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  1. As above, sign Bosmans, play them (or loan) then sell for large profit within a couple of years. I also try to keep sell on % at 5% and take out any request for yearly wage increases but buying good Bosmans and then flipping them is the quickest way to make money IMO (outwith Championship/Champions League money.
  2. Its for the World Cup. I thought the exact same when I played my first Scottish save.
  3. Always a bugbear of mine with FM. AI continually offers low value for players you have set a transfer value for. Then you try to buy a player from the AI and they want 100m+ ( or some other silly value), or they never (for the most part) even discuss a transfer below the value they have set for a transfer listed player. Justifications are always made that there's nothing wrong. Id say that there is clearly a problem with the transfer system when it comes to AI continually lowballing transfer offers for players that you'd have no intention of selling even if the bid was astronomically high.
  4. Here my list for my current save. Seems that the list could be better complied. Looks messy.
  5. Just started a new game with Rangers and just realised that one part of this game that annoys me is that your scouts come back with vastly unrealistic targets. First scouting meeting report comes back and he says that of 10 suggestions he didnt think any warranted scouting, fair enough. He then goes on to say that he'd like to bring my attention to the highest rated player. Scott McTominay. Because of his previous knowledge he thinks we should take a closer look at him. He's valued between 31 and 45 million. Surely he should be making suggestions that make some sense for the club Im at and telling me to look at a player I have no chance of getting doesnt make sense. Do I have something set wrong that would make him come back with reports like this?
  6. Bring in Bosmans too, I know thats an obvious one but I've seen me sign players on Bosmans that I knew I didnt really need, use them for 6 to 12 months then move them on for huge profits.
  7. Director of football models have been requested for years. SI arent, for some reason, interested in that option. There also seem to be opposition to it from a number of posters over the years ive seen it put forward as an idea (I dont understand this as it would be an option to use if you wanted or ignore if you didnt).
  8. Loving the Tad skin. One question and im sure its a simple fix. The average points column in the league tables. How do I remove it? seeing that there makes the table look off for me. Thanks in advance.
  9. Jacko, ,you should be able to holiday just after that date and it should work.
  10. Yeah but they are trying to replicate football management as best they can. There is an easy solution if you want a more difficult game. Dont go a team like Liverpool. Anyway, my opinion doesnt really matter though because im 100% certain that difficulty levels will never exist in this game. They havent since the early 90's when the game released and I doubt they ever will.
  11. Whats realistic about having a setting that makes it easier or difficult? Thats what you call unrealistic.
  12. There's a million ways to play this game, You can make it as easy as you want of as difficult as you want, seems the OP doesnt want to do this. One thing I do is when I take over a club I always try to stick to is signing players the nationality of the club I manage. A lot of teams have squads packed with foreigners I make it a point to try to change that. Doesnt always work out and sometimes it can be difficult.
  13. Unfortunately thats on you. Id be bored managing a team like Liverpool after one season. Infact, I cant remember the last time I even started a game managing a big team in a big league.
  14. Im not sure that anyone would say that but what people will say is that if you find it too easy and are complaining about it being too easy then you either accept it or try to change it up by managing teams in a more difficult situation. Here's an idea, go manage a team like Cambridge United and come back and let us know how easy the game is.
  15. Unfortunately your problem with the game is that you dont want to go anyone other than one of the best teams in the world. Like any game, you go the best the challenge is less. There's plenty of challenges to be had with this game. Infact the challenges are endless if you want to seek them out. Adding a difficulty setting just wouldnt work, this isnt Call of Duty or Battlefield.
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