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  1. Looks like the final update has been released. Says that long throws have been tweaked so the throw in the original tactic could be less effective. I am yet to update as I am almost at the end of my first season with AFC Fylde and top of the table. Will probably update once the season is finished and then hopefully the original tactic will still be good.
  2. Looks like I wasn't patient enough. Won 7 straight games with Southend in League 2 playing some good football. Seems to be back to what I remember before the update so hopefully it was just a slow starter and I can carry on winning games
  3. I just can't get it to work like it used to before the update. Teams dominate me and I can't score at all. I'll stick with it and hope it clicks
  4. It looks like that may be what I need to do, was just wondering if there was a colour setting or an xml that would change the colour for them all
  5. Is there a way to change the colour of the person_button widget? I am using the light skin from @michaeltmurrayuk and the player's name in a various amount of places is white and can't be seen. I was wondering if there was a way to change the colour instead of editing every xml that contains the person_button widget.
  6. I am using the light skin that @michaeltmurrayuk created and I have come across the following issue with the penalty shootouts. Does anyone know which panel controls the scored and missed that is shown in the screenshot below?
  7. It does seem to be less effective since the update, but a lot of people are saying there hasn't been any changes to the match engine. All I have noticed is that it is not as strong as it used to be. It's a shame as this was a great tactic before and I had a lot of success with it. Maybe @Mr U Rosler will create a new tactic for the update
  8. You just need to replace the match caption small.xml file with the new one extracted using the resource extractor. That's what I did and it now appears in the light skin
  9. It looks like it is to do with the logo pack that you use. Looks like you are using the metallic logos and I have just download the pack and they use the background/left coding in there. What I would do if I were you is to remove the folders that are called back left from all the folders (such as clubs, comps, confeds and nations) and then try again with the option I posted above
  10. Hi guys, Sorry if this has been answered before, but is there a way to fix one of the options to show all the time? What I am wanting to do is show my team stats (on the drop down list there is the option for the home team stats and the away team stats) all the time. When I select this when I am the home time it works fine for that match, but for the next match when I am the away team it shows the home teams stats instead of my teams stats. Hope that makes sense.
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