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  1. Hello, Very frequently when I click to load FM20 it’s saying to install it as if I already haven’t, which takes only a few seconds. Then when I load the game it asks me to create a manager as if it’s the first time of setting the game up. Then, the worst part is, when I try to load the last game, it says “save game could not be loaded” Any ideas what’s going on?
  2. Really not acceptable that this is still playing up, jittery and lagging...I’ve been a long term customer and am very frustrated.
  3. This issue went away for a while, but since one of the updates, the issue has returned. Any one having the same issue?
  4. The fact it’s only around 80% smooth causing it to jitter gives me eye strain and headaches, so for some, it is unplayable.
  5. Not only is it affecting my enjoyment, it’s giving me eye strain and headaches due to the jittery flow to the ME, which is really putting me off playing a game I just paid for.
  6. This went away briefly but unfortunately appears to be back. Anyone else have this?
  7. I’m having a similar issue, the entire match plays at about 85% smoothness, which is really irritating and stopping my enjoyment...I have a high end laptop so this shouldn’t be the case.
  8. I have a high end laptop and have installed all the latest updates, I have most graphics on medium, yet it’s jittery during the matches, can anyone help?
  9. I have a Dell Precision 5530 2 in 1 which has a Radeon™ Pro WX Vega M GL Graphics with 4GB HBM2 Graphics Memory I’ve set the crowd to low and a few other preferences to medium, yet the 3D matches are a bit laggy and jittery, it’s says my drivers are up to date. Can anyone help? Cheers.
  10. Hello, Ive got a great game going with Atletico Madrid, but with Brexit, I’ve now got 6 foreign/non EU players and need to get that down to 3...is there anyway I could make them no longer non EU with the in game editor? Thanks
  11. I think I took the autosaves off...so I think that might be it, gutted as I had done so much with it.
  12. Hello, I had a great game going, many seasons in, but my computer updated with the game up and now the save won’t load and it wasn’t backed up to the cloud. Is there anyway of retrieving it? Thanks
  13. That all sounds like it would be beneficial to playing FM then? Many ideas if the HD panel will be better for the issue I had on the 4K panel, where colours were trailing badly?
  14. I think I’ll go for the Dell then. The fact it’s a workstation makes no difference I assume?
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