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  1. Assists: Goals: So, seems like most came from through-balls into the box from right outside the box, with a decent amount also coming from crosses on the wings. The only differences between the tactic I used in the first run and the tactic I used in the current run is distributing to the flanks instead of the CBs, playing wider, and playing with a slightly higher tempo. Changing my midfield combo seems to have helped a lot too. Playing wide with a higher tempo but having wingers cut inside while trying to work the ball into the box with shorter passing seems kind of
  2. The board expectation bug in the second season bothered me so much that I started over with a new save (using same rules of no transfers during the first window) One point better than my "first" season (I'll consider that a trial run), many more goals scored, but also many more conceded. Secured 2nd place and a CL spot on the final match day beating Chelsea 1-0 away, which resulted in Chelsea missing top 4 (and also firing Lampard). City also fired Pep, guess 4th wasn't quite good enough. Got extremely favorable draws throughout the FA Cup competition, starting with Blackpool in th
  3. Like the tactics, I'm finding simple instructions are working really well this year. Like the team too, though seeing Bergwijn go hurts (he's really impressed IRL the last few matches, seems to be becoming crucial for Jose's setup). Like you I tried initially to recreate Jose's tactics but it does seem to be impossible to recreate with success.. probably why I'm seeing a lot of posts from people saying Spurs get relegated in their saves when they're playing as someone other than Spurs.. quite odd to be honest. Out of curiosity, what were the board expectations going into your secon
  4. Hi @Russell Hammant - I do not have any saves from the previous season, unfortunately The earliest save I have is from July 3, 2021, but that is well into the next season. If that helps I can upload it~ Thanks!
  5. He can definitely be very streaky, but it feels he's been that way going back a few FM iterations.. here's his goal output by match week so you get an idea I will switch between AF-A and CF-S depending on the wingers I'm using, but definitely scores more when using AF-A. I also switched from Standard Tempo to Higher Tempo around match week 14, which had a positive impact. Like I mentioned in my post though, even though I got a lot out of Kane, it seems it was at the expense of Son, who I can (frustratingly) never get going Edit: I can't get the table HTML to post properly, bu
  6. Summary: In my second season managing Tottenham and the board have set the League Expectation to be a top-half finish. Description: In my first season, the expectation from the board was to finish top four. I finished 3rd, qualifying for the Champions League. I also won the Europa League. I've only had a few small transfers in the summer so far, so there hasn't been any kind of crazy turnover. All that said, the board only expects a top-half finish for the 2021-2022 season, which is an obvious downgrade (several, I believe, as they aren't even asking for a Europa League qualification).
  7. Just finished the first season, managed to finish in 3rd in a table that was tight up to the final match day Media prediction was 6th so a 3rd place finish can only be viewed as a success. More importantly.... The return of silverware to Tottenham! A 2-0 victory of Napoli sealed the victory in the championship game. The second leg of the quarter-final match against RB Salzburg was by far the best match of the run (and one of the most exciting matches I've seen in my time playing FM). I was only able to eek out a 1-0 victory in the home leg, and in the awa
  8. Donnarumma signed a new contract almost immediately in my save, asked his agent out of curiosity and he expects $325k/year and wants to consider the club a stepping stone, so ruling that out for now lol Will the next season budget update later in the current year? I know they said most teams would deal with COVID related financial impact in the first season, but $0 seems a tad harsh for year two (unless Levy wants me to operate like Poch did )
  9. You have any plans yet for GK outside of selling Gazzaniga (which I think I'll be doing too)? Hugo is still very good right now, but his age is a concern and his physicals are starting to drop already. I think for next season I'll promote Whiteman to backup to help keep the homegrown quotas, but I don't rate him to eventually take over for Hugo. Not much else coming through the academy currently to write home about. Transfer wise, I'm keeping an eye on Maignon at Lille and Livakovic at Dinamo. Vandevoordt at Genk is very highly-rated, but not first-team quality yet. Thinking about bringi
  10. Halfway point in the season, shaping up to be a good one Fulham and Brighton massively overperforming, seems the ME really rates a system with 3 ATB with wingbacks this year, seeing a lot of teams utilizing that with success. Breezed through the EL group stage with ease, drew Dynamo Kiev in the first knock-out round and feel good about our chances Carlos Vinicius has been a very serviceable backup for Kane, started in all six EL group matches and scored 7 goals, 3 goals in five appearances in league matches to boot. Got knocked out by Norwich on pens in the EFL
  11. Started my "official" Spurs save today, had a bit of a rocky start in the pre-season Tried recreating the tactics used IRL but the ME really doesn't rate Mourinho it seems Simplified things before the friendly against Ipswich, really impressed with the matches against Milan and Roma too. Run of matches near the end of September is going to be brutal, losing both Lamela and Lucas to injury in the pre-season to longish injuries certainly doesn't make it easier, though I am excited to see how Jack Clarke fares. Will continue to update the thread as the season rolls on.
  12. Summary: Three matches in one week, technically three matches in six days! Description: Playing as Tottenham, very early in the season. Have a 4th round League Cup match against Leeds on 9/29, Euro Cup qualifying match against Rijeka on 10/1, and then a standard league match against Liverpool on 10/4. Adding to this, the third round match in the League Cup was on 9/26, so only three days between League Cup matches. I understand that September is typically a hectic month in the Premier League, and the Euro Cup qualifying certainly adds to it, but I feel that in real life, either 4th r
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