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  1. It will depend on various other factors; - Is there are big gap in quality between the leagues. If there is a small gap then dropping down won't be a problem, as players tend to improve more when playing well which is easier to do when your team is playing well - so a team struggling against relegation might not be that great (especially if the coach gets fired and the new manager doesn't play your player). - Actual team performances the 2nd team might do well and find itself in mid-table, whilst the 3rd side might struggle against relegation, in this case the 2nd side would be better as you want him to go to the team performing well. - Is the player a leading player for 2nd Division, or only decent - if he's only decent then playing at the bottom of 2nd or top of 3rd likely won't make much difference, but if he's a leading 2nd then playing in the 3rd isn't likely to be good for him. If there isn't much between the sides I'd accept both offers and let the player decide which he prefers.
  2. Si can only use real fixtures in licensed leagues, and as the Spanish leagues are no longer licensed they cannot use the real fixtures for those leagues.
  3. michaeltmurrayuk

    Premier League FFP

    The wage part of FFP is affected by how much extra money you bring in this season, so it likely varies over the international break as you don't play so your income/outgoings are reduced which will affect how much the game thinks you'll make this season. For the most part the wage part of FFP isn't really something to worry about as the board will tend to limit your wage budget to keep you within it, and even if you do go over it's only a fine so it's not really much of an issue. (Point deduction and being kicked out of Europe are for failing the other bits).
  4. michaeltmurrayuk

    SSD on FM

    Should be a thread around with a comment from SI about this, (may even be one of your threads?) it's due to the way the save games are made up you don't see much difference between the save being on an SSD or HDD. The main advantage of an SSD is that it will speed up your computer in general, with your Windows partition being on the SSD seeing the best results. (Also have more affect on more graphically intense games that have to swap a lot of files around, I think the latest Assassins Creed game is one that struggles if not on an SSD).
  5. michaeltmurrayuk

    Manager profile (Date of birth)

    Date of Birth is on the second screen, after you have filled in the first screen click the Next -> Appearance button in the bottom right to be taken to the next screen in setting your profile and this one will ask for your Date of Birth.
  6. michaeltmurrayuk

    Youth Intake Day

    One problem of drip feeding is how do you balance out the players that are generated - say if you get one a month does the game generate that person on its own, meaning you could end up with all dud players, all wonderkids or all Keepers, then replicate this across all teams in the game which could cause some weird intakes. The alternative is to have the game pre-determine the regens at the start of the season and then drip-feed them to you during the season, but this is likely to have performance issues as you are now having to store the regen data for an extra year adding another years worth of player data for the season. Of course this system can still be exploited by the end-user as what's stopping them from just rejecting the player each month unless he is a five star potential. It's also an issue for squad building, if they arrive through the season you have no idea if it is worth keeping the lower rated players to fill out the team - if the first player that comes through is a 2 star GK you might reject him, but then you have a problem if he is the only GK for that intake, at least when they all arrive together you know which lower rated ones to use to fill out the squad with. There is also as said the realism factor of drip feeding players, whilst in FM it may look like the youth intake players come from nowhere, it is to represent the graduation of players from the academy into the U18's as for the most part these will have been players who been with the club for several years and have made their way through the various age groups and IRL from a quick search seem to follow the school year with the new U18's confirmed at the start of July. Whilst the date moves around it should stay with a short period of a week or two, for England it should be around the start of March so it shouldn't have much affect on forward planning.
  7. michaeltmurrayuk

    Add players to playable teams

    If the teams are in an active league then they should try to bring in players (it will depend on various factors if they can actually sign enough players), they should also do it if they are in the feeder league as well. There are a couple of things you can do to increase the chances of them starting with players when setting up your game. First click Advanced Setup on creating the game; - From the advanced database options (player count drop-down -> Advanced...) you can select to retain players from certain leagues so you can tell the game to load up the players for these leagues from the database (or you can load everyone in England if you want which would load in players below those leagues if they exist). - If the players don't have enough players in the database then expanded the Advanced Options at the bottom (under the league selected info) and tick the 'Add Players to Playable Teams' option and this will see the game generate regens for the teams that don't have enough players. (Note if the league is on view only this option won't add players to those leagues, only playable ones.)
  8. michaeltmurrayuk

