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  1. Yes I'm back, hopefully soon as there is an issue changing the England database. Second post will have all relevant leagues listed as soon as I get a chance. I have no timescale on when this will be released
  2. Thank you for your comments, yes I am hoping to do another database for FM21 once I can see what the Pre-Game editor is like! I do have a donations link in my twitter bio @DanFMDatabases
  3. Did you send me a message or was it a comment somewhere on here cos I haven't seen anything 😂
  4. A lot of these will be wrong as a lot of ID's have changed from 19 to 20
  5. I am yes, I'm hoping that it will be completed quicker than this last one
  6. Looks fine to me, as has been said above they expect you to get promotion out of 8 the first season then promotion from 7 to 6 the following season
  7. Just had a look at the database, there is a Division Seven and Division Eight definitely promotes into Seven!
  8. If you remove them then you'd have to change the min and max number of teams in that League, if you only start the database down to Level 11 they wouldn't be in a playable league anyway
  9. I probably will play it, still undecided anout League Cups further down as it'll slow the game down
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