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  1. Try to remove the whole 'tactics' folder and reload the skin. You will see what it will do. Or you can try to move each single file and reload the skin between to find out what it causes.
  2. if you will remove the tactics screen related panels from the skin folder, you will have the tactics screen as in the default skin and the rest will remain. EDIT: I just installed the V2 version for the 1920x1080 resolution and everything works without problem.
  3. I'm playing with Mexican national team since I ended my club save. Home competitive matches within WC qualification are played at Estadio Azteca (Club América). I set all 5 pre-Wordl Cup friendlies to be played at home. All of them are scheduled in the USA - Salt Lake, Pasadena, Denver, Washington and Chicago. The save file was uploaded to ownCload with the name 'Rensie - Mexico - home matches.fm'.
  4. Did you create the small version of the logo? Also, when I check config of my Standard logo pack, there is 'club' instead of 'team' in the config.
  5. You have two options. 1. open the skin folder/panels/team and delete the team training mentoring add player file. It will return into the default when you will restart the game or reload the skin. 2. or you can open this team training mentoring add player file and there is this code in the line 1 <panel width="1050" height="1000"> Just change the height value to 700 or less, save the file and reload the skin.
  6. the resolution is too small to show all the panels/widgets depending on the default width/height and priorities of each containers I would say. It will be here if you will change the zoom to 50% but that would be too small. You would have to edit the height and width of the containers within the player profile to make it work within the smaller resolution.
  7. also, the boxes in front are because you have DF11 facepack, not the cut-out.
  8. open the skin folder/panels/match/match in between highlights panel Lines 27 & 178 in parts about the team stats. there is a default height for the player stats 'height="360", so you have to change it to higher number to increase the default size of the upper part of the left or right side. When you will edit the height numbers, just save the file and reload the skin. The same with 'match in between highlights panel review': lines 17 & 106 where the value is 375.
  9. Firstly, there is a topic about the TCS skin Secondly, I think there is a low resolution mod within the panels, read the topic about the TCS skin, I'm sure you will find the right panels/mods with the low resolution version.
  10. you can change it if you have the in-game editor for sure.
  11. The inbox messages include also other "tiers" and you would have to edit also several panels with which are located in the 'news_item_panels'. You have to extract the default panels from the Resource Archiver and find & edit the ones you want to use.
  12. panel with the trophies is art team container honours panel in the skin folder/panels/club/rensie in my skin. Yes, that's logical it's not in my skin as the skin doesn' use it you have to edit it, not only place it here. line 7 <container class="main_contrast_box" red_replacement="inbox_content_background"> keep only <container>
  13. if you will open the 'club overview panel' in the skin folder/panels/club, all the parts of the overview starts with <container class="subsection_box" default_height="-5" priority="1"> delete the class="subsection_box" and save the file. Try it for example with the line 9 under the general details. When you will reload skin, it will be without the box and with the background. For the inbox, you need 'inbox item' edited and placed to the skin folder/panels/human.
  14. Search the topics about the background support for boxes/panels and you will find the answer. You need to refer to the right 'paper' in the club overview or inbox where you want the transparent background.
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