    something wrong wih the transfer market

    Yes you only pay the wage contribution until the end of the contract the player had with you, not until the end of his new contract, so if the player only had one year left on his contract with you you'd only pay that contribution until the end of the season, so it's not that much of an issue if a player only has one year left and you don't want him as paying him a bit and getting a transfer fee is likely better than paying all his wages for the last year, well unless you are lucky enough to get someone to pay to take him on loan with his wages paid. Though it becomes more of a problem if he has a long-term contract but that then begs the question of why he was given the big contract in the first place. One of the problems FM has is that it doesn't model inflation in the transfer market (or at all) so the transfer values will stay fairly static through the game unlike IRL where in recent seasons the transfer values have shot up so £30m-£50m is now seen as the starting price for top level players, but would have been acceptable values for top players when FM17 came out, with SI having the problem of trying to predict what the market would do, I'm sure if people playing FM17 were quoted £75m Van Dijk they'd be on here moaning how unrealistic the game is. (Similar with the Dembele and Mbappe fees and no doubt whatever crazy amounts teams will fork out this summer to make those fees look reasonable).
  9. As its happening on the default skins then it's more suited for the bugs forum. Though have you created a tactic first before dragging a player onto the pitch? If that isn't the problem then you can try deleting your preference and cache files to see if that fixes the issue: https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2018/134_how-to/140_linux/
  10. michaeltmurrayuk

    something wrong wih the transfer market

    Who's interested in the player, is the player happy or unhappy? If the player is happy and the club is a step down then he isn't going to want to move to them without a good reason which would be a pay rise, however these teams are likely in a position where they cannot afford his wage demands hence asking you to pay some of his wages. If he's unhappy and wanting first team football then you have a better chance of him taking a step-down, though this depends on the player as IRL some players are happy to just sit in the reserves collecting their wages for the rest of their contract. You could also have a problem where the player thinks he is better than he is - if he's been an active part of your successful side, then he'll likely think he should be playing at that level and won't have much interest in dropping to a weaker side, but if the other elite sides don't feel he is an improvement on what they have (and I'd guess he isn't if you want rid of him) they likely won't be interested in him, leaving just the smaller sides but the AI won't generally bid for a player if he isn't interested in joining them, thus it becomes hard to shift him until he becomes unhappy and is willing to drop down a level to play or get a payday. (The other thing you might need to consider is Brexit especially if your player is British, as he'll now be classed as a non-EU player and those other leagues all have non-EU restrictions which may make the player less attractive to foreign sides.)
  11. michaeltmurrayuk

    [GUIDE] How to Locate or Move Your User Data Location

    Have you made sure the folder location above exists and that FM can access it? I don't use a Mac so not sure of how the folder path is laid out, @Lucas Weatherby is a Mac user so he might know what exactly you need to type in the path bit.
  12. No if you select unemployed they won't have a job (acts the same as when you get fired from a job). If you want them assigned to a random team then use the 'Pick a Team For Me' button on the bottom left under the list of teams.
  13. michaeltmurrayuk

    Player Search vs. Scouted screen

    Search Screen - Used to find new players. Scouted Screen - Used to check the players you have scouted. Obviously you can set up the search screen to show similar stuff as the scouted screen, but it's there if you don't want to have to set up the search screen, or if you don't like the scouting centre card system, or just want to see an overview of the players you've scouted. The scout screen (unlike the search screen) has assignment related filters so you can filter reports by assignment, as well as who is in the scouting centre, so you can use it to get an overview of your various assignments without having to go to different screens. For the players without scout reports these are likely players you have previously scouted but the scout reports have been removed (not sure when or if players do drop off this screen?)
  14. There is an option to start unemployed on the team select screen when adding a new manager. It's at the top just above the teams kits.
  15. michaeltmurrayuk

    Add/Change Text Color of a Team

    You'll likely need to check with the person who made the add-on (or edit it yourself in the editor) as its likely the team was added without adding any kit details. If the In-game editor won't allow you to edit their kit details, then you'd need to fix the database and start again as the pre-game editor won't affect save games.