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  1. 2037/38 End of Season Another season down and our 13th straight league title! Unfortunately though our unbeaten season ended with 3 games to go, I did mess around with the team, gave the kids a go and we fell to defeat to TNS. A really good league campaign overall. We also lifted the Welsh Cup, only just though. We managed to win but went down to 10 men a third of the way through the game! Another trophy lift though! In the Champions League we managed to get to the Last 16, we beat Roma in the playoff round before being battered by AC Milan A decent run though, a good boost to our co-efficient, next season we move up to save-high position of 14th in the rankings. Academy star Craig Harrison was one of our best performers this season, he came through the 2035 intake and is now an integral part of the side, from central defence he managed to score 13 goals, not bad! Now for the youth intake and it wasn't great this year, no elite talents, a few top talents but only one player that stands out. Central Midfielder Conor Potter comes in, he needs some work and he will need to retrain as a DM to fit into the side, a good base though, he could become a solid first-team player in the future. With regard to the players loaned out this season here are the players that averaged over 7 during their period away. Kirk William by far the best performer, expect to see him and a few others in the first-team next season. Charlie Mawford is one of those, he ends as the Cymru South player of the season with Newtown, a great season with 23 goal contributions in 31 games. Not bad for a free transfer signing from League Two Walsall! A really good season, this Summer will be more of the same, I need to keep improving the side but also trying my hardest to help the other Welsh clubs out, whether what I'm doing is working is another story! I'll continue to loan my players out to other clubs in Wales to see if it helps them, especially those that are in the European qualifiers, the problem is I need these clubs to actually bid for them! I need to make sure I improve the first XI this Summer, we have £25m to spend, a new Striker is needed as is a new DM and CB.
  2. September 2037 to January 2038 Domestically it's been another dominant season bar one result! We got knocked out of the Challenge Cup in the 3rd round to Inverness, that has been our only defeat of the domestic season so far, so we still have the chance of winning three domestic trophies. One trophy has been ticked off and that's the League Cup. Only just though as we needed penalties to win the game. In the League we're 8 games away from a 2nd invincible season. Still need a few wins to claim another league title but it's 99% in the bag. In the Champions League we've a really good League Phase, some cracking results. After 5 games it looked like we were going out, queue 3 amazing results including a win at the Emirates against Arsenal, one of the best wins of the save so far. We did FM them slightly but defensively we were brilliant. That win sealed a playoff spot and 14th place in the League Phase. So a brilliant first half of the season so far, one thing we've struggled with is goals from our forwards when Steven Allan doesn't play, the kids just haven't done it so I've dipped into the transfer market to bring a new forward in. In comes Japanese international Shinichiro Minagawa from Hiroshima for £3.5m, a top quality player who, attribute-wise is better than Allan. Performances wise our best player has been Tudor Mendel-Idowu, he's been playing as the Mezzala in a midfield 3 and has been incredible, 20 goals and 13 assists in 33 starts, not bad! With regard to the players out on loan one player has really stood out and that Right Winger Kirk Williams, signed last season from Wrexham for £400k he's had an amazing season at Cymru South side Pontardwe with 12 goals and 13 assists overall, he may be one to come into the first-team next season.
  3. Pre-Season 2037 Apologies for lack of updates lately, been away and just taking a break whilst being pretty ill at the same time! Its been another busy Summer bringing in younger players on low fees to then send out to other Welsh clubs, I've also decided to chuck all my transfer budget to a few of the Welsh Premier clubs to try and improve their finances and hopefully help them improve their facilities or turn professional. Out of this massive list of players there are three that will be in the first-team this season. Leonardo - Striker Signed for just over £1m, he is a young and talented and will provide good back-up to Steven Allan Jonathan Rowe - Winger A bit of experience was needed and Rowe fits the bill, signed for just over £1m Jason Haines - Winger A top quality signing on a free from Chelsea, we really needed more option out wide. And here is the list of players I've sent out on loan. LOTS!!!!! It'll be interesting to see how these all do. We also say goodbye to a few first-team players. All of these had fallen out of favour, not massive fees but there was no point in keeping them about, taking up space in the squad. Result-wise it's been another really good start. Another breeze through the Champions League qualifiers. Batumi and Shamrock were dispatched with ease, we then faced APOEL in the final qualifying round and smashed them in the first leg, this meant I could rotate for the second leg, we lost the game but we were never in trouble of going out. It looks like a decent set of fixtures, we should be able to do enough to get a playoff spot. The good news is TNS also managed to navigate the qualifiers in the Conference League, beating some decent teams along the way. They were the only ones, with Cardiff Met narrowly missing out of a Conference League spot, losing in the final qualifying round.
