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  1. forameuss

    Losing its realism

    Forget about, "but in real life", because often in these cases it's a pointless endeavour. You're talking about Leeds as a club based on how they are in real life, and comparing it to several years into a save that ceased to be realistic the first day you clicked continue. The game struggles with a lack of context across a number of modules, and it's no different here. It's a pretty simple formula - if you don't achieve expectations, you will be under pressure. Nothing about the original post strikes me as particularly unrealistic, all that's lacking is a slight sense of perspective based on your time at the club as a whole. But even given that, you've led continuous improvement over a few seasons, and then underachieved once the board - presumably - has started to expect more. None of that is even remotely unrealistic.
  2. Good point. Given that not even fixtures can be used, I can't imagine clubs would be that happy to have a manager they sacked be featured on a prominent football game.
  3. Most of them will be licensed, and as such will either be unattainable or prohibitively expensive. Having it this way is a concession. It's not particularly realistic but there's really no other way. Managers get sacked because of results in real time, in games that haven't happened yet. You can't then set them to be sacked on that date, as you can't guarantee the situation will be the same. You're also not going to just keep sacked managers in play, because people would bitch about that too. Damned if you do, etc.
  4. I don't think it's the lack of detail, more that it's a fundamental change to the structure of one of the largest confederations present in the game. Given all the testing they'll already have to be doing for a large update, I wouldn't be surprised if they skipped it until the next edition. Having said that, also wouldn't be particularly surprised if they did put it in.
  5. Well, I don't know. If it hadn't been posted here, then how would SI have known about it and put it in the game?
  6. forameuss

    Player dives

    Yeah, surprised to say people have never seen it, it's been fairly common for a few editions now. Aha...the old Champions League Tumble. I was locked 1-1 with AC Milan in the Quarter Final going into the second leg as Lincoln Red Imps, well positioned to go through after an away goal in that first leg. The full story is in this post but basically it involved one of my star midfielders diving in the 2nd minute and getting booked, then getting a second - FOR ANOTHER DIVE - before half-time. Then my striker gets booked for a similar one early in the 2nd. Cue him getting hauled off, having to play youth players, conceding a late goal that put us out, the midfielder getting immediately sold, and the striker getting banished to the reserves for the rest of his career. Safe to say, seething didn't quite cover it.
  7. forameuss

    So whats new ? (nothing)

    That would be spot on if they weren't constantly working on that "generational shift" so that once it's in a good enough state, they'll release it. Just like they've always done. Apart from that...
  8. forameuss

    So whats new ? (nothing)

    Like HUNT3R says, your idea isn't really technically feasible, whether you like the sound of it from a functionality perspective or not. And for the new features, particularly training, it doesn't really matter if you yourself don't use it. I don't either, but I also wouldn't then dismiss it. Are you really suggesting that it's only considered a new feature if you're forced into using it?
  9. forameuss

    So whats new ? (nothing)

    While you're 100% correct, I can't wait for all the posts huffing about how they matter too.
  10. Much as this post would probably amuse a lot of chairman and owners nowadays.
  11. forameuss

    So whats new ? (nothing)

    Well I can't say I'm surprised. Flippant start to the post that serves no purpose, then sticks the landing with an "it's not my job" retort. Bravo. Debate well and truly won.
  12. Not going to go back and find the original post you put, but I'd file it under the huge list of things FM could do better to actually give some life and context to the gameworld. Context is something the game has always struggled with. You have billions of "states" the game database can be in at any one moment, but there's rarely any sort of link raised to the player as to what those states really "mean". Like yours, a bit of a news item saying that there's this homegrown team is something easily derived from data it has. You've got 2 managers with "beef", but outside of stale press conference soundbites, there isn't really much more to it. The last time you played a team, they pumped you 7-1, but that doesn't really come up with any kind of impact the next time you meet. Thousands of little things that could make a difference and add some life. Granted this kind of thing can easily balloon, and would likely need a far more sophisticated AI, but it's a long-term direction I'd like to see the game go in. It can be an incredibly sterile environment sometimes.
  13. forameuss

    So whats new ? (nothing)

    You really need to start handling people disagreeing with you a little better. Or just keep the righteous defenders of the true way act up, and treat any dissenting voice as some kind of SI bot. Sure easier than actually discussing a point, eh? Seriously, what actual discussion points have you offered? I asked what "new" features could be brought in, and you've come up with being awarded a regen for winning a competition. Anything else or is that it? For a game that has apparently had nothing new for years, I would've thought you had a long list. And don't equate the opposite with people not wanting the game to change. There isn't anything revolutionary they can put into the game without taking it in a massively different direction than they have been for two decades. It's a football management simulation, there isn't really many places they can go. What they can do is refine what they already have to make sure the features they do have are as tight as they can be, and innovate within that. Which they're doing. Actually, if I'm being honest, I open it, realise it's just as tedious as it has been for a few years now, then go and do something else. Coming back a few times over the year for a few weeks. But that doesn't really fit your view, does it? Because that's quite obviously not the direction they've taken ANY feature. If you think it's a great idea, go put it in the features request forum. Maybe there's this huge untapped market that it'll tap into, but I doubt it. ...complexity isn't the problem. Complete lack of realism or sense in the feature is the problem. Have you actually read anything people have posted on the subject?
  14. forameuss

    So whats new ? (nothing)

    Also worth emphasising that PA has never been something that the average user is meant to see. Florian actually put it well earlier in the thread PA is a construct that is necessary in the game to govern player development. You could argue it's "unrealistic" given you can't quantify it in such bald terms in real life. But it's a necessary thing to have in the game that is governed by calculations and the like. But dynamic PA would be another step up in the unrealistic stakes, taking the loose connection between real life and throwing it out of the window. Don't think I've ever seen a convincing argument for it. If there was one, I'd happily take all of it back.
  15. forameuss

    So whats new ? (nothing)

    I was generalising. It's only natural for a lot of people to enjoy an engine more when they're successful in it. Or at least not dislike it. If you're continually getting beaten because your approach hasn't caught up then you're probably not going to be enjoying yourself. That's not to say everyone will feel like that, but I'd imagine a large majority do. It's one of the reasons FML died.