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  1. Fingers crossed (if I get it done) for a Level 15 with as many League Cups as I can do
  2. Did you make your changes in the advanced editor? If you have then that's the problem
  3. Can you be more clear on what you mean? Have you made changes to it yourself? Are you trying to test the file in Advanced Editor?
  4. I do have a PayPal link on my Twitter page, that's the only donation link I have
  5. Level 15 now out. Was hoping to have it up on Steam too but it doesn't seem to be working!
  6. Hopefully can release Level 15 tomorrow or Monday, will also look at getting it up on the Steam Workshop at some point too 👍
  7. I'll make sure it's correct when I do my FM21 Database
  8. Probably not long until I release Level 15, most likely by Sunday afternoon/Monday afternoon
  9. 26 Level 15 divisions created, hoping to be able to spend more time on it over the next couple of days off work
  10. Thanks for this, will be updated for Level 15 release
  11. To anyone sharing my file on the Steam Workshop, the more I see this the less I want to create this database, if you see my file on the workshop please tell me about it https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2119367909
  12. Have done quite a bit of editing so far, down to the F's so it's the Furness Premier League Division One next
  13. More lad than lady but yeah need to spend more time on them than this but back to normal starting tonight
  14. Just a quick update, I haven't done any editing since last week, I was back working the early shift, plus struggling with sleep because of hayfever and I just wanted to spend some quality time with my partner, I will be back editing later today 👍
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