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  1. Just read through, no idea why you couldn't gain promotion, I wish I could tell you why!
  2. I replaced a former nation, not sure which nations place in the CONCACAF Nations League they've taken though
  3. Falkland Islands Football League Falkland Islands F.A Cup Falkland Islands Youth League This is my take on the Falkland Islands Football League. Argentina didn't want the nation playing in CONMEBOL so the FA had to join the North American federation CONCACAF. 8 playable club teams, all playing out of 1 stadium, Youth League teams play at 4 outside training pitches. This was only made for a bit of fun but I hope everyone enjoys it. Falkland Islands.fmf
  4. Cannot remember how to do this but how do you do it so there are multiple kick off times on a single matchday at the same stadium?
  5. These are the sort of comments which nearly made me not do this database this year
  6. I've had too many issues in the past when moving databases from one edition to the next and with new teams being added to the starting database each year I will have to search for multiple teams which can take too long
  7. I've added so much more depth in Levels 12/13 and 14 in this edition, lots more variety of regions as well
  8. Going down as far as the bottom Mid Sussex leagues has been on my mind for a while, personally I'd rather have 16/17 levels with quite a few leagues rather than go to 22 with only 1 or 2 at the lowest levels
  9. I just want to get everyone's thoughts on this, should I continue down as low as I can go, or should I go to like level 17/18 and just add more divisions than I have in previous editions because I'm not sure what division sits at Level 22 this year
  10. Haven't done any editing over the last few days, had a couple of days off work so it was just r&r! Back editing after work today though
  11. Level 14 division list updated with as far as I have got in editing
  12. Level 14 is slowly taking shape, no more editing until I get home from the match this evening
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