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  1. @andychar I'm going to have to ask to be removed from the list, I'm just not sure a) how much time I'm going to have and b) i know last time the save was very slow on my laptop so this time it'll be even worse!! Thanks for letting me be involved though and I'll def be back for fm21
  2. I like the idea of Milan as well
  3. Thanks ill send it over to @OldManGravznow
  4. @andycharcan you let me know who is next and I'll send them the file over. Cheers and thanks for letting me be involved!
  5. End of Season Review What an amazing year it's been! From losing in the Club World Cup final to ending with a Domestic Double and winning the Champions League! Here is the squad that has performed so well this season... End of season awards.. Karen Grigoryan just pipped Cray Ray to the club player of the year... But there was no doubt who the main man was, Cray Ray Romano made up for his red card 2 seasons ago in the Champions League to absolutely smash it this season. 43 goals in 49 games. 28 in 31 in the League! Absolutely brilliant! Thanks so much for letting me be involved in this. I shall now pass it on to the next guy, anyone know who it is?!
  6. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't quite believe it!
  7. I HAVE NO WORDS!!! It's 4-0 and it's a Vardic hat-trick! f5a6a62e0e305d8547ad234a437c55f1.mp4
  8. This is incredible!! There's only one team in this game, numerous chances later it's 3-0!!! A sensational ball from Alemao finds Vardis who smashes it home!!! ITS CLOSE BOYS!! be05d63acddf4c496bda8c63c348654b.mp4
  9. 53 minutes in and it's 2-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A long throw from the Left, the Man City keeper comes out, totally flaps at it, he palms it towards his own goal and it's knocked in by Vardic!!!! SCENES!! 4577ef9da7eec50eba2a89f4a170f327.mp4
  10. Half time and it's 1-0!! A game of few chances, Man City came closest with a free kick that was amazingly saved by Endo. Our only real chance was a lovely move which found Girgoryan but his shot went way wide of the far post
  11. 22 mins in and we get a penalty! Cray Ray st eps up and....... c7d79d90f8811d1476430fa9552044a6.mp4 1-0!!!!
  12. Champions League Final HERE WE GO!
  13. Champions League Semi Final 2nd Leg WHAT A GAME! For the neutral amazing, for me and the PSG boss it was a heart pounding match! We came out of blocks and straight the way went on the attack. CRR, recently rested from the last League game was one again the man of the moment as he scored twice in the first 20 minutes to put us into the League, what a start! It got even better as just before half time we made it 3-0 courtesy of Luka Vardic, the half time whistle blew and we had a 4-2 lead! Then came the second half, just hold boys, defend well and don't let it slip. PSG came at us and grabbed a goal back just after the hour mark but we immediately hit back to lead 4-1 in the game and 5-3 in tie. Now is the time for clear head, no pressure, just defend well and don't f*ck up! Guess what we did? Yeah that's right we totally threw it away. A Mbappe goal with 8 minutes to go made the tie 5-4 and then in the last minute Rodrygo scored to level the match. 5-5! UNBELIEVEABLE! The final whistle goes and here's me expecting extra time! NO!!!!!!!!!! WE'RE THROUGH ON AWAY GOALS!!! Absolute scenes! We're into the final by the skin of our teeth and we will face Manchester City!
  14. LA LIGA CHAMPIONS!!!!! A 1-1 draw at home to Bilbao was enough to seal the league title after Sevilla slipped up to Leganes! At one point it really didn't look possible but a good end of season run and a major slip-up from Atletico means we win the league with 2 games to spare
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