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  1. So apparently you can't edit registration for other teams? A bunch of teams have unregistered players but they will never register them.
  2. Is it possible to start the game in 2020? And if so how do I do it?
  3. How do I fix this error about A team in Group 0 has a different number of matches to other teams in the group? Tiger's Updates.fmf
  4. So I ran into a problem that only some teams have players being add to the team and other do not. As you can see FC Cincinnati Academy has added all 16 players to the team and they are not grayed out while Inter Miami CF Academy added none and all the players are grayed out. Is there any way to add players to all teams and not just selected ones? Tiger's Updates.fmf
  5. Here is the FM19 file for those who want to help me solve this problem. Tiger's Updates.fmf
  6. I set up a 5-division USA nation rule but when I go into the game and select a team, only the 1st division shows up. How can I make it so I can select any team in the 5 divisions? This is for FM19.
  7. How do some mods have a different start date like you can start in early 2019? How do I change the start the date?
  8. If I merge two files and one of the files adds new players will it show up in the merged file? Example, If i find a file that adds new players and merge it with my file. Will my file be added with those new players?
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