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  1. I share the frustration. Some widgets are present, but don't work currently - ie. date of the next match at the nation profile page.
  2. Thanks! No idea tbh. Lots of tiny adjustments need to be done before potential release. While I'm nearly done with club-related panels, nation overview is hard to make look coherent and informative. When I thought I made good competition profile - @bluestillidie00 broke my heart with his latest work . Some latest screens:
  3. @Vakzin_QPR would you be so kind & share your nation overview panel?
  4. Great! Well done @<<Macaco-RJ88>> @Vakzin_QPR! I'll try to implement this in Teal'20 and see if it goes with "player cards". https://twitter.com/wozziefm/status/1225953290589999104?s=20
  5. No. Sorry, I'm not able to replace it as well.
  6. No problem mate, have fun with editing. Note, that there is 1-2 px mismatch in darker horizontal line, below the picture.
  7. On TT I post things which I'm working on, but they certainly need more testing. It's possible. Kit (back) is already there - red one, but If you want to make it look as full kit, then, then you'll need to change large kit graphics, numbers, and xml files to make the name smaller. Signature is just a matter of changing font to any "handwritten". Logo is not a problem as well. I won't change kit or signature, but I'll think of moving club badge there. "Will I do any of these things? The answer is probably no" J. Cullum
  8. It's rather "if" then "when" for me atm. I haven't made many changes since 1.1. What else do you consider needs to be changed?
  9. Edit \panels\player\player overview panel.xml You need to delete whole container id="cnt0" (lines 140-201). The code starts with " <!--hidden-->"
  10. No, as I stated earlier - "After changing titlebar colour #Tealless won't be separate project anymore". User interest has been relatively low, and most queries were about changing the titlebar colour.
  11. Top of the list only. Even if the next home match is at a different venue. I adapted stadium information combined panel.xml <container id="NatC"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0" apply_to_children="true" /> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="TISC" /> <integer id="set_property" value="hidn" /> </record> <widget class="client_object_viewer_xml_panel" id="NatS" file="team/woz/stadium information combined panel"> <record id="object_property"> <list id="get_properties"> <record> <integer id="get_property" value="TsHA" /> <integer id="set_property" value="Shwn" /> </record> <record> <integer id="get_property" value="TsFI" /> <integer id="set_property" value="objt" /> </record> </list> </record> </widget> </container>
  12. Looks good! If I may suggest sth - as nationality of "key employees" is obvious, maybe info on current club for players would be more appropriate.
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