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  1. That seems like a good ground for nice possession football. Meanwhile. Im ready for a new challange.
  2. Yeah, It is a really strong role. With the right player. They need to be very good overall and over average physically to fullfill it reasonably well, but if they do. Than that and the one I displayed above will occur relativley often. I can do that. I can collect some and make a new post with a pointer in the OP. Do you use a "regular" 4-5-1 or more like a 4-2-3-1? Next up is the FA Cup Final. Facing Liverpool managed by Tuchel. They usally line up in 4-4-2. Romario Baro and Florentino Luis as CMs. Sancho and a very good newgen on the wings. Trent and Robbo at wb. I will change the WBs on right to fbs. WBa on left to WBs. HB to DMs and Reg to VOLs. The rest will be as usal. The goal is to overcrowd the centre and from there dictate the game. Off to a good start, although A. Becker is alert. Well.. Bloody h***
  3. CL semis vs PSG. 1-1 at Etihad. For the awaygame I decided to change: HB-DMd. REG-VOLs. WBA - support. IF - IWFs. F9-PFa. Due to them having Ansu Fati and Ousmane Dembele on the wings. Also having a world class midfield with Pogba and De Jong. Add Laporte, Marquinhos, Lukaku, Griezmann, Mane and you can see that they too have a VERY capable squad. Results: And the Volante finished off this move Well, like last year:
  4. Impressive. You are showing that this can be done with worse players. Fantastic results and numbers there @johnstonpickle EDIT: Seems as its working for me too atm. We will soon need a bigger cabinet here at Etihad:
  5. This will cover the four most advanced roles in the team. I will show some players and PPM’s that I think can be useful. First we can start with this quote from Thierry Henry about Pep Guardiola, again “My job is to bring you to the last third; your job is to finish it. The last third was freedom for us”. The first thing I was focused on was to get Kylian Mbappe to play as a second striker. I had a given role model in AC Milan’s Kaká, who in my opinion was a good playmaker but a truly awesome runner. Fantastic at timing his runs into the box and boy he was as fast, as fast as they come. Fair enough I gave this an honest shot, the vision I had was something like this: F9 Ws-SS-Ws REG-VOLs IWBs-BPDd-BPDd-IWBs SKs I thought that would create sufficient movement for the Shadow striker to shine. Also with two wingers the intention was to stretch the opposition's defence, creating even more space. However I was wrong, it did not work. Mbappe sat on 2 goals in the league by Boxing day and well, we were still winning but that was despite my tactic rather than thanks to it. So it went back to the drawing board and the deepest 6 changes were discussed in PT9. The offensive quartet was also put under scrutiny and the new roles will be discussed. This system does not have the TI to press more urgently, but the front four has pressure more selected as a PI to create a split block. The four “forwards” press to win back the ball, the other six is a bit less aggressive and will sit and steer opponents at times too. On the right I kept the same role as in the example above, or well I started like that, after a while I felt more variation was needed and the regular winger was scratched. An Inverted winger with a supporting duty was introduced. My expectations from this player is that he will keep width, do some crossing. Put in a goal or two and also make some good assist at times. The main job for this player is to play his part, taking part in the pressing game and always offering an outlet. Summarized what I expect from the IWs is this. · Add “secondary scoring”. · Create chances. · Offer width · Be loyal to our pressing game and JDP basic principles. With the ball the IWs often runs inside, making long diagonal runs carrying the ball with him. Working more as a creator than a scorer. While the inside forward on the other hand is more of a scorer than a creator. Role: Inverted winger support - IWs. PI: Press more, get further forward, stay wider. Mentality: Positive. For this role I use three (4) players. All play differently, have different strengths and also PPM’s that do set them apart. I will show the tridente most used here, even if Bernardo often plays AM too. The first one I will show is the player being most of a traditional winger. He is a wonderkid you have seen a few times before if you follow this saga. Antonio Carlos has developed his skills and the personality grows every now and then too. Those are his PPM’s that make him act as a classic winger more than the others. · Runs with the ball down right. · Knocks the ball past opponents. · Plays one twos. A little something from Antonio Carlos. Next up will be Raheem Sterling, earlier he played on the left but now he has been “demoted” to the right side of the pitch. As I said before Sterling is an archetypal