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  1. I know playing with a dm means the cbs will be deeper than otherwise, is this still the case when you play a regista? I'd prefer that role over a DLP(D) in the cm position but not if it'll affect my cbs
  2. How can I have very attacking full backs/wing backs that don't cross very often, at least until they've reached the by line? The cross more often PI is hard coded on every fb/wb role with attacking duty and only FB(A) doesn't have a hard coded cross from deep PI
  3. Feels a bit weird how cheap a lot of players are. You can sign Varane for ~£65m and De Ligt for ~£30m. No chance of getting either for that price irl
  4. Irritating that you still can't set full backs/wing backs on attack duty without them being hard coded to cross from byline and cross more often. Not realistic (Jordi Alba for example) and not fun
  5. Is there any way to get wingers to play narrow? Particularly early on in the build up play they seem to stay wider than the opposition full back, regardless of role, team width etc. Ideally I'd like them to just stay in the half space between full back and centre back
  6. I've tried just about every set of TIs and PIs you can think of, the result is the same. I'm sure you'd have the same results as me if you went into your save, switched your tactics to a 442 with the wide players on attack then went into a game
  7. I've tried playing on defensive but it didn't seem to make any difference. No matter what they sit wider than my full backs and leave the midfield two exposed. I've attached some examples below There's nothing particularly complicated about the way I want to defend, just want to use a compact and narrow shape and its frustrating that it seems impossible to change defensive width
  8. Is there any way to have a 442 with the wide players on attack without ending up with this horrible defensive shape? I'd like my wide players to tuck in into midfield when we don't have the ball but push forward aggressively when we do, hence why I want to use an attack mentality
  9. Also is there any way to get strikers to defend properly? I play with 2 strikers currently and it's a bit weird seeing them just stand next to the opposition centre backs rather than dropping deep like they tend to in real life
  10. How can I get wingers on attack duty to defend narrowly? I don't understand why they seem to have to sit wider than players on support duty
  11. How do I get wingers and lm/rms to stay wide as the build up progresses up the pitch? It seems like the only way to get real width (where the wide players stay more than a little wider than the opposition full backs) is impossible without using full backs or wings backs yourself. I'd very much like to use IWBs in my tactic but things just become too congested and narrow. I don't have access to my laptop at the minute so I can't show examples of my own but it's more or less demonstrated by this screenshot from an Ozil post here a couple years ago. The wide players aren't incredibly narrow but I'd really like them to be 5-10 yards nearer the touch line to drag the opposition full backs wider and open up space in the channels. Is this possible?
  12. There appears to be new ads now, possibly even more distracting than the original ones this year. The lowlight is an ad for a sports betting company, not exactly great morally at the best of times but seems irresponsible given the number of children who play fm. Expected better from SI. Edit: An example of a couple of seconds worth of gameplay in 2D - https://gyazo.com/a8ea4892a7920630e27e79398d041625, really don't understand how SI think this is acceptable
  13. The fix above now no longer works for me despite there still being no ads.fmf file, did SI patch it or something? Would be very frustrating if they did
  14. This does a good job of summing up what FM fails to replicate. In FM to get a good offer the buying club almost always has to come to you rather than the other way around. This is fine when you're playing as Ajax or someone like that because at least half your team is always wanted by one club or another but when you play as a top club the AI assumes your players aren't available and so doesnt try to buy them very often. As a result if you do want to move players on you end up having to sell them for below market price.