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  1. Sorry for the lack of updates! Level 14 should be out at some point this weekend
  2. Sorry, haven't been on a lot, will update links in first post tomorrow
  3. Can't add specific teams to cups at the moment, only leagues, plus County Cups is ok if this was only down to Level 10 as then the same teams play in the competition every season, because my database goes low down County Cups will not work
  4. Unable to add specific teams to a Cup competiton, all you can do is add leagues
  5. Was ill for a couple of days last week and on early shifts at work, Level 12 will be released tomorrow evening
  6. Level 12, which will have League Cups (as many as I can add) will be released this weekend and will work with the latest SI patch
  7. Still editing Level 12, nearly 50 divisions created so far in it, still more to add!
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