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  1. A quick update So I thought we had failed to qualify for Europe. Little did I know there was a "European Place Playoff" to play! Well we did it... but only just!
  2. 2027 Update - FC Nordsjælland A quick update to show how the final few games went after taking over. Not well. I tried something different in those opening few games, went with a 343 and ignoring that first game it did not work. I switched back to a normal 41221 against the 1-1 against OB and after that it was better but we leaked way too many goals. We actually went into the final match knowing if we beat Brondby we'd nick 4th place and that Euro Conference spot, we failed! Overall though we have to do better. Big changes ahead, some players just didn't seem up
  3. 2027 - An Update "What's up Midget" asks the Free State chairman, "You don't seem yourself" "I've been here for 4 years and am I getting annoyed" "Why's that" "When I came here I presumed everything was free, in 4 years I've paid for every meal, every drink, every woman, when am I going to get my free sh*t?" "Midget I've told you enough times, it's just the name of the team, it has nothing to do with where we are living!!" Midget still looked confused but it had made his mind up, he wanted to leave. Danish clubs were calling, the phone was off the hook. AGF has al
  4. Everton de Viña 2021 Season Review Welcome back, well here we are, the end of my first ever season on FM21 and boy it's been enjoyable, at times tough, sometimes incredible but overall it's been good fun! So without hanging about let's crack on shall we?! If you haven't already then make sure you go and check the previous posts in this series all here I'm going to write this one a little differently to my previous season reviews. I'm going to talk about the first half of the season up to the June break, talk about a few in's and then review the second part of th
  5. Free State Stars - 2025/26 Season Review The end of my third season at Free State Stars is over, our first in the South African Premiership, I expected a tough season, battling relegation, well it was anything but! It started so so well. We were hammering everyone, we sat top mid-way through the season but a run of poor results dropped us back, Sundowns overtook us at the top after the mid-season break and then as our form continued to be patchy we went into the final 2 games in 4th place. We had Kaizer Chiefs (2nd) and Supersport United (3rd) in our final 2 games knowing 2nd wo
  6. Midgets move to South Africa pays off he lifts the South African Championship title in his second season. Fair to say it was relatively easy! Very easy some would say! After the concerns at the end of last about losing nearly all my squad because of contract expiries I managed to keep hold of all of them and they smashed it! South African Premiership next season! Once again though nearly our whole squad it out of contract and the board aren't letting me offer deals. With a small increase in wage budget we should manage to keep most of them but we will be losing the likes of Rats
  7. Everton de Viña del Mar Squad Review Welcome back. So I decided, seeing as the previous post came out quite early and it may be a week or two until the first season review is out to take a separate look at the squad I have at my disposal, I'll also take a "brief" look at the tactic I plan to use. Enjoy! In the previous post I took a very fleeting look at who I thought would be my key men moving forward. Now I've taken a proper look at the squad we can delve a little bit deeper. A few things to note before I start this, firstly I'm not sure why but there are a few players who ha
  8. First season down with Free State Stars and what a season it's been. We were predicted to end 6th, we did a lot better than that! At the end of the season we were 2nd. We had kept up with Chippa all the way but their form was insane and we never caught them. So we head into the "Relegation/Promotion Playoff Group". Where it all fell apart! We had over-achieved, come so close but in the end Jomo and Richards Bay were just too strong for us. I have to be happy though, it's been a great season and with a team with an average age of just 22 (5 of my first XI were under 18)
  9. Midget Nielsen has a new job! Midget packed his bags after his meeting with the Jammerbugt chairman, he had resigned, his 3 year tenure was over just a month short of contract expiring. As he exited the training ground a lone reporter asked him "where next boss?". His reply "I want to get as far away from here as possible". What we didn't know was Midget meant exactly that! He wanted to go FAR FAR AWAY! Canada, China and South Africa was where he set his sights on. As far away from Denmark as he could go. Jobs interviews came and went and Midget was overlooked every time, t
  10. So the end of another season. My 3rd at Jammerbugt and yes I am still here! Overall the season has been great, I fully expected another push for promotion and when I got to the mid-season break we looked well on our way. We sat in 2nd and all looked good, then came December 31st! Why the hell do contracts expire mid-season? Due to financial issues (yes the board still want to build a new ground!) I couldn't afford to offer any of the expiree's new deals. Because of this I lost 5 of my first team squad and with no money to replace them I had to bring in rubbish free loans and try my best t
  11. Update: My board are mental. They give me no transfer budget, no spare wage budget, we're £300k in the red and they won't let me take a coaching course. However..... F*cking idiots!
  12. 2021/22 End of Season Update- Jammerbugt FC So the end of the season is here and overall it's been a brilliant campaign. We qualified for the Promotion Stage in 4th place but found ourselves cut adrift of Silkeborg and Brondby with only the top 2 going up. We tried everything, we went for it in every game but defeat to both the teams above us meant we just missed out on promotion to the Superliga at the first attempt. I have to be happy though, we have played some fantastic football, given everyone a game, the whole season has been a delight. We also did well in t
  13. 2021/22 Mid Season Update - Jammerbugt FC What a fantastic start we've had. Expected to end in the bottom half but we've spent most of the season in and around the top. There's been a few sh*tty defeats along the way but overall I have to be happy with how it's going! Looks like we have a good chance at qualifying for the promotion stage and with that a shot at going up to the Danish Superliga! It's also going well in the Danish Cup, into the 4th round where we face Elfsborg The big question is will the manager still be here? Midget is already getting itchy f
  14. Hi guys, some of you may know me as an FM blogger. Well I've decided to bring my blog posts to the forums for you to read. If you want background on the save then please go and check out my Goodbye FM20, Hello FM21 post which discusses the premise of this save. https://thelutterworthfox.wordpress.com/2020/10/12/goodbye-fm20-hello-fm21-my-plans-save-reveal/ I hope you all enjoy! Here we are, FM21 is out and I for one an buzzing for this. The Beta has now been out for just short of a week and it's so far so good in my opinion. There are a few things bugging me with th
  15. Maybe we aren't as bad as I thought! Brondby are by far the best team in my league Not anymore!
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