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  1. Never tried but assume you can holiday until they become controllable. Then add the managers to game.
  2. The idea of it was great before we had it. The implementation of it is poor. The same questions time and time again and many of the answers dont fit the questions correctly. One of many tasks that I give up to my staff. I dont see it changing anytime soon either.
  3. There isnt any restrictions for managers in game.
  4. This is what were told all the time and it doesnt fit. I made a post recently where I signed a player one summer, had a 30m release clause in his contract, teams started bidding for him the next window and they were for his game value (around 10m). I refused a bunch of bids, he was unhappy. I told him that he had a release clause and still had to reject multiple bids around the 10m mark (after setting his asking price to 30m), where teams would come back in with bids for similar values just restructured differently. If I refused the first 5 offers what makes you think i'll accept the next 5 with the same overall value??? There is a clear problem with the transfer market and there has been for years. Excusing it for the AI trying to unsettle the player will, sadly, never see it fixed.
  5. The issue that im talking about isnt a bug, its been an "thing" in FM for as long as I can remember. It seems that SI doesnt see it as an issue, unfortunately.
  6. Im in 2022, I just signed him 6 months ago and he has a contract until 2025. Ive had an asking price of 30m set since clubs started offering these stupid fees. Hasnt made one single bit of a difference. Its been a problem for years, sadly and is excused year after year with "ah but the club is trying to unsettle the player".
  7. I get you work for SI, but theres clearly a problem with transfers in the game. I've posted 3 images from one player. I've had to turn down about 20 bids this transfer window that are never ever going to be acceptable. Here's the latest, utterly ridiculous, offer.... He's a first choice central defender for me and im getting offer after offer below his actual value.
  8. Fix the transfers, If I have a player with a release clause and I've set his value at a certain number dont give me team after team bidding no where near the value I have set or the value of the players release clause. Its one of the worst things that happens in game and has done so for years. Yet we get it excused as the AI trying to unsettle the player but when we want a player from an AI team the computer is rock solid in the money that it wants and wont budge. Another thing with transfers, if the computer bids X for a player and I reject it dont have the computer come back with the same value bid just made up differently with various clauses.
  9. You can but my scouting team shouldnt be recommending players worth 20m when I have 4/5 million in the bank that simply shouldnt happen. If they come with recommendations (I have my scouting team deal with who they scout) they should be players that I can realistically bring in. The only time a player like that should be recommended is if they are coming to the end of their contract and there's a possibility of a Bosman. It doesnt work as intended and I hope that its getting looked at although being given completely unrealistic targets by the scouting team has been a problem for years and I dont expect it to change any time soon.
  10. When I first heard about this I thought "this is an excellent feature". Went through the first one. Its a useless feature the way it currently sits. Getting recommended players worth way more than you have as a transfer budget is completely pointless. When you see what players it puts forward you have to wonder what SI were thinking during the process of putting it into the game! Its now another in a long line of features that I just skip as its a waste of my time, sadly.
  11. Its certainly a bug. It happens a lot in mine, my last game seen me lose 2 goals from keepers kickouts that split the central defenders. I have one playing a a covering central defender too to try to combat them.
  12. Its working now for me, Kubi answered why. Loving the background coming through. Only issue I have (which is not a skin issue) is this... I dont like these colours, is there an easy way to put them back to the default ones. These colours just draw my eyes in all the time and its irritating. Thanks in advance.
  13. I've had a completely different experience. I'm playing with Rangers and in the 2nd season. Currently I have 10 of my first team with Wnt, I've had multiple bids for players this window. I've also sold Morelos, Helander and Goldson for a combined total 90m.
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