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  1. I am wanting to change the colour of the box and the text that shows the news item in the inbox on the left hand side. Mine is currently a green box with darker writing which I find hard to read. What controls the colour of this? Below is the screenshot of my inbox panel.
  2. This years FM has been the worst ever for ME. Theres no consistency with tactics and it's hard to get anything to work. I am seriously thinking about going back to FM19. If I could find an up to date data update for the squads then I would be loading it up right now
  3. @bluestillidie00 did you manage to take a look at my club overview?
  4. I always though it didn't show for all nations as some didn't have a nickname. I could be wrong and it might not have worked as it should.
  5. @bluestillidie00 I have attached my club folder for you to take a look at. I added the code <boolean id="should_force_refresh" value="true"/> to the club overview panel and it seems to have stopped displaying the Media Prediction text above the position. club.zip
  6. No I have searched in the xml for that and it doesn't show anything
  7. I have pasted that code into my xml and it does the same thing where it disappears when you go up and down to view other clubs. Not sure if it is something else in the club overview panel that is causing a conflict somewhere
  8. @wkdsoul thanks for that I hadn't even noticed that. I'm guessing it is the CmeD ID that is the issue? What is the ID I could use instead of CmeD?
  9. Bit of a weird issue I am having with my club overview panel. I have taken the club overview panel from EVO19 skin and put it into my FM20 skin. I have edited the details to show the media prediction of the team above the team logo. Screenshot is below of how it looks and how I want it to look. If I then view another team by clicking the up or down arrow in the titlebar, the text for Media Prediction disappears as shown below. I have probably done something wrong with my code but I was wondering if anybody can help me fix this issue. I have attached my club overview panel so you can see the code. It is from line 162. club overview panel.xml <widget class="label" id="CmeL" alignment="centre_x,top" auto_size="vertical" size="10" colour="secondary" font="title"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="CmeD" /> <boolean id="name" value="true" /> </record> </widget> <widget class="media_expectation_text" id="CmeV" alignment="centre_x,top" default_height="36" size="12" colour="secondary" font="titlenocap"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="CmeD" /> </record> </widget>
  10. You have to follow the instruction I mentioned when I posted the file. In you logos folder there will be an area where the continents logos are. Copy that folder and rename it to something else (can be in the same location and any name you want). Go into that folder and open up the config file and edit it so the ending has background/left. It will look like this once edited: <record from="1" to="graphics/pictures/continent/logo/background/left"/> Do that for the rest of the logos and refresh the skin and the continent logos will appear
  11. Here is the skin that featured this player profile. It is from FM 2019 though so it may need some editing to get it to show properly. All work was don by @bluestillidie00 as this was one of the first versions of his TCS19 skin. TCS 19 v0.3a.rar
  12. @bluestillidie00 do you mind if I upload your TCS19 0.3a skin on here so that people can see the code you used in that skin?
  13. Is there any way of getting it to cycle? I've put the code into my panel and it does work but I have a cycle that shows the outside of the stadium and then the inside after 10 seconds. Would be great if that could be shown for the nations that have multiple stadiums.
  14. Well done @Wozzie can you let us know hoe you got it working?
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