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  1. I have it in my own skin too and it's in other skins as well. We talked about it with @bluestillidie00 it's probably some ID change by SI in the recent time. Time from the time it appears in my skin without a problem and the stars are here as usual and before. But there are missing when I restart the game and appear randomly again during playing.
  2. @LLNDVS this part is linked to "scouting top bar" panel
  3. Just wanted to confirm the same happening in my save. Look forward to fixing it.
  4. try other panels connected to transfer or agent. I would like to help but I don't remember the exact panel, it was a long time ago :/
  5. I would say all completed requests disappear automatically after some time in the game. I've never seen a button like this in skins.
  6. I checked some other skins and it doesn't work with them too. I saw it appeared sometimes when I reloaded skin but you're right it doesn't show same as it should. It's probably something similar as Scouting Report didn't work properly a few months ago after some patch but I checked the code and it didn't look wrong so I don't know where is the mistake.
  7. Yes, I noticed it after the last game patch/update and tried to change it but it didn't work so let it without stars, it's just a small thing and I don't have enough time for it. Sorry. Go to skin folder/settings and open "base19settings" file. Find line 188 and change value "blue grey50" to "white" -> save file and reload skin.
  8. @FMXX open skin folder/panels/human and delete "manager home" panel and reload skin and you will have a home screen as in default skin
  9. Some edits/tweaks are superb @bluestillidie00, already tested it. Just wanted to share only one thing from Training screen as I had it the same in my skin. When you have "training overview panel" in panels/team the right widget always disappears. (screen 1) but it's back there when you delete this panel (screen 2)
  10. yes, it is. Just tried it with the 1.3 version (the last one I shared for others) and it works. (I only emoved 'training overview panel' to have three widgets in the bottom part of the screen but that hasn't an effect on the 'other tactics' font colour.)
  11. I'm not sure what could be an issue but this is how it looks in my skin since I edited this panel back in November and I don't use other training overview screen related panels.
  12. I have only this 'tactic slot tab container training overview' panel in my skin and it works tactic slot tab container training overview.xml
  13. if you will delete fonts folder everything will not work properly as there are specific fonts linked to some pages/widgets/panels so it will not use the exact fonts. It's about 5-10 minutes to change font type in the folders.
  14. @Barry1983 Some panels including Overview (Small) don't work properly and can't be selected. You can resize widgets as you want, just take the slider and move the widget to the right or left and just have there only four of them.
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