightly different, so don't copy/paste the code, just paste in the additional highlighted line. Also the code in this file takes priority over the colour set in the button files, so I'd say it's better to set the colour here (if you are editing a skin on purpose) as it's an easier thing to find later. (Though it may just be me that hates having the colours declared in the graphic folders ). If none of that works then check with the person who made the skin as they have likely changed something else.
  3. michaeltmurrayuk

    Player profile attribute analyser addition

    @JR866Gunner What coding have you used? You should just have to take the below code from the player overview big selector panel xml file found in the panels/player folder: <widget file="player/player attribute analyser panel" id="paAn" class="client_object_viewer_xml_panel" late_loading="true"> <translation id="title" translation_id="334971" type="use" value="Attribute Analysis[COMMENT: player overview; title for a panel showing an attribute analyisis diagram]" /> </widget> And paste it into the player overview popup selector panel xml file found in the panels/player folder, you can just paste the code into the file at the bottom but above the </panel> code right at the bottom as the game sorts the order alphabetically. Then save the file, and reload your skin with the skin cache off and the option should appear like below: Actually I may as well upload this in case anyone else wants it adding (only adds it to the popup as shown in the screenshot), to install extract the file and you should have a folder called player place this in the panels folder for the skin you are using, reload the skin and it should now be an option; playerpopupanalyser.zip
  4. michaeltmurrayuk

    [FM18][MOD] Match In-Between Highlights Mod

    @stuart1976 Have a look at this post: You'll need to adjust the default height value for the bottom right panel and the top right panel should automatically expand to fill the space.
  5. michaeltmurrayuk

    [FM18][MOD] Match In-Between Highlights Mod

    @PokemonScanHams Looks like you are using a custom file, you'll need to look in the match in between highlights xml file and find the code for the recent events widget, the line you are looking for should look something like this: <widget class="preselected_match_chalkboard_panel" id="prmC" display_event_time_window="5" display_recent_events="true" file="match/preselected match recent events chalkboard panel"> You need to look at the file bit which tells you what file is controlling that widget, then locate that file in the files for your skin, to edit it it depends on what the skinner has changed, though if the file name is the same as bolded above and you just want the default one back then you can safely delete the file and the game will revert to the default one when reloading your skin.
  6. michaeltmurrayuk

    Help starting a new game

    @Hovis Dexter You should have a Pick Team Later Option first on the clubs table; If that's not there then if you are using a custom skin try switching to the default skin, or try manually deleting your cache files and re-verify your game files through steam. Alternatively selecting the team you want to manage should deselect England.
  7. michaeltmurrayuk

    Are Newgens Too Good?

    View-Only works the same as not selecting the league, the only difference is you get to see the league table. If you check when creating the save view-only leagues don't add any more players into your game. If you don't want to/cannot make the leagues playable then I think using the advanced options to retain players (rather than just increasing the database size) might make the teams that have been given full squads more active than they would be with near empty squads, though @Seb Wassell or @Neil Brock might be able to provide (or pester who knows :) ) a definite answer as to whether using the advanced options has any long term affects on teams not in playable leagues.
  8. michaeltmurrayuk

    Help starting a new game

    When creating a new game on the first screen where City are selected you can either use the drop-down menus on the top left to select the actual team you want to manage or you can select the option 'Pick Team Later' which should be the first in the list, then on the Advanced setup screen you should be able to remove England if the game hasn't already removed it. (As the game preselects the league of the team you have chosen to manage).
  9. michaeltmurrayuk

    dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Altrincham - Premier League 2025/26 - Season 8 Bit of a delay in getting this season done as didn't have much chance recently to play but will hopefully get finished before FM19 comes out. After our sucess in Europe last season it seems the board have got a taste for European football as they Expect us to finish in the European places again this season, though the Bookies and Media left our European hopes at the mercy of the Cup Winners. Whilst Strikers Weatherall and De Sanctis were among the favourites for the Golden Boot. Reputation - Thanks to lifting a couple of cups last season our rep leaps upto four stars as we hit Continental. Rankings - We climb 46 places to 39th putting us among the Russian sides. Relocation - We finally move into our New Ground which at least has a decent amount of expansion capacity, though has half the capacity of Bolton's Ground which we've been using for the last couple of seasons. Transfers - An expensive season as I went about signing some English players as we are at our FGN player cap, with a club record £40m spent on Defender Joe Gomez from Spurs and snapped up Midfielders Wells and Lawlor to add some squad depth and snapped up a couple of promising youngsters, whilst I had a quiet Jan window snapping up Ben Davies to add some quality on the Left. To fund my signings I sold off several squad players who weren't good enough with Club Legend Glatzel joining Boro for £10m (who they didn't register so he seemed to be a weird signing for them) before Taylor King left for a record £15m, I also loaned out several players to free up squad places and made a profit along the way. This left us with surprisingly the third highest Net Transfer Spend just behind Bournemouth but way behind Utd's net spend of £120m. Community Shield - Not a great start to the season as whilst De Sanctis opened the scoring after 23 seconds a new quickest goal record things quickly fell apart as 10 mins later Utd drew level thanks to some woeful defending as we managed to get two mistakes lodged with just the one goal, but then worse was to come as my Left Back decided to just throw the ball to a Utd player from a throw-in giving them an easy counter to claim the first piece of silverware this season. European Super Cup - We put up a good fight here against an insanely powerful Madrid side, though helped by the fact that someone must have been playing around with the goals as both sides lost any ability to finish which took the game to pens and we promptly missed all four - they weren't saved we just failed to hit the target with a single pen League Cup - We made it to our second final in three years but made a mess of the early rounds, needing a GK howler to beat Newcastle in injury time - My Defender booted the ball downfield their Keeper came out to meet it but kicked air leaving van der Meer to tap into an empty goal, then in the Fourth Round we needed a shootout to beat Soton, we then at least smashed Championship leaders WBA thanks to a van der Meer hat-trick. This set up a Semi-Final against Liverpool where we had a bit of luck as I was subject to a touchline ban, my assistant decided to swap my team around starting Young Striker Velasco even though I'd put him on the bench but it worked as he grabbed four first half goals as we thrashed them and this allowed me to rest players in the Second Leg which we were unlucky to lose but still went through. In the Final we faced a Chelsea side we had a poor record against claiming just one win and one draw from six games and the final didn't go much better as we just didn't turn up and were all over the place defensively as we gifted Chelsea an easy victory. FA Cup - This went a lot better as my second string easily beat Championship struggler's Ipswich and League One Birmingham, before we drew the Manchester giants as we first easily dispatched a surprisingly lacklustre City side and then played out an eight goal thriller against Utd which saw us miss a pen and saw Utd play half the game with 10 men. In the Semi-Final we comfortably beat Everton to set up a Final against Stoke who we had a good record against having won five of our nine encounters so far. In the Final we got off to a great start as Striker Velasco who was in for Gray who was on International duty opened the scoring with a fine solo goal. However Stoke hit back with their first shot as my defence were caught ball watching and then things got worse as despite being in control of the game we fell behind with Stokes second shot as we were caught on the counter after losing the ball cheaply and to make matters worse Woodburn looked offside when he received the ball and again we continued to dominate but just couldn't score until Hamilton drew us level in injury with a fine hit from