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  1. For some reason I can't get this onto Steam so unless you see my name then it's not mine! I have started planning for a FM2018 database, it's hard work but I seem to enjoy the stress of making this database!
  2. Are you using the latest release?
  3. Are the logos working to anyone who downloaded them?
  4. Normal logos complete although it's not all my own work (apart from the lower league ones), there are a few missing but I'm hoping oer time to gwtting them, download link will be on the download link post on page 1, hopefully it works ok!
  5. I'm about 75% done in getting as many logos as possible (only normal ones, no small!)
  6. It won't be every logo as a lot of clubs donot have any! I'm halfway through the Mid Sussex clubs
  7. Currently working on a logo pack for this file for Levels 9 to 22, don't know how long this will take me though
  8. St. Leonards are in the East Sussex League in this database
  9. Already have however I haven't received a reply yet
  10. Nice to see someone upload my first release as their own on steam, makes me angry to think I've worked so hard on this database and someone is saying it's their work
  11. Your save will be unaffected
  12. Updated database to work with the 17.3 update will be put up at some point on Thursday
  13. Yep, I will look into this, I want to make this database the most in depth one out there!
  14. SELKIRK FC - SEASON TWELVE - 2028/29 Scottish Cup - Betfred Cup - Challenge Cup Was this going to be the season where our firtunes change? League Table: Nope, bottom of the league but won the Play-Off against Clyde Squad: Some of the youngsters are improving, new season new tactic? Transfers: Nothing of note Finances: Still waiting for that influx of money Youth Intake: Another intake with potential Best XI Season League Position Achievements 2017/18 SPFL2 10th 2018/19 SPFL2 9th 2019/20 SPFL2 8th 2020/21 SPFL2 10th 2021/22 SPFL2 9th 2022/23 SPFL2 9th 2023/24 SPFL2 9th 2024/25 SPFL2 9th 2025/26 SPFL2 10th 2026/27 SPFL2 10th 2027/28 SPFL2 9th 2028/29 SPFL2 10th
  15. That was my thought, like with the Isle of Wight League