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  1. Just made some small edit that's able to edit within all versions. If someone would be interested to replace the Pros&Cons icons in the player overview popup screen with the season stats widget, just download the files below and place them to the skin folder/panels/player. And overwrite the existing files. player overview popup panel.xml player additional stats small2.xml It looks like this.
  2. the match timeline bar is in the game by default but only when you open the already played match. If you want to rewatch something during the match, it's probably the best thing to use the playback options in the right top corner (in a default or custom skins). You can always add the notable events code to some match widget from the extracted default files. Or go to the skin folder/panels/match and edit the left sided panel where the selector is placed within the match screen mods and revert it back to default. Or you can always delete the match screens related files in the skin
  3. Not a problem of the skin but of the game itself. Try to use/have only one skin in the skins folder in the documents. The more skins you will have here, there is a bigger chance they will conflict between each other and some parts will reset or they won’t work properly. Untick the option “Automatically override custom panels?” in Preferences/Interface. You can edit player overview panel and player overview big selector panel and delete all widgets you don’t want to have here or set some of yours as default by the code.
  4. I'm using Roboto or Roboto Bold font within my custom skin.
  5. If you want to edit it in the match score, open the match score area panel xml and locate lines 113 and 124, and change text="-" to text=":". Save the file and reload skin or restart the game. The rest depends on what panels you are using. Not sure if it's possible to change somewhere generally to don't have edit every single place. Maybe someone will know.
  6. Just customise the view straight in the game, not via .xml file. Add the Age column and it will be here.
  7. Clear cache and restart the game. It will work.
  8. That's part of the Scout/Coach report so you have to edit the player scout reports small.xml (the line 203 in the player personal details panel.xml tells it to you). You have to edit the colour values of the icon/button and text.
  9. This is affected by player personal details panel.xml You can extract all the default panels from the Resource Archiver (available to download in Steam)
  10. you have touchline tablet opened permanently. Just click to the touchline tablet during the highlight to close it.
  11. Yes, it's possible. You have to open the match full time review panel and locate the line 21 starting "<!--LL Panel- This is the Left panel -->" You have to change the id and file number in the line 22. Like this: Or you can create a new file, place the code for the match overview here and save the new file for example as match touchline tablet slot ftr15241.xml but you have to always change the way of the id and the file to ensure the game will read them properly. I would like to help but, firstly - I'm not the author of the match screen mods, secondly - I don't
  12. It happens to me as well, it's just a thing of the Match Screens Mod. Maybe Michael will find out the reason in the future. I made some solution for my own and it will work for you too. You have it in the slot number 3 so go to the skin folder/panels/match and find the match touchline tablet slot ibh3. Open it and delete all other widgets except the Match Overview. Save the file and restart the game. The selector will include only the Match Overview so the game will be unable to reset the widgets to something different. I'm using it in the same way, only in a different slo
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