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  1. Graphics requests

    It's fine to ask for fantasy kits/badges here, (just not general kit/logo packs) though you aren't likely to get much of a response as there aren't many kit/logo makers here, your best bet is to check out some of the fansites as some of them have had request threads in the past which might still be active.
  2. One reason why the figures might be different in FM is because these figures are only released at the end of the season, meaning FM is likely two seasons behind - the figures for last season won't have made it to FM17 as they have only just been announced, whilst the figures for last season might have been released too late to get into FM18 - FM18 may be based on 15/16 whilst FM17 may have been based on 14/15. Also whilst uefa's website includes the actual data going back years they all seem to explain how it is split for 16/17 which might be different from other years - from that it's not a simple split half of the money is split depending on where you finished in the league, with the split changing depending on how many teams the country has, the other half is then split depending on the amount of matches played (they don't explain this so will assume it is the same per match and they divide the total amount by the total number of matches for that country to get a per match figure). Of course to make things harder uefa don't seem to declare the exact details of how the sums are allocated to each country apart from being based on the TV market, and as far as I am aware FM doesn't state the market pool amount anywhere in game. These are the figures for England after the first season has finished from my FM17 game: 1st Leicester 1KO - £18m 2nd Arsenal Won - £19m 3rd Spurs 1KO - £12m 4th City QF - £11m Total Share = £60m First Half; Leicester get 40% - £12m Arsenal get 30% - £9m Spurs get 20% - £6m City get 10% - £3m Second Half total 39 games, so £0.77m per game Leicester 8 games = £6.15m Arsenal 13 games = £10m Spurs 8 games = £6.15m City 10 games = £7.69m So totals should be which they are; Leicester = £18m Arsenal = £19m Spurs = £12m City = £11m Though at the end of the second season the figures are off by a little bit; Utd £18m SF (12) - £12m + £8m = £20m City £16m F (13) - £9m + £9m = £18m Arsenal £15m 1KO (8) - £6m + £6m = £12m Spurs £10m QF (10) - £3m + £7m = £10m Left side is what the game gave them, right side is what they should have got - so Arsenal seem to have taken some money from Utd and City This is from 29/30; Utd £18m QF (10) - £11m + £7m = £18m Arsenal £15m QF (10) - £8.25m + £7m = £15.25m Leicester £10m GS (6) - £5.5m + £4.25m = £9.75m Me £12m Won (13) - £2.75m + £9.1m = £12m Total seems to have dropped to £55m, though split is correct again. Now take my last season; Me £15m 1KO (8) - £11m + £5.5m = £16.5m City £13m QF (10) - £8.25m + £7.25m = £15.5m Utd £18m SF (12) - £5.5m + £8.7m = £14m Everton £9m 1KO (8) - £2,75m + £5.5m = £8.5m Still down to £55m and the split is off again with Utd taking some of mine and Citys money. Quick check of Italy (5th); Inter £24m GS (6) - £15m + £8m = £23m AC £19m KO (8) - £10.5m + £11m = £21m Juventus £16m KO (8) - £4.5m + £11m = £15.5m Interestingly Italy split £60m but between only three sides, with the split correct accounting for rounding errors. Quick check of Portugal (6th); Benfica £2.25m KO (8) = £1.25m + £0.9m = £2.25m Porto £1.6m GS (6) = £0.9m + £0.7m = £1.6m Sporting £1.3m KO (8) = £0.4m + £0.9m = £1.3m Portugal only share just over £5m which is less than Scotland get despite them being higher ranked as Celtic got £6.5m from being the only Scot to make the group stages. So the game is generally using the correct split (seems to break a little when someone wins the UCL the previous season) it just hasn't updated the values, (nor is there anything to show how the pool is split per nation) looking back at the 14/15 market pool for England was ~€90m, which if using the 2015 exchange rate is ~£60m, though the Market Pool amount seems to change with something - however I don't know if the entire pool is changing or just the split - every nation could have lost £5m or another nation pinched the £5m from England, but I don't have time to grab the data from all the nations (nor am I running all the group leagues). 15/16 the English Market Pool jumped to €140m and is the same again for 16/17 so I'd expect the values to double for FM18 even if the game is a few years out of date as it looks like the new deal must have come in too late for FM17. (Though of course it'll change again in FM19 or FM20 depending on when uefa get around to actually providing the details of the new format).
  3. Historical Regens

