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  1. Yeah PEA is fantastic but I'd have to agree with seling for £100m, either irl or in FM. Crazy money for a 30 year old. Shame he didn't agree to the move. So have you sold Ozil now if you're signing Felix?
  2. DCK Maidenbower 2031/32 Season Preview The usual in terms of league expectations, another title is what the board are gunning for. Last season's Isthmian D1N champions Coney Hall will likely provide the strongest challenge. They have been on a promotion streak even more impressive than DCK's. In the cups, the expectations are: FA Cup: Reach 1st round FA Trophy: Reach 2nd Round Isthmian League Cup: Win again Transfer wise very few players have come in; at the start of the season only CB Romaine Lewis on loan from AFC Wimbledon, and AM Adrian Russell who Coney Hall unwisely had on an amateur contract. In one swoop we weakened our major rival and gained an extremely promising attacking midfielder. He will get some tutoring to hopefully get his determination stat up but he's ready to immediately contribute to the first team squad. This is the last division before we reach the conference, the league the carrer would have started in were it not for Dan's L22 mod (I was considering doing dafuge before I discovered it was possible to go lower). As previously noted, AI clubs promoted, even if they've been on a streak of several promotions, almost always tend to struggle once they reach the Conference. I suppose if this is going to be our last season of dominating every team then we face then we might as well enjoy it.
  3. DCK Maidenbower 2030/31 Season Summary February-April Coasted to the end of the season, although slightly annoyed by the final day loss. DCK won the Isthmian Cup this year, so all board expectations were fulfilled. Season Summary League With the League sewn up, the new league goal was to break the record Isthmian D1S points total, 118 points set by Corintian in 2018/19. With 121 points, our season is a new record that is unlikely to be beaten any time soon. Cups The Isthmain league Cup Finall was won with a dramatic late goal in extra time, but the major cup success was the extraordinary run to the FA Cup 2nd round replay, Beating Accrington Stanley and drawing with Rochdale. DCK II DCK II ended up winning Mid Sussex D3 comfortably, the extra signings on amateur contracts in the second half really helped them to push on. They won the Somerville Challenge Cup, but lost the Edgar German Challenge Cup semi final and the Mid Sussex Senior Cup & Stubbins Challenge Cup 1st rounds. Top Performers David 'Literally Messi' outdid himself yet again, with 103 goals and 21 assists in 60 appearances, winning POTM in roughly half his games. Other players also had excellent season, including Callum Gribbin, Scott Wheeler and Alfie Barrett, but Ashley was head and shoulders above the rest as usual. Transfers A lot of signings this season, a mix of first team, DCK II and young prospect signings. Of the bunch, the ones who are likely to play a major part going forwards are Leigh Jenkins in goal, RW Scott Wheeler and CM/AM Alex Scott. Gavin Dyer will also be a promising addition at CM for next season but he arrived injured so played no part in this season. He also has a Tempremental attitude so will definitely require some intensive tutoring. DCK is starting to take on a distinctly K&H flavour, with Robert Stenning, Alfie Barrett, Adie Higginson, Kyriakos Antoniou & Oliver Finney all arriving this season with K&H experience under their belts, joining Paul Marchant, Elliot Smith, David Ashley, Scot Hopkinson, Warren Sutton, Mel Bell & Neville Wheeler on the training ground. I guess when your scouts are crap your only option is to sign the players you already know... Next season Most likely the expectation will be another league win next year, but after that once we face the big bad world of the Conference South who knows what will happen. Looking at previous winners, most teams who win the Isthmian D1S finish the next season in or around the top of the Isthmian Premier but after that they tend to stall at the Conference before slipping back down. That's not a problem for now though, the next step for now is to see how well we can do next year and where it can take us. Onwards and upwards!
  4. Laughable how highly Mustafi is rated on FM19, and how low PEA is rated. If it were me I'd look to bring in a LWB but that's just cause AMN on the left still looks odd to me, even though Wenger gave him his break there. Guess you can't argue with preformances though. I don't think you will need a winger in 2020 imo, ESR is looking pretty tasty. How is Reiss doing on loan? I'd def look to shift Ozil's wages if poss and get a cheaper replacement. With Kos and Sokratis getting older I'd also be looking to give Holding as much game time as possible. Shaping up as an interesting career.
  5. You're making me do mental maths haha what are the weekly wages?
  6. Depends on the strength of the squad - I haven't played FM19 so I don't know how highly it rates the arsenal squad. Iwobi and Mkhi are presumably still there, could either of them fill the gap for a season until you signed a marquee replacement on far lower wages?
