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  1. I agree the match ui is a lot worse than FM17. I enjoyed having background pics of stadiums being showed while the match was being played. Shame there isn't a way of bringing that back
  2. If you could add kits to the next match section so that it shows kits and badges on the home screen, that would make it look great. Also the panels that would also be good to edit are the competition news panel and the social feed panel. If you get the time the manager profile is one that usually doesn't get edited much. Looking good so far though.
  3. I am using this mod with the light skin and was wondering how to change the text at the top of the panels from white to black.
  4. Is this tactic still working on the latest match engine. Looks like the 442 at home and the 4141 away combo seemed to be working. I am struggling to find a tactic that works since the update to 19.3.
  5. Thats great news about the resolution. No problem about the backgrounds being supported. I can edit the graphics and panels to enable this for my own use. Will 1.6 be the last version you are planning to release or are you planning on more?
  6. I had a look at that panel but I can't seem to find where to put the code to put the boxes around the attributes
  7. Loving the look of the light skin, used to use the light skins all the time on previous versions of FM but there are a lack of them being made now. Will the light skin supports backgrounds like the TCS Aero skin does? Also I have edited a few of the panels in 1.5 as I play on a laptop so I don't mind transferring these over again for the 1.6 version, but do you know if it will support laptop resolutions at all?
  8. Does anyone know which panel controls the captain selection in the inbox? I am wanting to put boxes around the attributes displayed here as I have boxes over attributes on every other player panel, this now looks inconsistent. I have attached a screenshot of the panel I mean below.
  9. The best tactic I used on here was before the 19.3 update. The tactic was !FM19.2.1BEOWULF424KnapP112 and this was unstoppable with lower teams and big teams. Is there any way to update this for 19.3.4 as I would love to use a 424 formation again that is as effective as this one was
  10. I am using the TCS 19 skin and I am wanting to edit the match screen. I have attached a screenshot of the screen below. I would like to make the middle panel that shows the scores wider and the left and right panels that shows the player ratings narrower to allow the middle panel to be wider. Does anyone know which xml file controls these?
  11. Hi @bluestillidie00 I have been using your sking since you released it and I think it is one of the best skins around. I am wondering though if you can point me in the right direction to edit the match panel. I would like to make the middle section wider and the left and righ panels a bit more narrower.
  12. I have used the training you have provided here but I keep getting reports about players being unhappy about their training units not getting enough attention. Is this something you have come across @Mr U Rosler
  13. Thanks for that bluestillidie00. The issue was with the font being used as it had the colour white set in there. Changing the font and the section you posted fixed this issue for me.
  14. What panel controls the text at the top when saving a game? I have changed the processing window to show primary colours of teams but the text that says the game is saving is white. I would like to change this to the teams secondary colour.
  15. Does anyone know how to get rid of the light lines on the squad view in the screenshot below. I find it a bit hard on the eyes when viewing squads. The players in the screenshot that have it are Jack Walton, Adam Jackson, Zeki Fryers and a few others.
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