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  1. It`s not the hardware, it`s their optimization that`s c.r.a.p!!! PERIOD In Battlefield V & Forza Horizon 4 my GPU load is 50-60 % while in FM20 is 90-100% ! These 2 games are in top 10 most GPU demanding games of the year ! And you wanna tell me it`s a hardware problem??? Give me a break ...
  2. Until today, i could play the game on medium settings, now even on low settings has lag! The 20.1 update ruined everything, IT IS UNPLAYABLE !!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING GUYS ???
  3. It`s not your GPU, it`s the Match Engine. There`s alot of ppl with the same problem, some of them have high end cards like RTX 2070 and 2080. Same old story for the last 3 years. Your 1050ti is more than enough to play the game in 3D, do not upgrade your GPU!
  4. I love how smooth it is now between the games, i`ve never seen it so smooth... but when we go to 3D ... that`s another story! i`m gonna stay on medium settings and play it like that for now, hope they`ll find a way to fix it!
  5. Yes, v-sync is set to fast and i`m playing on Medium settings, high and very high is unplayable!
  6. For me it`s not working mate, updated and it`s worse, my GPU fan is going nuts and my GPU utilization is on 100%
  7. All this issues are from the GPUs ! It`s crazy seeing this kind of problems from RTX 2070 and RTX 2080s, these cards are high end GPUs that can play all AAA games on Very High & Ultra settings with no problems. That being said, i think SI should tell us on what systems they`ve tested the game, the CPU - GPU - RAM combo that doesn`t have any lag. I`ve just seen 1 hour ago a 2500 euros computer, a beast, that can`t play FM20 but ANY other game out there is working perfect.
  8. I have the same problem for the third year in a row! I fixed it by setting v-sync to fast and graphics to MEDIUM. Tho i have a 5 star rating, can`t play on high or very high. Can some of you do the same and tell me if it`s working ? I know it`s not fun playing in 3D with medium settings, but it is what it is! Hope SI will find a fix for this. Playing on a Ryzen 5 1500x & GTX 1060 6GB + SSD with all drivers up to date and a clean Win 10 Attached what you asked for with the 3D settings to Very High GPU-Z Sensor Log.txt
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