  4. Its been pretty easy to be honest, mainly because I've relied on the intake/academy players who come in at 16. I'm not sure I've had a single season where I've had too many players.
  5. The next best thing I guess, a 600 seat increase in capacity, we can get it to a maximum of 5k before it's max'ed out
  6. And for the third time the council blocks the new ground AGAIN! Fuming! I can keep improving the squad but without a huge increase in our revenue we will never EVER be able to invest in the club properly. I'm not sure what to do now as this is getting really annoying!
  7. 2036/37 Season Review Another title win! That's now 12 in a row, it wasn't as easy as previous season though, we only clinched the title with 3 games to spare! A season of contrasts, we have our best Champions League run of the save but only end up with two domestic trophies and end with our lowest points tally for 6 seasons. A title win is all that matters though and I have spent the season rotating the team to give some of the kids a chance. Overall though everything is still improving, the league rep is up to 23rd, our co-efficient is slowly climbing again, and because of ours and Holywells runs in the Europe we will move back up to 15th in the co-efficient rankings for next season, meaning an extra spot in Europe for the 38/39 season. Above is the current squad, some really good performances this season and it's nice to see a good mix of older, non-Welsh players and academy lads who are more than holding their own. Keith Kennedy is one of those players who's come in this season and been really good, even in Europe. 38 starts, 11 sub appearances, 6 goals and 8 assists with an average rating of just over 7. Not bad, he is also improving rapidly so I expect him to be even better next season. Financially we're also looking really good as we end the season with just over £60m in the bank, helped by £40m in prize money and £12m in player sales. This Summer it will decline though as I will be chucking money at the other Welsh clubs, stupidly high fees for half-decent players to try and give the clubs with no money the cash to be able to turn professional and improve their squads. The board have given me the budgets to do this as well. So their are two aims this Summer, the first is to throw money to Welsh clubs, the second is to bring in young players who cost nothing or very little to bring in, send out on loan or give game-time to, to then look to sell for a profit.
  8. 2037 Youth Intake + Champions League Results Firstly, for the first time in the save we got past the playoff round of the Champions League!! And we did so in style against a quality Roma side. A cracking draw away before a stunning display at home! Into the Last 16 and we were drawn against Real Madrid and as expected it was a step too far. We got absolutely smashed! A good run though, our best so far in the save and a nice chunk of prize money to boot, unfortunately Holywell went out in the playoff round, losing the FC Copenhagen. Now to the youth intake, the preview has it as a 2.5* intake with the best rated position a "C". I've seen from the past intake that a "C" is pretty good so I expected at least one decent player and that's exactly what we got. It actually ends up a 3.5* intake with 1 elite talent and 1 top talent. Mike Pierce is the "elite" talent and he looks pretty good. Does he need work? Yes, but overall he looks really good and will go straight into the first team as my back-up RB. The "top" talent is another right back!! Again he look OK, good aggression and determination, I like the fact he can cross and has decent pace, my thoughts are I may retrain him as a RM or RW.
  9. December 2036/January 2037 A solid few month with a couple of defeats towards the end, unfortunately the defeat to Larne means we can no longer do another domestic clean sweep. We did however lift the League Cup once again Steven Allan the match-winner! This lad is a legend of this save. The league is still going well, we're 7 clear of TNS with 2 games in-hand. We've also got into the playoff round of the Champions League, 13th is our highest finish in the League Phase so far in the save. Holywell, the only other Welsh team in Europe did amazingly in the Europa League to qualify for the playoff round after ending 20th in the League Phase, Some really good wins there!
