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  1. Playing as Spurs in the Premier League on my first go on PC just getting to first league game of the 1st season and up pops the Millionaire's Club Achievement for career earnings.This isn't possible
  2. You can just pick in the same way you can for the 1st team just pick his position in the u19 team and the manager will play him there if he is fit and available. I use this to help retraining youngsters to new positions as the reserve manager won't overside your choice
  3. I have it the other way though 80% of them are scored. I groan when a direct freekick is given against as it is an almost guaranteed goal.
  4. Thats strange. Fixed for me. Only thing I can suggest is contact Steam. Good luck
  5. Before you shutdown your PC, manually close Steam. This will stop the issue. It seems that Steam sees it as a crash if it is running when you shutdown and checks for problems next time it starts up.
  6. Never even loaded anything other than the full version. The depth is great, may take ages to play a season but it works for me!
  7. I agree with this especially as at the moment you don't even have to play the player in his testimonial!
  8. I posted this issue as a bug ages ago as I believe the player should be a bit more realistic and say we couldn't agree a new deal can I leave or thanks for trying maybe I need to be more flexible so I stay or play better to earn the deal I want. He certainly shouldn't accuse you of breaking a promise then cause trouble unless you don't even try. This needs reworking
  9. Just a small thing but during a testimonial the player being honored should be a forced selection unless injured and they should be made captain & penalty taker for the game. This would add more realism to the feature.
  10. If you verify your game files via steam does that not fix it? Load Steam. From the Library section, right-click on the game and select Properties from the menu. Select the Local files tab and click the Verify integrity of game cache... button. Steam will verify the game's files - this process may take several minutes.
  11. Inspired by some great skins I'd like to make some myself but find it difficult to work out what some panels do in game , I have read through the various guides on here but have not found what I need so, Is there a list of default panel names and what they control in game? some are easy to work out but for example which panel controls the team talk before,during and after match?
  12. Is there a way to add an indicator for the captain on the left panel here?
  13. the error doesn't bother me much, the real problem is not being able to see player stats properly.
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