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  1. Dont think this is a bug more an oversight. Currently playing with Rangers. Alfredo Morelos has a minimum fee release of 35m. I've also promised that he wont be sold but Sporting have came in with a 35m offer and he's now came to me saying he is upset at the promise not being kept.. He and his agent were the ones that asked for the release clause. Surely in this situation the player shouldnt become unhappy because I know that I dont want him to leave.
  2. I seen that before when I was Rangers. It classes the points gained after the split as your season total as you say.
  3. Do you live in the US? if so thats why its set up for the "US market". It was like that for me until you go in and change the setting. As for the nationality, as KUBI says, click on it then type in what you want.
  4. Even though you are playing at a low level, you have chosen a team that is expected to finish 3rd out of 14 in the league. Hardly an earth shattering start for a top of the table side. Try it with Lidkopings FK (in that division who are expected to finish 14th of 14) then come back.
  5. Our use the trackpad and swipe 3 fingers to the right/left. Thats the way I always play FM. Best thing that SI introduced to the Mac version a couple of years ago.
  6. I like the social feature. It does become the same 3/4 replies a lot which, as has been said, becomes repetitive. I would like the option to minimize the part on the right where you can add/search form things. I dont need to see that list all the time and would like to put it away like you can the pitch on the tactics screen.
  7. Yes, its a pain in the butt. Sometimes it seems like changes for changes sake happen with the game. Couldnt care less about a video, lets me scout a player then get the report. Thanks.
  8. Why dont you use steam and download it from there? Do you not get a steam code with the hard copy of the game?
  9. Just done a little experiment. Opened up a game a few seasons in and had a look at the transfer market. There certainly were players that had asking prices lower than their value (which is not the problem I was speaking about) but I bid for 5/6 players that were transfer listed above their value. I couldnt even get them to accept offers of £500k below their asking price (the deals were between £7m and £11m). 4 of the offers came back with non negotiable at the asking price. 1 of them came back with negotiable offer (with clauses) that put the deal above the asking price. Now that was just a quick 5/10 minute test but i've logged enough time with the game to know what will happen in the transfer market. As I said earlier there are problems with the way the game handles the transfer market and I hope it has been worked on. I'll leave it there before totally derailing the thread.
  10. As I said there will be excuses made, there always has on here. Funnily enough when you try to buy a transfer listed AI player 99.9% of the time you have to pay the asking price.
  11. I rejected it because I told them it wasnt a good enough offer. Yet they came back in with a worse offer the next time? There's a reason I have set his asking price at £9m... thats what I want for him. Mart above this post nails it. This is something that happens all the time and in the process you end up with upset players that wreck squad harmony. There will alway be people that make excuses for the reasoning behind bids from the AI. I just hope that it has been looked at, although Im not holding out much hope.
  12. I really hope they have sorted out the transfer system in the game. As an example, started a new game with AC Milan. Transfer listed Zapata (valued at £6m) for £9m. Bournemouth offer me £6m for him.. I rejected it as there is interest from others and I want more money... 3 days later they come back in with another offer for £6m this time broken down with some of it spread over 12 months. Why? just why? Did they think that would make me accept it!?! One of my major annoyances with this game and has been for a fair few years.
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