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  1. Summary: Staff not recognised by the user interface Description of Issue: Using the PGE, I’ve moved a number of unattached staff (who are former players) to my U18 team so there are just over 100 U18 staff members (I know, I know, overkill) With normal numbers of U23 and First Team staff (12 & 19 Respectively) All is fine until I save my game and reload it. At that point on the reload, all the coaching staff regardless of if contracted to First/U23/U18 aren’t recognised by the game - if you search for them as individuals, they still show as being contracted to the club, but arent picked up by the user interface. Steps to Reproduce: Use PGE to move large numbers of unattached staff to a club as coaches. Save game. Return to start screen/close the game. Reload save.
  2. Consider: The Beta datasbase is obviously a work in progress, possibly based off the FM19 database and new information acquired by the SI team. However, some notable staff (and only staff, rather than players) who appear in the Beta DB do not appear in the full game database, for example Gary Lewin and Darcy Norman. Most people will have heard of Gary, a former Arsenal, England and then most recently a West Ham physio. Obviously you dont get appointed to the England setup without some skills that would indicate you are well regarded in the footballing world. Again with Darcy, former Roma sports scientist and now Director of Performance since Jan 2019 for the US national mens team. Consider: In my normal setup for a new game, using the default DB, I have all leagues loaded in England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland and Scotland, additionally with all persons with national reputation in Africa, Asia, Europe, North/South America and Oceana Now given those two scenarios, would you expect to find both persons present in both the Beta and full DB or just the Beta? If both, what settings would you expect to have to use to find both persons? Disclaimer - not a pop at anyone at SI (I've been playing this since well before the Eidos split and is the only game I ever prebuy.
  3. Or it’s under “Tools” - in the steam library, where it says “Games” at the top of the list, click there and select “tools”
  4. I’ve tried restarting Steam, FM and my computer about 6 times now and still getting this come up
  5. This just happened to me and now my machine won’t even boot into Windows 😢😢😢
  6. I’m having the same issue - again issuing the default skin with no graphical add-ons
  7. He’s valued at £5.5 million and I had a bid accepted for £17 million
  8. Before I post this as a bug, I wanted to see if anyone else was having the same issue. I’m Man Utd. Right at the start of the game I put in a bid for Juve’s Christian Romeo. 21 years old with a PA well in the Wonderkid region. Can’t remember the exact bid but in the region of high teens and was accepted by Juve My board decide to block the transfer as they don’t think it’s a good idea. Now, I’m within the guidelines they have set during expectations (sign under 23’s for the first team) and well within my FFP budget - I can’t figure out what would cause them to block the transfer. Is it Chairman attributes, I’ve completely missed something, a new FM20 dynamic or a bit of everything?
  9. It’s been disabled in the ‘19 editor. You can’t change it.
  10. If there have been international games he’s not played in between the summer and January, his international percentage will go down which may explain why he’s been refused a work permit
  11. I believe persons under 16 require their Parents/Guardians permission for them to appear in FM - I remember a campaign to get Martin Ødegaard into FM which needed his dad to sign off on it
  12. So I want to load as many players as possible - would it better to be via adding leagues or adding players from a continent?
  13. I *MIGHT* be well behind the curve here but here goes: When I start a new game, I normally load all leagues from France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Scotland in addition to the basic full English tier system. If i didnt load those, I wouldnt be able to manage in any of the others would I? But would all the players from those leagues be lost too or would I have to specify to load all players from the continent?
  14. There is a bit of me that thinks the recent transfers of Mbappe and Dembele to PSG and Barca respectively have altered the landscape, however I would agree that clubs are asking far too much. In my Man Utd save, Bournmouth wanted £128,000,000 for Lewis Cook. Lewis Cook!
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