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  1. thanks got it working now just have to sort out the league levels now
  2. boop:confused:
  3. i was wondering is there anyway of getting all leagues and cups in Northern Ireland playable, Because im looking for a real test to my footballing management skins by taking the lowest team from the lowest league to the like of the Uefa Cup. because I've tried a few times but the Promotion/Relegation at the amateur/intermediate stage where it goes into regional leagues **Update** I've made the following leagues playable but still cant get Promotion/Relegation to work Coleraine & District 2 Leagues Mid-Ulster Leagues 4 Leagues Carnbane League 1 leagues Down area winter leagues 1 leagues Amateur League 6 leagues Ballymena League 3 leagues so were i am i going wrong with the Promotion/Relegation? any advice would be great
  4. have been sleeping or has the demo been released, or have i did reading the wrong thread?
  5. just checking is the 5th of Nov the release date for the UK as a whole, the reason i ask is because i was in Game in Belfast and they quoted the 29th of Oct to me