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  1. Really good work on this to be honest. The home screen is my favourite from any skin, really like the club info in the middle at the top then how the columns are split on the page. Great look and use of the space.
  2. I think the layout looks really good. Background might be slightly too transparent, and the text in season stats look lighter. The menu bar fade is nice. Not criticising just observations, as you know I’m a big fan of your work.
  3. Thats a good shout to be honest. Thanks for this - appreciate it.
  4. Thank-you very much, really appreciate that mate.
  5. Hi, I am not great at this skinning stuff, would someone be able to provide me with the standard tactics overview side panel xml file please? I have tried to extract it myself, but as mentioned not the best at this. Just want to have a play around with it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Really nice font, will give it a go - thanks.
  7. Thats for sharing, awesome work.
  8. Thanks for correcting me, appreciate that. I hadn't realised.
  9. If you delete the fonts folder does it not just then use the standard skin fonts? I thought that was how it worked? I could be wrong though, apologies if thats the case.
  10. Based on the base skin with great additions and some changes also -
  11. Perfect, thank-you for this. I completed the following and all is working great now. Thanks :-) Or change the 178 line of prot651's xml file as follows. <string id="player_icon_file" value="tactics/tcs/tactics/player icon" />
  12. All I can think is that there are more files that you changed or placed inside folders. I noticed your file refers to YAC's, specifically in the below, so assume you probably have files I don't have, that is within that code and other parts of the code also? <container class="pitch_with_tactics" entity_layout_id="it02" id="pitch_instruction_description_text_colour" name="pitch" height="575"> <real id="pitch_perspective" value="0.000000" /> <string id="icon_flags" value="show_name,show_extra_details,use_overview_icons,drop_initial_if_possible,show_position_role_duty_suitability,show_selection_image,show_number,show_role_duty_labels,show_familiarity" /> <string id="show_extra_details_buttons" value="true" /> <string id="player_icon_file" value="tactics/tactics icon info panel overview2" /> <string id="pitch_draw_grass" value="true" /> <string id="pitch_pattern" value="yacs thick stripes vert" /> <integer id="pitch_vertical_padding" value="0" /> <string id="vertical" value="true" /> <integer id="pitch_player_icon_text_size" value="5" /> <string id="pitch_alignment" value="can_scale" /> <real id="maximum_player_size" value="0.220000" /> <string id="pitch_line_colour" value="white" /> <string id="3958779584" value="tactics normal run" /> <string id="3958779616" value="tactics darkened run" /> <string id="3958779648" value="tactics dragged run" /> <integer id="pitch_touchline_width_percentage" value="20" /> <integer id="line_width" value="1" /> <layout class="stick_to_object_attachment" id="align_top" offset="34" get_side="top" set_side="top" move_side="true" target="main" /> <layout class="stick_to_object_attachment" id="align_left" get_side="left" set_side="left" target="main" /> <layout class="stick_to_object_attachment" id="align_right" get_side="right" set_side="right" target="main" /> </container>
  13. Hi, still have the same issue, not sure why. Have put it in the exact folder you have stated too. I even tried to change zoom level but no luck.
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