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  1. The wider answer is "no, of course not" The correct answer is subjective, all depends on whether you feel it spoils your game. The wrong answer is anything saying yes, as people worrying about what someone else does with their own single player game are oddballs.
  2. The haughty sign-off only really works when it isn't preceded by demonstrable nonsense, by the way. If you really think that cutting down on templates will make things simpler for the developers, then there's not really much point in going on. You're starting from wrong and riding the train straight down.
  3. Haven't SI themselves hinted in the past that people run on far worse systems than people expect?
  4. You're right, there aren't 49. There would now be infinite numbers. @pheelf is 100% correct. You're simplifying it for the user, but at the cost of essentially turning it into something that would be incredibly exploitable, and a horrid nightmare to maintain.
  5. You used to have a lot of "control" over stuff like that back when it was a commentary only game. I would be amazed if those settings were giving the level of control they claimed to be though.
  6. Seems like a poor decision in hindsight to go with a new title, on a new platform, when the technology itself is fairly new in this form. Had they maybe held off, kept quiet, and then released FM20 on Stadia in the Spring, maybe some of the issues could be ironed out. I really doubt there's issues on the SI side, unless the codebase for Stadia is slightly different, definitely seems like an issue downstream. Although the lack of communication is odd. Stadia seemed more and more like a "too good to be true" situation as time went on. Great potential, and could well get there in time, but where's the real benefit with the way things are now?
  7. For FM21 there will likely be a concrete stance, as it's very likely one will be available by then.
  8. Yes, they demonstrably can. You're imagining a problem to fix, and if you believe it is a "fix" then yes you kind of do need to prove your logic. I'd very much doubt that.
  9. But you're not asking for less variables, you're just changing the scale. Which would make no difference. To be honest, less variables WOULD make the game and the process simpler. Great. But it would also make the game worse.
  10. Care to explain where you're pulling that from?
  11. Was that the "big muddy ball" cover? Seem to remember it was. Can't beat big red 01/02. EDIT: No, seems like that was CM4. 03/04 was just a big boring mitre.
  12. It's almost like everyone plays the game differently, and no one opinion on what the game should be is "correct". Some will play commentary only. Some won't play the matches at all. And others might play in full real time for every single match. None of them are right or wrong, they're just...there.
  13. But see that still seems pointless. If you've spent multiple versions complaining about issues that apparently don't change, why would you drop yet more money on a product after that, when you could make use of the completely free demo? Literally every "issue" mentioned in that post is something you could tell in that 6 month demo period, yet you pay for the product, and then come along afterwards and complain aout something you already knew? What is the point in that?
  14. So we've had the "same issues" "year in year out", and yet you still bought 20? That seems...sensible.
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