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  1. In the another post on this forum, an user (I don't remember who) suggest me to recreate the competition USL Championship and it works EDIT: HERE you can find that I said you
  2. So, you think my file should work if I delete USL Championship and I create a new competition called USL Championship? I dont' know if I am been able to well explain me, I speak/write english a little, sorry
  3. Also in my file I removed all affiliation but USL team can't be promoted in MLS
  4. How do you allow promotion for USL teams that are affiliated with MLS team?
  5. How do you allow promotion for USL teams that are affiliated with MLS team?
  6. So, @cel1234, your file is "only" an update of gib people (players, staffers, etc.), isn't it?
  7. Sorry but I'm Italian and my English isn't perfect so I' don't understand all. You said that, in the first year, what competition does Nix play?
  8. How you can allow Nix play in OFC CL? In real life, they can't play OFC CL because they are an "Australian" team (because they play in Australian League) and can't AFC CL because they are an Oceanic team (because geography)
  9. No, I don't merge with anyone. Where's your edited file? Can you oput on mirror download, please?
  10. In this picture, ther's error when I try to open your file with editor
  11. I CAN'T open your file, didn't you seen my previous picture? Could you put download mirror link please (not steam)?
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