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  1. Its pretty obvious I was talking about the newer features. Its a surprise that we know nothing of the new features the game has. I've been on here long enough to know what the 'basics' of the game are but SI has never not mentioned the new features year on year. I'd be surprised if, this close to release, we've heard nothing about the next version. But i've also been on here long enough to know the way some act when people post things.
  2. Find it interesting that with just over a month to go until release we know next to nothing about it. Although I could give exact time frames (I suppose some will come and prove me wrong) it seems very late in the day to have had nothing of substance mentioned about the new version.
  3. One of the most annoying things about the game. You try to buy a transfer listed player. You pay what the team wants, no negotiations at all. You have a player the computer wants to buy(who you dont want to sell), you set a value to try to deter bids. Nah, they'll bid what the game values the player at. Thus you end up with unhappy players because you wont accept stupidly low bids for them.
  4. For me the crossing and the amount of goals coming from it is spoiling the game. I score and conceded goals from crosses. Ive tried everything I can think of to try to stop crosses coming in. Went with 4 defenders on defend, brought my wingers back a spot to play just left and right midfield rather than the wing area and i've also had my full backs man mark the opposing wingers. Makes not a jot of difference from what i've seen.
  5. I have a mid 2012 MBP and it runs fine on mine. I do have 16gb of RAM in it though. But it only has the i5 processor.
  6. Sadly I dont have a save before the bids were made. I use the single save feature and save it weekly. Glad that its being looked at, although its not something that has just happened in this beta, its happened for years in the game when the CPU wants to get your key players for buttons but you have to pay through the nose for one of theirs. Another thing I have notice is that Tyrone Mings can be bought for £500k from Bournemouth in the summer of the 2nd season. They just bought him this summer for £7.5m, that seems pretty strange.
  7. Arghh... I wish SI would do something with the transfer system in the game. Have a player (first team regular) who's wanted by a number of clubs, he's valued at £5.5m. I have his asking price set to £25m and he isn't transfer listed. So what happens? a team bids £4.3m up front with a further £1m over the next 12 months (so less than his market value). Really? Yet when we try to buy a key player from CPU teams we get told a stupid number for the fee. And to make it worse I now have a unhappy player asking for a new contract when he still has 4 years left on his current deal, he then asks for a £10k p/w wage rise. Its really annoying that they haven't done anything to sort this out in the game. Oh and a couple of days later I get a £4m (un-negotiable) bid from PSG for a player valued at £4m who has a asking price set to £20m. Pathetic.
  8. Beginning to get pretty peeved with the continual and utterly ridiculous low offers for my players. As with previous versions of this game the CPU feels the need to continually offer below players values when they are first 11 players for me. Kind of goes like this... We want X player for £10m?....No, I want £40m!...Ok, how about £5m now and £5m over the next 12 months?
  9. See my above edit with regards Barry (have same problem with Mori who has played same amount as Barry and has same status). Most of the players moaning aren't the best in their positions. I now have about 5/6 players unhappy that Barry isn't getting more games even though he's the 3rd best DM in the team behind Sven Bender (on loan) and James McCarthy.
  10. Whats people's experiences with players demanding first team football? Seems I have players every other week demanding talks over lack of first team football. Im Everton and its the start of November and I must had had 8/9 players come to me already. Garth Barry for example has played 6 games and been a sub in a 7th. He's set to rotation. I've played 13 games so far this season and he's moaning about more game time? Getting rather annoying and tedious having to continually speak to players about this.
  11. On a side note, you shouldnt have upgraded to windows 10 so soon. Oh and if GMG dont do refunds you a S. out of luck
  12. Not really played all that much just been looking around the game, haven't pressed continue.... First thing that jumped out? The names beside the icons on the left of the sidebar, why oh why are they still there in an official skin? (granted it will soon be fixed by a mod). One thing I do like though is that there is a lot less wasted space in most of the screens you now look at. Good job on that. (and none more final plus it took me about 2 minutes to download the file, changed days from years ago where it would take many hours )
  13. Ive also used GMG over the last number of years and always had beta access.
  14. Im another for Mac. Almost bought the early access and realized at the last minute that it was for Windows only.
  15. Eh, no they aren't???. You cannot get promotion from the lower Scottish league to League 2.