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  1. Im not @SixPointer but it does alter the mentality of the wide players.
  2. @SixPointer has done some amazing work regarding Gasperinis Atalanta. Check it out for insipration!
  3. I'll do something new here soon. Started a brand new save with a team that holds a fellow countryman of mine. We will play possession football and it will be more extreme than before. Or that is the aim anyway.
  4. Various reasons might be the reason for that. Your team setup overall, with roles and other settings. Players at hand, does a faster style fit them better? Main reason is the increased directness, you will attack team faster with less time for op. to organize their defence. They will also pass with bigger risk, due to verticality increase. Instead of passing to the left or right and keeping the ball, players are more inclined to pass forward finding team mates in more attacking positions.
  5. ED answer is excellent, my only two cents to consider was to look over the GK distribution and the use of two playmakers. I would keep the one you can get closest to a Positive or balanced individual mentality for the possibility to create progressive possession football. EDIT: Do you really need to take away the freedom of aiming the crosses for the wing-players? As that could be getting the sucess ratio of crosses down? Also making you easier to predict?
  6. Almost never, but if I found it rough to score my first change was most often the LOE. Sometimes width too. Narrower or wider, both worked at diffrent times. Pending on opponents setup. Maybe trying to use true IFs down the wing? might ruin compactness though. Maybe move up to attacking? or make the fullbacks even more aggressive (attacking instead of support)
  7. I would say it depends on your team. The 3-1-4-2 has two striker, which often gets you goals. But if you have better wingers 4-1-2-3 might suit you better, or a great am who can dominate in 4-2-3-1. I liked the last version of 4-1-2-3 best overall. The style and results was good imo
  8. Not far from double the amount of chances created from the runner ups. Impressive.
  9. Looks good mate Will be interesting to see how you recreate Hazard. That Lille team was so good and built in a very exciting and clever way, not far away (-results) from the team they have today.
  10. I did not try it due to the diffrent approach, the F9 dribbles more while the dlf is instructed to hold the ball up. My thought was that it would slow the play down, but I did not try it so it might behave similar. The dlf is a great role and with a fitting player im sure it can work edit Håland is fantastic, although I would prefer him cutting inside from the right, however then you probably need to change up a lot.
  11. 4-4-1-1 is the defensive formation United uses at this point. In attack its diffrent. Martial is lone striker, actually links play very good. CF or DLF is closest I think. He is mobile. Behind him is Bruno, he is everywhere and the most risk taking player in the team. Roams. then it is Greenwood down right, cuts inside a lot. On the left Rashford keeps the width much more. CM is Pogba and Matic, Pogba connects the team and is involved in transitions more often than Matic who still does it, but not to the same extent. In defence the right defender Awb overlaps a lot and Shaw is more inclined to underlap. Both central defenders are decent on the ball. ddg is a regular keeper, not comfortable sweeping up Loose balls.
  12. Its a risk-reward based style when you play possession based on outscoring the op. Its important to lure op deep to give you space further up the pitch. If you don't, there will be much harder to break them down. Yeah, what is Costas PPM's? Felix might be better of cutting inside from a flank. But AMa should get him into good opportunities, both to create and score.
  13. For me, some of the players are played in wrong roles. Comes deep for example is in most cases best for creators, who needs to see a lot of the ball. Additionally you need players with play one-twos and maybe some with moves into channels, get further forward or gets into opposition area. And whats up with the Mota hate? he is a really good DLF. Poulsen is a prospect but not close to Motas level (Imo).
  14. That would be great. Otherwise the tactic seems fine. Although I think the midfield could be more mobile? two out of three has hold position hard coded. That might inluence the attacking play negatively.
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