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  1. How do some mods have a different start date like you can start in early 2019? How do I change the start the date?
  2. If I merge two files and one of the files adds new players will it show up in the merged file? Example, If i find a file that adds new players and merge it with my file. Will my file be added with those new players?
  3. True. I'm trying something else first.
  4. A league that I created in FM19 Editor.
  5. Whenever I start a game, I seem to have one League that has no teams show up when I want to select a team. How do I prevent this from happening?
  6. Is there a database that has fictional players and staff for FM19?
  7. How would I change a country's flag in FM19 Editor? I changed a extinct nation to my own fictional country but how would I change the flag to my fictional country's flag?
  8. I figured it out but thanks anyways.
  9. Which nations in FM19 are extinct?
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