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  1. The missing images happened after the 20.3 update. Below is a link to a thread that tells you what to edit to get the images to show again.
  2. Managed to sort this issue out
  3. You need to edit the files located in panels/menubar. There are a bunch of xml files there and you just need to edit the red_replacement="xx"
  4. So I have a random issue when starting a new game with the light skin. When I select what leagues I want to load, the flags of the nations are black. Not sure how to get these to display correctly.
  5. Check the first post. All the versions are linked there where you can download them
  6. I can make it available but it is really mainly other skinners work. I have just added their panels and edited them to fit onto a laptop better
  7. So I am editing the light skin as I do like using this but there are not many light skins around. Now I have found that the light skin seems to be an afterthought by SI as the settings file hardly has any settings in and seems to use the darker colours which make the light skin difficult to use. I have got most things how I want them but little things keep coming up and I thought I would create 1 thread instead of many different ones about the issues that I am having. The current issue that I have is a small one but it is bothering me. On the Player Search screen where you can choose conditions such as Position and Transfer Listed etc, there are up and down arrows which are white and hard to see. I thought these would be the arrows used in icons/16px but editing these made no difference. Does anyone know what either the setting is that controls these or where the arrows are so I can edit them to be black.
  8. Thanks @wkdsoul should have checked there first
  9. Thanks @wkdsoul I have another question about colours in the player overview panel. It seems like the settings are a bit screwed up in the light skin. Anyway in the player overview panel, where the pitch shows where a player is familier playing in a position, the dot is usually a bright green to indicate their natural position and red if they are not comfortable in that position. In the screenshot below this player is a natural leftback and has a green dot, but whe you click on the centre back position it shows on the pitch icon a bright green to say its his natural position. Looking at the roles below (ball playing defender etc.) they have amber dots next to them. What I am wondering is what controls the colour of the dots on the pitch?
  10. I am editing my light skin and I have set up the Game Processing panels to be exactly how I want them to be but I am struggling with chaning the colour of some of the text in the Prozone section of this panel. I have changed the main colour of the text to black but there is some of the text that is displayed in yellow and hard to read. I have added a screenshot to show what I mean. I would like to change the yellow to something darker and easier to see. I am guessing this is a settings value that need changing but does anyone know what it is that needs changing.
  11. That did the trick, the "selected headline" was what I was after. Thank you very much
  12. So it has been a while since I edited the light skin I am using and I have managed to change the colour of the box using the method above that @bluestillidie00 mentioned. However what I would like to do is what the dark skin does. The text in the inbox side panel is a dark colour when not selected but when it is selected it turns white. I have tried changing the Inbox_body font to add the fill colour option but that doesn't seem to work. Anyone have any ideas how I can do that with the light skin?
  13. @Watson156 Here is what I poseted earlier in the thread. If you download the zip file it contains a folder with the Confederation logos and config that I use which work with the nation overview. These logos are TCM20 logos so if you use any different ones then replace them with the ones you use but make sure the names are the same. Place them into to location shown above and these should then work. The config uses the background/left code to show the logos. You may be using that code somewhere in your graphics configs which is why you have kits showing. It may be worth searching that text to see what it finds.
  14. Can anyone help me with this?
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