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  1. Yes once the league structures are done I will add league cups
  2. So, I could have 2 Level 11 files available tomorrow if all goes well!
  3. If SI want to add correct information for these lower league teams then they know where to find me!
  4. UPDATE: 46,000 database changes so far, just over halfway through Level 11, it's getting there
  5. Level 11 being Semi-Pro was for my FM19 database, I was trying to keep the finances as real as possible as amateur clubs seem to make more money so had to find a way around
  6. UPDATE: I'm about a quarter of the way through Level 11, after today I have a little bit of time off work so can get more done
  7. If a team is based on 1 country it's easy, like FC Romania, where I can make sure players coming through are of that nationality, when it's mixed nationality I can't do anything
  8. That's why I said that this Level 10 database won't have league cups but they will be in it soon
  9. Level 11 going well, I forgot how tedious it is when starting this level!
  10. There's another editor who has released a Level 10 file and some have said his crashes at the first friendly, how many people has this happened to with my file?
  11. Will look into this, I think I've had similar problems in the past with this happening
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