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  1. You have to extract default panels from the Resource Archiver to have all panels.
  2. keysi

    [FM19] Team Report Squad Depth

    I was able to change the pitch from vertical to horizontal. Where I can edit the height or width of boxes? thanks for the help
  3. keysi

    Set Pieces

    One thing I thought about today when I played a couple of matches using the Short Corner Routine. Maybe I think about it too much but if it would be my player in Close Down Corner role I would expect "more" from him and not only stand here. He tries to tackle probably only in 1 from 10 occasions. As I said, maybe I think too much about it or I expect too much but he is like a sparring partner here. He allows almost every time the pass to the edge of the area or let the player go to the goal. If it's related to Decisions attribute of my own player, then ok. Or if it's related to Marking, Tackling or Use Tighter Marking. I don't know.
  4. just delete this 'training overview panel' and reload skin and it will work. You can change the info, just click to the arrow in the right corner of each panel. The number of panels depends on your resolution. I changed in the preferences to 85% zoom out and there are 5 panels now.
  5. keysi

    Set Pieces

    Played only two matches since ME 1914 and scored one goal thanks to it. The 'style' of the routine is the same I think, the same cross with the same angle. But will try it later again. I would like to raise this as well. Penalties after long throw-in or corners. It was very very common in FM18 as well and to be honest if I need to score a goal I know there is an option to win a penalty kick. Those two are from one match within 15 minutes
  6. @toffee71 go to skin folder/panels/team and delete 'training overview panel'. It looks like there are only two default panels. I just deleted it and I have three same panels under the schedule. I did nothing with training screen except the change of font colour in the header so I don't know what's wrong.
  7. keysi

    Set Pieces

    I would like to add some things too... 1. I agree with James about the 'Edge of Area' position. 2. the same routine vs. different 'Man Mark' player's position within the right/left routine 3. Zonally Mark Six Yard Box Far Post - no key attributes - this is the same withing defensive Throw-In and Free Kicks (Direct small/Indirect (Wide)/Indirect (Deep) routines 4. The most overpowered routines are 'Far Post' delivery. It doesn't matter if it's corner or free kick - when you have a decent taker and decent strong defender or striker with good heading attribute it's almost every time goal. My central defender scored a hattrick during beta save in English Championship and the same player scored 14 goals during the season - all from Far Post corner delivery - including 6 goals in 6 matches in a row. The Far Post routine is almost the same as in FM18 - it was so much easy to score from this routine that I deleted it from my save in FM18. The same when I decided to use 'Penalty Spot' (https://is.gd/HTTkIC) delivery and placed here the player with the best shooting attribute and scored almost every match. 5. I played 20 matches (5 friendlies + 15 competitive) in my main save so far. I didn't concede from set pieces so far. I scored 6 corner goals + 4 free kick goals. It's not a high number I think. But I added 'score goals from set pieces' club philosophy and I already have 100% board support/confidence. I'm sure it depends on players and league quality so I'm not sure if my defensive routines are that good or players of other teams from 2nd tier of Chile are too bad for set pieces.
  8. I'm not sure why there is nothing but I had it absolutely the same as you during the pre-season but when the league started I have there Training Happiness and Training Performance.
  9. keysi

    Show your skin... and inspire

    @bella699 looks very nice!
  10. keysi

    [FM19] [Skin] OPZ Elite 2019 v.19.2

    Good work!
  11. Instant result button is controlled in 'client object browser' panel
  12. keysi


    The height of 'knowledge level and scout rec' is controlled in the 'scouting centre recommendation card' panel (skin folder/panels/widget) it's line 243 and adjust the height value
  13. It's 'fixture list panel' in the skin folder/panels/match and I added the 'width' to the bottom (line 129) It's this panel fixtures list panel.xml
  14. Click to the arrow in the right corner and change the view...
  15. Check this topic, maybe it will help