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  1. I've had some sucess with Leonardo Campana, currently at Wolves (and usually listed). He holds an european passport, so you should be able to get him. He can perform several roles and helped me a lot at Eibar as a complete forward.
  2. Thanks a lot, mate. Will give this a try later today. I'm still a beginner trying to improve my skills, should be a good challenge.
  3. I was looking for that as well, thank you! About something similar, would like to ask how and where to edit so that the values of columns games played, wins, draws, lost, etc. have different colors? for example: numbers for the wins column to be green, lost to be red etc. Is it possible? Thanks again!
  4. Well, lets talk about hidden gems. I play the game in portuguese and have always been too lazy to switch it to english so I could've posted earlier, even though I'm a huge fan of this topic and wanted to contribute. Thanks for all the suggestions here! Sorry for so many screens, but I wanted to share a few gems I found after scouting around the globe. There are players for any budget and please keep in mind that a few of them have already moved from original clubs, reason why some values are high/low, while others I poached to myself during my current save. I will try to post more later. Ivan Turitsov is a bulgarian wingback with good potential for small-mid clubs. Gets the job one and very cheap. Ignore the portuguese atts on those first players, just go check them. Mergim Vojvoda - some great Kosovo players around! Hope they keep growing as a nation in real life. Idriz Voca - Reliable player, can play defense in the back and in the middle. Michael Krmencik Lukas Haraslin - Good option for small clubs looking for some work on the wings Nika Kinua - Again, a cheap and solid option for small clubs as a defensive mid. Jani Serra - Maybe not so hidden, but played amazing for my Kiel side as a pressing forward, 28 goals in a season. Starts cheap. Pedro Mendes - Im in love with this guy. Bought him for cheap (3.5) as I was looking for a young pressing forward, he's been imense so far. Wonder how he's never mentioned accross foruns/sites. Luis Segovia - A defender from Ecuador, cheap and legit mentals to help a balaced team. Had him on a back 3 line. A plus: he plays on the left. Marin Kuzminski - So much potential! Well trained and having the minutes seems to be a player to remember. ] Tamar Svetlin - Foun him in Eslovenia, very cheap. Recomend a great amount of scouting there, they have some other gems ] Luca Sangalli - Solid and experienced box to box. Nahuel Bustos - Good support striker, his mentals can help. A plus: check his former club: Talleres, in Argentina. Loads of good players. Iago - Left Wingback originally in Augsburg, in real life has great potential as well. Catalin Cabuz - Romanian keeper, costs around 1.5m and has been very consistent for me in a past save. Lack a few mentals, but nobody is perfect. Stevie Mallan - Its just me or anyone else also loves this guy? Maybe not so hidden for you, but got him for 800k 1st year and has been delivering 10g 15a in 40ish games a season. Great set pieces and all around atts. I've been following more of the Scottish football in real life now because of this find. Daniel Quinones - At 200k originally, just seems like a good find for small-mid clubs. Benjamin Sesko - You see the potential at 19, right? I did too and thats why he's here. Joaquin Piquerez - I've seen him mentione around, even here maybe. But never to much to mention that he is a great gem. In real life as well, should be seen more in the uruguayan national team in the next years. Dany Mota - Cheap striker that never gets a chance on Juventus B team. Shoul help mid clubs short on money. Havar Hetle - Look at this guy. Can be developed into a great keeper, has the technicals for it. Marian Prinz - Young, potential, not so expensive, german keeper... Jobson - Will start the brazilian bunch now. Solid all around midfielder, hard to buy though. ] Felipe Jonatan - Left Wingback, definately could be playing in Europe now. Renyer - He is a gem in the game and should be getting more hype soon in real life, as Santos started to play him more often. Remember the name. Yeferson Soteldo - Has been tearing up in Brazil, probably the best talent to come out of Venezuela. In the game hes not cheap, but he's worth it. Sandry - Just another wonderkid from Santos, Brazil. What a factory. Marcos Leonardo - A lot to improve on mentals an physicals, but we can see the potential. Vinicius Popó - Not so hidden as he's been around at least two FMs. But now he seems more developed, mature. Bruno Mendez - Great uruguayan center back. In the game, so ready to move to Europe. Marcelo Pitaluga - Hidden gem as a keeper, has german nationality as well. Fluminense might be hard to fold though. Cleiton - He's expensive, I know. But what a keeper. If you have the money and the means, should be a great addition. Khellven - At the start of the game he's cheaper, but still, a hidden good right wingback to keep an eye on. Gerald Tavara - Very talented peruvian midfielder. Also cheaper at the start of the saves, as he's still be playing in Peru. Gabriel Veron - So much talent from the wing. Hyped for bigger things in real life. Peglow Alejandro Cabeza - Physical striker, lacks some technicals, but can score goals. Dejan Drazic - Originally starts at Slovan Bratislava, with a minimum release fee set for 800k. Talented option on the wings Dejan Petrovic Santiago Arzamendia - Very cheap at the start of the saves, full back with a strong offensive approach, had him before and able to assist and score if well instructed Dion Beljo - You should be able to snatch this guy for around 1M or a free loan with obligation to buy for something around that. Imense potential. Jakov Vasilj - Young mid with loads of talent to be developed. Zagreb dont mess around with their academy, we know that.
  5. I've never had him, but I've seen Thomas Amang causing some damage on a few saves of mine. Dont have a screenshot atm, but I guess he has no technical attributes higher than 10. Physically he seems to be a beast, though.
  6. Frederik Nørrestrand signed for Brønshøj, after gone MIA for a very long time. https://www.bold.dk/fodbold/nyheder/broenshoej-henter-ex-bifer-et-kaempetalent/ Hope to see him back in the game, was such a gem for smaller clubs.
  7. Just the way I like my skins: dark, clean, simple! definitely trying this, thanks for sharing it.
  8. Got it. Well, I will wait for the patch and see if it got circumvented, if i will be able to continue with the game. Thanks once again.
  9. That is great news! I´d love to resume that save. Do you mind sharing what it was and when such update might be avaiilable?
  10. Sorry about the delay. I've attached the file. Thanks again. FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2020.01.24 09.29.46).dmp
  11. Thanks for the reply, Kyle. What I mean is that the crash occurs when I hit "continue" exactly at December 1st, 2021 (to be more specific, at 3pm game time). I managed to get one last saved file (uploaded) before that timestamp, but cant go past it. I simulated a test save with only one country/league and same game configurations and custom databases, it went past that timestamp. I will upload the crash dump file later on today, as I dont have the laptop at the moment. Thanks again.
  12. Hello, My game has been crashing on the same date everytime I attempt to continue the save. Tried to go on holiday but it crashes again. The in-game date when the crash occurs: 1st December 2021. I've updated the hardware drivers (uninstalled / reinstalled AMD Radeon graphics & FM20), deleted the cache & preferences folders, did the Steam verification process, removed the custom graphics and databases. I do not use the in-game editor myself. I uploaded the files into SI Cloud Service: Crash Dump name: FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2020.01.19 16.13.21).dmp Save name: Robben - Willem II - Dezembro.rar DxDiag file has been attached below. What can I do to solve it? Thank you all. Best regards. DxDiag.txt
  13. Have a look at Julián Fernández. He's usually a bargain, specially considering your reputation. Depending on your update, he might be playing either on Palestino (Chile) or News Old Boys (Argentina).
  14. Great work, @IvanRozin! Loved the minimalist approach, will give it a try. Thanks for sharing it.
  15. So being fair, I thank the creators for the great work. Player profile looks great too. My only fear is how the skin would look like if using low-resolution 85/95% zoom, as is the case with my notebook. Anyway, if you share the download link, it would be much appreciated. Thanks mate!
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