the edge of the area to take the game to extra-time. In Extra-time we finally took control thanks to my subs as De Sanctis gave us the lead getting on the end of Leipertz's cross, before De Sanctis setup Neves who then added a second in the last minute after Soke failed to clear the ball. Which allowed us to retain the FA Cup. https://youtu.be/AMwTFbtR7gI Champions League - The Bookies didn't give us much of a chance, they also didn't rate Barcelona or any of the German sides. On the plus side this time we'd enter the Group Stage as Third Seeds and got a bit of luck drawing Portuguese Champions Benfica (who were one of the weaker Champions) and haven't done much in Europe only making it past the Group Stage twice, though they did lose the Europa Final in 2022. Next up were Germans Leverkusen were are surprisingly strong being one of four Worldwide rep German sides and have been one of the top German sides behind Bayern and have made it past the Group stage five times in seven seasons making the Quarters three times and making up the Group were Scottish Champions Celtic who we'll hopefully get some revenge on this season. Group Stage - We got off to a great start thrashing Leverkusen at home in the opening game, then got revenge on Celtic with a win in Scotland putting us in control of the group, before suffering a poor defeat in Portugal to Benfica though Celtic did us a favour by beating Leverkusen, but we regained control with a home win over Benfica thanks to two late goals with Turk Gizlen opening the scoring with a rare free kick before Gray secured the points, and before we played our next game we secured qualification when Benfica drew to Celtic in the early game (though the game didn't think so) which was good as we then lost to Leverkusen in Germany and we then ended on a high note as my second string smashed Celtic to secure top spot. Knockout Round we drew Spanish side Sevilla who were having a poor season they were down in 10th in the League and they'd only made it this far twice before losing to English sides both times and this was only their fourth UCL season, though they had made the Europa Semi's three times. With the First Leg in Spain we blew them away thrashing them 5-1 with Weatherall grabbing a hat-trick and the Second Leg didn't go much better for them as another brace from Weatherall gave us an easy 4-1 win. We also lost Utd (A. Madrid) and Chelsea (Monaco) at this stage. Quarter Finals drew us against French giants Paris, who'd finished second to Bayern and just about beat out Stoke in the Group Stage and beat Juventus in the last round, though they haven't managed to get past this Round yet losing on three occasions and have also been beaten by English sides on four occasions losing to City and Chelsea twice, though they did win the Europa League in 2020 beating Bayern whilst they'd lost the league title to Monaco last season on goal difference after they both ended up on 104 points. The First Leg in France was an even game as whilst Paris had plenty of shots they didn't really trouble us as we had the better chances but just couldn't take them with Paris taking the lead after we failed to clear a cross before Wonderkid Velasco came off the bench to rise high and nod in an important away goal at the far post. The Second Leg played out pretty much like the first Paris had plenty of soft chances but we took our chances when we got them Wonderkid van der Meer gave us the lead when we hit them on the counter before a brace from Weatherall gave us a commanding lead which we nearly blew giving away a soft pen before my Right Wing Back switch off to let Lozano sneak in at the far post to give us a nervy injury time. Semi-Final saw us draw possibly the weakest team left in Barcelona (other options being City or Real) who had made it this far twice before both times going onto the Final winning it in 2020 but losing 2021 and in-between our games they'd just conceeded the title to Real finishing 30 points behind them in third. With the First Leg at Home we go off to a great start as Badea headed home a Davies corner, then after the hour mark we had a crazy three minutes with three goals as van der Meer extended our lead taping in at the far post from a Davies cross before we switched off from the kick allowing Bellerin to ghost in unmarked at the far post for a tap-in, before Weatherall restored our two goal cushion and their was still time for some late drama as De Sanctis missed yet another penalty In the Second Leg we just never got going but were looking comfortable until let on when Englbrecht could only turn a cross into his own goal and then the killer blow came in injury time as Griezmann scored direct from a free-kick to knock us out on away goals In the Final City did at least get some revenge as Alli scored the winner in the 