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  1. As far as I am aware the matches are already calculated in 3D (from what I remember that was one of the reasons the old 2D view was got rid of as it was causing issues with the match engine going forward) - the matches are calculated in code (where it crunches the number with no care as to how the result then gets translated to the screen, though there may be some limitations on how detailed the calculations are for performance reasons whilst other limitations would be on the programmers ability to translate real world physics into computer code, for example ball physics can get incredibly com
  2. Easiest way is to increase the height of that panel (issue is likely caused by your new font being slightly bigger than the default fonts) to do that you'll need to edit the player overview panel xml file found in the panels\player folder which you'll need to extract from the panels fmf file and copy over to the skin as it's not a file I've edited for the skin. In that file locate this line near the top: <layout class="arrange_vertical_attachment" layout="90, 360,-1" offset="0" gap="2"> And increase the 90 value and that will make that part of the panel larger (you can als
  3. I haven't touched that part of the Attributes panel, so you'd just need to follow the instructions of the mod that makes those attributes visible.
  4. There should be a thread around with the details on how to hide that part of the start screen, however you cannot just remove the manager bit, in addition you can only hide rather than disable it completely as it is tied into some of the manager profile options.
  5. How players appear on the player search screen changed with the introduction of the Scouting Packages. Staff Knowledge of a country will give you some access players in that country, with a higher knowledge giving you more players. However Scouting Packages will give you access to a lot more players and don't require you to have knowledge of that country. As for Scouted players not appearing on the search screen, it is likely intentional for scouted players outside of your knowledge not to then appear on the search page to save on resources (otherwise the game would need to refr
  6. You should just need to follow the last few posts for details on how to add the Instant Result Mod - You need to copy the contents of the match folder over from the instant result skin, and for the client object browser file you'll need to copy the code over instead of the file, if you compare the two files it should be clear what code you need to copy over and where to put it (you can see the code in the above screenshots).
  7. Shouldn't be anything in the skins stopping the Instant Result Mod (as copying over those files would overwrite mine), though I'm still a bit behind with the state of other mods so have you got a link to the FM20 version of the Instant Result Mod and I'll have a look to see what might be conflicting. EDIT: Just checked and assuming you are taking the files from the Wannachup-FM20-Instant-Result skin then it should work - you can safely copy over the files from the match folder as I haven't touched those three files, for the client object browser xml file you'll need to copy the Instant Re
  8. @bezzy1970 Follow the instructions in the Background Support post above - you just need to rename the file in that folder that has the level of transparency you want.
  9. Add Condition 'Scout Recommendation' is at most '0' and that should remove any one you have scouted. (You'll need to do it through the main panel not the new search option as the second one only allows you to set at least option). You can also use shift click to sort via several columns - sort by one of the scout columns so scouted players are at the bottom and then shift click on the sort order you want and the game will sort by your second option whilst keeping the scouted players separate. (Whilst if the players are still attached to a club, then using the Team Report option on th
  10. Steam Workshop - Mint20 Skins I've now uploaded the various Mint Skins to the Steam Workshop for those of you who prefer to access skins that way. However due to the limitations of the Workshop you won't be able to adjust the overlay strength or use the Template System to recolour the skin so in those cases you are best downloading the above copies, similarly if you have the Gamepass or Epic versions you won't be able to access the Workshop files. Steam Workshop Mint20 Skins Collection Page
  11. Background Support Instructions Whilst the Default FM20 skins natively support custom backgrounds, they don't have an overlay layer so you may find your custom backgrounds leave bits of the game unreadable, so with my Mint Skins I have re-enabled the background overlay and included several files of different transparency levels so you can adjust the strength of the overlay yourself as a suitable level comes down to personal preference. To Adjust the Overlay Strength After installing the skin if you browse to the graphics\boxes\custom\background folder for the version of the Skin you ar
  12. Mint Skin - Template System The template system is an idea I have had for a while with work starting on it for FM19, whilst it appears someone at SI had the same idea and introduced a similar system for FM20, this system merges the two ideas together to create a more comprehensive Template that makes it a lot easier to change the skin colours, as instead of having to check nearly 1,500 colour variables you can instead recolour the skin by changing just a dozen colours. (The System is a more advanced version of the Base Skins but at the same time easier to use - and if people find the idea
  13. Mint Skin - Variants Thanks to the Template System it is fairly easy to recolour the skin, to showcase this I have also released a couple of variants. Please note that whilst the Template System makes it quicker and easier to recolour skins, you still need to pick the correct colours so their might be some minor issues with the following variants, and for FM20 they are more of a proof of concept (especially the Dark ones as I don't use Dark Skins) though if there are any glaring issues let me know and I'll try to fix them (though on the light skins a fair amount of the remaining white
  14. Football Manager 2020 - Mint Skins Thanks to taking a break and due to the current downtime I have actually managed to just about get an actual proper skin released. (And provided FM21 doesn't make too many behind the scenes changes updated FM21 versions should be out not long after the full release hopefully). These skins are an evolution of the personal skin I've used over the years but never managed to put into a releasable state until now (if you've followed my progress in Dafuge's Challenge over the years you'll likely recognize parts of it) and is based on the Default Light Sk
  15. Have you checked to make sure he has actually left instead of it being a future transfer? If you check the finance screen you should be able to see if you actually got the money to your balance and if the board have just decided not to add it to your transfer budget, the finance screen on the right will also tell you if the board have limited your max revenue from transfers, also check to make sure your transfer budget isn't set all the way to wages or scouting budgets as the extra money may have be allocated to them and you'd need to move the sliders over to transfer some back to your tr
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