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  1. 3 up front

    I didn't think my post was that hard to understand. In this case, you are the person playing your single player game, and anyone else worrying about how you play it, has the issues. Not you. Obviously. I'm fairly comfortable in not needing to reevaluate anything just because you misunderstood what I posted. But to reiterate for a third time, use whatever means you need to enjoy your own game and don't worry what anyone else thinks.
  2. 3 up front

    Well, that's pretty much what I said, and you threw a strop at that. You can do what you like with your game. As long as you're enjoying it, who cares?
  3. Will my Laptop run FM2018?

    I read it as that initially, but refers to the laptop as "my", which leads me to the OP saying he doesn't want to buy the game if it won't run. Could be wrong of course.
  4. Will my Laptop run FM2018?

    Or download the demo and judge for yourself. Plenty of poor laptops will technically "run" the game, but perhaps not to the standard you'll expect. Only way you can really find that out is to have the game running, and the demo means no financial outlay needed.
  5. 3 up front

    Not ashamed to say that you are, yet pose the question asking if it's cheating? Why worry about what anyone else thinks. you can play the game however you want to. If you want to take over other clubs so you can get players cheap, do that. Save-and-reload to your heart's content. Anyone spending time worrying about how someone else plays their single player game has issues.
  6. Switch saves can't be backed up anywhere, no matter the game. One of the two big limitations the system design has. As for further feedback, it's definitely a good port job. Still impressed by the little navigation tricks they've put in and how they've worked with the controls they have, and still impressed by how smooth it gets (as long as you don't throw too much at it, as with any FM game). Only thing is the part that will always be a limitation of a console version. The Switch has been tremendous for me since I had my first kid - I don't need to sit down in front of a console for hours to play the latest "I've got 400 hours of gameplay" open world nonsense, but I can fire up the Switch very quickly and play 10 minutes of a decent Indie port, or keep enjoying the ludicrously brilliant Mario Odyssey. But FM has never been this type of game. The setup has made it far far better than any other version just by being available on the Switch, but you can't really change how the game is at it's Core, and it's going to need more time than other ones.
  7. Just played my first match, and the 3D is surprisingly smooth. Control scheme is taking some getting used to, but it's more not knowing which buttons can do what. Imagine once you've mastered that, you won't really need to be scrolling the mouse as much, and it should end up being quite intuitive and speedy to use.
  8. Now you're on the trolley! That'll likely be it
  9. Could be an oversight that it's still there, maybe the option should have been removed.
  10. Transfers are a joke

    Ooft, just the tip. You wee tease Go on, give us more pearls of wisdom that aren't riffs on "you mug", "no, you are" and "it's not faaaaaair" And are you going to raise it as a bug or were you just fancying a wee greet?
  11. But as Michael said, it isn't possible to run everything in parallel, and the way the game processes there are always bottlenecks. Without that degree of parallelism, there isn't much all the extra processing can do. Your clock speed will help. It's not as simple as saying "the game should fully utilise the CPU". It clearly isn't designed that way. Could it be? Probably, although I'd imagine that would need a complete redesign of the way things are processed. Or, perhaps more believably, they have to do it this way. They're always optimising, so if there was a simple way to do what you're suggesting, they would have given the difference it would make.
  12. Transfers are a joke

    You mug lol.
  13. Transfers are a joke

    Ooft. A startling lack of self-awareness alongside the painful irony.
  14. Transfers are a joke

    If I realised I'd made an arse of my point, I'd probably just stop posting and move on to something else. So...well done, I guess? But on a serious note, if you really think there's something wrong - which there isn't - then raise it as a bug with evidence, and the people that actually matter will take a look and be able to tell you either way. I wouldn't hold my breath on getting a different answer though, particularly with the attitude you've shown so far.
  15. More on topic, downloading it now. Given the fairly aggressive discounts FM usually has, I think I'm now paying more to get this one than I did to get the main product. It is what it is though - Nintendo games pretty much always hold their value for far longer than other consoles, so imagine SI's hands are tied in terms of pricing. Still though, £30 on a product that ends up being poor is annoying, but if I get a decent number of hours out of it, it's far less of a problem.