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  1. I can see the point in difficulty levels purely in theory, but I doubt we'll ever see it. How would it be implemented anyway? Do you just handicap the AI at lower levels or give the user boosts? How does that play with the already fragile coding in the ME? Personally I'd like something more in the middle. Give the AI context and slightly more contextual intelligence around situations. Don't make them these omnipotent beings that can churn through outcomes and always pick a winning one. Just make them more "real". Obviously that is just easy-for-you-to-say guff. The reality is that it's one of the hardest things to code in any game.
  2. There's always the fact that for every notch the AI rises in the intelligence stakes, more and more people will turn away from the game. Double-edged sword - of course it needs to be more sophisticated, but it's a difficult balancing act. People already struggle to beat a fairly rigid and static AI that doesn't have access to the same tips and tricks that a human user does.
  3. Best is always to try the demo. Everyone's mileage is going to vary on the game. With the demo being completely free and fully-featured (although time-limited) you can get a good idea as to whether you're going to enjoy it without having to stump up any money. Then if you do decide you want to pick it up, you can often get a copy pretty cheap if you look around.
  4. Well at least it's upsetting you. That's doing something right at least. It was a bit more than "no". I explained why doing an experiment probably wasn't a good idea using saves you didn't control. What's so wrong with that? The more experiments like that the better, but only if they're useful, and to be useful they'd really have to have a consistent base. That's not exactly hard to grasp. Not my fault it just got stroppiness and over-defensiveness in reply.
  5. Really no need to fly off the handle. Can you at least understand what I'm saying? If you use a save someone else has provided, then it's automatically tainted, and any results you derive from it are tainted also. If you really want to prove something somewhat scientifically, you obviously need to have everything controlled that you can control.
  6. To be fair, it's more helpful than your reply to it. I elaborated on the point in later posts, saying exactly why it'd probably be a good idea to "roll your own", particularly for the purpose he wants these ones. But aye, much better to just be lazy and get others to do the work. Brilliant.
  7. Implying SI lie about the extent they test, and further that they do little testing at all, isn't going to endear you to them funnily enough.
  8. So you've wildly flown off the handle on most of that. - No, I'm not saying you'll do any editing. I presumed you'd want a stable baseline save where you know exactly where the data began, which isn't something you can control if you don't make the baseline yourself. Basic stuff. - Where did I say anything about your "experiments"? There will never be no bugs in a game, that's a completely separate point. I don't really care about what you do beyond that, just pointing out that what you said is literally impossible. You just show a lack of understanding in how development works. That's fine. But when you're using that misunderstanding to dictate what SI should do, it falls down. It also sets you up for eternal disappointment.
  9. To your exact specifications and no actions performed that could affect the data for what I'm sure you planned as a very scientific test? Aye, ok. If you really believe that, then no, you don't have any idea what you're talking about. You're equating the number of threads in a bugs forum alone as a metric for how well SI are doing, which is incredibly limited just for starters. Suggesting that they fix "everything" before releasing new things is also misguided, because they'll never fix everything. Because that's what happens in development.
  10. and also worth noting that they used to be a lot more active, but decided to withdraw because of comments like that. Totally correct too - why should they have to listen to people who have no idea what they're talking about throw out wide conjecture like it's fact?
  11. If you've got that much of an obsession with it, why not produce the saves for yourself? Why are you expecting others to produce them for you?
  12. And here we go, another thread shows exactly why it's pointless to ask other people's opinion about the game. It is what it is. Download the demo and form an opinion for yourself. Nobody else's opinion is going to match yours, so what's the point?
  13. And for an example, look up Sycho Sid leg break. Not for the faint of heart, but a horrendous leg break just from landing awkwardly.
  14. Why wouldn't you be able to break your leg from jumping for the ball? You've got to land, don't you? Land awkwardly with all your weight on one leg and it can easily happen.