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  1. Just the way I like my skins: dark, clean, simple! definitely trying this, thanks for sharing it.
  2. Got it. Well, I will wait for the patch and see if it got circumvented, if i will be able to continue with the game. Thanks once again.
  3. That is great news! I´d love to resume that save. Do you mind sharing what it was and when such update might be avaiilable?
  4. Sorry about the delay. I've attached the file. Thanks again. FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2020.01.24 09.29.46).dmp
  5. Thanks for the reply, Kyle. What I mean is that the crash occurs when I hit "continue" exactly at December 1st, 2021 (to be more specific, at 3pm game time). I managed to get one last saved file (uploaded) before that timestamp, but cant go past it. I simulated a test save with only one country/league and same game configurations and custom databases, it went past that timestamp. I will upload the crash dump file later on today, as I dont have the laptop at the moment. Thanks again.
  6. Hello, My game has been crashing on the same date everytime I attempt to continue the save. Tried to go on holiday but it crashes again. The in-game date when the crash occurs: 1st December 2021. I've updated the hardware drivers (uninstalled / reinstalled AMD Radeon graphics & FM20), deleted the cache & preferences folders, did the Steam verification process, removed the custom graphics and databases. I do not use the in-game editor myself. I uploaded the files into SI Cloud Service: Crash Dump name: FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2020.01.19 16.13.21).dmp Save name: Robben - Willem II - Dezembro.rar DxDiag file has been attached below. What can I do to solve it? Thank you all. Best regards. DxDiag.txt
  7. Have a look at Julián Fernández. He's usually a bargain, specially considering your reputation. Depending on your update, he might be playing either on Palestino (Chile) or News Old Boys (Argentina).
  8. Great work, @IvanRozin! Loved the minimalist approach, will give it a try. Thanks for sharing it.
  9. So being fair, I thank the creators for the great work. Player profile looks great too. My only fear is how the skin would look like if using low-resolution 85/95% zoom, as is the case with my notebook. Anyway, if you share the download link, it would be much appreciated. Thanks mate!
  10. Just beautiful! Clean, smooth visualization and the dark theme as a plus. Would love to try it if available one day. How's the player profile screen looking? Congrats!
  11. Got it fixed. I've verified the game files, deleted both Cache and Preference folders again and reinstalled the game, it did the trick.
  12. Same issue here, right after updated my game to 19.2. I´ve tried the verification via Steam, done deleted both Cache and Preference procedures. Feel like this is happening to other people around as well. Nova Imagem de Bitmap.bmp
  13. * Brayan Angulo - plays for Emelec/ECU Might have issues with getting work permit, but worth a try, believe me. Guy is a beast once settled. * Dejan Joveljic - plays for Red Star/SER * Raul Ruidiaz Also, try to negociate for Piatek. Saw him leaving Genoa on my save for less than 10M on second season.
  14. This is just a great post, thanks for sharing such ideas and different ways of seeing things. I was a bit unhappy with the game as well, but by reading this I got a feeling that what I need to do is actually sit down and work carefully, put some more effort in and lower some expectations.
  15. Same here, same price as well. For that price and his role/atributes, I'll give him a try on my Rennes save season 2.
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