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  1. it should work on mac, I would recommend using 85% ZOOM OUT option with smaller resolution but you have to try it.
  2. You have to extract folder straight to the Documents.../Football Manager 2019/skins. I mean, you can't have to have skin(s) hidden in the second or third path. It should be Documents.../Football Manager 2019/skins/Rensie FM19 Dark Skin and not Documents.../Football Manager 2019/skins/FM19 Rensie skins v1.3/Rensie FM19 Dark Skin
  3. This still happening in my save and it doesn't matter what game version I use. What I saw during the save I would say it somehow connected to my own team. I use the Screen Flow option for various youth leagues. The 8 selected widgets always reset only within the competition in which my youth side is playing. See, every time I check U20 Division B where my youth side is the widgets are different. When U20 Division A shows it's how I selected. Same as within other competition in which my team doesn't appear. And the same thing happens within senior squad competitions...
  4. Raise the problem in the Bugs forum, it's not related to my skin.
  5. 1. it's connected to the primary colour of the competition, green is usually for friendlies so you have to look for competition colours.
  6. sometimes it can help to quit the game and restart everything let me know if you would need something.
  7. Let's start with this one - it's a Wannachup default skin but I added 'player personal details panel' without stars and squad depth panel you will need to export default panels from resource archiver to be able to edit them. Wannachup-FM19-Instant-Result-Dark without stars.zip
  8. @_Ben_ Is this what you are up to?
  9. Not sure what but you had to make some mistake because I downloaded Wanachup default dark skin, added my 'team' folder from my skin and it works
  10. @_Ben_ I assume you are using a default skin? Where did you place that panel? You can also adjust the size of the pitch by yourself to fit it more to your screen. Just open the file and locate the value in the picture below and change it to a smaller size like 700, for example, save the file and reload skin but it will affect the size of all boxes so the names of players will not be visible. (I couldn't find out how to resize also the boxes) The first number (1400) is for Position Overview (Current Ability) and Position Overview (Potential Ability), the second number (950) is for the rest of the screens within Squad Depth.
  11. Sorry, Ben, I missed this. It should be this panel... team report squad depth overview panel.xml
  12. @IndyManager Keep tweaking it and keep experimenting with it. That's probably the best way within set pieces despite not everything works well and some things could be confusing, for example, different players positions in comparison with how it looks in the set piece creator. The short throw-in routine is my most favourite and I'm using it and have several versions but I'm sure you can see long or longer throw despite the delivery is set to short. It depends on other players and their role. Like, if you will have only one player set to "offer short option" it's possible you will lose the ball or taker will throw it longer to a different player.
  13. If you don't set your own routine or if you don't change throw-in delivery to short (as @Experienced Defender mentioned) it will stay mixed so it means there will still by long throws time from time. If your selected player will have a high Long Throws attribute the possibility of long throws with Mixed delivery will be higher.
  14. Hi all, I edited the Mentoring screen for my skin as I wanted to make "Add Player" window better with more width and more info. I made it as a custom view so it's editable like at the squad screen. I'm not sure if it's bug or not but when I added Social Groups column all my players are in Core Social Group despite there are also other Social groups in Dynamics like Secondary Social Core Group A/B ... It's a really small thing but I wanted to let you know. My current game version is 19.3.0-1194267 (m.e v1926). I didn't try it with a "normal" version of the game but I think it would be same. Dynamics - Social Groups
  15. you can adjust size/width or alignment of these in "cfm club overview stadium panel" go to skin folder/panels/player and edit "player profile personal details", the part with club badge starts at line 40. You can find all the fonts in the skin folder/fonts and you can edit what you want. There is a guide about fonts in the game not sure what you mean. If you mean the shirt in the player profile it's a normal thing there is a shirt of your club when you open player's profile from the screen of your club. It's the same as if you open your player's profile screen from national team squad there will be a shirt of the national team.
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