inside forward, quick, agile, fantastic off the ball. hence he will play the inside winger role a tad less creative and a bit more focus on getting himself in goalscoring situations. Sterling is ambitious and has 13 determination. · Gets into opposition area. · Get forward whenever possible. · Plays one twos. · Cuts inside from left wing. The third is someone I described as the modern playmaker, Bernardo Silva. Sublime technique. Good vision, smart, and also a really hard worker and a tank that never seems to dry up. Do I have to add that he is an model citizen with 18 determination? · Dictates tempo. · Comes deep to collect the ball. · Plays one twos. · Tries to switch the ball to the other side of the pitch. · Uses outside of the boot. And some more PPM’s but those are some of the best for making him very creative and unpredictable for the opponents. Here you can see Silva as IWs starting this move that involves quite a few players and ends up with the left sided player finding the net. Last here I will show the one who’s best, but more often play in another role and position. Speedster, superstar, machine. Kylian Mbappe. He is resolute with 15 determination. Those traits with his attributes makes him a great runner with the ball, a legendary dribbler I would say. · Runs with the ball down right. · Cuts inside from both wings. · Plays one twos. · Tries tricks. · Uses outside of the boot. · Runs with the ball often. This is a little clip showing a great goal with the left sided player finding the IWs in a great position right after a throw in taken by WBa Alphonso Davies. As for goal scoring threats: When forwards attack from wide to inside, they are far more dangerous. Sir Alex Ferguson. @Rashidi described the differences between IW and IF like this: The best way to describe this role is to compare how Leroy Sane and Mohamad Salah play in real life. Leroy Sane is a bit more creative and works within a system that seeks to overload one side of the pitch, thereby creating space on the other. Mo Salah, is more of an inside forward whose principle purpose is to drive at defences and score goals. Both roles start from wider positions, but both play differently on FM. I suppose this is clues that gives the left attacking midfielders role away, if not. There will be an inside forward occupying this slot. My expectations from this player is that he is my main goal threat. It comes with two available duties and the differences are as follows: · Support: Will cut in diagonally into the space behind the defence and play through balls or take long shots if the opportunity arises. · Attack: Will run directly at the defence with the option of shooting, passing or crossing as he moves into the final third. To be frank the attacking duty sounds like the logical option. With that in mind it's maybe a bit strange but I went with the support alternative, but if you consider that the player behind is supposed to overlap the IF and is Alphonso Davies he will do that a lot due to him being who he is, and having the attacking wing back as his role. This is a part of the bigger strategy to maximize the potential of Salida Lavolpiana. Lastly I did not want to have two attacking duties on the same side. We still need balance in the team, but also in the formation. Summarized what I expect from the IFs is this. · Reliable source of goals. · Run at defences. · Try some killer balls. · Add flair but still contribute to the teams collaborated pressing game. Considering the supporting rather than the attacking duty I added some PIs and counted on the players attributes and PPMs to do the rest. Role: Inside forward support - IFs. PI: Press more, get further forward. Mentality: Very attacking. First one out here is Kylian Mbappe who I showed already in this post. I will not show the SS of him again but his PPM’s might be noteworthy. · Runs with the ball down right. · Cuts inside from both wings. · Plays one twos. · Tries tricks. · Uses outside of the boot. · Runs with the ball often. Mbappe getting this one due to being in the right space at the right time. Again Mbappe getting a sweet pass, this time from Lewis Cook as the REG. Sterling is here fielded as the IFs, he does this and creates a beauty. Second one here is Gelson Gomes, someone I earlier said this about: portugese wonderkid and heir to Cristano Ronaldo. Gelson Gomes (20yo newgen/regen). Excellent dribbler, quick, strong. The sky's the limit for this player who is just starting his second season in the premier league and averaging a point per game this season. Now he is even better, and has become a perfectionist with 18 determination. He looks like this and has those PPM’s. · Runs with the ball through the centre · Gets forward whenever possible. · Cuts inside from left wing. A nice long pass by Savoldi, IFs Mbappe takes full advantage and does what he does best. In the centre of the pitch I wanted a player to be able to do a lot, I also felt the need for someone who could link the deeper six with the further four of our players. In the deeper section that responsibility was given upon the Regista. Here I wanted more of a normal role, less specialized. Additionally the main conductor was already in place, which is something I'm very pleased with and it also works within the settings of this by @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!