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  1. I do have my own training regimes, filters for players, assignment structures etc, as well as set particular responsibilities for certain staff, but I've not noticed the only any larger particular uptick in the actual performances of players in any of my saves. The only small percentage increase/improvements I've seen is wiith the individual training - training the players in your squad to fulfil the roles of the tactic. That has made it slighlty more robust. It's still as good as ever though, as far as I can see. I just won the Portuguese league with Vit. Guimaraes in the debut season with both CB's scoring over 10 and notable wins over all of the big three. Oh, and I won the Allianz Cup. This with no player significant incomings for the first team. I'm currently working on a 3-3-3-1 complete tactic (standard one, defensive one and one with inverted wingbacks) which so far has proven solid and quite entertaining to watch. It's a little more particular and precise when it comes to recruitment to get it to work but it is quite entertaining to watch some of the play come to fruition through the match engine!
  2. I let my AM set them - though I always employ the same one with high tactical knowledge!
  3. None in particular - it's fairly plug and play with the exception of the CB's - I'd get ones with decent jumping reach and heading for the corners (you'll see when your CBs start scoring 10+ goals a season!) I personally look for players with high work rate, teamwork, first touch and determination. That's my pre-requistites with depending on the postion 3-4 others (for example, with a forward I'd go composure, finishing, anticipation and pace... Let me know how you get on!!
  4. Here we go.... :) -SAINTS-.fmf The Konyaspor Filter v5.fmf
  5. Hello and thank you! Please do give the tactic a try - hopefully a few the people on here will testify it's a pretty decent one. I legitimately created from watching YT videos of training, slow-mos and demonstrations of how a real life tactic worked - was arduous, but worth it. Anyway, the revised version will be up after this post :)
  6. Hi all thanks for all the feedback.. I have an updated version to upload tonight, tested over various leagues, clubs with varying degrees of difficulty, all a success bar one. More to follow :-)
  7. Bloody hell, some right thumpings dished out there! Are you having any issues with yellow and red cards? It's something I'm going to look at that was raised on thread earlier and I concur, it probably needs some work. How did you get on v PSG, assuming you've played them by now!
  8. I take it that the tactic worked quite a bit better when you eased off how aggressive it was as I think you mentioned that there was too many red and yellows? I haven't ever had too many reds but my god, you do walk a tightrope with the tactic as it does seem to have you accrue too many yellows. How did you get on in season 2? :-o
  9. I haven't set any and leave that to a coach or assistant with high tactical attributes. MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has used the tactic so far - I've got a couple of adjustments to the tactics that I've made (and additionally, a tactic for playing tougher teams but not completely defensive) that I will upload soon. Obviously I've tested this tweaked version a bit more; first at Konyaspor (won the league!) then onto Galatasaray in season 2 (won the league) and again at Gala (2nd by 2 points in the third season). Both Gala seasons I was playing 4 of my youth team regularly and was on paper, weaker than many of my opposition. The tactic started off slowly at first but once they got the familiar we absolutely flew. You get the odd pasting if you go to toe-to-toe with big clubs (Man City 6-2 etc) but in general, it works. I'd also wager at some point during the season, goals will dry up or alternatively, you'll start conceding alot. I don't know what it is and I can't seem to fix it - maybe a quirk with the game as teams do have patches of 'bad form' however good they are. I'll repost the filter and the two new tweaked tactics soon - I am going to test in a couple more leagues and see what happens...
  10. You’re spot on with defend tactic. I think I’m going to adjust it and remove it until I’ve found the sweet spot with it. anything longer than 3 mins or so left in the game and you’re watching endless highlights of tho e opposition attacks! I’ll work on that this weekend. glad you’re enjoying the tactic and tweaking it where necessary. Might give what you’ve done a shot myself and test it a little further. glad you slayed bayern! I noticed the Dortmund result.. when I got Plymouth promoted, 2 of my first 3 games were Man City and Liverpool away.. got pumped 7-3 and 6-1 (with sendings off for me in both). I definitely think I need to find a tactic which manages the big teams away from home more effectively .. but there’s also something swashbuckling about just ‘having a go!’
  11. Cheers guys, really appreciate the feedback. It’ll be good to know it’s not a flash in the pan tactic. it’s worked for me, at differing levels (lowest being tier 7!) for several clubs now, and I’m hoping it works for you!
  12. Would defo be interested to see others results please do let me know how you get on!
  13. Oh and rest your players between matches - they do get a bit fatigued!
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