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  1. I always play a high press and I assure you the goals in that other thread happen against me a hell of a lot more than for me.
  2. I hear that but since the opposition are usually so defensive it isnt easy to exploit, there's so many opposition players to get to the ball first.
  3. My bad because I havent seen it enforced in years I thought they took it out of the game.
  4. @Pasonen thanks for the last couple months i just accepted this @thehig2 i am talking about that
  5. I've played like 7 seasons of this game now and its a constant occurrence, BPD clearances are utter garbage barely make it outside the area usually to an opposition player and never, Not ever playing in an attacking player I have left up the pitch. IDK if this is the same on other roles such as cds or nncbs all I know is watching the games I see terrible clearances consistently from my players and I dont know why. P.S I dont have play out of the defense that would appear to be the most obvious reason
  6. This is another ridiculous act of the ME. Players closest to the ball not going to the ball. I've mentioned it in the feedback thread but in the match "Arsenal v Man City lb and gk just freeze" the AI have scored from it and i'm livid. 35 min my defender blocks a shot which rebounds straight to the shooter (another thing i've noticed is that my blocks and clearances mainly drop back to the opposition!!!!) he takes another shot which is parried to my keepers right about 4 yards away from my lb. another 4 yards behind my lb is their rw my lb and goal keeper move halfway towards the ball then just stop. the right winger then over takes my static lb and scores. What a load of frigid baloney!!!!!!!!!!!!! both keeper and defender are closer to to ball why is either stopping with the ball in such a dangerous position the move from the keeper has even left the goal blimming open!
  7. No need to argue he played well last game, I didn't check out the covered the most ground stats I just cant understand how he's getting judge when playing his best (which was years ago) but the last 2 seasons aren't as relevant where hes been playing at his worst. I guess the real question is; when does poor form actually become a players ability? Is it the last season or is it past accolades that are taken into account when these stats are made.
  8. I can only guess youre one of them ozil admirers but his leadership, workrate and determination should have been dropped years ago. He has been terrible for the last 2 seasons but his stats are not reflecting this. Its like rooneys last 2 3 seasons in the prem. You are being biased because he was a class player about 3 or 4 seasons ago before Plummeting in the last 2 seasons. All the stats i mentioned are higher than de bruyne's who is better in every aspect of the game indicated in the stats. but 19 stats in vital playmaking attributes for a player with 4 assists last season in a team with lacazette and aubameyang -_- there's only soo much overpowering to your favorite player that can be Also big games and consistency i dont have the editor but my reports dont indicate "Dreads big matches" or "inconsistent player" so those stats must also be off. The fact he was in and out of the side last season screams inconstancy. The Outrageous performance in both finals and his unlikeliness to turn up to big games points to him having a low big game rating....
  9. can someone explain how the compensation works I was under the impression that if an u23 player is offered a contract at his club, rejects it and signs for another club compensation has to be paid. But throughout the years this hasn't occurred on my FM saves. Can anyone explain why?
  10. We all get to that annoying point when the agent leave the contract suggestion to you. If you're like me u can be asked to pick and choose all them bonuses etc. Etc. So I ask my dof to suggest a package and offer it to the player. Why? Oh why! Is this offer nearly always rebutted with a yellow "far too low response"? Is my dof bantering me? Is this option just a silly template offer that you need to improve yourself?
  11. This game was bad from the release. then the update has made it unenjoyable. Playing an attacking style as a strong team has been rendered a hindrance, through terrible finishing both headers and 1 v 1s. People havent even mentioned the amount of tap in that are saved by godlike acrobatics of keepers. I'll list the issues that I have Had Keepers: Heavily OP can be seen jumping from 1 post to the other to save shots. Never have I seen this happen in real life but it's a continuous occurance. Fullback/Wingbacks: every single one believes he's maicon, shooting from the byline instead of cutting the ball back. How can SI have removed cut backs from the game ???????? I cant remember seeing 1 player cutting the ball back from the byline. Constantly getting into space on the side of the area then waiting to be closed down before attempting a cross. Centre backs : Don't read long balls, will constantly try to dribble through the opposition and don't mark properly. Defenders as a whole only defend properly when using a park the box tactic cm/cams: rarely play through balls, always hold onto the ball too long. when they receive the ball they always take a touch in the direction the ball came from (slowing down moves) Wingers: Don't cross when the opportunity to play the striker in occurs, dont cut the ball back from the byline and shoot terribly Inside forwards: Rubbish at shooting, playing through-balls and crossing also playing wingers and IFs on attack mean they dont track back, Playing them on Support they dont get into the box. Forwards: Miss loads of chances, get hella off sides against deep defenses.... (imagine ) and the runs they make aren't very good. Corners and freekicks from the update have been crucified, constant headers over the bar, not many freekicks scored. tactics seem meaningless coz the most type of chances you get are long balls. Throw ins are annoying someones usually offside if near the corner, the striker always comes short no matter what your tactic may be and players arent defended well from them too. Pressing: If more than 1 player goes to press the ball both players will run towards the same point leading to the 2 or more pressers standing on the same spot, this is literally the same as being pressed by 1 player. Speed: Aubameyang Is always getting caught when through on goal, It is mythical to see a player through on goal creating distance whilst players are chasing him whilst dribbling. Tactics are meaningless, no one can play like brazil 2010 or peps barca the match engine doesn't support this type of play All of these have contributed to me giving up on fm. It's too anti-goal! It's a game fun should not be substituted for "realness" please remember this!
  12. Round the keeper since shots are usually straight at the keeper or off target Just dont expect the chance to be converted
  13. Has anyone else got an issue with final ball decision making, ie; with fulbacks waiting to be closed down before crossing into a defender or cams holding onto the ball when a striker makes the occasional good run. Feels like the only play makers in the game are the defenders from their own half? I'm finding the match engine only allows for success (a high goals to chances rate) if your pumping balls over the top to a tall fast stiker, makes me wonder whats the point of all them tactical options im yet to see a tiki taka tactic breed success.
  14. How do you justify ozil having 19; passing, vision, flair, composure and off the ball as well as 18 anticipation? 3 assists last season in all competitions last season, https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/mesut-ozil/leistungsdaten/spieler/35664/plus/1?saison=2018 14 the season before but i was under the impression historical achievements didn't play a major part coupled with the fact he only has 2 this season I expect a major downgrade also a lot of his assists are from corners and freekicks nowadays I've watched him many times live at the emirates and his off the ball skills are nowhere near 19 he often drifts over to a wing in games against narrow packed defenses not the type of movement required when only the striker tends to get in the box. With 19 off the ball he should be finding space centrally when playing cam Anticipation 18... 7 through balls last season, 4 interceptions (https://www.premierleague.com/players/4714/Mesut-Özil/stats?co=-1&se=210) not too sure what hes been anticipating, maybe that 350k contract was some brilliant foresight.
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