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  1. Don't quote me but I don't think Institute U20 was ever added tp the NIFL Premiership Development Table
  2. Newry AFC U20 are set to play in both leagues in season 2 and the North West (Currently not playable and never in the past) and the Craig Memorial Cup is currently not playable
  3. F.C. Bayern Money (52066293) no longer play under that name but play under Sporting Ballymoney FC Antrim team find out they can't be called Bayern Money for nothing
  4. Within the next few weeks im planning on make a list of the following All leagues from level 4 and below with correct teams, (kit colours and grounds on league websites) for 2018/2019 with league winners and runners up over the past 125 years All cups at all levels with winners and runners up with venues over the past 125 years could they be added to the FM database for Northern Ireland?
  5. Is there a easy and faster way to mass add history to a competition old and new and adding new clubs? Like making a CSV file and adding it to the FM Editor or is it a case of 1 by 1
  6. Just played the 2019/20 NIFL Charity Shield with Coleraine against Glentoran and the match was played at The Oval (Home of Glentoran in Belfast) instead of The Oval in Belfast the match was played at The Oval (Eastbourne)
  7. @Ed Hewison when there is a fix will it update the game and not affect my current save or is it a case of a new save for the fix to take affect
  8. - State what you think is specifically wrong in your league. There are however a few issues. 1) There is no academy league for the Under 18s to play in which is concerning as it's going to make developing young players very difficult given they will play no competitive fixtures. 2) No Under 18s cup - State how you think it should be working. 1) There is an academy league for the U18s for teams competing in the 12 DBP minus Institute who are replaced by Carrick Rangers . The following teams competing in the NIBFA National League (total 14 teams) (From the NIFL Championship 4 teams) A) Larne B) Portadown C) Loughgall D) Limavady Utd (From the Northern Ireland Intermediate League ) A) Ballymoney United B) Maiden City C) Oxford United Stars (From the NIFL Premiership 1 team) A) Institute (From the League of Ireland Premier 1 team) A) Derry City (From the Ballymena & Provincial Football League 1 team) A) Bangor (From the Northern Amateur League Division 1A 1 team ) A) Rosario (From the Northern Amateur League Division 2A 1 team ) A) St Oliver Plunkett (From the Coleraine & District Area 1 team) A) Bertie Peacock (From the North West Junior 1 team) A) Sion Swifts for the PIL and the rest of the NIFL Championship play in nations lower youth system like Mid Ulster Youth League U17 or there is no up to date data online to my knowledge 2) The Harry Cavan Youth Cup needs to be added to the game. - State reasons/proof for your corrections/improvements. 1) http://www.nibfanational.co.uk/Divisions?div=20322&age=18 2) https://www.nifootballleague.com/academy-league-u18/table 3) https://www.irishfa.com/news/categories/youth-cup 4) http://www.midulsteryouthleague.co.uk/Divisions?age=17 5) http://www.southbelfastyouthfootballleague.co.uk/Divisions?age=18
  9. From what @pheelf mentioned the 1 extra club is every club in Northern ireland
  10. When setting up the leagues I could not load Scotland because of a error with the Scottish U18 Elite league needing 8 and found 9. I've got no 3 party add on leagues
  11. I would like to add to that, especially with the likes of lower leagues players going into playing retirement and begining to ref i would like to see there full playing history if i remember correctly there is 2 ex players that are now refs like Dessie Loughery former Coleraine & Ballymena player is now a Irish League Ref and im unsure of the other one
  12. Hi all. Im try to create the Britton Rosebowl Cup with the Northern Amateur F.L. and the Scottish Amateur F.A with Northern Ireland hosting it year about something like the MLS all stars and the old The Football League XI. My question is how to i get the players added and what sort of contract do i select for players and management?
  13. I had the same problem black and white screen and music playing but after a few minutes it started
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