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  1. Version no. 2 or rather 9453... Looks more compact, and has better symmetry. Thanks for your wonderful feedback.
  2. I've been working on HD resolution panels, couple lines of code added.
  3. As you probably know some skins use custom files for different screens, located in separate folders (such as cfm, tcs...). Maybe this is the answer?
  4. Which skin do you use? I've tried it on the base skin and had no problems.
  5. Ad. 2 there is an easier way. You need to edit "(...)\panels\widgets\kit picture.xml" and delete line 5: <widget class="picture" id="Logo"/>
  6. Thanks! Haven't decided yet. Rather not as a complete skin, as most of panels have fixed size, matching my screen resolution. Fe. default_height="200" instead of ="-1". Club profile mostly finished (sadly I'm not able to add squad depth container). Player profile is 75% ready. Still tweaking attribute analyser, comparing players will be fun.
  7. Edit panels/team/team report squad depth overview panel.xml in line 34 vertical="true" vertical="false".
  8. Simple skin based on mostly DIY panels from previous years. For the first time I've finally got rid of primary/ secondary colours, so every team looks same. <boolean id="disable_primary_colour" value="true" />
  9. After one of the latest updates transparency="x.y" code is working fine for me.
  10. I've found this in 'Person properties.xml': Coaq: <widget class="label" col="0" row="9" style="semi_bold" height="18"> <translation id="text" translation_id="329843" type="use" value="Coaching Qualifications[COMMENT: non-player profile; coaching qualification]" /> </widget> <widget class="coaching_badge_label" id="coaq" col="0" row="10" height="18"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="Pcqu" /> </record> </widget>
  11. Prof. is Your problem solved? Which panels have You customized?
  12. Yeah that is something I don't understand, but it seems that You'll need to put the fonts folder inside the fm2013 folder, instead of fm2013-widgets folder. So - copy "fonts" folder from \Football Manager 2014\data\skins\fmc2013-widgets\font in order to create: \Football Manager 2014\data\skins\fm2013\fonts It's working for me.
  13. Extract them mate with Resource Archiver.
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