    It's not even possible in the US, EA were sued and lost for including historic teams in Madden a couple of years back - meaning you need to sign a license with every historic player you want to include (plus another one for the historic teams), its possible for current players the NFL might have changed their terms so when current players retire the NFL keeps their rights. And that was for the NFL who pretty much own the players. For football it is pretty much the same situation, with FIFPro (players union) being the ones who license most if not all of the individual player rights, it then becomes a question of whether they still have the rights to license retired players and then there is the question of how much money they'd want for that license (as it would be a separate license as I doubt any retired players are currently getting royalties under the current license as they aren't included in the games). Then as Barside said even if you could get the license, you then have the problem of the research (though most of it would have been collected for older FM games so you could extract some data from those databases for players from the last 20 years, but you'd still need to reformat and update it for the current database) as well as determining which version of the player to pick unless you have several (which creates even more work).
  4. The player history only shows league history because for the most part the historical data just isn't available for most of the competitions in the game, whilst I think the other reason given was having only the league games gives a better comparison as the max amount of matches and level of competition stays roughly the same but could be anything if you included cup comps - for example for a Premier League player you'll know he'll have a max of 38 games so you'll be able to quickly compare the various seasons in his history, but if it includes cup games it can be anywhere from 40 to 60 games with you having no idea of the max games he could have played that season, or the level he played against - he could have had a lucky season where he got a dozen games against lower league sides which padded out his stats.
  5. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    The Beta is only available for digital copies from certain retailers, not boxed copies - the information and links to approved retailers are in the first post in the thread.
  6. Youth Intakes - Off

    As far as I am aware to stop getting a youth intake you need to have your youth facilities set to none, however I don't think this is an option you can ask the board, you can decline to enter your U18's in the league but I don't think this stops the youth intake. However the simplest way is to just terminate the trials of your youth intake when they appear instead of signing any of them.
  7. It should be controlled by the 'player attributes comparison panel' xml file, same instructions as above to change it. If you are using FM17 file will be in panels\player folder and if you are using the Touch mode you might need to extract the touch specific files which are separate this year.
  8. Football Manager TV: Scouting

    That's what it looks like from the screenshots/video - though it could be (and I expect it is as scouts don't have access to a players true PA) the scouts opinion of the CA/PA - so if he gives a rating of 60 depending on how good the scout is his CA might range from 100-130 or 75-150 etc... Or it could be even rougher - all Leading Champ rated players get a value of 60, then Decent Prem get 70, good Prem 80, Leading Prem 90, World Class 100 etc... So you only have the same information as before but in number format. (Bare in mind - I don't have any more information than you do - this is just speculation based on the video/screenshots in the thread, we'll likely have to wait until release when we get hands on the game to see how it actually works).
  9. Yeah as I thought it's Brexit - Your Brexit would have taken effect on the 24th June 2020 (season update day), and whilst you got the soft option you still technically left the EU - so as long as the offers were confirmed before the season updated you could sign them, afterwards and going forward you'll need to wait until they turn 18.
  10. Football Manager TV: Scouting

    The level description was already in previous versions (Leading Championship Player text), looks like they have just added a number graphic to it as well to make it a bit more clear what the description means as it wasn't clear for example whether the useful description was better or worse than the decent one. The description was also absolute not relative like the stars, (though the staff opinions of this seem to change a lot more than the star ratings so it will be interesting to see how accurate this value is) so I'd guess the number is absolute as well - meaning you could have a 5 star player rated as 60 or a 2 star player rated as 60 depending on who you are playing as. If it works like that it should hopefully stop people complaining they don't have any five star players when they pack their team full of World Class Players as I'd presume this feature would rate them as 90+ players (or whatever the top range is - though hopefully it's not just a players CA/PA directly translated into the game).
  11. Hiding Player Attributes