(I have quoted this before but it's something I find really useful). 1. My playmaker should have a positive mentality; most commonly in the 10-12 range but I'll go up to around 15. -I hate having a cautious playmaker playing backwards and sideways passes. 2. My holding midfielder should have the same mentality as my centre backs for defensive compactness. 3. My playmaker should ideally be my deepest midfielder, optimising passing options ahead of him. #3 is italic as it's most negotiable. Sometimes meeting #1 and #2 means I have to play a holding midfielder behind my playmaker (in more Structured systems). For me the mentality which I desire is balanced as the lowest. Positive is preferable, higher than positive will be too adventurous for a possession based game in my opinion. Risk must be taken to unlock defences, but take too much risk and the possession will be lost too often. The holding player in my system is the HB who is at a cautious mentality. Which is exactly the same as the CDd and the BPDd. The playmaker is regista on positive mentality. (Disclaimer@Ö-zil to the Arsenal! plays on FM18 which has diffrent mentalitys) Rodri, here as Half-back finds IFs (Gomes) with this beauty. So yes, where were we? I want to use any playmaker here, hence no trequartista, no advanced playmaker or enganche. The shadow striker was the initial project but it was not something I could really work out how to implement in this style and formation. Now we just have the regular attacking midfielder left. Due to me demanding him to link the forward quartet two the six deeper players he needs to be able to drop deep quite often, something that won’t happen if he is given the attacking duty because it comes with the get further forward PI locked in. My AM will therefore come with the support duty whom according to FM tends to sit in the hole, rather than get into the box. Summarized what I expect from the AMs is this. · Initiating the front fours press. Decide how and when they press. · Roam around looking for space (in possession). · Drop deep, link the front 4 with the deep 6. · Contribute with assist, key passes and hopefully a handful of goals. This space(ie the number 10 space) is often congested, me being a big team and often favoured the opposition tends to sit quite deep. To give the AMs some methods which will help him find space he is given the PI to roam from position. Role: Attacking midfielder support - AMs. PI: Press more, roam from position. Mentality: Positive. Here I tend to use four different players. Bernardo Silva, Dominik Szoboszlai, Rodrigo Bentacour and Gelson Gomes. Again they all offer different things to the team. Some being more like playmakers, some being more inclined to attack and someone like Bentacour is maybe the one most likely to do the job Jose Mourinho had Oscar do at Chelsea. Start the pressing, drop deep and also at times chip in with goals and assists. All players here can be found in either this post or the PT8.5 or PT9. PPM’s that's always useful are: · Plays one twos. · Tries tricks. · Tries killer balls. For a player acting more of a goal threat: · Runs with the ball through the centre · Gets forward whenever possible. · Runs with the ball often. And if you want someone acting as playmaker, even though not being one according to the role: · Comes deep to collect the ball. · Tries to switch the ball to the other side of the pitch. · Likes ball played into feet. Well, just because he has developed a bit I will give you Szoloszbai again. A little play ending with the AMs finding the net. Now we have come to the last position of the 4-2-3-1 project. You already know which player I want to score the goals. To help the IFs making that happen we will need certain things. @Cleon talks about this. Actually he is using the same role and formation but with another duty. He states that: The supply and support are vital parts of helping someone become a goalscorer. This is what can create the movement both for the player to use and around him so it makes the opposition make a decision. This is how gaps appear for you to exploit and use to your advantage. However another big part of this is the role and duty of the player and those around him, as this will determine not only what the player does, but how the people around him behave too. We already have for example the WBa overlapping the IFs. He can then cross, cut back or even do this. On the other side (right) the WBs and IWs tandem works with overloads too but are