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  1. Hi everybody, Im literally fed-up with FM20 in my Man Utd save. I use Commentary only in games. sometimes the odd instant result. Team (Roughly) DeGea | AWB Bailly Maguire Alphonso Davis | Sancho Fernandes Pogba Rashford | Martial Greenwood During my second season i changed from "!!!!!!FM20.4.1PreachinBluesKnap451VOL5P109ALLCUPS" to "FM20.4.1HOLYGHOSTFIREKnapCrushoVOL2MMEG4231P105ECFA" because the first tactic just fell off a cliff. Knap did say you can be unlucky if tactics just stop working etc. There are so many tactics uploaded and tweaks happening im always looking at updates and going from there on the knaps indication. I tried the second tactic during the February because i could see i was struggling in games and after seeing some tips on here and FM Scout for MM etc i applied those and ran from there. Started really well but after just 2 months and got into April, things have spiralled downwards again. A lot of games i would see a lot of goals conceded within the first 5 minutes?. But more recently In my last 3 games, Crystal Palace away (Lost 0-2), Man City away in CL (0-0) and the return leg at home (0-2). In those games i had 8 CCC in total and scored zero, yet Ayew has 2 shots in the palace game, 1 being a CCC and scored. i always seem to concede CCC and get punished, yet we cant finish our CCC. In the return CL leg I had majority possession, had more chances, nothing really coming from the opponents but lost 0-2. When i make in game changes literally nothing happens other than watching the clock run down. A lot of people want a plug and play tactic while learning tips etc but for me i think the fun has been lost in this game. To summarise it appears unless you know exactly what your doing at the exact point it needs to be done it can make or break results, whether its signings, training, coaching, tactical specifics, shouts etc. Frustrated
  2. thanks knap. ill check it out. i am near those teams, but i like giving opportunities to youthful players and rightly or wrongly i always play them.
  3. Thanks for replying knap. what tactic do you recommend for a big club (Man Utd) away to a big club (Liverpool, City, Madrid etc....) this is my team during the second season
  4. Hi Everyone, I play FM a lot and found great success with Knaps tactics over the years. However, is there a shelf life with tactics and if so, what little changes can be made to over come the AI from working your tactics out, say if you wanted to continue with a certain tactic because it suits the players you have at your disposal. Ive recently being playing with "PREACHIN BLUES 451 VOL 2 P106 CC" and its recently became quite difficult to see teams off and against mid table teams. (Playing with Man Utd)
  5. Hi There, im using this on the default dark skin. i have followed all instructions but i just cant get this to work in my game Ive extracted the files to the relevant folders, iv reloaded skin etc. the only thing ive noticed is on the pre match/dressing room screen the icon in the top right hand corner of the screen to change settings for the match is no longer there? the icon that looks like a cog, or a tool any help welcome.
  6. Hi There I read on a site that Miles Jacobson reads all his fans suggestions to help improve the game. To add to this i then followed him on Twitter, to find the latest tweet was to a fan, that said any suggestions for the game to write on here, so here i am My suggestions going forward:- * I think there should be more options for team talks, every manager has different personalities and i would like to see more options for comments and mood for team talks. i lost to juventus in the semi final of the CL 0-1, having dominated both legs. I wanted to go berserk at my players but all i could do is 'aggressively say it wasnt good enough'. * Also, i think in pro zone for upcoming matches it should give managers more detail on how the team set up rather than how many goals they concede from the left for example. Although that is important information it would be better to know how they are scoring those goals. whether the team play more of a possession tactic, and do they focus down the right or the middle. * I think assistant managers in games should tell us more about the tactics as well. I dont watch the games, so i rely on what my assistant says to me but i think its more useful to know if the opposition is playing slow or high tempo, direct or short, whether they are exploiting our left as opposed to our right?
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