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    Language data not found?

    Same issue here, right after updated my game to 19.2. I´ve tried the verification via Steam, done deleted both Cache and Preference procedures. Feel like this is happening to other people around as well. Nova Imagem de Bitmap.bmp
  2. lugui

    Striker Required

    * Brayan Angulo - plays for Emelec/ECU Might have issues with getting work permit, but worth a try, believe me. Guy is a beast once settled. * Dejan Joveljic - plays for Red Star/SER * Raul Ruidiaz Also, try to negociate for Piatek. Saw him leaving Genoa on my save for less than 10M on second season.
  3. lugui

    Time To Quit The Game?

    This is just a great post, thanks for sharing such ideas and different ways of seeing things. I was a bit unhappy with the game as well, but by reading this I got a feeling that what I need to do is actually sit down and work carefully, put some more effort in.
  4. lugui

    Transfer Listed

    Same here, same price as well. For that price and his role/atributes, I'll give him a try on my Rennes save season 2.