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  1. 40 playable divisions in Level 11 plus FA Vase completed!
  2. Finishing up the Northamptonshire League later today then create the FA Vase
  3. 39 playable divisions in Level 11, spent 6 hours editing this evening, time for bed!
  4. Now up to 38 playable divisions at Level 11!
  5. I could see if I can promote teams from the Nottinghamshire Senior into the East Midlands Counties, I'm not home until late tonight so can't check until then
  6. Central Midlands North, Humber Premier, Lincolnshire League and Nottinghamshire Senior
  7. Depends what division they promote to because the Northern Counties East already has 4 relegation spots
  8. 34 playable leagues at Level 11, going to add a couple more then it's time to add the FA Vase and some League Cups then the fun of Level 12 and below begins!
  9. More and more being added, see second post for the current new playable leagues
  10. I am now at the same number of Level 11 leagues as last season, will be adding new ones over the next few days
  11. All working fine at the moment!
  12. 24 level 11 divisions done, not many more to go!
  13. Halfway through Level 11 (again) just completed the South West Peninsular Division 1 East and West and everything is fine when loading up the game.
  14. I did although probably ate and drunk far too much!!
  15. Sorry for the lack of updates from myself, Christmas was busy for me so haven't been able to do any editing for around a week, have been working on it today though, I've decided to restart Level 11 and seeing if it works this time.