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  1. The throw in set ups are ignored and then you constantly concede from your own attacking throws I leave 5 at the bag just too stop the break but the game ignores my tactics My DM and RB are meant to stay back but my DM goes short for the throw leaving NO out ball and no protection for the break he goes on to lose the ball and they score Then you'll have people telling you its your tactics
  2. Again 78 minutes what a flipping joke. R. Madrid v Arsenal 78 min.pkm
  3. Every player after 30 declines drastically in physical attributes its not right! maybe some players but many maintain their pace, (deffo) strength... the only thing that changes drastically is stamina and injury and that's dependent on the players natural fitness and professionalism
  4. Please just take a look and sort this out makes the whole VAR stuff look like trash Ok ballotti is in an offside position but the ball is to nketiah please just sort it out 20.45 time Arsenal v Watford 20.45.pkm
  5. Are arsenal really paying ozil 94k a week 3 years after his contract was due to end??? or is this a bug since i'm finding percentage of wage is now throughout whole of new contract not until the previous contract was due to end.
  6. Couple updates later still the same issues. Players away on international duty when you still have a final to play. How hard is it to delay players joining their teams to AFTER the final game is played. This is something that happens alot throughout the FM series @FrazT This is something that happens at the end of the first season just load up any save around that time u21s leave after the last league game its too early!!!
  7. Seems like there's a lot of confusion over whether taking more risk (in game for defenders & keepers) means they'll pass it short or attempt long through balls more. logically I would assume take more risk allows them to pass short under the press, but if you read the description it sounds like taking less risks will allow you t pass short. either way they still clear the ball when visually it doesn't look like theyre under pressure.
  8. Brudda The issue is the guy asked to leave because he wants "MORE WAGES" then wants to be paid to leave youre the delusional one talking about better way of life and warmer climate If thats the reason he wants to leave there's a similar claim stating how he's homesick and can't adjust to the climate. Your reply is sooooo distant from the fiscal aspect I had to assume you missed it. Please if you are going to justify the issue please stick to the fiscal issue which is the premise of this not any other reason the player "MIGHT" want to leave. The only time you reflected on it
  9. Maybe you missed the first line where the players says he wants to leave for more wages Maybe i'm lost here take more risk the description talks about playing risky through balls why would I tick that when all i want him to do is play short safe passes?
  10. My god! this is actually delusional What club would pay off a player they don't want to leave let alone after he tells them hes gonna move to get a higher wage Great now you're telling me i need a concoction of tactics just to make my keeper pass the ball out from the back. The options aren't blocked Its rare that all 4 defenders. but its cool keep pretending your keeper never kicks the ball long when there are defenders unmarked probably gonna start telling us all your stats are accurate too
  11. I think when the game constantly ignores tactical instructions such as GK pass short and pass to cb of fb and there's one of these 4 payers unmarked then they kick long the ball comes back and you concede . I think that's very much the games fault
  12. Why for the last 3 or 4 FMs do the 2 players you have lurking outside the area, for any attacking set piece, always stand in the same position holding hand????
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