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  1. Played a bit with Rangers and most of it seems pretty spot on but Andy Halliday is classed as a winger in it and i'd be surprised if he's played there once for us. His main role since joining has been as a central midfielder. He's also able to drop back into cover left back when needed but in the game is classed as "ineffectual". I'd say his natural position should be a DM with CM and possibly AM in there too Here's his info from last season Halliday on Transfermakt I'd also say that his stats in general need a little upgrade. a quick comparison throughout the Rangers squad sees young Tom Walsh rated exactly the same going forward which seems complete madness to me. Also his tackling of 9 is far too low. One of Halliday's better attributes is managing to tackle and come out with the ball. He is very good at that. Overall Halliday, in real life, is a starter for Rangers right now and in game he doesnt seem anywhere near good enough to be picked as a starter. One other small thing. James Tavernier with vision of 1? im assuming thats a typo because he has 23 assists last season and a player with vision of 1 isnt picking out that many key passes. (unless of course i'm misunderstanding the meaning of the attribute).
  2. Im on Sierra 10.12 on the Mac. I will certainly keep an eye on it in the future as Scotland is the main country I play.
  3. Surely something has went wrong on this screen? The teams on the right hand side of the draw should be just to the righthand side of the V?.
  4. Small one but Kenny Miller was vice captain of Rangers last season but for some reason Andy Halliday is in there this season. Halliday has done it once (against Queen of the South last month) but that was because both Lee Wallace and Kenny Miller were missing. Had a look around but could find nothing "official" on it.
  5. I had this happen to me, won a game on Pens and after it I only had 1 point. Unfortunately the game crashed before it was saved so cant provide any proof.
  6. Just done a little experiment. Opened up a game a few seasons in and had a look at the transfer market. There certainly were players that had asking prices lower than their value (which is not the problem I was speaking about) but I bid for 5/6 players that were transfer listed above their value. I couldnt even get them to accept offers of £500k below their asking price (the deals were between £7m and £11m). 4 of the offers came back with non negotiable at the asking price. 1 of them came back with negotiable offer (with clauses) that put the deal above the asking price. Now that was just a quick 5/10 minute test but i've logged enough time with the game to know what will happen in the transfer market. As I said earlier there are problems with the way the game handles the transfer market and I hope it has been worked on. I'll leave it there before totally derailing the thread.
  7. As I said there will be excuses made, there always has on here. Funnily enough when you try to buy a transfer listed AI player 99.9% of the time you have to pay the asking price.
  8. I rejected it because I told them it wasnt a good enough offer. Yet they came back in with a worse offer the next time? There's a reason I have set his asking price at £9m... thats what I want for him. Mart above this post nails it. This is something that happens all the time and in the process you end up with upset players that wreck squad harmony. There will alway be people that make excuses for the reasoning behind bids from the AI. I just hope that it has been looked at, although Im not holding out much hope.
  9. I really hope they have sorted out the transfer system in the game. As an example, started a new game with AC Milan. Transfer listed Zapata (valued at £6m) for £9m. Bournemouth offer me £6m for him.. I rejected it as there is interest from others and I want more money... 3 days later they come back in with another offer for £6m this time broken down with some of it spread over 12 months. Why? just why? Did they think that would make me accept it!?! One of my major annoyances with this game and has been for a fair few years.
  10. Graphically it looks much better but the animation is still slightly flawed (the skating is still there that has been there since the ME appeared). Although when I play it I dont play with the 3D engine. Its the little things like the skating that annoyed me so I feel boog using 2D.
  11. 2k took this approach with NBA this year there was nothing until 2/3 weeks before release. When a game has cornered the market there's no reason to waste time (and money) promoting it.
  12. Its pretty obvious I was talking about the newer features. Its a surprise that we know nothing of the new features the game has. I've been on here long enough to know what the 'basics' of the game are but SI has never not mentioned the new features year on year. I'd be surprised if, this close to release, we've heard nothing about the next version. But i've also been on here long enough to know the way some act when people post things.
  13. Find it interesting that with just over a month to go until release we know next to nothing about it. Although I could give exact time frames (I suppose some will come and prove me wrong) it seems very late in the day to have had nothing of substance mentioned about the new version.
  14. One of the most annoying things about the game. You try to buy a transfer listed player. You pay what the team wants, no negotiations at all. You have a player the computer wants to buy(who you dont want to sell), you set a value to try to deter bids. Nah, they'll bid what the game values the player at. Thus you end up with unhappy players because you wont accept stupidly low bids for them.
  15. For me the crossing and the amount of goals coming from it is spoiling the game. I score and conceded goals from crosses. Ive tried everything I can think of to try to stop crosses coming in. Went with 4 defenders on defend, brought my wingers back a spot to play just left and right midfield rather than the wing area and i've also had my full backs man mark the opposing wingers. Makes not a jot of difference from what i've seen.