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  1. If I don't choose the MLS when I started my career, can I load MLS after my save is loaded?
  2. Can Greenland play in the World Cup qualifiers and European qualifiers?
  3. These screen: in the first, you can see Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League. In the second one, you can see my team is winner's last season of CPL. I won Spring season so I qualfied to CPL Finals then I won CPL Finals.
  4. I know this but my problem and my question were another...
  5. Ok but, as you can see in my first screen, FM tell me I qualified to CONCACAF Champions League, not CONCACAF League. In addition to this, I played in no continental competition.
  6. @Uncle_Sam how International Champions Cup works? In the first season, the teams that play it are 16 but in the second season are 12. How ICC chose teams?
  7. Perfect work, as usual. How the CONCACAF CL does work? Which team does qualify to? Sorry for my english but I speak a little english.
  8. Hi @yellowsweatygorilla, I play this DB, I managed HFX Wanderers and, in the first season, I won League, as you can see in the screen below. As you can see, I qualified in CONCACAF Champions League but I don't play it. Actually, I am going to start second season.
  9. I also noticed this and if I try to edit thier name with editor and save before and test rules then, it appears this message error: "NY Cosmos played more match in phase 5" --- > Team name and phase number always change. In addition of this, competition order isn't correct. For example, 1) MLS, 2) Lamar Hunt Open Cup, etc
  10. Excuse-me @ratio1618 but in this DB aren't there NZ domestic cups?
  11. Anyone who download this file, can puti download link please?
  12. Hi all, I have a problem: when I click "Subscribe" button on SI official Canadian Premier League DLC, it doesn't appear in game so I can't play this addon. Can I have an answer to my problem, please?
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