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  1. Aye, that's what they'll do. One user gets salty and they'll drop leagues out of the next game because of it. More time means - theoretically at least - a more stable version. Surely there's something else you can do with your time than wait on a game?
  2. One of the biggest examples of rose tinted specs comes whenever FML is mentioned. A game that was only really interesting for a few days in each month that was deeply and fundamentally flawed from the start. The only way they'll ever bring something that could be referred to as FML back is if it's so much different that it isn't FML. Can people honestly say that if FML returned tomorrow, completely unchanged, that it would go any differently to how it did before? One good week before the Gameworld went South. SI did the right thing in canning it - a bold decision, certainly, given it was essentially them throwing up their hands and admitting they screwed up. It would make something big for them to put themselves at risk of getting burned again.
  3. And again, when they have something more to say about it - officially at least - they will. Miles' account can't be considered official, and he's just talking about something SI are doing. If they wanted to go into any more detail they would, and likely will at a later date. No-one outside of SI knows any more than that.
  4. Nah, can completely understand that. I hated FM16 and 17 to the point where I didn't enjoy the game at all, but I spent a lot of time in the editor for both editions trying to build something that would revive my interest. Didn't work, but if you could the editor as part of the game I still got hundreds of hours out of it.
  5. Yes, there will be within SI. If they want us to hear more, they'll tell us I'd imagine.
  6. For the ME, absolutely. And if someone came on and said "I tried the demo, liked it, bought it, then it changed" then that's unfortunate and absolutely fair enough. But I'd be willing to bet that a lot of people who complain about the game never changing, and for years, then they haven't done any of that. You can't get an idea of anything long-term given the 6 month limit, but you can get a good idea of most of the game features, certainly what has changed or not changed. Personally, I don't think I've ever downloaded the demo. I trust that the game will always - even when it's one of the poorer versions - give me enough entertainment to justify the relatively low initial cost. If it doesn't, then I really don't have anyone else to blame but myself. It's that attitude I hate, but unfortunately it appears to be the norm across a lot of areas these days.
  7. Actually, this might be something. I've found my laptop on in the morning after putting it into hibernate overnight. Just assumed it was the laptop, but FM would usually have been running
  8. Favorite FM Series

    Or maybe, as this long-winded thread has proved, people either like the most recent version, or they like when the game was easier. It really is that simple.
  9. We'll have none of this common sense lark in here. Don't you know that SI forces people to buy the game?! On a more serious note, I've never understood the people that talk about buying the game at the same time as saying it hasn't improved for a number of years. Why are you still buying it then?! The free demo won't tell you the whole story, but if you're happy to proclaim that nothing has changed, you'd be able to form that opinion with the demo too. Then save yourself some money and go do something else. It's almost like people are absolutely terrified at the thought of not having an FM game to play that they're happy to put themselves through the agony of buying and then hating something just so they have it. As for the OP and his sports almanac, I expect he'll probably be back next year, probably complaining about it again. Unless he's absolutely sure about the completely made up assertion that somehow 2021 will be "the year".
  10. While it's possible, I can't see them splitting further, otherwise where do you stop? It's pretty much already happened too, Touch has always been the more "arcadey" version, with FM being the simulation. However, I'm not sure it's the right way to go to send the full version right down into the minutaie of simulation, as plenty of people still want to do the extra parts that FM gives you, but don't necessarily want to disappear down that rabbit hole. It's a tough balancing act. And "competition" would make no difference. They've killed it stone dead before and likely would again. They wouldn't be forced into anything.
  11. Which is pretty much accurate. Elements of the game are simulation, elements aren't. Expecting it to be something it rarely claims to be - I doubt PaulC and co would ever say they are happy with the state of the ME, otherwise they'd stop - isn't FM's fault. And again, spot on. The disconnect comes when you say "right, I've seen someone do this in real life, let's do it on FM". People who know the game inside-out will probably be able to approximate something that looks similar, but that's probably because they're thinking of it as being able to control the operator of their input. Still, you're not going to get something 100% accurate, because the ME has never been able to do that. The disconnect is believing that you should be able to map real life to FM fairly easily. Should it? Probably. Will it? Probably not. Accept that, and treat it as a separate entity from football, and you'll probably have a better time of it. Less thinking "am I getting the same possession stats as Barcelona in real life" and more "am I getting possession stats I'm happy with in-game".
  12. In your opinion. You've set high standards that the game is unlikely to ever reach, then started beating them with said high standards that they never claimed to be striving for anyway. I don't expect people to agree with me, but I'd far rather the game was fun than it continued down the road of being a po-faced spreadsheet with little personality, just so someone can beam because they increased their possession by 1%. Luckily, SI realise there has to be a balance between what everyone wants, no matter how loud any party shouts. Implying the developers don't know anything about football is probably not the best place to start. You complain about the attitude towards you, do you really think saying things like "To me it shows the level of skill of the people involved in making and supporting the game." and describing their understanding as "amateur-level" is going to make them want to listen to you? I'd bet that'd be a no.
  13. You keep holding the "simulation" part of it as a stick to beat the game with. It's a Football Management simulator, granted, but it has never and likely will never properly model a real football match. From a purely ME perspective, it isn't a particularly good simulation. From others, it is. And to be honest, most of your posts come across as extremely condescending to anyone you don't believe comes up to your "lofty standards". Ever think that maybe their understanding of tactics is fine, but that it's actually quite difficult to model them in-game? Either in the current engine (which I assume they're working on the new one) or under something wider? Only part I really agree with is your final sentence. I don't imagine they are particularly interested in that. The day they create an AI that can properly adapt and be as smart as a human player is the day the vast majority of their playerbase goes away and does something else. But at least the chosen ones will be happy, eh?
  14. Problems time

    Oooh, is this a riddle?
  15. Favorite FM Series

    It depends what question you ask. The OP asked what was your favourite, and that's a completely objective decision that doesn't necessarily need to be based on the actual quality. I like a deep fried pizza occasionally, but it doesn't mean I believe it's the height of culinary excellence (because hooo boy, it isn't). Like you say, people saying that FM12 is their favourite is absolutely fine, but there seems to be these walls getting thrown up when anyone calls out the game for what it is. Some nonsensical stuff talked about FM12 to try and justify why it was "good", when all you really need to say is "I had fun, I enjoyed it".