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  1. There's nothing wrong with the original database, it's only when you add additional leagues to it then?
  2. The way I play the database is either use my youth players or only sign players from local teams either 1 division above or as many below me
  3. You can have players on dual registration in Non-League if the club is in a different league, you can't really do this in the database so unlimited loans are the nearest thing
  4. Great career so far, I love managing in Oceania, anything can happen! Best of luck in Concacaf!
  5. At work so only just seen your comment, will change the start dates tonight and re-release.
  6. Probably not as already have 3 leagues feeding into the Hampshire League
  7. Will get that sorted for the Level 13 release, it's the way I did reserve teams in Levels 9 and 10, I'll change them to how I normally do it, so release should be tomorrow lunchtime
  8. It's never going to be a perfect file going down to the lower lower levels unfortunately
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