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  1. Any screenshots, please? Anyway, good work
  2. You're right but it would have been enough not to write that it was all 100% real
  3. Thank you very much, below you can download the file: https://www.mediafire.com/file/qvy59hoehcj1ln0/Prova_CCL.fmf/file
  4. I set how tell you but doesn't work: in the first q round, right team enter but this not happen in group stage. Can I give you my file so you can check, please?
  5. Thanks for your answer krlenjushka. So, if my competition is structured in: - First qualifying round; - Second qualifying round; - Third qualifying round; - Group Stage; - Quarter-finals; - Semi-finals; - Final And 32 teams start In First qualifying round, in the Second qualifying round play the 16 winners of First qualifying round, in the Third qualifying round play the 8 winners of Second qualifying round and in Group Stage play the 4 winners of Third qualifying round + other 12 team wich start directly from Group stage, is it correct if I set seed number in this way below? - First qualifying round -----> 4 - Second qualifying round -----> empty - Third qualifying round -----> empty - Group Stage -----> 1
  6. Hi gusy, I tried to create an alternative CONCACAF CL structured in two parts: 1) 32 teams start from the first preliminary round, the 16 winning in the second preliminary round and the 8 winning in the third preliminary round; 2) to the 4 third preliminary round's winners are added other 4 teams for the quarter-finals, then semi-final and final. In the editor, in this screen the 1st line are the 32 team that start to first preliminary round and the 4th line there are the 4 teams thata received a bye until the quarter finals. So, in the box "Seeding to give team", which number I put in? Thanks in advance and sorry for my not perfect english.
  7. @mikehurst21why you don't make a megapack?
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Kazakhstan_Premier_League#Foreign_players There are some mistakes
  9. If I don't choose the MLS when I started my career, can I load MLS after my save is loaded?
  10. Can Greenland play in the World Cup qualifiers and European qualifiers?
  11. These screen: in the first, you can see Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League. In the second one, you can see my team is winner's last season of CPL. I won Spring season so I qualfied to CPL Finals then I won CPL Finals.
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