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  1. I’m playing on stadia (laptop too old now) so I don’t think I have an option.
  2. Haaland is doing well for me and scoring goals, but he misses a lot of one on ones. 3+ a game sometimes. He has the PPM of hit shots with power and I was wondering if anyone had seen any improvement in one on ones if this was untrained? thanks
  3. First post for me this season. I am having to play via Stadia so was a bit late to the party! Season 1- like others won the league easily. Pablo was player of the year! Season 2 is a tough one and i changed formation to a narrow 4312 and did well. Finished 9, which I was happy with. Season 3- won league cup and finished 6th. Season 4- currently joint top after 8 games and flying in UEFA cup. Haaling is a beast, but better on his own up front. I played him for a season as part of a 2 in the 4312 formation and he was wasted to be honest. Start of season 4 I have changed to play wide players to get the best out of him and he is on fire. My front three of Haaland, Sane and Kluivert are awesome! Leeds players still playing for me; Davies (back up LB that I need to move on really), Phillips, Shack (found him to be excellent as a MEZ in midfield due to his dribbling in central areas and he is quick), Bogusz (back up CM now, but still good), Kennah (back up CB)- still trying to break through properly. Signings below if they help anyone. Sane is a madatory purchase, but he is in excellent form, so I am very hapy about that! I too, in years 2 and 3 spread a lot of payments over 3 years.
  4. Someone do a screen grab of Ben Whites stats please!
  5. I am struggling for time to play FM this year. Is the match engine much different to FM19?
  6. I’m 5 seasons in and my Leeds team just won the champions league. I was struggling against teams who sit deep and this tactic is working like a dream for me so far. Won 5 on the bounce.
  7. I’m still going too- 22/23 season and now trying to defend PL title! Did the double last year to end an annoying run of losing finals. Lost in both uefa cup and FA cup finals in previous seasons.
  8. Thanks- I left ‘be more expressive’ on as it came with the template vertical tikka Taka. Why do you say it needlessly complicates things?
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I only really play an AP behind the main striker since I got Phil Foden on loan- his performances were better, but I will take another look at that,
  10. Quick update from me... Ive posted in the main tactics thread for a bit of advice on striker roles because none of them are really firing (Roofe, Bamford or Solanke). I have 2 different tactics that I use
  11. Bit of advice please. My tactic is performing really well- top of Championship with Leeds and on course to win it by 10+ points. Only issue is that my centre forward doesnt score many goals (all 3 of them that I have tried have betwwen 5-8 goals). Ive tried PFA, CSs, AFa, DLFA but none of them seem to be right. Is there an obvious issue with my tactic thats causng a lack of space for the striker to operate in etc? e.g the high press ? Im having similar issues with my 2nd tactic thats more defensive.... any afvice on either would be appreciated. Like I say the tactics are working well.. im just being picky!
  12. I'm 30 games in and 9 points clear at the top in first season, but my centre forward isn't scoring many goals. What role do you give to Bamford? I've got Solanke on loan (jan) and Forden (jan loan). I either play 433 or 4231 so Bamford is up on his own with Roofe in the AMr position with an attack duty.
  13. 7 league games in and won 6 and drawn 1, so started really well. I disabled transfers in the first window so I've just got the original squad. It seems that if you use a base tactic and tweak it, you won't go far wrong.
  14. Go for it. I just lost 18-17 on pens to Hull in the league cup on fm19. I thought it must have been a bug and they were going to be there for ever!
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