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  1. Defending in general it`s a joke with this ME... I`ve seen bugs not fixed from FM19 to FM21, it`s the same ME with some changes to players movement in 3D and that`s it, same bugs just like last year. Everybody sayin` this year we have the best FM ever...NOT!
  2. Mate, with the players you have at BM, you can play whatever tactic you want and still be champion at the end. I would play 4231/433 with attacking or positive mentality. Only in the CL i would go cautious away to Barca/Real/L'pool/Citeh...
  3. Cautious only with big teams because i don't have a team of world class players Most of the games i start on attacking home and positive/cautious away I lost the title in the last month, all my goalkeepers got injured for 6 to 9 weeks, Boga and Berardi also injured, so i played without my best players
  4. Glad to see my tweak for FM20 still going strong in BETA 21 FM20.4.1BEOWULF4231 with Sassuolo Defensive Line to Higher & Get Stuck In OFF
  5. This is a good save with SUPER DEPOR and a really good tactic for BETA 21
  6. Are you joking? In FM21 you don`t get work permits for 90% of the players you want to sign, even for the 17-18 year old wonderkids That`s why many players are not playing with english teams anymore
  7. So the curse is in the game also? Good luck next time mate! Try starting the Final on Cautious and build from there
  8. Testing FM20.4.4KASHMIRKnap433MMP362(180-182).fmf with INTER MILANO but wasn`t expecting this...
  9. FM20.4.0BlackEcho424knapP109FACCP345(207).fmf FM20.4.1BEOWULFKnap424P105FACCP353(196-157).fmf FM20.4.1VenomFaith424KnapVOL3P108ECCC.fmf FM20.4.4GALLOWSPOLEKnap424P101ALLCUPS.fmf There you go mate, enjoy
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