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  1. keysi

    FMC Stadium Superpack (New Pack For FM19)

    I would recommend deleting the previous (old) mini stadiums pack. Be sure to clear cache and reload skin. I use this pack and everything is perfect as you can see in this picture Does this frame appear only for this stadium? Or it's there for all clubs?
  2. keysi

    Skins and graphics not working

    skins have to be placed into Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/skins not in the graphics folder if you have the folder on the desktop you have to also change the path to graphics folders in the game preferences.
  3. keysi

    Skins and graphics not working

    Be sure the downloaded skin has a straight path to the game. The skin has to be in the Documents/.../skins/ and the skin folder. Skins will not show in preferences if they will be hidden in the second folder.
  4. keysi

    Player Career Stats Panel ?

    I'm sure it was asked many times if it's possible to show all the stats and not only the stats from the league but the official response from SI was it's not possible due to several reasons. I'm not sure if it was there within the forum or somewhere on Twitter but it's not so long I saw this conversation for the last time.
  5. keysi

    Set Pieces

    Another thing - Disrupt Wall instruction within Direct Free Kick Routine. Why does the player stand behind the wall? He never stands next to the last player on the left or right nor before the wall as it's normal in a real-life football.
  6. keysi

    FMC Stadium Superpack (New Pack For FM19)

    Lovely work @geordie1981
  7. keysi

    Set Pieces

    All Throw-in Routines, my lone striker is set to Attack Far Post within routines from both sides but he is always around the throw-in taker as Come Short. It doesn't matter if I drag players or just set their position through roles pop-up menu. Btw. Player named Quevedo in the first picture is my AML and as you can see he is set to Stay Back but he is forward together with other players.
  8. keysi

    Creating Kits

    You have to have 3d kits in the game.
  9. You probably just want to have the player picture smaller than DF11. Go to the skin folder/panels/player and delete this file "player profile personal details", and reload skin. The Player Attributes screen will be the default.
  10. keysi

    Last starting XI

    Hi, do some of you know where or how to edit the boxes in the Last starting XI widget? It was set to team primary/secondary colour but it looks like it the game now shows the nation primary/secondary colour. Thanks for the help EDIT: Feel free to close this thread, I edited the "tactics icon preview info panel" and make it different.
  11. keysi

    Regens black on team screen

    Raise it in the FM19 Bugs forum if it won't stop after restarting the game. https://community.sigames.com/forum/638-football-manager-2019-bugs-forum/
  12. keysi

    Split View Mod

    @Ricketts147 You don't need split view mod, you can set your own split view within the match. See the picture...
  13. keysi

    [FM19][MOD] Match Screen Mods

    you don't need to open some file, you are able to resize it straight in the game with sliders
  14. keysi

    [FM19][MOD] Match Screen Mods

    Just take the sliders between the boxes and resize them. You can move with them to up/down and right/left
  15. Hi @Christopher Lewis, thanks for a reply. I have this box unticked almost since the start of FM19 as I don't want my widgets at home panel resetting as well. I use Screen Flow for some youth leagues and it always reset in these screens even without "continue", even if I go to different screen and back. But it resets also within the main league I play in. Team stats screen seems to be alright and I didn't notice reset.