  10. September to November 2036 What an incredible few months it's been! Yes we've lost a couple in the league but just look at the Champions league games, 5 matches, 3 wins and a draw with only a single defeat to Spurs!!! This included an 8-3 win over Ajax! Just insane! The knockouts are so close in the Champions League, we're also still on for another domestic clean sweep! Now for some other pieces of news and firstly we welcome back an old face. Johnson Fernandes moved it Rangers 3 seasons ago but it didn't work out and he was released in the Summer, I couldn't leave him without a club so he rejoins us on a free transfer. We have some records news as 2025 intake star Aled Carroll breaks the record for league appearances for Barry Town! What a legend! Finally, I just want to look over if any of the loanees have done well and there's two lads smashing it at Newtown, one of our affiliate clubs Firstly is Right Winger Kirk Williams, signed from Wrexham in the Summer for £400k he has been immense for Newtown with 9 goals and 5 assists from 16 starts with an average rating of 7.53! Another Summer signing, Daniel Walsh has also been banging them in for Newtown, signed from Liverpool for £50k the Striker has only made 5 appearances but has scored 5 goals and averaged 7.43. Here's the whole list of loanees, some brilliant performances!
  11. July/August 2036 Its been a very busy Summer!!! I was chatting to someone on Twitter earlier today and I realised I had totally neglected the "building a nation" aspect of this save. I had spent so many season concentrating on Barry that I forgot to think about the other clubs. One thing was mentioned was loaning my players to other Welsh clubs so I went mad, signed a shed load of players with the view to loaning most of them out to try and improve, firstly, the player and secondly, the club they're going to. A lot of new signings but actually only three of them will be in the first-team this season, the rest will go out on loan. Jurica Basic - Striker Ricky Dhaliwal - Full Back Dave Dean-Maher - Central Defender Like I said the rest will go out on loan, here is the full list of players heading out. Only a couple of them heading outside of Wales. As you can see a lot of players heading to my two affiliates Newtown and Pontypridd, both in the Cymru South I will report back throughout the season to see if anyone is performing well. There have also been some notable player sales. Four key players leave totalling around £10m. Bellingham asked to go, Asare and Tezgel both asked to leave after the bids came in and Oboavwoduo spent last season moaning about lack of game-time. Some big losses there but we still have enough in our first-team to dominate domestically. Time for like of Harrison, Kennedy, Warren and Morgan to step up from the academy and become the superstars they were meant to be! Result wise it's gone really really well so far. Another great start and we easily qualify for the League Phase of the Champions League. A decent set of fixtures, obviously the two English team games will be impossibly and AC Milan is a guaranteed defeat but the other, well I'm confident we can do enough to get into the knockouts The other Welsh team in Europe also did pretty well. Cardiff Met Uni didn't though as they lost in the Conference League 2nd Qualifying Round. TNS did really well but eventually lost to Sturm Graz in the final qualifying round. Holywell did amazingly, they progressed through all the qualifying round, eventually beating Swiss giants Basel in the final round to get into the Europa League proper! Incredible!
  12. 2035/36 Season Review Another fantastic season, yes we lost a few games in the League but I've had real fun domestically playing some of the academy lads, just to see who is up to the job, more on them later! 32 points clear of 2nd place!!!! That's 11 titles in a row now, I think you can say we are the dominant team in Wales. The big question though was could we complete the domestic clean sweep for the first time in the save? Well the league is won, the League Cup was won earlier in the season, we just have the Challenge Cup and the Welsh Cup to go. In the Challenge Cup we faced Dunfermline and absolutely hammered them! To be honest it should've been more than 4! Another one down, now it's just the Welsh Cup to go. In the final we faced Cymru South Winners Haverfordwest, a game we really should be winning and we did just that! Relatively easy! And with that we have done it, the domestic clean sweep of all 4 trophies!! What a season, it's just a shame our Champions League run was pretty poor, our worst League Phase for a good few season with only 4 points from the 8 games, we need to improve on that next season. Now to some of the key players, once again I'm not going to speak about the usual suspects, instead I'll go through a couple of the academy lads who got some game-time this season. Firstly is defender Craig Harrison, he came through last seasons intake and has been an ever-present this campaign, 32 starts, 16 sub appearances, he's chipped in with 4 goals as well. He's only 17! I mentioned Richard Warren in a previous update, he had a brilliant first full season in the main squad with 14 goals in 22 