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  1. I've found that CWB-at + IF-Su is enough to have many centers and overlapping, so overlap instruction is redundant.
  2. Hi all, anybody knows why do I have to send a Finnish coach to an intensive language course in Finland to learn Swedish?? I dont get it... EDIT: I just realized that I'm learning Swedish instead of Finnish! I get that the Swedish is official too, but isn't that weird?
  3. If you train at half intensity and it is recovery module, do the players recover less (half)?
  4. My request is about quality of life: If you are in the Rest tab of your senior team and you click on u19, appear directly on the same tab but on u19. For all young teams and for all tabs that are in both teams. It is very important in the rest tab because it is something we should look at almost daily, so there would be less complaints about injuries. It's a two for one!
  5. It's the same for me, it's very frustrating, leaving the game unplayable in this respect. Impossible to train. It's been at least three months since this thread started, any news?
  6. Hello, I think there's a mistake because the fatigue (also injury risk) is increasing, which means it's getting worse (it's bad), and the translation says just the opposite: "mejora". I think there is a misinterpretation of the concept of RISE/INCREASE (crecer) and IMPROVE (mejorar). Anyway, condition seems to mean what it should (empeora = it gets worse). Thanks. PS: It's a mistake that was also on FM19.
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