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  1. Usually don't have any issue with them, and can clearly see the cause and effect if you get it right, and - hoo boy - if you get it wrong. Had it pretty bad last night though. After achieving an unexpected promotion to Serie A in a season when I was expected to battle against relegation, I told the team that I would be keeping faith with the players that got me promoted. Because they're beautiful. About a third of them reacted how I'd expect, seemed happy that I was giving them a chance. The rest? They complained that a mid-table finish would be unrealistic. Unless there's some hidden aspect to me telling them what I did, I don't see how they got it from that.
  2. Great. But that doesn't change that there's a much better chance of an answer the way you did it than no pkm at all.
  3. Well, to be blunt, that doesn't really help. They can't act on a video or a screenshot, they need the pkm file to do the digging and work out what exactly has gone wrong. Next time it happens, be sure to get that pkm and upload it, otherwise, if you indeed are a rare case, then it could very well never get fixed - how can it if they've not got a reproducible case?
  4. Do whatever you want to, and don't start hand-wringing about whether anyone else thinks it's cheating. If anyone cares about what you do with your own single-player game, then they're the one with the problem.
  5. But yeah, like Smurf says, it was pretty extensively discussed around release, and did well to out some pretty interesting beliefs from some. As said in that thread, it's good that they've done it to raise awareness, but at the same time very sad that something like this is even needed. As someone said though, some of the comments in that thread showed exactly why it's needed. Sadly.
  6. User ratings of FM2018

    Why are you taking the opinion of people you've ever met higher than your own opinion? If you really want to do that, go to metacritic and have at it.
  7. So basically, "I wasn't really banned for much, just a bit of spamming, then I may have got a temporary ban for caps...or shouting...or being aggressive...but it was only because they deserved it" On the subject of updating people, what do you really expect them to do? Any actual meaningful update will likely go over most people's heads and become useless, and anything lower than that would likely be fluff. Plus just saying they're working on something gives you absolutely nothing. It's a total placebo. You can estimate a bug will take a day's work to fix and be at it for weeks, or look at a horrible one and have it "fixed" in an hour. I can just see it now, them saying they're working on a bug, and ignorant people thinking that that's it just hours away from being fixed. You'll then get badgered every day it isn't fixed because, I mean, you've been working on it? How hard is it to fix such a simple thing? I could do that in my sleep. I tell you, if they had competition... repeat ad nauseum. I'll repeat what I said before. If people can play nice and communicate in a civil manner, they might one day return. It's not something that's strictly necessary, so it should be a privilege earned rather than a privilege owed.
  8. Worst moment in FM career

    A World Cup double in 2034/2038. In the former, battled all the way to the final with Scotland, riding the wave of a Golden Generation, topping a group containing Brazil (beating them 2-0...we'll come back to them), Ivory Coast and South Korea, then beating Argentina, Italy and Turkey in the knockouts. Who did we end up with in the final? Brazil. Easy, right?
  9. But in all that post, you've already mentioned the exact reason why there's such a disconnect. You said that you've been blocked on twitter and threatened with a ban. No idea what you did, but you're not alone in it. Why should the devs assign time - largely away from actually developing, too - when they're likely to get a fair amount of abuse for it? They used to communicate a lot more, now they don't, and it's easy to see why. It's not really in their job description to listen to people tell them how they should do their jobs, and certainly not to listen to people call them lazy, incompetent etc etc It would be great if they did come on, and the community would get a lot out of it, that's obvious. But it's not a necessity, and I'd far rather they spent the time doing their jobs rather than placating people that will often have little idea what they're talking about. When the majority of people that visit here can converse in a civil, mature manner, then maybe one day we'll see more of the devs around here. I wouldn't hold your breath though.
  10. Just Can't Stop Cheating

    Why do they have to do anything? Why should they be putting in crutches to replace good old-fashioned willpower?
  11. Absolutely, opinions are fine. But passing them off as fact and then taking the hump when someone who does know what they're talking about tells them they're talking rubbish, isn't. I won't talk about the ins-and-outs of tactics in FM because I know very, very little about them. Software development, not so much, and I'll quite happily tell someone when they're talking rubbish. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, just like others are entitled to tell them their opinion is rubbish. The key is to recognise when you're wrong, accept it, and maybe learn something. Instead, most just jump to whataboutery and the aforementioned shouting loud and hoping it'll go away.
  12. Every time someone mentions a 2-year cycle for development, SI down tools and don't work again for the rest of the day. And they laugh. It's a completely and utterly terrible idea, with absolutely no redeeming features for anyone, least of all SI. Unfortunately for SI, nowadays everyone is allowed to have their say, and usually express it in absolutes. Everything is either the absolute best ever, or the worst thing ever. You can also express your opinion on things you know nothing about without reproach. If someone knows actual facts about something, then that doesn't matter, because I can shout louder! And I can't back down obviously, so why not just keep shouting until the other party gets tired and just gives up. Then you win - yay! When really, you're just spouting rubbish that only other people who don't know what they're talking about will agree with. And if you get in the way of that, well you must be a fanboy. Urgh. Aye but... Sticky this, pin it, blow it up in huge font and project it onto the sky above everyone who wonders aloud "why do SI not comment more".
  13. No, that's all fair enough, agree with most of it. It's a tough balancing act though. I don't think we should ever necessarily get to the point where the Match Engine 100% obeys instructions all the time, but there are plenty of examples of them doing things completely contrary. While a lot of the specific situations are completely explainable (I told you to short pass, but there was absolutely no option on), it's not made overtly clear to the player anywhere. As someone who has never played the game in forensic detail, and usually just follows the ball while watching games, rather than a tactical pervert, I just see a player making a stupid decision, and I'd like to be able to tell him not to be so thick. It's rarely that simple though. Although I would like to tell a forward not to be such a greedy little **** when he can square it to either one of the two forwards he's broken free with. Or I'll break his legs.
  14. Yeah...this. You just can't compare any ME from FM12 or before to anything that came after it. On that game, anyone could do well because buying quick players was essentially a win button. People probably talk about how it played so well because they struggle to take off the rose-tinted spectacles. And that's absolutely fair enough to enjoy it more. It's just not really going to work if you're using it to compare the quality of the match engines. On the basis of how "realistic" the football on display was, neither scores super highly, but one scores way, waaaaay higher than the other, purely down to the collision detection. The last sentence is actually quite curious too, about sending the players out with the wrong tactic. Isn't this exactly how the game should play? You sound like you think you shouldn't be penalised for doing things "wrong". What would be the point of that? I definitely agree the game punishes far more than it used to, but that's exactly what it should be doing surely.