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  1. This is what i was saying yesterday to a friend, after a few hours of playing in 3D you even know when you score or not, all goals come from the same situations. In the Beta and after first release the ME was unpredictable, now not so much. And let's not talk about the bugs they didn't fix since 2 years ago, it's a festival of blocked crosses, shots and phantom penalties...
  2. I was hoping they would fix most of the bugs but they really didn`t fix it! It`s the same festival of blocked shots, crosses and passes, phantom penalties and so on...
  3. Amazing PreachinBlues451 tactic First season Valencia, won the league and the cup easy, way too easy, lost only one game against Barca All games played in 3D, my own team training and individual training, OI to Ass Man Minimum 10 games in the pre season, same tactic in all 3 slots in the tactic screen Thx Knap for this tactic FM21.5PreachinBluesKnap451WP102ECFA.fmf
  4. If you can't have success with teams like Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea then you don't know how to play FM21. Go on Twitch and watch people how they play or look for the videos on youtube, you have everything there. There's no more plug&play and you need to learn how to play the game. 👍 good luck
  5. Other great tactics for this patch are : FM21.5VenomFaithKnap442P101EC.fmf FM21.4WARRIORKnap44141P101FA.fmf FM21.5KashmirKnap4231KINGMUP98ECCC.fmf FM21.5TIMEKnap451P108ALLCUPS.fmf Had great success using these tactics too
  6. Tested WARRIOR442P106 with WBA two times, no transfers, finished 5th & 6th Very good results with a team of Championship players FM21.5WARRIORKnap4442P106.fmf
  7. Tested 3 times with FULHAM 6th - 7th - 8th Good tactic, more defensive that those tested a few days ago Finished 8th in my last save because i got a lot of injuries As you can see, around 60 points every time, i think it`s ok for a team like Fulham using a defensive tactic like this one
  8. Noticed that, i was expecting HGF451 to kill it but TIME451 is a very very solid tactic if you play all games 3D I`ll test all 3 tactics again with a bigger team to see if it`s still the same order
  9. Decided to test the top 451 tactics with FULHAM, no transfers & media prediction 20th : Best results are given by TIME451 Tactic RESULTS FM21.5PreachinBluesKnap451WP102ECFA.fmf FM21.5TIMEKnap451P108ALLCUPS.fmf FM21.5HOLYGHOSTFIRE451P107ECCC.fmf
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