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  1. Maybe it will work in the next edition. I know I had an issue with anything related to the player on the right side of the camparison. This is a bug I reported back in February, I don't know if it was fixed or not. Maybe your issue is related to it as well. Great idea to add it here btw.
  2. It's not a part of this skin as I'm not using the transparent background for it. You have to extract the default files from the Resource Archiver and edit it.
  3. Try to clear cache and delete the preferences folder, restart the game. It should work. I'm not using the in-game editor in my save but I don't think there are some major changes in comparison with previous editions so it will work the same.
  4. If you have changed the colours within the in-game editor, open the in-game editor again and tick the "Allow licensed kits" and they will appear again.
  5. If you mean the bottom bar with the players, that's not a connected to this skin (or some other custom skins) as it happens in the default skin too. If you will click/open the Tactics Screen during the match and move back, the positions will appear again. Btw. You can just hover the "i" to see the player popup profile without entering the full player profile.
  6. It's in that linked post from August 23 I added to the last response.
  7. Colours are influenced in the settings.xml file. I have base21_dark settings and I edited colours here. I think it should be this but I'm currently not sure. <colour name="table_row_selected" value="blue 700"/> But I think it should be because I have the "blue 700" set for all selected things/rows within squad view or player positions/roles.
  8. There is not a FM21 default dark skin made by SI, it's only FM21 default skin (purple one). Probably the easiest way is to edit the background opacity and use some dark background image.
  9. what exactly you want to make more darker? The background?
  10. You have to create the transparent background for the news item if I remember it right, same as when you would create the transparent background for any other part of the skin. I have the transparency enabled in my skin if you will edit the value of the paper@2x file from 0-100 for the overall background. The path is skin folder/graphics/boxes/custom/background. The lower number your paper@2x file will be, the more transparent your background will be. If you want to have the sidebar without primary/secondary colour, you have to restore it to default. There is sidebar menu table.xml file in the skin folder/panels/generic and it controls the sidebar. You have to edit/delete/remove the graphics linked to it as well to have the right colours (black/white) back. It's all in the xml file so you can locate it in the graphics folder(s).
  11. When I open the match analysis, all data like shots, passess etc. end after the 90 minutes despite the match ended after an extra time. That means I can't see things like linked events if my or opponent team score in the extra-time. It doesn't matter if I open it in Teams or Players tab. Or if it's in the specific match or in the Team Report/Match Analysis/Individual Match Analysis. The extra time appears only if the match went to the penalties. See the pictures from the match with Wolfsburg or Jönköpings below.
  12. I had the same even in the previous versions. I would say the AI report will tell you the optional player role in most of the cases no matter what position it is and it depends on your analyst/scouts.
  13. You have this default stadium picture here, exactly as @Tyburn said. And as we both suggested, if you will download the mini stadium pictures pack and you will add within your graphics folder, it will look like this. If you don't want the picture (any picture) here, open the fixture details.xml file, locate the late 61 and delete the container with the <!--stadium picture--> (lines 61-72). Or the specific lines in the fixture details.xml file you are using. But I guess it's similar to mine. There are also spacer containers so you can delete one of them for sure.
  14. if you mean the fact that there is no stadium picture at the right side in the fixture detail, you have to download "mini stadium pictures" (or create your own stadium pictures folder with the right config) and add it to the graphics folder to be able to see the stadiums. This is just a default picture when the stadium picture is missing.
  15. delete the federation badges folder from your logopack and restart the game or reload the skin.
  16. I'm glad you like the skin but no, I won't release another version for FM21.
  17. the "v2" version is the latest and last version released publicly.
  18. Check Michael's website, he has everything related to FM18/skins here including the base skins - https://michaeltmurrayuk.blogspot.com/p/football-manager-2018-index.html
  19. The Match Overview panel is controlled by the match incidents left ibh and match incidents right ibh files. You have to edit the middle value in the line 3 within layout="30,155,-1". Reduce the size of the kit on both sides, save the files and reload the skin. Or you can make the score font size smaller in the same file by reducing the size="14". (line 12 and line 15 for aggregate score)
  20. Clear cache folder in the App Data, delete preferences folder, restart the game.
  21. This is from the opening post: If you want the version allowing you to hide/open the in-between panels, download and use the original version with the notable events panel on the left and don't use the extractifwantfullscreenibhpanel.zip.
  22. It's not your fault or you are not missing something. The custom views and their arrangement is one of the biggest mysteries within FM for many years. Resizing, rearranging and more is happening regularly.
  23. Check this for example - https://fmslovakia.com/en/how-to-find-fm21-on-mac/?amp
  24. Be sure you don't have Automatically override custom panels? option selected in the preferences.
  25. I would say it's related to licensing...
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