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  1. I use helvetica in my own personal skin which is quite a nice font to use. The font needs to be quite clean and easy to view, the font used in TCS19 is also a good font so something along those lines is what I would think works best with skins
  2. @pikawa94 That is really interesting to know and will be useful when I start playing about with panels trying to make a decent enough skin of my own. I could go on for days asking for help and advise on how you create your skins but I don't want to take over your post. I'm sure the skin you decide to do for FM20 will be of your usual high standard and I will definitely be giving it a download once it's up.
  3. @pikawa94 I have noticed that your skins usually are playable on all resolutions. As I play on a laptop a lot of the skins created now are for the higher resolutions that don't look right when played on a laptop, but yours always seems to look and fit right. How do you get them to work on all resolutions? I remember in previous FM's that there was some setting to the layout that was -1 but I could be wrong. From looking at your code you seem to use the distribute evenly option (not sure of the exact code as I am at work at the moment). @bluestillidie00 I have edited panels from both your TCS skin and the Evo skin to fit properly on my laptop and know my way around quite a bit of the code, but the biggest area where I struggle is placing boxes and moving them to different places around the screen. I have never really tried to rebuild a ready made panel from scratch before but this is a good way to learn what does what.
  4. It can take up a lot of free time creating skins. I know people who know what they are doing with the skins can do it a lot quicker but it does eat into your own free time. I have edited skins in the past for my own personal use to fit better on the laptop I play FM on but I don't know too much about skinning to make my own skin. If possible I would love to learn more to be able to create a skin myself as you are one of the best skin makers around in my opinion so it would be great to learn from you.
  5. I would say the Nuu Skin from FM13 is a better skin than the Steklo X1 to recreate. I was a big fan of you CFM Skin for FM17 and your Evo Skin from FM16 though if you think about creating something along the lines of those. Excited to see what you come up with and glad you will be back skinning in FM20 earlier this time as your skins are always of a high standard.
  6. Ok it is looking like changing the colour of the text is going to be difficult. Hopefully someone can help me with this next part as an alternative. I am wanting to keep the top part (highlighted with a yellow box) to have the primary colour of the team that I am managing, and then having the team news and fixtures (both highlighted by light blue boxes underneath) just the standard bordered or subsection boxes like the other white boxes below. I have attached the manager upcoming fixture.xml which should show how it is currently set up. Any help would be great. Thanks. manager upcoming fixture.xml
  7. I am trying to change the colour of the text under the team news title from black to the secondary colour of the team. Can this be done?
  8. No worries, whenever you get chance will be great
  9. I think this is a good idea. If you are keeping the TCS skin free and to the same standard as TCS19 has been then I don't see it being an issue for anybody that doesn't want to pay. The added features for different tiers is a great idea as I know that the animations are something that can add a lot to a skin. As always the screenshots you've provided all look to be of a high standard so I for one would be willing to pay for extras.
  10. Did you manage to throw together a more detailed guide bluestillidie00? I am keen to learn more about skinning so I can start making my own skin for FM20.
  11. Thanks for that, any help would be greatly appreciated especially from you as you seem to make great skins that are easy on the eye. Loved your TCS skin this year it is the only one I have used.
  12. I'm sure this has been answered before on here but I am looking to make a skin that will work on all resolutions. I usually download skins such as the TCS skin and tweak them to how I want them (I play FM on a laptop so I usually have to tweak things to fit my resolution). Now it seems that there are less and less skins being made that are designed for use on resolutions such as laptops, I thought I would start practising some skinning on FM19 ready to make my first skin on FM20. I seem to remember seeing something about changing the values in the xmls to -1 or something along those lines which would then make the skin display on all resolutions. Is this correct and if so would someone be able to let me know which value it is to change? Thanks
  13. I agree the match ui is a lot worse than FM17. I enjoyed having background pics of stadiums being showed while the match was being played. Shame there isn't a way of bringing that back
  14. If you could add kits to the next match section so that it shows kits and badges on the home screen, that would make it look great. Also the panels that would also be good to edit are the competition news panel and the social feed panel. If you get the time the manager profile is one that usually doesn't get edited much. Looking good so far though.
  15. I am using this mod with the light skin and was wondering how to change the text at the top of the panels from white to black.
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