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  1. But... I don't use cashing (and that was shown in the picture above), even if I used shift+R hundreds times I still get this: But hey! Let's try create-a-club... 1. 2. \ 3. ... it's not working, sorry,
  2. What would you gain by adding popup? There is an attribs tab on the right, and the popup shows attribs mainly. It's possible by editing the filie you mentioned above:
  3. So puting two kits (H&A) would be (drive) space consuming right? What if you could change it with couple lines of code?
  4. Same/ similar issue. What are your specs? https://community.sigames.com/topic/543561-212-update-badges-on-generic-kits-not-showing-correctly-or-missing/
  5. @John Wood As you mentioned, maybe it's a tough one to repeat, so one more case to look into. If you start a "Create-a-club" career and set a new club you have an option to Import your own logo - this is what I recieve (pic 1. - misplaced logos, other than I've imported). Then, in game - logo is successfully imported (pic 2. - world.png is visible), but in the club profile it's missing (pic. 3).
  6. One more hint, maybe. Sometimes badges are misplaced at the first showing of a panel, for example when I search for a club and choose it (pic.1), but they move into right place after I hoover over actions bar (Overview, News ...) - pic.2.
  7. Thanks for the response @John Wood As I understand this is a cosmetic issue, and for example your game is not affected with it? Could you check and provide me (please!) a pic with the flags on the national kits (in 2020 it was possible - pic attached), now it's not showing at all for me. I can easly switch the logos off, by editing proper xml, so it wont bother me much, but I really liked this addition when it was introduced.
  8. Steam, Windows 10 (1920x1080), both full screen & windowed mode. On FM Touch (PC) issue seems to be absent on club Profile page (with one kit, apart form WHU - pic below) and present on Information page (2 or 3 kits). Tough, so it's all fine for most of users?
  9. There might be an issue with badges on generic kits atfer the latest update. Some of them are missing (West Ham, countries flags), other placed incorrectly (Sparta Prague but seems that all non-playable teams with 2 kits are affected). Mostly they are placed correctly after some while (or moving to the next screen and return).
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