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  1. im sure thats just the initial wp rules which are based on international caps per year. The appeal should focus on wages being offered v your top earners. But clarification should be in the rules section of the league you play in. Scott prem --- overview --- rules --- scroll down to wp
  2. as I said it's not "finance manager" or "Business manager" if it doesn't make financial sense to buy the stadium then the request should be rejected. If i ask the board to buy a player and they cant afford him they will come back and tell you he's too expensive, yet somehow it's down to me to judge the finances. Going 900M into overdraft is just a joke in itself. Also It NEVER tells you how much the stadium is going to cost. The way hes talking is like saying blame the bury and Bolton managers for not keeping an eye on the accounts. Does that not sound ridiculous to you?
  3. Is this football manager or is this business manager? The option says (I paraphrase since its no longer an option) "Buy the stadium to increase revenue." How am i supposed to know that in FM you dont buy stadiums with mortgages. Especially when both arsenal and spurs took out loans to pay for their stadiums in real life. Explain how it can possibly be my fault that the board accepted a request which puts them in crippling debt?????????? Especially when they will flat out deny request for upgrading training facilities or even cancel them halfway through if it puts a strain on the accounts. If you can't, please keep your asinine views to yourself, cheers.
  4. Playing as west ham in an online game got to the end of the 4th season and asked board to buy the stadium. They agreed and bought the stadium using the club accounts!!!!!!! No mortgage or external funding!!!!! On top of that the stadium cost over 1Billion pounds!!!!! leaving accounts in the red!!!!! by 900mil!!! After spending the summer selling players the chairman tells me we are now in administration. Well sell the club you fool!!!! I want to know how I get ridiculous amounts of pushback on feeder clubs, improving facilities, improving youth but i can get a request to buy stadium accepted that cripples the club??? How come no mortgage or loan is used to purchase the club??? Why Gold isnt selling up when he cant pay wages??? Why the Olympic stadium is over 3 times the initial cost to build? Our online save has been ruined by this there shouldn't be this kind of option available if it cripples a club!!!!!! Very disappointed once again with FM
  5. I've put 1 guy on edge of the area and there's 2 men man marking in the box and 1 man marking tall player. But the edge of the box man is always alone
  6. Please can someone explain how to mark the man on the edge of the area. I've put 1 man there, I've put 2 men there yet the attacking player is NEVER marked. What's the blimming point? With 2 men they both stand together marking no one. The worst bit is they are always further away than the attacking ai's lurker. This is from corners btw
  7. It's a bit of a joke really you lose connection and all of a sudden your assistant manager starts playing random formations like he hasn't been following how I play for the last couple years. Look just keep the tactics and subs like for like!!!!! Or better still let players rejoin after a disconnection!!! You know the UK isn't fibre optic so why stop players from carrying on from where they DCed. What you have on place now is flipping stupid!!!!
  8. Yeah I'm an arsenal fan too and him and mhiki are just on way too much. Makes me wonder who was doing contracts over there. But still 350k for a man who's never been player of the season 😭😭😭. Baffling!!!!
  9. They are nearly 18 yards away from the thrower. And 2 of them are standing in the same position. The people who showed for the ball are the same as in the tactics so I dont see why it isn't close enough.
  10. I dont see the point In having the options there if the routine is ignored. I tell 3 players to come short and for the fullback to pass short yet time after time the 3 players are literally always 10+ yards away sometimes they bunch up and stand together too. So how can you give the team instructions to come short and throw short since team instructions aren't followed?
  11. I reported this last year pretty annoying that I have to report it again. Whilst on my friends online save I decided to watch his penalty shoot out. The first time this year either of us has watched each others game live. Well he lost on pens. After continuing the game and the auto save occurring turns out i was in an alternative reality because, guess what, he won the penalty shoot out, apparently we watched different games. I reported this over a year ago. Dunno if this is because I watch games on 2d and he watches 3d. Cant send the save I'm not the creator.
  12. Every arsenal save I do every first steamer should be gone by 3rd season apart from bellerin he's mad overrated on this game so he stays oh maybe torreira but that's if no one comes in with a good offer. The real challenge is getting rid of ozil and mkhitaryan, I usually end up having to sponsor over 100k a week to make them dip. Imagine mkhitaryan was given a 5 year contract 😂😂😂😂 but we let Ramsey's and oxlade and Sanchez run out 🤔
  13. Just wanna know why you cant have private chats about poor crossing? And Why you cant train crossing individually? I heard something about you cant train crossing on your own.... ok but how can you train corners on your own? because that option is there, so a bit of consistency or an explanation is required for that.
  14. Look I just want tips. When I defend free kick and it's a short free kick or the ball is cleared I'm have 2 really annoying problems. Problem 1 The player lurking outside the box never shows any effort to get a loose ball or close down anyone. Problem 2 The team is always out of position they all come out around the near post leaving men at the far post unmarked. Cant find a solution to this nonsense. Any pointers?
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