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  1. I think I've got it, thanks! I'll post again if it doesn't work, but i've found the "b/reserve team cannot be promoted" box and unticked it for all the relevant divisions.
  2. I can't see the "b/reserve team cannot be promoted" setting. Am I looking in the wrong place?
  3. Thanks @<Wolf_pd> that's a useful tip. edit: didn't work, not sure why
  4. So I recently made the lockdown purchase of FM20, and got stuck in straight away to Dan BHTFC's lower leagues mod. I'm currently managing AFC Varndeanians, who play in the Southern Combination Leagues. Crucially, they have a second team, AFC Varndeanians II, who play in the Mid Sussex leagues a few promotions behind the first team. I have been managing the first team, while attempting get the reserve team, who I don't manage but do sign the players for, promoted as high up the football league pyramid as possible (ideally all the way to the Championship). Essentially a LLM and DoF career combin
  5. DCK Maidenbower 2042/43 Season (Premier League) August-September Not the worst of starts, but not the greatest either. Tabb is expecting DCK to continue to struggle without a high quality forward, continuing to put his faith in Dean Dasaolu to come good. Crystal Palace was a frustrating opener to lose, made worse by the fact that with Man City next it meant that DCK would have to wait until matchday 3 to get points on board. The result against Spurs was a superb win, as was AFC Wimbledon (although slightly more expected). However DCK were unable to put together a string of
  6. DCK Maidenbower 2042/43 Season (Premier League) Summer Transfer Window and DCK Squad First Team Out Damir Hadzic - AM, 26, £27.5m(£40m), Watford Matthew Keen - 35, CB, Retired Cristian Aynol - 21, CB, £43.5m(£55m), Real Madrid Ivar Hopmark - 22, ST/RW, £13.5m(£15m), AFC Wimbledon Harri Webb - 35, GK, £7m, Bordeaux First Team In Dean Shulberg - 39, GK, Juventus, Free Sergio Evaristo - 27, RB/RW, Free agent (formerly Standard), Free Alejandro Alvarez - 33, CB, Free agent (formerly PSG), Free Mike Blakesley - 24, AM, Free a
  7. DCK Maidenbower 2042/43 Season Preview - Premier League Another season begins, with DCK again looking for incremental progress. The squad has once again been ravaged by sales, and by manager Jamie Tabb's stubborn refusal to put some of the money towards ready made replacements (more on that in the next update). At the end of last season, Tabb and his players had been hoping for Europa League qualification this year, but with the season about to start expectations are slightly more muted. The media prediction is a 13th place finish, while DCK are hoping for 8th, which would be
  8. England 2042 World Cup Second Round - Belgium The last knockout round that England played in a major tournament was the disastrous 2-1 loss to Serbia at the least Euros. This, then, is their chance at redemption. The first half was very end to end, with both sides having a number of decent chances. A combination of poor finishing and fantastic goalkeeping meant that both sides went into the break goalless. The second half started very much like the first, with neither side able to break the deadlock. Then, in the 66th minute, Rickie griffin crossed in a free kick. Ryan Da
  9. England 2042 World Cup Group Stage If coming into the World Cup on the back of a series of disappointing friendlies was enough to dampen expectations, the opening match restored them. England kicked off with the toughest fixture of the group, against Holland. The performance was measured, controlled and Holland hardly had a sniff of a chance. in the end, the 2-0 defeat flattered them. The only real downside of the match was star LW Kieran Morgan suffering a broken foot, ruling him out of the rest of the tournament. With the toughest match out of the way, England could brea
  10. England 2042 World Cup Friendlies & Squad England manager Jamie Tabb arranged three friendlies in quick succession to get his side ready to kick off the World Cup in good form. It didn't quite go to plan however, as England's form was patchy and they looked leaky defensively in all three games. With the friendlies out of the way, England will kick off the tournament as favourites, despite their terrible showing at the last Euros. This is the squad for the tournament (all regens of course). It is an extremely experienced squad, and the last chance for several
  11. DCK Maidenbower 2041/42 Season (Premier League) April-May Sitting in 9th place at the end of March, DCK looked good value to meet their preseason target of a top half finish. Their form over the final six games of the season was excellent, and by the end of the season they were far closer to 8th than they were to 10th. Season Summary League If the gap above them towards the end of the season had been a little smaller then they could easily have finished 8th, or even reached the Europa League places, but it was just too much for them. 9th is still a
  12. Ah, that's probably wise. Does your side also have a B team further down the Mid Sussex Leagues? That was what really excited me about taking over DCK, the prospect of having a lower league managing save combined with a DOF challenge for DCK II (until they were stopped in the Mid Sussex Prem by the same bug that hit K&H) Hope you enjoy the save, and if you post updates on here I'll be sure to follow!
  13. DCK Maidenbower 2040/41 Season (Premier League) February-March Everything seems to be going right for DCK at the moment. Striking wonderkid Dean Dasaolu returned to fitness in February after a 5 month spell out with an achilles injury. In terms of form, DCK are steadily consolidating their place in the top half, picking up some pretty decent results along the way. The 3-0 win against Man City at the end of March is not only the best result that DCK have had all season, but surely the best ever Premier League performance the side have ever produced. For context, City are do
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