    Their should be a couple of threads in the forum that explain how to remove the attributes (I think someone even made a skin), though the simplest way to do it roughly would be to use the colour chooser option in the preferences menu to set the attribute colours to the same colour as the boxes in your skin which would make the values unreadable.
  12. When did your Brexit go through? It's possible any transfers you were able to confirm of EU nationals before getting the initial Brexit notification (which normally happens in Nov) were still able to happen before they turned 18 whilst any offers made afterwards would be classed as you being non-EU so have to wait until they turn 18. The transfer window shouldn't make a difference as the one that opens in June is for domestic players only, everyone else can only join on the 1st July, whilst the player from Argentina would always have had to wait until he turned 18 regardless of Brexit. For the U18 players you could sign what clubs and countries did they come from, when did they sign, when roughly did you offer for them and what are their D.O.B, same with the players that had to wait? As that info should allow us to narrow down why some could be signed and others not. Though now you have had Brexit you won't be able to sign any U18's apart from domestic ones (and possibly ones from other Home Nations).
  13. [Discussion] Transfer system overhaul

    @El Payaso I agree with you that sometimes it can be too easy to build your squad and hopefully the new dynamics system will teams will be punished if they sell off most of their team like that screenshot says and try and integrate tons of new players, whilst FM17 did make some improvements as if you overachieved with a smaller side the AI took more notice and was more active in trying to unsettle and sign your players, though it was still easy enough to keep the players, and then with the silly money in the Prem not that difficult to replace them (unless you hit the rep ceiling that Cougar2010 alludes to - which also happens in the Prem but can be pushed past fairly quickly in England, though the Prem finances help as Prem teams can outbid any but the elite teams which further reduces competition). Also without the context of the season not sure if there is much wrong with those sales (apart from the amount of them, but then the likes of Dortmund and Monaco in recent years have had their teams stripped after overachieving and would be roughly equivalent to Liverpool just without the Prem Money) well apart from Paris being silly - Moreno at £41m is weird as is them signing three AM's, though at £10m Markovic is likely to be a backup/squad option instead of a starter and the game tends to struggle with the balancing of the Tycoon clubs. You could argue the users signings of Verratti, Jesus and Silva for big money are just as broken - as I expect those bids were silly money responses from the AI designed to scare you off, and if you are signing players for that kind of money their isn't likely to be much competition due to the prices and the AI generally walks away when told not for sale unlike the user.
  14. Signing of U18 players is banned by FIFA unless both the selling and buying club is inside the EU, however inside the EU the player needs to be at least 16 and there is also a training requirement - not sure exactly how the game determines this but it is based on some of your youth facility level, but not sure if its an absolute level or relative to the club you are signing the player from. Also if you are playing in England Brexit will complicate things as depending on your Brexit you'll likely find yourself out of the EU and will be limited to only signing U18's from England and Wales. So pre-Brexit you could sign them, but post-Brexit you cannot. There are also two other critera for the transfer of U18's - if both clubs are within a certain distance of the same border though I don't think this is in the game, and the player moving countries for non-footballing reasons (which is generally how teams get around the rules IRL) however this only affects players being generated into your academy and cannot be used to sign players. Player nationality shouldn't have any affect on when the transfer can take place (though FIFA don't seem to understand their own rules as their was a recent case where I think it was Chelsea signed a 16yo Italian from Argentina, with FIFA approving the transfer as he had an Italian passport - but this shouldn't have factored into the transfer).
  15. [Discussion] Transfer system overhaul

