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  1. Before we even think about TIs you need to thinks about roles that work for your players. It’s one thing to want to play a certain way, but without the right players it isn’t going to work. Are you planning a load of transfers to fit the roles you have set? If not then consider the players best roles as a starting point. Also as above why not have a flat back 4?
  2. To be honest I found a lack of goals all found, but continued to use the formation until the end of the season, making notes of things I saw from watching matches and also taking into consideration the feedback that is available on the following screens 'team report, stats' and 'tactics, analysis, match. I found the second one very useful as I could assess a varied combination of the last 5 matches - using this and the notes I made when watching allowed me to address situations and evolve the tactic. In the break before my currently season started to re-build the tactic based on the infor
  3. This is good and appreciated feedback. Gives me a few ideas to ponder over, which is helpful :-)
  4. Haha sorry I probably should have been more clear. Perhaps it is a bug, as currently it does make much sense.
  5. Thanks. The strange thing is, is that they are playing well together and what they are each saying in their profiles also confirms this. The news item and advice currently makes no sense. Unless I'm missing something.
  6. Thanks for the reply. It came up as an inbox item, I've attached a couple of screenshots. That said I am now confused more than ever as to why I've even got my assistant telling me this. I followed your advice and checked the 2 players information screens, have attached those screenshots too, and they seem to believe they are playing well with each other. Confused...
  7. So you saying there is nothing I can or need to do then and the I should just ignore it, or? When I read it, it sounds like there should be something built into the game that I can do to make this partnership improve - I was thinking maybe I need to make them train together or something like that. Not sure if thats even a thing though.
  8. Bit of advice required please... How do I improve the partnership between these two players? I ideally don't want to replace one if I can help it as they are both key to my team in the positions and roles they play. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  9. Just wanted to give an update on the evolution of this tactic. Thank's again for all the feedback, and not trying to single anyone out but added thanks to the constant feedback from @Experienced Defender Watching match highlights, assessing results etc... I was able to see that the RB position was just not working, the IWB-S, was good when we was going forward but was a struggle when then trying to defend - understand some of this will be down to the defender himself, but the positioning just didn't sit right with me. Also from watching the highlights can see why CM-A was equall
  10. Thank-you for the feedback - all makes sense, and I understand the rationale behind what you are saying too. Will digest it and create a tactic in slot 2 around what you're suggesting so I can compare them side by side, will also take note of the 'tweaks' too. Appreciate the advice.
  11. Thank-you for the feedback. Fully understand what you're saying - will digest the comments, valid question on who is creating the space.
  12. You've basically hit the nail on the head... I want to defend well and hit teams on the counter. When in possession I want to move the ball quickly and get my 3 forward players and potentially the BBM to run onto balls as they all have good pace. Ideally I want to have 3 kind of up top and the wing backs bolting forward, this is the idea of the IF-A's with the WB-A's When defending I want to be a unit, I'm less worried about pressing, I want the players back into their positions and then aim to get the ball back - this is why I have gone for re-group over counter-press. I want t
  13. Anyone played with a tactic similar to this before? I am trying to create something a little different that offers me protection at the back when needed but the WB's still push up attacking (they are not good in the standard WB position - hence this somewhat strange variation). Just wondered if anyone else had done similar? Any tips or suggestions for roles and tactical style are welcome. I've not played a game yet, I am tweaking this between seasons, ready to test in pre-season - so very much a work in progress.
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