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  1. It's endlessly hilarious to me that someone has managed to monetise something like the order of fixtures.
  2. So calling a perfectly valid way of releasing and supporting a yearly cycle game "gaslighting", and it's the people who are enjoying the game who are wrong. Aye, ok then. I can just imagine the support group now, and everyone with the genuine mental ailments totally understanding how awful it must have been to...voluntarily buy a completely optional product. Oh the humanity.
  3. Because they shouldn't have to. Anything in great detail will likely never happen and would be above most people's heads anyway, and anything in low detail would just be platitudes. Things are fluid in development, and giving any indication as to the things you're mentioning would be opening themselves up for a fall later on. It just isn't worth it. They're working on it. They'll release it when they think it's ready. What else could they say that would make any difference?
  4. Right, so you're advocating putting a specific time on it then? Do you think they're just sitting on it for a laugh? If it seems like it's taking longer, than it's likely because something has come up, and it's not ready yet. Do you really want them to release something incomplete just so they can release something?
  5. And if something comes up last minute - that we wouldn't be privy to anyway - those "historical reference points" mean nothing. It'll drop when it's ready, any other speculation is literally pointless.
  6. Sorry, but why? Your own "bias" is all that matters. Go into the demo, have a look, decide for yourself whether you enjoy the game. Are you really saying you'd do that, but then think twice because Johnny J. Jobber said they didn't enjoy it on a forum? All you're going to encounter are other people's bias, and nothing is a substitute for your own experiences.
  7. I'm not convinced the answer is just "more options". I guess it depends on what the question is. Some they could get away with that, but I'm not sure it works everywhere. Easier sticking plaster though? Probably. Just that if we see press conferences as adding or taking away numbers from some value somewhere in the game, and those values being +10, +5, 0, -5 and -10 (these are just pulled out of the air of course) then do we gain much by adding, say, +7, +2, -2 and -7 to the options? If we take the specific example raised (as apologies, I didn't really relate it much to that), then
  8. It's the age old problem that FM suffers from in all aspects - context. Press conferences and interaction just gets the worst of it because, in general, context is super important in any interaction. Questions are largely treated like completely standalone events. I know some are derived from others, but there's rarely a long chain of events. At most it seems to be "this one thing happened, here's a question based on that". It doesn't matter if that "one thing" was driven by four or five consecutive other things, they'll be completely discarded. When you add to that that you can only rea
  9. Which is also why I added that even though we're talking about FM, we'd have to be a long, long time in the future where it was particularly realistic. But if we start pulling that thread...
  10. While it's always nice to challenge the "lol scotland" calls, it's unlikely this will ever be the case now that the tournament is expanded. To host a tournament, you need 3 50k seaters (one of which needs to be at least 60k), 3 40k, and 4 30k. 10 stadiums. Scotland has decent options, but i'm sure they've always not been keen given that the three best ones are all in Glasgow. Two you could get away with, but three? Makes it tough to organise groups sharing a city (albeit Glasgow probably has enough capacity). It's the lower range stadiums that any small country will struggle with though.
  11. Are they a clause of a large rule in the same way specific disciplinary rules are?
  12. They literally haven't, outside of the usual hyperbole people like to trot out. And you can't just shrug off the point. FM is already priced cheaper than most titles are. How much could they realistically charge for a data update? It'd be a fraction of the full price, for a product that you can get for free through people working on unofficial updates. Even if that wasn't available, I can personally say I'd have no interest in paying just for an update. Not that I'm saying everyone would think the same, but I feel comfortable in saying a fair amount would. No, I don't. While th
  13. Do you think that SI employ one of those clap-o-meter things where the biggest amount of applause wins? Do you think they're going to see people thinking the game has gotten better each year and just shrug and believe there's nothing to do? Do you honestly believe that SI have ever sent an edition to release believing it was 100% perfect? As a whole product, the game has gotten technically better. Bugs are nothing to do with that, given there has been bugs in every edition, and will be in every future edition. But it's a subjective thing. I thought 18 and 19 were soulless husks I j
  14. There's just...so much wrong with this. I was playing fifa with my son a few weeks back and I said it seems much better this year. He replied by saying ‘of course! A game should be noticeably better year on year’. Really sorry but you can’t say that of FM. If you're going to try and seriously argue this point, it's probably not the best course of action to choose a series that has gotten demonstrably worse as a product in the past couple of years. In pretty much every area, EA have made a concerted effort to make the title worse for the consumer, albeit to make it absolutely tip-top
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