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  1. I am using the light skin that @michaeltmurrayuk created and when I start a game and am presented with the Welcome to the Club screen, the squad section that shows the players on loan at the club, the players names are white which makes it hard to read. The screenshot below shows what I mean. How can I change the players name to black instead of white?
  2. Thanks mate, thats sorted it for me.
  3. @bluestillidie00 what controls the team badges and information in the processing screen? I like the one used in the TCS3 skin and was thinking of doing something similar in my own skin. I have highlighted what I mean with a green box below.
  4. Managed to find the panel that controls this. The file you need is widgets/news item list widget.xml
  5. I am editing my skin and I am currently on the Inbox screen. I have edited the Inbox Item.xml to how I want it but I am now editing the Inbox Panel.xml. I am wanting to set it like the screen below which is from the Flut Skin. I am wanting to add the coloured bars (shown in the yellow rectangle) and maybe the coloured dots (shown in the blue rectangle). I have looked at both the panels in the flut skin and have also copied these over to my skin, but I can't for the life of me figure out what controls these. Hoping someone can help.
  6. Haha, you seem to be good at explaining things on here. You've written some helpful posts on here so just keep writing them as you do.
  7. @bluestillidie00 you should create a pdf guide with all the basics of how to make a skin. I know I would find a go to guide very helpful to learn more about skinning.
  8. Look forward to seeing some of the guides. Will be great to learn more about skinning from you.
  9. @bluestillidie00 Top work on your skins over the years. Think I came across yours around FM16 or FM17 and they have always been a great inspiration for my own personal skin. On top of that you have always offered an helping hand when I had any questions about creating skins and editing panels. You have taught me a lot about skinning and I thank you for that. Look after yourself mate and hopefully we may see you around sometime.
  10. Does anybody have the files that you can extract using the Resource Archiver for FM18? I am on a Mac and it doesn't run 32-bit software which the FM18 Resource Archiver is, so I am unable to extract them myself. I am mainly looking for the settings xml files for the original skins (mainly the light version of the skin) so I can look and see about setting my light skin to the FM18 colour scheme. If anyone could help then that would be appreciated.
  11. It is interesting that this tactic is still working. Had a lot of success with this tactic early in the new year. I managed to win the Champions League with Red Bull Salzburg, and had a lot of success with Plymouth and Swansea. I think I'll have to try this one out again as I have really struggled since the March updates to find a tactic that is consistent like this one was.
  12. Looks like the final update has been released. Says that long throws have been tweaked so the throw in the original tactic could be less effective. I am yet to update as I am almost at the end of my first season with AFC Fylde and top of the table. Will probably update once the season is finished and then hopefully the original tactic will still be good.
  13. Looks like I wasn't patient enough. Won 7 straight games with Southend in League 2 playing some good football. Seems to be back to what I remember before the update so hopefully it was just a slow starter and I can carry on winning games
  14. I just can't get it to work like it used to before the update. Teams dominate me and I can't score at all. I'll stick with it and hope it clicks
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