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  1. Looking good Michael, I would be open to testing the skin for you if you need it.
  2. @Kinmar did you manage to get anywhere with the @2x sized logos?
  3. What controls the purple box on the team selection screen. I want to change it to a white box so it's easier to read.
  4. Thanks @michaeltmurrayuk that solved the tactics screen issue for me. How is the light skin coming along at your end? I can see there are a lot of colour issues with it this year
  5. Also the box with the player name in the tactics screen is white and the text for the name is white too.
  6. Downloaded the latest version of the skin and there are some colour issues on the press conference. Issues are: 1. The colour of the text in the dark boxes could be changed to white 2. Same issue with the question text. 3. The match information seems to not show in the top right corner. The times are there but the players names aren't
  7. I can't release the skin with all the errors that exist. Hopefully @michaeltmurrayuk will have the base light skin released soon which will address a lot of the colour issues that I have come across
  8. So the tactic screen is a pain to edit for the light skin as there are a lot of colour issues. I am wondering if someone can help me with the following: 1. Red Square - Is there a way to change the colour of the text from white to black 2. Yellow Square - Is there a way to change the background colour from white to green and the text colour from black to white 3. Blue Square - Is there a way to change the text from black to white.
  9. I know there are a few threads going around about light skins and I am trying to create a light version of my own skin, but as we have found out there are a lot of issues with the colours not being set. As I am working my way through the various screens I am coming up on a blank on a few of the colours and what controls them. I am wondering if anyone knows how to change the colour of the finance graph on the manager home screen. It is a grey on my skin and in previous FM light skin versions it was pink. Below is what it looks like now in FM21
  10. I'm guessing it will be one of the xml files in the font folder. What I would do is download a previous years light skin (try the FM20 base light skin as a start) and copy over the xml files from the font folder to your skin's font folder.
  11. I can confirm that it is really difficult and a lot of work creating a light skin this year. SI haven't included the base for the light skin and that contained all the colour changes needed to show the light skin properly. When I was looking at this you have to pretty much change every colour in the settings file to something else as it just shows white on white. I think @michaeltmurrayuk is going through all the changes for the light skin, but this is a time consuming process as he is testing that there is no conflicts in other areas
  12. What graphic controls the colour that highlights the option in the tab bar? In the screenshot below I am wanting to change the red graphic that highlights the inbox text.
  13. Here is the Intro Panel that I use in my skin. A few people have requested it so thought I would share. Just move the files into the relevant areas of your skin. Intro Panel.zip
  14. In the client object browser.xml edit line 43 (could be a different line number as I am looking at the first version of the TCS skin released) Edit the text file="background/club colours" to file="" That will get rid of the background fade. To enable backgrounds to show correctly then I would download the base skin that is pinned in this forum and copy over the boxes/custom/background folder to the TCS skin. There is a txt file in this folder with instructions on what to do
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