121st minute which is City's first Champions League and only Englands second, with Spain having five and France and Italy having one each. Premier League - It was a great season as we went toe-to-toe with the other Manchester sides and just fell short in the end, as we got off to a Good Start as we kept pace with a dominating City in the first half of the season only losing to Chelsea and Utd and drawing to City before a boxing day draw to Soton finally gave City the edge. However in the second half of the season we struggled to keep up drawing to Spurs before suffering a frustrating 5-2 defeat to City conceeding three goals in the last few minutes as we fell out, whilst a meek defeat to Utd meant after 25 games we'd dropped down to third two points behind Utd and five behind City and then an awful run during March ended our title hopes as we lost to Bournemouth and Swansea and needed late goals from Velasco to claim draws against Everton and Burnley as the lose of Striker Gray to injury for a month hurt us more than I thought it would, which meant with just eight games left we'd fallen seven points behind both Utd and City and fell further back due to having a couple of games in hand but in the end neither ourselves or City could keep up with a Utd side that looked unstoppable in the second half of the season just dropping seven points from the 57 available of course the fact that they went out of the cups early helped them on the plus side we did get some revenge on Chelsea beating them 4-0 in the second to last game helped cost them a Champions League place as they lost to an injury time Rashford goal at Spurs on the final day allowing Southampton to pip them to fourth. Squad, Home & Stat-Pack. In Goal was Colombian Hugo Perez who had another solid season, with Pole Kamil Grabara again providing cover. In the Centre of Defence was Romanian Bogdan Badea who again had a mixed season impressing in Europe but struggling in the League though switching him to a Stopper role brought some improvements to my defence. Playing to his Right was Joe Gomez who had a poor season as he just kept on making stupid and costly mistakes at the back, on the Left was German Robin Englbrecht who had a decent season and actually ended it strongly after recovering from injury, providing cover was Italian Gaetano Pascuccio who did okay but needs to improve to push for a first team place. At Right Wing Back was Turkish Wonderkid Ilhami Gizlen who stepped up with some good performances to become first choice, providing cover was Jacob Blake who is a solid option but hasn't really pushed on as much as I'd have liked. Down the Left was Spanaird Sergio Santamaria who had a poor season as he just never got going, providing cover was German Till Leipertz who improved as the season went on though his broken leg seems to have wiped out his potential and in Jan I brought in Ben Davies to try and add back a bit of quality and he put in some good performances it's also nice to have someone who can actually take corners at the club. In the Centre of Midfield was Scot Jim Hamilton who switched over to the Deep Lying Playmaker role and after a poor start improved as the season went on ending it strongly with another goal in a Final, partnering him as my Box-to-Box Midfielder was Czech Wonderkid Marek Kovarik who had a disappointing season as he struggled to make an impact. Providing cover was Turkish Wonderkid Ibrahim Yankidemir who is developing nicely and pushing hard for a first team place I just need to decide which position he is best at, the other option I have is Ian Lawlor who arrived on a free from Chelsea and put in some good performances and means I have some quality options in the middle going forward. Upfront Leading the line was Academy Grad Arran Weatherall who had another solid season though his form did drop off in the second half of the season and I'm not sure if he's going to be good enough to push us to the next level. Playing on the Left was another Academy Grad Olly Gray who was in excellent form grabbing goals and setting them up as he sets a new Prem Assists record and fell one goal short of beating the club record, he also collected our first Young Player of the Year Award and was named European Golden Boy beating Weatherall to a hat-trick of awards. Down the Right was Italian Manuel De Sanctis who had a mixed season not helped by the fact that he kept on missing pens. Providing cover was Dutch Wonderkid Marco van der Meer who arrived from Ajax for £7.5m which is looking a bargain as he stepped up with some excellent performances and looks like he could be a great player with my other option being Colombian Wonderkid Jeferson Velasco who was snapped up for just £500K and put in some excellent performances. Prem Select - Nice surprise as Gray makes the team. Best XI - Couple of interesting choices here due to a fair bit of squad rotation, with Gray unlucky to only make the bench. Overall XI - Only change here is Feeney randomly returning to Defence ahead of Kehinde, whilst Hamilton and Grabara are now the only starters left, though Perez and Englbrecht both make the bench and I'd expect Perez at least to make the team next season. Facilities - Only improvement here is to our Data Analysis Facilities (though I'm not really sure what upgrading them actualy does?), as improvements to our other facilities has stalled since the new board took over, first they cancelled the initial improvements, then last years improvements got delayed a year, and the board have just announced further improvements which has just pushed the existing progress back to December and I really hope they aren't going to be stuck in the planning phase forever In better news the board announced plans to Expand our new stadium upto ~20K capacity and have arranged for us to share Old Trafford next season so we have gone from the smallest ground in the league to the biggest (which will really mess around with our finances the season after if we start filling it). Finances - Still nice and healthy though we did lose money until we got the end of season prize money which is a bit of a worry going forward. The main issue was match related income was down £10m due to moving into our smaller stadium, with prize money up £10m and sponsorships doubling to £30m. The main issue was an increase in expenses as our wage costs doubled to £50m (though we only out spent Burnley and Swansea), whilst we had a net transfer spending of ~£50m. Commerical Summary - We add another £10m worth of sponsorship, whilst shirt sales tripe with Weatherall most popular with new signing Lawlor replacing the departed Glatzel. Manager Profile - Not much difference here Attacking Coaching is up one point and Player Knowledge is up three, everything else stayed the same though I did play my 400th game. World Cup 2026 - Bit of a shock here as Mexico win the World Cup which was hosted by Canada by beating Portugal in the Final, which means I now have a World Cup winner in my squad - Mexico's third choice Keeper is one of my youngsters who hasn't even made a senior club appearance yet. England went out in the Quarters to Mexico, whilst the USA were unlucky not to make the Final as they knocked out France and Spain before losing to Portugal in the Semi and then lost to Argentina in the playoff. Elsewhere NIreland actually made the World Cup but went out in the Group Stage (and had four of my former players in their squad) with the rest of the Home Nations and Ireland failing to qualify as did Italy. Nationalities 20 ENG 5 GER 3 COL 2 ITA, MEX, IRL, TUR, WAL 1 BRA, CRO, CZE, NED, POL, POR, ROU, SCO, SRB, ESP, URU Squad Rules Currently I have 14 registered FGN players, with a further 4 unregistered. For Homegrown rules we have 23 Club Grown and 8 Nation Grown with a further 15 due to become Homegrown 6 of which are due at the end of this season, and just 5 not counting at all. Plans For Next Season The hope is to continue to catch upto Utd and City, as whilst they are still way better than we are we are catching up as their squads are no longer a wall of five star players. Transferwise the priority is again a quality Centre-Back, whilst a Target Man Striker to take the pressure off Weatherall and a Quality Left-Back would be nice, though I am up against the squad limits so hopefully we can find some domestic players whilst I clear out some of my FGN players. Leaderboard points (FM Mode)(My Steam Username is same as here if anyone wants to add me) (points / position) Single Game: 7,103,549 (52,436) Single Season: 1,659,357 (104,698) Single Season England: 1,659,357 (58,049) Single Season Premiership: 1,659,357 (57,304) Single Season Championship: 177,858 (31,475) Single Season League One: 709,941 (9,933) Single Season League Two: 749,065 (1,360) Single Season National League: 1,090,552 (153) Single Season National North: 868,235 (94 :cool:) Career Overview Season League League Finish Achievements Leaderboard Points Av. Attendance 18/19 National North 1st Promoted & FA Trophy Winners 868,235 1,927 (31%) 19/20 National League 1st Promoted & FA Trophy Winners 1,090,552 / 1,958,787 3,022 (49%) 20/21 League Two 1st Promoted 749,065 / 2,707,852 3,920 (87%) 21/22 League One 4th Promoted - Playoffs & Checkatrade Trophy Winners 709,941 / 3,417,793 4,198 (98%) 22/23 Championship 2nd Promoted 177,858 / 3,595,651 5,000 (100%) 23/24 Premier League 4th League Cup Winners 888.542 / 4,484,193 25,146 (87%) 24/25 Premier League 5th FA Cup & Europa League Winners 1,659,357 / 6,143,550 25,721 (88%) 25/26 Premier League 3rd FA Cup Winners. UCL Semi-Finalists 959,999 / 7,103,549 13,792 (100%)
  10. michaeltmurrayuk

