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  1. Spoke too soon, sorry everybody. The beta still seems much better but the fans proper ramp up where they never used to before
  2. I've been suffering with this issue too but just loaded up the game and it seems much better on both the beta and without the beta, which is strange because as far as i know there have been no more updates from SI or Apple? I'd recommend other people on here loading up to see if they can see any improvement
  3. In Serie C, upcoming fixtures show most matches are to be played at a neutral ground which i believe is wrong
  4. Can you change where the game is installed on a Mac? I can't see it in my applications folder?
  5. Yes that is true, but I just thought there could be an issue there somewhere as previously there were no issues when I installed the game and used the shortcuts. Sorry if that seems over the top but I have just spent an awful lot of money on this machine as I like Macs in general, but FM not running as it previously did has obviously concerned me. I get your point about it being a steam issue though so thank you for your help
  6. Ok thanks. Does the problem usually sort itself out do you know? Also, where is the location of the game application on a Mac? Just so I can see if it has at least installed correctly? Thanks
  7. My concern is that the game hasn't installed correctly as previously I had the different shortcut options to launch so it seems strange that they are not available now. You play it on a Mac don't you Lucas? Could you tell me what options you have available to launch the game? And what options there should be? Why do you think the dock icon isn't working? Thanks for the quick reply too, it's appreciated
  8. Hi, I recently got the new MacBook Pro 15" 2017 and put a fresh install of MacOS on it and updated Sierra to the latest version. Everything else installed correctly but when I installed FM17 through steam a problem has arisen. When it has finished installing, there is no shortcut on the desktop, in launchpad or in the dock. When I click play in the steam library FM17 starts ok, and I was even able to select 'keep in dock' on the icon that appears. However, when I close FM17 and then try to open it again through the dock shortcut/icon, nothing happens so it is obviously not working properly. Please help me as on my old MacBook Pro I could open FM through the dock, desktop shortcut or even launchpad I think. When I select add desktop shortcut in steam, it says this isn't possible as there is already a desktop shortcut but this isn't true. Many thanks for any advice
  9. No need to apologise Smurf, I appreciate your opinion on this. I don't need a mac but after a lot of bad experiences with windows laptops, I really want to give Mac a try. I appreciate they're not gaming machines and expensive but just wondered how well they'd play FM, mainly the processing from day to day and the 2d performance as i'm not a great 3d fan
  10. Sounds like your laptop is going into power saving mode when you unplug it. You should be able to change that in the control panel and power options
  11. Any thoughts on this please? Anybody playing on one of these?
  12. http://m.johnlewis.com/mt/www.johnlewis.com/apple-macbook-pro-md101b-a-intel-core-i5-500gb-4gb-ram-13-3-/p231656819?un_jtt_v_pdp=yes&un_jtt_v_from_product=un_product_1#page_loaded How well do you think this older, non-retina Macbook Pro will run FM16? It's currently on offer and i'm tempted to buy it and then upgrade it to an SSD and 16gb RAM. How well will the i5-3210m perform? I like to play with 20+ leagues at a good speed and watch replays in 3d
  13. http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/asus-core-i5-6200u-8gb-1tb-dvd-dl-nvidia-geforce-920m-15.6-fhd-led-windows-x555uj-xo070t/version.asp It looks like Laptops Direct have the same model (or very similar) and I think both sites offer monthly payment but just be careful about what it works out overall. No laptop is cheap, especially on top of birthdays and holidays etc so I hope you find something that works out for you mate
  14. https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/m/p/1829327 Something like this would probably be good for you mate. Dedicated graphics card and a decent processor and 8gb of RAM for £500 is decent
  15. I just had a look at the probooks and they seem to come with 4gb of RAM. That should be enough but i'd look at getting 8gb or more to future proof it a bit.
  16. I wouldn't go solely on the ghz mate. A quad core i7 clocked at 2.2ghz would still be better than a dual core i5 clocked at 2.5ghz due to the number of cores etc. That laptop you linked looks good but a cheaper laptop would probably get the job done if you'd rather spend less. The helpful guys in this thread have found some really good value machines so I'd have a look back through this thread at some of their suggestions to see if there is anything that catches your eye
  17. You stay classy Chelsea fans. I recommend you don't put Bayern Munich down as a favourite club as I don't think they appreciate hooligans smashing their bars up. Just a bit of input
  18. I'm not from Liverpool and I don't support Liverpool. I just find it hilarious how Chelsea fans complain about the behaviour of other fans when they are the worst behaved fans in the league. Also, if you only want input on the issue at hand, why bring up the Liverpool thing in the first place? Seems like you have big issues with them pal
  19. A Chelsea fan complaining about how other clubs' fans behave is so ironic it's funny. Paris underground? Munich bar?
  20. Thanks for updating everybody, Neil. Can I ask if there is still an issue with blurry text when lowering screen resolution which has been mentioned in other posts in this forum? I am looking to purchase a Macbook Pro to play the game but I'm concerned about that issue
  21. Have you played on it yet? Does it run amazingly fast? What about 3d performance?
  22. Thank you dalmashimself, that sounds very promising. As you get 5 star 3d rating, am I right in thinking you have the 15 inch MBP with dedicated graphics card and i7 processor?
  23. Thank you so much for letting me know all of that, you have been a great help Teeblatt. I have never had a Macbook before so I'd like to know as much as possible about them before I get one Anybody else's experience with Macbooks and performance would be greatly appreciated too
  24. Thank you very much for that Teeblatt, that is a big help. Can I ask how many stars you get for computer performance? And what 3d rating you get with the iris graphics? And how quick the general game play is (not match day, just normal processing from day to day) Many thanks
  25. Do you both have dedicated graphics cards or do you have the iris pro? What 3d graphics rating do you get in the preferences screen?
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