    1. Playing in England I've had the AI beat me to the signing of players many times - both at the top (Monaco example of them beating me to a World Class Striker) and at the bottom going for players on a free or even on loan, I've even had instances where I have trialled in a player only for that to attract the attention of the AI. (If you aren't seeing it it might be in part due to your set up as you said you are playing in Finland with just the major leagues loaded - so if you are the top finnish side the other finnish sides might not be able to attract the players you can, whilst the player isn't good enough for the other active leagues. For chasing players obviously money is the key thing if you are willing to give in to a player and teams demands the transfer will be done quick, if not then it will take time as each side tries to get the other to give in to their demands. (i.e. your Drinkwater example if Chelsea met Leicesters valuation of £40m at the start the transfer would have been done quick). 2. This demands on player personality (plus their agent and various other factors) and is basically a balancing act as there are no absolute rules as to whether a player would kick up a fuss or not and the best way to improve this is to raise the issue in the bugs forum with save games and examples so it can be tweaked in the future. Though FM17 did make some improvements in this area as the players will generally approach you before hand with the reason why they want to move - bigger club, better pay, higher squad status, which gives you a chance to counter the offer if you can. 3. The main problem with this is at the end of the game it is a video game and when SI have attempted to reduced your influence in the past it hasn't gone down well. The boards do limit your transfer budget depending on their attributes some are more willing to let you stretch the finances than others. (Though one of the problems the game has always had is that it is too easy to generate money once you get to a high enough level). 4. These aren't actually that accurate - the AM filter will filter out people you can convince with a pre-contract talk, though again this is also a balancing and gaming aspect - do you want to spend time scouting 1,000 players only for 900 of them to have no interest in signing, I expect the majority don't however their is the option to turn this off if you want. With the scouts if you are using purely in game tools then you won't know for certain how good they'll turn out as staff don't have access to the PA rating and the uncertainty stars add some more uncertainty. The main problem is more that development is a little on the easy side and experienced players can generally spot the players that will make it, though their are several posts around from one of the SI testers that they made changes in FM17 to make it a little more uncertain and unpredictable. 5. For this it largely depends on how you sign players (and their are plenty of threads on with people moaning about how hard it is to sign players) - when you scout a player you get the line about how interested the player and club are with the transfer and the rough amounts - which varies from no interest, some but make me a silly offer, we are interested but more than you want to pay, we are interested and you are happy with the figures - so if you only ever go after players who are dead certain to join it will look easy to sign them, whilst the middle ones will take time depending on the flexibility of the clubs. I'm also not sure the Drinkwater transfer would be done instantly in FM - Leicester wanted £40m, Chelsea offer £23m it's rejected as is a second bid, some time later Drinkwater then hands in a transfer request, before Chelsea return with a £30m bid and then had a £35m bid accepted - the only way that would be done in FM is if you went straight back in with the £35m offer, instead of waiting until deadline day to do the same and also according to reports the main reason the transfer took so long was because Chelsea were after other English players so it's likely Drinkwater wasn't their first choice as both Oxlaide-Chamberlain and Barkley turned them down before they signed Drinkwater. (That kind of transfer is easy to recreate on FM - over half a players value, wait for the player to get upset or tap him up so he hands in a transfer request, then come back on deadline day with a couple of quick fire better bids closer to his valuation. If anything it might be harder on FM if the AI doesn't want to sell him as they'd transfer list him with a £60m valuation) Also there are plenty of times in FM where you have to settle for your second/third choice - going back to my attempts to sign a World Class Striker - my first choice was Man Citys Striker but they wouldn't sell him, so I moved onto Chelsea's wantaway Striker and I thought I'd got him before Monaco beat him to me, I then went after a Barcelona Striker got a bid accepted only for him to demand twice what I could offer, then made a bid for a Real Madrid striker I'd had on loan but he rejected me, though in the end I got lucky as with City out of Europe their Striker handed in a transfer request on deadline day and I managed to snatch him up just before the window closed - so it took me the whole window to sign a World Class Striker, though of course 18 months later Paris tapped him up and I had to do it all over again (which weirdly went the same way, first choice was a Paris Striker but couldn't get him even for silly money, went after several other strikers and had a transfer all but agreed for a Bayern one when I was altered to the fact that the Paris Striker was now available as he wasn't happy being second fiddle to the guy they'd just signed from me - yes I know I ended up with my first choice in both examples, however by the time they were signed they were my fourth or fifth option). And regarding the rejected bids you just need to have a look on the forums to see the complaints from people who are moaning that it is impossible to sign Player X - though these users are likely ignoring the line in the scout report that says how likely a player is to leave, and are bidding for players who teams have no interest in selling.