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  1. @skamer in other words if you if you start a save via the demo and select England and play it on the full game you ONLY HAVE English based players from the top 5 levels of the English leagues and they are the only playable leagues. @FrazT correct me if I'm wrong
  2. Being able to fine players is great, but i would love to have another option that you could tell player(s) in question that early morning (6;00am) training for them for a week etc. for things like to many sending off/booking leading to being send off, missing training, poor-quality in games, disrespecting the gaffer, not turning up for U23,U20,U18 games Like the Michael O'Halloran at Rangers missing Under-20s clash. Rangers boss Pedro Caixinha orders bad boy Michael O'Halloran in for 6am training sessions
  3. @gunner86 adding the additional languages at the start is great, especially when your playing as yourself like after all 99% of learned either Spanish, French or German at school so there's no problem in adding them then
  4. sounds like a good idea i would even go as far as saying if he gets say a rating of 7.0 coming on as a sub for say 3 games hes got a better chance of starting, sounds like a bit like FIFA17 - The Journey
  5. need more info

    @Alex Pitt The Cloud yes
  6. under review

    Likewise with me currently with Tranmere Rovers board insisted on participation in the under 18's league and i accepted the U23 invite and currently have a level 3 youth set up, yet a national league team with level 0 is in the U18
  7. It would be perfect for the scouts before sending them out on scouting assignments
  8. FM 2017 FLUT skin white
  9. There's a 3rd party skin like that or well that idea. But yea I know what you mean especially having built into the game
  10. Sounds like a good idea, but in saying that there would need to be a way of shrinking the game especially when your 3 or 4 seasons in and you only started with say 18mb after 3 or 4 seasons you have something like 150mb
  11. i would love to see the Youth Structure of (U23, U18 etc) following real life like in my current save i'm playing with Tranmere Rovers in game there U18 are not in any league but in real life they play in the North West Conference of the Football League Youth Alliance but in game what would be Football League Youth Alliance is a mess like some of the team that would playing in North West Conference are playing in what would be the South West Conference And the SuperCupNI (formerly NI Milk Cup est. 1983) with the Tournament having full support from the EPL Premier League backing is 'significant endorsement' for SuperCupNI
  12. Would be a great idea especially in game because I would love to remove number 13
  13. Would they have it Scotland Leave the UK and still in the EU would be fun for Berwick Rangers And the same applies to Derry City based in Northern Ireland and play in Eire Or Northern Ireland becoming a Untied Ireland either to stay in the EU or Eire Becoming apart of the UK either way there fighting in Belfast with the big 4
  14. It would be nice but I don't think SI would do it because when it comes to the big derby day games half of the club's would be fined every game
  15. Having the 2 options would be great. but 3D face version could be doing with massive overhaul