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  1. Yeah, this. A database that's essentially just a starting point, and diverges from your game further each time you press continue doesn't really matter to me if it's going to be in isolation. If they were to say no new product whatsoever and just the database, then they can keep it. But remember that what was going to become FM21 was likely well on its way to completion when all this kicked off. Development would have been well underway, and I expect a lot of the core changes they planned to make would already be fleshed out. Sacking that off and just concentrating on the database would be a bit of a waste, particularly when they've likely got plans for FM22 in their roadmap that they'd rather not put back. It'll be a new product in some form, just remains to be seen in what form that will take. I expect it'll be close to what we would have gotten anyway, just released later.
  2. Absolutely this. I've never understood it. People seem to be a lot less inclined to form their own opinions, and oddly take that of complete strangers as gospel. Even professional, critical reviews are flawed, as they remain one person's subjective view of a product, so I've never understood why you'd go to somewhere where opinion is going to be biased one way or the other, and is very unlikely to mesh with your own feelings. Particularly when there's a free, fully-featured (although time-limited) demo every single year. Trust your own instincts, form your own opinions. An important distinction. Every single person is going to have a completely different view as to how they believe FM should be, and SI are no different. They'll have their roadmap, and their vision, and I can almost guarantee that that roadmap is going to have the product driving in the opposite direction to where a lot of people hope. Personally I've only just managed to get along with an edition by spending a lot of time in the past couple of months with 20 - 19 and 18 were complete duds for me, and it felt like the game was moving away from what I loved it for. And that's fine. Things change, and they're never going to be made just for you.
  3. Where to start... So, believe it or not, it can be both. Users can - and often are - completely wrong. A lot of the time "it's your tactics" is perfectly valid, and usually the more annoyed you are by someone saying it, the more likely it is to be true. That doesn't mean that there's cases where the code isn't representing what it should. There's plenty of those, and always will be, because the engine - and the game - are flawed. I expect if you were actually talking to an SI developer, they'd say the same. Just like if you asked ANY developer who worked on ANY system, they'd say the same about that. Now go visit the bugs forum, and count how many times they say "it's your tactics". I imagine you'll be looking a while. Because that forum is the EXACT place you should be going to with issues like this. The exact place where they would "note and check" whether there's problems in the ME. Seems like you've just got preconceived notions you want to be true, and won't see otherwise. Fair enough, doesn't make it correct though.
  4. Why do you need proof? Common sense would suggest that they're never "happy" with the match engine as it's a constant work in progress. The nature of a complex system like that means there will always be issues needing fixing, which will likely lead to further issues. And on and on we go. To suggest that that is somehow admission of anything is completely wrong. Unless it's just admitting that they are indeed working on a piece of software. This happens.
  5. First, thanks for actually engaging. The bolded part, I couldn't agree with more. The game has always been about letting your imagination fill in a lot of the blanks, but in recent years it has gotten more and more sterile and po-faced. You see people posting about saves going 100, 150, 200 years into the future, and then loling themselves to death that some jobber club is now the biggest in the world. But it all just means nothing, it's all just sums running over and over again with nothing really behind them. And that's not bad, exactly, it's just...well, a bit boring sometimes. I'd like to see them make the game a bit more unpredictable, but it's hard to put my finger on exactly what. My main point wasn't about whether SI do want to innovate or not, it's that there isn't really much you can do in the way of innovation in the game as it stands. If you're sticking to being a Football Manager - which they've always said they want to do, avoiding any superfluous stuff outside of a manager's job - then there isn't really anything huge left to do. It's all about refinement, particularly in the match engine. And for every person that says nothing new has been added (when there has been), there will be someone complaining if there actually was nothing added. And as a final point, I understand you'll know people who fit your group, but that doesn't mean it's a widespread opinion. Again, I'm not saying they don't exist. There will be lapsed fans out there. But for the most part, if you want a football management game, you buy FM. I'm not convinced there's this huge group SI are missing out on that they can actually bring around.
  6. A few points on that. What exactly would be this "huge innovation" that you feel they're missing out on? And how exactly do you figure they are "ripe for the taking" given that anyone new to the genre would be literal decades behind in a few areas. Not to mention that there was a huge publisher who took a shot at them, and they ultimately failed so hard they left the market entirely. And you say they'd "steal a ton of players", but from where? Currently they're likely at saturation - people who want to play football management games will play FM. Those who don't, won't. Of course they're likely to have a minority group that would buy if changes are made, but there isn't this huge untapped market sitting out there. The competition argument always sounds great, but people can quote economics 101 classes all they like, but it's nowhere near as simple as people like to make out.
  7. The biggest barrier is likely now that the editor is so reliable (compared to where it used to be) that someone in their bedroom focusing on a specific league can produce something just about as good as SI could, just at a lower fidelity. It must be an enormous undertaking to bring in a league "properly" with all the licensing and level of detail that SI like to use, so why not just lean on the community?
  8. If you can't see the difference between a video game and real life, I can't help you. In the case of "gah, I can't believe my players are all out because of that" the type of injury doesn't really matter. I get it, but players have always been able to be out with Flu, which usually lasts days to weeks in game. People can - and do - die of the flu all the time. I haven't seen anyone lose their minds over that. If you don't want it in game, fair enough. YOu likely won't be alone in that. But it doesn't really work in arguing that it should be completely removed just because it rails against your subjective idea of "fun". Personally I find FM to be getting increasingly more sterile and po-faced as time goes on. Anything that breaks out of the mould and throws a bit of chaos into the mix is fine by me, just adds to the narrative. I'm eminently able to take whatever form Covid takes in-game and separate it from the increasingly miserable situation in real life. Not that any of it matters, to be fair, as SI will make their own decision regardless of what anyone else thinks. Could see it coming down to the nebulous "virus" definition just becoming more prevalent and common. No specific references to Covid, but a reflection of what is the new world.
  9. Sub in any type of injury when you mention Covid, what's the difference?
  10. And you can have a sense of realism without going all out. Just like players can't do certain things they can do in real life for licensing reasons, you can have Covid without some of the more unsavoury parts.
  11. Be aware though, I've never found that to work very well. The balance always seems off with players and the way they're generated into clubs. It's still a solution, just not a perfect one.
  12. Really mature way of dealing with things and sticking up for your point. Well done, missing accomplished. I'm sorry it's upset you, but even if I didn't work in software for a job, I'd expect to think the same with basic common sense.
  13. Should rain happen either? That's similarly pointless to argue against. Software will ALWAYS have bugs. The key is that those bugs end up throwing off the balance as little as possible. But the only way a system like the match engine doesn't lead to whack-a-bug is if it MASSIVELY decreases in complexity. And by that, I mean does far less and gets much worse. You really think that's a good trade-off? I don't think you really know much about what you're talking about.
  14. Hate to tell you, but that's not a symptom of this match engine, it's a symptom of any match engine we're likely to get regardless of age or quality.
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