  7. The last time I had two strikers who HAD to play, I used a 4-3-1-2. GK CWB-CB-CB-CWB CM-DM-CM AM AF P Emphasis on the complete wing backs replacing the width with no wingers, and a DM (anchor man or similar) staying back to help the defence to make it a back 3 at times. Would make good use of Bellerin and Kolasinac, and you could have Auba and Laca up top in their preferred roles.
  8. DCK Maidewnbower 2030/31 November-January Although only the end of January, DCK appear to pretty much have the league sewn up. At this point it would surely take a monumental loss of form to screw this up, 16 points ahead with 2 games in hand. Having gone out of both the FA Cup and the FA Trophy, and with the league effectively in the bag, the only competition still on the line is the Isthmian League Cup, which the board expect to win. Having lost progress from the end of the 29/30 season, David 'Literally Messi' Ashley's top scoring season remains 87 goals in 2023/24 with K&H; it would be nice to see him beat it this year. He is currently on 70 goals having played 39 games, and has 19 more League games and potentially 4 Isthmian League cup games to go. Scott Wheeler and Alex Scott have continued to grow into their roles at the club, and several players have been signed on amateur contracts to help DCK II, including old K&H faces Kyriakos Antoniou, Alfie Barrett and Adie Higginson. DCK II had been run fairly close by Scaynes Hill and Lindfield II for the MSD3 crown but have now begun to pull away with 1/3 of the campaign remaining, and are also still in the hunt for the Somerville Challenge Cup and Edgar German Challenge Cup having made the semis. Rio 'Ferdy' Bryan-Edwards won the SCC three times and the EGCC once with K&H, now he is managing DCK II in the semis. Fingers crossed for the SCC, EGCC and the Isthmian League Cup to come home at the end of the season!
  9. DCK Maidenbower vs Rochdale attempt 2 Not for the first time, my rickety old computer failed on me and I lost progress. Thankfully the game had been saved shortly after we won the Accrington match so only the two Rochdale matches and a few league games were lost. When replaying the Rochdale games I was determined to not let the data loss affect the results, which meant that I had to savescum both legs, much to my discomfort; the first match because we lost 2-0 on the first attempt and the replay because we actually took Rochdale all the way to penalties, and then went and won the shootout! Reloading to make sure we lost the replay as it originally played out was one of the toughest things I've had to do on FM. With that in mind, this is what happened in the replayed FA Cup matches. Home Leg: DCK 1-1 Rochdale After an exciting but scoreless first half, Rochdale took the lead when Dan Pring curled in an absolute beauty of a free kick shortly after the break. The lead didn't last though, as 12 minutes later Callum Gribbin played in David Ashley who finished low into the bottom corner. The match seemed to be headed for the desired replay before Bradley Bell gave away a silly penalty fifteen minutes from time. It looked like getting the required draw would take a third attempt but Jack Payne's lame effort from the spot was easily save by Leigh Jenkins, meaning that we would travel to Rochdale's Spotland as the universe intended. Away Leg: Rochdale 2-1 DCK Having been forced to reload to overwrite a brilliant shootout victory in the replay I was not in the best of moods and was really not looking forward to FM inevitably serving us up a 10-0 loss. The DCK players clearly sensed my frustration though as they put in an excellent performance to go out narrowly with their heads held high. Rochdale held a 2-0 lead as the clock ticked towards the final whistle, courtesy of two goals either side of the break (and also another missed Rochdale penalty) but David Ashley raced clear on 83 minutes to give a glimmer of hope to the fans, and a sense of dread to myself that I might have to overwrite another incredible victory. But it was not to be, and the 2-1 loss sent the DCK fans home proud and left me very grateful to be done with savescumming . Hopefully I've now finally learned my lesson about making sure I've saved all progress before posting about it online.
  10. Looking good for next season! Hopefully the new stadium won't mean you have to do an Arsenal and sell big players every season. Do you think it's time to promote Sam Davie to first choice? He looks ready tbh. Also any chance of seeing Fabricio Brennan and Andrew Hancock's stats? Loving the frequent posting btw
  11. Rochdale vs DCK Maidenbower - Replay With a potential tie against Crystal Palace on the cards, manager Jamie Tabb needed to do little to motivate his players against Rochdale. Having come back from behind twice in the first match, there was certainlyt a level of confidence that DCK could surprise a lot of pepole again and knock another Football Legue team out of the FA Cup. The match, however did not start well. After five minutes, Kieran Edwards crossed the ball into the box. Jack Fitzwater was unable to get out of the way; the ball hit him on the arse and beat Charlie Pheasant. Determined not to go the way of Accrington, the opener only served to galvanise Rochdale further and they doubled their lead 20 minutes later. Neil Mars swung a corner in, and Oliver Black struck a perfect volley from just inside the area to give Pheasant no chance. The half finished 2-0, leaving DCK with a mountain to climb in the second half. The mountain became Olympus Mons not long after the restart. Mars took the ball to the touchline and lifted a cutback over Charlie Pheasant to the far post, and Daniel Stokes finished comfortably. At 3-0 it was clearly game over, and though DCK stayed solid after that and prevented an absolute rout they were unable to claw back so much as a consolation goal. If DCK had lost the first tie against Accrington 3-0 there would have been no shame; having got this far and taken a likely Championship side next season to a replay DCK's fans will fell nothing but pride at how the FA Cup campaign has gone. However not all is positive Seems harsh... The gate receipts from the two away cup games mean that this season will likely be a record profit for DCK, and could mean that next season there is more cash to play with in terms of wages.
