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  1. It sounds flippant, but it's absolutely correct. The massive thing that SI could add to the game would be a greater degree of context to decisions all entities in the game make. This is clearly two separate decisions with zero link between them. Although even though that's definitely lacking in game, this doesn't seem like too bad a decision to make. He wanted a lot more, went to another club, left that club and now wants less. Thinking about it logically, has he realised grass isn't always greener? That the original offer is now a lot more attractive?
  2. That's a point that hasn't been mentioned much as far as I can see. If they want to do this right, it'll likely need, at least, another flavour of the ME they have, and if not a different ME entirely. In either event, that's new eyes and new ideas in one of the key parts of the game, and maybe those ideas lead to improvements across the board. And like you say, it doesn't stop at just the ME. More generally, having to do things a different way may move them out of certain situations of "well, it's always been like this" to asking "could we do it differently?"
  3. Telling that that's the edited post. Deary me. 1) It might shock you, but *gasp* women actually play this game 2) Prepare for another shock, but maybe some men might be interested in using this, just like some women might not be. It's almost like there's no real link there, outside of really outdated stereotypes. 3) It's not one thing or the other with development. Them doing this in no way blocks them from fixing bugs. So all in all, an impressive amount wrong in so few words.
  4. Seems more like brute force scouting than anything else. I'll always be of the opinion that people can do whatever they like in a single player game, there's no inherently wrong way to play, just seems like fishing with grenades. Sure you might get results, but you'd probably have more fun with a rod.
  5. I did. Twice actually. Save was documented on these boards way back in FM16. Started out with one manager in charge of the Scotland national team, "retired" him when I felt I'd reached a natural stopping point (losing in the final of Euro 2044...at Hampden), and added his son as a manager. Journeyman career ensued where I was utterly hopeless at club level and ended up back in the Scotland job, finally lifting the World Cup, and then the Euros in 2068. He then retired, and after a few years watching the career of star striker Bobby Nicol, when he retired I added him as a manager and attempted the Tetradecagon challenge, finally winning the final of 14 trophies in 2118. Quite a ride.
  6. I'm almost certain I had it appear in the game, and I hadn't used any db updates apart from stuff I'd made with minimal edits. Remember seeming like it was pretty weird as I was sure it hadn't been added.
  7. What it says. There's an odd number of teams going into the final from, presumably, the semi.
  8. On that, I guess they'd only be reducing the cycle once. After that, you're back to a year. Of course, that still makes that year significantly more difficult and leaves you playing catch-up.
  9. The most comparable game, FIFA, isn't out until the 1st of October, which won't be a million miles from when FM22 is likely to arrive. You want the most complete product possible, and you don't want to have to think about doing an enforced update just a month into release depending on transfer windows. If they thought that they could make more money by releasing earlier, then they would. They clearly don't.
  10. Sorry, but when its a single player game, and you're complaining about being able to do something you yourself are doing, while you're perfectly able not to, then that's definitely a you problem. The nature of the engine means there is likely always going to be weaknesses, and the nature of the people who obsessively search for ways to make the engine cry uncle means that these will always be exposed. You'd really rather staunchly expect what is almost an impossibility at this point rather than do things slightly differently and aid your own enjoyment? That's like the human equivalent of the meme guy putting a stick in the spokes of his bike.
  11. Yeah, pretty clear what your "opinion" is. I guess sticking your fingers in your ears at anyone calling you out on it is one way to deal with that.
  12. EVERYTHING affects performance, positively or negatively. They also put considerable work into making sure those negative effects are lessened. It would sensible to assume that if adding this stuff did degrade quality, that they would make efforts to do just that. Ignoring that makes any claims of your worries about performance pretty hollow, and suggests maybe there's something else at play.
  13. Yes, I'm fairly sure there isn't code in the game specifically to do what you're asking. There's code to simulate a full result. There's code to play out to a result. You're asking for something in between, which doesn't exist.
  14. No, and there likely won't be. All the skin is doing is giving access to a function that's usually blocked off. What you're describing would need completely new stuff in the code.
  15. I think it's more referring to the sort of change it is. In recent years, what can SI really boast about being a headline feature that would be truly groundbreaking and add substance to the game? There's nothing really left. It's all just polish, or "fluff". Granted that stuff's important too, and one man's fluff is another man's treasure, but this is arguably one of the biggest things they could possibly do to change the game. And I'd say adding women leagues absolutely translates into more football, as it'll likely add a simulation of a whole new way the sport itself is played.
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