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  1. The match stats tab on the left doesn't go away when a highlight happens so I can't see a significant part of the pitch. I've tried relaunching the game, reloading skin, installing a different skin etc but it nothing seems to work. Anyone else getting this?
  2. The stay wider instruction on strikers and attacking midfielders continues to do the opposite of what it says. This bug has been in the game for years now. Reported it during the beta but no effect unfortunately
  3. The play wider instruction on strikers and attacking midfielders has been bugged for years, having the opposite effect. The instruction appears to be fixed for strikers but when placed on attacking midfielders it causes them to all bunch up in the centre. In the screenshot I am playing a 433 strikerless with 3 AMs, the outside two both have the stay wider PI on
  4. You actually can turn the ad boards off. Just delete the ads.fmf file in steamapps > common > Football Manager 2021 > data. Funnily enough you get non-animated boards with Football Manager 2008 written on them instead
  5. The point is the AI don't use it properly so they often end up with two strikers sitting on the halfway line the whole game doing no defensive work. That doesn't happen in real life
  6. Strikers on attack still not dropping back at all is very annoying. This is not how Premier League teams defend
  7. Weird that Wan-Bissaka still doesn't have the dives into tackles player trait, there's no player it would suit more
  8. ME seems much better but centre backs are still very reluctant to step into the opponent's half even when the ball is very close to their goal. Leaves a big gap between them and the midfield. Not very realistic, particularly for the top teams
  9. Any solution to the lack of central chance creation? Any way in the in-game editor to make opposition defences not play ridiculously narrow every game?
  10. Shame that they still haven't fixed the absurd way the ball curves, Look at 2:14 in this video, looks ridiculous
  11. Frustrating that centre backs never seem to advance into the opposition half when it happens all the time in real life, particularly from the top teams
  12. How can I have my wide players play in the half spaces consistently? Even with IFs with sit narrow PI on the lowest width they sit on top of my wing backs in early build up play, means two players are wasted
  13. Anyone else finding it really hard to sell players? I've offered Sanchez, Lukaku, Mata, Thiago, Shaw and more out for £0 and no offers. Sanchez I can understand because of his wages but the rest seem a bit ridiculous
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