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  1. yes it should be fine, it was in my experience anyway. The best thing to do is to try it and then report back here with how you got on
  2. Hi Neil, I have updated to the latest beta and there is a massive improvement but still not quite the same as before the problems with the latest Mojave update in my opinion General gameplay is pretty perfect from what I can see so far. Clicking between screens and the calendar dropdown when processing between days looks perfectly smooth to me which is great. Where I think it’s not quite the same is in match. I am now only getting 1 star as graphical rating (although I know this isn’t always accurate) and where I was previously able to watch in 3D on medium settings smoothly, this is now stuttering and even on low it’s not completely smooth. The 2d views are at least perfectly smooth on all settings now. In summary this latest update has seen massive improvements for me so thank you for your work in getting this released, it’s much appreciated
  3. Yes to be fair the video doesn’t show the lag as bad as it actually is as it is only my iphones camera that I used to film. It’s very bad on the beta when I click continue as the calendar that drops down when processing is very jittery, which it wasn’t before the updates, and you can hear the system is under stress. As I said, the non beta version is performing much better for me which is strange as my computer has had no further updates but it is still not right, but in my experience is loads better than the beta and is at least playable
  4. Neil I have uploaded videos to your cloud service which are called: kevez27publicbetalagexample - which shows how my game lags on various screens and in match on the public beta kevez27NONBETAEXAMPLE - which shows how the game runs smoother in match on the non beta version of the game KEVEZ27SMOOTHREPLAYNONBETA - which shows a replay after a goal in director cam which is perfectly smooth, again on the non beta version of the game The exact same settings were used on each clip, medium quality with crowd and shadow on low. I’ve also noticed on the non beta version if I am watching in 3D the highlight often begins with lag but if I pause and then unpause this will often fix it and will run smoothly until the next highlight where it starts laggy again. 2d runs fine on the non-beta but even that lags on the public beta. if you need any further information please let me know
  5. No problem I will take some videos when I get home from work but in the meantime I know that my MacBook is a 2017 15 Inch model with i7-7700HQ 2.8ghz processor with the AMD Radeon 560 4gb gpu
  6. Originally after installing the 10.14.4 update, I loaded the game and had the same lag issues as everybody else, both in match and navigating around the other screens so I left it until you released the beta. After installing the beta I found it was even worse and totally unplayable due to severe lag on the lowest settings even in 2D, so I returned to the normal non-beta version and found this was running much better. 3D is still hit and miss but I’ve found if I watch in 2d and have 3D replays this works well. For example last night, even on 1650x800 resolution with medium settings with low crowd and shadows settings, 2d comprehensive with 3D replays were perfectly smooth but watching all highlights in 3D causes more issues if that makes sense. I can try to film some examples later if that will help?
  7. Neil I have tried the public beta many times on different settings and it is 100 times worse than the non beta version of the game On the beta, even on the lowest settings I have lag in match and even when navigating around different menus out of the match screen On the non-beta version of the game I previously played on mostly medium settings with crowd and shadows on low and it ran perfectly smoothly. This is still possible but I have to change the Mac’s resolution to 1440x900 to achieve this
  8. Until SI find a more more permanent fix for this, I would recommend people try lowering your Mac’s resolution whenever you want to play FM. I tried this by going to system preferences —> displays —> scaled —> and then select the middle option (looks like 1440x900) and then load up FM and make sure the same resolution is selected in game and adjust the zoom level to your preference. I managed to get the game running smoothly on the non-beta version of the game so try opting out of the beta and trying this if you are still suffering from the lagging issues. Also Neil, the beta version is a lot worse than the proper version of the game in my experience and makes the whole game unplayable for me so please don’t update the full version to that in its current state. Many thanks.
  9. Spoke too soon, sorry everybody. The beta still seems much better but the fans proper ramp up where they never used to before
  10. I've been suffering with this issue too but just loaded up the game and it seems much better on both the beta and without the beta, which is strange because as far as i know there have been no more updates from SI or Apple? I'd recommend other people on here loading up to see if they can see any improvement
  11. Can you change where the game is installed on a Mac? I can't see it in my applications folder?
  12. Yes that is true, but I just thought there could be an issue there somewhere as previously there were no issues when I installed the game and used the shortcuts. Sorry if that seems over the top but I have just spent an awful lot of money on this machine as I like Macs in general, but FM not running as it previously did has obviously concerned me. I get your point about it being a steam issue though so thank you for your help
  13. Ok thanks. Does the problem usually sort itself out do you know? Also, where is the location of the game application on a Mac? Just so I can see if it has at least installed correctly? Thanks
  14. My concern is that the game hasn't installed correctly as previously I had the different shortcut options to launch so it seems strange that they are not available now. You play it on a Mac don't you Lucas? Could you tell me what options you have available to launch the game? And what options there should be? Why do you think the dock icon isn't working? Thanks for the quick reply too, it's appreciated
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