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  1. Football Manager TV: Matchday

    First one of these I've watched, much prefer the new edition to be driven by my own experiences rather than anything else. Good thing too, because the guy they're getting to do these has a delivery I really don't like. Not really sure they didn't just get Miles to do it, although having said that, his delivery seems to have gotten a lot more stilted when compared to the videos he did a few years back. Not that it really matters. It's good that they're doing these videos, and it has generated hype and buzz for those that wanted it. The proof will be in the game though. Welcome to football. It's not really an FM problem, more a problem on the sport as a whole. For a great example, go visit the Bleacher Report World Football stream on the app for a million examples of top bantz. Unfortunately, that's what sells now. But that's what we want, eh lads? Lads? Bants.
  2. FM 2018 beta....arrive?

    Every time someone asks, Miles puts another hour on the meter.
  3. New AI for FM18 ?!

    I'd be wary of putting any kind of date on the beta by the way, that can only lead to disappointment should it be delayed. Anything can happen between now and then. As for football intelligence, I'd imagine if this was purely AI, then they would have called it that, and not Football Intelligence. As they've described it, it could be anything. Should have answers once the video is out.
  4. But it's conjecture at this point. Often the best features that SI bring in are nowhere near headlines, and more the smaller ones that build up to make the experience a lot better. To take a tweet that simply gives you some headlines, you've derived that there will be no changes to training. There very well might not be, but there's no way to be sure at this stage.
  5. Where do you get that nothing will be changing? Just because there isn't a feature video for it doesn't mean it won't change. At least wait for the game to come out before jumping to conclusions.
  6. Flares

    It's more down to culture. On the continent it's more acceptable culturally, and although they're probably still being wielded by people you wouldn't let milk a cow, they'll probably be "safer". On these shores it'll be wielded, like you say, by absolute morons because they once saw a youtube video with them in. Completely forgetting the irony that the flares are already backing up a pretty good atmosphere, not causing it. If you took the flares away from those grounds, you would lose a little, but probably still have a very intimidating atmosphere. I'm fully in support of improving atmosphere at stadiums, absolutely. Hampden when it's rocking is fantastic, but completely lacking most of the rest of the time. Firhill is Firhill, but its set up well enough with having those that absolutely want to stand and sing going into the North Stand, with everyone else in the other stand. There's no wrong way to enjoy a football match. The best way to bring crowds in is to be as inclusive for every demographic as possible. Have sections where people can sing, stand, build an atmosphere. Have family areas so people can bring younger kids and introduce them to the sport without being intimidated by cretins who think their way is best. There's no reason why that shouldn't be possible.
  7. Flares

    Aye, go to some lazy stereotyping and light racism. That'll really win the point. Tragic. Again, I'm not sure where flares come into that. You can have a good atmosphere without setting fire to things. I've been at Scotland games with cracking atmospheres, and ones with terrible atmospheres. I've also been to St. Pauli in the second tier, and the atmosphere was brilliant. No flares at any of those games. So again, I'll ask, why do you need to set fire to something to create atmosphere? EDIT: And well done for targeting those so typically Scottish pursuits of Pukka Pies (made in Leicestershire) and Bovril (sold at most football grounds in Britain). Swing and a miss. Could've at least gone after the heroin, or sectarianism.
  8. Flares

    And again, why do you need to set fire to something to create atmosphere? A lot of games abroad do have a wonderful atmosphere (although that's very subjective, as funnily enough there's more than one type of football fan) but they would have that even without things like flares. It's a lazy reaction from those absolute sad-acts that believe they're some kind of ultra that it's all done to these stupid wee flares that bring atmosphere. Only they won't bring that here, because they'll be wielded by absolute cretins, and are far more likely to damage themselves (not such a bad thing) or the person sitting next to them. Thistle originally had to house away fans of the Old Firm (well, Celtic, Rangers were "elsewhere" at the time) away from the usual away stand for health and safety reasons, because they couldn't be trusted not to set the (wooden) stand alight with flares. "Bt atmawspheer lads! Lads Lads lads!" Tragic.
  9. Flares

    To be fair, so is suggesting that you need to set fire to something to create atmosphere. No real issue with them being in the game, they're an irrelevance for me. More of an issue with them in real life by absolute sad-acts that believe they're some Eastern European Ultra just because they've smuggled something illegal into a ground.
  10. Flares

    Yeah, I often find myself out and think "yeah, its good, but it'd be better if I set fire to something" Imagine its something in the code, there's certainly no explicit database field which controls it directly.
  11. Because I didn't say "everyone", I said the majority. Playing is only testing if you're actively providing bug reports, which most won't.
  12. The vast majority of people who play the beta aren't going to be "testing". For them it's a way of getting the game earlier, not of helping out SI with testing. Some are quite adamant about that. Plus the earlier it is, the less use it is given how much movement I imagine there is in the lead up to release, as there is in any software project.
  13. No, they don't, but if the wider animations end up looking better, does it become as much of an issue in the context of a match? I'm not saying they won't end up being terrible, but in all areas, there's some wild conjecture thrown out around these feature releases. When the game comes out, we'll know for sure. Just find the jumping to conclusions amusing, but a bit much.
  14. Nothing like jumping to massive conclusions over an 8 second video, eh? Aye, I'm sure that Gal Gadot is nice and all, but I've only seen her big toe and it's awful.
  15. [FM17] On the March with Ally's Army (again)

    On the March with Ally's Army (Again) International Window 2 -1st October 2016 to 12th October 2016 Scotland vs Slovakia (World Cup Qualifier, Hampden Park) Malta vs Scotland (World Cup Qualifier, Ta' Qali) Another month, another squad. Largely unchanged from the previous. Jason Cummings keeps his spot after his very impressive debut, and captain Darren Fletcher returns. As usual, three key player picked out, and for this window, it's all about Darren Fletcher, Jason Cummings and Craig Gordon. The former is our captain, and although he's slowing down I have immense respect for the way he battled through his illness and came back to play again at the top level. Similar story for Craig Gordon, who was probably days away from calling it a day after horrendous injury issues. He fought through them as well, eventually returning to the national side after impressing for Celtic. He's probably not quite the player he once promised to be, but he's still our best keeper by a distance. Finally, Jason Cummings is someone who I'm willing to give a chance to. We do not have brilliant forward options, even though Leigh Griffiths and Jordan Rhodes are usually pretty good in FM. Cummings will be a decent third option for now. In terms of matches, this is the first of the really crunch games in what is a pretty kind start for us. If we can beat Slovakia at home, we'll be in a great position. Malta should take care of itself. Right? Right?!