starts. He isn't great compared to the rest of the squad but, compared to the Cymru Premier he is a top quality player! Right Back Lewis Proctor got a lot more game-time this season domestically, he is now a Thai international as well! He's been at the club since 2032 and this is the first season he's really had a chance, he's not amazing but, like Richard Warren he's more than good enough for domestic competitions. He made 19 starts, scored twice and averaged over 7. And here is the whole squad, anyone with a (Ixx) after their name is an academy player. The I stands for Intake, the number is the year they came through. The future is bright! At the end of the last season I mentioned I was worried about the finances, not the bank balance but the fact we were due to fail FFP. After numerous player sales, the Champions League money and the Winter sale of Darren Jones, it means we more than passed FFP. We do still need to keep qualifying for the Champions League proper, we are losing around £1.5m a month at the moment without the European prize money, this is due to high player wages but also due to the fact our revenue streams are awful, a small ground and therefore little gate receipts, it would also be nice to see a new TV deal come into the league, I had this in my FM23 Gibraltar save and it really helped improve every team in the League. Whether that'll happen is another story! With the finances looking good the board have given me crazy budgets for the Summer. That's a doubling of wage budget and nearly £18m to spend on transfers. We actually end the season with £38m in the bank, a £10m profit season-on-season, you can see how important those player sales (£20m) and Champions League prize money (£16.7m) is, if we didn't have that we'd have lost nearly £27m!!!!!! The new ground is massive now, we need to improve our incomings, only I can do so much. The next 12-24 months is going to be huge for this save, for the third time I've asked for a new ground, the board have agreed each time but the last two times the council blocked it. We have another 12 months before the third decision, if it fails again I will be seriously considering whether I stay at Barry or not!
  13. 2036 Youth Intake We had a preview that was interesting, an "A" rated DM but did it come to fruition? YES IT DID!!! We actually have 2 elite talents, so on paper they are rated highly, but do they look as good as their rating? Paul Wilmot - Defensive Midfield Pretty good but not World-beating, I like the Bravery and Determination but his first touch, stamina, strength and pace worries me. He needs work but he will be in and around the first-team to get some game-time and get mentored by the more experienced players. Gary Morgan - Right Wing Now I like the look of this lad, I've said it before, I always look for 4 attributes in my players, Bravery, Determination, Work Rate and Natural Fitness, he has it all! Now we need to work on his composure, anticipation and dribbling. Like Wilmot he'll be straight into the first-team squad.
  14. December 2035/January 2036 Firstly transfer news and I have some bad news to bring you. My star CB Darren Jones has left the club. I got a massive deal for him, especially as the bids started at £1.5m! £8.5m up front, around £1.5m of addons and the big one is 50% of next sale! It's sad to see him go but he wanted the move, it'll be interesting to see how he does. With him leaving I needed to bolster the ranks, in comes 3 new players. Matias Fernandez - Central Defender - Free Transfer My replacement for Jones, top quality and all for no money Aidan Hulse - Left Back - £1m from Blackburn A really good deal for a new LB, we've only had 1 natural LB in our squad so this lad was very much needed. Tudor Mendel-Idowu - Attacking Midfield - £2m from Anderlecht A bit of experience added to the squad, a really good player who offers versatility. In other news, we have an interesting youth intake preview. It's the first time in 5 or 6 season we've had an "A" rated player, I am excited to see how good the player is, Darren Jones came through in 2033 and in the preview he was rated as "C", he was amazing so this lad could be incredible! Result-wise it's been OK, we've lost another league game but our shot at the clean sweep is well and truly on. Unfortunately our Champions League campaign has ended at the league phase, some really poor performances. The good news is Bala Town qualified for the Conference league playoff round! As I said, the domestic clean sweep is still on, we have already won one trophy as we lifted the League Cup. 1 down, 3 to go!
  15. September to November 2035 A really good few months Domestically we're smashing it, we did lose our first league game in 41 to Cardiff Met Uni but overall it's been really pleasing as I've played some of the academy players. The only blip really has been the Champions League, we lost to Rangers and drew Brugges, so far we've only won one game and that's not going to be good enough to get to the knockouts. I mentioned before I'd been giving the kids a chance and one of those has been Striker Richard Warren, he's played 8 league games and grabbed 8 goals, really good!
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