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  1. No tactics with 10 different instructions. Play to your players strengths. As the Professor said above, square pegs in square holes. If your best forward is a TM, play him as such. Known the strenrths and weaknesses of your tactic. If your DC are poor, use a DM. If your DC's are average use a DM. If your DC's are strong, think about using a DM Sign big strong players who can tackle, and jump. Sign little Winger/FB's who can run like the wind. If they can cross it's a bonus Never take the word of your AM as gospel, as he is looking at the big picture of the player. You need to focus on the basics. Det, Str, WR, Brav, Acc, Pac, Sta Your central midfield is your engine room. If it isn't humming, you tactic isn't either. Looks for players who can pass the ball and make a decision, even at the sacrifice of Acc & Pac. Learn from your losses. Look at replays. Why did you loose. Just keep it simple with what ever you do.
  2. I did sometime like this a long long time ago with CM01/02. I recall some attributes were weighted more than others, and it ended up giving me a 1-100 rating of the player as a CD, FB, MC, WM, AM & ST. Took me ages to tweak it so I was happy with it, and then I think I used it only three or four times after that . It was just so much easier and quicker just to glance at the stats and make up my own mind. However the time wasn't ill spent as it taught me which stats are critically important for LLM and which ones you could get away with if they were a tad on the low side. I recall Cleon doing a good summary of the value and importance of each stat a number of years ago, which was an expansion on what the manual said. This forum's good old search engine didn't let me down. Link if you are interested
  3. The link for the panels done by wkdsoul are on the first page
  4. You could take the easy way out and fall back and play the 4-2-3-1, but honestly Cleon you could take the St Mary's U12 girls side to the top of the FM tree using the 4-2-3-1. Not much of a challenge there. Do you really want to do 3-5-2 over again? Great formation but ya been there and got at least two T-Shirts. 5-1-3-1 is a also nice thought, though hardly unique it seems,. I do like the 3-4-2-1, as I am interested in the delivery linking the back's to the wings/wing backs and forward on to the double AM's. My choice You do love the 3-2-2-3, and I feel that formation is the one you will feel most passionate about. So Cleon my summary is, do you go with with your head or your heart?
  5. Oh my. Cleon you never stop amazing me
  6. Senior Semi-pro Teams are limited to a maximum six training sessions a week if they are not playing a game, while the U18's in the same club have access to the full 21 sessions per week like the professional sides. Is it actually detrimental from a development point of view to move potential first team youth players to the senior side? For example, I am in my first year of managing a LL side, and I have the grand total of one U18 player on my books until the influx of new blood late in the season. This youth player has an unambitious personality, and I have promoted him to the firsts so he can be mentored by the club Captain who has a professional outlook. I'm also giving him first team game time here and there to help his development. As this youth player now only gets 4-6 training sessions a week instead of 15-21, am I actually hindering him by promoting him to the firsts, or is the senior training sessions more intensive than the youth setup?
  7. Taipan

    Training in FM19

    In Set Piece Training, a certain percentage of each training type is dedicated to Outfield Player and a separate percentage to players who are marked down as Set Piece takers. Could you not assign all your players as Set Piece takers and then all players would get the benefit of training the set piece attribute like corners/free kicks? I haven't actually done this as it is totally unrealistic, however If this is possible it does come across to me as a bit of a loop hole/exploit.
  8. Taipan

    Anyone see the regens yet?

    Bones saying they are worse than FM17 is taking a bit of long bow. I do agree that they are very 2nd rate, especially since Miles gave them such a hype pre-beta but they are a step or two better than the American Zombie FM Regens of 17. In saying that, FM19 Regens are still several steps short of a pass mark in my eyes.
  9. I've also gone with an English save ending up with AFC Hornchurch. Still in pre-season and we have lost our only keeper (and a decent one at that) to Eastbourne. Even offered him the vice-captaincy to stay. I guess he believed being the back-up Keeper at Eastbourne on a week to week contract was the better career move. Now it is going to be double-interesting playing with a grey-out keeper all season with a squad of 18. It will make a good story if we do indeed survive the cut.
  10. Thanks Seb. Appreciated. Now I see the list of existing ones the player has. And If I want to train a new one? Is there a drop down hidden somewhere?
  11. Where has SI hidden the PPM's in the individual Player information screen? Same for training. Can't seem to find them mentioned anywhere.
  12. I've gone on holidays for a year, and grabbed a newly promoted side, so still on day 1 for me This is what you see at training with a semi-pro side. The only change I have made is swap the Saturday "Match Practice" for another endurance session. I'll post more as I progress , I'll be here for quite a while setting up tactics, & getting to know my players before evening contemplating clicking the Continue button. Haven't even got a AM yet!! RL has also dealt me a wedding to go to tomorrow and a Sunday promised to the other half, so don't expect a swag of quick posts.
  13. Taipan

    Training in FM19

    Most excellent. Thank you Rashidi. Yeah CM03/04 time travelling was my first thought. SI seem to have gone retro in a few areas. Slides are back in the tactics area (Silders!!), and the three different formations for your tactics immediately brought back the old memories of the CM wibble wobble setup. Hehe, lets see. I'm also a min maxer like Rash, so the chances of my AM actually managing anything in my game is pretty slim. The AM's job in my game is to look pretty, help out on the training field and drive the team bus to the games.
  14. Taipan

    Training in FM19

    Only slightly soiled. I did borrow them from Brave Sir Robin after all.