a bit more restrictive with the risk they take. On the positive side they have more support from the Regista than what the WBa and IFs have on their side through the HB. The AMs is supposed to work laterally to find space and also to help out on whichever side currently holds down the possession. It's supposed to be a utility man helping out when needed. I want him to work like this: To make even more space available for the IF to run into this last role must be carefully chosen. Almost all teams we face play with low blocks. Which means there is almost no space behind for us to run into. Thus we can scratch all attacking duties from the shortlist. We also want the player to be creative, which means bye-bye to the pressing forward. Now we have complete forward, deep lying forward and the false nine. I do not want this player to work too much laterally due to the intentions of getting this movement from the AM. Here we can remove the complete forward. Now we have two roles standing. The deep lying forward tends to hold up the ball, hence being more of a physical specimen than the false nine. Who often is more of a playmaker type, playing up front. Dropping deep, with the intention of either being able to get the ball unchallenged or to get a central defender following him in this movement, something that will create space for the IF to run into. From the F9 I expect flair, dribbling, breathtaking passes and a fair amount of goals too. Summarized what I expect from the F9 is this. · Stay somewhat centrally in the field, being a clever, intelligent player. · Drops deep from the forward line. Leading to superiority in numbers in midfield. · Being able to take on, and beat his man in 1on1 situations. · Contribute with both goals and assists to the team. The only thing I have changed with the false nine is that I have instructed my player to pressure more often. Role: False nine - F9. PI: Press more. Mentality: Balanced. Regarding the false-nines purposes: “generating superiorities behind each line of pressure. It can be done more or less quickly, more or less vertically, more or less grouped, but the only thing that should be maintained at all times is the pursuit of superiority. Or to put it another way: create free men between the lines.” - Adin Osmanbasic for https://spielverlagerung.com/ I have three players that play here, Lautaro Martinez, Bernardo Silva and a new brazilian called Glaucinho. This is Martinez, he is a world class player. Boosting 17 determination and being professional. Except for this current drop in ability he has been fantastic, I'm certain he can regain this dropped ability soon. This is a clip that shows Lautaro pressing perfectly, setting off a counter attack. Bernardo has been shown before and as I said, he is a tremendously talented playmaker. Talking of false nine and the most gifted playmaker playing centrally as the forward in 4-2-3-1. @SFraser wrote this already back in 2011, but it is probably even more relevant today. “While Inside Forwards exploiting the reduced defensive cover of the flanks is nothing new and is very tactically sound, it is my view that playing a pure Striker upfront is not tactically sound. Look at that defence and then look at the Passing/Creativity of your own Inside Forwards. Most Inside Forwards are not the ultimate playmakers of world football although they are lethal, and there is no way that a striker in the lone striker position in my 4-2-3-1 is going to get alot of supply coming directly through the middle. Having a player that is looking to peel off defenders and get into goalscoring positions here is a waste of a player. The centre is too immensely defender and the wide players are simply not going to carve open defences with epic throughballs very often. Ofcourse you can always play Playmakers on your flanks, and sometimes I do just that, but I wanted more movement from my wide players as my CM's need options, and the average wide playmaker is not going to destroy fullbacks with speed and movement. Indeed with the Wide Players in modern football becoming ever more like Pure Strikers in terms of actual function, it makes sense that you want a playmaker centrally to feed them into goalscoring positions. A playmaker is one of the few types of players that is going to be able to get any change out of the heart of defences like the Juventus system. The squad numbers in my formation tell the entire story. My number 9, my striker, plays left wing and my number 10, my playmaker, plays upfront on his own. That's my tactical theory, that's my tactical development, that's my tactical evolution.” The last player out will be new newly arrived brazilian Glaucinho. Young, shapeable, and very talented. With good moulding and a bit of luck Manchester City has their central striker position covered for the next decade. Glaucinho’s debut. Bentacour as regista serves him this. Kind of a free lunch. Glaucinho does