    Database size.

    For the most part if your computer can handle it you want to add leagues as playable rather than just increase the database size, as making the leagues active adds the players but also makes the clubs active in the transfer market. When adding leagues its generally a good idea to add ones that link together for example if you are playing in Ireland then you'd be better adding all English leagues instead of just the Premier League, but if you are playing in England you'd be fine just adding the Irish Prem. If your computer cannot handle many leagues then you can use the advanced options to retain certain players which gives you more control rather than just selecting a larger database - if you are playing in the Premier League then having a load of non-league players loaded is less use than using the advanced options to retain players from teams involved in Europe.
  11. michaeltmurrayuk

    Are Newgens Too Good?

    It's likely a combination of factors - the active leagues you select will influence PA - if you are running the English leagues your game is more likely to get high Potential kids than a game running just the Irish leagues for example, so the database will shift over time to ensure the game has the players for the active leagues. (how much it shifts will depend on your settings on startup). For real youngsters as far as I am aware the researchers are largely free to set what PA's they want for players so if they feel John Smith should have a PA of 200 then they can give him that PA if they want, the lower PA's are more a case of it being hard to work out how good a kid will be from the limited data they'd have access to with most of them using the negative values to give the players a range (which would see their bracket move depending on the luck of the draw) obviously the game doesn't have this problem with regens as the game gets to play god (the staff PA star ratings are probably a better comparison to the researchers as that is based on a educated guess - it would be interesting to see how the star ratings of regens line up with the starting database as these tests don't show which players reach their PA - for example my figures showed an increase in players with the 181 bracket PA but the players with that CA stayed the same, so higher PA's becomes less of an issue if the amount reaching high CA's stays the same - and makes things harder if you have 6 from 37 players reaching 181 CA rather than 6 from 24 as you cannot just sign a random high PA players and expect him to develop). For the game generating high PA players in non-active leagues this is just a consequence of database limitations - teams in active leagues produce ~16 regens a season, whilst teams in non-active leagues produce 1 or 2 - so if you are running all the English leagues that is ~150 teams, so ~2,000 regens of which only the Premier League teams on average are going to produce Prem Rated regens so you are looking at say 300 Prem PA regens which is 15% of the English regens, and if you take the average PA it's likely around a League 2 average (due to the non-league sides outnumbering the prem sides which brings the average down) compare to say an in-active Colombia which may produce 20 regens a season these players will all come through the top teams so you have cut off the majority of the conference level players which will increase the average to say Championship level but they may only produce five Prem rated regens but that is equivalent to 25%. So Colombia produces 25% Prem PA players against the 15% for England, but England produced 300 against the 5 from Colombia - so England produces the better regens but because Colombia produces so few it's easier to find that one with Potential, which obviously makes things easier for the human manager as it's a quick job to manually scout the handful of regens produced by these countries against sorting for the diamond in the rough against the thousands of regens in active leagues. But there isn't really much way to stop this from happening as these teams need to produce regens of a good enough quality for the national team but the game cannot produce a dozen regens each season for every team to hide them as the database size would become unmanageable especially on lower spec machines.
  12. michaeltmurrayuk

    Change D.O.B football manager 2018

    Date of Birth is on the second page of the profile. To change it for existing profiles on the Add Manager screen, select the Profile you want to edit and select 'Edit Profile' button at the bottom and then on the profile screen click the 'Next -> Appearance' button and this will take you to the screen that allows you to alter the date of birth.
  13. Steam allows you to set up libraries in different locations from where steam is installed, so you should be able to check to see if steam will allow you to set up a library on the usb stick by going to Steam -> Settings - >Downloads -> Steam Library Folders -> Add Library Folder. If it lets you add the usb then I'd first try downloading the FM18 demo (or wait for the FM19 demo) to see if that will run before buying the game. Though it also depends on what you mean by memory if you mean RAM then storing the game files on a usb won't help out, if you mean hard drive space then installing on a usb drive would help but you may have poor performance and if your hard drive space is really low you may have problems as the games temp files will still be stored on the laptop, in that case you are better freeing up space on the hard drive or seeing if the hard drive is user replaceable and change it for a bigger one.
  14. michaeltmurrayuk

    How To Mark All Messages As Read?

    If you mean in FM18 then there is an option to mark all messages as read, select the dropdown menu on the inbox screen and it's one of the options; Pretty sure that options has been in the game for several versions, so if you are playing an older version it should still be there though it might be in a slightly different position.
  15. michaeltmurrayuk

    Selling/Buying players

    I've found using the 'unspecified' option when offering out players results in your receiving higher offers for the player - though this may only work if your club and thus player reputations/valuations are lower than expected - I got Altrincham back to back promotions to the Premier League and our reputation was still fairly low which resulted in my players being hardly worth anything but when offering out some of the players the club had outgrown with the unspecified option I got offers from other clubs worth way over their valuations. The other thing that is a good guide for a players value is the news reports when you or a team declare interest they'll usually mention an amount the player is likely to go for and this tends to lineup with what the AI will demand/offer. Though at the basic level buying/selling comes down to supply and demand, if you want to get rid of a player and their isn't much demand for him then you'll have to accept less than he is worth, alternatively if you don't want to sell the player then demand a higher amount and either negotiate down from that to a value you are happy with or they pull out or you reject the bid.