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  1. michaeltmurrayuk

    Default skin with Opposition roles?

    You don't need to edit those files, it's the file mentioned in this post you need to edit and it will then affect all the formation panels that show shirts:
  2. michaeltmurrayuk

    Club logo not showing

    Make sure you save the file as a .png as the game won't read .PNG files. To check to make sure there isn't an issue with your graphic you can try linking one of the other graphics in the folder to your club to see if that works, if that logo shows then the problem is with your image so you'll need to recreate it as something may have gone wrong when saving it. If the other image doesn't appear then double check to make sure you have the correct id - copy it from the small icon if you say that works as you might have swapped a number. If the id is fine then check to make sure you haven't duplicated it in another file - easiest way to search is go to your graphics folder and in windows search under advanced options tick the file contents option and then search for your id, this should then search within the various config files for the id and you can then check the found files to see if you have a duplicate entry where you shouldn't.
  3. michaeltmurrayuk

    Default skin with Opposition roles?

    If you turn that on then the roles should show on the various formation screens during a match.
  4. michaeltmurrayuk

    Turn off Highlight Key Attributes

    Yes you can turn it off from the Players Profile Screen in FM19: If you turn it off there the game should remember it across the various other panels and players.
  5. In the Editor (either In-Game or Pre-Game, though with Pre-Game changes will only affect new save games) if you want to add a European home kit then you need to add a new Home Kit then in the kit details panel select the competition option and this will allow you to apply the kit to your chosen competition. (If you want it to apply to each European Competition you'll need to recreate the kit for each). Also when adding a kit make sure you include all the parts and also note that it isn't possible to use licensed/custom kit images when setting a competition specific kit the game will only use the default kit graphics.
  6. michaeltmurrayuk

    Interested in Potentially Purchasing

    There is a link to the Demo on the Steam Store Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/872790/ In the sidebar on the right.
  7. michaeltmurrayuk

    Player faces on different drive

    There are instructions in this thread on how to move your User Data Location, which is a safer option than messing around with junctions:
  8. michaeltmurrayuk

    Show your skin... and inspire

    If you are using 200% zoom then it should appear the same as someone using 1920x1080.
  9. michaeltmurrayuk

    [FM19][SKIN] Football Manager 2019 Base Skins

    Have a look in your other thread you've edited the graphics in the skin which is why they are transparent.
  10. michaeltmurrayuk

    Resource Archiver Documentation, Where?

    These two guides should give you similar info to that which was in the user guide; The only thing they don't cover is re-packing the files but there isn't really any need to bother with that.
  11. michaeltmurrayuk

    [FM19] A couple of things

    That is a really hidden box eventually found it it's controlled by the person search dialog found in the panels\dialogs folder extracted from the panels fmf file. The green colour is controlled by the values declared at the top of the file, first value for selected areas the other for unselected. The icon looks like it should be controlled by the graphics located in: \graphics\icons\custom\position\ Though it looks like your issue is the tick is actually transparent so the black is coming from your background. Also looks like the colours might be controlled by these values: <colour name="scouting pitch icon unselected outer" red="59" green="133" blue="53" alpha="200" /> <colour name="scouting pitch icon unselected inner" red="62" green="138" blue="56" alpha="0" /> <colour name="scouting pitch icon selected outer" red="251" green="251" blue="9" alpha="200" /> <colour name="scouting pitch icon selected inner" red="51" green="151" blue="123" alpha="200" />
  12. michaeltmurrayuk

    [FMT19] Removing 'lines' on player profile

    In the graphics/backgrounds folder for the skin create a transparent png file and call it pattern and that should get rid of it. (If a transparent file doesn't work try a white one with dimensions 1067x600 as the pattern works slightly different).
  13. michaeltmurrayuk

    Match in between highligts question for FM19

    Yeah I'll add that back in with the next update (due next week) didn't notice that the options had been removed from the titlebar in FM19. For the time being you can change the file linked in one of the match info panels to point to the match info overview small file instead so change one of the lines to look like this: <widget class="match_info_panel" id="bmin2" title="Overview (Small)" file="match/match info overview small"/> In the ibh review file and that should revert to the default small overview screen with the highlights and upload buttons.
  14. michaeltmurrayuk

    Changing panels on Player Attributes page

    Have a look at this thread, same principle applies:
  15. michaeltmurrayuk

    cant see shirt numbers?

    The colour of the shirt numbers are controlled by the database, so to change them you'd need to use either of the editors. The other option as stated is to download a kit pack and hope that they have given the shirt back a solid colour that contrasts with the number, if not you'd need to edit the 3D kit and make the back area where the number is a solid colour that contrasts with the number colour, there is a guide for 3D kits here: