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  1. @Jack Joyce Quite the opposite - after 20.2.0 you start with this kind of rendering, fiddling around with your hairstyle or something brings back the "old" rendering, and finally clearing the cache after that and restarting the game brings it back again to the "new rendering"... At least on my end, I've checked 3 times in a row. I have to ask - was this rendering thing intentional? Because if it was, I'm not mad at it, I quite like it, you guys should just ease off the shadows a little bit and make it stay after changing hairstyles.
  2. @codyschiele20 I think you're supposed to ditch the graphics folder this year and stuff everyting into your FM 20 folder like so:
  3. Can confirm it's not on his end only, I experience this too.
  4. Excuse the Polish language, but you can easily see what the problem is regardless. Resolution is irrelevant, I just resized the window so the video was smaller, same thing happens on a big window. 2019-11-27_11-03-24.mp4
  5. @mmanu monitor brightness doesn't show on screenshots dummy he manually edited the pics and upped the brightness so we could see the button, which is (even then) barely visible
  6. @(sic) that looks awesome, I hope you decide to upload it once it's done
  7. How would I go about replacing the polygon with the position panel and vice versa?
  8. It wasn't a crash dump, the process was just not responding for several minutes and I had to forcequit.
  9. Hey, I'd like to report that the game crashes when you press Ctrl + A + S while on shortlist view. This is an easily repeatable bug, I've recreated it because of my fat fingers two times in a row just a second ago. Cheers
  10. @mastelli Could you share the files once you fix them? Mainly the club overview one, looks top.
  11. You can edit the face shape to make the jaw wider, other than that it's pretty spot on
  12. Rebooted 1.3.2, the only problem are the scrollbars on the Attributes screen even in fullscreen mode at 1080p.
  13. Thanks, I've been waiting for this since the release Some minor annoyances, although you've probably seen them already:
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