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  1. The 2 lowest playable clubs will be Heath Rangers and Keymer & Hassocks, most of the leagues were expanded, that's why there is no Division 10
  2. Thanks for letting me know, do you know how many seats there are?
  3. Name, Location, Year Founded if known, Ground, Colours
  4. Fingers crossed that I have no problems transfering this file! Forgot I need to change the dates for all the cups as well, fun.......
  5. Was going to ask for requests for that level and Level 12 as well! DM me with the relevant info and I'll add it
  6. Leicestershire Premier and Championship are the first 2 new leagues to be added
  7. None yet, haven't decided which ones
  8. Mid Sussex Division Nine is the lowest
  9. Level 22 complete! Next to do is update all the league cups.
  10. We are getting there guys! Slowly but it's getting there! Don't have a set release date, hopefully I can just transfer it to the new editor if not then I have a LOT of work to do!
  11. Level 16 updated, hoping to finish all levels by tonight then start working on new leagues over the weekend
  12. Level 13 now complete, having an hour or so away from editing!
  13. Yeah, we've been going for a long time! Although the name Burgess Hill Town has only been around since 1969 when Burgess Hill FC merged with World's End (a district of the town).