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  1. Yeah, I get that there's modes like that, and the attractiveness of them. The single player comment was purely because you don't have to worry about you sticking to certain rules and others just blowing you out of the water. FM is so closed off in terms of other players affecting your game that you could do everything mentioned in the OP yourself if you were so inclined. The "boasting" part always comes up around these things as a reason that these things should be mandated in code, but is that really a good enough reason for the extra work?
  2. While I can see why some might want it, what exactly does it bring to have SI code this in as standard, rather than just putting all those restrictions on yourself? It's a single player game, you're not competing against anyone else, so surely you can just put them all on yourself and run the save with those kinds of challenges built in yourself?
  3. forameuss

    something wrong wih the transfer market

    So earlier you complained that I was killing discussion. Then someone posts a long reply to add to the discussion, trying to put across the point with examples, and it's "patronising". You couldn't make it up.
  4. Right. Women and men have different interests. Women can't like football, and if they do, they're an "anomaly". I'd put down the spade if I were you.
  5. He means international B teams I assume. I assume it's a legacy feature. B teams always used to be a thing, and I don't think there's anything stopping you arranging friendlies with them, is there? In real life, they don't get played due to very little interest, and the pool of other B teams available to play being very small. Probably the same thing in-game.
  6. Nice to see Richard Keys has changed his ways.
  7. You were doing so well until the second part. Aside from putting your own opinions into a general, and generous, "we", is it that hard to believe that women want to - and do - play football manager? They can even drive and vote these days!
  8. forameuss

    something wrong wih the transfer market

    Christ...grow up. Taking your whiny points one-by-one I have never beta tested the game, and have no interest in beta testing the game. I have much more personally productive uses of my time than doing my day job for a few more hours in the evening. Others have covered the "advice" part pretty well in pointing out where the OP has gone wrong. I was purely replying to one ridiculous post. I don't really play the game anymore, and have had very little involvement in this edition. I don't find it particularly fun, so I do other things Nice that you're keeping some record of my posting - clearly not seething, right? Would you like me to update the list? Seeing as it seems to have affected you so much. I'm really worried now that it won't stack up to what you - the authority on such things - thinks is wrong. Maybe my opinion will be invalid then. That really keeps me up at night. If you dig out the original post where I said those exact words (I'm sure you've got it printed out, probably stuck up on the wall) then I'll happily add to it. Well, as happily as I can when I'm that worried. "Blind, undemanding defence of SI" I'll defend them on points where people clearly don't know what they're talking about, and will continue to do so. But I forgot, that disagrees with your view, so it's obviously insidious. They do have a thankless task, as most successful developers do, because the vast majority of their customer base will never understand what's gone into a feature. Clearly. Certainly doesn't look like I've killed discussion. If you don't like what I'm saying then don't reply to it or *gasp* discuss it. Your tear-stained post actually raises an interesting point. Inadvertently of course. Apparently commenting against anything considered criticism is "killing discussion". Surely it's creating discussion? Would you rather the forum just turned into any negative post being unchallenged? Is anyone allowed to reply to it? Or is it only so you can go "yeah, that's terrible, this is terrible, everything's terrible" and feel somewhat validated? If what I say (which hasn't been considered infraction worthy since I fell foul of the rules on streaming years back) is really upsetting you so much that you don't want to come on to the forum, then I don't think I'm the problem.
  9. forameuss

    something wrong wih the transfer market

    Wow, you're seething...Because of course, if I posted that, I must be sitting at SI's door tugging at their forelocks and not have anything bad to say about the game at all. Obvz lol. Let me break it down then. Saying a flippant "I mean, how hard can it be" is one of the most asinine and pointless things you can say. What the sentence essentially says is "it's broken, and clearly the development team are too stupid to fix it." You're suggesting it's not hard, and in the same breath saying that the current system is broken. So the developers are now so bad at their jobs that they can't even get that right. Luckily, anyone that says it usually shows that they know absolutely nothing about development, so I don't imagine it really affects them much. My post, on the other hand, might have actually educated and made someone realise that maybe that feature isn't just a 5 minute job, and is actually a lot more complex than they realise. Is it perfect? Obviously not. Is there an absolutely massive ravine of middle-ground between perfect and "well, that's easy to do"? Obviously. And no-one needs to "bow down gratefully", they just need to put their concerns forward without being an arse, and preferably without making yourself seem thick (although the last one is probably more of a personal thing).
  10. forameuss

    something wrong wih the transfer market

    Which is nothing to do with what I said, or what I replied to.
  11. forameuss

    something wrong wih the transfer market

    It's posts like this that show just what a thankless task SI have. I mean, what chance do they have with people boiling complex systems down to "och, it can't be that hard"
  12. I imagine most people's friends don't see struggling your way through an obtuse online game of Football Manager as a productive use of their time. Good people.
  13. forameuss

    Spent £1billion on players

    Can't remember what version it was, but I was doing a journeyman save where I ended up managing both Barcelona and Real Madrid. The former I spent what I thought was a ridiculous amount of money, going up into 3 figures regularly for the first time ever. The squad was very good already though, so only a couple of players were needed. Went to Real Madrid, offered around 600m in budget, and spent almost all of it, including a figure in the region of 250m on one player alone. The market had inflated massively, and the money was there. Kind of lost all meaning really.
  14. There is no answer to the question that anyone else can give. This... ...is really the closest you'll get to an answer. The rest is personal preference. Some people will consider certain performance fine while others will hate it.
  15. forameuss

    Large savefiles

    Presumably means that if you're just progressing through your save in a linear fashion then you wouldn't really care about having immediate access to previous saves.