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  1. No Individual instructions at all?!
  2. Is this playing him on the aforementioned 451 tactic with him as a DLF?
  3. I bin a lot of the youngsters as it's clear they won't make the first team squad in the future for a premiership team going back to the previous question, Giminez has a min fee release clause which, if you offer him above 150K a week, he is likely to sign. Anything less and you run the risk of him accepting a new contract from Atheltico, which they offer him when the min clause is met from another club
  4. Are these the ones from the "Strange Brew" thread in the tactics forum?
  5. To be fair I'm in a similar position after playing a similar 4231 with Attacking/Fluid mentality - posting this from a phone so can't upload tactics. I'm shipping goals constantly, especially from crosses and headers.
  6. Club staff screen

    You sir, are a legend. I bow before your knowledge
  7. Its a very minor issue but an annoying one nonetheless. The staff screen for a club is by default sorted by Senior Squad staff, then U23, then U18, and within that, by Assistant Manager, Goalkeeping coaches, fitness coaches, general coaches etc etc etc. I stupidly sorted them all by wage forgetting that I would mess up the nice and neat arrangement - is there anyway to get the original sort order back? BTW, if i try and do it now, it ignores the squad they are for...eg lists all assistants, then all fitness coaches etc etc
  8. What are your team instructions? any specific individual instructions?
  9. FM16: Manchester United Back in Europe

    What are you team instructions? I'm curious as to how the 2 F9 operate together
  10. FM16: Manchester United Back in Europe

    And is the AMC and AM(A) or AP(A)?
  11. Could it also be, given the limitations that's clubs are now placed under due to FFP, that setting an extremely unrealistic transfer value on a player (in some cases via the use of a minimum fee released clause) ensures that they are guaranteed to hold onto their best/brightest young stars by the fact that only a few, if any clubs (I'm thinking Real, Barca, Man City, Chelsea, Man Utd and PSG-esc) clubs would be able to afford them?
  12. I have to say I think we've all missed out on a treat - managed to sign Miroslav Klose from Lazio for 5million and he is currently out scoring Falcao, RvP and Rooney...playing him as a AF with either Rooney or RvP as a CF(S) is amazing - will post a screenie of his stats so far this season tomorrow
  13. CM (AP/S) or LM (W/A) for me. Brilliant in either. Will have to try him as a Raumdeuter...
  14. Perhaps I'm just very very lucky with this save, but I'm halfway through season 3 and a strike force of RvP, Gabriel Barbosa, James Wilson, Ricardo Zivkovic and Vincent Aboudakar (from FC Porto) is unstoppable - everyone is averaging a goal to games ratio of 1:1 at the moment, with only the Zivkovic/Wilson partnership the least effective (they are both the youngest)
  15. I sold all three - it took till pre-season of 15/16 to sell Nani, Zaha didn'y progress well enough for me (Jack Grealish is a beast on my game) and Powell, well he had potential (He's also got a bit of a random PA) but I had Lewis Cook (From Leeds - another random PA player) and Martin Odegaard and Youri Tielemans all competing for 2 or 3 central midfield slots, along with the more established Mata, Fellani, Carrick etc