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  1. The right bit is controlled by this line: <record from="765" to="graphics/pictures/nation/765/logo"/> If that isn't working first if you are on a MAC make sure the software you are using is changing the " to a different but similar character. If that isn't the issue then make sure the filename and id match (you might aslo want to rename the file to only use lower case characters as the games doesn't always like caps), that the file is saved as a png file, the graphic is in the same folder as the config file and you don't have a duplicate entry elsewhere.
  2. Yes they can both leave/stay independent of what England does (not sure if Wales is tied to England or not?) - In my game both Scotland and Gibraltar stayed in the EU and as NIreland stayed part of the UK Irish players count as UK players for the league rules (whilst Scots don't).
  3. If you have already installed it on Windows, then just log into the same Steam Account on your MAC and the game will show up in your account already and you should just need to download it to your Mac.
  4. In the titlebar where the teamname is click that and you should get a text box, type the name in that and it should do a general search. If the player doesn't come up then he might not have been loaded into your game.
  5. Yes you have likely got the softest option, though you can get other options where work permits are got rid off and instead there is a limit on how many non-UK players you can register which depending on how you play could be treated as soft or hard - you have to pay attention to how many EU players your are signing, but it is balanced by the fact that players from the rest of the world are easier to sign due to the lack of work permits required. SI have also confirmed that your Brexit scenario is set at or near the start of your save game so reloading won't change it.
  6. Also under the Transfer History screen you can switch the view to show Youth Transfers only which should show the youth intake.
  7. Manager reputation already affects whether players sign for you or not - If a player likes you or your rep is greater than the clubs you'll generally get a line of text when signing the player that he joined because he wants to work with you. Also not really sure if the world would care if Burton made it to the Prem - nobody really cared when the likes of Swansea and Wigan made it, nor was their much fuss about the likes of Blackpool, Burnley or even now Brighton.
  8. fm2017 guide

    The Tablet version of the game is different from the Steam version, as far as I am aware if you want a Steam version to play on a full computer then that would need to be purchased separately. To edit the Tablet version you are best looking in the Touch General Forum as I don't have access to that version of the game: https://community.sigames.com/forum/135-football-manager-touch-general-discussion/
  9. The Data Issues forum can be found here: https://community.sigames.com/forum/324-database-and-research-issues/
  10. Best thing to do is post in the thread in the Data Issues forum for the team/area or send the Researcher for that area (or if they aren't active on the forum one of the SI people who posts in the data issues forum) a quick message asking them what information they need.
  11. You can also use Shift and Control (and Ctrl+A to select all if there is less than 500 people) to select multiple players at once which you can then scout/trial with one click instead of having to select them all. If all of your scouts are roughly the same then you can just select the top option and the game will auto assign the report to a scout which is slightly easy to select than manually selecting a scout each time. You can also get other staff members to manually scout players. The other thing you can do is add more filters - I tend to split by region to make the lists more manageable, and put loaded leagues into their own filter. You can also speed things up a little by doing some scouting before the season ends - towards the end of the season the teams will mark their players as released (which is a column you can add to the squad screens), so towards the end of the season you can look through the squad screens and scout players who are due to be released (or have their contracts expiring), you can also get team reports on teams that will give you a rough rating for each player which saves you from having to manually scout the rubbish ones - the disadvantage of this is you end up scouting players who don't get released or aren't interested - though some will change their mind once they know they are being released, which also means you can sometimes grab some good ones before the other teams scout them.
  12. What's your screen resolution, Hot Prospect is the last option so it is possible it's being cut off if your resolution isn't high enough.
  13. Most of them will be club related records and should be found in the Club -> History screens, there is also a Manager screen on the World Screen that shows some stats for your manager.
  14. If you mean which staff are loaded into a save game then this depends on the leagues and the database size you picked, with staff outside of the picked leagues being loaded mainly based on reputation. If you want certain areas loaded into the game then you can customize the database using the Advanced options when starting a new game. If you mean how does a certain person get into the overall FM database then staff are researched and added by researchers (apart from legal or licensing issues - U16's aren't in the game for legal reasons for example), If you feel someone is missing then the best place to raise the issue is in the relevant Data Issues thread in the bugs forum with as much information as you have. (Also bare in mind the game doesn't replicate every role a person might have at a club so if someone has a obscure role they might not get into the game).
  15. If you just want it to appear on each screen, you'll need to first download the base skin corresponding to the default skin you are using (links in stickied threads), then inside the graphics folder for the base skin create a folder called 'backgrounds' and place your image in there, then rename your image so it is called 'default'. Then load the game and switch to the Base Skin and the background should show. Depending on the image you might need to adjust some other files to get the transparency to a level where you can see the image and also read the game text: If you only want it to display for screens linked to your club/stadium then you will need to create a config file and place it and the image in the graphics folder inside your User Data Location (same as you would do when adding kit/logos etc...): Then in the config file you need to use these entries: <record from="<FILE_NAME>" to="graphics/pictures/club/<UNIQUE ID>/background"/> <record from="<FILE_NAME>" to="graphics/pictures/team/<UNIQUE ID>/background"/> <record from="<FILE_NAME>" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/<UNIQUE ID>/background"/> <record from="<FILE_NAME>" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/<UNIQUE ID>/stadium"/> Where <FILE_NAME> is the name of your image and <UNIQUE ID> is the ID of your club (or your stadium for the last two). The first two lines will display the stadium on screens linked to your team, the last two will display the stadium on screens linked to your stadium as well as on the match screens if you are at home.