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  1. It's happened to me the past couple of years. Chinese clubs always seem to come in with incredibly lucrative offers for decent if not spectacular players. Not sure if they're going after AI players too as I never pay that much attention, but I've definitely overly profited from them in the past.
  2. Football Ramble usually excels at the tournament, but it isn't quite what it used to be. Maybe they'll pull out something. The Terrace Scottish Football podcast will likely have decent coverage for those North of Hadrian's Wall.
  3. Imagine having this much of a hissy fit over an entertainment pursuit that's completely optional. Your options are fairly limited. Either you believe there's something wrong with the game and want something to be done about it, so raise things properly in the hope that they'll be fixed. Or...move on. Maybe the game just isn't for you anymore, and there's nothing wrong with that. There's surely more valuable things you can do with your time rather than rant about a game you're clearly not enjoying, in a manner that's not going to lead to any kind of change.
  4. But they're not equivalent. Think of the Match Engine like a painting you're incrementally building up. Creating the initial few parts is easy. You draw some shapes that'll represent the finished piece, and there's your starting point. Then you start adding detail. Then when that detail is present, you start drilling down into the finer detail, and the finer detail, until it's a completed piece. The match engine for the women's game will likely be easier to get up to near the level the current ME will be at, than it will be to make significant improvements to the existing one. And that'
  5. Yeah, that's what's surprising. I can't imagine much would have changed between now and then, but with that tweet from Miles, it'd be a bit of an odd one if it didn't end up being released. You were doing so well for a sentence there. May as well have just started it with "I'm not a sexist, but..." and then talked about all the female friends you've got.
  6. Because he's an absolute dreamboat.
  7. I think it's come out that they might allow some kind of food in, but it's all very vague at the moment. It's more the drink I'd worry about. "free water" is all well and good, but I think it's an absolute certainty that that will run out, because there'll be some degree of organisation on the SFA side, and...well, you know. It's just a baffling decision all round. Every aspect of visiting a concession stand is currently allowed elsewhere. They tried to say that it was down to queueing...I mean, that was something we managed to work out in the first week of the pandemic when the super
  8. All looking positive in the squad. Brilliant. Meanwhile, back at Mount Doom, the Scottish Government are doing their absolute level best to make sure they kick the very concept of joy to death. Despite the much vaunted fan parks being more or less on their way to built (a couple of big screens with all the branding up in Glasgow Green this afternoon, and a lot of the park blocked off), the Government are taking every opportunity to say how there's no guarantee it'll happen. Then in a fairly new development, it's come out that there will be no food and drink available inside Hampden at th
  9. This is very surprising. I didn't think this would be on the horizon for a long time yet. Question for me is, if its in, how is it being treated? If they've just researched and chucked the players into the existing framework, it'll be utter cack. If they're planning on significantly tweaking the match engine to be more like the actual women's game, it'll be an interesting prospect. But cue people going to insane lengths to tell everyone how little they care.
  10. Message got deleted, and made me look like a right mug. Something tenuously related to the FA Cup, then something about laser printers. To redress the balance, I'll offer something relating to OP, although it won't be that helpful. I guess try and incrementally build it up, but it does seem like a weird one. Is it the same team every time? Are you sure you've included 20 Premier League teams when you've set up the competition? Something to do with Promotion from the Championship?
  11. We've got a...complicated relationship with Wales in football (stop beating us! Just stop it!) but this one springs to mind to me. I think the three defenders are still meeting up every so often to have a look for him.
  12. Given that I don't think said product even exists, that's probably your first problem. Aside from all the ones I've already mentioned that you're still ignoring in this Dragon's Den style scenario where there's wealthy people just desperate to shell out money on a near 20 year old game. Is this imaginary thing you're thinking of by any chance the famous placebo CheatEngine?
  13. I think you're being incredibly optimistic about a) the number of people that see this as a problem, b) the number of people who are even still playing CM03/04, c) the existence of roving gangs of mercenary developers interested in such a product, and d) the actual technical feasibility of such a project. And that's being pretty generous.
  14. Yeah, that's right. They've decided to make a completely unpublicised change to the match engine, then decided to actively deny it. Sounds totally like something worth doing. Of course it must be so they have "content for FM22" because the match engine was totally perfect before and had no changes that needed to be made. Jeezo.
  15. Incredibly simplistic way of looking at it. "Tactics performance" changes from game to game unless it's one consistently exploiting the engine.
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