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  1. That's part of the Scout/Coach report so you have to edit the player scout reports small.xml (the line 203 in the player personal details panel.xml tells it to you). You have to edit the colour values of the icon/button and text.
  2. This is affected by player personal details panel.xml You can extract all the default panels from the Resource Archiver (available to download in Steam)
  3. you have touchline tablet opened permanently. Just click to the touchline tablet during the highlight to close it.
  4. Yes, it's possible. You have to open the match full time review panel and locate the line 21 starting "<!--LL Panel- This is the Left panel -->" You have to change the id and file number in the line 22. Like this: Or you can create a new file, place the code for the match overview here and save the new file for example as match touchline tablet slot ftr15241.xml but you have to always change the way of the id and the file to ensure the game will read them properly. I would like to help but, firstly - I'm not the author of the match screen mods, secondly - I don't
  5. It happens to me as well, it's just a thing of the Match Screens Mod. Maybe Michael will find out the reason in the future. I made some solution for my own and it will work for you too. You have it in the slot number 3 so go to the skin folder/panels/match and find the match touchline tablet slot ibh3. Open it and delete all other widgets except the Match Overview. Save the file and restart the game. The selector will include only the Match Overview so the game will be unable to reset the widgets to something different. I'm using it in the same way, only in a different slo
  6. No, it's not caused by the patch or update. But many people have the lower resolution and the full width version doesn't work properly for them so I added the version with the notable events back. Head to the Match Screens mod topic to find out how to enable full width version again.
  7. I would like to help but I don't hear these sounds in my game/save, so I can't help. Just delete the cache and preferences folder in App Data.
  8. I noticed this before but I didn't pay attention to it because the attendance at my own stadium was not too high. But it changed. The issue is quite clear from the pictures - my team GAIS is playing at home against Malmö IF. Our colours are green/black, their main colour is light blue/turquoise. There are 8000 fans at the match - 400 of them are away fans by what the game tells me. There are fans with the light blue shirt everywhere, the only green/black stand is the one behind one goal made for the visitor fans. Something is wrong here. Save game uploaded to owncload with
  9. Everything about my custom skin is in this topic or on my website. You should always check the default skin before you post something here as a bug. Or just use google to find the answer, especially as it was some time after the update of the game and the skin too. That's nothing against you but it's better do it for all of us involved.
  10. Firstly, thank you for adding the info about the assist back to the game after the winter update. Secondly, can some of you - developers - point me in the right direction where is it possible to change one word? More specifically, I just want to add two letters because it hurts my eyes to see "Asst" instead of "Assist". I know it's absolutely not important for you but it's just another small and stupid thing in FM. And unlogical. It's only two letters. But I've never seen this shortcut in a real life. I shared it already in the Skinning Hideout section of the forum but we were a
  11. Click to the pitch with the right mouse button...
  12. The class="kit_icon" in that code tells you that the widget is affected by the kit_icon.xml what is placed in the skin folder/panels/generic and you can edit the font/number size here. You don't have the width of kit/logo/face widgets sorted right probably as the logo is not properly aligned. Or some inset in that code you took and edited.
  13. the class="kit_icon" as the player overview panel says. It's in the same line.
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