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  1. I apologize I didn't notice it ... thank u @Pretended and Mr. Mourinho.
  2. @Pretended thanx for the amazing approach ... would please share the tactic coz I would like to have a look on the PI's and the corner routines. Thank u in advance
  3. @Loversleaper Really appreciate your threads through out the various iterations of FM. I wonder if you are planning to have something about Conte this year ??
  4. it is definitely a help but would please elaborate ?? Thanks in advance
  5. I really appreciate it ... Looking forward to test your tactics with the squad after Cuadrado's addition
  6. Nice work PitchPosh .... Would you please elaborate more on the tactics used ??
  7. Great Tactic .. as you mentioned .. solid, stable, and realistic. Thanks alot
  8. It seems that I can't find this particular shout/instruction.. Would somebody please point to me where can I find it?
  9. Thank you very much wwfan.. I still use them and they work perfectly in FM14
  10. Still After the update I can't switch to windowed mode unless I change the zoom size
  11. FM14 - New Tactical Elements

    @Spart Thanks mate for the answer
  12. FM14 - New Tactical Elements

    Can someone please confirm whether the match plan wizard is included in FM or just in FMC?
  13. Really glad that you are back in this iteration Loversleaper