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  1. Up to this patch, everybody was crying that only 442 tactics are working... Now that classic 4123 and 4231 are working, nobody is trying them ... i see people posting results only with 442 and 352 or 343 formations ... How funny is that ?!?
  2. FM20.2.4-4231ParisienneWaalkways.fmf 1071621358_!FM20.2.4-4231KnapPar1s-ParisienneWalkways.fmf
  3. I don`t know what you guys are doing, but for me, Phoenix V4 with minor tweaks is a monster of a tactic. This is one ex. of tiki-taka goals scored by my team :
  4. Started with PHOENIX V3 and now using v4 with minor tweaks : Mentality : Positive Left IWB : Attacking ( identical to right IWB ) Amazing results :
  5. Up to FM20, we could overachieve in the first season with all the teams played, but now ... it`s a different story! And to be honest, i like it like that, it`s more realistic, no more Champions in the first season with teams predicted to finish 12th or 15th.
  6. Hey @Knap Any chance of a 4-1-2-2-1 and a 4-2-3-1 for 20.2.4 ? 20.2.3 Preachin Blues was sensational !
  7. I don`t think you understand : the tactic produced 7 one on one with the Gk , Bournemouth vs Liverpool What more do you need? It`s not the tactic, it`s the ME
  8. Updated to 20.2.4 New save, first game of the season : SEVEN one on one with the Gk ... ALL MISSED !!! Really ? Really SI ??? SEVEN ( 7 ) ??? Callum Wilson has 17 finishing ... really ? What do i need ? A player with 20 finishing to score a one on one ???
  9. Is this the worst ever Match Engine? I would say "Top 3" in my book!!!
  10. Any news on an update for the ME before the March patch? Would be nice to have an update, the ME is broken. Thank you and hope to get an official reply.
  11. There is a BIG difference, ME is more realistic now, good job guys. A few things like unrealistic foul in the penalty area must be tweaked, headers and fullbacks marking need more work, but i think we are going in the right direction.
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