not disappoint. This leaves us with this as our front 4. My team mentality spread looks like this: BAL VA-POS-POS CAU-POS ATT-CAU-CAU-POS POS And the full tactic, with the strongest 11+subs: Fairly balanced I would say, compact and still quite on the positive side. The most penetration comes from the left, the side where I expect the most goals or assists to be created. Although it may be better with Silva down the right and Gomes as AM. Silva is probably better and more important there due to his tendency to switch the play. Which has a bigger effect from right to left than from centre to left. Said left side in action, Davies making an overlapping run ends the move with a shot: Current competition status looks like this: Carabo Cup Final. Well that's one more home and safe. Last year they got me in the semis. Now I took revenge in the final. My bad, wrong Cup. This one I got last year too. The left side was key again. My first goal in this final. And again, 16 minutes later. Bernardo drives inside with the ball, making a killer of a ball. I'm not sure I will dig into the 4-2-3-1 any more at this point. I will probably try a new formation, and this time I will use three central defenders and (probably) two strikers. I will just add results from the major games left this season, We will keep the 4-2-3-1 for the remaining games. EDIT: The .fmf is now attatched. Feel free to try it out. But be aware, my team is extremly good, and players are moulded with PPMs for this. This is probably not gonna be effective for all teams or in all leagues. Djuicer 4-2-3-1 JDP FINALmaybe.fmf
  6. I would say it helps a tiny bit at times. Overloads and switches of play helps more. Those can be created with roles, duties and at times PPMs. Regarding overloads you can dig into this by @Jack722
  7. No not really, it's a tool I use to increase my possession numbers. It also decreases crossing and long shots. However its not always benificial. The key point I was trying to make was options for roles which you can use in your setup. I for example have a creative role up top. A creator down the right. A creator in midfield. An inside forward on the left with an overlapping wing back. An example of two common goals we score are those. First the IF and then the F9.
  8. This thread by @crusadertsar has lots and lots of ideas for how to create that kind of style. On top of my head you are playing with a top heavy formation, on a positive mentality and maxed out LOE and DLINE. Lacking all kinds of creativity. The inside forward role is more of a scorer than a creator. Try changeing one of them to the inverted winger instead. The midfield has three very generic roles. Which can work but then you really need creativity from other places of the pitch. Try change one of the two on support to an AP or DLP instead. In the defence the WBs on support should be fine, but in the centre you might need a ball playing defender to help Onana playing out of the back. I use this as my current setup and It works decent.
  9. Last year, I came to this number when the streak crashed and burned. Lets see this time around.
  10. A small change that might help with creativity from the OP version is to just swap the BWM and DLP duties. DLP becomes support and will take more risk in possession and the BWM becomes more risk aversive and will use shorter passings, more often finding the DLP.
  11. Thats great, a healthy view on players and attributes I like to have payers capable of playing in a lot of positions and roles. Yeah, I gues you will need some higher quality players? To be able to keep the same style in a better division. That is probably true. Not many teams attack us, but many try to catch us on the break. Arsenal is small? they are on 0.96ppg. Gained some positions and sit in 15 now. Im also drawn to go abroad. Germany, Italy or Spain. Not sure I dare to take a small side again, I did it with Fulham (small is relative right?) and worked hard for the shot at a top club!
  12. Really nice to see someone trying this in with a weaker team. Im really liking how you mould players and force them to play where you see fit. That is important and clever, even more so with worse players I suppose (I guess someone like Stones would be your playmaker with his ball playing abilitys). Quite often that is the case in this kind of system, scorers goes wide. Creators central and the DM is so so important. Thats some results! No one outside top4 and like quarters in CL ever presses me high, so I cant almost never try that. I have though at times tried to use standard loe and high dline (the setting that is "+1"). But mostly they just pass a merry go round with cd and gk then. If I win "everything" again with the 4-2-3-1 I probably will leave City and try to get Arsenal who sits in 19th place atm. Trying to keep the JDP influences but a back three and two strikers.
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