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  1. Mine probably won't be like this, the promotions and relegations this season are getting ready for extra leagues
  2. After Bury FC's expulsion I'm unsure whether they will be in League One on FM20, if they aren't then the FA Cup will be reworked somehow for my FM20 file
  3. Am going to extend the season end dates for the lower levels in my FM20 database, hopefully this will stop the problem from happening
  4. Thanks for that, is this the Level 19 file? Does it seem like the same divisions?
  5. It's a weird one although there will always be something going wrong with a database this size, sometimes during editing I run into problems as well and every year there's always a change to something in the editor, which is why I'm getting all my league and team information done ASAP so I don't have to worry about it when I start editing!
  6. I might look at changing this in the FM20 database, maybe to 9th June or something
  7. For those who don't follow me on Twitter, I've started getting league/team information for FM20
  8. Sorry been away from the forum for a bit, any bad problems with the database?
  9. You don't use that, go to people, then add condition near the top then you can search name
  10. *BUG FIX* Updated file, some teams were playing on square pitches!
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