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  1. I thought the Northern Ireland Football League was licensed after all the NIFL logo pops up in the load screen
  2. I've been to many boxing Day Derby and saw ones on TV some of the fixtures get the same turn out as a lower end of the English Championship while the rest of the season its like National League North/South
  3. Taking part time club into the Europa League Groups at my 1st attempt well (2nd due to setting up problems) Yes I know in real life Coleraine and Oran Kearney did come close if it was not for Motherwell
  4. 2 suggest for the match screen panel 1. Sub count 2. Match overview with weather, ref, comp and match attendance ( updated to live attendance if your team is playing rubbish supporters up and leave) Other than that looks ok, been playing FM for years and getting my head around some of the new features is kill me
  5. 26th of December is Derby Day in the Danske Bank Premiership Same Fixture or Day every year except Sunday and if there's a Relegation. Ballymena Utd v Coleraine Crusaders v Cliftonville Glenavon v Portadown Glentoran v Linfield Larne v Carrick Rangers
  6. For season 2020/21 the Irish Cup (ID: 310026) Only 32 teams will compete for this season's 2020-21 Irish Cup because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Irish FA has announced. The competition will get underway on 9 January 2021 and involve the 24 clubs from the Premiership and Championship. The 2019-20 Intermediate Cup semi-finalists and the next four teams in the league pyramid will also compete. Those final four places will be awarded to the teams ranked highest in last season's league pyramid based on points per game. It also said it hoped to return to t
  7. Summary: Set up new game with Coleraine with the earliest possible start date. Description of Issue: Unable to play in European Comp due to start date Steps to Reproduce: Load Coleraine FC, Glentoran & Linfield Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Rebecca Carson - Coleraine - Euro - Beta
  8. For the lower or additional leagues i would have all the home nations added, tho i dont know why Northern Ireland was not added
  9. From a lower league POV it would be great if there was a way of adding a social club because, the extra money would be great like after all not every club from the lower leagues is like the Premier League Elite. Some way of having new kits especially with possible kit clashes with either the other team or the ref or every 5 - 10 years Up date the referee database. Like I've senior premier league referees In Northern Ireland refereeing U18 league matches or the 3rd tier. Ex Players wanting to staying in the game, not as backroom staff but as referees E.G Dessie Loughrey fo
  10. I know that feeling and also would love to see added, like I've managed Northern Ireland like I cant beat Estonia like on the 21 March 2019 Northern Ireland beat Estonia 2-0 if I played the same formation and team I would get beat
  11. The Covid effect in terms of UEFA and other nation Football Associations/Confederations in regards to testing/no fans and the current Uefa format. ( Coleraine FC v Maribor like in game Coleraine would have been tanked in the 1st Round) Overhaul of the International set up in terms of training. Introduce youth club tournaments like the (SuperCupNI (some of the English national team have played before Beckham and the rest of the class of 92, among others, Foyle Cup)
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