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  1. michaeltmurrayuk

    Player Names in Game Messing up.

    Try reloading the skin cache files from the preferences -> interface screen. If that doesn't fix it, then exiting and restarting FM should. If that doesn't help then check to see if your video card has a driver update available and if so try that out. You can also try manually deleting your cache files and re-verifying your game files through steam, instructions are on this page: https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2018/134_how-to/
  2. michaeltmurrayuk

    Social Network tab

    That page should be controlled by the various 'news feed...' xml files found in the panels/human folder.
  3. You can set Attribute thresholds on the screen that you use to start the Scouting Assignment, On the New Assignment popup, when you are on the players tab the attributes are listed in the middle of the panel, click the Specific Attribute Values button from the top right and then select the attributes you want and enter the value you want it to be greater than. I don't think you can automatically filter out reports for players you have asked for reports on, instead of ones found on assignments, but for those players when you get the Scouting Centre Item go to the Scouting -> Players -> Scouted page and on the top left in the drop down button select the 'requested reports' option to show only players you have manually scouted and then click the new search option on the right to set up the filters like on the search screen.
  4. michaeltmurrayuk

    Hard coded loans at the start of a save.

    The main reason why you cannot recall players from loan at the start of the game is because the rules forbid it, (scroll down to Section 53) players can only be recalled from loan in the next transfer window (so Jan for players at the start of the game).
  5. michaeltmurrayuk

    dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Altrincham - Championship 2022/23 - Season 5 So after a somewhat surprising promotion via the play-offs, the Boards hopes this season were to just not go straight back down, with the Bookies giving us no chance of staying up, though on the plus side six of us were given no chance and we only had to be better than three of them, whilst Stoke were expected to walk the league with the Media's pre-season dream team being pretty much the Stoke side. Reputation - Increases to two stars but still leaves us rock bottom being the only Regional side. Transfers - I was largely frustrated in my attempts to bring in Championship rated players, as English based players are worth and want silly money even in the Championship, and for the most part they aren't interested though when I did find a GK or Defender someone else would outbid me, so I was largely reduced to snapping up cheap youngsters mainly from Ireland, though in Jan I did eventually get a new Keeper. Outgoings saw me sell off various squad players who weren't good enough, whilst I also loaned out various youngsters as I forgot you have less cup games at this level. Then in Jan I decided to cash in on Academy graduate Alex Cox as whilst he was a useful player £3m plus clauses was way too much to refuse and it stopped my chairman from selling off another one of my strikers. League Cup - Again used this for my kids and they had a decent run getting to the Third Round though we suffered a poor defeat to fellow Championship side Bristol City. FA Cup - No run this season as we easily beat Crewe before being torn apart by a strong MBoro. Championship - I have no idea how we pulled this off as my side was pretty much the same as last season, we started the season well as my Strikers kept on bailing out my shaky defence as we had some silly results (as did the rest of the league their were a silly amount of 5-4 and similar results involving other sides as Stoke seemed to be the only side that knew how to defend). Our initial problems in defence were caused by our inability to deal with attacks down the flanks and corners, not helped by most of my defence barely being good enough for League One, but after making some tactical tweaks we shored our defence up and after a solid run at the half-way stage we found ourselves upto second place, in part thanks to a last minute win over Wolves as we picked up a 'never say die' attitude as we claimed 8 wins and 2 draws thanks to goals in the last 10 minutes of a game. With 10 games left we were safe from relegation and were somehow still in second a distant 12 points behind Stoke, but five clear of third placed Derby and eight from Swansea who were just outside the play-offs. Over the next few games Stoke finally started to run out of steam as we slowly closed the gap to just five points thanks to some late goals as we beat Ipswich 5-0 (all goals coming in the last 10 minutes) and Stoke lost to Cardiff, but their were only four games left. In the next game we both came from behind to win again thanks to some late goals, which put Stoke up and us on the verge of promotion. With two games left we secured our place in the Premier League after a shaky 0-0 draw against Watford, though Stoke won their next game to end our slim title hopes. Getting promoted to the Prem was somewhat impressive considering we were utterly out of our depth financially we have by far the lowest wage bill in the league - £1.9m which is half the next teams and miles away from the £50m Stoke and Watford were spending and this was after Stoke raised nearly £200m from player sales! And the real work starts now Squad, Home and Stat-Pack In Goal for the first half of the season was Kithson Munroe who'd displaced Morrow and was doing well enough, however in Jan I replaced him with Pole Kamil Grabara who is a lot better though he did have a slow start but improved as the season went on and will hopefully be good enough next season. In the Centre of Defence was Promising Academey Centre-Back Michael Tandy who is developing nicely and a solid season apart from some shaky games, playing to his left was Welshman Jordan James who had a disappointing season and to his right was Slovak Filip Vasko who struggled to impress, and for the second half of the season they actually lost their places to two more of my Academy players the Promising Lamar Best and Paul King both of who are highly rated and put in some good performances despite them both only currently being rated as League Two players, though some new Centre-Backs are again top of my list for next season. At Right Wing Back was Scot Gordon Stirling who was in good form though is taking his time learning the WB role. Though I had problems on the Left as Academy Graduate Aaron Bradley really struggled this season and looks like he might have reached his level, whilst NIrish Winger Simon Moore showed glimpses of his potential but struggled in too many matches so a new Left Wing Back is also needed. In the Centre of Midfield I tweak things a bit with Scot Jim Hamilton being redeployed as a Roaming Playmaker to try and give a bit more control in Midfield and he had a solid season though more was expected considering he's my only Prem Rated player, this saw fellow Scot Taylor King switch over to the Deep Lying Playmaker Role which suited him better though he did suffer some niggling injuries which limited his appearances. Providing cover were two new signings Promising Georgian Iuri Shermadini who had a fine debut season after arriving on a free, though he appearances were limited later on as he is due a pay rise when he plays again and I'd rather he get that after the promotion rises, and this gave Promising Croatian Teo Cubrilo a chance to shine and he took it being named Signing of the Season and at least the Midfield is looking sorted next season. Upfront Leading the line was another Academy Graduate Arran Weatherall who had a storming season as he continued to develop and was named Young Player of the Season, more impressively he kept Garry Lander out of the side as he had to settle for a backup role though he still impressed when called upon, on the Left was Paul Glatzel who continued to impress with another solid season, was on the Right was Irishman Glen McAuley who rediscovered his scoring touch ending the season as the leagues top scorer and won Player of the Year whilst he also broke the Leagues Average Rating Record (which was weirdly set by DLC Borthwick-Jackson). Providing cover was another Academy player Olly Gray who put in some impressive performances considering he's only 16 and hopefully these guys will continue to perform next season. Academy - A bit disappointing this season though we still produced two guys with Potential - Right Back Dominic Yates and Defender Samuel Ibrahim. Best XI - Squad rotation messed this up a bit this season, though not sure why Cox was picked ahead of Stirling, whilst Bradley is picked ahead of my three midfielders. Overall XI - Some silliness going on here as the long sold Guru gets promoted from the Bench, Laird moves to CB letting in Cox, with Glatzel moving upfront freeing space for Kehinde in Midfield, though only the Strikers are still at the club. Dream Team - Strikers Glatzel and McAuley make the team, with Stirling, Hamilton and Weatherall all unlucky to miss out. Finances - Aren't looking that great though if we hadn't gone up we'd have got a solidarity payment to help out, main expense was our Youth Setup costs doubling to £3m though that is nothing compared to the Prem money on offer, the main problem was our income didn't increase this season whilst season ticket sales doubled to £1.2m and TV money was up £2m prize money was down £500K and gate receipts were down £2m cancelling out those increases, though last years figures were inflated by our cup runs. Facilities - Got the Board to improve both the Training and Youth Facilities this season, whilst at the end of the season our Youth Level increased to 3. Though the bigger story was the announcement that the board had finally set in motion plans for a New Ground and with a capacity just under 14,000 it at least meets the Prem rules though hopefully it has a high expansion capacity, they also named it after a legend but not me so I still haven't ever had a stadium named after me Which means we will be spending the next two years playing at Bolton, in their ground which has double our new stadiums capacity so if we fill that our finances will be a mess after moving back home. Profile - Couple of small increases to my attributes as I get the A Licence and embark on the Pro Licence, I also won Manager of the Year. Plans For Next Season Alright I really wasn't planning on going straight to the Prem, I was hoping for at least another season in the Championship to develop my kids, especially my defenders as none of them are ready for the Prem, I just have to hope I can quickly find and bring in some reinforcements otherwise it might be rare relegation, though even a seaons worth of Prem money would set us up for the future. Transfer wise Centre-Backs and a Left Wing Back are top of the list, whilst we can hopefully keep hold of my better players, though my chairman is still being an idiot as he has already accepted a £10m bid for Weatherall which I've at least managed to protest State of The World Premier League - Utd become the second side after City to win more than one title, with Chelsea snatching second from City on the final day League Two - Gillingham and Notts County get relegated out of the Football League for the first time in their histories. FA Cup - Utd retain the cup thrashing Championship Wolves 5-0 in the Final. League Cup - Chelsea become the first side to win this twice, beating Utd on pens. Champions League - Has the English domination started as Utd beat Chelsea in a final hosted at Old Trafford. With Utd knocking out City in the Semi, ith Arsenal losing to A. Madrid in the Quarters. Europa League - AC Milan beat Spurs in the final hosted in Italy. With Everton going out to Milan (2ndKO) and Liverpool losing to Gladbach (1stKO). World Cup 2022 - Missed this last year, but Germany beat France in the Final. With England losing to Belguim in the Second Round. Leading Transfers - Utd have been busy having seven of the most expensive signings, with City next on four. No regens on the list yet. Leaderboard points (FM Mode)(My Steam Username is same as here if anyone wants to add me) (points / position) Single Game: 3,595,651 (98,119) Single Season: 1,090,552 (161,460) Single Season England: 1,090,552 (82,173) Single Season Championship: 177,858 (31,475) Single Season League One: 709,941 (9,933) Single Season League Two: 749,065 (1,360) Single Season National League: 1,090,552 (153) Single Season National North: 868,235 (94 :cool:) Career Overview Season League League Finish Achievements Leaderboard Points Av. Attendance 18/19 National North 1st Promoted & FA Trophy Winners!!! 868,235 1,927 (31%) 19/20 National League 1st Promoted & FA Trophy Winners!!! 1,090,552 / 1,958,787 3,022 (49%) 20/21 League Two 1st Promoted 749,065 / 2,707,852 3,920 (87%) 21/22 League One 4th Promoted - Playoffs & Checkatrade Trophy Winners 709,941 / 3,417,793 4,198 (98%) 22/23 Championship 2nd Promoted 177,858 / 3,595,651 5,000 (100%)
  6. michaeltmurrayuk

