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  1. The error occurs in the advanced editor. I tested it on the official db itself. I solved this error in my db, but I am only warning that there is this error when testing the country in the official db. I tested several countries in the official db, and everyone passed the test, except Brazil and, some people reported it in a Brazilian Forum, of teams that should not participate in this competition, are participating in it. Take a look at the prints of people who have had this problem. Remembering: This is in official Db and not in an update. https://imgur.com/a/didPxCo https://imgur.com/O4527Co
  2. Another error meaningless. Does not specify which competition. It's complicated.
  3. It has several rule group. Is there a specific one to delete?
  4. How did you erase the basic part of your file? Explain better.
  5. I removed the draw dates of the competitions that had a specific date, and I left like this: The incredible thing is, it worked normally on FM18. I still think of inserting dates, mainly in some Cups, but only after the SI adjust the editor, since, the last error that appeared to me, I could not solve.
  6. But a db with divisions, several sub-divisions and Cups is already much more complicated, as is my case. At the moment, I'm stuck in this message: "upper comp should be current or have stages". It could be more specific and show what competition this is, since they all have stages
  7. But only a division? Because until version 18, despite one or another error message in the editor, the competitions ran 100%. Now it is different for those who edit an update with several divisions and sub-divisions: It is mandatory to test in the editor for the file to be recognized inside the game.
  8. I have a db that is nothing more than a complete structure of Brazil, where it has several divisions and sub-divisions, as well as other Cups. That was one of the problems I had, and in order to resolve it, I had to readjust all dates for all competitions. I do not know why, being that it worked correctly in the previous version, and most of these errors are never specific. Hope this helps.
  9. I went to test the rules of Brazil, how they came in the game and, constantly presents error of number of teams in the Northeast Cup. The most interesting thing is that, I have tested several rules from other countries (South American and European), and I did not get any error messages. I am waiting for the SI to correct the editor and, to be able to re-edit my update, since it is impossible with so many nonsense errors. In addition to the problems already mentioned here.
  10. I share the same thoughts as you. I am the editor of a Brazilian update, the best known for users in Brazil, and since it was not enough that we were faced with the licensing of clubs and competitions, and not selling the game in our country, now it has made our work in the editor difficult . I have never had so many problems, as much headache as I am now having to solve all the errors that are coming up and, however much I post them all (which I have already done), I will hardly have an answer from SI. And I fully agree: It was time to release a guide, a manual explaining each editor's details in detail, even to encourage new editors. Finally, my project is stopped at the moment, because an error has appeared that is impossible to identify, since, in this version, the error messages are not specific, as in the previous versions and, so far, they have not given me a solution, nor have fixed the various bugs that the publisher has this year.
  11. One more mistake. I do not understand why they are not as specific as in previous versions. The same structure of competitions that, normally works in the 18, presents several problems. Difficult to know now the solution of this ...
  12. At where??? In which competition ?? Does it work normal on FM18? Why not in 19??
  13. Mais um problema originado de um arquivo que importei do FM18.
  14. I'm having this problem while validating the rules in Brazil. I imported the same structure I used from Fm 18, I made all necessary adjustments and I can not solve this problem, since it is not so specific.
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