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  1. Guidetofootball, quote, question

    I'd guess they mean for defensive players pick a low mentality role and combine it with short passing, whilst for attacking player pick high mentality roles with direct passing - with the idea being you're defenders will keep the ball slowly moving it forward when a chance comes, whilst when your attackers get the ball they want to pass it forward as quickly as possible. It seems more about setting individual instructions rather than team instructions. Though it seems the website is just a general football site rather than something dedicated to Football Manager so the terms they use may not directly translate to FM.
  2. AI development vs User development

    It depends some of the regens generated in non-active leagues will come in better developed, though this tends to be the older ones that are more generated as first squad players. (18+) If your player was generated at 15 then he'd be just the same as your youth players, but could of been one of the rarer players who gets generated with a high CA (think Rooney, Owen or if your Italian the AC Keeper Donarumma - players that are good enough for the first team at 16-18) same thing can happen with your in-take as well but it will be rare. Could also just be that he has developed, different players develop at different rates, there is also a post around from @Seb Wassell that states for U18's training is more important than matches so throwing a 16 yo into the first team won't force him to develop especially if he is out of his depth. Could also be that your players don't have the potential your staff initially thought they did so your player has developed as much as they can, also if you are only basing it on star ratings remember these are relative to the rest of your team so if you signed better players whilst they developed their star rating would be lower than what it was (for example a 3 star player now might have been 5 stars before you bought Messi and other better players).
  3. Text on side panel gone

    There is a setting in the preferences menu to turn on/off the icon's only sidebar:
  4. [FM18][MOD] Match In-Between Highlights Mod

    If you're using the default skin you can just place the extracted panels folder into the FM folder (the my docs one) same as the review mod. They can both go in the same location and it doesn't matter which one you install first as whilst they share files the files are the same so you can safely overwrite either of them.
  5. Kits Disappeared

    If you've edited the kits in the database then make sure you created entries for each kit part (shirt, shorts, text, icon etc...) also make sure you didn't set any comp. specific kits as they won't show, also check to make sure the team id hasn't changed - check the one used in game rather than the editor one.
  6. pitch textures and ad boards

    Video Adboards need to be placed into the following folder (which you'll need to create): \steamapps\common\Football Manager 2018\data\simatchviewer_uncompressed\ The exact location will depend on the pack you have downloaded as they need to be placed in certain subfolders and you're best checking the instructions for the pack or the site you downloaded them from for the full location. There should also be a thread around with detailed instructions. (You may also need to extract the font files from the simatchviewer_uncompressed.fmf and place them in that folder as well if you find the numbers and names disappear from the shirt backs after installing the adboards).
  7. No the game won't behave differently if you have the game minimized or not in focus (also no difference between windowed and full-screen) it all uses the same ME, so it's either coincidence (or confirmation bias), if you are watching the matches are you actively making changes as it could be your changes causing you to drop points as you react to what happens instead of letting the match play out.
  8. Championship sides may not want to loan them as they have to field a certain amount of HG in their match day squads, players may also feel they are too good to drop down to the championship. Possibly the same thing for the Prem where teams might already have their limit of FGN players (in FM17 U21's didn't count but I'm not sure if the AI is aware of that loophole) the players may also be too good for the bottom teams and not good enough for the bigger teams. Also as you are loaning them out in Jan the teams may have already used up their loan quotas for the season.
  9. [FM18][MOD] Match Review Screen Mods

    @keysi Can you view the goals in that match? If the highlights aren't available for a match I don't think the game retains the formation details (you can see that the picked column is also blank in the ratings screen) does the info show up on the default skin? if not then it's a game issue and not something that can be fixed from this end, If the data showed pre-patch then it might be worth raising the issue in the bugs forum. No idea I haven't tried, though I think some custom skins might have added something like that in, you'd need to see if you can find the ids that the game uses to display the data elsewhere and see if it will be read on the match screens.
  10. How to cancel the board buying a player?

    I think once the board have agreed terms on the transfer you might get the confirmation inbox item and be able to cancel it there like with a normal transfer.
  11. Generating match report

    May be a silly question but have you tried clicking the Ok button in the box in the middle of the screen to see if that causes the game to progress.
  12. FM18 Light skin

    Not sure why that's happening I cannot get it to happen at all for me. You can try manually deleting your cache files: If that doesn't work rather than changing the above file, inside the graphics folder create a new folder called backgrounds and create a new png file called default and give it the colour/pattern you want and make it's dimensions the same as your screen resolution and that will remove the stadium background as well.
  13. [FM18] Adding the Instant Result button

    If it's the same as the review panels then you need to locate the code for the match_info_panel and change the file linked to with that code to point to "match/match info overview review" instead as the patch changed which file the game should use.
  14. FM18 Light skin

    Those graphics shouldn't affect the staff meetings, if they aren't working then it will be caused by another file in your skin, and you are best checking with the skin maker for an updated version of the skin.
  15. Inbox mail and league table

    Form doesn't show on those tables (your form is shown at the top though) it didn't show in FM17 their either, it just shows on the full table. Though you might be able to mod it in by editing the league table, instructions on how to do it are here: You'll need to find the code in that file that controls those tables (the same code should control both those tables) and add the id for the form to it.