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  1. Once again, thanks a lot for your help. It was through your information that I was able to adjust the way I wanted. I couldn't get it right away and had to go by trial and error. Finally, I edited the xml file as per the image, adjusted the height of the containers and got the price tag information to reappear, which I am satisfied with: About the squad view screen, I believe there was some conflict between my views imported from the previous version + new game + skin customization. I ended up deleting the skin I was editing and installing it from scratch, both the price tag and the column in question were available again. Also, thanks for the suggestion. The price tag ended up growing on me and I'm already liking it. Unfortunately I couldn't find the path or files you indicated, but I would love to know more details to learn and test more in the future. Once I managed to adjust and achieve what I was looking for through a collective effort, I think it's fair to make the file available, in case anyone is interested. player profile personal details.xml Thank you all!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I tried your code on "player profile personal details.xml", is it the correct file? However, I noticed that the price tag didn't appear (which I wanted to), but a space for the numeric values (as it was in previous versions. Dont mind if it remains, as long as it showed the real values). However, all players are now worth 0, which is weird. Am I still doing something wrong?
  3. Hi folks. I'm trying to develop my own skin, based on what I got through the BaseDark skin available here for FM21. So far it has been possible to reuse much of the previous work, however, when editing some things, I noticed that I messed up the new price tag option that appears in the players attribute profile. If anyone knows, I would like to clarify two points, please: 1- Which file and which part of it should I work to recover the original layout (in gray)? 2- Is it possible to change the price tag color? Here's an image to illustrate my question a little better. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Thanks man! Fantastic work as usual, amazing how you managed to put it together so quick.
  5. Would you mind sharing how you managed to get the round corner effect on both trainning calendar and matchday? Such a nice touch! Thanks anyway.
  6. @mikelfc8, as we spoke on the side, thank you for your help on this matter. With your explanation for part 1 I was able to change the inbox messages highlight colour. As for part 2, for those that might have missed the context and/or are looking for the same thing, we were discussing on how to get rid of the original purple shades remaining on menus such as search filter shortlist and player search in general. I just found out that in order to do that, search for both lines below on your settings.xml file and playing around with the value will allow you to set any colour you want for those menus. They will have diferent colours when selected or not: *Mine were around line 1883 <colour name="search filter active" value="bg accent"/> <colour name="search filter inactive" value="bg accent"/> Once again, thanks for your pointers.
  7. My skinning knowledge is limited, but I´d suggest you try this, it worked for me: In the client object browser xml file found in the panels\client_object folder, delete this section of code: <widget class="picture" file="backgrounds/club colours" id="clco" red_replacement="primary"> <layout class="stick_to_object_attachment" id="align_top" get_side="top" set_side="top" target="mai1"/> <layout class="stick_to_object_attachment" id="align_bottom" get_side="bottom" set_side="bottom" target="mai1"/> <layout class="stick_to_object_attachment" id="align_right" get_side="right" use_recursive_search="true" set_side="left" target="side"/> <layout class="stick_to_object_attachment" id="align_right" get_side="left" set_side="left" target="mai1"/> <attachment class="test_multiple_globals_attachment" default_value="false"> <list id="get_properties"> <record get_property="MatS" test_mode="equal" value="true" skip_if_null="true" /> <!-- PROP_FULL_SCREEN_3D_BEING_DRAWN --> <record get_property="Ma3D" test_mode="equal" value="true" comparison_mode="or" skip_if_null="true" /> </list> <integer id="set_property" value="hidn" /> </attachment> </widget>
  8. Thanks for sharing these edits. I am trying to implement them on my own very basic version of the basedark skin and was wondering how to correctly edit in order to get rid of that empty space (1) and bring the attributes section higher where for some reason the current/potential ability was supposed to be (dont mind not having them). I was also trying to avoid the stats to be cut off at the bottom (2), is it possible? Appreciate any help, thank you!
  9. I tested using your xml and was able to add the collumn view straight in the game, just as Keysi suggested. On the other hand, how did you manage to add the small player faces on the left hand side, please? Even using the file you shared they didn't show up here. (but finaly managed to get the physicals in %, thanks!)
  10. Thanks, mate. I will try that, appreciate it. I wasnt sure if I could only search for basque players by managing Athletic.
  11. Sorry to sound so dumb and seem unaware of something I should've known before, but how exactly do I set up/search/filter for Basque players on the game? Im planning to start a save as Athletic but for the life of me couldnt get the basque filter going on, havent seen it anywhere in my game.
  12. In real life he is a decent player, reads well the ofensive spaces and adds some dynamic and smart passes to his team. Although, he is a left winger and I think he deserves a better job on how his attributes are distributed, dont think they convey his real profile, such as his preferred foot, which is left. One thing I also noticed is several peruvian players (actually playing in Peru, not just abroad) with exquisite attributes, reminds me those good old days of FM in which the researchers from certains smaller countries would go wild on their "kids" . i hope it never stops as well!
  13. Probably, I just dont know how to do it and thought that maybe was possible to workaround with an EDT or INC file. But I've been searching around the threads to learn more on how to edit it, I've never used the editor before. A question, would it be save compatible, do you know? I think this solution would be the same as the one that fixes the colours of brazilians clubs, an FMF file.
  14. Just as a feedback, I was able to create 2 files, one that loads every club and the other every player available on the game. It will give you around 402k players even setting up a save with a small DB. Ran a test save and seems to be just fine. If anyone is interested, let me know. Although, I have a different problem and I was wondering if I could fix it by using some sort of file/code related to the thread: for some weird and unknown reason, both Watford and Norwich have incorrect colours in my saves, even old or new saves. I am no expert on the editor, is there a code so I can change the club colours successfully, please? Thanks in advance!
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