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  1. Ha...manuals. Remember when they existed? Half the fun of buying a game you couldn't play until later was unboxing and reading the manual. Not much reading in a sheet with a steam key on
  2. forameuss

    [FM19] Grasping the Thistle: Hamish Returns

    ****! I forgot Kingsley! That'll be rectified.
  3. forameuss

    [FM19] Grasping the Thistle: Hamish Returns

    Oh, and one more thing. If anyone would like to understand the origins of Hamish but hasn't read the story, first, where have you been? Who do you think you are? And do you really think you can pull that here? Get out. It's over. If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best. YOLO. Blessed. Etc etc. But anyway, here's the thread. It's a ripping good yarn. Won thread of the year in the FMCU Awards dontchaknow.
  4. forameuss

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    So, cloud saves...what do I need to do to make sure it's actually uploaded? I'm going to be splitting my time with the game between a very powerful desktop, and a proper piece of **** laptop, and I've already lost progress thanks to it not going to the cloud. Blurb mentions it'll sync as soon as you close the game, so maybe I just didn't leave it quite long enough. Suspect I'll end up saving to dropbox and loading from there, just can't trust "THECLOUD", much as everyone says we should.
  5. forameuss

    [FM19] Grasping the Thistle: Hamish Returns

    It was the most Scottish name I could think of when I started my thread back on FM16. I'm nothing if not a parody.
  6. forameuss

    [FM19] Grasping the Thistle: Hamish Returns

    First few posts up, trying a slightly new style, basically one where I can write everything in word, format things slightly differently, and then not have to write long posts into two places. Also means I don't spend my entire life copying things from imgur, which I used to do for career threads. May well change back at a later date, but will stick with this for now unless anyone finds it utterly abhorrent. Also, given I'm going to be heavily roleplaying as Hamish (because I'm him, obvz), I'll break the 4th wall in posts like this rather than in the main narrative. My aim for this entire save is to try and build a story. Sounds obvious, but I've always kind of toyed with the idea of doing some proper writing, weaving a story around it, but basically letting the game drive the narrative. So I could have a long-term plan that Hamish is going to find an enemy in this first season, then follow him up the ranks until they have a tear-up on the Nou Camp pitch in the Champions League final, but obviously I can't plan that. So I'll be using what happens in game as a base, and filling in a lot of absolute nonsense around it. It may end up being utterly boring, and I'll just get sacked everywhere, ending up in a squalid bedsit in Maryhill with some heroin, but who knows, maybe it'll actually work. Also, I do want this to be a multi-manager tale in a similar vein to my previous threads. That'll also tie in to the whole story aspect, with each "book" in the story being directly influenced by the previous. Lofty expectations, I know, but hopefully it'll do something to keep me interested in the save as long as possible, and hopefully keep all of you interested too. EDIT: And of course, I'll be forever looking out for the new Peter Dailly. Obviously.
  7. forameuss

    Ally Mccoist and bangor

    Ally McCoist? Bangor? Thought he'd left that kind of debauchery behind him. 'sakes Swally.
  8. Yet to play a match, but even on a laptop that took about 20 minutes to even get to a point where I could open Steam, the game seemed zippy enough. And that's in a db with every European nation loaded.
  9. forameuss

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Hoping to make my (totally not) long-awaited return to FMCU with a thread tonight. Have missed writing for here, and hoping having to do that will keep my interest in the game a little longer than with 18. Going to try and make things a little different too, rather than just endless screenshots with obvious accompanying text. Oh, and Hamish Glengarrie is back.
  10. Chairman mode comes up again and again, just like it will be a terrible idea again and again. That's not to say that a chairman game isn't a good idea, but honestly, can you imagine putting a chairman mode into the current framework of FM? Can anyone honestly say, with a straight face, that that wouldn't be incredibly tedious? The game would need a lot of work to add any kind of depth to make the mode anything other than a 5 minute time-waster. Anyone that says it would be fun without significant development beforehand is either lying, or maybe doesn't have much going on.