  12. FA Cup 3rd round draw If DCK can pull off the impossible in the FA Cup 2nd round replay against Rochdale then they will earn a tie against Premier League side Crystal Palace. Fingers crossed!
  13. DCK Maidenbower vs Rochdale Despite DCK's heroics against Accrington Stanley, few expected another giantkilling hosting League One promotion candidates Rochdale. Rochdale lined up with an attacking 4-3-3 and looked to take the game to DCK from the start. They came close on several occasions, with Neville Wheeler producing several goal-saving clearances. The pressure told, however. Neil Mars floated a freekick from just inside DCK's half into the box, and William Hutchinson rose the highest to put Rochdale ahead after 22 minutes. The DCK fans were fearing a drubbbing by this point, but the defence held firm after going behind and just before half time they pulled level, Scott Wheeler scoring a piledriver from the edge of the area that keeper Casper Kristiansen was able to get a hand on but couldn't keep out. Level at half time, could DCK get another and complete a second shock result? DCK's optimism didn't survive long however. Four minutes into the second half, Oliver Black latched onto a through ball and fired low and hard into the bottom corner, the kind of shot that keepers just don't save. DCK were level for only seven minutes, and Rochdale were looking the more likely to score again. DCK though still looked dangerous on the break though, and on 60 minutes Elliot Smith fizzed the ball across the box for Bradley Bell to tap home from 6 yards out. That goal in the end was enough to secure another replay, as despite Rochdale continuing to knock on the door they were unable to find a way through for a third time. DCK will play the replay at Rochdale's 10,000 seater Spotland stadium, a match that will surely smash their record for gate receipts. It remains to be seen though, can lightning strike again and see DCK knock out another Football League side on a replay?
  14. DCK Maidenbower vs Accrington Stanley - Replay After the first leg at Accrington's Crown Ground, DCK fans came away either delighted or disappointed, having secured a draw against Football League opposition but also given up a two goal lead in the second half. Still, it meant that Accrington came to Crawley for the replay, fully expecting that they'd take the tie more seriously and roll DCK over this time. Accrington started the game well, and in the 10th minute Matthew Buttle drifted off the wing, ghosted through the defence, latched on to a through ball and finished cooly at the near post past debutant keeper Leigh Jenkins. Accrington tried to press the advantage and kill DCK off before the break but at half time the scores still read DCK 0-1 Accrington Stanley. Whatever Jamie Tabb said to his DCK players at half time worked though, and they came out of the blocks the better team. It told when David Ashley was sent scampering down the left wing after a long ball. He looked up and saw Bradley Bell making a Lampard-esque run into the box. The cross sailed over Bell's head, but Scott Wheeler was waiting on the other side of the penalty area and produced a fantastic first time finish on the half volley that gave keeper Paul O'Neill-Garner no chance. At 1-1 both sides traded chances but there were no more goals to be found after 90 minutes so the match went to extra time. Accrington's players seemed stunned that a team four divisions below them had held them level after 180 minutes, and the capacity crowd of 750 was roaring on DCK. The support seemed to give them extra legs in extra time, and DCK punished Accrington's failure to finish them off. On 111 minutes a goalmouth scramble ended with Olie Gibbs-Wilkin finishing cooly to give DCK the advantage, and as Accrington threw bodies forward in search of the goal to earn them a penalty shootout, DCK scored in a similar fashion to their first; Ashley chased a long ball down the left. This time his cross found the late-arriving Bradley Bell perfectly and he finished with amplob from six yards. With only five minutes of extra time to go, Accrington knew that the two goal deficit was insurmountable, and their heads clearly dropped. The final five minutes passed without incident, and when the final whistle was blown the DCK bench ran onto the pitch, celebrating as if they had just won the FA Cup final rather than the first round. The win means that they face Rochdale in the second round, and will surely be targeting another shock result. It might only be November but Rochdale are looking like the favourites to be promoted to the Championship this season, so another giant-killing will be a tough ask. Still, as FA Cup runs go this is among the most special I've experienced on FM.
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