    Distance covered stats?

    Select the match you want the stats for, then go to Analysis -> Match Stats -> <Team Name> Stats. Then from the drop down on that screen select the 'Body Language & Performance' option (or you can select the GK, Def or Att ones as well) and Distance Run should be one of the columns. (Also if you are comfortable editing the xml files shouldn't be any reason why you cannot add that column to the other rating views if you have the space). The overall distance covered and distance per 90 mins stats can be added to the squad view using the custom view option, that data is also listed on the Player -> Reports -> Stats Screen.
  7. The FM18 versions should only be 18mb as it takes it's files from the full version of the game, so you might need to have the full version installed to run it, you can try editing the 'special folders' file found in the \steamapps\common\Football Manager 2018 Resource Archiver folder and changing the locations to point to the touch folders instead of the full game folders, if that doesn't work then you'd likely need to install the full game to run the resource tool.
  8. michaeltmurrayuk

    Left Foot & Right Foot on the panel

    @Enos Make sure you haven't included the .xml bit in the file name, you should just have an xml file called player additional attributes panel Also the folder within the panels folder should be called player instead of players.
  9. On the Squad view, under the custom views their should be an ability/potential view you can add under the scouting submenu (you need to use the scout rather than Assistant ones for the AI clubs), I also think the scouting view includes them by default.
  10. michaeltmurrayuk

    Football Manager 2007 R'07 Kits

    No requests for graphics downloads please!! This is a help forum only. Any offending threads will be closed. Your best bet is to check out the various fansites.
  11. michaeltmurrayuk

    Yearly Kits?

    Licensing issues will likely mean it'd won't ever be option (apart from the external methods already present) - they won't be able to change the licensed team kits, they also wouldn't be allowed to use real company names as sponsors, nor kit makers or even real kit templates as they'd all need licensing, and any fake companies would need to be passed through legal to make sure they aren't too close to real companies. Also if you don't want to use (or don't have) the IGE then you can add yearly kits using the pre-game editor, though you'll need to do it before starting your game.
  12. michaeltmurrayuk

    championship to premier work permits

    Though for British clubs after Brexit a Spanish passport is as much use as a Brazilian one So it's really not worth signing players who cannot get a work permit unless the leagues above you have squad limits instead of work permits, or if the player is just short of the work permit rules.
  13. As far as I am aware the assignments page only shows the ones you have asked for reports on. (Though its a little limited as that screen cannot be customized).
  14. michaeltmurrayuk

    Home-grown status

    There is an important difference between the 0-21 and 15-21 homegrown statuses, 15-21 is needed for European competitions, whilst 0-21 is generally for domestic competitions, but can vary depending on the league rules.
  15. michaeltmurrayuk

    Home-grown status

    What's the season start date in Sweden? I'm guessing from his contract it's November, however as your player was born in November he has likely just missed the cut-off date. Generally if you sign a player in the season he turns 18 he should become homegrown (if you don't sell/loan him), if you sign a player in the season they turn 19 it can be a bit hit and miss as to whether they become homegrown or not. I've just had the same situation in England - signed a player in June when the window opened when he was 18, but he turned 19 later in June so doesn't become homegrown, but another player signed in Jan at 18 turned 19 in Feb and well get homegrown status.