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  1. If a laptop gets so hot that it's dangerous to the inner workings it should switch itself off anyway.
  2. Who won the Scottish Cup? If it's one of the top 3, you are in Europe.
  3. If it is you they'll probably be able to tell you pretty quickly and close the bug. Far quicker than anyone on here could. they're usually prettty good at communicating on the bugs forum.
  4. So raise it as a bug then. Nothing will get done about it here.
  5. Clearly whoever controls the MLS license disagrees. Not really sure what you want SI to do in this case. They have to abide by the laws they agree to, otherwise they'll lose the licence, which I imagine would be worse for users.
  6. Sometimes they just happen. Historically it was always a problem in CM, to the point where it was just a matter of when your save was going to go rather than if. Could be that something in your system interrupted the saving process just enough to corrupt it, or could be something else. But even though it's still an issue, and it has gotten better, they've provided more tools to combat it now. Pretty sure they put on rolling saves as the default for FM17 too, meaning you have to actively switch that off to not get them. If you've done that, it's going to be hard to get any sympathy to be honest. Always, always, always keep the rolling saves on. Even if it's just 3 (think I have it set to 10) then it's astronomical odds that all 3 would be corrupted at the same time. Far shorter odds that 1 alone would break.
  7. Edit something on the objects you want, export the result non-compressed, your long-form unique id will be in that file. Not the quickest way, and it isn't the "right" unique id that you're seeing on screen, but as far as I've seen they're interchangable.
  8. Why is it relevant whether you've played the game every year or just bought it for the first time? If anything, the fact that you've bought it every year should have prepared you for there being bugs. Because every piece of software has them. You show a pretty poor understanding if you think that it's just a matter of fixing it and that's that. It's also not possible to fix individual saves for problems like this. Same reason why you can't alter competition rules in a running save. They're also never going to be able to identify every bug in the game without it going to the customers. They can't test every outcome in a game like this, particularly when users will be playing on vastly different systems in vastly different styles. They extensively test, then a closed beta, but even that isn't going to find everything. Also, if it's a bug that has been present in many versions (which it has, pretty sure it happened to me a few versions ago) then it's highly likely that it isn't quite as simple as "just go in and fix it". "Compensation" for a bug though...
  9. I had that for a long, long time in Gibraltar. Felt it made sense there given the relative lack of land, but in the end permission was granted. Probably another feature that just needs a little bit of fleshing out rather than throwing an absolute in there as a news item with little else.
  10. That face, and the hair is what you're worried about?
  11. Not sure why you're directing that seething essay at me given I didnt reply to you. I was directing it at the person who complained SI didn't reply here. They're unlikely to. They will in the bugs forum though. And I'm sure you know that it doesn't matter how many people have raised a bug, more examples always help.
  12. If you wanted a reply from SI, you'd be better pressed raising this bug as a bug in the bugs forum.
  13. So...don't sign them? Why do you need a database change to achieve that?
  14. Again, you're way overestimating the systems some people play on. A lot of people have asked to play on netbooks, or low-powered processors that have onboard graphics. They won't be able to run the game. And I doubt it's a minority in that boat. So again, what's the point when there's far more important things to do that everyone gets the benefit from?
  15. Why spend what would be a huge amount of resources - in both time and money - on something that a lot of people wouldn't be able to use? They've already said in the past that people would be surprised as to some of the systems that people play on. It would be a massive waste of all kinds of resources to do something like that when there are far more pressing core elements to be addressed, especially given it's likely they'd have to build a completely new team to develop it, eating into profits that probably wouldn't rise by enough to cover it. They'll keep developing the animations as they stand now. There will never be a FIFA style presentation to the graphics, and I feel fairly comfortable in giving such an absolute.