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  1. The true and most important question is: Want we to have make leagues, competitions on the game or to have an editor that works well, more than actually? According to me, SI could concetrate on give us a "perfect" editor: if we have this one, we can create all the leagues/competitions.
  2. I downloaded from this discussion, I found only Gib Futsal Logos link. Can you link me to download gib teams' logo (first two tier), please? I don't find them, sorry
  3. Thank you very much!!! EDIT: I've just downloaded but there are only 18 logos, not all gib teams
  4. First of all, very good work, mate!!! There are First and Second Division teams' logos or only futsal team?
  5. Hi all, I created an International Competition for club, like FIFA Club World Cup with 5 Host Nations but, in game, all the matches played in a one of 2 club's stadium. For example: Juventus - Manchester City at Allianz Stadium; Ajax - Jangsu Suning at Amsterdam Arena etc. Where I can set stadium's host?
  6. Hi @krlenjushka, I tried to do how you show me in this screen but I can't find "Grounds for match" option. I'd like to set that MLS Playoff's Final Match is hosting by a different stadium, year by year. Can you help me, please? Can you show me entire screenshot (not cutted as this like above), please?
  7. Thanks for the answer. But, If I would insert pro/rel in My US Pyramid how should I do? Or is it impossible? I'm not interested in DP or International Player slots, I would make US pyramid like european one
  8. @Uncle_Sam in the past year, you made an US file with promotion/relegation: how do you do to allow USL teams that are affiliate MLS teams for promotion in MLS? I tried deleting affiliation between USL and MLS team btu it doesn't work. Can you help me, please? Thanks a lot in advance.
  9. I asked because, if Uncle Sam do this file, I start with this file as a good basis Ok, thank you for you answer
  10. @Uncle_Sam are you going to also do a pro / rel version without the real rules? If yes, indicatively, when you do it? Not to be in a hurry but just to regulate me when I can start my save
  11. Set a long term contract (e.g., 2050) and a very high termination clause (e.g. € 100 000 000 000): according to me, it should work
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