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  1. [Suggestion] Sort coaches by gender

    As another female FM player it would be great of there was some option to look for female staff other than the well known ones likeEva Carneiro & Mandy Johnson especially when the regens start playing
  2. Player Mode

    som ething like that would be great like when your setting up the game for the first time after you input your data like name, DOB etc while the game is setting up the leages etc on the load screen it would also generate your stats like say played 500 scored 300 goals for Man U and X times for the nation team
  3. Print screen with printer

    just shuts down
  4. Every time I try to use my printer with FM17 the game always crashes
  5. It can be very rare to get a fan day
  6. [Suggestion] International job interviews

    It would great to even speak to the FA just like what you can do at club level
  7. (Suggest) Womens Leagues

    it would be a great addition to the game even if it is just viewable for the next 2 years until the data is built up and maybe by 2020 having the female leagues playable, well the nation teams. As a female player it's a wee bit werid if you selected a global star etc but means you have played in the male teams
  8. Long Terms Saves

    i would love to see some way of compressing save files especially in what the titles says like in some of my saves after 1 seasons i have some game files that are 100mb big and to be honset i dont think i have the specs on my laptop to play long term saves like that especially whne your looking at 100mb per season
  9. [Suggestion] Northern Ireland and Brexit

    HELL NO its hard enough to get 11 good Northern ireland regens as it is especially when you only get about 1 or 2 good regens at English clubs
  10. [suggestion] stadiums

    totally would love a way to sort out the grounds, like some of my local club does not have stands never mind a burger van at it, at a push most of my local teams that play in the Coleraine leagues just have rope around the pitch or a metal fence
  11. Shirt editor before every season (2D/3D)

    it would be great to have something like that, like when the kits clash
  12. Having a chairperson mode would be great (NOT PLAYING AS A CHAIRPERSON) having it along the lines of the in-game editor were you can mess around with every team and players. But in the chairperson mode you can only pump money etc into your own club Or wpuld some people still class that as cheating
  13. Backroom Staff

    On the individual coaches page it would be great if you could have a development drop down bar like the one on the players section but in the coaches one you could have say like, Attribute change's there improvementin determination, 1 on 1, GK training etc. Advice on players Tutoring example Nicky Butt at Man Utd tutoring the new signings or younger players on being a Red Devil, "The fans give us passion and commitment, let's give them the same. Winning for this massive club is the only option." , "The only goal that is not reached is one that is not tried. ", "The second ball that we lose may hurt us, but those that we don't fight for will kill us.", etc Or Sir Alex Ferguson (Currently a Director) advice to the manager
  14. [Suggestion] Building Football Academies

    Would be great with the international set up as well For example Your England or any of the other Home nations You could have 2 options either joint coaching with any number of club in the nation or counties in the nation
  15. Reporting Bugs

    It would be great if there was report a bug button with the FM drop down list it would save time with trying to get screen capture's, etc and uploading them to here and some sort of staus system with known, new, under reveiwed, resolved with a step by step to fix the issue if needed, etc Like for example the main bug everyone seems to have is the youth team