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  1. I'm sorry I can't help you, but I can give you some advice: So that more people open your message and can help you, change the title. Just the word "Help!" doesn't work.
  2. Thanks a lot! Incredible job man... How would you put the leagues created by @davie77 that you do not have in your recommendedsetupbyDaveincid.fmf? only view?
  3. I'm done with this. They boast about having the best realistic game when the treatment given to a Top 3 league in the world has these failings of utter disinterest. And then we have to read that "we take care of the details". It's infuriating.
  4. I think it's because of debts. Note that the losses in RED are in brackets, as are the numbers that indicate that they are upside down. They are right because the debt grows downwards visually.
  5. Hi there, another one: The text for "Tapón" is a copy-paste from "Cubrir"
  6. Hi there, If "Estimated effect from group" means the impact of the group on the player (Group --> Player) it should be translated as "efecto estimado DEL grupo". The current translation seems to indicate that it is the effect of the player on the group (Player --> Group). If you notice, it is translated the same as the sentence of the influence (left one). Thanks.
  7. I'm changing a team to pretend it was just created, but I can't delete the "most league goals by a player" and "Most League Apps by a player" data no matter how much I remove from the history of the player who has them, not even in the team file. Do you know what I can do? Thanks a lot
  8. I have never used it but this year I want to give more importance to the economy. I have a youth who asks for a salary that he deserves, but I've managed to lower it and put that if he plays 20 games, I'll give it to him. I will save something!
  9. I'm sorry to write this in "the training forum", but I don't feel there is a specific contract/economic sub-forum, or I didn't find it. My question is simple, does the "Wage After Reaching Club League Games" clause for a player at U18, count his matches with the U18 team or does it ONLY count the matches with the first team? Thank you very much.
  10. Hello, there is a translation error that makes you think the opposite of what is intended. "I'm a motivator" is translated as "No soy un motivado" (I am NOT a motivator). Should be "I am a motivator", without the "no".
  11. This one is important and I think it was inadvertently overlooked.
  12. Thank you Stephen, it has been going on for many years and we have been claiming it. It's one of the reasons why you will see few Spaniards playing with Spanish teams. It's too creaky for us and it's not real. I hope it gives you time to fix it for the launch on the 24th Thank you.
  13. https://www.rfef.es/sites/default/files/pdf/circulares/RG 1314.pdf Page 52 art.116 ap. 2 : ORIGINAL: 2. Un futbolista podrá estar inscrito en un solo equipo de un club, sin posibilidad de ser dado de baja y alta por el mismo en el transcurso de la misma temporada, salvo caso de fuerza mayor o disposición reglamentaria. Asimismo, en el trascurso de la temporada, no podrá estar inscrito y alinearse en más de tres distintos. Como excepción a la regla anterior, estará permitido que futbolistas de fútbol y fútbol sala de un mismo club, sean alineados en ambas competiciones, indistint
  14. Done, but instead of looking like in training (with the colors) they are all white. Maybe it's easier to place the boxes on the training screen? The boxes don't bother me per se, it's just that when I put some colors to look good with boxes, I'm not comfortable without them, and vice versa. Thanks again.
  15. Thanks Gaz is it possible to remove the attribute boxes? I find it strange that in the profile they have and then in training they don't, and I can't put a color palette that I like. Thanks and sorry for being so annoying!
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