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  1. Not true, especially in Gibraltar's case. TV money goes mental on a long enough time-scale, although general consensus is that that's a bug. Prize money also jumps massively. Player values will also rise pretty much in line with the rep of the leagues. It will never compete directly with the bigger leagues, however. If you're ranked one place higher than the English leagues, the database will still see base values higher in England than in Gibraltar, but to see they always stay pretty low is just plain wrong. (Important to note that I could have got far more for Nesic, but after he lost us a Champions League Quarter Final by getting sent off for two consecutive dives, I forced through a transfer the next day)
  2. Because they're worth pretty much nothing. Pretty obvious really. In the early days of the game, the league is low rep (and the players too as a follow on) and the country is a backwater. The games are also set to one of the lower rungs for game importance I believe. Why do you think the values should be higher? Given every team is amateur, player value is pretty much irrelevant anyway given they can leave for free at the drop of a hat. Values will improve as the leagues do. By the time I reached the end of a save in Gibraltar, I could sell players for tens of millions, but you're always going to be seen as a less attractive league given you're improving so quickly.
  3. He probably meant that once Brexit happens, the league relatively weakens, causing the league to drop down the rankings.
  4. In a general sense, I find it amusing when people say things along the lines of "I'm not buying FMX until Y", like they've somehow been mentally conditioned to have to buy the game each year. Why isn't everyone already making sure the game is for them before they buy it? It's even more hilarious when it's the same people coming back each year crying, swearing they won't get hurt again, but doing it anyway. If you really want SI to change, then repeatedly adding to their profits is pretty far down the list of how to go about seeing those changes. While that's true, it's not really an effective argument. Within the gaming sphere, FM is absolutely ridiculous value (generally). I really didn't get into FM15, and only slightly better on FM16. FM17 I've spent a whole lot more time in the editor than in the game, so to be honest I'm not getting anywhere near the mileage I have in previous versions. Yet when I can go out and buy a game for £50 on a console and get, say, 20 hours out of a game, or spend - at most - £40 on FM (I think that;s what the original RRP was, and even then you can usually get it at a significant reduction, even at release) and play it for many, many more hours than that. In relative terms, even for those where putting down that much money on a game is a big decision, it remains very good value.
  5. I must have imagined them moving it to another country on every single save for the past couple of versions then... They made the right decision. If they'd done what you said, plenty would have bleated on about it being unrealistic. Plus if you're trying to say that some pop-up should come up allowing you to choose where the World Cup was going to be (Football Administrator 2018) then if it really, really bothers you that much, change it in the editor. You can have quite a lot of power with that. I really don't see how it matters.
  6. Imagine they will once the likely schedules are ratified should the competition happen (which it will, like you say). The amount of changes they'd have to go through to get even an imaginary schedule "correct" makes it pretty clear why they haven't tackled it yet. They'd probably have to change some of the core functionality too to allow for the odd scheduling, or at least liberally apply hard-coding. Which will please anyone looking to edit things no end.
  7. The Internet. Serious business.
  8. Beautiful in-game or beautiful in real life? Former isn't going to get you very far obviously, but in real life, the stadium for Calcio Como is easily the prettiest I've been to. Well, not the stadium, as it's a typical ramshackle Italian lower league ground, but it's nestled in Como harbour right on the water with towering hills all around it. Absolutely stunning.
  9. It's highly unlikely you're going to get 150 North Koreans by loading any stock league. Current national squad has 2, one of which is in a league you won't be able to load anyway (Japan). You'll need to start a new game.
  10. If a laptop gets so hot that it's dangerous to the inner workings it should switch itself off anyway.
  11. Who won the Scottish Cup? If it's one of the top 3, you are in Europe.
  12. If it is you they'll probably be able to tell you pretty quickly and close the bug. Far quicker than anyone on here could. they're usually prettty good at communicating on the bugs forum.
  13. So raise it as a bug then. Nothing will get done about it here.
  14. Clearly whoever controls the MLS license disagrees. Not really sure what you want SI to do in this case. They have to abide by the laws they agree to, otherwise they'll lose the licence, which I imagine would be worse for users.
  15. Sometimes they just happen. Historically it was always a problem in CM, to the point where it was just a matter of when your save was going to go rather than if. Could be that something in your system interrupted the saving process just enough to corrupt it, or could be something else. But even though it's still an issue, and it has gotten better, they've provided more tools to combat it now. Pretty sure they put on rolling saves as the default for FM17 too, meaning you have to actively switch that off to not get them. If you've done that, it's going to be hard to get any sympathy to be honest. Always, always, always keep the rolling saves on. Even if it's just 3 (think I have it set to 10) then it's astronomical odds that all 3 would be corrupted at the same time. Far shorter odds that 1 alone would break.