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  1. Thank-you for the feedback - all makes sense, and I understand the rationale behind what you are saying too. Will digest it and create a tactic in slot 2 around what you're suggesting so I can compare them side by side, will also take note of the 'tweaks' too. Appreciate the advice.
  2. Thank-you for the feedback. Fully understand what you're saying - will digest the comments, valid question on who is creating the space.
  3. You've basically hit the nail on the head... I want to defend well and hit teams on the counter. When in possession I want to move the ball quickly and get my 3 forward players and potentially the BBM to run onto balls as they all have good pace. Ideally I want to have 3 kind of up top and the wing backs bolting forward, this is the idea of the IF-A's with the WB-A's When defending I want to be a unit, I'm less worried about pressing, I want the players back into their positions and then aim to get the ball back - this is why I have gone for re-group over counter-press. I want them to do this quickly to press when they are back in position, or heading into position this is why I also added More Urgent. I also want to play more structured, with less freedom, this is why currently I have tried to avoid fluid and flexible and also stayed balanced. Lastly where possible I want to avoid shooting from too far out, but I am not totally against it, this is why I have not said to work into box etc... Since my post I have only played one game, we won 6-0, however it was only a friendly (first of pre-season), that said we did appear to play as I have explained above - but its too early to tell what tweaks are needed, however your advice (as always) is invaluable. Have attached some hopefully helpful screenshot's from that game - but like I said it is early days. Thanks.
  4. Anyone played with a tactic similar to this before? I am trying to create something a little different that offers me protection at the back when needed but the WB's still push up attacking (they are not good in the standard WB position - hence this somewhat strange variation). Just wondered if anyone else had done similar? Any tips or suggestions for roles and tactical style are welcome. I've not played a game yet, I am tweaking this between seasons, ready to test in pre-season - so very much a work in progress.
  5. Hi, no worries at all - sorry my fault I should have uploaded that already but it slipped my mind. Its uploaded now and the file is called 'Darren Noonan - Hull.fm' Thanks
  6. Sorry to bump this up again... but any ideas? You can seen here that I was in the job in 2019.
  7. Any ideas on this please? I'm assuming I've asked in the right place.
  8. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this. Just wondering why my job history is not showing my first year in charge, 2019/20 season, where we finished 4th in the Championship and got promoted via the playoffs. I've attached a screenshot. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply. Was aware of the tempo comment, if things didn’t work at first that was the first thing I was going to remove, for now though it seems okay. Fingers crossed it stays that way. I didn’t know that about the run at defence, I had assumed it was for the attacking based players. Clearly I was wrong, so thanks for that very helpful. Valid point on the counter-press, that might be what went wrong against those big teams then. Will note that down, appreciate that. Thanks
  10. Just wanted to provide an update. Left hand side is previous 15 fixtures before I embarked on creating this new 4-3-3 (using the 4-3-3 in first post) the right hand side is the last 14 fixtures since I took in everyones advice. As you can see its working really well, the two loses came to the best 2 teams in the league who were sitting in 2nd and 1st at the time, all other games we played really well as you can see from the results, we was actually unlucky not to nick wins in those draws too, all very close games. Here is the formation I have played for last 12 of those 14 games, the first 2 I played with a CD-X and WB-S, changing to a CD-D and IWB-S as per the advice on here and I must say its more often than not worked out as I would have hoped. I can't thank everyone enough for the help provided so far, it make me re-think everything and go back to the drawing board with creating a tactic firstly understanding what I wanted and then really thinking about the roles of the players. We are now exceeding expectations in the league, currently sitting in 10th (was predicted 18th - fight against relegation). The main thing I need to work on is getting the PFa to score more goals, he only has 3 in those 14 games, which essentially isn't an issue as goals are obvisouly coming from elsewhere - but I think that is where I now need to focus my attention. Thanks again everyone.
  11. @Experienced Defender Thank-you for the feedback. I really do want to play with CMat as I like how he makes runs forward etc.. so the last of the options you posted are close to what I am leaning towards at the moment. Regards playing style, with my attackers and midfielders going forward having some pace I want us to run at the opposition and take the game to them when we have possession, whilst at the same time building this up with shorter passing rather than direct long balls. I do like a possession based tactic, which is why on the first version I was slowing down tempo and taking things slow, but now realise that is exactly why I am not doing well as the team were doing it too often, almost all the time. As you can see from my latest post (https://community.sigames.com/topic/513710-getting-4-3-3-wide-to-work/?do=findComment&comment=12266359) I went back to scratch and built again, with the roles not looking to dissimilar to what you have talked about in the 3rd variation in your post. Appreciating all the feedback, its very helpful.
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