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  1. Slowly getting through updating the leagues, once this is done I will look at adding new leagues into the structure. I will be making a new thread later tonight with the details for the new file.
  2. There are no stadium requirements in my file. I've seen it a lot in the main game, just ruins the experience.
  3. Yeah, I will look at adding more lower level leagues from different parts of the country
  4. I'm hoping to sort all this out so it gives me time to add more leagues for the new game. Changing cup round dates to the new season is the first job!
  5. Yeah, FM17! Forgot to mention that!
  6. The updating of this file has started, I'm currently putting the correct team into each division from Level 12 down to Level 22, once this is done I can then work my way upwards to the Regional Premier Divisions, hopefully then when the new editor comes out I can open this up and the game will automatically put the correct teams in higher up, fingers crossed!
  7. I am currently working on this database ready for FM17, hoping it's pretty straightforward in editing it on the new game!
  8. USA 8-0 Montserrat, they had 56 shots and 35 on target, thought I did pretty well really!
  9. Was looking for something different before FM17 comes out but wanted to do something with a minnow nation no one has been yet on the forum
  10. Looking forward to seeing how this pans out, I was thinking of doing a similar story not long ago
  11. Probably because you are using another database it's conflicting with mine
  12. If you ever build a new stadium then your current one could be sold
  13. Cannot wait to see how you do on the database!
  14. Great idea, I had a Bhutanese youngster come though my youth team so played him in my starting XI even though he was poor!
  15. Really great idea and can't wait to read more!