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  1. 2034/35 Season - Pre-Season Transfers Welcome back! Well I've had a nice 5 or 6 days off and it's time to get back into the swing of FM again! A new season is starting at Leeds and they are back in the Champions League! The squad, in my opinion, is really good and I feel I really only need to improve one of two positions whilst keeping the key men here to push ourselves even higher up the league. Three players come in so let's welcome them! Mislav Vujcic - Central Midfield - £40.5m from RB Salzburg What a signing! I had this deal wrapped up before the last season was o
  2. 2033/34 Season - May/End of Season Review Well we didn't win both which I fully expected we needed to do. Luckily for us Liverpool lost their penultimate game and we went into the final game knowing we had to better Liverpools result or win by more goals. So did we do it? WE DID! Liverpool drew at home to Palace meaning we snuck in and claimed 4th spot! CHAMPIONS LEAGUE NEXT SEASON! Very much needed! But there's still one final game and that's the FA Cup final against Liverpool.... Unfortunately Liverpool were just too good on the day, a disappointing end to
  3. 2033/34 Season - April A brilliant month! Some games a lot closer than they should've been but 13 points from 5 league games is fantastic. Frustratingly though we have slipped down to 5th, Arsenal have been amazing and with their game in-hand won they have now overtaken us. It's really close though above us, 2 games to go, Derby and Swansea away! COME ON!
  4. 2033/34 Season - FA Cup Semi Final What a win!!! I'm going to put it out there, Eltinho is the greatest player I've ever signed! Into my first cup final at Leeds and we will face Liverpool
  5. 2033/34 Season - March What a brilliant month, 3 tough games in the league and we come out with 7 points, the best one was the Man Utd game where we completed an astonishing late comeback to win 3-1! And that puts us into the top 4! Now all we need is to not fall apart like last season! In the FA Cup we will face Everton in the Semi final with Liverpool facing Southampton in the other tie,
  6. 2033/34 Season - February A quiet month but we have once again done OK, 5 points from 3 games in the league and that FA Cup win was an epic! Eltinho scoring in the 121st minute to send us into the Quarters! Into 5th now but all teams around us have a game in-hand. We need to start turning this draws into wins.
  7. 2033/34 Season - January I've managed to do some transfer business! 3 in's and a lot of out's! Firstly the men who have left... I've basically sold a load of my reserve and youth players who really aren't good enough, the only main squad players to go are back-up keeper Partl and back-up left winger Escribano, the likes of Begic and King were brought in a couple of seasons ago and just haven't done it for me. Around £67m of sales is really good, especially to help out the bank balance. Now for the in's Ivan Cervera - Goalkeeper - £2.6m from Chelsea A decent looki
  8. It's Jan 1st. Still have no money to spend, trying to ship out a few of my more expensive players to no avail. Until then nothing will be happening unless a miracle player comes up for little to no money
  9. 2033/34 Season - December A really really good month, 4 wins out of 4 and progression in the FA Cup, the only black mark was the defeat to Man Utd in the League where we lost on penalties and missed all 4 we took! Shocking! Half way point and we sit 3rd, looking good but we need to keep going and not muck up.
  10. 2033/34 Season - November Beat Man Utd then lose to Newcastle and Norwich! Frustrating! Falling apart.
  11. 2033/34 Season - October It started oh so well! A poor end to the month though sees us fall off of top spot. We also scraped into the 4th round of the League Cup where we will face Man Utd away. Funnily enough those final 3 games where we didn't score co-incided with Eltinho being injured.
  12. 2033/34 Season - September This season has started really well! A great month with loads of goals and some cracking wins! TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!!
  13. 2033/34 Season - August What a tough start but we have done really well to come out with 7 points from the 4 games. The final 2 games especially were incredible, Man City are the current league champs and we beat them 3-1 at their place! The red card definitely helped! Let's hope we can keep this up!
  14. 2033/34 Season - July Transfers Well there isn't much to say so far! We had nothing to spend and frankly none of our players are wanted by any other clubs and if they are they're bidding stupid fees for them!!! I don't need money that desperately. So far the only outs have been a raft of youth players who look terrible, are rated awfully but Championship clubs seem to love them! Now for the in's, there are 3, all of them I had planned before last season ended. With no money and no wages to spend this is all I can currently do. Boris Baskera - Central Defender - £52k from Ml
  15. 2032/33 Season - May/End of Season Review Well that was not the end I was expecting or hoping! Shocking! We end the season in 6th which was where I thought we would end although I really felt we had a shot at the top 4. Frustrated! The worst thing is I don't even think 6th is going to qualify us for Europe next season! I'm so annoyed I don't want to say much but here are the key men, awards, etc. Player of the season goes to Winger Zeballos, he was amazing! Young player of the season, for the 2nd season in a row goes to Left Winger Kevin Brown
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